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Jan 25, 2023
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#taekookau🔞 where they were only supposed to meet up to play video games, but they ended up getting a little distracted. all because of those damn glasses.

— it was supposed to be short but now idek — just pure filth ✨ — nsfw 🔞, minors do not interact! — english isn’t my first language, excuse any mistakes — pls interact with it, it’s encouraging <3 — for @✨ simi ᵗᵏ ✨ 🫶
It wasn’t meant to happen. They were only supposed to spend the entire day playing video games at Tae’s house, their pre-planned date being canceled due to the non-stop rain that their city was drowning in for the past two days. Tae doesn’t know how their simple video game date
turned into him pushing his ass onto Jeongguk’s dick while letting out little moans of pleasure, but it’s not like either of them is complaining.
He thinks it started when Jeongguk rubbed his eyes irritably for the fourth time that evening, Tae turning back to see his boyfriend removing the tattooed hand wrapped around his waist to wipe the moisture that was forming in his eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you wearing
your glasses?” Tae frowns at the red-rimmed eyes lacking their usual shine. “I forgot to remove them from my bag earlier and now I’m too lazy to,” he admits sheepishly, scratching his hair lightly.
Tae clicks his tongue in disappointment. “Jeongukkie, did you forget what the doctors said? If you don’t wear them for long, your eyes will turn itchy and you might even get a headache.”
Jeongguk nods but makes no move to actually get up and fetch them, turning his attention back to the game instead. Tae sighs, already knowing his stubborn boyfriend until the round is over. He sets his controller aside and gets up from Jeongguk’s lap, ignoring his boyfriend’s
protests as he tries to locate his bag. Finding the glasses in their case, he quickly rushes back to him, finding his character unsurprisingly dead. He takes the pair out from their case and carefully places them on his face, Jeongguk too invested in the game to care.
Adjusting the glasses over his nose, Tae can’t help but gulp. /Those fucking glasses,/ he thinks as he once more takes a seat on Jeongguk’s thighs. They were a necessity, of course. Jeongguk had been complaining about his deteriorating eyesight for a few weeks until Tae forced
him to consult an ophthalmologist, who had prescribed him glasses to no one’s surprise. Now, Tae had not taken into consideration how sexy his already-hot boyfriend would look wearing them, until he had almost passed out in the optician’s the first time Jeongguk had tried them on
He hadn’t thought it was possible, somehow his smoking hot hunk of a boyfriend had managed to become even sexier by adding a mere accessory to his face, one that causes heat to pool in Tae’s stomach no matter how many times he has seen him wear them.
Even now, as Tae waits for him to finish the round, he can’t help but let those images run through his head, making him unknowingly squirm in Jeongguk’s lap. “Hyung, stop moving,” Jeongguk says distractingly while pushing the buttons on his controller.
Taehyung stops for a moment, realizing their position until he hears Jeongguk swear under his breath when his character gets shot by the opposite team. The image of Jeongguk swearing in his deep voice, face definitely scrunched up in frustration while wearing those glasses is too
much for Taehyung, who instinctively moves his hips, his mind already starting to cloud with lust. Getting no reaction from his boyfriend, he purposefully moves his hips as he turns his head, knowing by the stiffening of Jeongguk’s body that he felt it this time.
“Hyung,” Jeongguk says, his tone laced with a warning. “Jeonggukie,” Taehyung says in response, voice deeper than usual and he knows Jeongguk understands what he wants.
“Not now,” Jeongguk dismisses, gaze flicking between the game and Tae, who scrunches his eyebrows as he gets up, plopping himself back while facing him. “Jeongguk, please,” Taehyung pleads as he once more drags his ass against his pants, his dick a little more prominent through
them. “After this round is over, I promise,” Jeongguk says, swearing again after the opposite team finds out his hiding place. Taehyung stares at his boyfriend with a frown as he presses the control buttons frantically. He knows that Jeongguk is super competitive and shouldn’t
be disturbed when he’s in /that mode/ but he looks so irresistible as he plays nervously with his lip ring that Tae just gives up holding back. Slowly trailing his fingers along the waistband of Jeongguk’s boxers, he doesn’t waste much time before running his fingers against his
half-hard cock, hearing Jeongguk’s breath hitch. He wraps his long, slender fingers around it and tugs, mouth watering at the thought of putting it inside him. Jeongguk’s breaths have become shakier now, but it doesn’t affect his game skills.
This isn’t the first time they’ve done this either; once Taehyung had played an entire round of overwatch while Jeongguk was on all fours in front of him, pushing back on his cock, while he had tried not to lose.
Now too, beads of sweat have lined Jeongguk’s forehead as Tae keeps dragging his hand along his dick, but still doesn’t stop him, ruthlessly k!lling his opponents while letting out uneven breaths. Impatient, Taehyung lets go of his cock and runs to grab the lube and condom from
his bedside drawer, coming back to find Jeongguk’s face flushed as he tries concentrating on the game. He doesn’t wait before taking out his cock from his boxers and slathering it with lube. “Taehyung hyung,” Jeongguk’s voice makes him pause,
“Shouldn’t you be prepping yourself first?” he asks, eyes fixed on the screen. “I- um- I already stretched myself out before you arrived,” he admits, cheeks immediately heating up at Jeongguk's intake of breath.
Jeongguk pauses playing for a second to stare at him with a low-lidded gaze as Tae puts on a condom, and he takes this as a sign to place the cock between his ass cheeks and slowly slide down on it, letting out hurried breaths as it fills him up.
“Fuck, Jeonggukie, feels so good,” he moans out while adjusting to its size, feeling Jeongguk’s warm neck as he buries his face in it. They’ve been dating for three years now and yet Tae thinks he’ll never get used to the feeling of being stretched out by Jeongguk’s cock,
hitting all the right places as his mind drowns in desire. He lifts up his ass after a few moments and slides down once more, repeating it until he’s set a rhythm, letting out little noises of pleasure as his eyes start to water. Jeongguk doesn’t look much better, his hands shake
as he defeats his opponents and he keeps letting out grunts whenever Taehyung puts it in a little deeper. Tae feels his thighs burn but he can’t seem to be able to stop as Jeongguk’s cock fills him up just the way he likes it, groaning in frustration when it doesn’t hit the spot
no matter how many angles he changes. “Jeonggukie, come on,” he whines in his ear, knowing that his boyfriend is losing his patience with him. Jeongguk responds by thrusting his hips upwards, burying his cock deeper than Tae had, causing him to let out a long moan.
“I told you to- fuck- wait,” he grits out, once again pushing in, and Tae just wants to be fucked well already. With a new sense of determination, he grabs Jeongguk’s shoulders and ignores the pain in his thighs as he slams down on his cock, the lewd sound of skin slapping
against skin echoing across the room. He keeps letting out short-lived moans matching Jeongguk’s grunts and he knows there’s no way he’s able to concentrate on his game. He knows he’s fucked (in the good /and/ bad way) when he hears the familiar sound that indicates Jeongguk has
lost the round, a smirk automatically appearing on his face when Jeongguk slams the controller on the desk and grabs his waist, ramming into him without warning. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” he asks as he delivers another thrust, making Tae see stars explode in front of him.
And /yes, fuck/ if this isn’t what Tae had craved for, Jeongguk’s grip slightly bruising his waist as he slams into him repeatedly, just the way he likes it. “Yes- shit- just like that,” he whines when it /finally/ hits his prostate.
He blinks in confusion when Jeongguk slides out, staring at him with his eyebrow raised. “I lost because of you,” he says, voice scarily even. “Why should I do what you want?” And oh, shit. Tae is in so much trouble.
stopping here for now cause it got too long and i need to study ☹️ sorry for blueballing y’all i’ll write rest of it soon 🫶 hope u enjoyed it till now :)


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