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#taekookau Taehyung always thought couples exchanging paper rings or other alternatives to it is a corny thing. He found it rather cheesy for such couples to willingly gift each other paper rings and what not. He thought it was far-fetched. Too fictional.

Maybe it was because he thinks his standards in romantic relationships have always been /realistic/. The type you don’t see in movies, the type that doesn’t always create butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Taehyung craved for a relationship that wasn’t like any of the films
he’s watched nor like any of the books he’s read. Until Jungkook. Jungkook happened and all of his expectations of the first real love he’ll ever have came crashing down on him like a tidal wave.
He came to him in the most unforeseen way, greeting him with sparkly eyes and and a dazzling smile that took his breath away. It was crazy how quick Taehyung fell for him, and how Jungkook did too. It was so natural yet felt as if all those made up romantic scenes
turned to his reality. Taehyung hates to admit it but it felt as if Jungkook was his very own living dream man from a romcom. It felt like the author of his life has written a too good to be true partner for him and now he’s completely living it.
Jungkook was everything he could ever ask for; he had curious eyes that always find him wherever they go and no matter how many people there are around them. A cute nose that Taehyung likes to ‘boop’ as a little joke between them. Soft, pink lips that he could never
get tired of kissing. Long, curly hair that gets tangled in his fingers during a chilling night full of warmth and peace. And a heart so big it was filled with love and care for every good thing in the world, and Taehyung.
He loved Taehyung so much it felt like he didn’t need anything else. And Taehyung loved him just as much too.
He loved Jungkook so much that all those thoughts about films depicting love in an overly-exaggerated way didn’t feel like it anymore. His thoughts changed and he began to understand that maybe films like those are created to tell the stories of real people like him
who experience the same. The feeling of a cup overflowing with love. Taehyung stopped thinking that cute DIY gifts from your special someone are corny anymore. You see, Jungkook changed that. Jungkook had a part in changing a lot about his perspectives.
They explored everything together and talked about anything they could talk about. Countless thoughts translated into words keep rolling off of their tongues until they have nothing to say, until only comforting silence fills in the air and only their breaths mingling
can be heard. Ever since their first date, Taehyung has mentioned how much gifts didn’t really matter to him. To be exact, his words were, “Gifts are okay, but I don’t really mind it much, as long as we spend time together and talk… that’s alright with me.”
Of course Jungkook took note of this but from time to time, he would give Taehyung a little something. “Jungkookie! You didn’t have to!” Taehyung would say, though his eyes tell how much he adores the gift. “I know you said no gifts but… it reminded me of you and
you know what they say, it’s the thought that counts?” Jungkook would reply back. And after that day, Jungkook would give him a lot of things. From simple to extravagant gifts, Jungkook never fails to make Taehyung happy with such. Though there are times
Taehyung would overthink but by the end of the day, Jungkook would always reassure him that it’s fine. He wanted to give Taehyung the world. Two years into their relationship, things began to shift.
Change wasn’t always something Taehyung greatly dealt with. He’s been through enough changes his entire life and though there are times it’s good for him, like his view on romance, there are times it isn’t good too.
They almost lost each other because of a fight. Careless words thrown in the heat of the moment have wounded their hearts and almost shattered them completely. Taehyung wanted real love, but he never could understand why real love had to hurt.
Why it had to give him so much pain it felt like all the life in his body have drained. It wasn’t anything like in the books and movies and he wished he could have it back to the way it was Fortunately, even through that storm between them, all things have calmed and they
talked it out. Two years into their relationship, things have changed—their love has grown deeper and stronger. Their dates have become extra memorable, especially when Jungkook has never failed to give him a little something every time.
“Baby,” Jungkook called and Taehyung looks up from his almost empty plate of sliced steak (thanks to Jungkook) and mashed potatoes. “Hm?” Taehyung hums as he chews his food. “Can I have your hand? The left one.” Without a single thought, Taehyung extends his hand out.
Jungkook takes it, holding it ever so gently and Taehyung watches as Jungkook slips a piece of tissue rolled into a ring on his finger. “W-What—” “S’cute, right?” Jungkook chuckles, his cheeks a deep shade of crimson, matching the ones on Taehyung’s cheek too.
Never has Taehyung thought that what he once disliked would become his favorite thing in the world. During every date, Jungkook would ask for Taehyung’s hand, slipping a DIY version of a ring made out of any material he could see in the restaurants they’re in.
Rings made of tissue, soda tabs, short wires, pipe cleaners. Any random material that can be formed into a ring, literally. And Taehyung would keep it. Every single time. He has a whole box for it that Jungkook doesn’t know about.
Despite all their dates being memorable, there was one in particular that both Taehyung and Jungkook would never forget about. 3:23 AM. McDonalds. At a far away booth by the corner with barely people around them. Taehyung and Jungkook just finished driving around
the city for a breather after being drowned with work. Jungkook’s gotten clingier since it was pretty late and he may have wanted to sleep already. They were eating burgers, nuggets, french fries, and apples pies. Everything was going so great.
Jungkook kept looking at Taehyung though. He hasn’t touched his food in minutes and he would only take short sips from his can of sprite. That night, all he could feel was joy. Happiness was bubbling inside him and he couldn’t help but smile as he watches
Taehyung while listening to him talk about whatever. His heart is beating erratically and all he wanted to do was kiss him. As he listens, Jungkook began to tamper with his drink, his fingers reaching for the tab and popping it off of the can.
Taehyung takes notice of this and he already knows what’s gonna happen yet he still anticipates it. He’s so excited for it. Jungkook looks at the tab with stars in his eyes and he sighs. A relaxed one.
“Can I have your hand, baby?” “Yeah, of course.” Jungkook takes Taehyung’s hand slowly and he put the tab on his ring finger. Taehyung watches as Jungkook brings his hand close to his lips and kisses the tab with his eyes closed.
Oh how warm he feels inside, how loved and cherished. “You know… I’m gonna marry you someday.” Taehyung’s breath hitches. “You’re gonna marry me?” Jungkook’s smile grows wider and he breathes out a laugh as he thinks about it. Marrying Taehyung… oh how lovely that is.
How he wants it so bad. “Yeah, we’re gonna get married and we’ll adopt as many dogs as you want.” “Really?” Taehyung asks, so amused and so in love. He wants that too. “Yes love, I want to marry you so bad.”
“Okay, let’s get married then.” Jungkook nods his head and they both share a laugh before Taehyung leaves his seat to sit next to Jungkook, their hands intertwined. Maybe it was in that night that the both of them were so sure of what they wanted.
And what they want is forever together.
there is more btw hehe


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