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Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner

Jan 24, 2023
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Want a cheat code for becoming a millionaire, losing weight, bettering your relationships, being happier, having more energy, and generally having a better life? It's simple... but most people don't do it. Here it is: (swipe to read the thread!)

Wake up earlier. "But I'm not a morning person, Brandon!" Ok, then, this is REALLY for you. So, Here are six simple things I do to wake early and hit the day strong:
First, the WHY. There are SO many benefits from going to bed at a reasonable hour and then waking early. Before the calls. Before the kids. Before the chaos.This quiet time will settle your mind, give you space to plan your day, focus on your goals, & track your habits/actions.
1.) "Don't think; just move." I literally say that to myself when the alarm goes off. Every morning. Yes, alarm. I may be a millionaire and financially free - but I still set the alarm. Life is too precious to miss! So, don't think, just move. (Tip: get the app Alarmy.)
2.) Brush teeth immediately. There's something mental (or magical) about brushing your teeth. It'll automatically make your mind shift into awake mode.
3.) Don't make decisions: I try to make my first 10 minutes autopilot. I have my clothes already laid out, coffee ready to make, etc.
4.) Track your success. What you measure improves! So, track how many days you wake up by your "target time." Tracking leads to consistency. (This is one thing I put in my "BetterLife Book" and am held accountable to weekly, in #TheBetterLifeTribe)
5.) Use the screentime feature on your phone (and have someone else set the password!) to make your phone apps inoperable after 8pm. You'll fall asleep earlier, which makes waking up earlier. Duh.
This is a big one: 6.) Stop saying, "I am not a morning person." When you speak about yourself, the words that follow "I am" actually create your identity, and the results flow from that. Change this. "I am someone who wakes up early because it fuels my future."
That's it. If you found this helpful, don't forget to ❤️ You got this. I believe in you! -Brandon Turner | @Brandon Turner
Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner

Former host of the @BiggerPockets Podcast (100Million+ Downloads), Real Estate Investor & Founder of Open Door Capital (7,000+ units), Dad, Hubby.
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