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Jan 23, 2023
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/abo/ General Yoongi finally gets a break after 12 years of war & decides to indulge himself by visiting a brothel. He's offered the prettiest slut in town but nothing prepares him for coming face to face with his long lost childhood sweetheart from yrs ago. #yoonmin #yoonminau

-Alpha Yoongi x Omega Jimin -Childhood sweethearts -Prostitution -A lil angsty -Lots of smut This is a part of a series but can be read as a ym stand alone Interact, like, quote, comment, etc etc etc. Happy reading <3 #yoonmin #yoonminau #sujim
Yoongi was used to war. More familiar with bloodshed andtears and death than he was with smiles and happiness and life. Their kingdom had been at war since before Yoongi was born & it didn't seem to be ending any time soon. So like everyone else he knew, he had just accepted it.
As a young boy, he had only been a mere pawn among the intimidating armies that washed over their village. But thirty years later, as a capable general, he had an entire legion to call his own. There wasn’t much Yoongi had to his name apart from that though.
He was an invincible fighter on the battle ground but he was a fairly simple man outside of it. Joining the army as a teenager meant that he no longer had no time for hobbies or interests. It meant sacrificing much of his youth to the crown. He had grown, but only as a soldier.
While others preferred silk and fine jewellery, he preferred his armour. Yoongi was so much better with his swords than he was at keeping a conversation. His deep voice was more suited for commands than flattery. He had grown used to life as a soldier and now it was all he knew.
However, that did not mean that he was weak by any means. On the contrary, his name alone was enough to spread fear among their enemy troops. There was no weapon he hadn't mastered and there was no battle that he hadn't triumphed.
Tales of his leadership & bravery were common among the villages they had passed. But the path he had endured to get to that stature wasn't easy. it had taken the lives of hundreds of men for him to go from a common soldier to a war general, to gain the respect of his comrades.
For the past 12 years, Yoongi gave his youth to the crown, winning them conquest after conquest. But life was fair and his victories also naturally cost him quite some collateral, the most obvious one being the long scar that ran down his eye.
Yoongi had gotten several other scars but he wore them with pride, serving as a reminder of his victories. He was an average sized alpha but his deathly pale skin, dark threatening eyes and permanent scowl sent shivers down the back. To most people, Yoongi was a terrifying man.
To say that he was elated with the life he was living would be a lie, but he had grown used to it. In a war stricken land like theirs, it was hard to expect a happy change. So he had reasonably been more than a little shocked when the king had ordered his legion to take respite.
Perhaps it was because the king favoured him over the others, perhaps the war had started to dwindle down, or perhaps it was simply just his good luck but Yoongi graciously accepted the order. “For all the years you’ve given me.” the king had stated with a pat to his shoulder.
The alpha had been happy at first, he no longer had to spend his days slaughtering people. No strategies or weapons or bloodshed. Now death was a little further away. But war was all that Min Yoongi knew and without it, he felt lost. He no longer felt like he had a purpose.
The general watched as his war camp grew smaller and smaller by the hour, his men running away at the first chance they got to visit their omegas and families. But Min Yoongi had neither an omega nor a family.
"You need to stop having a stick up your ass." Hoseok had finally stated when it was just the 3 of them left & they had started to drive each other mad. Yoongi was content to stay in their camp until the next battle but Hoseok wanted to explore the nearby village and have fun.
Namjoon glanced between the 2 of them with an unimpressed look. He didn't care about either of the options, waiting for their dogfight to end. He had given up on mediating after the 7th time they had broken each others nose years ago. Yoongi sighed. They really did need a break.
Hoseok & Namjoon had been with him from the day he had become a soldier, experiencing their victories & losses together. There was also Taehyung, a younger soldier who they had taken under their wing, but he had left immediately when he'd heard of his mother's failing health.
They had all grown up together and were now inseparable. But Hoseok and Namjoon were both orphans like Yoongi so there was no home for both of them to go either. Yoongi rolled his eyes at his friend, "What do you suggest we do then? There's nothing left for us to do here."
"Sure there is!" Hoseok retorted, "The village nearby is big and there plenty of way to keep ourselves entertained. I heard that their omegas are especially beautiful." "So what? You want to kidnap an omega and have their alpha chase you down? +
Cuz they're sure as hell not going to want to come with you on their own." Yoongi teased, dodging a knife that Hoseok threw at his head with a laugh. Even Namjoon snorted. "No." Hoseok stated with a glare, "There are plenty of brothels there Yoongi-ah, +
you'd know if you actually got laid once in a while. Actually it's better you don't come, seeing as you would chase away all the omegas. When was the last time you had one warm your bed anyways?" the alpha asked with a nasty smirk.
Yoongi bristled, ego properly offended, "Last week, you bitch. I just don't go around mouthing off about it like you do." Hoseok's grin grew, "Sure. We completely believe you. Then it shouldn't be too hard to come prove that to us right? Unless you're lying?"
Yoongi knew what Hoseok was doing but he couldn't help but get riled up. "Fine. I'll come with you." Yoongi receded with a scoff, "But don't be surprised when I end up bedding more omegas than you." Hoseok raised an eyebrow in challenge, "It's a bet then."
So that's how they ended up in Amaranthus a day later, staying at an inn in the night and exploring the village during the day. A little more teasing was all it took for Yoongi to agree to visit the brothel that evening. "It'll be fine." Hoseok assured, "I know the owner."
The banner at the front had read the The Blue Orchid, a name that had mildly intrigued Yoongi. He was still a little skeptical but Hoseok seemed confident about it so Yoongi decided to go along with it. He's faced countless of wars, a brothel could do nothing to him.
The alphas walked into the place, pushing past the bustling crowds of alphas to sit down on the empty wooden chairs at the side. “This is just the bar, the brothel is technically upstairs.” Hoseok said, gesturing to the staircase in the corner that was going up, +
“You give your money to the dealer, choose your whore and go to any of the rooms upstairs. Simple.” Namjoon rolled his eyes, “And if we don’t want to fuck any omegas?” Hoseok gave an unimpressed shrug, “Then you can sit here drinking beer, watching the show and +
nursing your painful boner while Yoongi and I indulge ourselves.” Yoongi got a few curious stares from the crowd, his heavy armor and stoic features were not fitting attire for a brothel afterall. But the alpha hardly cared, the armor felt like second skin to him and +
there was nothing to smile upon. It was hardly dusk and yet the party had already begun. The voice of the singing betas rang across the tavern, accompanied by strings and flutes, happy tunes of folklore.
Omegas were all over the place, some serving drinks, some entertaining the audience, and some flirting personally with alphas. Yoongi was starting to feel overwhelming by all the bodies and noise, a far cry from what he was used to.
The place was crawling with hungry alphas, some enjoying ripe liquor, some hollering at the show the omegas were putting on in the center of the tavern, some lucky ones dancing with any omega who chose to entertain them. The air was heavy with the smell of sweat, lust & alcohol.
Beside him, Hoseok looked completely at home, tapping his foot along to the beat of the music and winking at a passing omega as he took a sip of his beer. The omega giggled coyly, deciding that she liked Hoseok because he was pulled onto the dance floor by the arm seconds later.
“Hoseok, come back here!” Yoongi hissed under his breath. But the alpha just shrugged at them with an apologetic smile before letting her drag him away. Yoongi sighed, glancing to the side to see an unbothered Namjoon downing the entire mug of beer in one go.
The alpha took another sip of his beer, letting his eyes rake over all the omegas in the room. They were all very beautiful and Yoongi forced himself to relax, he was here to prove a point after all. You came here for this, he reminded himself. You are supposed to be having fun.
He wasn't going to let Hoseok tease him about this for the rest of his life. And he genuinely did want to get laid, it had been quite a while. Speaking of Hobi, the alpha already had two more omegas dancing around him, giggling and flirting with him.
Their eyes met from across the room and Hobi waggled his eyebrows as Yoongi clenched his teeth. He downed the rest of his beer in one go and was about to get up when a cute little omega approached him.
The male was skimpily dressed but was beautiful with big almond eyes and a dazzling smile that he flashed as he started to dance in front of Yoongi. Yoongi watched the pretty thing with dark eyes, holding onto his waist when he climbed onto his lap to dance more sensually.
The boy was extremely alluring, gaze sultry and movement fluid. Yoongi enjoyed the performance, flushed red by the end. The omega danced on his lap for a while before getting down, placing a happy kiss against Yoongi's cheek when the alpha slipped a few notes into his waistband.
As the night deepened, the mood in the room started to change. The happy tunes changed to more sensual ones and Yoongi had lost Hoseok in the crowd. The general downed a couple more cups of beer, not yet tipsy but feeling pleasant enough.
Yoongi looked around the room again, wondering which of these omegas he'd ask to bed tonight. Hoseok finally came back into view, whispering something into a girl’s ear with a smile before leaving her to approach Yoongi, “Let’s go, the dealer’s asking for you.”
Yoongi widened his eyes before nodding and following the alpha to the back area which was closed off for the public. There on one of the red couches sat a large chubby man, smoking a cigar alone. He peered at them before breaking into a smile and standing up, +
“General Min, I’ve heard so much about you. It’s unfortunate we haven’t been able to meet till now, Hoseok tells me you’re not one to party regularly. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Yoongi shoots Hoseok a glare before shaking the man’s hand, “Well I’m here now.”
The man chuckled, "Of course, I'm glad. Hoseok mentioned that you're looking for a night here. I promise that you will not be disappointed." Yoongi blushed, "Uh yeah. The place is great but I haven't actually seen anyone who's caught my eye yet."
Bang shook his head with a knowing smile, "That's because you haven't seen our best omega. He's in extremely high demand & never available but for you & the things you have done for our kingdom, I'll let you have him for a night, free of charge. Trust me, he's irresistible."
Yoongi shrugged. If it was supposedly the best omega the brothel had to offer then who was Yoongi to refuse? "Sure." Yoongi replied finally and Bang clapped him on the back with a smile, "Go upstairs to the third room from the left and wait, I'll send him up for you."
Hoseok winked at him as he turned to leave and Yoongi rolled his eyes. He knew that Hobi would have at least 3 omegas in his bed tonight, that manslut. The general made his way up the staircase, entering a long corridor. The tips of his ears turned red when he heard the sounds +
coming out of the rooms, loud and desperate. He wondered how many of those moans were real and how many were just for show, to please their partner into thinking they enjoyed it. Yoongi knows that not everyone who comes here is as young or handsome as him.
He entered the room Bang had told him, lying on the wooden bed in the center, the only piece of furniture in the place. It was clear that this room was only used for one thing. Yoongi removed his boots and armor and laid back against the pillows, waiting in silence.
The alpha's heart raced inside his chest, both nervous and excited. Who was this omega who was supposedly so beautiful? His heartbeat got louder and louder as the minutes passed and suddenly stopped when he heard the door open and an omega walked in.
Yoongi's met many people in his life, he remembered some and forgot most. But this omega. Yoongi's sure he's seen him before. If his heart wasn't tugging so painfully, Yoongi would've been on his knees by now. The omega was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.
The male was petite and lean, wearing only a red silk robe. His silver hair was styled messily and his slanted eyes had kohl lining them. The omega had smooth plump cheeks, a small nose and full pink lips that curved into a smile. And Yoongi paused suddenly...
He couldn't point out what it was, the features weren't the exact same but there was still something familiar about this omega. It didn't make sense, there was no way that it could be someone Yoongi knew. He was probably imagining things again, comparing everyone to /him/.
He laid frozen as the male approached him with a seductive smile, "Hello darling, Bang tells me that you're a war general." Oh god, even his voice was bewitching. Yoongi could see why he was the most sought out omega in this place.
Yoongi stammered unintelligently and the man giggled, "Not as good with words as you are with swords huh?" he teased as he ever so slowly climbed onto Yoongi's lap. The alpha gulped, hands flying to grip the man's hips. It felt natural holding the omega for some reason.
Even the scent seemed familiar although it was a lot more mature now. The omega pushed Yoongi against the headboard, leaning forward until their lips were centimetrs apart. He stared into Yoongis eyes with a coy smile for a few seconds before finally locking their lips together.
The omega's lips tasted sweet and Yoongi pulled him closer against his body as he deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue forward until it met his. The pretty thing let out a whine when Yoongi nipped at his lips and the alpha almost went feral. They kissed passionately, hungrily
like they had been starved of affection and couldn't get enough of each other. The man broke the kiss to mouth at Yoongi's neck while the alpha started to tug at the collar of his silk robe.
The material finally came loose and Yoongi leaned away to admire the omega only to freeze, his face draining color as his eyes fell upon the omega's neck. His grip on the man turned painful and the omega whimpered but Yoongi didn't care.
"That amulet." Yoongi could hardly recognize his voice, "How did you get that amulet?" He couldn't tell whether he'd whispered or screamed his words but the omega flinched back in fear, trying to squirm away uselessly. Yoongi's grip was too tight.
Yoongi could see fear in the omega's eyes but he didn't care. "It's mine, i swear! It's mine! Please let go, I didn't do anything." The little thing pleaded desperately. A burst of angered consumed the alpha, "There's no way it can be yours! Who are you?! What's your name?!"
A few tears slipped down the omega's cheek, "Please, it is mine! M-my name is Jimin. Why are you doing- Yoongi's entire world stopped in that moment, blood freezing in his veins, "...Jiminie?" Surely there was no way...?
The omega looked at him with the same wide teary eyes as twelve years ago and Yoongi wanted to scream. There was no way, how could this be?! Yoongi's eyes welled with tears, throat closing up and heart squeezing in pain. Was it really him? Was it really his Jiminie?
"Ji-jiminie...? D-do you not recognise me?" Yoongi choked out before undoing his collar with shaking hands and taking out his own amulet chain. The omega- Jimin's eyes widened in horror, hands flying up to his mouth in shock as he trembled in disbelief, "....Y-yoongi?"
A tear fell down Yoongi's cheek and he nodded slightly while Jimin looked like someone had torn his heart out. The omega let out a pained wail, loud heaving sobs wracking his small body as he cried, scrambling away from Yoongi as if he was on fire.
Why?! Why was he moving away? Yoongi moved forward only to hear another cry from Jimin, "Don't! Don't come any closer! Please, please just leave." The pain in Yoongi's heart increased tenfold, "Jimin, why? Please let me-" "No!" Jimin screamed when he tried to come close,
"Please, please Yoongi just leave." Yoongi wanted to do so many things in that moment. He wanted to ask questions, demand an explanation, hug the omega close, kiss him again. His body ached to just be apart from him. But he looked at Jimin's broken eyes again and +
how could he say no to him? So even if it broke his heart all over again, even if it destroyed him completely, he would still do it if that was what Jimin wanted. He still couldn't believe it. How could fate be so cruel? The pain in his heart overwhelmed all other thoughts.
He didn't bother to wipe away his tears, just quietly put back his shoes on and left the room, Jimin's painful loud sobs ringing in his ears. Yoongi so badly wanted to run back into that room, back to beloved. But he couldn't, not yet, not like this.
That's it for this update! Did you like it?? Share your thoughts with me in the quotes or my CC(link in bio)! <3 If you enjoyed the story and would like to support me further, please check out my Kofi!
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