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Jan 23, 2023
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⚠️TW// MCD⚠️ Jungkook sits motionless as Taehyung sleeps next to him. "And I think, then I had realised-" "Jungkook" The voice breaks the conversation, Jungkook turns around to see Yoongi. He doesn't reply, just smiles. "It's time.", Yoongi whispers to him.



its been a long time... some comments under the post "i vowed to destroy the world but on realising she was my world, i couldn't"
A/N: This song allowed me to breathe, and at the same time, snatch it away. Listen to suffer more:…
Jungkook doesn't understand. What does he meant by, 'it's time'? "Hyung, I haven't completed the story yet.", Jungkook tries to reason, "I was just now going to tell him about the ending.", he giggles a little, "Although I am, myself, not much sure about it."
Yoongi gulps, he doesn't know if he can handle this situation. If he tell the younger that this indeed is the end of the story. This is how the story ends. The hero doesn't, in fact, gets his happy ending. The love story isn't complete like that. That this is no fairytale.
"Jungkook-ah-", Yoongi chokes out, "let's go, bub. Please." Jin enters the room, stands behind Yoongi. "Kook, let's go, yeah?", Jin's voice too frail, eyes brimming with tears, "We have waited too long." "What do you mean 'too long'?", Jungkook turns to him.
"Of course, we have to wait until Tae wakes up fine.", Jungkook eyes are red, too swollen, too tired, "See, he is sleeping so peacefully.", his eyes find him, a smile drawn over his face, "I don't wanna disturb him, but I gotta see him once before I leave."
"Jungkook!", Yoongi clenches his jaws. "Let's go." "Go where, hyung?", Jungkook feels frustrated. Why don't they understand? He will not leave before talking to Taehyung once. "I told you I am not leaving. You guys leave.", he turns away.
"Jung-", Yoongi is cut off as Jin's hand comes to rest over his shoulder stopping him from talking any further. "Kook", Jin's voice is soft as he goes down on his knees beside Jungkook, "Taehyung is sleeping, right?" Jungkook nods. "So let's not disturb him, yeah?"
"Let him rest, hmm?", tears find their way down Jin's face, "Don't you think he deserves a little rest? After all those harsh days, after all the struggles, all the pain, don't you think we should let him rest a bit?" "But I don't want to leave him alone, hyung."
"I left him all alone for too long, hyung.", Jungkook gives in to the tears then, "In that cursed mansion, I left all alone. He used to tell me, how scared he feels. During nights when the sky is all cloudy, he used to be afraid that the sun will never rise again."
"He would tell me how bothersome the silence would get, at times.", Jungkook tries to smile, "You know when I had asked him last month, what he wanted for his birthday. Do you know what he said?", a hollow laugh escape from him mouth, "He said, he wanted to hold my hands, hyung."
"And now I am here. I am sitting right here.", Jungkook's hands coil into fists, "But he isn't holding my hands, hyung. Is he that upset with me? Hyung, how should I apologize?" "Kook-", Jin sniffles, "Let's not do this, please. Please let's go home, Kook. Please."
"He was begging me to come back home to him.", he chuckles, "And this was the first time he ever asked for anything to me. And I-", Jungkook's face contorts, "I couldn't give him that. Give him even the bare minimum."
"Do you think I will ever be forgiven?", Jungkook asks, eyes too lost, "For not going back home to him? For not running back to him?" "It's not your fault, Kook.", Jin tries. Pleads the younger to believe, "None of this is your fault in any way, Jungkook."
"You know when he last called me-", Jungkook's eyes are stuck on his lover, "His voice was so soft.", he gives out a garbled laugh, "I told him to wait for me. I begged him, hyung. I begged him to wait.", he pauses for a moment too long. "But he didn't listen."
"Do you think he left because he had been waiting for too long?", Jungkook asks again, "Was he so mad at me that he didn't care about how much I begged? Did he hate me that much, hyung?" "No, bub. No! No!", Jin shakes his head, "He didn't hate you. He can't hate you. Ever."
"Then why didn't he wait, hyung?!", Jungkook screams out. He has been holding back the pain, the anger, the frustration, the betrayal for too long. "I am begged him. I told him to wait to me! I told him I was on my way! Then why didn't he listen?! Why didn't he listen, hyung?!"
"Why doesn't he ever listen to me?!", Jungkook breaks down in Jin's arms. And elder holds him just as tightly, "Why, hyung?! Why?! Why?!", he thrashes, as if it's too painful to bear. Jin and Yoongi find themselves unable to answer to those questions. Unable to even reply.
⚠️TW// Mentions of blood⚠️
'Jungkook, listen to me, yeah?', Taehyung's voice too weak, too distorted as the blood gushed out of his mouth. 'Baby, please, baby', Jungkook begged, 'Please wait for me. I am on my way, love. Let me get there, yeah? I will not let anything happen to you, love.'
'Please, please, baby, wait for me.', Jungkook drives the car like a madman on his death hunt, "I won't anything happen to you. To us. I promise, love. Just please don't-' But Taehyung knew those promises couldn't be fulfilled. Couldn't be kept. Jungkook will fail this time.
The gun shots are too many. The injuries too fatal. 'I love you, Jungkook.', Taehyung whispered, 'I love you so much. So much that even death wouldn't be able to part us, for I will always be with you. Right by your side, love. I am always here with you. I love yo-'
"I didn't even get to reply, hyung.", Jungkook realises then, "I didn't even get reply! He didn't even wait for my reply, hyung! He didn't wait for my reply!", an agonising pain shoots through Jungkook's heart. And Jungkook feels breathless.
"I didn't get to tell him that I love him.", Jungkook chokes on a sob, "I didn't tell how much I love him. I didn't ever tell him. Ever." "But he knew.", Jin breathes out, "You didn't have to tell him because he knew. He didn't wait for your reply because he knew. He knew, bub."
And Jungkook wants to believe that. He wants to believe that Taehyung knew. But how does he tells his heart to believe that? How does he even convince himself to believe that? Will he ever be able to believe that? That Taehyung knew? Taehyung knew his love?
Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, as if trying to run away. As if that way, he will be able to escape the pain. As if that way, he will be able to run back to Taehyung. Go back home. Wrap his arms around Taehyung, kiss him silly. "I love you.", he whispers, "I love you so much."
»»————⋇⋆THE END⋆⋇————««
-Idk why I keep doing this to myself. The pain too addictive, I guess. Had been thinking about this since the moment I saw the tweet on my tl. So here we are! Thank you for being here. And please let me know your thoughts on this. Love you. ❤
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