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Jan 22, 2023
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"slow down bunny, we dont want you complaining about indigestion later on do we?" jongin whispers quietly to his boyfriend who is now on his third bowl of wanton soup. "but its delicious," kyungsoo uses his pout card to get into his boyfriend's heart. Jongin sighed, putting all

of his leftover pork dumplings into Kyungsoo's bowl. "fine, but im going to ignore you if i'd hear you complain." "but, but, baby wants food lately," jongin can hear baekhyun cough because okay, normal kyungsoo doesn't baby talk. "you know baby wants wanton right?" kyungsoo
whispers but their friends had all heard him loud and clear. None of the couple realizes this, thinking everyone's busy bickering where to head next. Jongin smiled, yep, babies surely do eat a lot. He reaches a hand and underneath the table secretly he caressed kyungsoo's
tummy. "eat lots my baby," "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING?" Sehun screams in horror gaining the restaurants attention. "why?" chanyeol asks cluelessly. "BABY???" Sehun added completely not giving a damn fuck in chanyeol's curiousity. "you guys are trying to be slick huh?"
The youngest grin sheepishly and lowers his eyes into kyungsoo's tum tum. "you guys are having a baby but none of us knew about it?" "WHAT?" THE REST of the group chorused while Jongin could only hide his blushing face in his boyfriend's neck. "told you to wear condom, i even
gave you a year worth of supplies yet here you guys are," sehun snickers, taking the menu book into his hands and called for the waiter. "you whore" baekhyun mumbles under his breath. But not really meaning the word. "so tell me, what does my godbaby wants?" "tofu," kyungaoo
answers because now their little dumpling wanton soup also wants to have- "smelly tofu to be precise," "fuck no way," baekhyun interjects because no way he'd sit there smelling the stinky smell. "smelly tofu bathing in ketchup," kyungsoo added and sehun gladly makes an order.
"you're glad we love you," minseok shots kyungsoo a wink. "grats," "job well done, bro," junmyeon pats the grinning jongin. "but are you still willing to kiss kyungsoo after smelling his stinky breath?" chanyeol jokes and jongin paled. They're going to make it to parenthood
safely, right? He's going to survive.
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