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Jan 22
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IRELAND: The unfolding medical scandal goes on & on 🧵 Junior Minister @Mary Butler TD promoted the serivce of the unsafe, suspended & discredited Gender GP - and then government officials deleted this from the records. Thankfully @Mark Tighe is on it 1/10…

Last August 30, the four lead doctors in Ireland’s National Gender Service (NGS) met with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, his junior minister Mary Butler and 5 officials in the department’s HQ. 2/10
"The doctors at the NGS, which treats adults who seek gender transition, outlined safety concerns over the use of the Tavistock clinic for children & advocated for an Irish-based service for children & adolescents." 3/10
The official minutes of the meeting, released through Freedom of Information, recorded the doctors saying they had “no faith” in named senior clinicians in the HSE 4/10
This weekend the NGS doctors wrote to Mr Donnelly and Robert Watt, secretary-general of the Department, to complain about the deletion of a series of details from the minutes released by the department on “important matters of patient care, including the safety of children”.​" 5/
The letter said: “The information deleted could be interpreted as an attempt to deflect attention from key decision-makers in the HSE, who have made decisions that have resulted in serious systemic dysfunction & resulted in an escalation of the waiting list crisis in the NGS.” 6/
Among the details in the draft minutes proposed by the NGS and subsequently deleted was Ms Butler advocating for the use of GenderGP, an online service, as an “alternative” to state-provided care for Irish patients." 7/10 [Info on GENDER GP:…
The minutes proposed by the NGS: “Alternatives to current service provision discussed at the meeting were unsafe ...An online business called GenderGP was introduced by Minister Butler as an alternative. She stated that there are 900 Irish people currently registered with them."8
Last year the UK’s General Medical Council sanctioned both of Gender GP's founders, Helen & Michael Webberley, for unsafe care of gender-distressed patients. Dr Michael Webberley, a gastronenterologist, was struck off the register by the tribunal & his wife Helen was suspended 9
On Friday, junior minister @Mary Butler TD spoke on her local radio station in Waterford @WLR about her “immense pride” about her trans son and praised resources provided by the discredited Teni and BeLonGTo. Clearly Mary Butler hasn't done her homework 10/10


International alliance of professionals, parent groups, trans people, detransitioners, and others who seek high-quality care for gender distressed young people.
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