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// overwhelmed sex , dacryphilia , daddy kink "chngbn?" he asked softly, as he pushed the door open. the only answer he got was a little grunt of acknowledgement, so he just stepped inside. his hyung was on his bed, halfway buried under blankets +

chngbn is lonely and has a few bad mental health days and je0ngn noticed, sneaking into his hyvngs room to comfort him, aka fucking him until he is a blubbering, crying mess, because imie takes such good care of him and shows him exactly how much he loves him send tweet
+ from where he blinked up at him. je0ngn almost cooed at his squished face and fluffy curly mess on his head. he was so week for chngbn like this, soft and squishy and probably whiny. +
+ he crawled into bed with him, ignoring the half hearted complaints, until he had uncovered chngbn enough to really see him. "hey." he hummed with a soft smile, as chngbn pouted up at him. "what do you want, imie, i was napping." he grumbled, but +
+ je0ngn could tell it was a lie. so he just raised his brow and wiped over chngbns cheeks, smearing the traces of badly hidden tears there. "mhm... just napping. what, did you think i didnt see your mood the whole day?" he asked and almost sighed, when b1n avoided his eyes. +
+ "what is it?" he asked insted, but only got a shrug for an answer. ah. one of those days then. je0ngn shifted a bit, until he could crawl underneath the covers too, and between chngbns strong thighs, so he could pull the others hips right against him. +
+ "does daddy feel lonely?" the effect was immediate. chngbns breath hitched and he stared up at him wide eyed. it was hard to see in the dim light, but he was pretty sure the other was blushing. +
+ "mh?" he asked again, rolling his hips against chngbn, making his breath hitch again. "...yes." chngbns voice was tiny. it broke imies heart a bit, because he knew, when his bf got like this, this small, it meant the bad thoughts had been there for days already. +
+ he regretted not noticing earlier. behind all that loud and obnoxious brat stood a lot if introspection and incecurity, though it rarely got like this. usually chngbn would seek someone out, talk it out, he was good at dealing with himself after all. +
+ but sometimes he didnt. sometimes he got quiet and hid away to cry on his own when he got depressed and lonely. "you were so busy, i didnt want to bother you." chngn murmured. he sounded like he would cry at any moment. +
+ this time imie sighed. it was true, he had been busy lately. "i neglected you, daddy, mh? i shouldnt have. let me make it up to you." he leaned down and kissed him for a moment. he could taste traces of salt on chgnbns lips and bit down the little groan in his throat. +
+ "okay." je0ngn took his time. he helped chngbn out of his clothes, kissed and caressed every inch of skin he could reach, until his bf was squirming. left deep violet bitemarks across his chest and thighs, little things, so he would remember just how much innie loved him. +
+ that he wasnt lonely. and when he finally sank into the warm heat of chngbns hole, the dam broke. imie wiped the tears away, kissing his bf between sobs and moans, not even thinking about stopping his brutal rhythm, until chngbn was completely +
+ reduced into an incoherent, sobbing and whining mess. and after they had cleaned up and chngbn was cradled close to his chest, imie felt like it was all at least a bit better now. "thanks..." chgnbn mumbled and nuzzled a little closer. +
+ this time his voice wasnt tiny. it was raw and raspy from crying and moaning, but it was strong again. "tell me next time, yeah?" je0ngn hummed, as he pulled him a bit closer. "i will." - "good. my daddy is such a good boy." +
+ he laughed when chngbn groaned in embarrassement and pressed a small kiss against his bf's forehead. "i love you, bimie." "mhm... love you too, you little menace." end <3
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