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Springs; a #yoonminau [a/b/o] “How did this happen?” The police officer looks at him with a sombre expression, “try to describe it.” Jimin grips the ice-bag against his bruised elbow, blood drying there, “it was morning. Right after the wedding night. He wanted to leave.”

Yoonmin arc of the taekook story…
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Amy 🪄

Autumns; a #taekookau [a/b/o] Jungkook looks at the door of the small cottage. His eyes roaming over the bougainvilleas all over the walls and balcony. He stares at the gardens and back at the cottage. The place is beautiful with its lake, gardens, locality, and farm. But...
“He was having contractions,” Jimin looks down at his feet, they are bandaged too, “I told him that we should wait for Yoongi to get back from the airport but he was nervous,” Jimin looks up at the officer, tears in his eyes, “he wanted to be in the hospital as fast as possible.”
tw// character death
“So, you just drove like a mad man and let the car roll down the street like that?” the officer looks at him with disappointment. “For your kind information,” Seokjin shouts at the officer, “he was also in the car, and he could have just as easily died. You know it, sir!”
“But, he didn't,” Yujun's father's voice echoes in the waiting room of the hospital, “he is alive, barely hurt and my son,” he burst out crying, “is fighting for his life, along with my grandson!” Jimin swallows, his head throbbing, “I am sorry,” he says for the umpteenth time.
Yoongi walks inside the waiting room and everyone goes silent. All of their eyes on the alpha who closes the door and leans against it. Jimin watches how pale Yoongi looks, those eyes are void, tears drying on his cheeks. “They couldn't save him,” Yoongi whispers, “he is gone.”
Yujun's father reaches out to grasp Yoongi's elbow, “who?! Who are you talking about?!” Yoongi closes his eyes, “Yujun.” The alpha breaks in front of Jimin, and Jimin crumbles at the vision. Yoongi's cries echo around the room, the alpha trembles in agony, and Jimin feels it.
“The baby is fine,” the nurse murmurs, “we are monitoring him still.” No one really celebrates. Yoongi looks like he is in no mood to even hear about the baby. The alpha cries for his mate, wallowing in regret that why did he go to drop Jungkook and Taehyung off at the airport.
“It's all your fault!” Yujun's father screams at Jimin, making him flinch, “you should have waited for Yoongi to return!” Jimin freezes when those two eyes find him. Yoongi's watches him and Jimin never felt more uncomfortable and miserable. “It should have been you instead!”
Jimin feels like throwing up the more Yujun's father talks, and he knows he deserves each one of those insults and curses. He sits there, all alive and fine, while the man lost his son and the alpha lost his mate. He feels awful. Jimin feels tears brim in his eyes.
Yoongi's lips part and Jimin holds his breath. He grips the ice-bag. “You should have waited for me,” Yoongi whispers, eyes full of accusations, “I told you to wait for me.” Jimin sniffles, “he-he insisted. Told me he was in pain-” “He wouldn't die if you waited,” Yoongi says.
Jimin crumbles, “I am sorry. I am so sorry.” Yoongi turns away as if he is revolted, and Yujun's father's curses fill the room. “Enough!” Seokjin stands up, glaring at Yushik, Yujun's father, “it was an accident. Stop blaming him because he survived! He didn't plan this!”
“He had the intention,” Iseul, Yoongi's manager, supplies, “we all know he had a crush on Yoongi!” Jimin feels scandalized and mortified, “I would never-” “You always had a thing for him,” Iseul spits, “it was so palpable, even Yujun voiced his concern to me about it!”
Iseul points at Jimin, “he had Cypher's merch and everything related to Yoongi in his room. He was so happy when he first met Yoongi. He was obsessed. I told you about this,” Iseul turns to Yoongi, “now look, what your crazy and obsessed fan did to Yujun. I told you, no?”
“Are you nuts?!” Seokjin thunders, “your client is a celebrity. He sells on these fans and their love. Jimin is an admirer. He is not some lunatic stalker! Why would he ever do this?! You make no sense right now!” “Out of sheer jealousy!” Iseul hisses, “he wanted Yujun gone.”
“I didn't do it,” Jimin gets up, eyes on the woman who is fuming, “but, if you all want me to get behind the bars, you are powerful enough to do it anyway,” he shrugs, “so, do as you please.” “I want to leave,” Yoongi gets up, “get me my driver.” Everyone shares a look, “uhh…”
“The baby,” Yushik whispers, “what about the baby?” Yoongi shrugs, “I don't care,” he waves his hand at Yushik, “I will pay the bills and everything. You keep the baby.” Hoseok and Namjoon share a look. “Yoongi,” Hoseok steps forward, “that's your boy. You can't just leave?”
Yoongi shakes his head, “no,” his voice cuts deep, “he is not my boy. I don't want to do anything with him.” Yushik grabs Yoongi's forearm, “I can't keep the baby, Yoongi! My work flies me around the world too much. I can't raise a boy on my own!” Yoongi shrugs, “find someone.”
“No, Yoongi, that's your baby-” Namjoon starts. “He is the reason Yujun is not here!” Yoongi screams, “the doctors said, they can save the child but not the father because carrying him made Yujun weak! Too weak to survive the hit! You get it?! He killed my mate!”
“I get that you are upset,” Namjoon nods, “but, that's your baby, hyung. You cannot abandon him.” “I can't look him in the face right now,” Yoongi wipes his eyes, “I can't look at him.” “You are a pathetic excuse of a father,” Jimin nods when everyone looks at him, “you are.”
Jimin gets up from the chair, limping on his feet, “if the first thought that comes to your and your,” he points at Yushik's way too, “minds is how the baby is the reason Yujun is not here, you both deserve to go to hell. Also, to be very clear, your omega was at fault.”
“He knew the risk and denied the offer of going to the village's hospital. He couldn't wait an hour for you to return, he had to leave at that moment, and he kept screaming at me to drive faster,” Jimin wipes his eyes, “he grabbed the steering in his frustration, causing me to-”
“lose balance,” Jimin hugs himself, “I still got us here. I can take you all blaming me, but that baby?” he wipes his eyes, “that baby did nothing wrong! I understand you are in pain,” he nods at Yoongi, “but, that baby is your pup! How can you leave your own pup?!”
Yoongi looks like he is in no mood for discussion. He lets out a deep breath and looks at Yushik. “I will pay for the baby in everything he might need,” Yoongi swallows, “send me the cheques.” Jimin holds his breath, watching the alpha storm out of the room.
Yoongi is not sure where he is going. He gets out of the hospital and stands near the field. His eyes find the setting sun and tears roll out of his eyes. Yujun was so excited about the baby. Yoongi never wanted a kid, but agreed because Yujun wanted it so much. Now he is gone.
“I won't be able to do this alone,” Yoongi whispers at the sun, “why did you leave me in this mess?” He drags himself to the bench by the field, sitting down with his head in his hands. “I can't look at him without thinking how you left,” Yoongi sniffles, “Yujun, please.”
Namjoon comes to sit beside him, both of them quiet for a few minutes. Yoongi does not utter a word, but Namjoon speaks up for him. “I understand that you are in no emotional state to discuss this but, hyung, we cannot leave the baby here. Yushik left.” Yoongi snorts, “he did?”
“He did,” Hoseok comes to sit beside Yoongi too, on his other side, “we can hire nannies. We can get him the best facilities.” “I am barely ever home,” Yoongi swallows, “I am always in the studio, or rehearsals, or touring. I can't raise a pup on my own, guys. I can't.”
“You can get married again,” Hoseok winces when Namjoon slaps the back of his head. “Yujun is not even cremated yet,” Namjoon glares, whisper-shouting, “be for real!” Yoongi hides his face in his palms, “he is claustrophobic. How can I just let him lie-” he starts crying again.
“How about, we all stay here for a few days?” Namjoon wonders, “we are on our vacation now. Taehyung called. He said they can't probably have a honeymoon right now. They are coming back. Let's stay here for a few days and figure everything out. Yes?” Yoongi shrugs, “whatever.”
“Yeah,” Hoseok agrees, “you are overwhelmed. Let's settle everything first. Let's get Jimin off of the case,” he winces when Yoongi glares at him, “be real, hyung. He did not just kill your mate because he is whipped for you!” “After today's shit, he won't be…” Namjoon shrugs.
Yoongi looks at the pup sleeping in Areum's crib. Yoongi sits by the side, thinking about everything down the road. He watches how the baby looks like him. Exactly like him. Yoongi's skin crawls. He closes his eyes, leaning against the wooden crib with a sigh.
“Adoption is an option,” Iseul said to him that evening, “we can set him up for adoption.” Yoongi feels the ache in his chest. He swallows. Tears brim in his eyes when he risks another glance at the baby. “I am not the father you deserve,” Yoongi whispers, “I never will be.”
“I don't know what to do with you,” Yoongi wipes his eyes, “the nannies can take care of you while I am gone, but how good is that going to be? That life? You will be better off without me,” he traces the baby's face with his eyes, “in a family. A loving family.”
Yoongi frowns when the baby winces, lips pursing while he starts to wail. He stands up, looking around helplessly. The baby starts crying louder, those eyes brimming with tears, while he gargles with too much saliva in his mouth. Yoongi winces, going to pick the baby up.
“Shhh, it's okay,” Yoongi rubs the baby's back, “shit, how do you do this?” he wonders aloud, “okay, okay. We got this. We got this-” he stops when the door opens slowly and Jimin walks in. The omega has a bottle in his hand, the other hand holding some towels. Yoongi blinks.
Jimin does not greet him, he walks up to the baby and takes him from Yoongi. “What are you doing?” Yoongi frowns, following the omega to the swing hammock by the window of the room. Jimin sits, spreads the towels on his lap and carefully lies the baby down, “he is hungry.”
Jimin holds the baby carefully in his arm, making sure he is somewhat propped up against his elbow, before he opens the bottle to squirt some milk on his wrist to check the temperature before he holds it out for the baby. “Does he have a name?” Jimin wonders, “to call him?”
Yoongi's throat feels tight, “Youngjae. We decided on Youngjae.” Jimin looks down at the baby with a small smile, “Jae,” he nods to himself, “I will call you Jae then.” Yoongi watches how the baby drinks the milk, eyes closed, hands grasping at thin air.
Jimin's eyes water, “hey, Jae,” his voice wavers while he holds the bottle to the baby's mouth, “I will take care of you until you find a home.” Yoongi gulps, eyes fixed on the baby who is not even able to open those eyes. His skin peeling here and there. He looks tiny.
“You are not going to tell me or try to convince me to keep the baby?” Yoongi wonders. Jimin shakes his head, “no. You seem pretty fixed about leaving him, I don't,” Jimin swallows, “I don't want him to grow up with a parent who doesn't love him. Blood doesn't matter.”
Yoongi watches the baby reach out aimlessly until his hand finds Jimin's sweater, he grabs onto it. Yoongi holds a breath when he watches how Jimin's lips quiver and the omega blinks rapidly, smiling at the baby and whispering nonsense to him. Yoongi gets up to leave the room.
TW// — talks of adoption “We will start to look for the parents who already applied,” Iseul goes through the papers, “there are already thirty applicants.” Yoongi sips his whiskey, nodding, “I see.” Iseul pats his back, “it will be over soon.” Yoongi nods again.
The winter is biting this year. Yoongi wraps the coat around himself tightly and looks up at the stars. His eyes wandering from one to another. “Do you think if the baby was not in the equation, he would be alive?” he wonders. Iseul leans on the railing, “he wanted the baby.”
Yoongi's eyes pool with tears, “I told him we are not ready yet. I told him I didn't,” he looks down from the balcony, “I thought it will get better when the baby comes and he is there. Now,” he swallows, “he is gone, and I don't know how to do this without him.”
“It will be fine,” Iseul wraps her arms around Yoongi, hugging him closer, “it will be over soon.” Yoongi lets the omega hug him, his arms going around her while he cries. Iseul bids him good night a few minutes later, telling him that she will have a solution within a week.
Yoongi hears the cries from his room. He gets up, confused. While putting on his robe, he notices how early it is. Just past four in the morning. Yoongi yawns, getting out of the room. He sees the baby in the living room. With Jimin. Jimin is walking up and down with him.
Yoongi stops on the stairs, his eyes following the omega, who looks sleepy himself. Jimin is humming something and Youngjae is crying, face hidden in Jimin's chest. Jimin sits down on the couch, hugging the baby closer to himself. Yoongi walks down the stairs to him.
“You don't have to do this, you know?” Yoongi says, “I told Iseul to take care of him-” He stops when Jimin glares up at him. The omega looks furious. “Your good for nothing assistant fell asleep with him in that crib. He was turning purple, crying his lungs out!”
Yoongi looks down at the baby, something aching in his chest, “oh.” Jimin curses, “I get it that you don't want the baby anywhere near you but how can you be this indifferent?” he looks at the boy, “this is your baby.” Yoongi's chest tightens, his eyes on the baby too.
“You are no one to charge me,” Yoongi watches the fire from the fireplace light up Jimin's face, “you are the reason we are in this mess.” Jimin snorts, “I did nothing wrong and I am done feeling sorry for a person like you. I feel guilty for taking away his papa and that's it.”
“I will take care of him,” Jimin whispers, looking up at Yoongi, “as long as you don't find a family, I will take care of him,” he gets up, the baby held tightly against his chest, “come and get him when you find a home for him.” The omega storms off.
Yoongi watches the vast window in front of him. The night is slowly giving way for the dawn. He watches how dewdrops hang from the tip of the trees outside. The soft light of the dawn greets the wintry morning. He walks up to the window, looking at the lake behind the cottage.
“No one knows about the baby,” Iseul says the next day, “you can go back to Seoul and I can just get done with the family listing myself.” “No!” Yoongi frowns, “I,” he shrugs, “I want to be a part of it. I need to,” he waves, “need to know he is in better hands.”
“I picked the best families of Seoul,” Iseul smiles wide, “all of them are very eager to adopt him. Who wouldn't want Min Yoongi's baby?” “Exactly.” They both look over to see Jimin walking inside the kitchen, “they are interested in your allowance than Jae himself.”
Iseul makes a face, “and, why are you talking between us? Be grateful that Yoongi dropped all the charges against you. Otherwise-” Jimin pours himself a mug of coffee, “otherwise, I would have got myself free because I didn't do shit. So, that's that.” Iseul glares.
“I don't know where you got the guts to talk to me like that-” Jimin looks up at her, “I will throw my coffee at your face and ask you to leave. Right now, you are sitting in my home and insulting me. I don't need to tolerate that.” “This is too early for fights,” Yoongi sighs.
“Right,” Iseul rubs Yoongi's thigh, her face morphing into a sympathetic one, “you need to rest. I will call the car and ask them to pick you up as soon as possible. You need to get home and rest.” Jimin looks at Yoongi, “you are leaving...? What about Jae?” Yoongi is not sure.
“I will take him with me,” Yoongi mushes, “we can hire some nannies and when I am busy, they can take care of him. It's only for a week or so.” Iseul hums, “of course. You don't have to bear the trouble more than that.” “He is my son, Iseul,” Yoongi sighs, “I am not,” he pauses
“I am not giving him up because he is trouble,” Yoongi looks at his cofee, “it's just…” he shrugs, “you know my relation with my own dad. Also, so many people say that I am like him exactly. What if,” he grips the mug of coffee, “I make him as miserable as my dad made me?”
“I don't want to even pretend that I know how to do this,” Yoongi shakes his head, “I don't want to mess it up and give the baby a childhood no kid deserves. An emotionally absent father is not something anyone deserves. He deserves a home. I can't single-handedly provide that.”
“I will find someone,” Iseul whispers, hand squeezing Yoongi's thigh, “okay? You have me. You will always have me.” Yoongi gives the omega a small smile, “thanks.” Jimin looks at the two and silently leaves the kitchen.
“Either the baby stays here with us until you find someone suitable, or you fight me,” Taehyung says when he comes back right before Yoongi is leaving. Yoongi looks at the omega with a frown, “he can't just stay here. Who would take care-” Jin snorts, “seriously, finish it.”
Taehyung nods, “Iseul proved how stupid she is when she tried to sit the baby up. The baby's neck is not strong for that yet, and she doesn't even know that!” Seokjin nods, “I am not leaving Jae in her hands.” “How about Jae stays with us?” Jungkook offers, “in our apartment?”
“You already have your hands full with Areum,” Namjoon sighs, “he can stay with me and Hoba.” Jin shakes his head, “you both will be out, and he will end up with nannies anyway-” “He can stay with me.” They all look at Jimin by the corner of the room. Jimin nods. “Here.”
Jimin gets up, “I told Yoongi. He can come to pick the baby up when he finds a home.” “That's not going to happen,” Iseul shakes her head, “we don't trust you enough for this.” Taehyung snorts, “what, you don't trust the only person who is taking care of the baby since birth?”
“I can't leave him here,” Yoongi shakes his head, “there's n-” “Why not?” Jimin frowns, tilts his head, “you never had him to leave him anyway. You,” he gets up, “didn't even hold him in your arms. Once. What? Suddenly you are concerned?” “I see what's happening,” Iseul snorts.
“You want to take care of the baby because you think that will somehow bring you closer to Yoongi so you can set yourself up with him,” Iseul laughs, “you are still trying to have a thing with the man you always admired.” The room goes silent. All eyes on Jimin who seems frozen.
Jimin lets out a deep breath, “I had a celebrity crush on him, yes,” he focuses on Iseul, completely ignoring Yoongi's eyes on him, “but, he broke that illusion very nicely after that accident. So, no. I am not doing this with that much in mind. I just want Jae to be fine.”
“If you really care about him so much, then come with us,” Yoongi sips his coffee, eyes focused on Jimin, “you can stay at mine and take care of him until everything is settled.” Jimin blinks, eyes finally finding Yoongi, “what?” Yoongi nods, “you said, you felt guilty, no?”
“Then, come and take care of him if you really felt bad for killing his papa.” Yoongi gets up too, walking up to Jimin, “if you are really this attached to the baby, and it's not because you want to suck up to me, so I don't really drag you to the court, you should do this.”
“I did not kill his papa,” Jimin glares, “it was an accident.” “Then why are you feeling guilty?” Yoongi arches a brow, “why are you acting so saint? Tell me, Jimin, can you leave your damn life behind and come to stay with me for him? Like the 'angel' you are pretending to be?”
“Tell me, angel,” Yoongi's voice drips with sarcasm, “can you drop everything and come to tend to a baby you have no connection with? Just because you are 'concerned,' for him?” They all hold their breaths, eyes on Jimin. Jimin nods, “I can.” Yoongi blinks, “what?”
“I can do it and I will,” Jimin speaks with finality, “as long as he needs me. I will be there.” Iseul stands up, “so, this is what you planned,” she nods when Yoongi frowns at her, “don't you see? He has no life here in this stupid farm. He wants to be in the city and earn!”
“You will pay him as the babysitter and-” “I won't pay a penny,” Yoongi shakes his head, “let's be clear on that. I will provide your food and stay, but I won't pay a won for this. You are doing this out of love and compassion. No?” Taehyung curses, “he is going nowhere-”
“I will do it,” Jimin shrugs, “I am fine with this.” Iseul makes a face, “oh, he would give anything to be around you, Yoongi. He is that crazy fan. He just wants to get in your space!” Yoongi shrugs, “welcome to my space, then. I hope he enjoys his stay with me.”
Jimin holds Youngjae in his arms when he gets out of the car. Yoongi walks inside the lift and waits for him. Jimin steps inside the lift and watches the alpha press for the topmost floor. He shushes the baby in his arms, eyeing the alpha, who is standing beside him nonchalantly.
Jimin walks out when the lift stops, and Yoongi leads the way. Yoongi stops in front of the door. Jimin watches the alpha lets out a deep breath before he opens it and walks inside. “One thing,” Yoongi turns to him, “don't try to change a single thing here,” he warns, “also-”
“Yujun's stuff is everywhere,” Yoongi shrugs, “don't touch them. Don't leave your stuff lying around. You are given a guest room. You keep your everything there. I don't need to come home and see your traces anywhere. Yes?” He gives Jimin a once-over, “angel?” Jimin nods, “yes.”
Yoongi gestures, “welcome, then.” Jimin steps inside, his eyes going directly to the vast photograph of Yujun and Yoongi in their wedding. Both of them grinning at each other, maybe on their first dance. Jimin swallows. They look happy. So, so happy.
Jimin sees himself against the glass of the picture. He sees his reflection, holding the baby and the alpha right behind him. He looks at the omega in the picture. 'I am sorry,' Jimin thinks to himself, 'for invading your space.' “The room is down the corridor,” Yoongi says.
- I promised an angsty ride. Didn't I? This is a plot I wanted to write for so long but thought no one would like a character like this as the protagonist but, now, I really dgaf. I want to write this, so bear with me.🧍‍♀️ If you want to support me :
Yoongi drives to Yujun's office by habit the next day on his way back home. He kills the engine and stares at the tall building and without realizing, tears roll out of his eyes. He hides his face against the steering, shoulders trembling as he cries. “How will I ever move on?”
The next day he orders from Yujun's favourite restaurant and when the delivery comes, he sets the table for two. Just to realize he is going to have dinner alone from now on. He still sets the table for two and stares at the empty chair as he eats his fill.
He goes to sleep on the left side, the right side untouched. Yoongi lies on his side and reaches out for the side, grasping the bedsheet there with tearful eyes. “Good night, babe,” Yoongi closes his eyes, trying to force himself to fall asleep, but it never comes.
He hears the baby crying a few doors down the corridor and sits up. Yoongi sits there, eyes on the door, and hears Youngjae cry. With a curse, he gets up. “You just shamed Iseul for falling asleep on him, and now you did the same or what?” he wonders, walking out of his room.
Yoongi walks up to the room and knocks on the door. He hears the sound of rustling before the door opens. Jimin stands there in his night suit. The baby clutched to him. Yoongi notices the omega's scent first. It smells of distress. “What's wrong?” he frowns, “you seem off.”
Jimin shakes his head, “Jae,” he looks at the baby, “he gets restless sometimes. He,” the omega swallows, “the doctor said he misses the voices he heard. He cries during the night because,” Jimin shrugs, “maybe Yujun used t-” “Sing to him,” Yoongi nods, “he used to sing to him.”
Jimin nods, “figured,” his face morphs into something painful, “also,” he trails off, just to pick up again, “he is not scented. So, that's irking him, too.” Yoongi looks down at the baby and chokes on air when he finds those glass like eyes on him. The baby is staring at him.
Yoongi can't deny how the baby looks exactly like him. He feels like he is watching his childhood playing in front of him. He shivers when he thinks if the baby is seeing him as he saw his father as he grew up. He looks away. “You are here to take care of him,” Yoongi shrugs…
“Do something,” he wipes his face with both of his hands, “make him stop crying.” “I am not a magician!” Jimin glares, “how about you scent your pup and put him at ease!” Yoongi scoffs, “you really think a baby can pick up on scents and stuff like that?” Jimin arches a brow.
“Hold your baby,” Jimin steps up to him, between them, Youngjae squirms, eyes focused on Yoongi, “come on.” Yoongi feared for this moment since Yujun told him they are having a baby. He practiced for this moment and lastly thought Yujun would just teach him how to do this right.
“A hand behind the neck,” Jimin instruct gently, “another underneath him,” the omega nods, carefully placing the baby in Yoongi's arms, “hold him to your chest.” Yoongi is not sure if he is breathing anymore. He looks at the baby, who is staring at him too. Those eyes tearful.
Yoongi lets out a quivering breath, “he is too light. Is that something wrong?” Jimin watches how the baby snuggles against the alpha. His chest fills with air when he notices how Yoongi carefully tucks the baby closer. “No,” Jimin breathes out, “he is a baby, you idiot.”
Youngjae squirms, his back arching. Yoongi blinks, “okay, I think he doesn't want to be with me anymore. Here-” he holds the baby out for Jimin. Jimin rolls his eyes, shaking his head, “no! He wants you to hold him to your chest. Like, you are hugging him. Careful of the neck!”
Jimin feels the tears pool in his eyes when Yoongi finally hugs Jae to his chest. The alpha's curious and somewhat transfixed eyes focused on the baby. Jae snuggles up to the alpha, nose buried in his chest. Jimin wipes his eyes, “I need to make him a bottle. You hold him.”
Yoongi stands at the doorstep, his eyes focused on the baby. Youngjae makes gargling noises, spit bubbling out of his mouth. Yoongi can't help the quirk of his lips when the baby does that. He leans in to scent the pup and freezes. Youngjae smells like Jimin.
Yoongi nuzzles against the baby's head. His lips pressing over the hair, and he inhales the powdery scent the baby gives off. Yoongi hums when Youngjae makes a noise, feline-like eyes looking up at those similar ones. The baby's lips quiver, a few whines leaving his lips.
“Here, here,” Yoongi mumbles, slowly rocking the pup side by side, “I am here,” he hums, “I am right here.” Youngjae squirms nonetheless, his eyes searching. Yoongi frowns, trying to soothe the baby. Youngjae whimpers against, letting out a small sob.
“I am coming, JaeJae,” Jimin calls out, busy making his milk, “just wait a bit.” Yoongi notices how the baby's eyes search the voice. Those long lashes wavering when Youngjae blinks. Then those eyes are back on him, and Yoongi lets out a breath. Jimin comes up to them quickly.
Youngjae cries out when Jimin goes to take him from the alpha. They both share a look. “How about you feed him?” Jimin holds out the bottle, “go and sit in the living room. You can feed him, then I will put him to bed.” Yoongi hesitates, “I don't know anything about feeding.”
“Just take him there,” Jimin hums, “I will get his towels and then I will teach you.” Yoongi turns to leave and as soon as Jimin is out of sight, Youngjae started squirming. A soft sniffle bubbles out of him. “Jiminie is coming, JaeJae,” Jimin calls, “just wait a bit.”
Yoongi carefully takes the baby to the couch in the living room and sits down. He lies Youngjae down on his lap and slowly rocks his leg like he saw Jungkook do with Areum. Youngjae puts his hand in his mouth, biting it with his gums, his eyes focused on Yoongi.
Just after a few seconds, those lips start to quiver again. Those eyes moving all over the room. “Hurry up!” Yoongi shouts, wincing when he startles Youngjae, “he is getting restless.” Youngjae pouts, lips jutting out. The baby starts crying.
“Oh no, no,” Yoongi winces, “I wasn't shouting at you, bub. I am shouting at the omega-” he pauses, “well, you can be an omega too in the future,” he shakes his head, “that omega. Jiminie? Yes. Jiminie. I was shouting at him. Not you.” He pulls the baby to his chest, “never you.”
Yoongi's chest swells when Youngjae grasps his robe, eyes on him. Yoongi gives a tentative smile while he feels a clog tighten in his throat. “Don't cry, baby, I didn't shout at you,” he nuzzles the baby's nose with his own, “I will never shout at you.” Youngjae smiles.
He bites down on Yoongi's nose with his gums, giggling when Yoongi winces. “Okay, that hurt,” Yoongi pokes Jae's tummy, “that hurt, what are you laughing about?” Youngjae giggles more, hands flapping with excitement. Yoongi smiles too, “too late for you to be this awake, bub.”
Yoongi notices Jimin by the corridor then. The omega standing there, hands clutched around a few towels. His eyes are on them. Yoongi's smile dims. He coughs, sitting up straight. The baby does not understand the change, those eyes are confused as he reaches for Yoongi.
Jimin comes to sit on the tea table, holding the bottle near Youngjae's lips. Yoongi watches the baby open his mouth, slowly sucking onto the tip to drink, and Jimin smiles. Yoongi goes to give the baby to Jimin, but Youngjae squirms, whining. “He wants,” Jimin whispers, “you.”
Yoongi holds the baby to him then, and Jimin holds out the bottle for the alpha to take. As the alpha feeds the baby, Jimin lets out a long breath. He watches them for a few moments before the omega stands up to leave, giving them some privacy. Youngjae squirms, whining.
“Just sit, okay?” Yoongi murmurs, “he wants to have you near.” Jimin sits, hand slowly rubbing on Youngjae's chest, while Yoongi holds him up on his lap and feeds him. Youngjae's eyes droop, head leaning against Yoongi's chest. “I think he fell asleep,” Yoongi nods, “right?”
Jimin shushes him, “he has a habit of waking up if you move. Sit there.” Yoongi nods, holding the baby to himself. “Burp him,” Jimin instruct, “slowly pat his back. Wait, put a towel over your shoulder before that, or he will burp on you.” Yoongi winces, “goodness.”
Jimin lets the alpha burp the baby before Youngjae settles against Yoongi's chest. But as soon as Jimin goes to take the baby away, Youngjae whines, nuzzling closer to the alpha. They both share a look. Yoongi shrugs, “it's okay,” he looks down at the baby, “let him rest.”
“When he is fully asleep, I will get him to bed,” Yoongi nods, “you can go and rest.” Jimin hesitates, “his crib is in my room.” Yoongi frowns, “he... he is in your room? He has a nursery prepared.” Jimin nods, “yes, but, he gets antsy when he is left alone the whole night.”
Yoongi nods, “fine. You sleep with your door open. I will leave him in his crib when he falls asleep.” Jimin agrees hesitantly, casting a glance at Youngjae before he goes to his room and closes the door. Yoongi leans back against the couch, “let's sleep now, champ.”
It feels weird to walk inside a room without knocking. Yoongi knows Jimin was busy the entire day taking care of the baby, and he doesn't want to wake the omega up. He slowly walks inside and goes to place Jae in the crib. Jae squirms and Yoongi stands there until he stills.
Then Yoongi lets out a breath, feeling exhausted himself. He turns to leave and his eyes find the omega on the bed. Jimin is curled up on his side, the quilt tangled around his legs but not on him. His pillows piling up under his neck. Yoongi makes a face, “you are so messy.”
With a curse, Yoongi goes over to the omega's side and pulls the quilt till his chin. He fixes the pillows and freezes when Jimin stirs, turning to lie on his back. Yoongi watches the omega for a few seconds before he shakes his head and backtracks. He closes the door behind him.
“I found three families who are quite well off and they are all eager about the adoption,” Iseul says as soon as she walks inside the studio, “two are here and the last one is,” she arches a brow, “Jungkook and Taehyung.” Yoongi blinks, “I am sorry?” Iseul hums, “yes.”
“They said, they will be more than happy to adopt Youngjae,” Iseul shrugs, “Taehyung was persistent. So was Jungkook.” Yoongi goes through the files, “the other two?” Iseul points at one file, “Choi Sujin and Yeona. They were trying for a baby for six years now. No luck, so…”
“Sujin is an investment banker and Yeona is an interior decorator,” Iseul wraps the coat around herself tightly, “they are financially stable enough. So, they are surely not after the money.” Yoongi goes through their files, eyes scanning over the photos of the couple.
“The next in like is Kim Subin and Jiho. They cannot be parents because of some complications on Subin's part and they want to adopt,” Iseul looks at the alpha who flips to their files, “Subin is a lawyer and Jiho is an architecture.” Yoongi hums, “I see. They seem interesting.”
“I can fix some meetings,” Iseul gets up from her seat, “you can interview them before deciding. Are we thinking about Jungkook and Taehyung?” Yoongi goes through their files too, “I am. Let's see where the other two go. Let's call them for a meeting.” Iseul nods, “cool.”
“Yushik called,” Iseul informs him then, “was telling me he wants to meet you. There is something important he wants to discuss with you.” Yoongi sits at the edge of the table, still going through the files, “what does he want now?” Iseul chuckles, “no idea, to be honest.”
“He said, he will call you,” Iseul reaches to pat Yoongi's back, “god!” she comes closer, hand slowly moving over Yoongi's shoulders, “you are so taut! Would you relax? It will go fine.” Yoongi chuckles, “you don't have to give me a massage, Iseul,” he squirms away, “I'm fine.”
Iseul gives him a sympathetic life, “your apartment must be a mess, yeah?” she takes his hands in his, “how about you come over to mine and I make you something tonight? You can stay over. We can have a chill night.” Yoongi smiles, “well, I don't want to intrude. It's fine.”
Iseul slaps Yoongi's chest playfully, “come on, Yoonie. We are friends since you debuted. I miss hanging out with you. You have nothing to do tonight, let's hang out,” she presses a finger against Yoongi's lips, “no denial. You are coming over.” Yoongi watches her leave.
------ Yoongi presses the bell, smiling when Iseul opens the door. He pauses when he sees her in shorts and a spaghetti-strapped tank top. “You bought wine!” She giggles, “damn, gentleman, I see.” Yoongi lets her drag him inside the apartment, “yeah. I can do this much.”
Yoongi sits on the couch, eyes on the screen where Iseul is playing a horror movie. “I thought you are not a fan of horror,” Yoongi munches on the popcorn, “neither am I, by the way.” Iseul smiles, “well, we can be scared together.” Yoongi feels her scoot closer with time.
Yoongi jumps when his phone buzzes and Iseul clicks her tongue. “Yoonie, mute it, come on!” Yoongi pulls out the phone to see the name and frowns, “give me a sec,” he gets up and goes to the balcony before answering the phone. “Hello?” Yoongi shivers under the cold breeze.
“It's past midnight,” Jimin sounds tired, “you are never this late, so,” the omega hesitates, “aren't you coming home?” Yoongi grips the railing, his eyes on the city lights, “I don't think we are close enough for you to ask my whereabouts.” Jimin is quiet, Yoongi waits.
He is not used to this. Yujun never called him if he didn't get home because the omega knew not to disturb him if he was out. He was probably in the studio. Yoongi finds it irksome when people make it a 'sweet' point when it feels quite restraining to answer these questions.
“I am asking because I got worried there for a second,” Jimin sounds tired, “also,” he hesitates, “Jae is a little upset since the evening. He misses you.” Yoongi blinks, “I am at Iseul's place,” he shrugs, “might not get home tonight.” Jimin sounds hesitant, “oh? Okay, then.”
Yoongi looks down at the street, too far down, “I got the adoption meetings tomorrow,” he is not sure why he is sharing it with Jimin, “two families are short-listed. Would you like to be in the meeting?” Jimin sucks in a breath, “no.” The silence is heavy this time.
“Just... just tell me when you finalize the adoption,” Jimin gulps audibly, “I will leave the night before. I,” he sounds strained, “I can't.” Yoongi feels those words in his chest, something cracking, “you can't? You can't, what?” “I can't give him away,” Jimin whispers.
“So, I will leave,” Jimin's voice sounds hoarse, “and, pretend like he is still here. I will just go back to Autumns and think he is here, if I ever want to see him again.” Yoongi is not sure why his eyes start to blur, “I can't do this on my own forever. I have to do this.”
“I know,” Jimin hums, the line carries over Youngjae's whines, “I hope they love him as he deserves.” Yoongi hears Jimin shushing Youngjae, humming to the pup. The pup cries, sounding a little restless. “He heard your voice,” Jimin whispers, “now, he is even more restless.”
“I don't think he is capable to pick up voices over phone,” Yoongi tries to reason, “he is too young for that.” Jimin sighs, “just say, hi.” Yoongi swallows, “hey,” he murmurs, “champ,” tears roll out of his eyes, “don't get fussy, yeah? I will be back soon.”
“See, bub,” Jimin coos, “appa will be back soon. Yes? How about you fall asleep? He will be here soon.” Yoongi clutches the railing, his eyes closing when he hears Youngjae's cries. “I will let you get back to your night,” Jimin sighs, “see you.” Yoongi hears the call go dead.
Yoongi watches the lockscreen of his phone. Yujun smiles at him. Yoongi blinks, a teardrop lands on Yujun's smile. “You were supposed to be here,” Yoongi murmurs, “helping me learn to be a father. Without you, I don't want to do this. I can't do this without you, Jun.”
Yoongi gets inside the room, sitting on the couch and accepting the wine Iseul holds out for him. He feels Iseul's head on his shoulder, arms wrapped around his elbow. He sits there, eyes glued on the screen. “You are staying the night?” Iseul asks, “alpha?”
Yoongi jolts. The name makes him look at the omega. Iseul's eyes are on him. There is a small smile on her lips. Yoong watches her swallow, eyes flickering over Yoongi's face. Yoongi stills when he realizes what the omega's scent smells like. “Iseul, what are you doing?”
Iseul's hand reaches for his and the omega gets up to straddle him. “I know you are not over Yujun,” Iseul whispers, eyes watery, “you don't have to,” her arms loop around Yoongi's neck, “just...” she leans in, “this can be all physical, you know? To blow off some steam?”
Yoongi pulls his face away, craning his neck, “Iseul, are you drunk? What are you saying?” Iseul cups his face, leaning in, “no, alpha. I am just offering. You can have me. This can be just sex. I don't min-” “I do!” Yoongi gets up, disgusted, “seriously, what the fuck, Iseul?”
Iseul reaches out blindly, grasping Yoongi by his elbow, “please! You know you need something to take your mind off of everything else. You can trust me on this.” Yoongi curses when she pulls him close, “Iseul what-” “What?” she whispers, “you will never touch an omega again?”
She leans in, her lips leaving a stain on his jaw where she kisses him before Yoongi shoves her off. “I don't know if I will ever touch an omega or not,” Yoongi takes a step back, “but, I won't ever touch someone as desperate as you, Iseul.” He storms out of the apartment.
----- Jimin hears the sound of the door slamming and he jumps. He carefully peeks at the crib to see Youngjae sleeping, and he winces when he hears another crash. He slowly tiptoes out of the room to come down the corridor and see Yoongi behind the kitchen counter.
Jimin stops at the door of hte kitchen. His eyes following the alpha, who is seething by the sink. Yoongi is gripping the edge of the sink, head bowed and his shirt loose around him. “A-are you okay?” Jimin calls, a little cautious. The alpha goes taut, “leave me alone.”
Jimin hesitates, “what's wrong-” Yoongi opens the tab and splashes water on his face. Jimin watches the alpha turn around to go and open the fridge for some beer. “What's wrong-” Jimin freezes when he sees the glossy stain on Yoongi's jaw, too prominent on his pale skin.
The brown lipstick stain is too easy to pick up on. Jimin swallows. There is a taste of something sour on his tongue. Jimin tries to hold in it but as he watches the alpha chug some beer, he loses it. “So, I was here, taking care of your pup, and you were busy screwing around?!”
Yoongi goes still, looking over his shoulder at the omega, “I am sorry?” Jimin grips the edge of the counter, glaring at the alpha, “you know what I mean! You were out there, bedding your damn manager, when I was awake all night to get Youngjae to sleep!” Yoongi stares at him.
“You can just leave, you know?” Yoongi waves his hand, “no one's going to miss you here.” Jimin curses, “oh, yeah?! Who will take care of Jae, then?” he snorts, “what? You will take him over and screw your manager while he sleeps next to you?!” Yoongi curses loudly, “shut up!”
“Whether I screw my manager or colleagues or find a hooker,” Yoongi steps up to Jimin, glare pointed at the omega's face, “none of your business. I didn't ask you to be here. You are here on your own free will. Don't ever try to boss me around, yeah? Know your limit!”
“I don't owe you any answer,” Yoongi wipes his jaw, the stain smearing further, “get that!” Something churns in Jimin and it's so illogical, it makes him feel nauseous. What was he expecting? Why did he ask? Why did he lose his temper? But the stain is there and it irks him.
“F'ck you!” Jimin hisses, “and your life. I can't believe I ever idolized you,” he nods when Yoongi snorts, “no, seriously! You don't deserve it. You are far from an idol, and you are nothing but a pathetic coward who can't get his shit together to take care of his own pup!”
“Can't believe I thought you are just coping with your husband's death,” Jimin laughs, “when it took you just a few weeks to fall in bed with someone else!” Jimin flinches when Yoongi throws the can of beer on the floor, the liquid spilling everywhere on the marbled floor.
Yoongi reaches to grasp Jimin by his forearm and tug him forward. Jimin gasps when he collides with Yoongi's chest. Their faces inch away from each other. “Are you upset that I f'cked someone, or,” Yoongi leans in, his voice venomous against Jimin's ear, “that, it wasn't you?”
Jimin wrenches his arm free, “you disgust me!” Yoongi's eyes are heavy on his face, they wander, as if to make sure Jimin just said that. Then there is a smirk, a cruel one at that. “And, you think I give a fu'k, because...?” Yoongi cages him against the counter, “angel?”
Yoongi's eyes do a once-over, “tell me,” he breathes Jimin in, lungs filling with the scent of some flowers, “I am going to live my life however I want. If that bothers you, tough,” he pouts, “you can pack up, leave. I didn't ask you to stay here.” Jimin glares, “you're drunk.”
Yoongi snorts, “just had a sip of wine in her apartment and a sip of beer here. Both time I was interrupted,” he leans in, “for two very different reasons.” Jimin turns his face away, “shut up!” Yoongi is not sure what the flower is, but the scent makes him wonder.
"I know you don't care about me," Jimin presses his hands on Yoongi's chest, “I don't want you to. We are not a thing. I lost my temper because, you know how Jae can't sleep until you are feeding him. You know he makes a fuss-” “I am giving him up,” Yoongi swallows, “soon.”
Yoongi feels those nails dig onto his chest. He watches, right in front of his eyes, how Jimin's eyes fill with tears. He is in close proximity, the apartment too quiet, maybe that's why he hears the way Jimin's breath hitches. The omega clutches onto his shirt with desperation.
“Give him to me.” The four words are whispered, and yet they echo around Yoongi. His eyes trace those irises and Jimin does not shy away. “I love him,” Jimin utters, begs almost, “I will love him. He will be loved.” Something squeezes hard in Yoongi's chest. His head hurts.
“I will take him back to the village,” Jimin swears, his knuckles turning white because of his grip on Yoongi's shirt, “I will never tell him you are his father if you don't want me to. I don't need your money. Just-” he breathes in, “please. I will love him. I promise.”
“I just,” Jimin swallows, “I love him.” Yoongi wants to laugh. He wants to point out so many flaws in Jimin's plea, but he can't bring himself to. Because, that's what it is. A desperate plea of an omega who really loves a pup who is, in no way, connected to him.
“What is in this for you?” Yoongi wonders, he can't help but ask the only question that is nagging him since the start, “is this guilt? You,” he looks the omega in the eyes, “no matter what we all said in our anger, hurt, you didn't really kill Yujun. You know, right?”
Jimin's throat bobs, “I know. It was guilt at first,” he looks away, “but, the more time I spend with Jae,” he wipes his eyes, “the more I see his smile whenever he sees me...” Jimin shakes his head, “you don't want him. I love him. I can do this. I will keep him safe, happy.”
The kitchen is dimly lit. The only light Yoongi turned on is near the doorway. It casts a shadow on Jimin's face, turning it a little sombre. Yoongi traces those lines of that omega's faces. “I got two really wealthy families in my list,” Yoongi pulls away, “for adoption.”
“I know I am not wealthy,” Jimin tries again, “but, I will work hard-” “Let's talk about it tomorrow,” Yoongi interrupts him, “I am exhausted. I will have the meetings and then think about it.” Jimin nods, jerky, “y-yeah. Okay.” Yoongi hums, “go and sleep now.”
“Okay,” Jimin rounds the counter to leave, his shoulders curled in. Yoongi curses, “stop looking so devastated,” he combs his hair back in frustration, “you can come with me and see the families. If they don't seem right, then,” Yoongi looks away when Jimin turns to him...
“Then?” Jimin asks. Yoongi shrugs, “then,” he goes to open the fridge again, pulling out another beer, “then, frankly,” he opens the beer and takes a long gulp, “I am not sure about the adoption. I am not.” Jimin watches the alpha come and sit on the kitchen stool with a curse.
“I am not going to be able to do this all alone,” Yoongi traces the lip of the bottle, “you know me as an idol. Did I ever strike to you as a father figure?” Jimin has no answer to that. Yoongi snorts, “I know. I thought, between me and Yujun, we will make it work. Now...”
“I am not sure, okay?” he looks at the ring of water the bottle leaves on the counter, “I am working most of the time. I am barely home. I don't think I will find someone I will want as a mate ever again. Even if I did, what's the guarantee that they will treat him right? No?”
“I can't think that you will be here forever,” Yoongi sips his beer, “you are not shackled here. I know I was pissed and I brought you here until I got the adoption fixed but,” he waves his hand, “I don't know. Is there another way? I am not sure. I feel so overwhelmed.”
“You have a damn life,” Yoongi rubs his forehead, “I can't tie you up here with Jae forever. I don't know how to go about this situation.” Jimin thinks, standing there, “I can stay for a few weeks,” he nods when the alpha looks at him, “until you settle everything.”
“I am going to my therapist tomorrow,” Yoongi hums, “I will tell him about this situation,” he curses, “there is too much on my plate out of nowhere and I just don't want to mess it up. I don't want Jae to have a lonely childhood. I fear that I will give him just that.”
Jimin goes to sit beside the alpha, “well, you are thinking so much about him. That's a start,” he stares at his own hands on the counter, “you can go to therapy and find some time to peace yourself. Then, when you are ready, he will be here. Take it slow.” Yoongi nods.
“Give me a month, then,” Yoongi scratches the sticker of the beer bottle, carefully peeling it, “I will learn to do better and find an alternative. Then, you can go home.” Jimin swallows, “right.” Yoongi looks at him from the corner of his eyes, “you don't want to leave him.”
Jimin chuckles, “if he is fine,” he digs his nails into his palms, “then, I will have no purpose here anymore. I will leave. Don't worry,” he looks at Yoongi in the eyes, “I am really not an obsessive fan.” Yoongi's eyes are already on him, “right.”
“I'll go now,” Jimin stands up, “he is asleep. But, if you want to say good night?” Yoongi gets up too, “no,” he shakes his head, “I smell of Iseul and beers,” he makes a face, “I don't want to go near him like this. I will see him tomorrow morning.” Jimin nods, “okay. Night.”
Yoongi hums, “night.” Jimin goes back to his room and closes the door. Yoongi goes to his room. He opens the door of the balcony and gets out. He looks up at the sky, the moon is alone tonight. Yoongi sips the beer, letting out a deep breath. “Let's do this, then.”
Jimin is not sure when they settle a routine. A tentative routine that both of them don't talk about. Yoongi wakes him up by knocking on his door to greet Jae good morning. While Jimin takes a shower. When he comes out and busies himself with Jae's food, Yoongi makes breakfast.
Jimin feeds Jae on his stool while Yoongi eats his breakfast. The alpha leaves every morning in a rush, leaving a kiss on top of Jae's head and promising him to come back soon. Jimin eats his breakfast and then works from home on some content writing jobs he picked up.
Yoongi makes sure to be home before the sun sets. Every evening, they both take Jae out on walks. The pup carefully strapped in the pram and Yoongi pushing it while Jimin walks by the alpha's side. While Jimin feeds the baby for the night, Yoongi cooks them dinner.
Yoongi walks around the living room, trying to burp the baby, while Jimin takes his night shower and comes back to tuck the baby in. They both kiss the baby good night and take the monitor with them to the living room. They eat dinner together, in silence, eyes on the TV.
Jimin squirms on his spot, eyes flickering from the screen to the alpha beside him. “What?” Yoongi asks, pausing the show, “you keep staring.” Jimin flushes, looking down at his feet, “nothing.” “Just tell me,” Yoongi sighs, “what is it?” Jimin chews his lips, “well...”
“I need to go home for five days,” Jimin blurts out, looking anywhere but at Yoongi. Yoongi frowns, “for what?” Jimin shrugs, “for some emergency.” “When?” Yoongi turns to him, “tonight?” “No,” Jimin gulps, “in two days.” Yoong stares, “you know about an upcoming emergency?”
Jimin keeps his glare fixed on the couch, “yeah. I know because it comes every three months.” Yoongi blinks and then it dawns on him. Yoongi feels the way his face heats up and he whips around to face the television. The tips of his ears turning red. “Of course,” he nods, “go.”
“You don't need to ask my permission for this,” Yoongi waves his hand, resuming the show, “you know.” “I know, but I can't suddenly just disappear,” Jimin shrugs, eyes on the screen, “I will be back in a week.” “A week?!” Yoongi winces, “you said, five days, though?!”
Jimin hums, “well, it takes a day for the journey to the village and I will be too exhausted to come back right away after it ends. So, I will take a day to rest and then come back.” Yoongi nods. For a few minutes, they watch the show. “You have a heat partner?” Yoongi wonders.
Jimin feels his face heat up, he busies himself with his dinner. Shoves a some rice in his mouth and hums. “I do,” he looks at the bowl, “it's safer that way.” Yoongi hums, “your boyfriend?” Jimin grips the chopsticks, “no?” Yoongi eyes him, “are you asking or telling me?”
“It's Jin hyung,” Jimin mumbles, feeling the alpha's eyes on him, “we help each other because we can trust each other fully in situations like that.” Yoongi blinks, “Seokjin?” Jimin nods, “yeah.” Yoongi looks back at the television, “I see.” The silence feels tensed somehow.
“He is good-looking,” Yoongi chews his rice, eyes stuck on the screen, “no doubt.” Jimin smiles, thinking about the alpha back home, “he is not just good-looking,” his voice fills with warmth, “he is the most caring alpha I know. Good cook, great company. He is the best.”
Yoongi looks at him, “you sound fond.” Jimin smiles, “I am fond of him,” he thinks for a second before murmuring, “I had a crush on him growing up. You know? He was so,” Jimin shrugs, “everything. I was so into him.” Yoongi arches a brow, “what happened then? Ask him out.”
Jimin knows he will sound extremely stupid, so he keeps it to himself. His eyes find Yoongi, and he watches the alpha give him a small smile. “I just grew up,” Jimin forces a smile, “crushes fade, you know?” Yoongi chuckles, “well, you still trust him during your heats.”
“He trusts you during his rut,” Yoongi eats his food, “I say, give it a thought. A date won't harm anyone.” Jimin looks at the screen, “maybe you are right.” Yoongi gets up, taking his plates to the sink, “I am. This time, ask him out for a date.” Jimin hums.
“You will call me if something goes wrong,” Jimin lists, “you know where the formulas are? Did you memorize the towels he needs? You know the light at the corner of the room needs to stay dim-” “I got it,” Yoongi bounces Jae in his arms, “there are nannies, too. We got it.”
Jimin nods, eyes back on Jae, “bye, bub,” he leans in to kiss the pup's head, “I will be back soon.” Yoongi smiles at the baby who nuzzles against his neck, too deep in sleep. “Just enjoy your trip,” Yoong sighs, “it will be fine. I promise.” Jimin does not look convinced.
“He will be fine, Mimi,” Jin wraps his arm around Jimin's waist, smiling down at the omega, “he is with his dad and his dad is doing well. He got this.” “Thanks, hyung,” Yoongi hums, his eyes lingering on Jin's hand on Jimin's waist before moving onto his face, “I got it.”
Yoongi closes the door behind them and looks at the baby with a deep breath. “I got this,” he tells himself, taking the pup to bed. ---- “You look worried as hell,” Jin says that night, hugging Jimin from behind, “mimi, are you still staring at your phone?” Jimin swallows.
Jimin turns to face the alpha, humming when Jin kisses down his neck, taking the phone from his hand. Jimin lets the alpha hoist him up on the kitchen counter, standing between his parted legs. “I just,” he pulls away, “I asked him how's everything, and he hasn't replied yet.”
Jin squeezes his knees, hands rubbing on Jimin's thighs soothingly. Jimin looks at him with worried eyes. The alpha offers a small smile. “He is probably busy?” Jin offers, “he is taking care of the baby alone for the first time. Maybe they are busy bonding. Yes?”
Jimin shrugs, “maybe, you are right. I am thinking too much.” Jin agrees, “come on. We have the entire Autumns at our disposal. Let's enjoy the few days' off we got.” Jimin tries to smile, “you are right. Yeah.” Jin smirks, wiggling his brows, “shall we start here, then?”
---- Yoongi sits in the rocking chair, reading the book, while he keeps an eye on the baby monitor. Jae is sleeping for an hour now. Yoongi looks at the fireplace, the woods cracking. He stares at it for a few seconds before looking at the phone where the message is.
He takes the phone and types out a message with the last photo he clicked of Jae that night. 'He is fine. Sleeping. He missed you, so I wrapped him in your scarf. Hope you don't mind. Sorry.' He leaves the phone on the table and goes back to the book. Eyes skimming the lines.
The reply makes him jump. He was not expecting one that fast. Yoongi opens the phone to read it. 'It is fine. He looks so peaceful. You did good.' Yoongi smiles at the screen, typing back. 'Thanks, sir. Do I get a star for it? Or, a cookie?' The bubbles make him wait.
He snorts when the message comes. 'You get no star for doing the bare minimum, and I am shit at cooking. So, no cookies, either.' Yoongi types out his reply and hits send. 'I can make the cookies and you can judge them. That works too.' Jimin replies, 'okay. Bake me some.'
'I will,' Yoongi writes back, 'btw, how are you writing to me? Aren't you busy?' The reply is late. Yoongi waits anyway. 'I just got out to have some water,' Jimin writes, 'it gets tiring.' Yoongi arches a brow, 'sex gets tiring? He isn't good, then. I guess.'
Jimin's response takes time. Yoongi watches the bubbles come and go for quite some time before it comes. 'He is good, but sex in itself is tiring. The same physical choreography. Like a dance routine, you know? It gets repetitive.' Yoongi laughs at the screen, 'you're stupid.'
Yoongi was not expecting the call. So, when his phone starts to ring, he is surprised, but he picks up nonetheless. “I am not stupid,” Jimin greets him, “also, did you burp Jae before you sent him to sleep?” Yoongi leans back on his chair, “nah, Jin is bad in bed, I guess.”
“What?” Jimin frowns. Yoongi watches the flames, “you are in heat. In the middle of the night, you left your alpha's side to call me and discuss if Jae burped or not. What do I assume from this?” Jimin snorts, “that, maybe, I am worried about the pup? You knot-headed alpha?”
Yoongi hums, watching the woods slowly turn into ash, “this is why every marriage change after a baby comes along. The omegas get too into the baby and the alphas just feel ignored, like Jin is feeling right now, probably.” Jimin is quiet for a second, then he laughs.
“You are such an idiot,” Jimin giggles, “he is sleeping. Do you want me to tell you how many times we did it now?” Yoongi shrugs, “no. That's too personal. If you are satisfied, who am I to ask?” The line is quiet for a few seconds. “I don't know,” Jimin murmurs then.
“You don't know what?” Yoongi closes his book, carefully tucking a finger between the pages, “if you are satisfied or not?” Jimin lets out a deep breath, “he is one of my closest friends. We grew up together. The intimacy feels nice, but,” he shrugs, “I feel odd saying this...”
“I feel cheap every time we do it,” Jimin murmurs, his voice thick, “physically I need it. I know. Otherwise, I can go on suppressants pills but those are not good for health. So, I do it. But,” he closes his eyes, “it makes me restless. Every time. More than the last time.”
“He is so good,” Jimin feels those tears brimming in his eyes, “I can't discuss this with Tae because he is a common friend and I don't want to put him in that position but,” Jimin chuckles, “I am ruining your night. Sorry-” “No,” Yoongi whispers, “tell me. I am listening.”
“When he touches me, when he tells me how happy he can make me,” Jimin looks down at his hand, where he is holding the mug of coffee, “it feels like a promise. Yet, I can't bring myself to think the same. I,” Jimin trails off for a second, “I don't let him kiss me.”
“I am telling you all this because I know, one day we will part ways and my secrets, worries, fears will be locked and forgotten with you,” Jimin mumbles, “yeah?” Yoongi swallows, “yeah.” Jimin sighs, “tell me I am a sap. Go on. I know you want to.” Yoongi closes his eyes.
Yoongi's throat bobs, “I met Yujun in these rut facilities. Where your company finds a well-off omega and set you both up. In this way, both side have too much to lose if they try to backstab each other. We would meet every three months for our cycle. I fell in love first.”
“When I realized it,” Yoongi blinks, “I backed away. I just couldn't do it anymore. I just couldn't touch him and know it meant nothing to him,” he swallows, “I couldn't kiss him and think how many others have done it or who will do it for the rest of his life. You know?”
“So, I get it,” Yoongi sighs, “we all are a little sappy when we are in love.” When Jimin does not answer, Yoongi frowns. “Are you there?” he wonders. Jimin hums, “how did you two get together then?” Yoongi pauses, his lips twitching, “he came raging one day. To the studio.”
“Told me how he took heat suppressants and I owe him big time if his biology fucks up,” Yoongi snorts at the memory, “he shouted that he loves me. Loved me enough to go on pills for the rest of his life.” Jimin chuckles, “he fell harder, I guess.” Yoongi's eyes tear up, “yeah.”
Jimin swallows, his eyes on his coffee. His mouth feels sour. He blinks back tears. 'We all are a little sappy when we are in love.' Yoongi's words feel like a cold bucket of water, and it's splashed right on his face. Jimin hugs himself, turning to stare at the vast window.
It is raining. Jimin bites back his tears too. “I'll go on pills,” Yoongi's voice echoes in the room, “from next month. I can't be with another omega, ever again.” 'I love you,' Jimin realizes, in that dark kitchen, with his eyes on the storm outside, 'I fell in love with you.'
Jimin hums, coughs to clear his voice, “that's- that's good.” “Thanks,” Yoongi chuckles, “also, give Jin a chance, you know? You never know, feelings are weird. They might be right there, and you probably never noticed?” Jimin shudders, “I will go. I feel a little sick.”
tw/vomit “Take care,” Yoongi cuts the call. Jimin goes to the sink and throws up. Everything he ate during the dinner. He clutches his stomach and cries. “You idiot!” Jimin hisses at himself, “what reason you have to love that man?! You have no reason to love him! Why?!”
He stumbles, going to the counter and leaning against it, “Yoongi didn't give you a single reason for you to love him. Why?! He is just an alpha whose baby,” Jimin sniffles, “you love the baby. Why, why are you doing this to yourself? Nothing good will come from this! You idiot!”
----- Yoongi doesn't get Jimin's calls after that night. He doesn't reply either, and Yoongi doesn't mind. He leaves Jae's photo, one every day, for Jimin and closes the app. The days go by quickly and before Yoongi knows it, he is coming home to Jimin's scent in the apartment.
The scent wafts around the place and Yoongi is stuck on the threshold. He never noticed the scent that much. There are too many scents and he never really paid attention to any in particular. Today he does. The scent of cherry blossom dances in the air and it feels like spring.
Yoongi stands there and listens, immobile, how Jimin's voice fills the empty apartment. He is singing something, and then Yoongi hears Jae's giggles. Yoongi closes the door behind himself and follows the voices. As per their rules, Jimin never leaves anything lying around.
The omega's door is open and Yoongi stands there, his eyes on the man who is slowly moving around the room with Jae in his grasp. Time to time Jimin would hold Jae up, high, and the baby will squeak, giggling. “I missed you,” Jimin pulls Jae to his chest, “I missed you so much!”
He stops when he smells the alpha. The scent of monsoon rain fills Jimin's lungs, and he is turning to face the alpha with wide and startled eyes. Yoongi gives him a small, awkward smile, “you are back.” Jimin holds Youngjae to his chest, “I am.” There is a heavy silence.
“You look exhausted,” Yoongi observes, “and-” his eyes get stuck on Jimin's hand, “what... what's that?” Jimin frowns, “what?” Yoongi steps inside the room, “that... the ring...?” Jimin looks like he just now realized it's there, eyes finding it too, “oh. Jin hyung proposed.”
Yoongi stares at the ring, “that was fast...?” Jimin chuckles, “he counted the heats and ruts as courting. I guess.” Yoongi nods, “yeah. I,” he swallows, “you agreed, I see?” Jimin shrugs, “he is a nice guy.” Yoongi blinks, “yeah. Yeah, he is. Of course. I see. Good. Good.”
Jimin forces a smile on his lips, “thanks.” Yoongi nods, “welcome.” The silence is awkward, and they both jump when Youngjae reaches for Yoongi from Jimin's arms. Yoongi goes to take him, but the pup whines, grab tight on Yoongi. “What is it, champ?” Yoongi asks, “you okay?”
Jae whines, face buried against Jimin and hand grasping Yoongi's shirt. “He missed you,” Yoongi nods, “would cry time to time for no reasons. Your scarfs helped.” Jimin hums, “I am glad.” Yoongi lets the omega go and sit on the bed, following right behind when Jae whines.
Yoongi sits on the chair because the omega's nest is still there on his bed. “So, when is the wedding?” Yoongi wonders, “big plans and all?” “In two months,” Jimin smiles, “nothing big. Just at the chapel in our village,” he rubs Jae's back, “I just want a small wedding.”
“Also,” Jimin smiles, “congratulations on your wedding.” Yoongi blinks, eyes furrowed, “what...?” Jimin's smile dims, “your... wedding?” Yoongi breathes out a laugh, “what wedding? This is not a wedding sale, buy one, get one free, Jimin. What do you mean by my wedding?”
“Your father-in-law called,” Jimin murmurs, “told me to not come here anymore. Because, you are getting married to Yujun's brother?” Yoongi blinks, “what... come again?” Jimini frowns, “he said, you agreed?” Yoongi stares, “well, he told me he wants to meet and that's it.”
Jimin blinks, “you are not?” Yoongi looks at Jae, back at Jimin, “well,” he hesitates, “he didn't ask me. But, if he does, I mean,” he shrugs, “Yongsun is good. But,” he frowns, “I will see. I don't know. But, why did he tell you when I didn't say it?” Jimin shrugs, “no idea.”
“He hates me,” Jimin shrugs, looking down at Jae's face, “so, maybe, he just wanted me off your back.” Yoongi looks at Jae too, “maybe. But, I will still talk to him. He had no right to decide for me.” Jimin nods, “yeah.” They are quiet for a few seconds.
“Why would you marry him, when you told me yourself that you don't want to be with another omega?” Jimin blurts out. Yoongi pauses, “to be honest, I think Jae needs an omega father around. You know? He was missing you terribly, and it all was a little hectic for me alone.”
“I mean, he is Yujun's brother,” Yoongi shrugs, “if I put forward some rules, chances are, he will get them because he knows where I am coming from.” “Rules?” Jimin wonders. “You know,” Yoongi waves his hand, “I told you how I am feeling right now. I will tell him the same.”
Yoongi shrugs, “I will see when he proposes the idea,” he looks at Jimin, “so, when will you leave?” Jimin looks at the alpha, shrugs, “two weeks before the wedding. I don't need much time. It's a small wedding, as I said.” Yoongi breathes out, “congratulations. I guess?”
Jimin nods, “thanks.” Yoongi gets up, “I will go and shower.” Jimin gets up too, “yeah, okay. I will put Jae to bed.” “What do you want for dinner?” Yoongi wonders, “I am cooking. Maybe rice?” “I am going on a date,” Jimin stops him, “with Jin hyung. I will eat out.”
Yoongi looks at the omega, “oh? He is in town?” Jimin gives a small nod, “he is staying with Taehyung and Jungkook.” “Ahh,” Yoongi hums, “okay, cool. Are you coming back tonight?” Jimin shrugs, “he said, he has plans. I am not sure?” Yoongi smiles, “first date?” Jimin nods.
Yoongi gives a small nod, “okay. You know,” he glances at the omega, “you can leave. Right?” Jimin frowns, “what?” Yoongi hesitates, “you are not tied to this. Me or Jae. You can just,” he waves his hand, “leave. It's okay,” he tries to assure, “we will survive. Find a way.”
“I'll be out of your hair when the time comes,” Jimin gives a small nod, “but, I am not ready to let him go yet.” Yoongi watches the omega, “don't do this, angel,” he smiles when Jimin looks at him quizzically, “don't leave us when we get too attached to you.” The alpha leaves.
Yongsun is everything Jimin thinks he is not. The omega is pretty, unbearably so, and very well-dressed. His words are smooth and never stumbles to voice his opinions. Also, he is very honest and open-minded about the things he discusses with Yoongi. Jimin sits there and watches.
“I am fine with all of your clauses,” the omega nods, “losing a mate is hard. I know and I understand because I have loved him, in a different way, of course,” he throws a smile at Yoongi, “as much as you did. I could not even come to see him for the last time. I understand you.”
Yoongi looks relieved, somewhat happy, “thanks. I know how hard it must have been for you,” he swallows, “you two were so close.” Yongsun's eyes gloss over, he looks down at his hands, “yeah. I can't believe I talked to him a night before the accident, and,” he stops to breathe.
Jimin watches how Yoongi reaches for a tissue and holds it out for Yongsun to take. Yongsun takes it with a small nod, and Yoongi squeezes his knee. “I guess, this is a pain we both share,” Yongsun whispers, “even more than dad, we share this.” Yoongi agrees, “yeah. We do.”
Jimin flinches when his phone rings. Two pairs of eyes turn to him, and he jumps up on his feet to pull out the phone. He stammers out an apology and walks out of the room. “Yes, Jin hyung?” he answers the call, “what's up?” Jin chuckles, “just calling to see how you are.”
Jimin breathes out a sigh of relief, “I am good,” he bites his lower lip, “how are you?” Seokjin sounds amused, “why are you sounding so tensed, chim?” Jimin closes his eyes, “just… work.” Seokjin hums, “is Yoongi making your life harder now?” Jimin shrugs, “no. Not at all.”
Seokjin sighs, “are you okay?” Jimin looks down at his hand, vision a little hazy, “I'm fine.” “You don't sound fine,” Seokjin sounds melancholic, “nowadays, you never sound fine. He makes you sad, chim. He makes you miserable.” The tears roll out of Jimin's eyes. He sniffles.
“Hyung, we talked about this,” Jimin whispers, “we are never going to talk about him or whatever happens here. I am going to leave very soon. Then, all of this will be a distant memory. You promised-” “To give you time to move on, yes,” Seokjin sighs, “I know.”
Jimin wipes his eyes, “yes. Time to move on. I will. I will leave this all behind and move on, but,” he gulps, “you can still back out, hyung. You can still leave. I am not going to-” “I love you, chim,” Seokjin chuckles, “I will always love you. So, I will wait.”
Jimiin breathes out, “I will see you for the outing, then. Yes?” “Date, chim,” Seokjin corrects him, “see me for the date.” Jimin nods, “yeah. Date. Date,” he reminds himself, “I will see you for the date.” Seokjin hums, “bye for now, then. I love you.” Jimin hums, “yeah.”
Jimin types out a message to Seokjin after cutting the call, 'I still need time to say it. I don't want to fake it with you.' The reply is instant. 'I know. I will wait.' Jimin shoves the phone in his pocket and walks back to the room and opens the door, just to freeze.
Yongsun has Jae in his lap. Yoongi is sitting beside him. Jae is giggling at something Yongsun said. The omega's pleased scent is mild. The scent of the alpha's relief floods the room. Jimin watches how Yoongi smiles at the two of them, observing them silently. He gulps.
Jimin flinches when those eyes find him and he takes a step back. It feels like he is invading and he does not want to. Jimin shakes his head when Yoongi arches a brow and points over his shoulder before turning and hurrying away from that room. Giving them some privacy.
Yoongi flips through the diary, busy writing a few lines that are circling in his head for hours now. He curses when the last line just doesn't come off the way he imagines, and gets up to get something to drink from the bar in his living room. “Jae is sleeping,” Jimin walks in.
“I have fed him,” he nods to Yoongi who turns to face him, “burped him. Now he will sleep for hours. Hopefully. But, keep the monitor close. If you need anything, call me.” Yoongi's eyes travel across Jimin's figure, his lips twitching up, “you cleaned up good, angel.”
Yoongi rounds the counter to come and stand in front of Jimin. “Just put on an earring,” he tilts his head, “he will be mesmerized.” Jimin shifts his weight from one foot to another, “he is already mesmerized. I am fine.” Yoongi chuckles, “you can outdo yourself. No?”
“Take a coat,” Yoongi glances at the mesh shirt Jimin is wearing, “it's cold outside.” Jimin nods, “I got the coat,” he holds up his arm, “I will go now.” Yoongi hums, “no need to hurry back. I got it,” he waves his hand, “Jae and I will be fine. You take your time, bye.”
Jimin hesitates, “I will be back soon.” Yoongi picks up a bottle of milk, pouring himself some, “no need to worry. I got this.” Those eyes hold Jimin captive when Yoongi looks at him and gives him a small smile. “Don't ever let me hold you back from your alpha, angel.”
Jimin ignores the words, his eyes following the alpha's movements. “What are you going to do?” he wonders, “don't drink-” “I am not,” Yoongi shakes his head, “I will make myself some coffee and work. Nothing bad. Just go. You worry too much. I got this.” So, Jimin leaves.
-- It is almost ten when Jimin gets home. His forehead creases with a faint frown when he hears the laughter coming from the living room. He walks inside to pause by the living room door. Yongsun sits on the couch, laughing heartily over a bowl of popcorn and Yoongi beside him.
Yoongi looks over at him, a faint smile still on his lips, “hey,” he frowns at the clock, “you are early.” Jimin grips the coat in his hands, “it's ten.” Yoongi nods, confused, “it's just ten.” Jimin jerks his head towards the corridor, “do you want me to leave?”
“I will take a stroll if you want me out of here,” Jimin offers. “No,” Yoongi gets up from the couch, “you are not disturbing anything. We are just-” “We are just watching some movie, Jimin,” Yongsun offers, “you can surely go to your room and retire. It's fine, really.”
Jimin nods, walking briskly across the room and down the corridor to his room. He sees Jae in his crib and closes the door. With a tired sigh, he kneels in front of the baby's crib to watch Jae sleep. Jimin is not sure how long he sits there. A knock breaks his trance.
He looks over his shoulder to see Yoongi by the door. He looks back at Jae. “Yongsun just left,” Yoongi walks inside to stand by the crib, “how was your date-” “I am tired,” Jimin shots up, “we can do this chit-chat tomorrow.” He curses when Yoongi reaches for his wrist.
“What's wrong?” Yoongi pulls Jimin closer, “you smell of distress.” Jimin keeps his eyes resolutely on the alpha's earring, “nothing,” he shakes his head, “just exhausted.” Yoongi is quiet, then he nods, “I am thinking of shifting Jae from your room.” Jimin freezes, “huh?”
“The nursery,” Yoongi nods, pursing his lips, “Yongsun and I were talking, and I think he is right. It will be better if we move him to the nursery because, he needs to get used to staying away from you,” the alpha's eyes find him, “now that you are leaving. Am I right?”
Jimin looks at the baby, “but... he can't sleep without me,” Jimin swallows, his eyes finally meeting the alpha's hooded ones, “how are you going to separate us-” “He needs to get used to it, Jimin,” Yoongi shrugs, “now that I am having him, and you are starting a family...”
Jimin turns away, swiftly, “he wakes up in the middle of the night-” “The monitor will work,” Yoongi murmurs, “we can hear it.” “Do you,” Jimin licks his lips, looking over his shoulder at the alpha, “do you want me to leave? Is that it?” Yoongi does not answer him right away.
“Do you want to leave?” Yoongi asks when the silence stretches for too long, “you can, if you want.” Jimin feels those words like sharp pins, piercing through his skin, he nods, “if that's what you want, I will leave. Jae is your son, after all.” Yoongi chuckles, “yeah, right.”
“He is more familiar with you than me,” Yoongi pushes off of the crib, walks up to Jimin, “we both know that he will be yours first,” the alpha's voice is low, “and, that's a weird thought. Isn't it?” he waves his hand vaguely, “you are about to be married. Have your own family.”
“You don't need to be here,” Yoongi gestures around himself, “taking care of him. Taking care of me,” Yoongi jabs a finger at his chest, “you don't have to anymore. I free you,” his throat bobs, “from whatever shackles you think you have around yourself, I free you.”
There is a tremor in Yoongi's voice, something sharp in those eyes. Jimin notices. He cannot help but notice everything about Yoongi. “Leave,” Yoongi's voice is empty, cold somewhat, “leave before it all gets too much. Yeah? Leave before you hurt him and yourself.”
“Him?” Jimin knows his voice lacks the curiosity, it's filled with something else, something that sounds so pathetically like hope, “who?” “Jin,” Yoongi is ready to snap, “you will hurt him and yourself. Leave before you do that. Jae will forget you, get used to your absence.”
“Fck you,” Jimin grits out, “you and your thoughts and your decisions. You,” he looks at the baby and curses, “you are hopeless. Horrible. You are the most horrible person I know!” Jimin storms out of the room, not sure where he is going, but he does not want to be in that room.
Yoongi follows him out, “listen to me-” “No, I get it,” Jimin jerks his arm out of Yoongi's reaching hand, “you want to start a family, and now you don't need me. Just say it, okay?! No need to pin it on me! No need to make it sound like you care about me and my life!”
“I am in no way connected to Jae, I know!” Jimin shouts, “so, you don't have to be so diplomatic! Be yourself, tell me to get the f'ck out of here and I will. It's okay, I will leave tomorrow,” Jimin shakes his head, “just stop pretending like you care about me. Really!”
“Yongsun is way more connected to Jae than me,” Jimin nods, “he is connected to Yujun too! You are doing everything right. So, no need to be diplomatic! Just tell me to leave and I will-” Yoongi looks hesitant, “I am just… sorry, okay?” he curses, “hear me out.”
Yoongi curses, “I feel guilty now that I know how I almost dragged you into this mess. I couldn't handle my own pain and I lashed out at you. Almost threatened you to come here to stay with me because Jae needed it. I made your life a living hell, literally. I did.”
“I am a mess,” Yoongi combs his hair back in frustration, “and I made you a mess in return. I just, I don't know how to pay you back for everything you did. So selflessly. Now,” the alpha waves his hands, “now you have a chance to have a family and I don't want to ruin it.”
“I don't know how to pay you back,” Yoongi sounds remorseful, “so,” he swallows, “at least, let me take this load off of your hands. You don't have to stick around this mess. We will get better. We will find a way-” “So, I will never see Jae again?” Jimin whispers.
Yoongi's shoulders slump, “of course, you will,” he tries to give Jimin a small smile, “you are... kind of like his godfather.” Jimin laughs, the sound is all there is in that laugh. He doesn't feel joyous. “Right,” Jimin shrugs, “I will leave tomorrow, then.”
“Anything else you want me to do for you to feel better?” Jimin asks, plastering a smile on his lips, “anything else?” Yoongi watches him, nods, “let me pay for the wedding.” Jimin's smile freezes, “what...?” Yoongi looks away, “I can pay for your wedding. I mean-”
“Don't,” Jimin holds his hand up, “don't go further!” Yoongi clicks his tongue against his cheek, “you wasted so much of your time here, and-” Jimin feels the hot tears brimming in his eyes, “so, you want to pay off your guilt. Pay me like one of those nannies. Is that it?”
Yoongi curses, “I am just trying to help!” “You are not helping!” Jimin screams, “when you treat me like a burden, you don't help. When you try to mend things by throwing money at it, you aren't helping! This is not helping at all! I don't need your help! You get it?!”
“I came here because I love Jae!” Jimin shoves the alpha's chest, frustration, hurt, anger, everything piling up in him, “I stayed because I love him. I will go away because I love him and I get it that he needs a family, and you are finally starting one. I will leave! Yeah?!”
“I don't want to be forever in debt to you,” Yoongi takes a hold of both of Jimin's wrists, jerking him forward, “I don't.” “But, you are not,” Jimin shrugs, “I did all this out of love. I never put a price on it. I know you are rich, but even you can't buy my love for Jae. No.”
“Just for him?” Yoongi's voice is husky, “your love is just for him?” Jimin trembles, his eyes wavering, “yes,” he breathes out, “I love Jae and I want the best for him.” Yoongi's hands slowly lets go of his wrist, just to find Jimin's waist, “best for him?” Jimin nods.
“Can I put a price on Jin's ring?” The question is so sudden and so confusing, Jimin blinks. Not sure what to make of that. “What…?” he asks, confused. Yoongi's throat bobs, “what's the price of his ring?” “Why?” Jimin furrows his brows, “what do you mean?”
Yoongi takes Jimin's hand in his, thumb caressing the ring. His eyes bore onto the glimmering band, and Jimin cannot look away from the alpha's face. Those intense eyes on his ring, that set jaw. “How much for this ring?” Yoongi's eyes snap to his, “for you to take it off?”
“Are you trying to buy me or something?” Jimin grits out, “are you out of your mind?” Yoongi's face is impassive, “everything has a price. We pay in cash or in actions. Just, tell me the price.” “Over my dead body,” Jimin hisses, “I am marrying him! What are you saying-”
“You just told me you will pay for our wedding!” Jimin curses, “what are you-” “If you really want to marry him, I will,” Yoongi shrugs, “a damn gift from me. Won't even put a dent in my weekly income.” Jimin glares, “stop bragging about how much money you earn!” Yoongi hums.
“I want you here,” Yoongi gestures around them, “I want you to stay here forever. So, that's what I am trying to say. How much is the cost of that ring-” “Too much,” Jimin shakes his head, “Jin hyung loves me. You can't buy his love.” Yoongi nods, “but, you don't love him.”
“I will learn to love him,” Jimin snorts, “that's already a better starting than most marriages.” Yoongi sighs, “is it going to be enough?” “Yes,” Jimin nods, “because, what do you want me here for? Babysitting? Jae will grow up one day. Then, what? What would be of me?”
“You will be mine,” Yoongi whispers, the words echoing in the room, “I can put a ring on you.” Jimin blinks, his skin alight with goosebumps, “what did you say?” Yoongi nods, “you heard me.” Jimin curses, “no! What do you mean?!” Yoongi shrugs, “marry me instead.”
Yoongi steps up to Jimin, “If you are going to learn to love him, if the wedding is nothing but a scam, just do it with me,” he nods, determined, “you don't have to let go of Jae. Jae doesn't have to grow up without you. If you're doing this for the sake of it, do it with me.”
“He loves me,” Jimin gives a delirious laugh, “he promised me a family. My pups-” “Is that what you want?” Yoongi arches a brow, his jaw hard, “a damn pup? I can provide-” “Do you want me?” Jimin wonders, “cut this bullshit and answer me. Do you have feelings for me?”
Yoongi's eyes flicker over Jimin's face, “well,” there is hesitance, clear in those eyes, in that hardening jaw… Jimin waits. The silence stretches for too long. Then snaps with the alpha's words. “I think you are better for Jae than Yongsun” Yoongi nods. Jimin sighs.
“If that's all I am going to be here for,” Jimin shrugs, “then, let's crack a deal. Yeah?” he smiles mockingly, “how about you pay me to babysit him as my job and stop caring about whom I marry? I will join the post even after I am married. No worries, sir. Yeah?!”
Jimin rounds him to leave and Yoongi curses, loudly. “Does physically attracted to you counts?” The alpha speaks up, voice loud and clear, “because, it's,” he shrugs when Jimin looks over his shoulder at the man, “I am not going to fall in love in a blink of an eye, Jimin!”
“Love takes time,” Yoongi curses, “I am still bruised from my first love.” Jimin swallows, “I am bruised from my first love too,” he looks away from the alpha, “you have no idea.” Yoongi stops, frowns, “who… who is your first love?” Jimin breathes out a laugh, “you.”
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Jimin shakes his head in resentment, “and, I will never forgive myself for that.” Yoongi rounds him in hurry, standing in front of the door to not let Jimin pass, “then, don't marry him.” Jimin looks at the alpha, eyes teary, “shut up. Seriously, shut up. You have no rights-”
“We can heal together,” Yoongi murmurs, “give us a chance, please?” Jimin shakes his head, face contorting, “what made you think this will work?” “That day, when I came home,” Yoongi swallows, his eyes tender on Jimin, “I finally came home.” Jimin frowns, confused.
Yoongi gives him a throaty laugh, “till then I was coming back to a shelter,” he combs his hair back, trying to put his thoughts into words, “a place to rest, take care of Jae and then get back to work. But, that day, I opened the door and saw you. It felt like home again.”
“It wasn't love,” Yoongi shakes his head, “it wasn't some groundbreaking realization. It was something very silent, very,” Yoongi's eyes wander around the room as if those walls will have his words written on them, “it was very alive. You know?” Jimin doesn't. He stays silent.
Yoongi curses, frustrated that the omega is not getting it. He takes Jimin's hands in his, desperate, squeezing them together, “it felt like springs after a long, dreading winter,” the alpha's throat bobs, “you felt like spring.” Jimin sucks in a breath, his lips trembling.
“I am not sure what you want me to say,” Jimin chuckles, “that's literally bare minimum. You love Yujun.” “I know,” Yoongi's hold on him tightens, “but,” his face contorts, “I don't want you to go.” Jimin feels the tiredness slowly creep up on him. He feels it to his bones.
“You just got habituated,” Jimin murmurs, taking a step back, pulling his hands out of Yoongi's grasp, “we all do. It scares us to let those familiar habits go. But, you will be fine.” Jimin shakes his head, “I can't throw away my everything for your bare minimum. No.”
“I can't give up everything for this, whatever this is you are offering,” Jimin waves his hand, “I can't throw away Jin hyung's promises. His friendship. His companionship. A planned future for something as bizarre as you. I can't,” Jimin lets out a shuddering breath.
“If I was that high school boy,” he smiles faintly, “with those stupid dreams and stupid courage to follow them, maybe then. Now,” Jimin swallows, “I want a planned road ahead of me. I want an alpha who is ready to walk that road without a single hesitation. I want security.”
“I want to have pups,” Jimin nods, “more than one. I want an alpha who is ready for that. I want an alpha who is secure in his love for me. I want him to there for our family, and Jin hyung is offering me all of that. I can't throw it all away because of your vague promises.”
“Promises are always vague, angel,” Yoongi chuckles, “when we know nothing of the future, how can we promise something solid? Every promise is vague because life has a way of breaking through them. You can't plan everything. If it was possible, Yujun would still be here. No?”
He sighs, “fine. I won't obviously want you to destroy whatever you security you are holding onto. I know what I offer is vague and uncertain. I get it,” Yoongi steps away, “you are right. It was stupid.” Jimin nods, “yeah. Let's never bring this up again. It's impossible.”
“So,” Jimin grasps his palms together, “do you want me gone?” Yoongi shrugs, “well, Yongsun is right. Jae needs to learn to stay away from you. I think, you can stay as long as you want. We can move him to the nursery and slowly ease him into not being around you all the time.”
Jimin goes to bed that night with a heavy heart. When sleep just doesn't come, he crawls down to the crib and leans against the wooden surface. He watches Jae sleep, peacefully grasping onto his cover and mouth a little ajar. “I will miss you,” Jimin sniffles, “so much.”
The thought is painful that some day Jae might meet him and the boy will not recognize him. Jimin might forget how Jae looks like because he would grow up and Jimin would not know anything about him anymore. Jimin cries, knees pulled up to his chin, “I wish you were mine.”
Yoongi sips the whiskey in his glass. His eyes on the traffic. Those moving lights, because he is too far up to see the actual cars. Those soft, steady lights from the other buildings. His eyes wander onto them. He feels hollow, a sense of emptiness fills him to the brim.
Tonight, he looks up at the sky and lets out a deep breath. He shakes his head, swallowing the bitter liquor. “I feel guilty,” Yoongi murmurs to the stars, “for feeling whatever I feel for him. I feel horribly guilty for wanting him,” he curses, “I am sorry, Yujun.”
“I promised you my forever,” Yoongi lets that sardonic smile curl his lips, “I always felt like I will disrespect you and our love if I ever let myself be attracted to another omega. But, I am,” he sits on the jut-swing chair, “I am so fucking attracted to him.”
“I wanted to kiss him,” Yoongi looks down at the glass in his hands, “tonight. I wanted to kiss him, breathless,” he feels the shame curl in his guts, “I wanted to know how he sounds in pleasure. How he looks in ecstasy. Then I felt this gut-wrenching shame. I,” Yoongi curses.
“I asked myself if this fast I forgot you, then maybe I will forget him just as fast, faster,” Yoongi looks at the sky, “right? I mean, I am so fickle minded. I feel like I am cheating on you but,” Yoongi swallows, “I can't deny that I feel attracted to him. It feels wrong.”
“I don't know, Yujun, but I think you are angry. You have all the rights,” he takes another sip of his whiskey, “because, nowadays, his scent is the first thing I remember when I wake up. I am starting to forget how you smelt like,” Yoongi's eyes brim with tears, “you know?”
“I make him dinner, and now I remember how he likes his food. I am forgetting how you liked your coffee. I now know exactly how light my footsteps have to be, so I don't wake him up in the morning. I am forgetting how you looked when you woke up every morning.”
“Maybe he is right,” Yoongi finishes the glass of whiskey, “I should marry Yongsun. Because, I feel nothing for him,” he laughs to himself, “that way, I will hold onto my promise to you and stop feeling like a shitty person for the feelings Jimin awakens in me. Yeah?”
“Someday I will forget him,” Yoongi gets up, “someday, I will meet him in one of Taehyung and Jungkook's gatherings, and we will smile at each other like we never shared anything. I will look at him with Seokjin, carrying his pups and feel nothing,” he snorts, “that easily.”
“But, tonight?” He looks up at the stars, lips curling, “tonight, the thought is killing me. Tonight, I will be honest with you, Yujun, that thought of them together is just unbearable. So,” Yoongi shrugs, turning away, “I will just sleep it off like a hangover. Yeah.”
“Seokjin, Jimin is right,” Yoongi drops the glass on the carpet casually, walking over to drop on the mattress, “will be the best alpha for him. Caring, friendly, supportive. I got none of that shit to offer. So, it's better.” Yoongi closes his eyes to those thoughts.
They move Jae to the nursery. Jimin clings to the monitor throughout the day. He runs to the room at a faint sound or a little sniff from Jae. He stays awake the night Jae moves to his room. “I will take care of him,” Yongsun assures the day he comes to take Jae out on a stroll.
“Just make sure he is hidden from the sun,” Jimin winces at his rough voice, “I mean, I know it's the evening sun, but he hates it and starts whining.” “He will be fine,” Yoongi assures him next, “I know all that. I am going too, you know?” They share a small smile.
“When is your alpha coming to pick you up for the date?” Yongsun wonders, “you need to get dressed too, no?” Jimin hums, “Jin hyung will be here in a few minutes.” “Then, go and get ready,” Yoongi waves his hand, “we got Jae. Stop worrying.” Jimin wishes he could.
He watches Yoongi's hand on Yongsun's back, guiding him to the lift. Jimin watches the lift doors close with Yongsun laughing at something Yoongi says with a small smile on his face. Jae held tightly in Yongsun's arms. He turns away, slamming the door closed.
---- ---- “You look,” Jin whispers, eyes wandering over Jimin's face, “really beautiful.” Jimin smiles, “looking handsome yourself, hyung.” Jin holds his hand, pressing the button of the lift, “that I always do.” Jimin laughs, easily. There is a sense of familiarity with Jin.
Going out to a decent restaurant. Watching a film afterwards. Jin taking his hand and leaving a kiss on top of his knuckles, it all feels familiar. A sense of comfort that always comes with the familiarity. But, Jimin hates how it all feels so mundane. So perfect but monotonous.
He lets the alpha take him home and when Seokjin turns him to face the alpha, Jimin knows what Seokjin expects of him. He knows every step. He hurries through them with guilt. He leans up on his feet and presses a soft kiss on Seokjin's lips before pulling away.
When the door opens, it's Yongsun with a bright smile. “Hey, come in,” he addresses Seokjin, “we are having a movie night. Join us. You can stay the night.” Jimin watches, helpless, how Seokjin looks at the omega and at him. With hopeful eyes. He shrugs, forcing a smile.
Jimin shrugs, “you can stay. Sure.” Seokjin follows him inside, bowing to Yongsun, who waves him off. “I will get him something to drink,” Yongsun offers, “you go and change, yeah?” Jimin nods, “where is Jae?” Yongsun points at the nursery, “Yoonie got him.”
Jimin goes to open the door of the nursery and stops when he sees Yoongi walking around the room. The alpha is softly humming a tune while Jae squirms in his hold. “Here, let me,” Jimin reaches out, stepping up to the alpha, “just pat him-” Jae flinches as Jimin nears.
Jimin stops, freezing on his spot. His confused eyes find Yoongi whose jaw is set and eyes are on anything but Jimin. “What-” Jimin frowns, “what happened...” “You smell like Jin,” Yoongi answers, eyes focused on Jae, “he smelt the alpha on you.” Jimin pulls away, “oh.”
Jimin swallows the sharp pain that shoots through him. Forces a smile on his lips. “He might be an alpha, huh?” Jimin tries to make light of the situation, “senses so sharp.” Yoongi's eyes finally find him, “you reek, Jimin. He is just a baby. Nothing about the sub-gender.”
Jimin frowns, feeling chastised, “why are you sounding so harsh? I smell like my alpha, what's wrong in that?” Yoongi closes his eyes momentarily, “nothing. Just, the baby is sensitive to the smell, so, you should just leave him to it.” Jimin hates how small he feels.
Yoongi probably notices because the alpha lets out a sigh, “just take a shower. He will be fin-” “It's okay,” Jimin shrugs, taking a step back from the two of them, “I don't need to shower. It's fine. We need him to learn to stay away from me anyway.” He storms out of the room.
“How are you getting here from what I said?!” Yoongi follows him down the corridor to his room, “damn, Jimin! I am just saying, Jae is sensitive to smells, and you know how he reacts if he smells anyone on me too! Why are you-” Jimin shrugs, “I didn't say anything.”
Yoongi grabs Jimin's elbow, “are you making sense to yourself?” Jimin curses, turning to glare at Yoongi, “well, your baby is just like you! You smell like Youngsun too, but he has problems with my scent?!” Yoongi blinks, “are you upset with Jae now? What are you saying?”
Jimin shrugs, “I am not saying anything, I am just saying I will never be enough. No matter how much I do, one step out of line, everyone is coming for me!” Yoongi stares, “seriously, you are making no sense to me right now.” Jimin feels frustrated, “go away then. Leave!”
“I do so much for him, why can't he accept me if my scent changes?!” Jimin hisses, “so, if I ever change, he will not accept me?!” Yoongi curses, “he is just a months' old baby, Jimin! What the hell is wrong with you?!”
Jimin feels guilty. For kissing Jin. He feels unreasonably guilty. And when Jae rejected him, it felt like the baby knew. The baby saw how he was feeling and reacted accordingly. Jimin feels hot tears brim in his eyes, “take your baby and leave. I want to be alone for now!”
“I have all the rights to smell like my alpha,” he murmurs to himself, “no one gets a say in that.” Yoongi watches him, “you are going crazy, I guess.” Jimin feels like it too. He watches Jae and his heart breaks. “Just take him away for now,” Jimin turns away.
🍂🍂 Springs 🍂🍂
Jimin cannot sleep that night. He twists and turns on the bed while Jin sleeps peacefully beside him. He stares up at the dark ceiling and tears roll out of his eyes. There is an ache. Ever present. He looks at the alpha beside him and his heart stutters in his chest.
Sitting up, he crawls out of the bed. He is not sure what he is doing, but he goes to the bathroom. After discarding his clothes, he goes to shower. He scrubs himself clean until his skin is pink, his fingertips wrinkled. With a sigh, he dries himself and wears clean clothes.
He tip toes out of the room and goes to the nursery. When he opens the door of it, the glimmering stars on the ceiling of the nursery welcome him. With hesitant but quick steps he walks up to the crib. A soft gasp escapes him when he sees Jae. The baby is awake, blinking at him.
He picks the baby up in his arms, breath caught in his chest, while he waits for Jae to start squirming or crying. Jae does none of that. His eyes study Jimin for a second, and then the baby is squirming closer to him. Face buried in Jimin's chest. A sob tears out of Jimin.
He holds Jae against his chest, tight but careful to let the baby breathe. His tears wreck out of him and Jimin lets them. He sits on the pillowy carpet and cries while holding Jae to himself. “Why did I let myself get in this mess?” he wonders aloud, “now, how do I leave you?”
“Your appa and I don't see eye to eye,” Jimin whimpers, “I am to marry someone else. How can I tell Jin hyung that I want to see you time to time? How can I make your appa and your future papa agree to let them come and meet you? Why did I get here? What am I doing?”
“I wish you were mine,” Jimin burst out crying again, hugging Jae to himself, “I wish I can just straight up tell your appa that I want to be a part of your life. I don't care about anything else-” The door opens and Jimin flinches, his eyes wide and on the door.
Yoongi walks in, closes the door, “the monitor,” he murmurs, eyes fixed on Jimin, “is working.” Jimin's face colours, he is glad the room is dim, “o-oh. I,” he looks down at where Jae is, now peacefully asleep, “I was just,” he hurries to get up, “I am sorry. I didn't mean to-”
Yoongi arches a brow, “you didn't mean to?” Jimin swallows, looking away, “I didn't mean to wake you.” “Didn't sleep,” Yoongi shrugs, sitting down on the carpet, “couldn't sleep.” Jimin nods, looking at Jae on his lap, “I didn't wake him. He was already awake.”
Yoongi does not say a word. Jimin hates how the silence feels so heavy. So intimidating. It chokes him, makes him feel breathless. Tears cling onto his lashes and he can't help the next wave of tears that come barrelling. The more he looks at Jae, the more his heart aches.
Yoongi's hand comes up. From the corner of his eyes, Jimin sees the alpha hesitate before reaching for his own hand and giving it a squeeze. Jimin feels how his hand trembles in the alpha's hold. “You don't need to explain anything to me when it comes to Jae,” Yoongi murmurs.
The alpha shrugs, eyes on Jae, “he is more yours than he was ever mine,” a small and sad smile tilts Yoongi's lips, “it feels like the universe set me and Yujun up to get Jae to you. It's bizarre how much you love him and how much he loves you too.” Jimin bites back a whimper.
“I have decided something,” Yoongi watches Jae's peaceful face, “I am not marrying Yongsun,” he nods when Jimin looks at him, “it just doesn't feel right.” “Then…” Jimin trails off. Yoongi shrugs, “I will raise him and,” he looks at Jimin, “if you want, as long as you want…”
“He is yours,” Yoongi's throat bobs, he looks down at Jae, “you won't need my permission to see him. To be with him. If Jin agrees,” Yoongi shrugs, “and you want to, you are more than welcome to be in his life.” Jimin stares, “that... why?” Yoongi's smile is dim, “why not?”
“No one would ever love him as much as you love him,” Yoongi lets go of Jimin's hand, “so, why not?” Jimin's stomach churns, “you,” he stares at the alpha, “you will let me? Visit? Be with him-” “Yes,” Yoongi hums, ever so calm, “I would not want it any other way.”
“You and Jin talk about it,” Yoongi leans back on his arms, “let me know what you decide.” Jimin looks at Jae, “if he disagrees, I won't marry him,” his voice is steady, “it feels like Jae is my-” his voice chokes, “he is my first baby.” Yoongi's heart aches, “he is.”
Yoongi swallows, his eyes on Jae, “he will always be yours first.” Jimin hugs the baby, rocking him gently while pressing frantic kisses all over his head. Yoongi watches, tears glistening in his eyes. He blinks fast, forces a smile on his lips, “now, now, don't wake him up.”
Jimin looks at him, tears soaked cheeks, a thankful smile. “Thank you.” Yoongi hums, “I should say it to you,” he looks at Jae, “thanks for taking up his responsibility when I wasn't ready. For being here with him and teaching him how to be a father. For,” his eyes find Jimin…
“doing so much for some strangers,” Yoongi looks at Jae, “you selflessly sacrificed too much for him and me. Thank you.” Jimin wipes his eyes, “I was thinking, after your wedding, I will never see him again-” “That was never the plan,” Yoongi chuckles, “it was my first rule.”
“That, you will have all the rights to be here, come here and be with him because he is just as much yours, if not more, as mine,” the alpha takes Jae from Jimin and carefully lies him down in the crib. Jimin's heart races, “you... told that to Yongsun?” Yoongi nods, “yes.”
Yoongi gets up, hands in the pocket of his joggers, “if one of the Mins is lucky to have you in his life, he should.” Jimin chokes on his breath, eyes wide, as the alpha turns on his feet and walks out of the room. Jimin stays there, in the nursery, throughout the night.
“If you want to adopt the entire village's worth of babies, I have no problem,” Jin says the next day when Jimin tells him about the decision. Jimin feels the warmth seep into his veins, a smile on his lips, “really?” Jin nods, “I have no problems, chim. I really don't.”
Jimin throws his arms around Jin, burying his face against Jin's neck, “thank you, hyung. Thank you so much!” Jin pulls him closer, arms tight around Jimin, “when we have babies, Jae can be the elder brother. Yeah?” Jimin's smile dims, there is a sense of reluctance in him.
“Yes,” he forces the word out of his mouth, “yes,” he says it again to hear it himself, “when we have babies,” he swallows, “Jae will be their elder brother.” Jin's smile is pleased, warm, “good. Now, come here. Give me a morning kiss.” Jimin lets the alpha pull him in a kiss.
“Shit! Sorry.” Jimin jumps away from Jin, as if burnt, when he hears that voice. His eyes immediately find Yoongi, and he is wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Yoongi looks equally startled, “good morning. Came out for coffee,” he points at the kettle, “sorry.”
Jimin forces a smile on his lips, shrugs, “it's your house.” Yoongi nods, stiff, “yeah, I,” he coughs, looking at Jin, “good morning.” Jimin's eyes finally find Jin and Jin is watching him. There is something in Jin's eyes that Jimin cannot decipher. It goes away quickly.
Jin offers Yoongi a small smile, “your house, Yoongi. You don't need to apologize.” Yoongi trudges up to the kitchen counter, pouring himself a mug of coffee. Jimin clicks his tongue, displeased. “Take a toast,” Jimin hisses, “don't drink that damn coffee on empty stomach!”
Yoongi is too sleep muddled. Hair a mess, eyes barely open. He shrugs, sitting on the stool in a heap. Jimin runs over, picking up a plate and dropping two toast and the omelette on it, “don't torture your stomach! Have a toast first!” Yoongi groans, “just a sip won't kill me!”
Jimin drops the toast on the plate, “fine! If only you would listen! You are just so stubborn! Drink that poison and escalate your-” “Oh, god, here!” Yoongi takes a bite of the toast, munching noisily, “happy?” Jimin reaches out, wiping the crumbs from his mouth, “careful!”
Jimin pauses when Yoongi smiles at him. A sleepy smile and a nod. “Oops?” the alpha offers. Jimin's heart soars, something in him breaking when he looks over at Jin, who is watching him. He pulls back, the feel of Jin's lips on his and Yoongi's lips on his fingertips.
His fingertips tingle. The touch lingers and Jimin is taking a step away from the counter. His eyes on Jin and back at Yoongi. Jin comes over, a smile on his lips, “let's have breakfast. I need to leave soon. Yeah?” Jimin swallows, “ye-yeah.” He serves Jin a plate, carefully…
“I will be out of your hair,” Yoongi drops the plate in the sink for the maids to get, “see you around, Jin.” Jin nods, smiles, “see you.” Jimin reaches for Yoongi, “Jae has a doctor's appointment. Are you coming or I am going alone?” Yoongi hums, “I'll go from the office.”
“Don't forget lunch,” Yoongi murmurs, “seriously, don't skip the meals. See you.” Jimin nods, “call me if the doctor cancels like the last time!” Yoongi snorts, “I am dropping her if she pulls that shit again!” “Language!” Jimin hisses. “Jae is not here,” Yoongi walks away.
Jimin looks at Jin, “sorry, he just forgets things,” he waves his hands, getting up and collecting their plates, “he doesn't get up properly until ten. Before that, whatever you tell him, he just forgets-” Jin hums, “I see.” Jimin places the dishes in the sink, “yeah.”
Jin gets up, “I will go and change. Yeah?” he smiles at Jimin, “I need to leave.” Jimin nods, turning to face the alpha, “okay. Call me when you reach.” Jin watches him, “I will.” Jimin furrows his brows, “what? What are you looking at?” Jin sighs, “are you sure, chim?”
“About?” Jimin wonders. Jin walks up to him, cupping his face, “about us. Bub,” he caresses Jimin's cheeks with his thumbs, “if you have doubt, even a minute before the wedding, you tell me. Yes? You don't need to hide anything from me,” Jin tries to smile, “you know, right?”
“Before anything else, I am your hyung,” Jin gives Jimin a pointed stare, “I will never want to see you in a situation you don't want to be in. I would never want you to force yourself to settle in.” “What are you talking about?” Jimin breathes out a smile, “I am fine.”
Jin hums, “I am selfish, chim. If you don't realize, then I won't tell you myself,” his face contorts, “I can't.” “Tell me what?” Jimin holds Jin's wrists, confused, “what's wrong, hyung?” Jin's eyes glimmer, “nothing. Just... if you ever change your mind, just tell me.”
“Go and dress up, hyung,” Jimin pulls away, “you aren't making sense.” Jin hums, “okay. I will.” Jimin watches Jin go and he goes to the nursery himself. Jimin cradles Jae to his chest while he bids Jin goodbye and closes the door. “Where is your papa?” Jimin wonders.
He walks up to the master bedroom and opens the door after a knock. Jimin pauses by the threshold, his eyes on the man in front of the mirror. Yoongi is shrugging on his jacket, spraying a perfume and then reaching for the earrings. Jimin clicks his tongue, “show off.”
Yoongi looks over at him, “what?” Jimin furrows his brows, walking inside, “the doctor already drools over you, and you don't leave a chance to impress her. Look at you, getting all dressed up!” Yoongi blinks, looking at himself, “I am literally going to work...?”
Jimin shrugs, “taking extra time to style your hair and all?” Yoongi lets out a soft laugh, “I have an interview. My makeup artist threatened me to not show up as a used rag. So, here I am.” Jimin rolls his eyes, “you just accept that you like her attention.”
Yoongi shakes his head, a fond, small smile on his lips. He turns to face the mirror again. Jimin watches the alpha wear the earrings, wristwatch before taking his keys and wallet. Yoongi leans in to nuzzle Jae with his nose, scenting the baby, “your papa has gone mad, kiddo.”
Jimin freezes, his eyes on the alpha, who doesn't even seem phrased. Yoongi kisses the top of Jae's forehead and reaches to ruffle Jimin's hair. “See you,” Yoongi waves, hurrying, “stop worrying about the doctor. Got no time for her, bye.” Jimin stands there as Yoongi leaves.
“Papa?” Jimin whispers, startles when Jae giggles, looking at him with wide eyes. Jimin stares at the baby, “did he just call me your papa?” Jae tries to push his entire fist in his mouth, not bothered by the storm of emotion that run inside Jimin. “What...” Jimin gulps.
“What papa?” Jimin asks the empty room, “am I your papa…?” Jae giggles again. Jimin glares at the baby, “you, you are taking your appa's side? Why are you laughing?” he holds the baby to his chest, “oh, god, how can he just say that and go?! What the-” he gulps down the curse.
He dials Yoongi's number, shushing Jae in his arm. “Hello? I didn't forget my wallet,” Yoongi answers, “I will not be late for the appointment. What else-” “You called me Jae's papa,” Jimin breathes out. The silence is heavy. Jimin waits. His heart in his throat.
Yoongi breathes out then, chuckles low, breathy, “I guess it slipped,” he murmurs. “You didn't mean it?” Jimin's heart clenches. Yoongi clicks his tongue, “never meant for you to hear it.” Jimin frowns, “what?” he looks down at the baby, “what do you mean?”
Yoongi hums, “in my head, kind of,” the alpha pauses, “I called you his papa for a long time now.” Jimin feels his vision blurring, “you are such an asshole!” Yoongi laughs, winded, short, “language,” he takes a pause, “papa.” Jimin sniffles, “shut up! Bye!” He cuts the call.
🥀🥀 Springs 🥀🥀
Jimin watches the streets pass by, he stares at the buildings one by one. He focuses on anything but the man beside him, who is driving while whistling to himself. “Okay,” Yoongi sighs, “speak up. What is it? You are painfully quiet.” Jimin shrugs, “nothing.”
“Jimin,” Yoongi curses, “what is it?” Jimin closes his eyes, “I said, nothing.” Yoongi hums, “so, you smell disturbed for nothing?” Jimin bites his lower lip, “Jin hyung wants to advance the wedding.” The quiet in the car greets him. Jimin holds his breath, waiting.
“That's,” Yoongi sounds distant, “that's great.” Jimin nods, eyes following the setting sun, “yeah,” he tells himself, “that's great.” Yoongi is quiet after that. For a long time, the only sound is the song from the radio. Jimin winces when he sees the first drop of rain.
“So, when is it?” Yoongi wonders, his voice low. Jimin watches the raindrops pelt against the windows of the car, “in three days.” Yoongi sucks in a breath, “that's...” the alpha's voice goes quiet. Jimin swallows, “yeah.” Yoongi hums, “excited?” Jimin hums, “very.”
Yoongi chuckles, “so, when are you leaving?” Jimin grips the seatbelt, eyes ahead on the road, “tomorrow.” Yoongi nods, “cool.” Jimin bites down on his lower lip, stealing a glance at the alpha, “would you,” he looks down at his hands, “would you come? To the wedding?”
“No,” Yoongi grips the steering tightly in his hands, “that place,” he furrows his brows, shaking his head, “Autumns doesn't bring me joy.” Jimin understands, he glances outside, “I know. I am sorry.” Jae whines behind them, on his seat. Jimin looks over, reaching to pat him.
Jimin hesitates, looking ahead again when Jae settles. “I will be out of town for a week afterwards,” he murmurs, looking down at his hands, “so, you have to take care of Jae.” Yoongi hums, “I know. I got your lists and everything. We will be fine.” Jimin hums, “yeah.”
They reach the building quickly. Jimin gets out of the car, going around it to get Jae out. Yoongi helps with Jae's bag, and they walk inside the elevator. Jimin lets Yoongi open the door and almost jumps when he sees his friends in the living room. “Surprise!” They shout.
Jimin stares at them and back at Yoongi. Yoongi gives him a small smile, taking Jae from his arms. “When you came here,” the alpha murmurs, “I was a total ass to you,” he gestures towards their friends, “now that you are leaving, I wanted to give a good farewell, at least.”
Jimin looks at their smiling faces and back at Yoongi, “you knew?” Yoongi nods, “Namjoon sucks at keeping secrets,” he smiles, “told me about the wedding.” Jimin looks over at where the five are, he smiles at Jin and looks back at Yoongi, “thanks.” Yoongi shrugs, going inside.
Taehyung hugs Jimin, pulling him to the gathering, “sorry, the arrangement is not that good,” he pulls Jimin to sit beside him, “we didn't get much time.” Jin rolls his eyes when Taehyung glares at him, “okay, okay. I really am sorry. Can you stop whining now?”
Jungkook's arm loop around Taehyung's waist, “you should have given us a few days. Why are you in so much hurry anyway?” Jin sips his soft drink, “well,” he looks at Jimin, “we are to marry anyway. Why wait? Right, chim?” Jimin smiles, nodding, “yeah. There's no point-”
He stops when Yoongi comes out of the corridor. Jimin frowns when he sees Yoongi reaching for the car keys. “Where are you going?” Hoseok wonders, “you just got back.” Yoongi looks over at them with a smile, “studio. Got some work. I have to be there overnight.”
Jimin gets up, “but,” he looks at the others and tries to smile at the alpha, “I will leave early tomorrow. Who would I leave Jae with?” Yoongi shakes his head, “his nannies will be here. I will try to get back before it. But, if I don't,” he waves his hand, “it's okay.”
Jimin hesitates, “I-,” he gulps when Yoongi's eyes find him again. “Yeah?” Yoongi waits. Jimin shakes his head, “drive safely.” Yoongi grips the doorknob, “right,” he opens the door, “I will.” Jimin watches the alpha leave. “Jimin,” Taehyung pats his back, “sit?”
Jimin sits down, his eyes on the closed door. He hears Taehyung planning the next two days that will lead up to the wedding. He hears the others join him. They all are discussing a few activities they can do before the big day. Jimin's eyes stay stuck on the closed door.
“So, what do you want your wedding to look like?” Taehyung nudges his side, “god, there is no time, and you all didn't get a planner or anything.” Jungkook soothes his mate, “we will plan it. It's a small wedding anyway.” Jin hums, “just us and that's it.”
Jimin looks down at his hands, “Do whatever,” he tries to smile, “I am not picky.” Taehyung blinks, “you are… not picky?” he laughs, disbelief clear in his voice, “you have the next fifty years of your life planned and you don't have any plan for the wedding?”
Taehyung shares a laugh with everyone around him, his eyes on Jimin's face, “you are so obsessed with the idea of security and planning that you won't accept change, no matter how inevitable it is, and you are telling me you didn't plan your wedding?” Jimin looks at Taehyung.
Taehyung's eyes are heavy on Jimin's face, “he planned every step of his life, you know?” he looks around them all, smiling, as if conversing, “and, god forbid, something changes.” “That's good in once sense,” Hoseok murmurs, “but, life doesn't always go as planned, no?”
Taehyung nods, “I planned my entire life with an alpha who wrecked my plans and left. Now, when I look back, I am so grateful for that,” he looks at Jimin, “sometimes, it's okay if the plans change. It's okay to just surrender and let the path lead us wherever it wants.”
“I want a simple wedding,” Jimin looks at Jin, “you and me, we can just go down to the city hall and sign the papers,” he shrugs, “then, come back and celebrate with some food and drinks. Is that fine?” Jin watches him, “you don't want the church wedding? You always wanted it.”
Jimin shakes his head, “no, as Tae said,” he glares at the omega, “plans can change.” Taehyung's face contorts, “that's what you got?” “Yes,” Jimin grits his teeth, “I don't know why you think just because your life went smoothly, it will be the case with everyone else, Tae.”
“I just want a peaceful life,” Jimin glares at Taehyung, “and, I don't know why you are against it.” “Are you going to be happy?” Taehyung wonders, “mimi, we are your friends-” Jimin turns to Jin, “do you have a problem with the idea I proposed?” Jin fumbles, “no?”
Jimin nods, firm, “then, that's settled,” he gets up, “we are getting married at the city hall,” he looks at the others, “and, if anyone has a problem, or think they have a say in it, they can just not attend.” Taehyung gets up, “can I talk to you? Alone?” “No,” Jimin denies.
“You want to do this here?” Taehyung takes a step up to Jimin, “we can do this here. I think even Jin hyung needs to know.” Jimin curses, “what's wrong with you, Tae?! Why are you hell-bent to make it difficult?” Taehyung turns to Jin, “hyung, come on! You can't tell me-”
“You didn't notice!” “Noticed what?!” Jimin shouts, “Tae, for once, stop and get off of the horse! You are-” “You love Yoongi hyung!” Taehyung shouts, the silence after his shout is eerie. The entire room goes quiet. The others staring at the two of them. Immobile.
Jimin's eyes flicker over to Jin, and then he looks back at Taehyung. Taehyung nods, “even if you didn't do anything, didn't go ahead with it, it's still emotional cheating,” he begs almost, “you are not emotionally involved with Jin hyung. You never were! Can you deny it?”
Taehyung takes Jimin's hands in his, “you don't love him. You never loved him like that.” “He knows,” Jimin whispers, “what you just screamed at my face,” he snatches his hands out of Taehyung's, “Jin hyung knows.” Taehyung blinks, “I'm sorry?” Jimin snorts, “you should be!”
Taehyung whips around to glare at Jin, “if you knew, why are you agreeing to this?” Jin curses, “because, love can happen again. Also, if it doesn't, we are mutually affectionate. That works too.” Namjoon shakes his head, “do you make sense to yourself? Right now? Both of you?”
Jin rubs his hands down his face, “look, we are adults here. None of us believe in fairytales like shit anymore. We all can agree that marriage doesn't have to be always about just love! There's so much more to it!” Taehyung gapes, “like?!” Jimin curses, “commitment?”
Hoseok laughs, “commitment? Really?” he waves his hands, “you both are so stupid!” he glares at them, “see, the first thing is, you don't have to get married. At all! One of you is clearly trying to use that rebound shit to et over his feeling and the other is hoping...”
“Down the road, with time, Jimin will forget Yoongi and just start to love him. Am I right?” he rubs his temple, “you both are going so fast, you are going to crash. You both!” “Then let us,” Jimin shrugs, “we are not your kid! We will handle it! Yeah?” Jin nods in agreement.
“I hope it's worth it,” Taehyung murmurs, looking at Jimin, “I hope your stubbornness is worth it.” “What do you expect me to do?” Jimin gives a short laugh, “wait around aimlessly? Like a loser?” “Just be single!” Taehyung thunders, “instead of ruining three lives. Be single!”
“The world isn't ending tomorrow!” Taehyung throws his hands, frustrated, “you have time! For now, if things are not perfect, as you want, just let go of the two of them and be on your own. You don't have to marry. It's not like you will die if you don't marry one right away!”
“Why are you so invested in my life?” Jimin frowns, “tell me?” Taehyung blinks, “because… I am your best friend!” “Then support my decision,” Jimin demands, “I want to marry Jin hyung, and he wants to marry me. What's the problem?” “We just stated the problem,” Hoseok curses.
“He will never get over Yujun,” Jimin shouts at Hoseok, “he loves him, and he told me he will try. If I agree, he will try. Do you want me to force him?” he rounds Taehyung to go and stand in front of Hoseok, glaring down at the man, “tell me! He feels guilty for even liking me!”
“He feels guilty, and he thinks he is betraying Yujun if he likes me,” Jimin hugs himself, “what if down the road, he can't love me? What if he never wants more? What if he never wants another pup? He said he will try, but do you really want me to believe that?”
“It has been four months since I came here,” Jimin murmurs, “I know it's not long. It hasn't been long but, who can tell how long it will take for him to really move on?” Hoseok looks at Jin, pointing at Jimin, “you hear him, right? And, you still think he will get over Yoongi?”
Hoseok charges Jin, “what if he never gets over Yoongi? Worse, what if you one day find someone who really loves you and wants you for yourself and not as a rebound, but you can't do shit about it because you are already married to him? Do you not see the absurdity of this?!”
Jimin looks at Jin, “it's up to you, hyung,” he takes a step away, “if you don't want to, we can drop this. But,” he swallows, “I don't have a problem with the wedding.” Jin looks at Jimin, restlessly sitting on the couch, “I love you, mini. I really think we can work it out.”
Jimin looks at the others, “I think you got your answers. Now, if you all have ruined my mood, get out. I really want to be alone.” Taehyung curses, “you both will regret this. I know!” He storms out of the apartment, Jungkook following after his mate, calling his name.
Namjoon and Hoseok gets up slowly, looking at Jin and Jimin. They leave, closing the door behind themselves. Jimin turns towards the kitchen, going to get a glass of water. Jin follows him, sitting on the stool, eyes on Jimin. Jimin takes his time, sipping the water silently.
Jimin looks over his shoulder at Jin, “thank you, hyung.” Jin chuckles, nodding, “you are welcome.” Jimin turns to come and lean against the counter, “none of them will show for the wedding now.” Jin takes Jimin's hand in his, “it worked. Just fine. How are you feeling?”
Jimin crumbles on the seat, “I am sorry.” Jin rubs his back, not uttering a single word. Jimin shakes his head, sobs wrecking through him, “I couldn't,” he looks at Jin with blurry eyes, “I couldn't marry you. Neither can I agree to whatever he was offering,” he swallows.
“But, he is too good for his own good,” Jimin wipes his eyes, “if he knows the wedding isn't happening because I am still,” he stops when his voice cracks, “in love with him, he will try to mend it and he doesn't want to,” he looks at Jin, “he still loves Yujun and he is forcing+
“himself to move on because he thinks, without me, he will not be able to do all this.” Jin nods solemnly, “do you think he will never find out? You know, Tae will not be mad at you for long. Right?” Jimin shrugs, “I will think about it later. For now, I need to leave.”
Jimin looks around, “maybe, when he finds out,” Jimin chuckles, voice cracking, “he will realize that he doesn't need me for Jae. He is already a good father. He will know by then that,” Jimin looks down at his hands, “he will be fine on his own.” Jin watches him, “right.”
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“I will pick you up tomorrow morning,” Jin says, getting up from the stool, “good night, chim.” Jimin nods, going to the door with the alpha, “hyung,” he holds Jin's hand, “thank you for understanding,” his voice cracks, “and, I am so sorry for leading you on for this long.”
Jin watches him with a small smile, reaching out to wipe Jimin's eyes, “hey, it would hurt more if you didn't tell me at all. If we really got married. Yeah?” Jimin nods, squeezing Jin's hand in his, “thank you. For,” he pauses, thinking, “well, everything. Thank you.”
Jin leans in a leaves a soft peck on Jimin's head, “whatever it is, chim, we will always be friends. Yeah?” Jimin nods, eagerly, “yes. Thank you,” his lips wobble, “for not giving up on me.” Jin's eyes glisten too, “shut up, yeah? I would never.” Jimin steps back, nodding.
Jin walks down towards the lift and gets inside. Jimin watches the door close before he comes back inside the apartment. He doesn't sleep that night. Packing up everything, he goes to the nursery. With tired legs, he sits on the carpet and spends the night there.
Jimin stares at the Autumns as soon as the car stops. He gets out and stands in front of the cottage. Jin gets their luggage and comes around the car to stand beside him. “Welcome home?” Jin asks hesitantly. Jimin thinks that Jin knows. Autumns doesn't feel like home now.
Jimin forces a smile on his face, nods, “home. Finally.” He takes his luggage from Jin and walks inside. Jin lives two houses away. He goes home after making sure Jimin is fine. Jimin is. He has no other option than being fine, anyway.
The first day is painful. He cleans the place and goes to take care of the farm, praising the workers they hired after Taehyung left. He works until dusk and comes back to check his phone. There's nothing from anyone but a message from Yoongi. Jimin stares at the screen.
'Did you reach safely?' Jimin closes the phone, pockets it and gets inside the house. He showers and comes back to check the phone and look at the message again. 'I did. How is Jae?' He goes to make dinner for himself. He is eating when the phone beeps. 'Good.'
Jimin swallows the bile down his throat and types, 'did you eat...' then he deletes it, types again, 'make sure to eat before you go to sleep,' he deletes that too, 'don't fall asleep on the couch, your neck pain will never go away,' he closes the phone for the night.
The next day, Jimin spends entirely doing the field work. He dives into it, ignores the workers' concerned words that he should rest a bit. He doesn't want to. He doesn't want to stop and think. It all makes him nauseous. He tells himself it will be fine. With time.
Jin almost shoves him towards the house, “just go and sleep,” the alpha chides, “it's so late, Jimin. Do you have dinner, or you want me to cook-” “I have,” Jimin assures, he wants to be alone, “don't worry about me, hyung.” He returns home and goes to bed for the night.
The rain starts around ten. Jimin lies in bed, watching the droplets sneak into his room through the open window. He listens to the rhythmic sound of the raindrops hitting the lake a few feet away from his room. The cold breeze makes Jimin shiver, pull the duvet up to his chin.
He doesn't expect the chime of the doorbell around one at night. He frowns, getting up on his bed. When the bell rings again, Jimin gets out of the bed and the room. He walks up to the door, jumping as the thunder strikes across the sky, lighting up the otherwise dark room.
He looks through the peep-hole and freezes. When the bell rings again, he reaches for the lock and opens it with trembling hands. Yoongi stands there, a little dishevelled, raindrops clinging to his hair. Maybe he ran from his car to the door, his breathing uneven.
Jimin blinks, “wh-what are you doing here?” Yoongi looks troubled, his face pale. Jimin steps aside, letting the alpha in. “What are you doing here?” Jimin asks again, “where is Jae?” “With Tae and kook,” Yoongi whispers, “couldn't risk bringing him here.” Jimin blinks.
“Why are you here?” Jimin wonders, “it's-” “Don't marry him.” Jimin freezes, a cold breath runs down his spine, “What?” Yoongi's face contorts in desperation, he takes an urgent step towards Jimin, “Jin. Don't marry Jin. Please. Please?” Jimin feels breathless.
“Please,” Yoongi takes Jimin's hands in his, “I will do anything,” the alpha begs almost, “I just need some time, I am not,” he swears, as if trying to find the right words, “I don't want to rush it. It has been a few months, just a few months, angel. Please.”
Yoongi's eyes are red, they hold something primally hurtful, “I know,” his voice is heavy, tight, “I know what I am offering is nothing in front of what Jin is willing to give you,” his lips waver, “but, I could not just not try one last time.” Jimin holds back a sob, “stop.”
Yoongi cups his face, pulling Jimin closer by that hold, “you can't tell me, you don't feel it,” the alpha urges, “you can't tell me you never felt anything for me. You can't tell me I am the only one going crazy here.” Jimin grasps the alpha's wrists, “you need some time.”
“I know,” Yoongi sniffles, “I know. I need some time to just stop feeling guilty about feeling whatever I feel about you. I know,” his eyes wander over Jimin's face, “I need some time. But, I feel it,” he nods, “I feel it and that's why this guilt. I need some time, please.”
Jimin looks away, closing his eyes, “we can't do this, hyung. We can't-” Yoongi watches him, “will you be happy?” Jimin blinks back tears, “what do you mean?” Yoongi forces Jimin to look at him, “will you be happy with him? Did you move on from me? Tell me.”
Yoongi swallows, voice thick with emotion, “can you walk down the aisle and take those vows? Can you-” Jimin jumps when the landline buzzes in the living room. They both watch it ring before going straight to the voicemail, and it's Taehyung. The omega is in hysterics.
“Jimin!” Taehyung screams, “what do you mean, you are not getting married?! What do you mean you and hyung were lying?! You better pick up my call! I swear-” Jimin rushes to pick up the receiver and place it by the phone, his heart lodged in his throat. The room is silent then.
Jimin flinches when another thunder tears through the sky. The sound of it roaring in the room. He turns to face the alpha, and Yoongi looks like the thunder that just crashed against the clouds. His eyes shift from the phone to Jimin, and the alpha's scent turns sour.
Jimin feels the chill down his veins. He grasps his hands in front of him, trying to force some words out of his mouth. “What did he mean?” Yoongi asks, voice levelled, icy. Jimin feels his tongue between his teeth, throat running dry, “n-nothing.” Yoongi's jaw tenses, “yeah?”
Jimin forces himself to nod, “ye-yeah.” Yoongi pulls out his phone, dialling Taehyung. He turns the phone on speaker and Jimin digs his toes into the carpet. Taehyung sounds tensed, “hyung!” he answers, “I think you shouldn't drive down there tonight. It's raining heavily.”
“I think you should stay at a hotel or something for the night,” Taehyung suggests, words rushed, “let me get a hold of him first. Then you can-” “Who told you he isn't getting married, Taehyung?” Yoongi demands, eyes fixed on Jimin, “how did you know? Don't lie to me.”
Taehyung lets out a deep breath, “one of the workers in the farm,” he sounds tired, “I called to ask them when Jimin and hyung would leave for the city hall, if you would reach before that or not, he said Jin hyung is going on a trip tomorrow. There was no wedding planned.”
“Hyung, just-” Taehyung's voice is cut off when Yoongi ends the call. Jimin watches Yoongi push the phone in his pocket and regard him. A small smile quirks the corners of Yoongi's lips, and then the alpha is letting out a chuckle, nodding to himself. Jimin frowns, confused.
Yoongi pushes both of his hands in his pockets and Jimin is reminded of the alpha he met the first day. That crude, emotionless, fearful alpha whose eyes were always on him in the sense of resentment and fury. “So, I am worth a lie to you,” Yoongi chuckles, “just that.”
“I just got too overbearing and to get me off your back, you acted out an elaborate lie,” Yoongi nods to himself, “I was not worth the honesty. When I was losing my shit for the past three days, you were here, enjoying your freedom. You couldn't even be honest about it.”
“You could have told me,” Yoongi scrubs his hand down his face furiously, “I would have saved myself from this humiliation of coming here and begging you to not marry him,” a laugh escapes the alpha, “shit! You were enjoying my begging, no? You were never going to tell me!”
Yoongi clicks his tongue against his cheek, “maybe this is why I was feeling so guilty,” his voice trails off, eyes glistening, “you are not worth it,” he says as if he is realizing it just now, “you are not worth loving after Yujun,” the alpha takes a step back, “far from it.”
Yoongi combs his hair back, nodding to himself, “you are not worth all these efforts,” his lips curl back on a sneer, “you are not worth it. I can't believe I delude myself into thinking that I need to move on from Yujun for you!” he laughs, “thank god, you lying piece of shit!”
“So, here it is, Park Jimin,” Yoongi points a finger at Jimin, expression hard and disgusted, “it's good that it all is ending where it all begun,” the alpha grits his teeth, “you will never see me or my son ever again. Yeah? Let's get this over with. It's done for.”
“No...” Jimin whispers, his ears ringing, “no, no,” he feels the tears roll out of his eyes and his heart crashing against his ribcage, the blinding fear of losing Jae makes him run up to the alpha, “no. No, you can't do that. You can't take him away from me! You simply can't-”
Yoongi snarls, “I can and I am! He doesn't need to grow up around a filthy, lying piece of shit like you!” Jimin reaches out blindly, grasping the alpha's arm in both of his, “he's mine! You sa-” Yoongi jerks his arm free, “well, I was wrong. Obviously! He will never be yours!”
Yoongi steps up to the omega's face, glaring down at him, “if you come to meet him or even try to contact him, I will have you arrested, omega. Do you hear me?” Jimin shakes his head, tears blurring his vision, “you can't,” he chokes, “he is-” “Yujun and my son,” Yoongi hisses.
Yoongi takes a hold of Jimin's elbow, jerking him forward to throw the words on his face. “He is our son, and you are nothing but an obsessed omega who is the reason his papa isn't alive,” the alpha nods when Jimin whimpers, distraught eyes on Yoongi, “so, stay away from him!”
The slap rings in the room. The sound of Jimin's palm crashing against Yoongi's cheek echoes between them. Jimin pants, his breathing escalated, and Yoongi just stares at him, disbelief clear in his eyes. Jimin seethes, “get out,” he speaks under his breath, “right now!”
“I will not see him,” Jimin says, voice void of any emotion, “because, you made my fears and doubts concrete right now. He will never be mine,” Jimin's voice cracks, “he will always be Yujun and your son. I will always be a caretaker and nothing else. To him, to you.”
“I will always be the reason your love died,” Jimin trembles like a dried leaf, “I will never be enough. I will never be worth the love I deserve without you feeling guilty. I know, growing up, when Jae hears how his papa died, he would think like you too,” Jimin's eyes blur...
“I would rather remember him smiling at me that morning for the last time than see him look at me like you are looking at me right now,” Jimin chokes on his tears, “so, fine,” he nods, points at the door, “let's end it all here, where it all begun. Get out of here and my life!”
Jimin stumbles on his feet, his head hammering. He slowly turns around and wraps the robe around himself haphazardly before starting to make his way towards the bedroom. The omega frowns when his vision goes black for a second, the hammering in his head intensifying.
Jimin blinks rapidly, dragging himself towards the bedroom. He stumbles against the couch when his vision goes blank again, and this time he sways, falling on his knees. His stomach grumbles, something pushing up his throat. Before Jimin knows it, he is throwing up on the floor.
He cries in disgust when he feels the sticky substance on his own feet. He reaches out, trying to grasp something, when his knees wobble. “Shit!” Jimin flinches, feeling those arms on his hips, holding him up. His back resting against the alpha's chest, head lolling back.
Jimin tries to pull away but Yoongi is stronger. He almost carries Jimin to the couch and lies him down. Jimin winces, feeling the alpha kneel and wipe his feet with something. He wants to pull away from that touch, wants to shout for the alpha to not touch him. For him to leave.
Jimin loses consciousness after that. --- Yoongi wipes Jimin's mouth and pulls a blanket over the omega before going and cleaning the mess. He comes back to the omega and the thought hits him. Jimin had spent his heat with Jin. Something twists in him, he stares at Jimin.
Yoongi sits down, his hands covering his face. A loud curse leaves his lips, and he is looking at the omega. Jimin is lying there, limp. Yoongi cannot sit still. He stands up, leaning in to check the omega's temperature, and he is fine. There is nothing wrong. Yoongi curses.
“Maybe I should just call your alpha,” Yoongi whispers to himself, “maybe he would know what to do.” He pulls out his phone and scrolls to Jin's number. Before he can dial, Jimin whines, his eyes fluttering. Yoongi stands, the phone in his hand, while Jimin fights his nausea.
Yoongi watches the omega try and blink, his eyes finding Yoongi. Jimin curls in on himself, looking away. Yoongi looks away too. Both of them too shaken up. “Do you want me to call Jin?” Yoongi wonders, voice carefully kept neutral. “No,” Jimin tries to sit up, “I'm fine.”
Yoongi looks anywhere but at the omega, while Jimin pushes himself to sit up and lean back against the couch. “He should be here,” Yoongi tries again, “when you are like this-” “You leave,” Jimin wipes his mouth, “I will be fine.” Yoongi looks at the omega, regarding him.
“You aren't going to hide from him, right?” Yoongi wonders, the anger comes back in waves, “tell me you won't go and lie-” “About what?” Jimin frowns, his face pale. “About his baby,” Yoongi waves his hand, “you are pregnant.” Jimin blinks, colour draining his face, “what?!”
Yoongi nods, face grim, “your scent,” his nose twitches, “your scent changed. A little. Should have picked up on it,” he looks away, “I wasn't paying attention.” Jimin hums, “well, now that you did, get out. I will handle it.” Yoongi watches him, “do you want me to call Jin?”
“I will,” he whispers, “I will tell him. You just go,” he looks anywhere but at the alpha. Yoongi hesitates, “just call him…” he looks at anywhere but at the omega too, “there's no one here. I will leave after he shows up.” Jimin closes his eyes, “just go. I am fine!”
Yoongi hisses, “just call him. Or, you just don't want him to find out that you are carrying his pup?” Jimin leans back against the couch, not uttering a word. Yoongi feels frustrated, his eyes finally on the omega. Jimin swallows, “please leave. I am begging you.”
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