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yoonmin nsfw omegaverse au - min yoongi goes to sleep in his gangnam apartment like usual, only to wake up in a fantasy world where his group members are royalty. omega prince jimin takes an immediate liking to the strange foreigner who tells of a magical place called seoul.

tags: - magical au - storybook fairytale au - side namjin, vhopekook - omegaverse au - modern yoongi/fair gentleman jimin - (confused) alpha yoongi/omega jimin - eventual marriage - eventual mpreg - it's not a serious au; just for fun!! it will be very cheeky and silly!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I’ll see you tomorrow, Yoongi-hyung?” Namjoon calls out as Yoongi opens the door to the car, “Don’t forget, we’ve gotta record some things for group activities.” “Yeah yeah, bright and early,” Yoongi mutters as he climbs into the car and buckles his seatbelt
before the manager takes off towards his apartment in Gangnam. On the way to his apartment, he orders a platter of sushi to be delivered, thankful that the place is still open so late. With the late hour, there are few cars out on the road anymore
and the drive back from Hybe is relatively short. It’s only a few minutes later that he’s bidding the manager a good evening, hoping that he has enough time to hop in the shower before his sushi arrives in front of his apartment.
A quick rinse off in the shower and Yoongi opens his front door with a towel draped over his shoulders to catch the droplets falling from his black hair. He quickly breaks into the meal, feeling ravenous after working for so many hours on his latest album.
Things have been both hectic and slow at work; everyone telling him to ‘take his time’ on his work, even though he can feel the unsaid expectation of sooner rather than later.
The idea of telling Min Yoongi of BTS to hurry up though is something that even the most senior members of management can’t even fathom. He squirts a bit of the fake-wasabi into a sauce bowl before he breaks the cheap chopsticks apart.
In the middle of Gangnam, in a high rise apartment, Yoongi eats his sushi on his granite countertop without bothering to use a plate, watching the city outside of his floor-to-ceiling window.
He needs to get going on writing his new music, he’s got calls for collaborations from half of the Korean music industry and a handful from foreign artists too. About halfway through his sushi, he calls it quits for the night,
taking the plastic cover and snapping it into place. After chucking the remainder in the fridge for tomorrow’s leftovers, he pads off into his bedroom for the rest of the night.
Yoongi sets the alarm on his nightside table to ring at seven, giving him enough time to properly wake up and get ready for the day. A few stretches in the morning, a tall glass of water with lemon slices, and a ten-step cleansing routine he refuses to spill the details on.
A quick confirmation text to the manager assigned to pick him up tomorrow that he’ll be ready in the lobby by eight-thirty and Yoongi rolls over in his silk sheets to go to sleep. The light of morning wakes Yoongi from his sleep,
along with the soft chirping of birds in the far distance. Morning always came too fast for Yoongi, who wished for nothing more than to just flick off the alarm each morning and nestle back into his pillow. When he realizes the lack of blaring alarm at him though,
he jolts up in panic, worried that perhaps he’d accidentally turned it off in his sleep. Perhaps there was a power outage. Maybe he’d accidentally set the alarm for seven in the evening instead. What greets him though is the sight of a vast forest before him.
There are trees that tower up perhaps sixty meters, with leaves as bright green as a coloring book. The sound of birds chirping fills his ears, one of them fluttering down from the tops of the trees until it flies right in front of his face.
With a swipe of his hand, he brushes the small creature out of his immediate vision. “Go on, shoo.” Slowly, he stands up, trying to figure out where he is or how he possibly could be here. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of identifying features though,
not that Yoongi has all that much experience in the depths of forests. The floor of the forest is littered with various leaves from the trees, along with mosses and ferns, not looking much like the forests that are in Korea.
Without any sort of indication of where he is or how he got here, he decides to move. The idea of staying put does briefly occur to him once he’s decided to move towards the east, towards the direction of the sun, but it’s quickly discarded when Yoongi realizes
there’s a very good chance he could starve to death without finding people. When he manages to return to civilization, he can try to piece together how he possibly got here in the first place. For now, he decides to simply walk and hope for the best.
The forest is giant, Yoongi quickly learns. It feels like he’s been walking for at least an hour, or approximately, according to the change in sun position. He’s come across small creatures, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, all grazing peacefully in the forest.
Luckily, he has yet to find any dangerous animals, like bears or wolves. As he keeps walking, eventually he finds the sound of bubbling water, perhaps a stream or a river. Turning in the direction of the sound, Yoongi continues walking,
climbing over the occasional fallen tree or overgrown root. “When I get back to Seoul...” Yoongi trails off, slowly succumbing to speaking to himself simply for company. The sound of rushing water begins to grow as Yoongi walks towards whatever is making the sound,
eventually catching sight of a decent sized river in the distance. With a bit more pep in his step at the notion of finding something other than more trees, Yoongi makes his way towards the water.
The river is wide and strong enough that Yoongi doesn’t even really consider trying to swim to the other side. A strong wind blows down along the river shore as Yoongi comes up to the bank, finding a spot where there’s enough room for him to crouch down for a drink.
The area is shaded from the worst of the sun by a few trees that hang over the bank of the river. “I should filter this,” Yoongi says to himself, “if I could, that is...” With the amount of walking he’s done already, the notion of a cold drink is too great to pass up.
“Well, here’s to hoping I don’t die.” The water is cold as Yoongi cups it into his hands, bringing them up to his lips for a drink. The feeling of it parching his dried throat has a low groan falling from his lips, before he goes for another handful, and then a third.
Off in the distance, there’s the sound of nature; birds chirping, insects humming, and a tree branch snapping. Only after he’s had ample amounts of water to drink does the branch crunch louder to him, almost above him.
Just narrowly does Yoongi manage to avoid being hit by a tuff of beige and black fur. “What on earth?” Yoongi exclaims as his heart races in his chest at the close call. The small ball of fur pops up from its slumped position on the river bank,
giving one look over Yoongi before the animal immediately comes over to his legs, weaving between them like a cat. “What are you doing!?” Upon further inspection, the kitten rubs itself against Yoongi’s calves, before meowing brightly at the man.
The striped pattern on its coat and the little black tips on the ears have some long-forgotten Wikipedia article suddenly pulling up in the forefront of Yoongi’s memory. “Are you ...a lynx?” Yoongi asks, to the animal giving an immediate, excited mewl,
“Where the heck am I!? Lynxes don’t live in Korea.” As expected, the animal can’t really talk to him, instead giving a soft meow before they stand next to Yoongi. “Do you know where people live?” he asks the lynx, to its immediate affirmative meow.
Yoongi pretends that he understands how he can have a conversation with a wild animal. “Can you show me?” The cat immediately takes off down the side of the river, walking as it checks to make sure that Yoongi is still following behind faithfully.
“I guess people do tend to live along rivers,” Yoongi says to the cat, “So are you a girl lynx?” The cat gives a small hiss in response. “So a boy lynx.” The two walk for about ten minutes when they come across a bridge that connects the two edges of the river.
“This way?” Yoongi asks as he points across the bridge, but the lynx simply sits down in the grassy bank and waits. “Is that as far as you’re going to go? Not going to come with me to find the people?” Barely a moment passes before the sudden thundering of horse hooves
calls Yoongi to attention, scrambling out of the way of the path to narrowly avoid being hit. In a quick dive to the bank, Yoongi watches as a small legion of stately knights passes by. At the very back of the procession, one of the horsemen slows
until his white horse is barely even walking. He wears a full helmet like in traditional medieval dramas, but Yoongi can feel the way his eyes assess Yoongi before him. “You, good sir, what are you doing on the side of the road in that attire?”
Yoongi glances down at his sleeping pajamas, thankful that he’d decided to wear clothes to bed for a change. They’re nothing fancy, just a pair of sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt that has a heavily faded design of some music notes.
Yet, the thing that stops him is the voice that comes from the man on the horse. “Hoseok?” Hoseok flips the top part of the helmet up, revealing the all-too-familiar eyes. “How do you know my name?” “What do you mean, how do I know your name?” Yoongi asks, “It’s me, Yoongi?”
“I do not know anyone who goes by that name,” Hoseok informs regally, before he whistles to a few men from the earlier group to come back, “Are you a wizard?” “Hoseok-ah, are you serious?” Yoongi scoffs, “We’ve known each other for ten years.
We’re in the same group together? I’ve literally seen your ass naked more times than I can count.” Hoseok’s face twists in disgust at Yoongi’s words, “Guards! We must prepare this man for travel to the King and Prince at once. He is a mad wizard.”
“Understood, hyung,” a deep voice says as he rides over to circle around Yoongi along with another man atop a horse. “Taehyung-ah?” Yoongi asks, trying to peek inside of the guard’s helmet. “Hoseok-hyung!” a surprised voice calls from the grey horse’s rider, “How did he know!?”
“Jungkook, stop playing around,” Yoongi bemoans. “You say you are not a wizard,” Hoseok assesses with a judgmental stare, “Yet you know our names...” He turns his gaze to Taehyung and Jungkook who climb down from their steeds. “Be careful men, take any precautions necessary.”
“Hey!” Yoongi exclaims as Jungkook grabs onto his arms and yanks them forward while Taehyung slaps a pair of thick, old-fashioned handcuffs around his wrists. “Taehyung-ah! Jungkook-ah! Let me go immediately!” A blindfold cuts off his vision.
“You do not have the right to speak to them so informally,” Hoseok informs as Jungkook hoists him up onto his shoulder and loads Yoongi onto the back of Taehyung’s black horse. “You will be taken to the royal family who will decide what to do with you, evil wizard.”
About a minute into riding on the back of Taehyung’s horse, Yoongi decides just to shut his mouth. It’s clear that his friends have all suddenly lost their memories of him, not to mention the sudden strange ability to ride horses so well.
While Taehyung had taken quite a few lessons in preparation for his photobook this past summer, Yoongi doesn’t quite remember Hoseok nor Jungkook taking the sport on so eagerly. Slowly, the knights enter a city. Yoongi listens as the hooves of the horses clop on dirt
before they turn to paved road. A few people dart out of the way of the knights on their way to their destination, wherever it may be. With the sudden influx of life around him, scents begin hitting his nose in a strange way,
a mixture of musk and sweetness that he doesn’t quite remember ever experiencing before. With each person that they pass, the scents change rapidly, akin to perfume or cologne.
The infrequent stone path becomes tightly knitted cobble stones as they reach the center of the city, before the sound of horns begins playing. The knights carry him to some unknown place before Taehyung stops his horse and dismounts.
With Jungkook’s help, Yoongi is brought to his feet again, before he’s taken by both of his younger friends’ grasps and heralded to some further unknown location. It seems as though the party is now indoors, if not by the simple change in the sound of voices.
Now, the voices echo off of the walls, the vague shutting and closing of doors further away from them. After being dragged through quite a complex maze, Yoongi is brought to kneel.
To himself, Yoongi scoffs. Who would have thought filming Daechwita would have prepared him for this?
“Oh royal highnesses, Alpha King and Omega King, upon patrolling the outer road this morning, we came across this man,” Hoseok informs, “We have never seen him before in our kingdom and he wears such strange clothes, yet he knew all of our names without hesitation.
I have strong suspicion that he may be a dark wizard.” “Hmm,” a familiar voice comes, Yoongi struggling to place it though he knows it well. “Has he attempted to do any magic on you?” “Namjoon?” Yoongi says, unable to stop himself from guessing at the voice.
The entire room goes still in a hush. “How did he know your name, yeobo?” “And that’s Seokjin,” Yoongi informs, trying to figure out why on earth Seokjin would call Namjoon such a pet name. The room crawls to a standstill, time ticking by almost painfully.
“Send him to the gallows,” Namjoon says. Perhaps this can be how Yoongi can wake up from this strange, strange nightmare; dying. Someone helps Yoongi to his feet, turning him to the way they’d came when another stands up sharply, their chair feet screeching on the wooden floor.
“Wait!!!” comes the unmistakable voice of Jimin.
------ let me know if i should continue this or not 😵‍💫 i'm just kind of playing around right now with this 😂


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