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Yesterday in Reuters - A MUST READ THREAD: For years we were told trans fats saved lives. After WW2 there was a shortage of butter and along came this wonder food product. Proctor & Gamble bought the patent rights and "margarine" became a household name. 1/7

Doctors who questioned the health of this product were blacklisted (see Fred Kummerow) - no one was allowed to push back. Large food corporations were developing more and more patents to push crop production with this in mind. By the 1980's almost all of our food products 2/7
contained transfats in some form. This is when Heart Disease skyrocketed. An estimate from 1994 indicated that the consumption of trans fat was likely to cause 30,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. 3/7
At this point, food manufacturers began genetically modifying food to create fats that are similar to transfats, but which (they contend) do not carry the health risks. This gave birth to the preponderance of seed oils in our food (which we now know are just as bad). 4/7
Now, back to the original story: We are being pitched a similar "Wonder Product" - Lab-Grown Meat. There have been no long-term studies on this junk, but instead, it follows the same storyline as every other big food product that has had a horrible fate for humanity. 5/7
We continue to make the same mistakes with our food system, and with our bodies in a lab. There are no quick fixes to our health, but instead, we know the tried-and-true strategy of moving more and eating natural foods works. Every time big government, big ag, and big pharma 6/7
create a new wonder product WE ALL LOSE. This lab-grown meat is a DANGER - a ticking time bomb. Eat real food, real seafood that is high in Omega 6 fatty acids, real butter, real fat and you will crush it. 7/7
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