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Jan 23, 2023
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this is not my usual fare but it came into my mind last night & now i can't let it go so...tags for mpreg, omegaverse, lactation kink / OKAY i just keep thinking about a soothing lil established taejoon thought where th is pregnant and just starting to show with a lil bump.

just a sweet lil bump, barely noticeable under his loose clothes. but it's a little more noticeable with his clothes off, which is why ever since he's started to show he's gotten into the habit of spending time naked with himself and his bump. sitting in the middle of their
rumpled bed in just his undies, sometimes wearing one of nj's button ups because it smells like nj. like his alpha. like the one who pupped him. the shirt left to hang open around the gentle curve of his tummy. he sits and looks at himself in the mirror they have across from the
bed. tossing his hair, flicking it back. it's grown long now, curling past his ears. he can feel it tickling his nape when nj kisses him on the back of his neck these days. his skin is starting to sort of glow, too (which he'll take in exchange for the violent nausea he had for
the first 3 months, and the smattering of acne that showed up on his jawline, too), and he can't help it - he likes the way he looks. he looks - pupped. full. ready to be a papa. he likes to watch himself while his own hands glide over his body. rubbing his belly, thumbing over
the tiger stripe stretch marks that are just starting to appear. sitting on his knees and pressing his palms into his thighs while he arches his back - the same position he was in when he was riding nj and nj got him pregnant in the first place. it turns him on, too.
nipples tightening, small cock starting to stir, the scent of his own slick in the air. he feels sexy and beloved, like a jewel on a rumpled satin pillow. it's also how he learns that the whispers about omegas producing pre-milk during their pregnancy are 100% true.
it happened one time when he was just sort of distractedly rubbing his own nipples, watching in the mirror as his cock started to plump and fill, and then he realized that his fingertips were wet. he licked his lips, wondering for a moment if he'd accidentally drooled on himself,
but when he looked down the length of himself he saw it: a pearly white droplet, right at the tip of his nipple. he'd gasped, rocking hard into the pillow between his legs, and come just like that a few moments later, rutting into the pillow while he pinched and rubbed his tits.
later that night, he'd told nj, and nj had said, "baby, you realize you like - milked yourself?" he'd paused, pushing his glasses up his nose and added, "that's so hot, honestly." th had been smiling so hard it made his cheeks hurt. "i know," he'd said, voice low and
bedroom-y. not that he was trying, he just kind of couldn't help himself, not these days when nj was wearing his hair short & buzzed at the sides and had started sending him links to baby clothes and cribs and had a habit of resting his hand on th's bump whenever he could.
nj said, "you should show me sometime," and th had said, leaning up in the bed, pushing over until his mouth was at nj's meaty bicep, "should i? show you?" and nj had nodded, mouth splitting into a grin, and then a sort of gasping grin when th's lips had smudged from the swell of
nj's bicep right over to the swell of his bare pec. "yeah," nj breathed. th's tongue had started to lap at his nipple. "or," th murmured, "does hyung wanna milk me?" and he'd turned his mouth into a pantomime of it: pulling nj's nipple between his lips and starting to suckle.
nj's hand had come up to the back of his head, holding him there, & when he'd come later that night it had been with th's mouth still attached to his nipple, suckling at him, and th's hand fisting at his cock, suckling at him there, too. so it's something they do together now:
play with th's nipples, until he's wet there as well as between his legs. tonight, th goes to their room and gets himself ready: nj's white button up on and nothing else. he kneels in the middle of the bed and starts easy, blunt tipped fingers dancing over
his skin, light and ticklish. he starts to get wet and hard when he shrugs half of nj's shirt off and presses the underarm area to his mouth and nose, breathing in the deep scent of nj there. after that, it doesn't take long - he cups his pecs, rolls his thumbs over his nipples,
and when they're puffy and pointed he pinches at them with his thumb and forefinger until there's two wet droplets curving along the insides of his wrists. then he goes to the living room & waits for nj to come home from work & find him: wet and desperate and needy and waiting.
that mostly goes according to his plan, except that when he hears the door beep open he decides he can't wait to be found actually. he goes to the foyer. nj is toeing off his loafers. nj looks at him. then he swallows. then he says, "do you want - i can come in sexier, i can -
is this like, do you want me to chase you? am i," he lowers his tone, "an intruder?" he starts pushing his foot back into his loafer. "literally, i'll do it - i can do it sexier i just need like an inch of heads up, th." th drops to his knees. he pulls nj's foot back out of his
shoe and places it on his bare thigh. his fingers find the tight arch there and he massages it absently. he looks up at nj. "no roleplay, yeobo. just want you. you and me. want you to fuck me and milk me and make me gush." nj slides his foot forward until it's resting on th's
small plump cock. he says evenly, "you're leaking." th pushes his chest out. the fabric drags against his wet nipples and makes him shiver. "i got 'em - i got 'em ready for you. hyung. alpha." "fuck," nj whispers. th winks, smile boxy and bright. "hope so!"
they fuck in the living room, though not exactly by design. nj ends up picking th up in the middle of a kiss and the nearest place ends up being the couch. nj drops him down onto it, then sidles behind him and starts to rub at his nipples, cupping his pecs, thumbs rolling the
soft, lush nubs until th is moaning, head tipped back, throat bared for nj. "it's - s'coming out, hyung, can feel it, oh - don't stop." moans going higher & longer as nj switches over to his index fingers, flicking hard, th's nipples full and pointed and so sensitive he could
scream, and maybe he is a little: yelping, wriggling on the couch, getting his slick all over the leather. he can feel it, pooling between his cheeks, smudging the backs of his thighs as he squirms. "fuck me like -" nj's breath is heavy and stitchy, his voice ragged.
"like what, baby?" th shakes his head, tits so full and heavy they feel like they could fill nj's palms though of course that's not really true, it just feels like that. like he's plump all over. bred full up.
th shakes his head. "pinch," he murmurs, thrusting his tits against nj's fingers. "pinch 'em until they're," he breathes in wetly. his tongue feels like cotton. "till they're leakin' for you, yeobo." nj grunts in that way he does when he's trying to suppress a growl.
like a rut, held back, and th murmurs, "don't hold back, do it just like - when you fucked me full of your," he turns his head, eyes squeezing shut, "your perfect come, so beautiful and sticky, all shot up inside me." "fucking fuck," nj grunts, and then he's pushing back around
the couch, and th can't help whining, horrible and needy, from the absence of nj's touch. "m'here," nj reassures, dropping to his knees in front of th, in front of the couch. situating himself. "come on, come on, give those - that's it," he hushes, as th moves closer, arching
his back so he can shift forward and place his whole tit directly into nj's waiting mouth. "suck on it," th tells him. his voice is breathy, almost distorted through the rush of heat in his mind. then: "take my milk, alpha." he can see the inky line of nj's lashes flutter,
a crease forming between nj's brows. th wants to reassure him that nothing bad will ever happen again, but he doesn't know why he's thinking about that, not right now, with nj's jaw tightening, mouth slipping down to focus on th's nipple. pulling it against his tongue.
like he's rooting, rooting for th's milk, and th feels dizzy hot with it, hand going up to cup the back of nj's head and using his other hand to reaches up and squeeze at the soft flesh of his tit. milking himself into nj's mouth. "can you taste it, hyung?"
he squeezes again at his pec. nj's lips tighten, tongue pulling. cheeks hollowed with his suck. "that's right," th reassures him. "made it for you, just for you, hyung." his breath hitches. nj groans, the hands around th's waist tightening and pulling him closer. th's body curves
into it, pressing his tits forward, belly forward, cock and hole forward. letting nj have him. have at him. "that's right, yeobo, all for you, to take care of you. am i taking care of you well?" nj groans. he is still suckling and th can feel it now, as he pulses his tit again.
nj is drinking his milk. there can't be much of it, but he can tell, by the way nj's throat flutters in swallow every so often. by the wetness around his nipples. by the feeling in his chest. he can tell. he spreads his legs. nj seems to know because his fingers push forward,
smoothing once over th's cock and balls and then seeking entry at the wetness of his hole, slick and a little puffy from pregnancy, and th tells him, "s'it, make me - gush, hyung," and nj seems eager to, tonguing at th's nipple and pushing his fingers into th's wet little hole.
nj gets him off like that, three fingers rabbiting in and out of his hole, slow and deep at first and then faster, until nj is growling for th to come, "come all over my fingers, hyung wants to see you gush it out, go on baby, gimme it."
th spreads his legs wider, hand still massaging at his own tit even though nj's mouth is a little sloppier now, losing focus as he works the fuck of his fingers into th's hole, pressing at th's spot over and over again until the wave of it snaps through th's body, making him come
in pulses, wetness rushing out of him, spraying a little onto the couch and nj's nice shirt as nj works him through it, wrist and forearm muscles pulsing. th can hear the nasty squelch of his walls, pushing back against nj's fingering.
th is still breathless, pulse crashing, when he pulls nj between his legs. "inside," he murmurs, "cock inside," words tripping and mumbling, "like i'm in heat, like you're gonna fuck it and seal it
off again, no one else fucks this hole, fills it up with their knot." nj growls, then, deep and low and real and th can't help it. he flicks his hair back and bares his throat and murmurs, nonsensically, "let it take twice, let it - again," whimpering, "again, alpha?"
nj swears. he is working his belt open, and th is, too their hands fumbling around each other until nj's cock - thick and full and big, it's so big, th has never understood how he can be so big and perfect and yummy - nj's cock is out, and th is latching his calf behind nj's
ass, tugging him closer, wanting him as close as it gets, and nj is leaning in with his fat cock in hand, too heavy in his palm that it leans forward, cockhead drizzling onto th's wet, puffy hole as nj tries to find the angle but th doesn't care about angles, not right now,
and he tightens his leg, snatches nj in by his shoulders and says, "just in, fuck it in," and nj does, he does, finally, this big breach of flesh parting th's hole, splitting him, filling him, filling his belly twice, and th tips back on the couch, spreading his thighs, reaching
down to pull his cock and balls out of the way so nj can watch, too - so nj can see the way he penetrates th. "fuck, you're so - this is so fucking - hot," nj mutters, and th watches with half-dozy eyes as nj's gaze travels from th's slick, grasping hole up to the plump curve
of th's belly, and then: further up, to the pair of th's slightly swollen nipples. th lifts his chin, just enough to show his throat, and nj tracks that, too - then dips back down to his chest. th huffs a laugh. "yeobo," he says. he pushes his tits forward. "come here," he
breathes, light & laughing. nj tips forward, working his cock in slow, easy motions inside of th as he leans down to latch his mouth back onto th's nipple. both of them moan at the same time, though nj's noises are muffled by the way he is already tightening his lips to suckle.
they fuck like that - slow and easy and melting in their living room. th's entire pelvis drips with liquid heat. nj's mouth doesn't leave th's nipple, and th pulses - milking himself - for nj. when nj comes, th says, "see, i milk you, too," and nj groans, hips stuttering.
after, nj pulls off. his face looks - th pushes up and kisses him, open mouthed and messy. he can taste himself in nj's mouth. nj's hand comes up to cup th's jaw. they kiss. th wants to wipe away whatever he saw on nj's face, so they kiss for a long time. when he pulls back
he looks again at nj's face. he looks - th says, "no one's ever gonna hurt you." it is, th knows, odd to say. to nj. right now. but it's also right. it's how he feels. and his feelings aren't wrong. not right now. not this big rightness. he says, "not ever, alpha." nj nods.
he swallows. he looks down between them. finally, he says, "baby," nodding again. then, against the back of th's fingers, whispering it. "baby." he kisses the crook of th's elbow. the point of his hip. "baby." & then finally he kisses, too, the pudge of th's belly. "baby." end
this is them 🥹


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