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| Spells and Petals | Fox hybrid Jimin takes part in one of Flora Spirits' courting rituals. Yoongi accepts. [fox hybrid jm x flora spirit yg-2] #jimsuary23 day 21 🌺🌿✨

[ jimsuary'23 drabbles ]
🌺🌿✨ It seemed like the powerful, unforgiving and mighty nature has come to a standstill just for this very night.
The heavy rain that has been raiding these lands for several days has stopped and the sun has been shining all day, warming up the soil and every small being amidst the ancient trees.
While most of the courting rituals among fox hybrids were widely known, the general public wasn't enlightened that well about the traditions of the flora spirits. Yoongi didn't mind that.
He just gave Jimin an old book and waited for him to read through it, studying the various options he might face in the near future. One day Yoongi invited him to spend several hours in a forest outside the city.
It was deep and wild enough for his liking and if the hybrid was perfectly honest with himself, his inner fox too was pleased with the surroundings.
He wanted to shift and run around, explore and chase Yoongi playfully, even though the spirit could probably quickly escape just by soaring in the air.
Yoongi was amidst the small lake with crystal clear water, with flower petals floating around, thrown there by the branches full of the spring blossoms. It had steam coming off its surface, warm against the cool air.
He was standing waist deep, patiently waiting for Jimin to get inside after him. The alpha approached the spirit, slowly picking him up and rocking him in the water, twirling around and lifting him up, spraying droplets and petals everywhere.
The traditional water dance - that's what the book called it - was pretty simple even with the resistance of the lake. Yoongi smiled, reassuring him that everything was going like it should.
It never faded all the way through the movements and while Jimin was getting them both out of water, laying the spirit carefully on the prepared blanket, surrounded by the batches of herbs. - Okay? - he asked quietly and Yoongi nodded, motioning for him to continue.
Jimin lit up a fire that he prepared a place for in advance as well - the stone covered pit that prevented it from spreading. He got the pieces of meat from the pray he hunted earlier today and cooked it, dishing it after along with various treats and fruits he brought with him.
He covered Yoongi in light furs and fed him with his hands, fully serving the spirit and ensuring him with this ritual that he would always provide for him and thrive to be attuned to his needs like the flora spirit himself was attuned to nature.
They spent hours there, quietly talking and listening to the sound of forest, meanwhile keeping them both sated and peaceful. Jimin never had such experience before and he was astonished how bonded to Yoongi he felt afterwards.
They still had a long way to go but they were moving towards each other surely, determinedly, with utmost respect and care they were capable of.
Jimin enjoyed the slow pace and complicated courting for he knew, he was to stay with Yoongi for a long long time. 🌺🌿✨ The end.
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