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Jan 24, 2023
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I've been doing purposeful self-improvement for over a decade. Here's my 10 biggest revelations after over 10 years of doing this:

1. Practice is essential The person you are now is separated from the person you want to be by a large chasm of repetitive practice. If you want to become that person, you need to practice becoming them. This means you'll need to develop skills.
2. Skill development is đź‘‘ At its core, everything is a skill. Negotiation is a skill. Public speaking is a skill. Knowing how to calm yourself is a skill. Learning how to manage your time is a skill. All these skills are strengthened through repetitive daily practice.
An amazing book that goes deep into the nuances of skill development is Peak by Anders Ericsson. I recommend reading it if you want to improve in this area.
3. Systems > Goals Here's something surprising: winners and losers have the same goals. So it's not the goal that matters, it's the predictable and repeatable process required to get those goals that matter (i.e. a system). Without it, you're shooting blanks.
4. Execution > Knowledge We collectively produce more information in a day than has ever existed in the past 10,000 years. Information is abundant. But execution is rare. Anyone can buy a book. Not everyone can implement it (consistently).
5. There is no "hack" We humans are lazy creatures who naturally seek after comfort and ease. But building a life you're proud of takes tireless work, more than many people want to put in. Accept it, or keep what you've got.
6. Do you There are universal principles–but the magic of life is found in your own experiences. This means you need to walk your path and learn your own lessons. Don't let me or anyone else convince you otherwise.
7. Time is the only judge In school, you could have been the alpha, the top dog...or you could have been a nobody. None of that matters. At the end of the day, the only judge is time. Your life will be defined by what you do today, not what you did or didn't do yesterday.
8. Self-knowledge is the best knowledge You have the potential to be the best expert on yourself. But that potential must be cultivated continuously or nothing will happen. Knowing what motivates you, triggers you, holds you back, etc. is something that takes daily practice.
9. It's not where you start, it's where you finish Many people start out with many advantages (or disadvantages) in life. On a long enough timeline, this is irrelevant. You are writing your story with your daily actions. Will it be a good story? That's up for you to decide.
10. Mindset is everything At the end of the day, your mindset is everything. It is the only thing you truly have in this game of life. If this mindset is not solid–you will be tossed like a leaf in the wind. You will become a liability instead of an asset.
Summary: 1. You need to practice 2. You need to develop skills 3. You need systems 4. You need execution 5. You need to stop looking for "hacks" 6. You need to do you 7. You need to be aware of time 8. You need self-knowledge 9. You need consistency 10. You need a strong mindset
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I've been doing purposeful self-improvement for over a decade. Here's my 10 biggest revelations after over 10 years of doing this:
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Unstoppable Rise

Unstoppable Rise

Meditations on philosophy, self-mastery, and being successful in the 21st century as a young man.
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