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yuyu is ia 🪞

yuyu is ia 🪞

Jan 24
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🔞 yg is jk’s first relationship. very very first. jk had never dated anyone before, so yg guided him along. before yg knew it he was being romanced like it was nothing. however another topic came up around that time. “i’m a virgin.” jk had quietly said.

they were both cuddling, watching a movie that had a sex scene playing so yg assumes that’s why the subject was brought up. “that’s okay.” jk groans, “it’s not, it’s embarrassing.” “i promise you it’s not.” yg assures, snuggling closer. “it’s actually kinda hot”
“hot?” jk questions, staring down at his hyung incredulously. “you’re kidding.” yg turns so he’s facing his boyfriend. “i’m not, knowing i’ll be the first to make you cum is so hot.” jk gulps. “can we do it now?”
yg giggles and he leads him to the bedroom. he had taught him about prepping, trying not to laugh at the serious look that overtook his face as he watched. then yg hovered over his hard cock, staring down at his lover with a soft smile. “ready?”
jk nods, watching as his hyung descends onto his dick with starts in his eyes. yg is adoring the soft whimpers that left his boyfriends lips, “you like it? hm? you like how hyung feels?”
jk thrusts upwards, eyebrows furrowed. “aww, is baby getting frustrated?” “hyung.” jk whines. yg changes the positions, expecting his inexperienced boyfriend to just cum within seconds and be done with it.
he nearly screams when he starts a fast paced. “you like that, slut?” /that was new./ yg moans loudly, being railed within an inch of his life. after nearly four consecutive rounds, jk flops beside his boyfriend. he wiped him with some baby wipes and just tossed them away.
yg is still gasping for air, his legs twitching and shaking as he recovers from that seemingly never ending marathon. the jk scoots closer, staring at him with those sparkly eyes. “i didn’t hurt u did i?” he said so innocently..
yg nearly screams, this can’t be the same guy who just fucked him stupid. “yeah i’m okay, don’t worry jk-ie.” “can.. can we go again?”
yuyu is ia 🪞

yuyu is ia 🪞

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