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Jan 24, 2023
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Some of you are still unemployed, from my experience here are reasons why you aren’t getting called or not passing interview stage. Here’s a thread that might help you this year 🧵

1. Your CV might be a problem! There really isn’t time to go through a 5 pages CV. There a lot of people on social media who can assist you. Get a new CV!
2. I know some might not believe in this but especially as a black person who believes in God or ancestors- prepare yourself spiritually. It’s wild out there; pray, fast, phahla, steam, bath ngeziwasho…whatever you believe in but do something before submitting!
3. You’ll be addressed according to how you’re dressed. Invest on the outfit you’ll wear at your interview.
4. Be prepared, prior preparation prevents poor performance. Do your research about the role and the company as you might be asked questions about it at your interview.
5. Do not spread the news just yet- not everyone will be happy for you and by now you should know that! Only share the news after getting the job.
6. Do not quit! Pray ot phahla or futha or fast and apply till something comes up but DO NOT QUIT!
1. Invest on your CV. 2. Be prepared spiritually. 3. Dress for success. 4. Do your research. 5. Don’t share the news just yet. 6. Don’t quit. If you have experience on this, add so we can help those who are job hunting this year. All the best to them. Let’s follow each other 😇


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