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Okay, time for me to once again rant about how the Chao Garden shouldn't return as a side-game in new Sonic titles, but rather as a live service mobile app that blends together Tamagotchi, Pokémon GO, and Street Pass (1/5)

I think a virtual pet simulator as an entire side-game, in a AAA video game in the 2020s, is a tough sell It's also very limiting. Instead of just being a fun little oddity that's tied to single game, make it a *full-on companion app for all things Sonic* (2/5)
Include online minigames where players can compete and place on leaderboards. Let me design and decorate my Chao Garden, Animal Crossing-style Let me add my friends and leave them mail. Let me visit their Gardens. (3/5)
Going to see the new Sonic Movie? Pre-ordering the new Sonic game? Purchasing a specially marked Sonic comic? Scan official codes, while supplies last, and unlock exclusive swag for your Chao! (4/5)
Connect the new Sonic game and the Chao Garden app to your SEGA account! Accomplishing certain things in the app will give you perks and power-ups in the Sonic game and vice versa! Anyways, just had to get that out of my system. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. (5/5)
(this entire thread is @TAHK0 ☕️'s fault, btw)
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