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Tanmay Singh Chauhan🖊️

Jan 22
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100 day ago, I started Learning Copywriting. I've never paid even $1 for any course or mentor. I made YouTube my master as it's flooded with tons of Free courses. Here are 10 Videos from 10 Copywriting Geniuses that'll get you started in just 2 min:

1. Copy that. • A Complete Course that will help you understand the fundamentals of copywriting. • The 5-hour Course will also teach your how to write your 1st copy from scratch. 🔗
2. Mike Nardi • This full copywriting course is designed for beginners with no copywriting experience. • You'll learn practical copywriting exercises and ways to make money online as a writer. 🔗
3. Marketing Nerd Show. • Another 1.5 Hours Course for Absolute Rookie. • You'll get Free sales page templates and learn how to do copywriting research. 🔗
4. Paid copywriter • What's the skill worth if you don't know how to land your 1st clients? • This Video will teach you a framework I still use to land clients. 🔗
5. Alex Cattoni • You'll never land a client without a good copywriting portfolio. • Here, you'll learn how to create a compelling portfolio in just 30 minutes. 🔗
6. Copy that • This 1-hour course will teach you the importance of a good funnel and how to make one. • They talk about : Types of Sales Funnels. Marketing Funnel Terminology. And How to Scale Your Marketing Efforts. 🔗
7. Robert Allen • Here, you can discover how to land copywriting clients via email. • Find out how to generate leads from a website (free) and what to pitch. 🔗
8. Ray Edwards • In this 30 min video, you get a complete "Copywriting For Beginners Course" - The PASTOR Copywriting Framework. • It's the easiest of all the frameworks to master for any beginner. 🔗
9. Marketing Nerd Show • In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of email copywriting. • 8 effective eCommerce email automation sequences to increase revenue for your clients. 🔗
10. Jacob Mcmillen • This video is more like a consultation call ( worth over 500$). • Jacob will teach you all the tricks to become a 6 figure copywriter in less than 12 months. 🔗
TL;DR 10 YouTube Video Courses on Copywriting 1. Mike Nardi 2. Alex Cattoni 3. Robert Allen 4. Ray Edwards 5. Jacob Mcmillen 6. Paid copywriter 7. Copy that(fundamentals) 8. Copy that ( Sales funnel) 9. Marketing Nerd Show (email) 10. Marketing Nerd Show ( emails)
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Tanmay Singh Chauhan🖊️

Tanmay Singh Chauhan🖊️

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