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Nov 22, 2022
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β€” #yoonminau πŸ‘€ Jimin is live!! πŸ‘€ Who is in his thumbnail? πŸ‘€ Is that Mr. Min? πŸ‘€ Yes! It's Jimin's hot bodyguard!

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A/N: idk how this goes. just trying to write again. looking forward to your qrts! πŸ₯°
/I love you, Park Jimin!/ /You came home today, our Mimi!!/ /Can you include Mr. Min on the live?/ /Marry me, Park Jimin!/
/Where is Mr. Min?/ /OMG! Will Mr. Min be on the live?!!!/ /MinMin ship is fvcking sailing!!!!/
"Everyone, I am here!" Jimin cheekily greets, finally showing himself in front of the camera after reading a few comments. It's been a while since he went live and felt a little nervous for doing so.
It's not even more than a minute when he reached a million viewers and non-stop hearts and messages from his fans.
"Oh, you're looking for Mr. Min?" He read, getting the attention of his bodyguard, Min Yoongi, who is just standing a few meters away behind the camera, leaning against his room wall, watching him.
The bodyguard smiled back at him, and swear the butterflies in Jimin's stomach grew to life. He looks so... cute. Never want to let this handsome man go. Not everyone sees his smiles like that.
Jimin doesn't even know why he thought of putting his bodyguard's photo in his thumbnail, and now he couldn't get away with his fan's never ending curiosity. So this time, he tried his best not to read any comments concerning his bodyguard out loud.
Jimin is very vocal when it comes to his bodyguard, or what everyone knows as Mr. Min. His fans always sees the bodyguard with the idol - on fan signs, conferences, concerts, and tours - and their cute and funny interactions caught the fans attention.
The way they bicker, the way Jimin held on the bodyguard's arms, the way his bodyguard shields himself to ensure Jimin is always safe.
The way Mr. Min is always ready with a bottled water, or when Jimin gives his snacks to the bodyguard, sometimes playing with him on fan sign events, even came to a point that Mr. Min gave him a piggy back ride going to his car when he was so exhausted after his performance.
It was so cute that a lot of his fans were unbelievably shipping them, calling them the MinMin couple. What even makes it funnier is that, his fans doesn't even know the bodyguard's complete name!
In fairness with Jimin, he ensures his fans will not in any way invade his bodyguard's privacy and give out any of his personal details other than his name - Mr. Min. Or maybe he really wanted to keep it for himself.
Jimin is so loud, and Yoongi is his exact opposite. Yoongi never dreamt of becoming a public figure, but because of Jimin, in someway he became an instant celebrity. The way Yoongi protects the idol won the hearts of the fans, wishing there is something going on between them.
It was all speculations, not unless confirmed by the idol himself. But the thing is, there is something really going on that Jimin isn't sure what to call. You know that 'more-than-colleagues-more-than-friends-but-less-than-a-lover' thing?
They are like that. They kiss. They kiss a lot. He kisses his bodyguard a lot, and Yoongi doesn't complain. He allows Jimin do whatever he wants in a way that Jimin doesn't feel being taken for granted.
It isn't a friends with benefit thing either because again, they haven't talk about it. They have no set rules, they have no set boundaries. But they act like a couple when they are alone together.
The attraction and sexual tension are there especially when they have to casually interact with each other. And Yoongi always knows how to save them both.
Meanwhile, Yoongi is so reserved and quiet, a gentleman - one of the few things Jimin likes about him. However, Jimin is afraid to ask what is going on between them. So he enjoys whatever they have as it is.
He felt a sense of real security when Yoongi became his bodyguard. The way he cares did a lot of things to the idol, and not more than a year with Yoongi, he is quite sure he have romantic feelings for the bodyguard.
It all started with a drunk kiss, followed by another, and another, until it became a normal thing between them. Jimin became clingy, and Yoongi wasn't bothered at all. Yoongi is a tsundere, a man of few words, but a man of action - that one thing that caught the idol's heart.
Jimin actually made the first move - kissing his bodyguard when he was drunk. That's their first kiss.
"Don't you dare put that lips on anyone else." He wasn't sure, but that what's Jimin heard before he passed out, and the next thing Jimin knew, his bodyguard became so overprotective on him.
"It's been a really long time, right? I should have come more often. Have you been well?" He asked his fans, calming his nerves down, but he really couldn't hide it.
"Since I'm back after a long time, I got kind of nervous. While coming here, I thought, in the past, how did I talk? What did I talk about?" /We really miss you, Jimin! Please don't be nervous!/ /I love you, Jimin!/ /You can talk about Mr. Min!/
/I miss you, Jimin! Please take good care of yourself. Have you recovered?/ "I did catch a cold. I caught a cold but I'm getting better. But I'm okay now. The medicine I took was very effective. Yes, I miss you a lot too."
Jimin looked past the camera and slighty bit his lip to prevent himself from squealing. Yeah, he recovered well thanks to his bodyguard who took good care of him. Yoongi shrugged, feeling proud of it.
Jimin is like a baby when he's sick, and snuggling at the arms of his bodyguard did a lot of wonders. He read more comments from his fans. /You look so good, Jimin! I'm happy you get to rest well./ /What are you up to nowadays, Jimin? Glad you're taking time for yourself./
/You came home today, Jimin! I missed you big time! Your voice is so soothing as always!/ "For some time I had work and stuff, and gained a bit of weight too. I thought I needed to lost some weight to see you. I missed you so much too."
Yeah, he did a lot of work, and that 'stuff'... is his bodyguard. Jimin took a quick sip on his bottled water to brush off the wild imaginations that running in his head and the naughty smiles that are about to escape his lips.
He even saw Yoongi chuckled, and he couldn't help but glare as a reaction. He gained weight because his bodyguard is a good cook, and Yoongi doesn't allow him to skip any of his meals.
/But you look so good! You don't need to lose weight!/ "I've gained a lot of weight, because what else I should be doing aside from eating?" He laughed, swaying on his swivel chair. Jimin discreetly looked behind the camera once again and rolled his eyes.
Yoongi is smiling again. Aaahh, why does he have to be this cute? and hot.
Now Jimin wants to end this live and spend time with Yoongi as soon as possible. He looked back at his monitor and continue reading his fans' messages. "Instagram? I didn't take a lot of photos of myself."
The truth is, he has a lot of photos, taken by his bodyguard, only for his bodyguard. "But I promise you I will post from time to time." Well, he has to get the approval of his bodyguard first.
That's the thing, Jimin feels like Yoongi is his boyfriend. He doesn't have to ask, because Yoongi's actions show it, as clear as the waters. And getting approval from Yoongi from things like these make his heart flutter, a kind of feeling that gives so much warmth in his heart.
He likes it when Yoongi doesn't agree on some things he wants to do. He likes Yoongi being strict sometimes.
/Are you planning to go on vacation?/ Jimin thought a bit. Time spent outside the spotlight always feels heaven, because he could spend time with Yoongi. So he tell his fans...
"You want to go somewhere but when you lay in bed, that's the most comfortable place. I think time goes by the fastest when I'm in bed. It's the next day when I am in bed. I think there are a lot of times like that."
Jimin looked past the camera again, and Yoongi is staring at him as if he will devour him anytime. Jimin felt his insides tremble in excitement - he really wanted this live to be over soon. But not yet... not this fast.
He knew what those stares mean. Lay in bed with his bodyguard, snuggling in his neck - it is indeed the most comfortable and warmest place, and time is always, always so fast whenever that happen.
The stares gotten a bit longer, and Yoongi had to snap his fingers to get Jimin out of his trance. /Can you recommend a drink?/
"No I don't really drink these days." It's because his bodyguard doesn't allow him to. Because Yoongi told Jimin he can kiss him even if he is sober. And he likes it. He likes being spoiled by Yoongi. He can be himself when he is with Yoongi.
/Talk about Mr. Min!/ /Are you with Mr. Min right now?/
"Ohh, you're really looking for Mr. Min? The thumbnail has nothing to do with Mr. Min. I just took it before the live started." Jimin said, and Yoongi just stood there, listening to whatever the idol has to say about him. "Where is Mr. Min? He's off duty today." Lie.
Off-duty, yes. But off-Jimin? Not yet.
Only if the fans know that Mr. Min is just right behind the camera, waiting for Jimin's hugs and kisses before he leaves.
"MinMin ship is sailing!" Jimin happily read, making Yoongi giggle at the back. "What was that guys? Was that a love team name? You like seeing me and Mr. Min together huh? I'll tell him about that when he gets back. He'll probably just show you his straight face."
"Mr. Min is hot." Jimin reads. "Well... There's no doubt about it." Jimin was shocked by his own answer, and Yoongi had to stiffle a laugh. Oh God, Jimin is being obvious.
The chat box was flooded with screams and new speculations and Jimin has to do something, or else they might get caught. "I- I mean, he- he is buff like you said, because... because how can he protect me if- if he's not right?"
/OMG! Park Jimin is stuttering! Hashtag MinMin! Thank you for coming home!/ /Tell us something more about Mr. Min!/
"Well... Mr. Min is a good person. We- we only interact whenever I got promotions and shows, that's the only time we are together, and we rarely talk after that... so I don't think I can share other things about him." Lie. All lies.
Now, it's time to give a little surprise to his bodyguard.
"By the way, I was talking with Taehyung. He showed me a fan art. You know, the arts that you guys draw." Jimin said changing the topic. He couldn't risk Yoongi on times like this.
"Should I tell you or not?" He teased. He saw Yoongi raised his brows, curious on what Jimin has to drop.
"Taehyung sent me this picture." He said, showing his phone to the camera. Yoongi stood straight, arms crossed on his chest, curious as well on what Jimin showed. "Should I tell this or not?" He chuckled before dropping the news.
"I have a moon tattoo in my back." Yoongi lost his senses, jaws dropped. Jimin took a quick glance at Yoongi and was satisfied on the bodyguard's shocked reaction.
"Taehyung showed me this photo. He said this was a fan art. This is really pretty. They drew it well. I did a tattoo like that. I only had one but I have 5 moons on my back now." He proudly shared.
Yoongi knows about that one moon tattoo near the idol's nape. He likes kissing it. He always makes sure his lips will touch that moon every time, because Jimin likes it. But knowing there's four more, god damn it.
"That's what happened, I want to show all of you but it's kinda hard. I didn't take pictures." Jimin didn't take photos because he only wants Yoongi to see it.
"Taehyung... he found something pretty from you. I got a pretty tattoo." Jimin said, appreciating his fans, but seducing that one man behind his camera. He read some more comments of his fans going feral over his revelation.
"Take a look when you get a chance one day." He teased, giving a quick glance at his bodyguard again.
"I think it's kind of weird to take off my shirt and show you right now." This time, Yoongi glared at him and slowly shakes his head. Jimin giggled. He likes it. He likes it when he has that effect on Yoongi.
/Let's go easy, Jimin./ He read out loud and laughed his heart out. "What do you mean? Let's be kind of difficult this time. It's my body so it's okay for me to be kind of difficult."
"I told you I can be difficult." "I will make sure to show you when I get the chance." Jimin said, eyes on his bodyguard. "I don't want to go easy right now."
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The live ended, and Jimin switched off the camera immediately. "Uhm, Yoongi-hyung." He called his bodyguard. Yoongi stood there with a straight face, and began fixing his bag when Jimin went near him.
"Hey, Bubba." Jimin called this time when he didn't respond.
That's another thing about Jimin, his endearments. Yoongi doesn't complain though, but whenever Jimin calls him that, there's no way he could resist.
Whenever Jimin becomes clingy and sweet, he is ready to give him the world. But his job is his priority - to protect to Jimin is his priority, and putting his walls down all the time won't do good for him and for Jimin's career.
He always has to be vigilant, especially on times they are like this. Yoongi suddenly felt a soft grip on his arm and he melted immediately. "Hey... Why are you avoiding me?"
"You got a tattoo? I didn't know about that." Yoongi mumbled casually earning a sweet chuckle from the idol.
"What?" This time, Yoongi finally looked at the idol. "You're curious, aren't you?" Jimin said sweetly. "Nah. It wasn't on your schedule so I thought I missed out something." The bodyguard casually replied.
"I did it last week, on your off. I was with Taehyung." Yoongi nodded without looking at him, avoiding the idol's gaze as much as possible. "Why?" "What do you mean, why?"
"Are you mad at me?" Jimin asked, brushing his hand up all the way to the elder's neck making Yoongi stop. "Why would I?" "Because I didn't tell you about my other activities?" This time, Jimin placed both his hands on Yoongi's chest, rubbing it gently.
Yoongi took a thicked breath, "As your bodyguard, I should be with you wherever you go." "But that's your day-off. I'm not a baby you should watch over the whole time." Jimin said, leaning against the elder, hands still on his chest. "Oh. Not a baby. Okay."
"Why are you sulking, hyung? Was it because I didn't update you?" Yoongi didn't hug him like he normally does, an indication that Yoongi is annoyed at him.
"No. That's okay. You can do whatever you want. By the way, I'm going home tonight." Yoongi said and escaped the younger's touch. "Why?" "Because, it's my day-off tomorrow?"
Jimin knows it, but he doesn't want Yoongi to leave yet. He always crave for his time and attention. Especially this time that Yoongi is ignoring him. He is cute, endearingly cute. But still, he wants to make amends to whatever Yoongi is sulking about.
"Can you stay a little longer for me?" Jimin asked, thinking of ways to make Yoongi stay. "Do you need anything? Or do you need to go somewhere? I can drop you off if you want." "No, I want you here tonight, Bubba."
"If you're not a naughty brat who loves sneaking around, I probably stay even on my day-offs. But, you probably have other things to do that you do not want me to know." Yoongi coldly replied.
Jimin smiled sweetly, he knew it was the reason, and he has to do something. They shouldn't part ways like that.
Yoongi was about to get his bag when Jimin asked... "Do you want to see my moon tattoo?"
Yoongi froze on the question. Jimin knows he couldn't resist that. The brewing tension is now evident on both of them, and just by a few words from the idol, Yoongi knew he would surrender.
"I can show you."
A/N: This is my first attempt in writing smut, so please bear with me. 🫣 HAHAHA Lezz go! πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
Jimin held Yoongi's wrist and guided him to sit on the sofa. The idol turned around to sit on his bodyguard's lap, his back on Yoongi's chest. "W-what are you doing?"
"What do you think I'm doing, Bubba?" "Jimin..."
Without a single word, Jimin took off his sweater, revealing his beautifully inked moon tattoo on his sexy back. Yoongi was too stunned to speak, eyes wide on the sight.
"Do you like it?" Jimin asked, hands on the bodyguard's knees, gently massaging it. Without hearing a response, he looked back and saw Yoongi's mouth open, frozen on his seat. Jimin smirked on the sight and asked, "Hey Bubba, do you like it?"
Yoongi swallowed a big lump on his throat and nodded slowly. "I'm glad you do. You can touch it if you want, I won't mind."
Not that it's their first time making out but Yoongi always react as if it's always the first, probably the reason why it's always turns out so good when they do.
Yoongi gently rubs the top most moon using his middle finger, and Jimin closes his eyes on the sensation. It's always like that, and he couldn't help but to grind his hips, feeling the bulge growing in between the bodyguard's thighs.
Yoongi knows where this goes, and he knows how to play along so he stopped. "Please Bubba, don't stop." "If you want to keep sitting on my lap, you have to stop wiggling around like that."
"But Bubba..." Jimin protests. "What does my Bubba want?"
That's when Jimin's mind go haywire, when Yoongi calls him that - with that tone of voice. Yoongi rarely do that, and when he does, Jimin's heart flip upside down, as if Yoongi is owning him.
But calling him that while they are about to make out is a whole different thing. He feels like his willing to give anything to his bodyguard.
Jimin looked back and bit his lip. "I thought maybe we can do a little more than just kissing before you go.."
Yoongi smirked and continued tracing his tattoo, this time going one to another, tickling Jimin's body, giving him the sensation no one ever gives. He grabbed Jimin's both arms with his hands to keep him still, and slowly kisses his tattoo, one after the other.
"Y-Yoongi.." Jimin moans, tilting his head. "Hmm?" "S-some more. Mmm-ahh." And Yoongi did, giving wet and slow smooches on the younger's back, up to his nape, down to his shoulders.
"God, you're so beautiful." Yoongi whispered and he felt Jimin shiver. "C-can I kiss you?" Jimin asked, stuttering.
Yoongi gently held his jaw pulling him into a kiss, his back pressed on the elder's chest. The soft kisses turned into hungry ones, sloppy and wet. Yoongi's hand wandered from his chest, to his 'nevermind' tattoo, to his perfectly sculpted abs, down to his hard c0ck.
Jimin moaned, and he couldn't help but to roll his hip in an upward motion to feel the bodyguard's touch, his hands on top of the elder, guiding it on his own body.
"Were you trying to turn me on?" Yoongi asked, and the younger nodded, cheeks flushed red, unable to grasp reality due to the sensation Yoongi was giving him. "Because it was working. C'mon, face me."
Jimin do as what he was told and turned to face his bodyguard immediately. He straddled on his lap, and his arms made its way automatically to the bodyguard's neck, giving the bodyguard flirty rubs on his nape.
"I waited for the live to be over for this view." Jimin said in a whisper. "You're naughty, Park Jimin." "Because you make me!" Jimin squeals, leaning closer to give Yoongi a soft peck which Yoongi chased with another one.
"Can I take a photo of you, Bubba?" "What for?" "Memories." "As if I can do anything now."
Jimin reached for his phone on his pocket and opened the camera immediately. As soon as he clicked the button and saw how his bodyguard looked, he tossed his phone immediately and dive in to kiss him hungrily. It was so messy, Jimin had to grip the bodyguard's long hair too.
Yoongi's hands snaked around the idol's bare waist, rubbing it gently and seductively, giving in at the moment.
The kiss was so intense they had to pull back to catch their breathes, eyes never leaving each other, and slowly kiss again like they've never seen each other for a long time. "I'm... going to miss you... hyung." Jimin said in between kisses.
Yoongi pulled back, aroused on the way Jimin looked - drunk in the moment, and horny. "I'm just going for a three-day off." "I know, Bubba. But you know I always want you here."
Yoongi gives the younger teasing kisses on the his jaw and neck, and the younger tilts his head giving the elder more access. "Then miss me for a while." "Make me."
Yoongi smirked on the challenge. "Legs on my waist, and stay still. Understood?" He commanded, and as soon as Jimin complied, he stood up and lay Jimin down on the sofa, and went on to kiss the younger immediately.
Yoongi held Jimin's hands up above his head, and kissed him from his lips down to his body, and Jimin couldn't do anything but to moan his bodyguard's name out of pleasure. "H-hyung. I want to feel you too." Jimin uttered, wanting to take off the bodyguard's clothes.
"Why so impatient, Bubba?" Yoongi whispered in his ears, making the younger squirm and moan under him. Damn, he called him that again. Why does a cute endearment sound so nasty when it came from his bodyguard's mouth?
Yoongi kneeled, removed his coat, and his white shirt soon after. Jimin lifted himself up, chasing the elder's lips and Yoongi had to grip one hand on Jimin's neck, and the other on his hair. "I told you to just stay still." "But I want you."
"I know, baby. I know."
ASDFGHHHJJJKKKKLLLL. Jimin moaned. Another first. Another unusual thing Yoongi had said. Another reason for his heart rate to accelerate. If this is the prize of getting that tattoo, he wouldn't mind getting inked again.
In one swift move, Yoongi pulled the idol's sweatpants along with his boxer brief and stared at his body. "Didn't I tell you how beautiful you are?" Jimin's face flushed red with Yoongi's compliment. He wanted to hide, but what for? He's all out when it comes to Yoongi.
Yoongi kissed him once again, until his lips reached below his navel. It was heaven. "Y-yoongi..." Jimin didn't know where to hold on to, eyes shut, lips swollen from biting, head pressed down on the soft cushion.
As Yoongi went down to svck his hard c0ck, Jimin felt euphoric. Being explored by Yoongi is exhilarating, all he could do is moan. It wasn't just physical pleasure, but he felt an emotional connection... On the way Yoongi moved his lips around him, he knew it wasn't just lust.
"I... I want to make you feel good too, hyung." Jimin uttered, and just like a spell, Yoongi fell for it and stopped. Jimin got up and guided Yoongi to sit back on the couch and kneeled in between his bodyguard's thighs, pushing him on the soft cushion.
Yoongi was stunned by Jimin's sudden bravery to make a move, and the idol noticed it immediately. "Just relax, Bubba." He assured. Yoongi didn't respond and just watched Jimin unbuckle his belt, teasing him until he undressed him completely.
Jimin didn't break eye contact when he leaned down to put his mouth on Yoongi's c0ck, bobbing his head up and down, giving his best to return the favor.
Yoongi can see the moon tattoos on the idol's back. The sight was undeniably alluring he could stare at it all day. But on the way Jimin svck his hard length made him see stars as well. It was so good he wouldn't have it any other way.
Soon the intense make-out session became a soft one. Both of them lay on the couch, Jimin being spooned, their hands intertwined, rubbing it gently while giving each other soft kisses on the lips, sweet smooches on the neck, and back on the lips again.
Their lips moved in sync as if it was a perfect fit. One playfully bites the other causing them to giggle in between their kisses. "You're naughty, Bubba." Jimin said, chasing a kiss after every word.
"Who's the one being naughty during his live?" Yoongi replied, rubbing his nose against the younger's cheek. They cuddled like that on the couch savoring each other's warmth, kissing every inch of each other's face.
"Jimin, I need to go home." Yoongi suddenly said, touching the younger's lips. "Why? Can you just stay tonight and leave tomorrow morning?" Jimin replied, kissing the elder's fingers softly.
"It's my little niece's birthday. My younger sister's daughter. I wouldn't miss it for the world." Shocked with the new information, Jimin turned to face Yoongi. "Y-you have a sister? I- I didn't know that!" Yoongi muffled a laugh. "You weren't asking."
"Hold on. W-would that explain the girl stuff and toys you bought on my last tour in Germany?" "Yeah. Why do you know I bought that? You're paying too much attention to me, Jimin." "Because!" Jimin couldn't find the right words to say. Something he wouldn't admit.
"Because what?" "I... I thought it's for your... girlfriend. Who knows if you have one and... just playing around with me." He said, hiding at Yoongi's neck. Yoongi laughed earning a playful tap from the idol. "Stop that, Bubba!" Jimin mumbled.
"Are you jealous?" "Of course not! Why would I? I don't meddle in someone's personal life!" "Oh really?" "Hmm."
"Okay, says the one who kissed me like he doesn't want to share." Jimin showed his puppy eyes. "Do you like anybody else?" Yoongi chuckled. He likes teasing Jimin a lot because he is gullible at times.
"I really need to go, Jimin. Are you gonna be okay while I'm gone?" Jimin pouts, and Yoongi gently flickered his nose with that reaction. "What if I come with you?" Jimin suggested. "Are you out of your mind?"
"I don't have anything to do this weekend. My schedule is hectic by next week. I need to rest too." "What will your manager say if he finds out you're with me? You're a public figure, Jimin. You know you can't easily do that."
"But... Don't you want to be with me?" "Jimin..." "Do you want to be with me?" "Of course I do."
"Then, let me come with you." "But-" "Bubba, please?" "Fine, in one condition."
Jimin was so excited he became so attentive. This is something he would like to do for quite a long time already. "Okay! I'm all ears." "You need to tell your manager and your mom about this." "Yeheeyyy! I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna do that!"
Jimin excitedly sat up, grabbed his clothes and wore it, and Yoongi did the same. "I will just make a call and pack my things quickly. Can you wait for me a little longer, Bubba?"
"Do I have a choice?" Yoongi shrugged and smiled eventually. "Go on, I'll wait for you." "Yeeeyyyy! Thanks, Bubba!" Jimin was so delighted he leaned in to give his bodyguard a quick kiss on the lips.
Yoongi smiled on the action but was not surprised though. Jimin is like that when he is happy. Yeah, something they just got used to do.
"Hey mom!" Jimin greets as soon as his mom picks up the phone. "Hi sweetie! How are you? Is everything okay?" "Everything's great, mom! I just called to tell you that I will come with Yoongi to his house tonight."
There was a short silence. "His house?" "Naahhh, his family's house." "Okay, so what about it?" "He said if I want to come with him, I should ask for your permission."
His mom chuckled on the other line. "You know I won't say no to that, sweetie! Just be careful, okay? But, are you like... a thing now?" His mom curiously asked. "Still the same, Mom. We haven't talked about anything yet, but I like where we are right now."
"Jimin, sweetie." "Yes mom?" "By the way you tell me your stories, it seems like Yoongi is a great guy." "He is mom."
"I can see you are happy too. I hope I can meet him once I get back to Seoul. Can you give me his number though?" "But why mom?" "I want to talk to him." "But why?"
"I just want to make sure he will take good care of you. Can't I do that?" "He is my bodyguard, remember? Of course he'd do that." "Sweetie, as your mom, I want to make sure no one will ever hurt you again. Allow me to protect you."
Jimin smiled even though his mom couldn't see it. "Okay, Mom. Thank you for always protecting me. I will send it to you after this call. I will just finish packing too." "Okay, enjoy your weekend with Mr. Min! And please, let me know the progress." "I will mom. Thank you."
Jimin did what he was told and forwarded Yoongi's number to his mom. Whatever they're going to talk about, for sure he will know. But he has to make another call. He then dialed Taehyung's number.
"Hey motherfvker, what's up?" Jimin rolled his eyes. "What a way to greet your best-est friend!" "I know you're going to talk about Min Yoongi. Am I wrong?" "Well, you aren't."
"So, are you official now?" "No." "What a loser."
"Hey! You're being mean!!!" Jimin yelled. "I told you to make a move already!!" "I just svcked his d!ck." "What the fvck!! Not that!"
"Then what?!" "I mean, the magic words, Jimin!!!" "Oh, his magic mic? Yeah, I said I just svcked it, dummy!"
"My god, Jimin!!! You are such a horny creature. I didn't have to hear that!!" "Then get straight to the point!" "What I mean is confess! Say how you feel! Say that you love him! Dumb dumb! Heads before d!cks, okay?"
"Uhh, what's the difference? They're both heads! The one is used for thinking, the other is for svcking." "Did you fvcking wreck my beauty sleep for this call, Jiminie?"
Jimin laughed on the other line. "I just like messing with you! You're too grumpy!" "So, spill the tea. I ate the cucumbers in my eyes out of frustration! You're really annoying!"
"I'm going with Yoongi to his family's house this weekend." He giggled. "You mean, he finally asked you out? Wait, I need more cucumbers to munch on. The one in my eyes aren't enough." "Tae!!!" "What? Did he ask you?"
"No. I just insisted and surprisingly he said yes. And I called because I need your help." "Don't tell me you want me to come with you? Gosh, I don't wanna hear you svcking his d!ck."
"What the fvck, Tae! Of course not! You're so gross!" "Wow, says the one who just svcked a d!ck." "It wasn't gross! Yoongi is yummy! He's big and-" "Fine! I don't need to hear that! What I want to hear is my involvement in your escapade with your bodyguard."
Jimin cleared his throat before he started. "Well, uhm, I don't want to say it to my manager. You know how strict he is with dating and stuff. Yoongi wants me to ask permission from him and my mom before I can go." "What did your mom say?"
"Of course she allowed me. It's just that, Sujin is too overreacting at times. I want to be free for just a couple of days. Please Taehyung, can you cover up for me? Just tell me we're together." "What about your schedule?" "It's all cleared. Sujin and I will meet next week."
"Are you going to keep this from Yoongi as well?" Taehyung asked worriedly. "If I need to, yes. This is my only chance, Tae. I want to talk about us when we get there. I want to tell him everything. Please, Tae?"
Taehyung released a heavy sigh. He couldn't say know to his friend. "Fine. I'll cover up for you." "Thanks Tae!!! I owe you big time."
"But you have to promise me you'd be careful okay? And tell Yoongi this secret you made when you guys get back." "I promise. Thank you!! I love you, Tae." "Fine fine. Enjoy your time with him, Jimin." "I will."
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"Hey, I'm ready." Jimin spoke as soon as he left his bedroom. "Jimin, are you for real? Let me remind you, you are not going on a tour." Yoongi answers, pouting on the sight of Jimin's two big luggage.
"What? This is not many, hyung. Should I remove some more?" Jimin asked innocently. "No... That would be okay. I forgot you're an idol with a lot of stuff. Shall we go?" Yoongi went closer and tucked the loose strand of Jimin's hair behind his ears.
Jimin flashed a wide smile and nodded cheekily. He leaned a bit more to Yoongi and wrapped his arms around the elder's neck. "Thank you, hyung. I am so excited." He gave Yoongi a soft kiss on the lips before proceeding to the door.
"By the way, your mom called me." Yoongi added. Jimin turned his head immediately. Her mom really doesn't know how to joke. "I thought she was just joking. What have you guys talked about?" Jimin curiously asked.
"Nahh, nothing much. He just reminded me to take good care of you." "Hmm, okay. She told me that too. I hope she didn't tell you something embarrassing about me." Jimin replied. "You're not sure about that." "Bubba!!"
Yoongi chuckled again. "What?" "She did not!" Jimin pouted. "Okay okay, fine. She did not." Jimin is cute all the time. Yoongi didn't know if he's just like that naturally or if Jimin acts like one when he's around, but nonetheless, he prefers it that way.
Jimin walked towards the door when Yoongi gently grabbed his forearm. "What did Sujin say?" Jimin smiled to think of a quick alibi. He trusts his plans with Taehyung, and promises to tell Yoongi the truth when they get back. After all, it's just three days of freedom.
"He said it was a good thing that I informed him. So he knows who to contact and where to find me if something happens." He replied, but tried to maintain eye contact. He knew it's bad to lie. But three days is just a short period so maybe he could just let it go.
"Good. Let's go. We can grab a snack along the way." Yoongi proceeds to get Jimin's luggage & holds Jimin's hand making the idol blush. "Do you really have to hold my hand?" Jimin asked as they walked to the elevator going to the basement where Yoongi's personal car is parked.
"I will hold it as long as I have a chance. It's cute, and perfectly fits mine" Jimin bit his lips to prevent the squeals he wanted to let out. "Where did you get your sweet bones, Bubba?" "I'm not sweet."
"Yes you are. Are you like that to everyone?" "Do you think I have time to be sweet to anyone?" Jimin stopped, and Yoongi felt Jimin's hand froze in his. Jimin didn't know how to respond to that. Is that Yoongi's way of telling him that he loves him? Can Jimin bring them up?
They reached Yoongi's car and Yoongi pulled Jimin into a tight hug. "You're in deep thought again. You can tell me anything, okay? Are you ready?" Yoongi asked. Jimin looked up at the elder and nodded gently.
That's another thing about Yoongi. He knows him very well. Who wouldn't fall for it? The thought of bringing up their real score scares Jimin. The million what-ifs bombards his thoughts and the possibility of breaking his own heart terrifies him.
But it's been like this for quite long already, and as long as he has Yoongi by his side, he doesn't have to fear anything. He brushed off his worries and focused on the present.
"More than ready, Bubba! Gosh, this is so unexpected and I can't wait to spend three whole days with you!" Yoongi chuckled, pinching the idol's cheeks. Jimin always acts cute and cuddly whenever he is happy. He's glad Jimin is happy. That's what matters to him.
"Are you sure you're not forgetting anything?" Yoongi asked again. "Hmm... I think I'm all good." "Okay, if you say so."
Jimin was about to grab the handle of the back door when Yoongi stopped him. "Nah, sit in front. I'm not your driver right now." Jimin blushed. Just the thought of having a night drive with Yoongi excites him. It feels more like being a couple than just by being colleagues.
"Oh. What does that make me then? Your baby?" Jimin teased hoping to see his bodyguard blush. "You're a baby even when I'm on duty." "Yes, your baby."
Finally, Yoongi blushed, a sight that Jimin rarely sees, but loves out of everything. Just so he thought he won the silent battle of making each other flustered, Yoongi didn't hold back. "I know."
"Aaah, city lights are really beautiful." Yoongi took a quick glance at the passenger's seat and smiled. He was so amused as if it was Jimin's first time on a night drive. "Really?"
"Hmm, this is so relaxing. The ambiance, the silence, plus I'm with you... I love it, Bubba." Yoongi felt warm upon hearing Jimin's genuine thoughts.
"Do you want me to open the window?" Yoongi asked and Jimin beamed at him and nodded adorably. So he did. Jimin looked outside once again, closed his eyes as he felt the cold air touch his face. It had been a while since he felt this - free and relaxed.
"This is better, hyung. Aaahhh i love this. Thank you." "You're cute." As if his serene moment was put on hold, Jimin looked back and called out his bodyguard. "Bubba, can you please stop making me blush?" "Then stop being cute." "BUBBA!!!"
Yoongi laughed. They're always like that. They didn't even know how to manage being casual on a daily basis at work. It uplifts the idol's heart and every day of his life as an idol becomes much more bearable.
And Jimin thought for a bit. The feeling is so good he knows it's definitely hard to stop. But how long can they be like this? Something without a label? Do they need a label? Was a label that important?
Their actions are more than saying the magic words, but is the 'i-love-you' really necessary? Jimin made a mental note to confess to Yoongi within the three days he had. It's now or never.
"Hey, are you hungry? Do you want a drive-thru?" Yoongi asked to break the silence. "Can we?" Jimin instantly replied, facing his bodyguard. "Of course. My treat." Yoongi took a quick glance at the idol and saw the beam in Jimin's eyes.
"Can I have some ice cream and fries?" "Okay, I'll buy you one." "Really? You'll allow me to eat those tonight?" Jimin verifies.
"Sure thing. Why would I not? You love them. You even asked me to order it late at night and sneaked it to your room while you're on a strict diet. Aaah, the things I do for you, Jiminie!" "But you didn't complain! You love doing things for me, hyung."
"If doing such is to see you happy, then I'm down for it." Now how would Jimin not fall in love with his bodyguard?
"What will you have though?" Jimin asked to shift the conversation. He's not ready for whatever Yoongi will have to say if he insists on squeezing the elder to voice out his thoughts about him. "Probably coffee."
"I didn't know why even bother to ask you, hyung. Such a caffeine-addict." Jimin exclaimed, making Yoongi laugh. What a sight for sore eyes, Jimin thought. He hopes to see his smile every day.
They went to the nearest drive-thru and as soon as they stopped on the monitor to place their orders, Jimin removed his seat belt and leaned towards the window, leaning his body on Yoongi, his face just in front of the bodyguard.
Yoongi was surprised, the proximity is so close that he can kiss the idol's cheek anytime. The scent of the idol lingers on his nose, the citrus combination of orange and lime smelling bright and fresh.
He wonders if Jimin wears that specific perfume for him but he loves it. The scent marks his memory whenever they make out or just simply cuddle in bed.
"Good evening! May I have your orders, please?" "Hi! I will take one ice cream, and one large fries. OH- don't forget the barbeque powder because that's my Bubba's favorite." Jimin looked at Yoongi, and chuckled cutely, looking proud of knowing that information.
Yoongi didn't know why he was smiling at the sight. "That is so sweet. Will make sure we won't forget that! Would that be all, Sir?" "Also one large cup of hot americano, but can you add one sugar cube, please?"
"For Bubba?" The voice on the monitor teased, and both of them giggled. Yoongi shook his head and massaged his temples. Jimin is really something else! "Yes, for Bubba! Thank you!" "You are welcome! You may proceed to the counter for your payment and order."
Jimin looked at Yoongi once again... "You like your americano with a bit of sugar, right?" Yoongi didn't respond, instead leaned forward to give Jimin a quick loud kiss on the lips. "Bubba!!!" Jimin playfully slapped the elder on the chest. "What?" "What was that for?"
"You are blushing, Jiminie! Why? Can't I do that anymore?" "Of course you can! But- you just surprised me! C-can I have another one, please?" "No. One kiss is enough." Jimin leaned in a bit closer. "I won't get back on my seat if I don't get my kiss."
Suddenly, they heard someone fake a cough coming from the monitor only to realize that the window is still open and their voices are a bit loud to be heard on the speakers.
"Oh." Jimin was forced to get back on his seat out of embarrassment. Yoongi drove forward to the counter to be greeted by the crew who took their orders. The smile on the crew's face is flushed due to their little make-out on the drive-thru.
"Thank you." Yoongi thanked the crew upon getting their orders and Jimin peeked out of the window to reach for it, ensuring he had his mask on to cover his identity. "Thank you!" Jimin shouted. The crew smiled and gently bowed at him.
"I can see why you can't get enough of your Bubba. You look lovely together. Enjoy your meal and take care!"
They were quiet once they got back on the road. The crew's comment echoed on the car and no one dared to bring it up. But Jimin would like to.
"H-hyung, d-do we really l-look good together?" He asked while nervously munching on his fries - the fries he ordered for Yoongi but ended up eating by himself. "I don't know. That crew is probably the first person to see us together."
Jimin nodded. He's right, because he did all these things sneakily. He suddenly felt gloomy inside. The hopeless romantic in him abruptly strikes him.
Because no one knows. Because it's in secret - forbidden. Just like in the past, before Yoongi happened. Is it going to be like this when Jimin falls in love? Will the story be all the same?
"I feel good when we are together." Yoongi added. "Does that count?" Jimin was taken out of trance upon hearing it. Yoongi knows how to save him in his troubling times and thoughts. "Y-you do?"
Jimin's hopes went up. He could feel Yoongi would tell him how he felt about him anytime soon. In that way, he could also profess everything and make all these official. "And I feel good when I make you feel good."
Jimin swallowed a lump on his throat. Was he referring to their quick make out session earlier that night? "A-are y-you referring to-" "Your moon tattoo drove me crazy." The shift in the conversation stunned Jimin. It was so cold in Yoongi's car and yet he felt sweaty.
"T-thank you. I-I'm glad you like it. C-can I get my kiss now?" "Are you flirting with me, Jiminie?" "Oh you finally noticed?"
With those words, Yoongi drove fast and stopped somewhere empty where they could have their intimate moment. "On my lap." Yoongi commanded.
As if he was hypnotized, Jimin unfastened his seat belt and did what he was told. As soon as he straddled his bodyguard's lap, Yoongi grabbed him on the waist and pulled him closer to his body.
He stared at him in the eyes, down to his lips while biting his own, and back to the idol's eyes again. He cupped his cheek gently and pulled him to a soft kiss.
It was so good Jimin softly moaned into the kiss, mind afloat as if he was on cloud nine. It was heavenly and Jimin wouldn't have it any other way.
Yoongi stopped the kiss midway only to tell Jimin, "Let me hear you. I love the sound you make.." And so Jimin dived in to kiss the bodyguard more. They slowly let their fingers twine together, allowing their emotions to burst out at the moment.
The kiss went on. It was so good that Jimin's whole body curves into the bodyguard. The kiss meant to be gentle but it ended up in devout passion.
Yoongi's hand made its way inside the idol's shirt, gently caressing his back with his fingertips, drawing gentle circles on his tattoos making Jimin break the kiss with a gasp.
"H-hyung. I- I want you.. now." "Strip." It only took one word to make Jimin's mind flip upside down.
Jimin removed his shirt, and Yoongi didn't waste any more time and showered the idol with wet kisses on every part of his body. He helped the idol remove his pants down to his knees where it was enough for them to feel each other even more.
"Are you sure you want to do it here?" Yoongi drunkenly asked. "Anywhere with you would be fine, Bubba." Jimin replied, kissing Yoongi sloppily while making his way to remove the bodyguard's pants.
"D-do you have some lube?" Jimin asked. He felt Yoongi smirked. "Always ready." Yoongi reached for the compartment and grabbed the bottle immediately. He popped it open and put an ample amount in his fingers and prepared it.
"W-why do you have those here?" "Just in case..." "Just in case what?" "Just in case a moment like this happens. Guess I'm lucky tonight."
Jimin giggled. They both did and continued the kiss. From a gentle one to a messy one, from a simple touch, to a burning sensation the connection they made. It felt good.
It was messy, but it felt like heaven. No remorse. Everything between them is just so perfect, moaning each other's name in the middle of nowhere. They both wished it wouldn't end.
"Jiminie, you're sleepy. Take a rest now." Yoongi encouraged him when they went on a drive once again. "How about you? You're still driving. You might get bored."
"I'm your driver, remember? I'm used to this. I'm used to driving you home tired from your concert, I'm used to drive you home drunk and brok--" "Bubba..." "I'm just kidding. What I'm saying is, I can manage. When you wake up, we're at my home."
Home... It felt nice hearing those words. Being with him feels like home, and safe. He yawned. Maybe Yoongi is right.
"Plus, you got tired bouncing on me." "Bubba!!!" Jimin buried his face on his palms out of embarrassment. "Why are you hiding now? You were fearless earlier!"
"Stop it! I won't kiss you again." Jimin pouted, giving the elder playful slaps. "I'm just making you laugh. You are cute when you laugh."
"But seriously, Bubba. Can I hug your arms like a koala?" "What?" "I want to hug you, please?" "Okay, you can sleep. I will wake you up once we get there."
Yoongi reached for Jimin's hand and kissed his knuckles gently. Jimin felt heavenly with the gesture and so he clinged on the elder's right arm, and rested his head on his shoulder.
"Do you feel comfortable?" Yoongi whispered. "More than ever." "Good to know that, Jiminie." "How about you, hyung?"
"I'm okay. You should sit beside me from now on. This is a lot better than just seeing you in the rear-view mirror." "Stop making me blush, hyung." "Sleep."
Then there was silence. Yoongi felt calm and more focused on the road, now that there is someone clinging on to him. "Hyung." "Hmm? I thought you're already sleeping?"
"What does your niece like? Do you think she'll like me?" Jimin murmured. "Why are you asking?" "I want to buy something for her birthday. I want to buy something for your parents and sister too." "No need. Just sleep."
"Ehh? I don't want to. What if they don't like me? I'm not good at kids either. What if... I make her cry?" "Why does it bother you all of a sudden, Jiminie?" "Because it's your family, hyung."
"Was it really important?" "Of course! I want them to like me." "Why?" "Because... why not? You will bring me to your home. I want them to like me even as your... as your friend." It tastes bitter uttering those words.
Yoongi chuckled. "You worry too much. Just be yourself. They will like you." "Are you sure?" "Certainly. They will surely say what the crew said earlier."
Jimin recalled it, eyes twinkled with the thought. "That we look lovely together?" Yoongi chuckled sweetly, and gave the idol a kiss on the forehead. "Sleep."
"Okay. Good night, hyung." Yoongi allowed some minutes to pass. Eyes on the road, lips perking up into a contented smile, giving quick glances to the person sleeping soundly on his arms. "Sleep well, Bubba."
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Two pairs of eyes widen at the sight of a beautiful man standing right in front of their door, jaws dropped, and at any minute, they might drool. They couldn't believe that the person they watched on television was right there, in the flesh, smiling timidly at them.
"Jimin, I'd like you to meet the three women in my life." Yoongi starts, and Jimin follows him with puppy eyes, a bit swollen from sleeping too profoundly, hands clutched on his arm. "Three?" Jimin repeats, looking around but only seeing two. Who could be the third one?
"I want you to meet my mom and my little sister Yoori." Yoongi turned to face his mom and sister, who were still stunned at where they were standing.
"H-hi. It- It's nice to meet you." Jimin greets nervously. He had no idea whether to offer his hand for a handshake or to hug them, but he chose the latter.
Yoori gave in to hug Jimin first. "Oh my god, it's you! OH, EM GEE!!!" She squealed. "Y-you are Park Jimin!!! Mom!" She pulled back and turned to face her mom while pointing at Jimin. "Mom! Park Jimin is here!!!"
"I am your fan! Oh my god! She called my name!" Yoori hugged Jimin again and buried her face in the idol's chest, screaming and jumping for joy.
"Yoori, be careful," Yoongi called her out. She pulled back again, went to Yoongi, and slapped him on the shoulder. "Ouch! Is that how your treat your older brother?" "Care to explain, Yoonie?"
Jimin smiled at the endearment. Yoonie sounds pretty lovely. "Fine, fine. But can we go inside first and have breakfast? I'm so hungry and tired. The drive was so long."
Jimin glanced up at Yoongi, worried he had stood up all night to get here. Now he feels guilty for not letting him go as soon as possible the night before. Jimin looked back at him and mouthed, "I'm sorry, Bubba."
Yoongi gave him a reassuring smile and tapped him on his waist, one thing Yoori immediately noticed.
"Yoongi is right. We can talk about this over breakfast." Mrs. Min agreed. She faced Jimin with a welcoming smile and said, "Welcome to our home, Jimin! We didn't know we had a worldwide superstar in the house! Yoongi didn't even bother telling us."
"I told you I would bring someone home." Yoongi hissed. "Yeah, but you didn't tell us he's THE Park Jimin!" Yoori fought back. "Then where is the surprise to that if I told you?"
Jimin glances up at Yoongi once again. Did Yoongi tell them he would bring him home? But as a surprise? He felt butterflies in his stomach come to life.
They headed inside, Yoongi carrying his luggage to the living area. Yoongi went behind him, put his hands on his waist, and whispered, "Let's have breakfast first, then you can rest again later. Is that okay?" It was so gentle Jimin couldn't help but swoon.
He felt conscious. Why does Yoongi have to be that close when he can just tell him outright that they will have to eat breakfast? "But I was asleep the whole time. You're more tired than I am. Is your arm okay?" Jimin worriedly asked. He slept clinging onto him the whole trip.
"No worries, okay?" "Sorry for being so clingy." Jimin apologizes. Jimin tends to apologize for things he shouldn't. Yoongi gently sighed. He still never learns.
"I told you it was okay. You can massage it for me later, I guess?" Finally, Jimin flashed a sweet smile and nodded softly. "Okay, Bubba."
It's not that Jimin is complaining, but why does Yoongi act like a real boyfriend since last night? Are the hands on his waist essential? Are those whispered conversations a thing now?
Yeah, they kissed already. They even made out. But, these gestures they are having now scream a lot of emotions. Are they getting there? Are the things bothering Jimin would be clear now? He's hoping this break would finally clear things between them as well.
Jimin wants to confess. Jimin wants to go back to Seoul with Yoongi as his boyfriend. "Hey... you're zoning out. Let's go?" Yoongi mutters. He nodded, and the latter held his hand and pulled him to the dining area.
Freshly cooked breakfast welcomed them, and Jimin couldn't hide his excitement about the food. He really loves to eat! "Wow! I love these!" Jimin squeals, and all of them laugh.
"Eat whatever you want, and as many as you want. Feel at home, okay?" Mrs. Min encouraged, and Jimin dug in right away. "I will Mrs. Min. Yoongi-hyung won't allow me to skip breakfast too!"
"Right." Yoongi agreed and gently tapped the idol's head. Jimin scrunched his nose towards Yoongi and proceeded to eat. It caught Yoori's attention, and she just watched them interact. Yoongi stood up and went to the kitchen counter, took two cups, and started making a drink.
Soon after, he returned with two hot drinks, one for him and one for the idol. "Here's your hot choco," Yoongi said while placing it in front of Jimin, who was busy munching on his food while having a fun conversation with his mom.
When Jimin noticed, he looked at Yoongi and immediately thanked him. "My favorite! Thanks, Bub-!" He stopped at the realization, eyes quickly scanned Yoongi's mom and sister, and continued, "... Hyung. T-thanks, Hyung!"
Yoongi settled on his seat, and when he and Yoori made eye contact, his sister made a teasing look. It's as if the dining table was divided into two, and both have different worlds.
"Yoonie, what's your relationship with him?" Yoori whispered, pouting in the direction of Jimin. "None of your business."
"You didn't tell us he's the one you've been working for." She added. "Because I know you'll bug me for autographs and free tickets. I don't do that." Yoori rolled her eyes. She is a big fan, and she couldn't believe she couldn't get help from his brother.
"Why did you bring him home, though? Are you boyfriends?" Yoori asked again. "Can't I bring home a friend?" Yoori raised an eyebrow. Bickering is a usual thing between them, but she has to know his brother's secrets this time.
"A friend? Aren't you just his personal bodyguard slash driver?" "I am." The two of them look funny. As if two old persons gossiping early in the morning.
"It should be just a working relationship, Yoonie. So why is this now?" Yoori tries her best to squeeze in more information about his brother's love life, but he's just too aloof.
"I am with him every day. I spend most of my time with him, and I've been working with him for quite some time. Can't we become friends? I don't see why you are expecting other reasons from me." Still, Yoori isn't convinced. "A friend, huh? Fine, Bubba." Yoori teased.
Yoongi glared at her. He knows her sister is quick-witted on things like this. But that's the truth. He and Jimin are just friends …who kiss.
"Don't worry, Yoonie. You look nice together. So if you will allow me, can I know Jimin? Like the real one, not the idol." Yoori asked.
"As if I can do anything. But I'm warning you, don't do anything that will harm him. Never tell anyone he is with us, or else you're busted. He's here for a break. Allow the person to rest." "Yes, Sir!" Yoori even salutes. "But, can I ask you another thing?"
"You're pushy, and I know it's not going to be the last." Yoori beamed at the permission and leaned closer to Yoongi. "But why did you bring him home? I mean, fine, he is a friend. But he can have a vacation overseas, somewhere elegant, nice, and cozy.
But why here, of all the goddamn places?" Yoongi took a sip of his coffee. "If you're not my sister, I would have splashed this coffee on your face. You are annoying."
Yoori giggled. "I know, but you won't because you love me. Come on, Yoonie, answer me." He glared at her again and didn't bother answering.
"Do you want to introduce him to us? Or are you finally going to ask him to be your boyfriend?" Yoori stops, eyes wondering. "But something seems to be going on already. So, is this something like a sort of an unclear relationship?"
Yoongi didn't respond, and Yoori snapped her fingers. "I knew it, Yoonie. I knew it!!! That's complicated."
"Fvck you." "Well, fvck you too. You're not going to get away with me. I'm just going to wash the dishes. We are not yet done, old man!"
"You and your sister are fun to watch, hyung." Jimin mentioned as soon as Yoori excused herself from washing the dishes. "Nah, she just loves to bug and annoy me," Yoongi replied.
"But really, you two look cute! I wish I could experience that kind of bond as well. What are you guys talking about?" Yoongi smiled sweetly, put his hand above the idol's knee, and gently squeezed it. Jimin is an only child.
"She told me she was so surprised that I brought you home. You have posters on her walls. She's a big fan of yours. You can check it later." "Oh, really, Hyung? Why didn't you tell me? I should've brought something for her. An album or something." Jimin is blushing at the news.
"I told you there's no need. I know Yoori will be happy to see you personally. That's the best gift." "But Hyung, I still want to get her something," Jimin replied, acting cute. Who the hell could resist that?
"Fine, you can sign all her posters and albums." Jimin's eyes twinkled, a smile plastered on his face. "But later, after you get some rest." "Okay. W-where am I staying, though?" "In my room." Jimin's cheeks burn up. "Y-your room?"
Yoongi nodded casually. "A-are y-you sure about that?" "Our place isn't too big. I'm sorry about that. But if you want, I can ask Yoori to stay at mine so you can have her room. After all, it's just a few nights."
"No, hyung." Jimin protests and places a hand on Yoongi's arm. "I- I want to stay with you." "Okay. You can stay with me. I like it better."
The two went to the bodyguard's room, and Jimin started feeling soft and wild. His thoughts are drawn to what could happen on the nights he will spend with Yoongi.
Will it be soft and cuddly? Or will it be wild and sexy? Ahhh, his mind malfunctions every time he is with Yoongi. "Is it okay if we share a bed?"
"Uhh, y-yeah. Yeah, it's okay. I d-don't move too much when I sleep." Yoongi chuckled, and Jimin saw the smirk on his face. "I know."
Jimin couldn't imagine how red his cheeks could be. Yoongi had no idea he could flip Jimin's mind with just two freaking words. "I have my own bathroom. It isn't that big, though. You can take a shower and rest. I'll use the one outside."
"Okay, will you take a rest too?" "Yeah. I'll be back, don't worry."
Now they end up in bed together. Yoongi is fast asleep when his back hits the mattress, and his hair is still wet from showering. He was so exhausted from the drive home.
Jimin lays on his back while Yoongi's arm draped above his middle, head resting on the idol's shoulder. He gently massaged the elder's arm as promised.
But Jimin couldn't sleep. So he moved sideways to face Yoongi and stared at him peacefully asleep. He removes the strands of hair falling onto Yoongi's face and gently brushes his hair using his hand.
"Bubba, you're so cute." He whispers. Yoongi scrunched his nose and, with a husky voice, asked Jimin. "Why aren't you sleeping?" God, it sounds so hot.
"I can't sleep. But, go on, sleep some more. I'm just here." Jimin replied, placing a sweet kiss on top of Yoongi's nose. "Hmm." "Do you want me to sing for you?" Jimin suggests. "Hmm." Yoongi just murmured and tightened his embrace, making the younger giggle. "Okay."
Jimin started humming, and Yoongi buried his face in his neck, sniffing his natural scent. Jimin continued to brush Yoongi's hair, eyes glued to the ceiling, savoring the silence with Yoongi in his arms. Jimin isn't a complicated person.
The little things always made the best impact on his heart. A peaceful morning with someone that matters to you, even without anything to do, and just the presence alone is enough. Was it tough to get that?
Jimin is hopeful that everything will fall into place before they get back.
Yoongi woke up to see Jimin fast asleep beside him. He smiled as soon as he saw the idol's pouty lips. He leaned in to kiss it. And another, and another.
Jimin just squirmed and groaned, feeling disturbed. So Yoongi showered him with more pecks on the lips. When Jimin realizes what's happening, he slowly opens his eyes, and the first thing he sees is Yoongi's pretty face.
"Hey..." "Bubba." "Wake up, little chick. It's afternoon already. We still have lots to do." Yoongi said with a dash of tenderness in his voice. "What?"
Yoongi gently rubbed the idol's cheeks using his knuckles and said, "Well, tomorrow is my niece's birthday, and we usually prepare stuff before the big day. You have to experience that. It's fun!"
Jimin smiled at the thought and placed his arms around the elder's neck. "Really? I'd love that." "Yeah." Yoongi gave him another kiss on the lips. He giggled at the elder's kisses. Oh, good heavens, this is the life Jimin wants.
"I will introduce you to my niece. You will love her." "I'm excited to meet her too. I will fix myself, and we can go and help outside."
"Yeah, but... can I have five more minutes with you?" Yoongi asked. Jimin bit his lips, cheeks painted red, and his heart beating so loud. "Y-yeah... Absolutely."
Yoongi dived in to kiss the younger, not wasting any more time. They gave each other lazy kisses but deep and wet, as if they hadn't seen each other for weeks.
Jimin moaned when he felt Yoongi's hand go inside his shirt, gently touching his bare skin and tracing his soft spots with the tip of his fingers. The kisses went down Jimin's neck, licking it down to his collarbones. "You smell so good. I can't get enough of you."
Jimin has gone haywire with the touch Yoongi has made, literally and figuratively. He allowed Yoongi to travel his body like they usually do. The elder hovers over him and swiftly removes his shirt, revealing his fit physique and causing Jimin to gasp underneath.
Jimin couldn't help but reach for his perfectly sculpted abs and caress them with utmost desire. Yoongi removes the younger's shirt before he leans down and kiss him again, giving Jimin all the pleasure he deserves. Both of them moaning each other's names, hand in hand.
They finally went out of Yoongi's room and sees his mom busy chopping ingredients for the food they were going to serve tomorrow. Meanwhile, Yoori is busy with the decorations she plans to put up tonight.
"Hi!" Jimin greets. "Hey guys! You're finally awake. Did you have a good rest?" Yoori asked. "Yeah we did. Thank you." Jimin noticed the teasing looks Yoori gave his brother. "By the way, Jiminie, I'd like you to meet my daughter."
Jimin perked up into a smile and faced Yoongi out of excitement. "I'm going to meet her now?" He looked so cute, and Yoongi nodded. "She was probably asleep when we arrived."
"Yoona!" Yoori called. "Come on. Someone is waiting for you!" "Okidowki!"
Jimin squealed just at the sound of the cute voice of the toddler. She went inside from playing, wearing a pretty powder blue dress, and was surprised to see her hugging a Chimmy plushie. "Oh my gosh! She is so cute!"
"Ay! I'm Yoona. Am twee years old." The toddler said, and as soon as her gaze went up to see Yoongi, she jumped and ran to him, shouting, "Yoonie!!!!" Jimin melts at sight. The kid seems to love Yoongi so much, and the look on Yoongi's face is priceless.
"Why is she calling him Yoonie?" Jimin asked Yoori while watching them have their moment. "She can't pronounce uncle yet. And that's just how she pronounces oppa's name." "That's so cute!"
Yoongi went near them, carrying Yoona in his arms. "He is here, Yoona! The real-life Chimmy! Look, it's uncle Jiminie!" Yoona glances at Jimin, beaming as she says, "Jwimimi."
"Oh my gosh, she's so cute! Can you repeat it?" Jimin squeals, his heart will explode anytime. "Jwi-mi-mi."
"Can I hug you? Oh my gosh." Yoona reaches his hand out to Jimin and catches her, hugging her like a pillow. "Oh god, you are so cute and pretty." Yoona giggles and touches his nose. "Jwimimi."
He was too occupied with the kid and didn't notice Yoongi was already behind him. "You're both cute and pretty, and I want hugs from Jwimimi too."
Jimin malfunctioned. Send help.
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Jimin woke up, eyes squinting from the sunlight that passed through Yoongi's bedroom window. His pillows are scattered around him. He reached for his side of the bed only to find himself alone, the space of the bed Yoongi left still crumpled.
His lips curved into a smile, knowing full well that Yoongi had placed all those pillows on him before he left that room with a gentle kiss on his forehead. Jimin knows. Because there were times, he pretended to be asleep.
He stretched his body, remembering how cuddly they had been the night before. No steamy make-out session, but it was all rainbows and butterflies.
It wasn't the first time Yoongi tucked him in in bed, but that night, it was different. The way he gently tapped his back to make him fall asleep while Jimin snuggled cozily on the bodyguard's chest.
"Yoona likes you," Yoongi whispered, smoothly brushing his lips on Jimin's temple. It made the younger dizzy, but a perfect way to make him fall asleep easier. "You didn't tell me he likes Chimmy." He replied, eyes closed.
"I bought that plushie for her." Jimin looked up at him, faces inches away from each other. "Why?" Before responding, Yoongi gave him a soft kiss. "The creator of the bald dog in the yellow suit is so adorable and loved by kids... So yeah."
"Bubba, why do you keep on making my heart flutter?" The bodyguard chuckled and moved his head back to his chest. "Sleep. You need a lot of energy to play with Yoona tomorrow." Jimin just complied and closed his eyes again, feeling satisfied with it. His heart is at ease.
Their domesticity is so natural that Jimin wouldn't have it any other way. He loves it. He loves how Yoongi attends to him, not just because he is his bodyguard but as someone... special.
Brushing teeth right next to each other, snuggling in bed, the sleepy cuddles, the good night kisses, the tight hugs, to name a few.
The lovely conversations with Yoongi's mom, laughing at Yoori and Yoongi's endless bickering, and playing with Yoona make Jimin feel at home, as if he's been there for a long time. The things that motivate Jimin to confess even more.
He looked up at Yoongi's mini clock on his bedside table to see that it was just seven in the morning. It's still too early, but he can hear noises outside - the sound of cooking, chopping, chatters, and stuff. He got up from the bed and washed up a bit before heading outside.
"Good morning, Jiminie! How's your sleep?" Yoongi's mom asked while busy preparing skewers at the dining table. "Please have a seat. Yoongi prepared your breakfast."
"Hi, Mrs. Min. It was so good, but to be honest, I got exhausted playing with Yoona. That kid has a lot of energy." Jimin responds as he sits beside Yoongi's mom. "Where is Yoongi, though?" "He went to the market early to buy fresh meats and veggies."
"That guy... He should have just woken me up so I could go with him." Jimin mumbled, his beak popping out. Mrs. Min chuckled, endeared with the fact that Yoongi brought home someone with him. A very unusual thing. "He didn't want to wake you up, sweetie. Have your breakfast."
Jimin blushed at how he was called by Yoongi's mom. He misses his mom because that's what she calls him. Going home with Yoongi feels like home, still so far his best decision.
He removed the food cover to see what Yoongi had prepared for him. A cup of chocolate powder. On his plate are two sunny-side-up eggs and a strip of bacon. "Yoori!" Mrs. Min called. "Can you put hot water in Jimin's cup? He'll be having his breakfast now."
"Oh no, no. Mrs. Min, I- I can do it. I- You don't need to-" "Yoongi told me to look after you." "But-" "Sweetie, it's just hot water. Just enjoy your meal."
Yoori came in with a pot of hot water and poured it onto Jimin's cup. He wanted to refuse but wasn't able to do anything.
"T-thank you, Yoori. You don't have to do this, really. Uhhh. Yoongi should have just woken me up instead of being treated like an important person here." He shyly uttered, scratching the back of his head. Yoori laughed. "But... aren't you important to Yoongi?" "What?"
"Oh, wait. The marshmallows. Yoongi will kill me if I forget the marshmallows on your chocolate drink." Yoori escaped quickly so as not to repeat what she had just said. She returned holding a small jar of mini marshmallows.
"Here it is!" She happily said while sprinkling it onto Jimin's cup. "Oppa said that's how it should be. So yeah, enjoy your breakfast made with love!" Jimin couldn't say a word and watched Yoori follow Yoongi's orders.
"I didn't know how Yoongi managed to buy heart-shaped mallows." She mumbled, and now Jimin couldn't unsee! "It's weird, but whatever."
"Yoori, it's so early. Stop teasing Jimin." Mrs. Min called out and then turned his gaze to Jimin, who was blushing hard now. "I'm sorry for my daughter."
Oh no, Mrs. Min, he likes being teased with Yoongi. He wants more, actually. The more they are paired with each other, the more he wants to make things clear and official between them. The teasing makes him fall for the bodyguard even more.
He started eating with a huge grin, and Yoori continued with the preparations. "What time is the party later?" Jimin asked, feeling recharged. "I want to help too."
"The party will be at 3 in the afternoon, Oppa," Yoori replied. "Her friends in the nursery will come over. And our few friends." "Okay, that would be great. Let me know what I can do, okay? I will start as soon as I finish this."
Yoori gently shook her head. "Can you let me know who I should obey? You or Yoongi?" "Why?"
"Well, let me tell you this." Yoori transferred in front of Jimin to continue the fun chat. She took advantage of the time Yoongi was away to squeeze some information between the two.
"We usually wake up early. I understand you are an idol, and your body clock is probably fvcked up." She explains. "So, going back to what I was saying, Yoongi-Oppa gave me a lecture about my do's and don'ts about you."
Jimin continued eating, eyes squinting in concentration, and just hummed to let Yoori continue immediately. He feels shy about this topic, but he would love to hear what Yoongi thinks about him.
Yoori mimics Yoongi's voice. "Yoori, listen to me, and I don't want you to fail on this for the love of God" She started. "Number 1, never wake him up regardless of the time. Jimin is an idol; this is the only time he can have a decent rest. Give it to him."
Jimin bit his lips. The strictness in Yoongi sends a tingling feeling in his chest. Ohhh, Yoongi, the things he does. Yoori stopped and pointed out, "It's checked on the list. You woke up by yourself, Oppa." Jimin gently nodded in approval, smirking like a fool.
Going back to impersonating his own brother, Yoori continued. "Let's go to Number 2, breakfast. I only have one favor to ask. Do not forget the marshmallow on his hot chocolate."
Jimin giggled, endeared on how Yoongi never forgets about those bits of information about him. Now he doesn't want Yoongi to arrive just so he can listen to the list Yoori was talking about. How could he not fall for that? It's always the little things.
"Number 3, don't let him go outside. Keep our neighbors from knowing he's here. We want them to stay out of here looking for Jimin. I don't want Jimin to get harmed, especially when I'm not around. Understand?" AHHHH YOONGI'S WORDS. AAADDDFFGGGHHLLLL!!!
"Number 4, that munchkin is stubborn. I'm sure he'll insist on helping out, but you better ensure not to tire him out. He is our guest. He should just enjoy his stay. Okay?" Jimin giggled. "He called me munchkin?" "You liked it, didn't you?" Jimin nodded cheekily.
AHHHH, BUBBA AND MUNCHKIN??? WTF JIMIN IS MELTING. He couldn't imagine those words coming from Yoongi's mouth. He'd definitely swoon on that. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THE MORNING!!
"I mean, you like Yoongi, right?" Yoori shoots her follow-up question making Jimin choke. He immediately grabbed the glass of water in front of him and finished it in one go. Obviously, Yoori knows even without saying anything. But she wants to get an answer from him.
"Yoori." Mrs. Min called. "You're just about to say Yoongi's Rule Number 5, and you have to succeed in accomplishing it. Your brother will really kill you if he finds out about this." Jimin looked at Mrs. Min, amused. "Y-you knew about his rules too?"
"Are you okay, sweetie?" Mrs. Min worriedly asked, gently rubbing Jimin's back. "Yeah, I know that too." They have yet to learn how Jimin loves this interaction - getting along well with his boyfriend's family.
Boyfriend? Uhhh, sounds really nice... and perfect. How Jimin wishes he could say it anytime soon.
"Y-yes. But did Yoongi really have to lay out those rules to you? This is so embarrassing. I feel like being treated like a VIP or something. In fact, I really want to try something new, something normal, and not always be treated like a celebrity."
"He's the man of the house, and I'm just his freaking little sister, so I am obliged." Yoori reasoned. "What is Rule Number 5, though?"
"Never make Jimin uncomfortable by bombarding him with personal questions. Stop being nosy." Yoori mumbled. "And I'm sorry I really couldn't help it." Jimin understands Yoori's curiosity. Who in their right mind wouldn't ask about their connection if they were mere colleagues?
Colleagues who sleep together, colleagues who are so affectionate towards each other. Only a fool will believe nothing is going on.
But how would Jimin describe that? If only Yoongi's family knew they reached farther than that, they would undoubtedly lose their minds. Would they believe him if he told them they were just friends? What are they?
The question Jimin is dying to find out as well. He wanted to answer Yoori's question, but how? He might answer it wrong if Yoongi is feeling different.
He was taken out of his trance when Yoori went near him and held his shoulder. "Oppa, I think I made you uneasy. I'm very sorry for being nosy. Please don't tell Yoongi. He will really get mad at me."
Jimin smiled and squeezed the younger's hand on his shoulder. "Please don't worry about it, Yoori. I totally understand. In fact, I want to ask you some-" "I'm back." They all gaze at the front door to see Yoongi holding many plastic bags, all sweaty and panting.
Jimin stood up immediately and went straight to Yoongi, only to unconsciously blurt out, "Oh my gosh, Bubba! You look so tired!" causing all of them to stop in their tracks.
Jimin winced at his own carelessness. He badly wants to slap his mouth for being so at home that he forgets it's their little secret. "Oh." Yoori reacted.
He looked back to see Yoori wasn't sure whether she should cover her mouth to hide her confirmatory teasing smiles or look for a lizard to fall down from the ceiling for clapping at Jimin's reckless revelation.
He glanced back to Yoongi. Yoongi was giving him and Yoori exchanging looks, examining what they had discussed when he was gone. "I- 'm sorry." That's all Jimin could say, eyes dropped to the floor. "I'm just... worried. I didn't mean to-"
"It's okay if you want to call me that. It's my family who heard it. I just don't want them to burden you with questions." Jimin froze on the spot.
THIS IS FREAKING PROGRESS. DO NOT FREAK OUT, JIMIN. Did he really just allow him to call him that silly nickname around his family? OHMYGOSH. BUBBA ERA IT IS!!
Yoongi puts down the plastic bags and retrieves something in one of them. As soon as he pulled it out, he handed it to the younger. "Here." "Bubble blowers?" Jimin curiously asked. "What am I going to do with these?"
"I bought it because I randomly thought of you when I saw it." "Bubbles?" With a serious face, Yoongi nodded. "Because you're bubbly. Bubbly, Bubba."
"H-hyung... Y-you're the one who makes me uncomfortable. S-stop that. Y-you're making me blush." He almost whispered. Yoongi chuckled, picking up the plastic bags again. "Cute. Did you enjoy your breakfast?" "I- I did. T-thank you." "Good to hear that, Bubba."
Jimin couldn't contain this. He could only bite his lips to prevent the screams he wanted to let out. He recalled if he had done something extra special the night before to make Yoongi act like this.
Jimin wants to melt right on. He wants to hug Yoongi and shower him with soft and wild kisses.
Yoongi decided to go for a quick shower after sorting out the stuff he had bought, and Jimin followed. He hadn't talked to him properly since he woke up. While waiting for Yoongi to finish, Jimin asked, "Can I help?"
"How many times do I have to say no, Jimin?" Yoongi casually replied with a straight face. "But-" Jimin wasn't able to finish when they heard a light knock on the door. "Who is it?" Yoongi shouted enough for the person outside to hear.
"Jwimimiiii! Good mwoning!" Jimin swooned the moment he heard Yoona's cute little voice. The pleading look he shows Yoongi is replaced with tenderness.
They played the whole afternoon the day before, and his attention was shifted to the kid. He stood up to go out, but Yoongi stopped him. "Hmm?" "You are forgetting something," Yoongi said. "What is it?"
It seemed like Jimin couldn't think what it could be, and Yoongi shook his head. "Tsk."
Yoongi grabbed him by the waist, one hand placed on his nape as he pulled him straight to a kiss. Eyes wide in shock, Jimin thought it was just a resounding quick smack but was more surprised when the elder started to move his lips.
Jimin eventually relaxes, slowly closes his eyes, and palms Yoongi's arms until it's wholly wrapped around his neck. "Jwimimiiii! Are you there? Is Yoonie there?"
Their brewing moment was put on hold upon hearing the little girl. Jimin pulled back a bit, still too close to feel each other breath, and didn't break the eye contact. "That kid stole you from me. You owe me a kiss."
"Ohmygosh, Hyung! Are you jealous?" Jimin whispers, giving Yoongi a peck afterward. "Of course not. But, I must admit I want your attention to me." Yoongi gently brushes his nose against Jimin's... "All to me."
"I didn't know you're clingy, Hyung." Jimin teased, but deep inside wanted to go and make love with his bodyguard. He couldn't take this anymore. "I just want a moment before I lose you to a kid." "Oh gosh, Hyung! You are such a baby!"
"I love watching you and Yoona. You look happy. I just discovered you are good with kids. Your future husband would be so damn lucky." Are you referring to yourself, Yoongi? Jimin thought.
"Jwimimiiiii. Yuhooo?!" They both giggled. Yoona must really love Jimin. Yoongi gave Jimin another kiss before letting him go. "Go, play with her." "Okay, Bubba."
"Jwimimi!" Yoona jumped with joy the moment Jimin opened the door. She just woke up and still has messy hair while hugging her Chimmy plushie. "Hi, Yoona! Happy birthday!" Jimin greets, arms wide open, to give the toddler a big bear hug.
Yoona giggled and drowned herself in the idol's embrace. "Can we play?" "Of course! But you have to eat breakfast first, okay?" The toddler nodded. Her little hands didn't leave Jimin's, ready to pull him with her.
Little did Jimin know, Yoongi watched them admiringly, wishing this vacation would not end.
After breakfast, Yoona dragged Jimin into her bedroom to show him the dress she would wear for his birthday party. "Do you want me to make you prettier today?" Jimin suggests. As a celebrity, he knows it very well.
"You will?" The toddler's eyes shine upon hearing it. He learns from Yoori that Yoona loves dressing up. And so he did. "Oh my gosh, Yoona! You look so pretty!!"
Yoona giggled, twirling like a ballerina. She is wearing a cute powder pink dress. Jimin curled her hair a bit and put a little shiny pin on the side of her hair. "Do you like it?" Jimin giggled. His heart couldn't contain it and teared up a bit when Yoona hugged her and said..
"I love you, Jwimimi." "Oh gosh. You are so sweet! I love you too!"
They stayed there hugging each other, him tearing up while the toddler was giggling. She is too young to understand how her affection moved Jimin in a way no one else could. Yoongi's family made him feel loved. Something that makes him love Yoongi even more.
"I have a gift for you, Yoona." The little girl beamed upon hearing it. They went to Yoongi's room, and Jimin got something from his luggage. He brought it just in case, but now he is sure Yoona will like it.
"Happy birthday, sweetie!" Jimin greets again as he hands Yoona a big Jimin doll.
"Oh, it's Jwimi! I got a Jwimi! " Yoona hugs it so tight. It's almost half as big as she is. She ran out to let everyone know she got a gift from her favorite person. "Mommy! Mommy! Jwimimi!" She caught the sibling's attention. "I got a gift from Jwimimi!"
"Baby, you look so beautiful! Oh my!" Yoori fished out her phone to get pictures of her daughter. "It's Jwimimi!" "Did Jwimimi make you pretty?" "Uh-huh! And look, I have Jwimimi!"
Yoori laughed at seeing the plushie. Jimin followed them outside, and as soon as he met Yoongi's eyes, the elder mouthed the words, "Thank you, Bubba."
Now they are all set and just waiting for visitors to come; Jimin chills on the terrace. "Jimin-Oppa, I hope you don't mind if I ask." He was startled for a bit but calmed down immediately. He didn't notice Yoori was there already.
"Go on, don't be shy. What is it?" "Hmm, your lips are beautiful. Do you put something on it to make it plump and hydrated?"
Jimin's cheeks blushed at the unexpected question, and he couldn't help but glance at Yoongi, who was busy grilling. Yoongi heard it, evident by the way he smirked.
If Jimin could say it's because of his brother's lips, she'd probably go crazy.
"Uh, I just... drink plenty of water and... sleep early. I- I do skincare too." Jimin saw Yoongi's mocking expression in his peripherals when he said 'sleep early' because they both knew it never happen - due to his work and, of course, due to his bodyguard.
"Oh! Your boyfriend would be so lucky he could kiss a lip like yours." Jimin releases an awkward laugh. It was indeed awkward knowing that his brother was the one who got to kiss him. But having a boyfriend? He wasn't so sure about that.
"Uhm, I... I don't have a boyfriend." "You can be Yoongi's boyfriend!" She exclaimed loud enough for Yoongi to hear.
After that, she leaned closer to Jimin and whispered, "Well, I thought he really was your boyfriend, and I couldn't help but be nosy. But FYI, he doesn't bring anyone home. Well, not until you. So I thought..." "Yoori, stop harassing Jimin," Yoongi calls out.
"I'm not! You are a good pair. That's what I want to say." Yoori rebutted. "Stop meddling in Jimin's personal life. That's what I want to say, too, and stop being too nosy."
"Okay, says the man who sleeps beside the idol he works for." Yoori sassily replied. It made Yoongi speechless. "C'mon, guys! I was not born yesterday. Tell me what's going on." Yoori pleaded. Jimin's eyes are on the floor, the emotions are getting high, and he can't react.
"YOONIE!" The interrogation halted when somebody called the bodyguard, making them all stop and follow the voice. Yoongi's expression changed from annoyance to a wide grin. Happiness and excitement were so evident upon seeing that person.
The guy grinned adorably. He looked like a bunny when he scrunched his nose, but he is undeniably charming. He ran to Yoongi and hugged him so tight they swayed a bit.
"Who is he?" Jimin curiously asked. "Ahh, that's Jungkook. Yoongi's first love."
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"Happy birthday, Yoona!!!" The little girl closed her eyes and pressed her lips on her clasped hands, silently wishing for a prayer that seemed to be on her mind for a long time, waiting for this day to be said.
She took a thick hard breath and blew out her number four candle, tucked beautifully on her round pink cake.
Everyone around her clapped their hands, and she giggled out of extreme happiness. The kids, who were Yoona's playmates, and nursery classmates, swarmed around her, hugging her and giving her their gifts.
"Everyone can have their meals now!" Yoori happily screamed, getting the kids' attention to have them seated on the kiddie tables. They all followed, attracted to the cute unicorn designs of the food box containers and juices.
To help her sister manage the very active kids, Yoongi handed out loot bags with assorted candies and chocolates as giveaways, which Yoori and Jimin packed together.
Not to mention how Yoongi laughed at them as he watched them pack and Jimin try out all the candies and chocolates, saying it was a quality control check - a dumb reason to indulge his sweet tooth. "Stop that, Jimin! You are stealing the kids' treats!" Yoongi calls him out.
"I just want to try it, Hyungie." He sweetly shouts before turning to face him. He and Yoori were sitting on the floor with scattered candies and chocolates.
Yoongi stops whatever he is doing and stares at Jimin. The way he called him felt oddly good - it was affectionate, and he'd be willing to give anything to be called that once again.
"I saw you eating a bunch already." But to be honest, how could Yoongi resist that adorable baby? His baby.
"I'm just trying one of each kind." Jimin reasons out. "But, Yoori bought, like, fifty kinds! Are you going to try all of them?"
Jimin nods in a pout, opens another one, and plops it inside his mouth. "It's yummy, Hyung! Try it! I will buy lots of this before we go back to Seoul." "No chance you are going to do that!" Yoongi chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief.
Jimin scrunches his nose and sticks his tongue out before shifting his attention back to packing. Yoongi sighed in defeat. He wouldn't win on Jimin's stubbornness, and in no way could he resist him.
"Only those who finished their meals will get a loot bag." Yoongi bribed the children. "And, of course, an ice cream." He teased.
The children's eyes grew wide at the sight of ice cream in a cup Yoongi held. It was so enticing that the kids raced to finish a serving of spaghetti, not minding whether their mouths were filled with spaghetti sauce.
Jimin was so delighted to watch the kids, especially Yoona. He remembers the kids' party he had when he was young that was fresh on his memory. Jimin missed being a kid. Food, games, gifts, and no idea of what the world truly is. It was something exactly like this.
Being there at that moment, he felt like he drew back to a time when things were not complicated, just like a kid who was so carefree and happy.
His eyes averted to Yoongi, who was so busy entertaining the kids. He sees him prevent his mom from doing the task so as not to get tired. He even helps Yoori refill the plates with food. His eyes glimmer at the sight of Yoongi throwing Yoona up in the air and catching her.
Jimin wants to run over and nags at him because it's dangerous. He wants to come and give quick pecks on Yoona and Yoongi's cheeks, and they will take many photos together. It would also be nice if they had a cute white cat too.
Jimin admires the thought and the man in it. It would be nice living his life with Yoongi, just like how he pictures it right now. There's a pounding in his chest, and the eagerness to confess to Yoongi runs in his blood.
Yoongi is so different when he is at work. He is stern and firm, intimidating by looks, rarely talks, and is always on high alert. But this time, Yoongi was soft and relaxed, something far from what he had seen for almost a year with him.
Jimin realizes there's still more about Yoongi that he doesn't know yet, and being here is something he isn't remorseful about anymore. It's the second day of his stay at Yoongi's home, and everything is going well.
If the universe gives him a chance, there will be more to life with Yoongi. Life with calmness and simplicity, surrounded by loving people.
"Yoonie! The food I ordered just got delivered! We can eat some while the kids are busy with your treats!" Jimin's daydreaming was interrupted when Jungkook, who, according to Yoori, was Yoongi's first love, came into the picture.
Questions bombarded his thoughts. Of all the details Yoori has to share about that bunny guy, she shares something Jimin has to overthink. Yoongi's first love? How come? That guy seems to be so young, even younger than him!
How long do they know each other? How come they did not end up together? Does Yoongi still have feelings for him? But what about him? How come Yoongi didn't tell him about his friend? What about the things they do now? Was it all nothing?
Today is Yoona's day. Jimin wants to ask Yoongi as soon as he hears it from Yoori, but it is all halted when Yoona's party starts. And he doesn't want to cause a scene. The celebration is the sole reason why Yoongi wanted to be home in the first place.
So he stayed in one corner, watching how the party went. His mind wanders, but it bothers him again when Jungkook's presence lingers.
"Just in time! What do you have there?" Yoongi asked as he helped Jungkook carry the boxes, which were pizzas. Obviously. There were a few plastic bags too. "The usual! Our favorite!" Jungkook squealed in delight.
/Our favorite/ That line hits Jimin's ear like thunder. He swears not to roll his eyes no matter what. Endure it. Endure it. Jimin repeatedly recites.
They proceeded to an empty table and took out everything. Jimin can see it from where he is standing, subtly giving glances for them not to notice that he has his eyes glued on them, watching every move.
Jimin saw a variety of pizza flavors and two pans of Perilla Leaf Pasta. Yoongi's eyes glimmer at the sight of the pasta, and Jungkook giggled immediately. 'Is the pasta funny?'
"How could I forget if that's your favorite?" Jungkook proudly said. Jimin's left eyebrow went up. 'Favorite, huh? Okay! Mission: Take down all perilla trees'
"Thanks! Good thing you bought many. If this were just a single serving, I wouldn't share." Yoongi answered back, making Jimin furrow in disbelief. 'Share your face. Eat all of it. Nobody cares about that goddamn pasta.'
He watched Yoongi as he made Jungkook a serving into a plate. Yoongi was about to give it to him but pulled it back and said, "Oh wait, you don't like lots of perilla leaf in yours. Let me take some out."
That's when Jimin rolled his eyes 360 degrees; he almost got dizzy. His cheeks are burning red, and he resists any signs of annoyance from his expression. Really? Is that bunny guy a kid or something?
Does he have to do that? That's how Yoongi knows Jungkook well to know that he hates lots of perilla leaf in his pasta? The thought is unnerving. Jimin's mind shifts into becoming a competitive one. He started counting things he knew about Yoongi.
Yoongi likes iced americano with a cube of sugar. Yoongi likes barbecue-flavored fries. Yoongi enjoys giving back hugs and neck kisses. Yoongi likes oral--
Jimin shakes his head. Why does his mind lead him to nasty thoughts? Now isn't the right time for that! On the contrary, Jimin realizes one thing - he doesn't know much about Yoongi.
"Well, I know him physically. Like, I even know where his moles are. Does that mean I won?" He dumbly asked himself. "Oh gosh, I'm thirsting, and this isn't good. Jimin, focus! Your man is about to be devoured by a bunny, and you won't let that happen!"
He knows how sweet and caring he is. Yoongi knows how to take care of him - as a bodyguard and friend - or more than that behind closed doors.
Yoongi knows so much about him, yet he doesn't know much about his bodyguard. Their relationship revolves around being colleagues and someone who flirts after work.
Is that all? Even after all the things Yoongi made him feel? Was there a connection more than just kissing and making out? Something that makes their heart feel at ease because they are together. Something that has clarity, something like love. Something he can call his own.
Uncertainty stirs in Jimin's chest. He badly wants to know Yoongi's past, or more accurately, the actual score between Yoongi and Jungkook.
"You didn't change, Yoonie! I'm not a kid anymore! I can do it by myself, but still, thanks!" Jungkook giggles, scrunching his nose while overseeing Yoongi removing the perilla leaves on his plate. 'If that bunny scrunches his nose again, I will pull his nose out of that face.'
"But you will always be a baby to me." Yoongi replied. 'Scratch that. One will sleep on the couch tonight.'
Those words echoed in Jimin's ears and carved into his mind. There's a sting in his chest that is suddenly too much to bear. But his irritation towards his bodyguard is much more evident now. Never in his wildest imagination would two persons flirt because of a goddamn leaf!
Jimin stood there feeling all alone. He crossed his arms above his chest and leaned on the wooden door. "Jiminie, have some bowl of fruits. It's refreshing to eat some. It's a bit hot right now." Mrs. Min offered.
He was startled and stood straight, replacing his expression with a sweet one. "T-thank you." He looked at the bowl as soon as he took it. It has mangoes. Jimin isn't a fan of that fruit. But he is too shy to tell Yoongi's mom about it.
Now isn't the right time to be picky because Yoongi's mom prepared it for him. How he wishes Yoongi was there to pick out the sliced mangoes for him. But nah, he's busy taking the perilla leaves from someone's plate. After all, it's just a fruit. He won't die with it.
"Mom, did you put mangoes in Jimin's bowl?" Jimin was surprised to see Yoongi beside them now, looking at the bowl he was holding. His cheeks flushed red with Yoongi's unexpected presence. He doesn't want to talk to him now and is afraid Yoongi might notice his behavior.
"Yes, why? What's wrong?" Yoongi gently grabs the bowl from him and eats the mangoes one by one. "Jimin doesn't like mangoes." He mumbled with his mouth full.
Mrs. Min seemed surprised, and Jimin had to elbow Yoongi's side. He was so embarrassed. "H-hyung, it's okay. I can still eat it." He said, avoiding eye contact with Mrs. Min.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know." Mrs. Min worriedly looks at Jimin. "Don't be shy, okay? Tell me anything. It's okay." Jimin just flashed a straight smile. "I'm sorry."
"Don't let him eat shrimps too. He's allergic to it." This time, Jimin was flustered. Yoongi knows he hates mangoes and is allergic to shrimp. He knows him too well.
"Oh no, is that for real?" Mrs. Min confirmed worriedly, and Jimin shyly nodded. "I cooked a lot of butter shrimp because that's Yoongi's favorite." Buttered shrimp. Jimin mentally noted that. He will make sure to learn how to cook that.
"But Yoongi grilled some tuna earlier. Are those okay?" "Yes, Mrs. Min. Fish are okay. Don't worry too much about me. Thank you." Yoongi shifted to his mom, gulping the last spoon of mangoes. He said, "That's why I bought it, so Jimin can eat."
Jimin shakes his head. He shouldn't forget that he is irritated right now. But the knowledge Yoongi knew about him sent a tingling sensation to his spine. "Okay, I will get some so Jimin can eat. He hasn't eaten anything yet." Mrs. Min left them.
Jimin stood frozen, blushing. Yoongi gives him a surprised and worried look. "Why? The party started over an hour ago, and you haven't eaten anything? Is there a problem?"
His eyes were all over the area, thinking of an answer but failing to devise an alibi. Can he say that he wants to punch him in the face? Can he say that he is so bothered by Jungkook?
"Jimin?" "I- I'm waiting for you. I want to eat with you." He answered, failing to be stern. Yoongi needed more convincing. "And why are you here? Why don't you join the kids at the kiddie table? Aren't you waiting for them since yesterday? Yoona was looking for you."
"Hyung, I'm not a kid! Why would I sit there?" "Aren't you a baby?" Jimin rolls his eyes, feeling giddy more than annoyed. "Stop teasing me."
"Fine, fine. Mangoes cleared. Finish this bowl, okay?" Yoongi handed the bowl back to him. "I'll clean up a bit. Yoori prepared games for the kids. Then, we will eat together."
Jimin just nodded as if given orders he needed to comply. He stared at the bowl and the fork Yoongi used. So he will use the same Yoongi just put in his mouth? The domesticity in this is screaming. Why is it so surprising when they have already kissed torridly?
Jimin went back to his character and raised his brow. "But, you were eating already. You seemed to enjoy that perilla leaf pasta." "Ah that! Jungkook bought that. I saved a serving for you." "I don't eat anything with perilla leaf."
Yoongi furrowed. "Really? You love pasta, right? Haven't you told me you are searching for the best pasta in the world?" Today, Jimin hates that he is a talkative person. Yoongi remembered that!
"Nah, today I realized I'm not a fan of perilla leaf." "Because?" "Because... perilla leaves are annoying." Perilla leaves are annoying because of you. Jimin continued in his thoughts.
"Yoongi-oppa!" Yoori called. Jimin was saved by the bell from this nonsense and irritating conversation. Yoori needs help, meaning, Yoongi has to go.
"Are you going to be okay in here?" Yoongi worriedly asked. Jimin just looked up at him without saying anything. "Sorry, I can't stay beside you now. Can I make it up to you later?"
Jimin avoids eye contact and tightens his grip on the bowl. "I-it's okay. I'm enjoying just watching everyone from here." He said. Yoongi smiles and lightly pinches his cheeks. "That's good to know. Just call me if you need anything. Okay?" Jimin nodded. "Okay."
"I will introduce Jungkook to you later. You will love him." "Okay."
"It's time for adult games!" Yoori shouts. She was calling the names of the participants for the first game.
"Yoonie, you can't get away with this. You're in. Also, Kookie." She mentioned a few more names until she looked for one last. "Oh there he is! Jiminie-oppa!"
Jimin was stunned; all he could hear were the visitors' loud cheers. Most of them didn't know why he was there in the first place, but Yoori asked everyone to be casual and quiet about their special guest.
He went beside Yoongi and didn't know if that was the best thing he could do. The nearer he is to that bunny guy, the more he sees his features.
Jungkook looks like a baby. He looks so young and undeniably charming. His hair is fluffy, and his skin is smooth. His bunny smile fits him so well. It was like an asset, a feature that no one could resist.
Jimin felt a bit insecure. He hates that Yoongi's attention is divided. It sounds greedy, but it is what it is.
"Jiminie, it's the perfect time to introduce you to my friend, Jungkook." Yoongi started. "Correction, best-est friend," Jungkook added. "Hi." Jimin greets - the only thing he can say.
"Kookie, this is my friend, Jimin."
It hit Jimin right to his core. Yoongi introduced him as a friend. "Hi, Jimin! It was nice to meet you finally!" They shook hands, and Jimin wasn't able to speak after that.
A friend? Why is it so uncomfortable being called a friend? Why is it feel so wrong to be called a friend?
The first game is Trip to Jerusalem with a twist. Instead of plain chairs, there will be people seated there, and players must sit on their laps when the music stops.
Yoori decided who would be seated and who would dance around, and for the record, Yoongi was one of the guys seated. Jimin and Jungkook will play.
Jimin spots Yoongi, unleashing his aggressive side, ensuring he'd get to sit on Yoongi's lap until the very end.
The music starts, and they dance around. The music stop and Jimin rushed to sit on Yoongi. There were screams, and all Jimin could feel were the hands on his waist. "Good job, Jiminie." Yoongi praised.
There was a satisfaction inside his chest. His confidence rises with the first try. The music began to play again, but when it stopped, Jungkook was the one to sit on Yoongi's lap this time. He gritted his teeth at the sight, and seeing them giggling at each other was worse.
"You're butt hurts! And you're heavy!" Yoongi complained, and the younger put on his weight even more. Then they will laugh. So Jimin decided to sit on the vacant lap just beside them. He looked back a bit at Yoongi, and their eyes met.
However, Yoongi glances down at the hands resting on Jimin's sides, and the smile on his face slowly vanishes. Their eyes met again, and Jimin mirrored his actions only to realize his own hands resting on Jungkook's waist.
The idol just looked away as if nothing had happened. The music played again, and Jimin couldn't sit on Yoongi's lap again. Their glances became awkward & uncomfortable. Until it came to the point that Jimin & Jungkook were the last to play; Yoongi was the last remaining seat.
"The moment of truth!" Yoori shouts, and everyone follows. "The one who could sit on Yoonie's lap will be the winner!" Jimin is eager to win, and Jungkook's confidence irritates him even more.
The music played again, and both were attentive to each other and the music. It played a little longer, and the anticipation was unbearable. Meanwhile, Yoongi notices the tension between the two but thinks it's because of the game.
The music stopped, and Jimin jumped, straddling straight to Yoongi's lap, and hugged him around his neck. It shocked Yoongi, and the people's wild cheers also sounded curious about how awkward their position must have been.
"J-Jimin." Jimin isn't moving. As if he's waiting for Yoori to announce that he won. He will only get up if it is officially declared as if his life is dependent on that game.
"For the first game, Jimin is our winner!" Jimin heard Yoori scream with a clap. "Y-you won," Yoongi whispered. "Mine," Jimin whispered back. "W-what?" He could feel Yoongi's ear shivers.
"You jumped on me so hard; you almost broke the chair!" Yoongi adds, but his voice cracks a bit. Jimin chuckles without removing the distance. "Aren't you used to it? We almost broke my bed, remember?"
Even without looking, Jimin knew Yoongi must be flustered. He stood up feeling satisfied with his win. He saw Jungkook amused by the scene he had just made, and just by his expression, Jimin knew something was up.
"Our last game will be simple. A card relay, of course, with a twist!" Yoori began.
"All you have to do is to pass this piece of a playing card to the person next to you using your lips. If the card falls, the losing team will get a punishment. As easy as that." "Your stupid games, Yoori." Yoongi complaints.
"Since you say it's stupid, you will play." Yoori rebutted. Everyone laughed at their bickering. Yoori called a few more players, including Jimin and Jungkook. She grouped them into two teams and arranged them in a line.
However, the three belong to one team with two ladies lined up in the beginning, Jimin in the third, followed by Yoongi and Jungkook in the last.
The game started, and every player was careful to pass on the cards, ensuring they wouldn't fall.
The lady swiftly passed the card to Jimin. He carefully went near Yoongi to pass the card. His hands automatically held Yoongi's shoulder to set their position and balance.
Yoongi's hands snaked around Jimin's waist too much for the people to notice. The others even pointed out how Yoongi comfortably held him without any awkwardness.
Jimin tilted his head and leaned closer to put the card on Yoongi's lips, and when their faces were too close, they stared into each other's eyes with intensity the same as with their intimate moments together. No need for words, for their eyes speak for them.
They successfully made it, slowly loosening from each other's grip. Yoongi faces Jungkook, who positioned himself slightly lower to catch the card.
The people cheer for them as their team is winning. But unexpected things happen at the most unexpected time.
The card falls as Yoongi leans, pressing his lips deeply to Jungkook's.
Both were surprised, eyes wide in shock as they felt their lips touch each other. Everyone screamed except for one.
They stood immediately, avoiding eye contact as much as possible. "Yuck, Hyung," Jungkook mumbled.
Jimin saw how it all happened - on how their lips touched, their eyes opened, and how they stared at each other as they froze at the realization. It hurts, he finally admits.
Jimin has yet to think of this exact scene beforehand. And it hurts bad that both of them acted awkward after it. But how wouldn't you act awkward after accidentally kissing someone in a game?
Jimin thinks now is the best time to exit the scene. He suddenly feels invisible. It feels weird seeing Yoongi kiss someone else. He knows it was unintentional. But those lips are too precious for him - something he thought he owned.
"Jwimimi!" Jimin decides to rest in his room, but Yoona catches his attention. He looked back to see her with another little girl, both of them hand in hand.
"Hi, Yoona! Wow! You have a pretty friend here." He kneeled in front of them. The little girls giggled. "She is Nari." Nari cutely waved her hand to Jimin, and Jimin cooed. "My Jwimimi!" Yoona points at him while facing her friend.


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