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#taekookau "Last call, does anyone wants to be omega Kim Taehyung's mate?" The crowd whispered and Taehyung starts to be heartbroken as there is no alpha stepping up. "I do!" Everyone gasped and Taehyung blushed softly as Jeon Jungkook, another omega, raised his hand.

— tags: 🪷 a/b/o 🪷 omega x omega 🪷 fluff overload !! 🪷 slight angst 🪷 hurt/comfort 🪷 husbuns omega couple <3 🪷 short story 🪷 happy ending ofc <3 — start.
Taehyung stared at the omega, his own heart thumping loudly as their eyes met; those curious doe eyes of his were the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen.
Oh my, he’s so beautiful. His soon to be mate, he hopes.
“The moon works in mysterious ways, so as love, they say,” The Pack Alpha says, his pride swooning. “Jungkook, can you come here in front and properly ask for the hands of our dear, Taehyung?”
Taehyung felt warmth all over as he watched the pretty omega start to walk. He’s quite shy, avoiding the gazes of their pack members. The blush in his face is prominent, and he only gets prettier as he gets nearer. How come he hadn’t seen him before?
“I have been secretly courting you for the past two weeks…” Jungkook said and Taehyung’s eyes widened. So it was him– the one who had been giving him flowers and baskets of fruits every morning!
“I know I won’t stand a chance if ever an Alpha claims to be your mate today, but still, I want to ask you now… will– will you–”
“Will you be my mate, Jungkook?” Taehyung beats him to it, and this time, it was Jungkook’s eyes who widened in surprise. Taehyung’s smile was blinding, obviously so happy with the presence of Jungkook. “Be my mate, Jungkook. I will love with all my heart.”
The pack members all ‘awwwed,’ and clapped as Jungkook accepted Taehyung’s proposal and the newly mated omegas faced their pack leader, their hands intertwined together. A flower crown was put on their heads, and the pack bracelets for mated couples were worn on their wrists.
There was no awkwardness as they trailed back to their seat, giggling softly in each other’s presence as they finished the mating ceremony of the pack, smiling widely as they watched more of their pack members be mated.
Alphas, betas and omega– all equally paired with their now mates.
It was a celebration of love, as well as newfound life. Taehyung now cannot wait to sleep and wake-up with the prettiest omega in his arms, and Jungkook cannot wait to spend a forever with the omega he looks up to the most.
Later that evening, Jungkook had accepted Taehyung’s proposal of spending their first night in his house while the houses for newly mated couples are still being fixed.
Jungkook felt so loved. Taehyung had been so wonderful; always assuring him to feel comfortable around the home. He had warmed the water in the tub and poured petals all over it so Jungkook could bath himself nicely.
Taehyung blushed softly as Jungkook kissed his cheeks as a thanks, hearing him squeal in happiness as he finally soaked himself in the water. Oh, he’d love to join his pretty mate in the future.
He busied himself preparing some dinner while Jungkook was gone. He made sure to bake a delicious carrot cake as he discovered that the omega likes it so much. And it was proven true when Jungkook couldn’t stop kissing him in joy.
The rest of the dinner was spent with a very flustered Taehyung, lips so red and swollen, while Jungkook happily ate the delicious food that his mate had cooked. And it was perfect.
“Were you dreaming of having an Alpha too, Taehyungie?” Jungkook starts, his voice small as he was tightly spooned by Taehyung’s warm embrace in their newly made bed.
The dinner had been amazing and now they’re in the safe confines of their bedroom. Taehyung was the one who got shy this time when he asked for Jungkook to scent the bed, and the omega fortunately agreed with twinkling eyes.
“Back then, of course.” Taehyung answers. “But the nearer the mating ceremony is, I started to open my option to any rank too because omegas aren’t only for Alphas, right?”
“Hm.” Jungkook nodded. He is very thankful that their pack is not like those ones with strict rules where omegas are just for Alphas. Maybe this is why he got so confident to present himself to be Taehyung’s mate.
“How about you, Jungkookie?” Jungkook shook his head. “I don’t like to have an Alpha mate ever since. My previous pack has mean Alphas and they don’t treat their mates well. I guess it got to me.”
“Oh, my baby. I’m sorry you had to witness that,” Taehyung frowned, caressing Jungkook’s soft locks. “I promise to treat you well and love you always, koo. I’ll be a good mate and partner.”
Jungkook blushed and hugged him tighter, heart so full of happiness. “I promise too, taetae.” he said, smiling from ear to ear. “Sweet dreams, my strawberry.”
Taehyung giggles at that. “Sweet dreams too, my bunbun.”
So far, their relationship only consisted of pure happiness and love. Although some people had told them that it’s quite rare for couples to not fight, they paid it no mind. It’s not that important to them after all.
They fit so well; like jigsaw puzzles that just fit so perfectly when together. They do not clash as they understand each other more than anything. Maybe because they are both omegas who immediately know each others’ needs like the back of their hands.
But sometimes… Sometimes, Jungkook feels that there are things that he could never give to Taehyung. And these things– these ‘needs’, makes him so insecure of himself.
Jungkook softly giggles to himself as he packs a lunch for Taehyung. His mate has been working in the nearby kindergarten school for some months now, and he loves visiting the said school because he gets to see his mate with kids.
“Taetae oppa, kookie is here!!” A cute little girl yells as she sees Jungkook outside the classroom. His heart warmed as he saw his pretty mate being surrounded by the kids, and how he instantly smiled widely when he saw Jungkook.
“Jungkookie, you don’t need to do such a thing, but thank you very much, baby.” Taehyung blushed softly, squeezing Jungkook’s hand.
“Of course, I had to!” Jungkook huffs. “Namjoon hyung gives us extra lunch time and it would be such a waste if I won’t visit you, taetae.”
“Well, my pretty bun, shall we eat this lovely lunch that you made?” Taehyung asked, sharing his farewell to the teacher and to the students. They walked hand and hand towards the canteen and decided to buy more food that they could share.
While Jungkook was busy preparing their food, Taehyung came back with a sour scent and his eyebrows were furrowed; the smile on his lips was gone. Jungkook held his hand in worry.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked, his protectiveness towards Taehyung spiking up. “Taetae…”
“Some stupid alpha tried to flirt with me and was kind of pushy, but I told him I’m already mated.” Taehyung scowled. “Don’t worry about it, baby. I think he doesn’t even belong in our pack.”
Jungkook doesn’t know what to say but he tried to cheer his omega, which was a success because some minutes later, he’s giggling again and couldn’t stop asking Jungkook to bring him home.
Days passed and nothing eventful happened, but one morning while Jungkook was preparing to leave, he heard a knock. He frowned. Did Taehyung forget something?
When he opened the door, he was baffled when he saw an unknown Alpha; his smile faltering when he saw Jungkook. Nonetheless, the omega respectfully smiled. “Yes?” “Is Kim Taehyung here? Could I talk to him?”
Jungkook’s smile grew wider. “I’m his mate! He’s currently not home yet but if you want to tell him something, I can tell him.”
The Alpha froze, and after some seconds, he let out a laugh. Jungkook frowned. “Are you serious? An omega as well?”
“... yes, what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked, challenging him. He may be an omega but he can fight too!
“Did Taehyung-ssi ask you to do this? Ah, I get it. He’s playing hard to get, it’s so obvious. Oh, omegas. They’re so easy to read.” The Alpha chuckled and Jungkook’s ears ringed painfully. Did he hear that right?
“Hey, I actually like Taehyung-ssi and I wanna court him but he’s too elusive. Do you mind helping me?”
Jungkook can’t believe what he’s hearing. It is so insulting how this Alpha had doubted him when he told him he’s his mate, and now he’s asking him for help to court /his/ husband?
Jungkook turned his back to the Alpha, as if he’s getting something. When he returned, he was holding a basin of water and he angrily splashed it to him. The Alpha cursed and backed away, annoyance flaring out of him.
“What the fuck is wrong with you, omega?” Jungkook’s knees buckle in fear, the word omega replying to his mind like how the Alphas call their partners in their pack in such a disrespectful manner.
“Do not come here again and do not bother my mate!” Jungkook spoke angrily, throwing the basin to him as well. “And even if Taehyung is not mated, he wouldn’t choose a disrespectful and boastful Alpha like you! Now, leave!”
Instead of walking away, the Alpha mockingly grinned at him. “Do you honestly think a relationship between two omegas would work? You’re delusional.” He said, striking the most sensitive part of Jungkook’s worries.
“Sooner or later, he would want an Alpha who could truly satisfy him, and provide for him. He would want someone who could give him pups, and fulfill his need to conceive. Sooner or later, he’d get tired of you.”
The Alpha left with a smirk knowing those words struck something in Jungkook. And those words replayed and lingered on Jungkook's mind painfully.
He found himself curling at the side of their bed, crying in sadness. He trusts Taehyung’s love and faithfulness, he knows how much his mate loves him. But he can’t help but to cry because the Alpha’s words were true.
He could never satisfy Taehyung the way any Alpha could, and he could never give him something that he had dreamt for so long— a child, a family.
Jungkook remembers how Taehyung initially hoped for an Alpha to be his mate, and he even grew sadder. Maybe… maybe if he didn’t raise his hand that day—
He suddenly heard the front door opening and Taehyung’s scent came back. Jungkook covered his mouth and suppressed his cries, silently shrieking when the door of their room opened.
Taehyung found him fast, his eyes widening and his own heart breaking at the sight of his mate crying silently in the corner. He immediately kneeled in front of him and cupped his cheeks.
“Jungkookie! What happened?!” He asked, and he almost fell to the floor when Jungkook threw his arms around him and hugged him tight, burying his face at his neck. Taehyung rubbed his back comfortingly.
He tried drawing out an answer from Jungkook but his mate never told him why he was crying, only latching on Taehyung like a koala, refusing to let go of him. Taehyung loved the clinginess, but Jungkook being sad is something that his heart can’t take.
As for Jungkook, he is ashamed to tell Taehyung the reason why he was crying. It’s such an absurd and shameful thing to admit to his mate that he was crying because he was too affected by some words of an Alpha.
He refused to tell Taehyung anything, his heart getting heavier as days went by. And Taehyung just gets more worried, seeing how his usually happy mate gets sadder the longer he refuses to talk.
One night, before Jungkook could go to the kitchen to cook some dinner, Taehyung had entered their bedroom and locked it, catching Jungkook off guard.
“Taetae? Why’d you lock the door?” he asks, getting smaller as his mate scrutinized him with a look, still concerned. “We need to prepare dinner–” “No.” Taehyung says, sitting in front of him. “You are not allowed to leave our room until you tell me what is going on.”
Jungkook looked down and started to feel ashamed. He felt Taehyung holding his hand tight. “Sweetheart, what’s going on? You’ve been so sad and silent for days and it’s worrying me. I can’t even help you, Jungkookie,”
“Was it something that I’ve done? Did I do something?” Jungkook was quick to shake his head. “No, taetae!” “Can’t you really tell me what it is?” Taehyung asked, watching how his mate fights his tears. “Jungkookie…”
“It’s… it’s just some stupid stuff, taehyungie. It’ll go away.” Jungkook sniffled. “You don’t have to worry about it…”
Taehyung looked down in his hand and he sighed, catching Jungkook’s attention when he noticed some tears pooling in Taehyung’s eyes, and to Jungkook’s horror, his mate started to cry. “No, no, taehyungie, don’t cry,”
“Our neighbour told me an Alpha visited you the day that I found you crying. And I noticed a bouquet of flowers on the ground. I have been waiting for you to tell me about it but all you do is shut me off!” Taehyung cried, his heart heavy.
Jungkook’s eyes widened. Taehyung must have mistook the situation all along. “The bouquet… it wasn’t for me, Taehyungie,” Jungkook admits. “And the Alpha wasn't visiting me. He was looking for you, he told me he wanted to court you…”
“Oh, baby,” Taehyung sniffled, pulling Jungkook in a hug. “Is that why I found you crying?”
Jungkook can’t help but to cry, now so done bottling everything up. “He was looking for you and I told him that were mates and he didn’t even believe me! And he even said some things about you, he said you’re just being hard to get,”
“What the fuck.” Taehyung sniffled, frowning in anger. “And he even asked for my help so he can court you. Me! He was asking for some help from me so he can court /my/ mate!” Jungkook grumbled. “And he said…”
“What else did he say, kookie?” Taehyung asked, still sniffling. “He said our relationship wouldn’t work because you’d want someone who could satisfy you and give you pups. A-all those things that I couldn’t give you because– because we’re both omegas,” He sobbed.
“I’m sorry, taehyungie…” “No, don’t listen to him! He’s stupid, what does he know about us, huh? What does he fucking know,” Taehyung scowled, hugging Jungkook tightly.
His mate has been hurting all along with these thoughts in his mind and it's making him want to punch that stupid Alpha in the face. How dare he!
“But he’s right, and I’m sorry, taetae, I could never give you a family,” Jungkook cries. Taehyung shook his head.
“What do you mean? You already gave me one. We are family, the both of us.” Taehyung replied. “And I don’t care about whatever any Alpha could offer, you are not them! They could never love me the way only you could do, Jungkook. They could never be you.”
Finally, the heavy weight in Jungkook’s heart had disappeared. Taehyung’s words, and most especially his love, reassured him in so many ways. He slept that night filled with so much love, feeling complete and whole in the presence of his pretty, loving mate.
The next day, they were together when Jungkook had pointed at the Alpha who talked to him. And to Taehyung’s annoyance, it was the same Alpha who approached him in the canteen as well.
Jungkook had agreed when Taehyung told him to wait. He gasped when he saw his mate slapping the Alpha in the face, feeling his anger through their bond.
“Have you got no shame? You went to my house and insulted my mate? Who the fuck do you think you are?” Taehyung seethes, and the people around them gasp. The Alpha almost commits a serious offense to a mated couple!
“Approach me or my mate one more time and I’ll tell my pack Alpha about this shameful thing that you’re doing.” Taehyung says, turning his back and not giving the Alpha to speak.
Even if he doesn’t tell their Leader about this, it’ll be known by the whole pack soon with how some of their pack members heard his words.
“Woah, taetae, that was hot. You are so cool.” Jungkook says and Taehyung’s cheeks reddened, softly giving a kiss on his cheeks before he pulls his pretty mate back in their lovely home, right where their contented hearts belong.
— the end!✨
what do you all think about this short au? hehe i'm thinking of making some drabbles for our omega husbuns so if you could pls drop some amazing ideas pls do!! thank you and see you again on the next parts of our omega husbuns~


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