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Jan 23, 2023
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Cheat codes that will ensure you win the game of life:

• Upgrade your surroundings You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with, so choose them carefully. Stop hanging out with people who are an impediment to your growth. Be around those who want you to become successful.
• Take full responsibility Stop blaming everyone for the things that happen in your life. Life starts getting better when you take charge and accept responsibility. Make yourself the CEO and the only decider of your life's direction.
• Have personal goals Never chase people. Focus on your goals. You will be much happier when you tie your life to goals, not people. Become unstoppable and achieve a specific goal; remember why you started, and never lose sight of your objectives.
• Have a purpose There is no life without purpose. Once you find a purpose and give meaning to your life, you start working toward it and living up to your full potential. Remember that everyone has 24 hours a day, so a lack of time is never an issue.
• Avoid lifestyle creep Stop inflating a lifestyle that you cannot afford. The people that you want to impress do not care whatsoever about your life or future. Spending money you don't have demonstrates to others how insecure and unwise you are.
• Buy experience Stop wasting money on material possessions. You will never have enough of them Chase experiences and create meaningful memories with people. They are priceless endeavors that you will never regret. As a result, you will evolve into a new person.
• Spend more time with the people who care about you Show appreciation and gratitude to the people who love you. Express your affection and love for them. Money and jobs can be recovered, but time lost is never recovered.
• Improve every day To remain in the same position as yesterday is to regress. The goal is to become better every day. Improving 1% daily will make a difference (1.00)³⁶⁵ = 1 (1.01)³⁶⁵ = 37.7 Long-term success is a result of consistent efforts.
• Becoming rich It is extremely hard to become wealthy by being an employee. Wealth creation happens when you use your income to buy assets. Ownership is the recipe for wealth creation, not a job.
• Self-belief If life is a game, having confidence in oneself is the secret to winning. When you start believing in yourself, even the most outlandish and unimaginable dreams become possible.
• Take care of your health now Your health is your most valuable asset. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. The decisions you make today will have a great impact ten to twenty years from now. Prioritize also your mental health.
• Work hard Nothing is ever given away, and everything must be earned. Life doesn’t get easier; you just get better. The secret is that you can only get results by being consistent every day. Once you obtain results, it becomes an addiction.
• Do things alone Become comfortable in your own company. Learn to do things alone. A lot of people cannot be in good relationships because they do not know themselves.
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Cheat codes that will ensure you win the game of life:
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