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#minwon au ✾ (In) Fidelity ✾ Mingyu thinks his day is going great until a stranger accuses him of infidelity.

• English Minwon au • Angst? Fluff? Maybe humor? • Short - Medium in length • Written thread mostly • Themes of infidelity • Please don’t pressure me with updates I’ll try my best ✨ • MinWon endgame • give this fic a chance 🙏 it’s not what you think
“Seungkwan-ah!” Mingyu calls his Secretary from his office, rummaging through his stuff. “Yes?” Seungkwan pops his head into his office and Mingyu sighs, “I can’t find my Credit card, have you seen it?” Seungkwan hums, “Since when do you use your credit card, Sir?”
Mingyu exhales. That’s right. “I must’ve lent it to Haneul,” he says, relieved. He panicked imagining it landed in bad hands. “Lent it? By how much he uses it, he basically owns that card now,” Seungkwan comments and Mingyu shoots him a pointed glare
“I know you’re not very fond of Haneul but he’s my lover, okay? I need you to treat him with respect,” Mingyu reprimands and Seungkwan shrugs. Mingyu knows the man has hurtful stuff to say but he keeps it to himself. “Anyway, anything for me?” Mingyu asks and Seungkwan hums
He scrolls through his iPad and then looks up at Mingyu, “We secured the deal with Lee enterprises,” he says and Mingyu’s face lights up “What?! You should’ve told me that when I came in!” Mingyu says,overjoyed. He’d been working months to secure that deal and all that paid off!
“What else?” Mingyu asks, wrapping an arm around Seungkwan’s shoulders. “The marketing team has finalised the design and approach for our latest product,” he informs and god, Mingyu couldn’t be happier today. “What’s my schedule like today?” Mingyu asks, giddy
“Nothing important, why?” Seungkwan says. Mingyu grins. “This calls for a celebration! I’ll call Haneul and arrange a date!” Mingyu grabs his phone. Seungkwan rolls his eyes but Mingyu ignores that. “Call the car,” Mingyu says and exits the office with Seungkwan behind him
As he gets off the elevator, Haneul finally answers the call. “Hello?” “Hey baby,” Mingyu grins, “so, my schedule freed up today, and I was wondering if we can meet up for an early lunch, what say?” “Baby, oh no! I told you — I’m not home. I’m on a business outing,”
Mingyu halts in his steps, “Oh, right,” Haneul did tell him. “When are you getting back home?” Mingyu asks and Haneul hums, “how about I ditch the company and come home tonight?” Mingyu smiles, “thanks babe, but I don’t want to get in the way of your work,”
“Sorry, babe. But I’ll see this weekend, okay? Love you!” Haneul says and Mingyu smiles, “see you,” And with that, he disconnects the call. Mingyu’s shoulders sag and he sighs.
“Seungkwan—“ he turns around and Seungkwan shakes his head, “I can’t join you for lunch. I have a date with someone who actually views me as his first priority,” Mingyu exhales, “yah, you’re so mean,” he whines and Seungkwan shrugs.
Mingyu’s about to turn and go back to his office when a voice calls out to him. “Kim Mingyu-ssi?” He traces the voice to the owner, a man, wide shoulders and soft features, pointed eyes that tend to stare into your soul. “Yes?” Mingyu asks and the man bows, “I’m Jeon Wonwoo,”
Mingyu bows back, “Hello. How may I help you?” Wonwoo exhales, “I need to speak with you for a moment. It’s—“ he glances at Seungkwan behind Mingyu, “— personal” Mingyu frowns. Seungkwan sighs and bows, “I’ll see you upstairs, Boss,” he says and walks away.
— Normally, Mingyu doesn’t encourage entertaining strangers that approach him But he has time on his hands since Haneul and Seungkwan cancelled on him. He might as well hear this man out before dismissing him. Mingyu stares at the man sitting across him at the cafe
Wonwoo’s sipping on his tea, and the silence is uncomfortable Mingyu decides to speak up. “Why did you want to meet with me?” Mingyu asks and the man looks up from his cup of tea. He sighs, and puts the cup down, clasping his fingers and setting his hands in the table
“I want to know why you’re sleeping with my boyfriend,” Wonwoo says, eyes glaring daggers at Mingyu. Mingyu gasps, eyes wide. What?!
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— Wonwoo knows he’s an absolute asshole for coming home this late on their anniversary But this is still better than not showing up at all, right? He ditched the company meeting because he’d finally heard what Hajoon has been saying all this time — spend time with your bf!
Wonwoo knows he prioritises his work often but it’s only so he and Hajoon can live a comfortable lifestyle Wonwoo struggles to unlock the door with the bouquet and chocolates in hand But he manages to open the door. But he stops when he spots clothes in the hallway
It takes Wonwoo a moment to process what’s happening, but the sounds of pleasures coming from the room are all the evidence he needs to deduce he’s being cheated on His head is empty and he can’t feel the tips of his fingers as the sounds get louder and louder
Hajoon’s cheating on him? In his home? In their bed?? Wonwoo stares at the mess of clothes on the ground — a wallet that’s not Hajoon’s stands out He picks it up and a card slips out Name : Kim Mingyu
— Mingyu stares at him with his jaw on the floor Wonwoo’s gaze on him doesn’t waver — and it makes Mingyu the teensiest bit uncomfortable “Look,” he begins and Wonwoo huffs, “here come the excuses,” Mingyu scoffs, “excuses? No. I want to clarify that you’ve got the wrong guy”
Wonwoo rolls his eyes, crossing his arms, “Everyone says that” Mingyu leans back in his chair, “maybe they do but I’m not lying. I’m not sleeping with your boyfriend, Wonwoo-ssi,” Wonwoo purses his lips, “then why did I find your credit card in my apartment!”
And just like that Mingyu’s world shatters as he comes to a devastating realisation “My credit card? The one ending with 9793?” Mingyu’s throat runs dry and Wonwoo huffs, “yes! That one!” Mingyu’s stomach sinks and his nerves begin to shake.
“I— my boyfriend’s had that card for ages now….” he says Wonwoo’s eyes widen “Oh…” is all the man says, realising their twisted fates Their boyfriends are cheating on them with each other
“Well,” Wonwoo clears his throat and stands up, “this has been a mistake,” Wonwoo pushes his glasses up his nose and attempts to walk away but Mingyu grabs his hand, stopping him “Hey! You can’t just come here, accuse me, then acuse my boyfriend of infidelity and leave!”
Wonwoo yanks his hand free of Mingyu’s grasp, “I may have been wrong about you but your boyfriend is cheating on you, Mingyu-ssi,” No. Mingyu refuses to believe him. Mingyu’s given Haneul everything! His love, his heart, his money?! Haneul can’t — he’s not the type to—
“I understand you’re confused and shaken—“ “Yes but I’m not mistaken! Haneul didn’t cheat on me!” Mingyu defends his lover. They’ve been together for 2 years. This can’t be! Wonwoo sighs. “The only way to be sure is to confront him, Mingyu-ssi,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu scoffs, “like confronting is so easy. Why haven’t you done it then?” That seems to trump Wonwoo. He bites his lip and sighs “You’re right. Then you figure out another way to confirm it. And when you do, you can give me a call here,” Wonwoo says, handing Mingyu a card
Mingyu stares at the business card Jeon Wonwoo seems to be an attorney “And what will I do with this?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo hums “Our fates have become intertwined so it’s best we keep in touch, hm?” Wonwoo says and Mingyu swallows “See you soon,” Wonwoo says and leaves
No. Mingyu’s not going to see him soon Because Haneul isn’t cheating on him!
— Mingyu walks back to his office in a daze, head empty and heart muddled with conflict As he walks in, Seungkwan spots him. “What’s wrong?” Seungkwan asks and Mingyu turns to him, eyes droopy, “That man said Haneul is cheating on me,”
Seungkwan blinks at Mingyu, and then goes back to arranging his desk, “ah, so you found out?” Mingyu’s eyes widen and be marches over to Seungkwan, “you knew?!” he demands and Seungkwan clears his throat “I didn’t, Boss. But I always suspected it. I don’t like Haneul very much”
Mingyu scoffs, stumbling back, “well too bad because Haneul isn’t cheating on me!” Seungkwan sighs, “ah, you’re still in denial,” Mingyu huffs, storming off into his Office. Seungkwan follows him and closes the door. “Hyung,” he drops his professional honorific, “listen”
“To what? What have I not given Haneul? I love him a lot, I give him whatever he wants — what am I lacking? Where did I go wrong? Everyone wants love! And I gave him that and —“ Mingyu sighs. Seungkwan blinks at his boss and exhales. “You don’t want to believe it,”
“Of course I don’t! And I won’t! There have been no signs of him— I—“ “Boss, you’ve rarely been home these last few months. How would you see the signs?” Seungkwan deduces and Mingyu shakes his head, still in denial. Seungkwan sighs. He walks over the desk to Mingyu’s PC
Seungkwan moves around the monitor opening tabs and entering information. “Haneul said he was on a business trip, right?” Seungkwan asks and Mingyu nods, “yeah” “Then why is your latest credit card activity in Seoul, three blocks from your house?” Seungkwan shows him the screen
And Seungkwan’s right … But it doesn’t make sense Mingyu’s never bad at anything So why would Haneul “This.. proves nothing,” Mingyu says and Seungkwan groans. “Stay in denial for as long as you want — it won’t change the truth, Boss,” he says and leaves
Mingyu leans back in his chair, staring at the screen in silence He can only pray to god this is just some cruel prank on him by the universe
— Mingyu drags himself home— confused and conflicted Wonwoo and Seungkwan believe Haneul is cheating on him But they don’t know Haneul like he does. Haneul would never — no, he wouldn’t
He unlocks the door to his apartment and — He finds the lights turned on inside and a sweet aroma spreading around the room. Mingyu’s about to walk in and enquire when Haneul pops out in front of him, “Surprise!” he says, startling Mingyu
Mingyu stares at him with wide eyes and racign heart, “Haneul?” he asks as Haneul grins. He walks over to Mingyu and presses a kiss to his lips. Mingyu watches him in awe, “y-you’re home?” he asks and Haneul giggles, “I wanted to surprise you so I flew in last night,”
And Mingyu almost can’t contain his excitement. He hugs Haneul back and kisses him roughly, tongues dancing along. Mingyu breaks away from the kiss and looks at Haneul, “so you were here all morning?” he asks and Haneul nods, “yeah, was buying stuff to bake you a cake,”
Mingyu giggles And then he laughs as the oven dings — indicating that the cake has been cooked “I’ve missed you,” Mingyu says, kissing Haneul eagerly and the other reciprocates, “I’ve missed you too,”he says But in the back of his mind Mingyu is glad Wonwoo and Kwan were wrong
“Wanna take me to the bedroom?” Haneul whispers against his lips and Mingyu smirks, “sure,” He lifts Haneul up in his arms and carries him to the bedroom. — “You should catch a wink — you must be tired from the journey,” Mingyu kisses Haneul’s head, who smiles at his gesture
“You’re always so sweet to me, Mingyu-ah,” Haneul says sleepily and Mingyu smiles as the man dozes off Mingyu grins. Wonwoo and Seungkwan were wrong after all. Haneul flew in last night and rushed over to Mingyu’s place to surprise him. Haneul really… loves him
Once Haneul is asleep, Mingyu stands up and walks over to his fridge. He hasn’t been home this past week — office has been keeping him busy. But it looks like Haneul cleaned up. Hell thank him for that the next morning. Mingyu opens the his refrigerator
He remembers he’d stacked his refrigerator with his favourite beer. But it’s nowhere to be found. Confused, Mingyu looks around the apartment and finds empty bottles in the trash. He stares at the empty bottles and exhales. He walks back in and grabs his phone
He dials the number and a voice answers, “Hello?” “Jeon Wonwoo-ssi?” he asks “Yes?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu swallows, settling down by the dining table. “This is Kim Mingyu. We should…meet,” Haneul hates Mingyu’s beer So who drank all those bottles? It’s obvious isn’t it
— Mingyu’s staring out the window of the cafe when the door jingles open and Jeon Wonwoo walks in, closing his umbrella and depositing it in the umbrella basket He looks around, and then spots Mingyu. He walks over to him and takes his seat, “you called sooner than expected,”
Mingyu hums, “I couldn’t keep lying to myself,” Wonwoo nods, pulling his sleeves over his hands. Mingyu notices, and then looks away. He must be feeling cold. Mingyu exhales and leans onto the table, “so, what now?”
Wonwoo sighs, gaze uneasy. Mingyu can tell he already has an idea for how to proceed forward “I have a plan,” Wonwoo says, clasping his hands, “but it will only work if you’re willing to be petty,” Mingyu smirks. He likes the sound of whatever this is
“Yknow, in college, my roommate was super messy and would always blame the room being messy on me whenever a girl or his parents came over,” Mingyu begins, “so one day I took a bottle of Jam and smeared it all over his car and inside it. So yeah, I can be petty,”
Wonwoo smirks and crosses his arms, “then you should have no problem in going along with my plan,” he deduced and Mingyu shrugs He’s angry and he’s sad and he’s also super petty so he is willing to do anything to get back at Haneul one way or another “What’s your plan?” He asks
Wonwoo hums, leaning forth, “I was thinking…since those two are cheating on us, how about we two cheat on them?” Mingyu doesn’t get it but he likes where this is going, “what do you mean?” “I mean, finding out your partner is cheating on you is devastating,” he says
“And since they’re so dependent on us for our wealth or services or whatever, they definitely wouldn’t like to lose us, yeah?” Mingyu listens on. “So why not make them believe we’ve lost interest and that we’re cheating on them, just to torture them emotionally?”
That… Is the most whackiest, dumbest, most cruel, ugliest, silliest, most petty yet ridiculously satisfying and BRILLIANT plan Mingyu’s ever heard “So, what do you suggest, we make them believe they’re being cheated on?” Mingyu asks, excited already and Wonwoo smiles
“We leave hints for them to suspect and send them for a ride. And when they’re at their lowest, we bust them and break up with them, hm?” Wonwoo suggests and a big grin finds its way onto Mingyu’s mouth
“Deal?” Wonwoo asks, extending his hand. Mingyu smirks, taking his hand, “deal.” And just like that — an alliance is formed
— “You need to be more specific,” Mingyu says as the two exit the cafe, their iced Americanos in hand Wonwoo sips on his, and then swallows, “what do you mean?” he asks and Mingyu sighs “When you say we cheat on them, what do you mean?”
Wonwoo shrugs, walking briskly “We make them believe we’re having sex,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu swallows, cheeks heating up. “How so?” He asks and Wonwoo ponders for a moment Mingyu grabs his arm and gently pulls him towards himself, away from that pole he was walking into
Wonwoo frees himself from Mingyu’s grip and turns to him, “we go on dates, we meet up at home, leave traces of each other so our lovers pick up on them and suffer in agony,” Mingyu hums, “but why should we do this?”
Wonwoo halts in his tracks, “I thought you were on board,” Mingyu nods, “I am, but I don’t understand why you want this—“ Wonwoo shrugs, “I’m petty. And I want revenge. I want Hajoon to feel betrayed just as much as I did. Only then I’ll be satisfied,” Mingyu hums.
“What if you don’t feel satisfied at the end of it?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo side eyes him, “then I’ll cheat on him for real,” Mingyu chokes on his drink and Wonwoo pats him on the back, “slow down,” Mingyu coughs and turns to Wonwoo, “you’ll cheat on him for real?”
Wonwoo nods like it’s no big deal, “I will. It’ll be tit for tat and I know I’ll be satisfied,” Mingyu doesn’t say anything He simply stares at him. Wonwoo sighs, “look, if you’re not on board, tell me. I have other options. I’m only inviting you because you’re the same”
Honestly Mingyu’s quite impressed by his blasé attitude “All this for petty revenge?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo turns to him, eyes dead serious, “yes,” Mingyu smiles, “I respect that”
“So are you in or not?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu takes a moment to think about it “And by in I mean, if you’re not satisfied, you must have sex with me,” Mingyu laughs nervously, “I think we’ll be satisfied. It won’t come to that,”
Wonwoo frowns, “what, the idea of sex with me is that repulsive?” Mingyu shakes his head, quick to deny it, “no no, I mean— you are—“ Mingyu takes a long glance at Wonwoo. Though he dresses plainly, his face is rather gorgeous. His voice too— it’s ridiculously deep
“It’s a last resort of course,” Wonwoo cuts in, “we don’t have to think about it” Mingyu sighs in relief. “If worse comes to worse, I’ll hook up with someone else, it’s okay,” Wonwoo clarifies and Mingyu chuckles nervously “Yeah that’s good,” Mingyu sighs
“Anyway, what’s our first move?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo hums, “I’ll need some time to think about it,” Mingyu nods, “makes sense,” Wonwoo hums, “so, for today, why don’t you go home and uh, rest?” Wonwoo says, poking at the hickey on Mingyu’s neck
Mingyu sighs, now regretting having that mark on his body “This was before I realised,” he utters and Wonwoo shrugs, “I don’t care. But from now on, try and be suspicious around him, okay?” Mingyu’s shoulders drop. “Okay,” “Then, I’ll see you soon, Mingyu-ssi,”
Mingyu smiles, “see you,” Like that, Wonwoo walks away And Mingyu releases the breath he’d been holding. His smile drops and he takes a deep breath He doesn’t want to go home just yet — Mingyu hesitated before opening the door to his own apartment Cuz Haneul is in there
But he took a deep breath and walked in. But now, he can’t move from where he’s standing. The reality of it all is beginning to deep into his bones. Haneul and Mingyu have been together for almost 2-3 years. That’s like — 730 days That’s a lot of days that— have gone waste
“Baby, is that you?” Haneul’s honey-dipped voice chirps from the kitchen and Mingyu swallows. He puts on a smile and walks inside, “yeah, it’s me,” he says and finds Haneul sitting at the dining table, a fork in hand as he claws at the cake “C’mere” Haneul says, opening his arms
Mingyu suppresses his anger and disgust, he tries not to let it show jsut how betrayed he feels, and walks over to Haneul, hugging him like he didn’t just throw away years of their time together. When Mingyu hugs him, his skin prickles and his gut sinks
When he pulls back, he doesn’t know what to do, or how to behave. He can feel remnants of Haneul on him, and he hates the feeling He wants to shower again — or better yet, go jump into a river “You look happy,” Haneul says and Mingyu smiles Does Haneul even know him?
Can he not see past Mingyu’s smile? In his defence, Mingyu couldn’t even figure out Haneul was cheating on him so … It’s like what they had was never real. They’re still strangers How has Mingyu been so blind to it all? “I am. A lot of deals cleared out,” Mingyu says
Haneul grins, pulling Mingyu in for a kiss. He feels like he’s going to puke — like he wants to peel his skin off from everywhere Haneul has touched him Mingyu dodges the kiss when he feels a buzz in his pocket. “Sorry,” he says and steps away, leaving Haneul confused
“Something wrong?” Haneul asks and Mingyu retrieves his phone from his pocket, “no, it’s nothing,” he says, opening his chat box From : Unknown ‘I have a plan. I’ll meet you at your office tmr ‘ Oh. It’s Wonwoo. “Who is it, babe?” Haneul tries to peek over his shoulder.
Mingyu turns his screen off and turns to Haneul with a smile, “oh, it’s no one. Just work,” he says. Haneul’s eyes disorient a bit and he licks his lips, “if you say so,” he says and walks away. And a weird feeling erupts in his body Satisfaction
Mingyu smiles It turns into a grin And it’s genuine this time Wonwoo was onto something when he said torturing them like this would feel satisfying Mingyu inhales. This…is going to be fun.
— Wonwoo tightens his watch around his wrist when two arms wrap around his middle. A pair of lips comes to leave kisses on his neck, and Wonwoo sighs. “Wonwoo-yah, where are you going today? I thought it was your day off,” Hajoon kisses his ear, and Wonwoo smirks
Wonwoo can practically smell another man’s scent on him Is that how much they’ve been fucking? Is Haneul not enough for Hajoon? He wants two men? Wonwoo’s not surprised. “I have some work thing,” Wonwoo says, stepping out of Hajoon’s grasp
“What work thing?” Hajoon asks, “who are you meeting?” he questions as Wonwoo runs a comb through his hair “Just some colleagues,” Wonwoo says. Hajoon frowns, leaning against the door frame, “who? What are their names?” Wonwoo smirks inwardly. “Why do you want to know?”
Hajoon gulps, averting his gaze, “you’ve been kinda distant lately. So I wanted to know if—“ “If Im@cheating on you?” Wonwoo cuts him off and Hajoon gasps, eyes wide. Wonwoo seems to be right on the money. He huffs. Only cheaters find others suspicious
“We’re not that kind of people, Joon-ah,” Wonwoo says, eyes glued onto Hajoon’s awkward frame, “right?” Hajoon swallows and nods, “right,” Wonwoo grins. Chest filling with satisfaction and pleasure. This gives Wonwoo so much power over Hajoon. And he loves it
“I’ll see you tonight, hm?” Wonwoo smiles and walks out the door, leaving Hajoon to question a lot of things. — Mingyu’s sat in the Company cafe, foot tapping away at the floor nervously. The door opens and Wonwoo walks in, and Mingyu stops tapping his foot.
Wonwoo spots him and walks over, a small smirk playing on his lips. He seems much more relaxed when compared to their first meeting, and Mingyu does too. “You’re smiling,” Mingyu observes as Wonwoo takes his seat. Wonwoo shrugs, exhaling, “I have every reason to be,”
Mingyu nods. Fair enough. You find your lover is cheating on you. Definitely something that makes you happy, right? Mingyu doesn’t get Wonwoo. But maybe, he does. They’re in the same boat after all. “So, what have you planned?” Mingyu asks
Wonwoo’s about to speak up as the drinks they’d ordered the last time arrive. Mingyu noticed that Wonwoo especially enjoyed his drink, so much that he blinked more than normal. A sign of excitement and affection. Wonwoo’s so easy to read. Wonwoo takes a sip and— There it is
Mingyu chuckles when Wonwoo’s eyes begin to flutter excitedly. Noticing, Wonwoo looks up at Mingyu and pulls away from the straw, “is something the matter?” Mingyu shakes his head, “nothing. Continue,” Wonwoo takes another sip. “So, as I was— actually, what drink is this?”
Mingyu was right. Wonwoo likes this drink. A lot more than the iced Americano they had after this. “It’s Passion Fruit and Orange mocktail,” Mingyu replies and Wonwoo hums, “it’s good,” “Thank you. It’s not very popular so they’re planning on discontinuing it,”
Wonwoo’s gaze falters at that, “oh” Mingyu smiles, “but I’ll stop that since you like it so much,” Wonwoo blinks at him, and then lowers his gaze, “thank you,” he says softly. Mingyu smiles. “So, you were saying?”
“Ah, right,” Wonwoo pushes his glasses up his nose, “like I said, we must first make our partners believe we’re cheating on them. Which is considering—“ “Cheaters find others suspicious,” Mingyu says. Wonwoo stares at him for a moment and continues, “Yes,” he says
“Apart from that, we must make them believe they have the power,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu frowns, “what do you mean?” “We hire a PI. We have him follow us on ‘dates’ and tip off Hajoon and Haneul, so they believe we’re cheating on them. Once they’ve taken the bait, we bust them”
“We let them know it was all a ruse and bust them, yes?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo nods Mingyu leans back in his chair and scoffs, “if this were Medieval Korea, you’d be a strategist in war, Wonwoo-ssi,” Wonwoo clears his throat, “I agree,” he leans forth, “and you’d be the King”
Mingyu cocks a brow, “and why’s that?” “Because you have the manpower to tear others down,” Wonwoo says simply. Mingyu swallows. Well, he isn’t wrong. Mingyu has a large stake in the corporate world, and a lot of resources at hand. Wonwoo’s establishing a dynamic
Where he’s the mastermind and Mingyu’s the muscle Mingyu…loves this. “So, should we move on to the first phase of our plan?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo smiles, “Yes. But first, we need a PI,” And Mingyu knows just the guy. — “Look, don’t involve me in this,” Seungkwan warns
Wonwoo and Mingyu exchange a glance “You’re not doing anything illegal,” Wonwoo says. “Plus, you’re just making a few calls,” Mingyu adds and Seungkwan exhales, “if worse comes to worse, I’ll be labelled as the Secretary who hired a PI to spy on his Boss!!”
Mingyu rolls his eyes, “and if it all goes well, maybe I’ll give you a cubicle of your own,” Seungkwan’s eyes sparkle at that. Seungkwan loves peace and quiet, but in his current arrangement it’s hard to come by. Mingyu knows he’s been wanting a cubicle
Seungkwan has dropped several hints about it ‘Boss, I want a cubicle’ ‘No’ Seungkwan swallows, considering the offer. And then, he sighs. “Fine!” he says and Mingyu smiles. He raises his hand to Hi five Wonwoo, who takes a moment to register it. He hi-fives Mingyu back
Seungkwan grabs his phone and dials in a number. “So, where do you want him to follow you?” Seungkwan asks and Wonwoo glances at Mingyu. Mingyu hums, “Lovers sport, Han river?” Wonwoo grins. Their plan’s finally in motion.
A visual of Wonwoo with fluttery eyes
— Call it whatever you want First world problems, the rant of a privileged brat— Mingyu doesn’t care. Problems are problems. Mingyu admits he is privileged, not jsut financially but also with regard to his looks. But he hates that he’s attributed to just those qualities
His personality is often reduced to those things - good looks and money. And all his life, people have made his company solely based on those two reasons. Over time, he’s grown used to standing behind that wall. Used to being overshadowed by it.
And no matter what he does, he finds himself being remembered only by those two qualities. He could make someone breakfast, he could help someone out, give them advice— but it all goes to waste because people only remember him by or appreciate him for his money
He loves and loves unconditionally but at the end of the day, it all goes unnoticed. What matters is that he’s handsome and rich. Sometimes he wonders, what will become of him when he loses the two things? Maybe then people will show their true colors.
All he wishes is for someone to look at him, and not the wall in front of him. It maybe a silly thing to worry about, to lull over constantly. But it bothers Mingyu that he has no identity of his own.
And now, it’s eating away at his mind that the reason Haneul was with him is also because of that. And Mingyu was unconsciously fueling that. If Mingyu takes back his credit card, will Haneul be the same? Haneul only views Mingyu as a Golden Goose Nothing more, nothing less
“Something on your mind?” calls a voice and Mingyu turns, facing Wonwoo. Mingyu forces a smile, “Hey, you’re here,” he says, looking Wonwoo up and down. “Something wrong?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu smirks. It’s different from his usual suit-based attire. He’s more casual today
“You look cute,” Mingyu says, licking out lint from Wonwoo’s sweater. Wonwoo nods, smiling softly, “Thank you. You too. Black suits you,” he tells Mingyu and Mingyu grins, “does it? Haneul said it looked hideous,”
Wonwoo shakes his head, “worry not, I’m not lying. If something looked hideous, I’d say it. Like those shoes of yours,” Mingyu laughs at Wonwoo’s honesty “Yeah Haneul picked these out for me, I’m not a fan either,” Mingyu says Wonwoo shrugs, “looks like he barely knows you,”
Mingyu purses his lips. “Then, what do you suggest?” Mingyu asks, and Wonwoo hums, “I’d suggest you ask Seungkwan because I have no fashion sense,” Mingyu laughs out loud. “What’s so funny?” Wonwoo asks, frowning. Wonwoo doesn’t realise he’s funny without even trying
Just then, Mingyu hears a click He turns to the source and finds a man clicking pictures of them from a few feet away He’s about to ask him what’s up— question him maybe when Wonwoo steps in “Ah, Mingyu-ssi, meet our PI,” he introduces the man who walks over to them, bowing
“Hello, I’m Lee Chan,” he says and Mingyu bows, “ah, hello,” “Worry not, Kim Mingyu-ssi, I will do my best!” Chan bows and Mingyu smiles nervously. “Haha, one second,” he excuses himself and pulls Wonwoo to the side, “hey, isn’t he a little — young?”
Wonwoo looks at Chan, “well, he is. And that’s what gives him the perfect disguise, don’t you think?” “He doesn’t need to disguise himself. We know we’re being photographed,” Mingyu adds and Wonwoo blinks at him, “oh, right,” Mingyu sighs, “so should I call someone else?”
Wonwoo shakes his head, “No. Seungkwan contacted atleast 10 different PIs and only he accepted this job. He seems to have a strong moral compass,” Chan looks at Wonwoo and Mingyu, a soft smile on his clueless face. Mingyu sighs. Well, whatever. “Welcome aboard, Chan-nim,”
Chan grins and bows again, “thank you!” Wonwoo clears his throat, “Alright, Chan. You know what to do, right?” Chan nods, “Yes! Take pictures of you two without showing the others’ face!” “Without showing our faces?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo nods
“When these photos reach Haneul and Hajoon, they should know it’s us but they shouldn’t know who we’re with,” Wonwoo explains Well, it makes a lot of sense. “Alright,” Wonwoo slips his hand into Mingyu’s very naturally, “let’s begin?”
Wah, the gesture has butterflies fluttering in Mingyu’s gut Mingyu laces their fingers and smiles, “okay,” — “So, I assume a big portion of our plan involves us walking?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo nods, “on dates, yes”
Mingyu hums, looking around, trying to distract himself from the fact that he’s holding Wonwoo’s hand Mingyu’s always felt that holding hands is a very intimate gesture Holding Wonwoo’s hand— it feels wrong. He wonders then, how Haneul could sleep with someone else?
Did he ever think about it and realise it’s wrong? Did he think about Mingyu? Their relationship? “Ow,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu turns to him, “what’s wrong?” “You’re gripping my hand too hard,” Wonwoo says, and Mingyu gasps, realising. He lets go of Wonwoo’s hand, “sorry,”
Mingyu sighs, shaking his head. “Do you not like holding hands?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu swallows, “no it’s just that— I don’t remember holding Haneul’s hand as much. And holding yours feels wrong. But at the same time, it makes me wonder if Haneul hesitated like me,”
Wonwoo hums. For a moment, they’re silent. But then, Wonwoo shuffles closer to him. He takes Mingyu’s hand and places it on his shoulders. “I can’t console you about Haneul, because that’s how I feel about Hajoon. But I can offer an alternative to hand holding,”
Mingyu scoffs, smiling. He drapes his arm properly around Wonwoo’s neck. “Won’t it give them the impression that we’re just friends?” Mingyu asks, pulling Wonwoo closer to himself.
Wonwoo shrugs, “not if I do this,” he says and raises his hand, grabbing Mingyu’s hand that’s around his neck. Wonwoo’s fingers softly pinch his thumb, holding onto it. Mingyu looks at him, and Wonwoo does the same, turning his head to the side. “This okay?” Wonwoo whispers
Mingyu swallows, looking forward, “yeah, this is okay,” he says, fighting the blush that’s creeping up his cheeks. He needs to get his heart under control! — minwon’s outfits —
Wonwoo’s alternative to holding hands looks kinda like this —
— flashback — “You’re a little pointy,” Hajoon says and Wonwoo turns to him, “what?” Hajoon peels his gaze off the TV and looks at Wonwoo, “you’re a little pointy compared to him,” he says, pointing at the man on TV, some actor. Wonwoo frowns, “what do you mean?”
Hajoon hums, “yknow, he’s a little curvaceous, and a huge ass at that,” Hajoon laughs, “you’re on the leaner side,” Wonwoo swallows, staring at the man in the TV, “is that bad?” Hajoon shrugs, “curves wouldn’t hurt, right?” he smiles, “you’d be a lot more comfortable to hold”
— flashback end — “Are you comfortable?” Wonwoo asks Mingyu, looking up at him. Mingyu turns to him, frowning, “with what?” Wonwoo purses his lips, averting his gaze, “with the hand around the shoulder?” Mingyu giggles, “why wouldn’t I be?” he pulls him closer
Wonwoo doesn’t reply. He lets himself be snuggled against Mingyu’s warm body “We should try and look more intimate,” Wonwoo diverts the topic and Mingyu hums, “how do we do that?” Wonwoo tries to think of a way He tries to recollect how he and Hajoon wer Nothing comes up
“Something like this?” Mingyu asks and raises his hand to brush the bangs off Wonwoo’s face, fingers grazing his skin ever so softly Wonwoo’s breath hitches, and he looks away, pulling away from his touch, “yeah, like that, for the camera,” he says and Mingyusmiles, “sure thing”
The two continue to walk in the park, in silence “Yknow, we might as well get to know each other. It’s awkward to walk around without talking,” Mingyu suggests and Wonwoo nods, agreeing “Tell me about yourself, Wonwoo-ssi,”
Wonwoo takes a deep breath and pushes his glasses up his nose. “I’m a divorce attorney. I’m from Changwon. I have one younger sibling, and I only have a small group of friends who are currently not in the country. And I have a boyfriend named Yoon Hajoon who is cheating on me”
“Short and right to the point, just like you,” Mingyu chuckles nervously and Wonwoo shrugs, “I think other details are better left to come out organically,” Mingyu nods, “I agree. Like how you like Passion fruit and Orange mocktail,” Wonwoo smiles softly, “right,”
“What about you?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu sighs, pondering, “I’m a chatterbox so sooner or later you’ll end up hearing a lot about me anyway,” Wonwoo giggles. “Then what about stuff you’re not chatty about?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu swallows. “Well…”
Wonwoo raises his brows and Mingyu shakes his head. “Haneul and I have been together for 2 years, almost 3. We met at a business conference in Busan, and since he showed interest in me, we decided to go out,”
Wonwoo smirks, “if you decided to date everyone that found you attractive then—“ Mingyu sighs, “I know, I’d be dating almost everyone—“ Wonwoo giggles, “But the heart is important as well, right? Maybe the two of you connected because it wasn’t superficial,”
Mingyu blinks at Wonwoo, and Wonwoo frowns, “what?” Mingyu looks away, “it’s nothing. And you’re uh, right. I don’t want things to be superficial but uh, they turned out to be just that,” Wonwoo purses his lips, “how so?”
Mingyu looks up at the sky, removing his arm from around Wonwoo, “I’m beginning to think Haneul was only in on it for the money and the looks. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for him to— cheat,” “Oh. That’s too bad,” Wonwoo says, noting the shift in the atmosphere. Mingyu’s sad
He has every reason to be He was betrayed Wonwoo’s sad too. Only, he doesn’t know how to express it “Do you perhaps have a picture of Haneul?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu turns to him, absentmindedly. He realises what Wonwoo’s asking and gets his phone out, “here,”
Wonwoo takes the phone and stares at the photo of Haneul. “I think, deep down, I knew it has always been like that. But I refused to admit it, and tried to use money to keep him tied down to me. I…I don’t even know anymore,” Mingyu sighs But Wonwoo’s silent
Haneul is so beautiful He’s gorgeous, with full lips and a curvy body. He has androgynous features, and they give him a soft and attractive look He has a nice smile, and small shoulders and short height Wonwoo’s staring at the photo, drifting away from his senses, from Mingyu
“Hey, careful,” Mingyu alerts him and pulls Wonwoo off the way of a cyclist, hand resting on his waist. “Oh, thanks,” Wonwoo says, giving Mingyu his phone back as they walk ahead. He notices Mingyu doesn’t let go of his waist just yet. “Oh, sorry,” Mingyu realises
He pulls his hand away but Wonwoo grabs it, placing it back on his waist, “you can do this too if you’re not uncomfortable,” Mingyu chuckles, “why would I be uncomfortable? It’s uh,” Mingyu looks away, “it’s a nice waist to hold,”
Wonwoo’s eyes widen ever so slightly, and he notices how red Mingyu’s ears have become Wonwoo halts in place and raises his hand to turn Mingyu to face him, holding his chin between his two fingers Mingyu’s face is a bright red shade, and his eyes are comically wide Cute
“What is it?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo smiles. He brushes the hair off Mingyu’s face, grazing his heated skin softly. “Just a leaf,” Wonwoo says, plucking the leaf off his head and discarding it. Mingyu nods, swallowing as he pulls Wonwoo closer, “I see”
— “I think that should be enough for today,” Wonwoo says, looking through the photos. Mingyu watches from over his shoulder, cheeks warm. These photos do look rather —- intimate. “Yeah uh, it should be enough,” Mingyu hums and looks away.
Chan smiles, bowing, “I’ll see you soon, Wonwoo-ssi, Mingyu-ssi,” and with that, he takes his leave. Mingyu exhales and shoves his hands in his pockets, “I guess to see resukts we must do this a couple of times, right?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo, and the latter nods, “yeah,”
Mingyu smiles. Now that their little date is over, he feels a little….. He’s reminded of just why they’re doing this They’re both being cheated on “I’ll contact you soon, Mingyu,” Wonwoo bows and Mingyu mirrors him, “oh, uh, yeah,” Wonwoo nods and turns, walking away
Mingyu sighs and turns around as well, a little tired. He can’t wait to go home and sleep. Just then, his phone buzzes. It’s Haneul. “Hello?” Mingyu answers, swallowing deeply. “Ah, babe, when will you be home tonight?” Mingyu frowns, “oh, uh, why?”
“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m kinda um, busy? So if you let me know your schedule then we can meet up after I plan a little, hm?” Mingyu purses his lips. “Haneul—“ “Just text me if you want to meet, okay? I’ll be kinda unreachable for an hour or so, bye!” and he cuts the call
Mingyu’s first instinct is to turn around and look at Wonwoo, who’s on the phone as well. Mingyu can only see his back, but with the way he nods and lets his hand drop to the side, Mingyu knows it was Hajoon on the call On cue, Wonwoo turns around, gasping when he sees Mingyu
Mingyu purses his lips and walks over to him, “that was uh, Haneul, asking me where I am,” Mingyu gestures to his phone. Wonwoo clutches his phone, “same. Hajoon called,” The two don’t say anything more, it’s clear why they were called.
“I….they’re probably hooking up at my place,” Mingyu sighs, rubbing his temples with his fingers Wonwoo hums, “do you and Haneul live together?” Mingyu scoffs, “no. I wanted to ask him though, to move in. He stays over at my place a lot anyway so…” Mingyu clenches his fists
“Damn it, I have no place to go back to now,” Mingyu tries to disguise his hurt with a smile, act as if that’s the only thing he’s disappointed about and not the fact that Haneul is cheating on him with Hajoon on their bed Wonwoo purses his lips, “would you like to come over?”
— “Oh, it’s a nice place you have here, Wonwoo-ssi,” Mingyu says as he follows Wonwoo inside. Wonwoo only hums in response, uncharacteristically quiet. Mingyu’s met Wonwoo only a couple of times but he’s had him figured out quite a bit.
He may seem stoic but he can get chatty. Just back at the park, Wonwoo went on and on about cats. Mingyu didn’t mind actually — it was refreshing to see Wonwoo so chatty. Even when he has nothing to talk about, he talks. About anything and everything. But now, he’s quiet
Mingyu can guess why. Mingyu knows why. Mingyu looks around the place, at photo frames on the mantle, at the messy place. “Sorry, Hajoon mustve— forgotten to clean up,” Wonwoo says glumly, picking up beer cans from the floor. Mingyu swallows, “do you like cleaning?”
“No, I hate it,” Wonwoo says as he picks up the cans and clothes off the floor, “but I can’t move in a mess, so,” he says. Mingyu nods. “So you and Hajoon live together, I assume,” Mingyu says, following Wonwoo around like a lost puppy Wonwoo nods, “for a few months now”
“Hajoon’s been… suffering financially so I proposed he move in with me,” Wonwoo says as he discards the trash and then hands Mingyu a glass of water to drink from Mingyu nods, “What does Hajoon do, if you don’t mind me asking,” “He’s an aspiring Actor,” Wonwoo replies
“I see,” is all Mingyu can say. Hajoon…. He’s only a leech. He’s using Wonwoo for his money whilst cheating on him. Absolute scum. And Wonwoo’s… Wonwoo’s letting him. “Why didn’t you break up with him when you found out?” Mingyu asks out of nowhere
Wonwoo doesn’t look at Mingyu as he pours him a glass of juice. “I don’t know,” he begins, “I guess I was scared no one would want me again,” Mingyu’s eyes widen as Wonwoo slides him the glass, “drink up,” Wonwoo says, settling on the couch across him. Mingyu’s speechless
Wonwoo’s so… It might look like he doesn’t care but he does He’s hurting too. Mingyu doesn’t reply to him. It’s not his place to reply. He just falls silent and sips on his juice. “What about you?” Wonwoo breaks the silence, “why didn’t you break up?”
Mingyu smirks, “well, it’s cuz you entered my life,” he says, smiling at Wonwoo, “and proposed this wild idea and I just couldn’t say no because— because I want to see them suffer, I want to feel good about myself,” Wonwoo watches him in silence and raises his glass, “cheers,”
Mingyu laughs, clinking his glass with his, “cheers,” “Then,” Wonwoo says, setting his glass aside, “let’s make them feel bad,” he walks over to Mingyu and pulls him into a tight hug. Mingyu’s too stunned to speak, and just stands there frozen as Wonwoo squirms against him
“What, what are you doing?” Mingyu asks as Wonwoo literally rubs his body against his like a cat, hugging him tightly. Wonwoo looks up, chin on Mingyu’s chest, “you’ll see,” he says, and Mingyu’s heart skips a beat at how adorable Wonwoo looks from@this angle
When Mingyu’s phone buzzes, Wonwoo pulls away and Mingyu clears his throat. He checks his phone and it’s Haneul, informing him that he’s free now Mingyu scoffs, “it’s only been half an hour,” Wonwoo shrugs, “Hajoon’s not the best in bed,” and Mingyu can’t hold back the snort
He bursts out laughing and Wonwoo watches him as he sips his drink. “Really?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo nods, “I’ve had to fake orgasms,” and Mingyu laughs some more, close to tears, “can men even do that?” Wonwoo averts his gaze, “no they can’t but he doesn’t know that,”
Mingyu swears he’s going to topple over from how much he’s laughing “God, this is so funny,” Mingyu says and looks up at Wonwoo, who’s smiling at him shyly. “You’re funny,” Mingyu tells Wonwoo, and the blush on his face intensifies, “thanks,” Mingyu grins.
“I should get going,” Mingyu says, standing up and Wonwoo nods, “of course,” Wonwoo walks Mingyu to the door and smiles, “today was fun, Mingyu,” he says and Mingyu grins, “I thought so too,” Wonwoo nods, “I’ll contact you soon,” and Mingyu grins, “sure thing!”
— Wonwoo’s watching a movie when the door opens and Hajoon walks in, stretching as he walks over to the refrigerator. “Im home,” Hajoon says and Wonwoo hums in response, “welcome home,” Hajoon walks over to the couch with a beer bottle in his hand, “I was at an audition,”
Wonwoo hums, “how did it go?” Hajoon smirks, “really good,” Wonwoo continues to watch his movie in silence. “Speaking of which, can you help me pay for my headshots to get taken? I think I might have a better shot at companies with those,”
Wonwoo shrugs, “sure,” Hajoon smiles and leans back on the couch when he notices two glasses on the centre table. “Was someone here?” Hajoon asks and Wonwoo glances at the two glasses, “no,” “Why are there two glasses?” Hajoon questions
Wonwoo shrugs unenthusiastically, “I drank from them. Any problem?” he asks, satisfaction bubbling inside him. Hajoon swallows and leans back on the couch, “no, nothing,” Wonwoo smirks inwardly.
— “I’m home,” Mingyu announces and Haneul gets up from the couch and walks over to Mingyu, hugging him, “hey! I’ve missed you,” he says, kissing Mingyu. Mingyu forces a smile and pats him on the back, “yeah,” Haneul halts and pulls away, sniffing, “who were you with?”
“Huh?” “I smell a different perfume on you, who were you with?” Haneul asks. Mingyu blinks at him. And then a smile makes way onto his mouth. Now he gets why Wonwoo did that. “Just some friend,” Mingyu says, walking past a clueless and anxious Haneul. This is fun
— Staring at the calendar isn’t going to console him in any way Mingyu knows that But he can’t move his feet from here He’s frozen Mingyu can’t even let out a sigh And it feels like he’s suffocating “Babe! Why the long face?!” Haneul pounces on him, kissing him
Mingyu swallows, unenthusiastic about the kiss. If circumstances were different, Mingyu would seek solace in Haneul, he’d expect Haneul to be a little more understanding But Mingyu knows better now “Something wrong?” Haneul asks and Mingyu gulps. He can’t even speak
Haneul slides off his back and groans, “Uh, you’re in a mood,” he says. Mingyu clenches his jaw when his phone buzzes. Containing his anger, he opens his phone. Wonwoo 🐈‍⬛ ‘Tell Haneul you’re going on a business trip and come down stairs’ Mingyu doesn’t even question it
“Babe, can I have the card back? I have something I need—“ Haneul speaks up but Mingyu cuts him off, finally moving from the place and heading to the door “No,” Mingyu says, “the card will be with me,” he replies and grabs his coat. “What? Where are you going?” Haneul asks
Mingyu glances at him with hollow eyes, “Business Trip,” and without giving Haneul a chance to even ask questions, Mingyu’s out of there He doesn’t take the elevator Stairs are faster He hurries down, a little out of breath by the time he reaches the lobby.
Outside, he finds a car waiting. Wonwoo rolls the window down and gestures Mingyu to hurry. Mingyu swallows and jogs upto him, getting into the car. Once in, Wonwoo drives them away. Mingyu finally releases the breath he’d been holding “Perfect timing,” he says
“Why’s that?” A voice speaks up and it’s not Wonwoo. Mingyu startles when he sees Chan in the back, seated politely Mingyu exhales and turns to Wonwoo, “what is he doing here?” Wonwoo turns to him, “click photographs ofc,” Mingyu nods, right “Why perfect timing?” Wonwoo asks
Mingyu leans back in his seat, “it’s nothing. I just needed to get out of the house. Also, I told Haneul he couldn’t have my card,” Wonwoo’s brows raise, as if impressed, “Nice,” he raises his hand. Mingyu smirks and Hi-Fives it. “Never felt so powerful,” Mingyu says
And Wonwoo laughs. “This is only the beginning,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu smiles. “By the way, where are we going?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo smiles, “Busan,” Well, Mingyu’s not complaining. Anything to get away from — his thoughts.
— Halfway through the journey, Wonwoo speaks up. “Is something wrong?” He asks and Mingyu only hums, too busy looking at the outside world He did say he wanted time away from his thoughts but that’s not really possible, is it? “Nothing,” Mingyu says.
Wonwoo hums, “let’s stop here for a bit,” he says once they enter a town, “get something to eat,” They pull into a street and park the car, and Mingyu spots a cafe. “Chan-nim,” he turns around and wakes up the kid, who startled awake, “Y-Yes,” he blinks away his sleep
Mingyu giggles He turns to Wonwoo, who’s already staring at him “What?” Mingyu asks, smiling. Wonwoo frowns, and turns to look front, “you’re smiling,” he observes and Mingyu frowns, “huh?” “But not with your eyes,” Wonwoo finishes and Mingyu’s eyes widen, lips parting
“Let’s go grab lunch,” Wonwoo says and hops off the car, stretching. Chan gets off as well, but Mingyu remains seated, a little taken aback by what Wonwoo said. “Mingyu-ssi, you coming?” Chan knocks on Mingyu’s window. Mingyu swallows and forces a smile, “yeah,”
— Wonwoo doesn’t say anything after that, even as they sit down to eat. But the comment does bother Mingyu All his life he’s…. forced smiles and no one’s ever suspected it. He thought he had gotten good at it but— Wonwoo sees right through him. Mingyu looks up at Wonwoo
“So, what are we doing here?” Mingyu clears his throat and Wonwoo looks up at him. “Oh, I mean, for cheaters, business trips basically imply hooking up so,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu smiles, “of course,” Great Now he’s conscious about his smile
“Why is it so important they think you’re cheating on them, Hyung?” Chan directs the question to Wonwoo. Wonwoo hums as he separates the bell peppers from his plate. “Don’t waste food,” Mingyu nags, taking the bell peppers from his plate Wonwoo doesn’t seem to mind
“The only reason Hajoon is with me is because I pay for stuff and he’s broke. If he thinks I’m cheating, it means that there is a possibility I will leave him. He will lose his source of income. I want to use that to terrorise him a bit before dumping him,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu huffs, “Same here. I uh, I thought Haneul liked me for my personality but apparently its come down to money now,” Mingyu eats the bell peppers, angry and upset and confused. When he met Haneul, Mingyu had thought that someone finally liked him for him.
That it wasn’t Mingyu’s money that attracted them. But boy was he wrong Haneul doesn’t even seem to remember the little things Like why Mingyu is so off today Mingyu clenches his jaw and continues to eat “I will help you get justice, Hyungs!” Chan says, and Mingyu smirks
He likes this kid’s enthusiasm “Busan is 2 hours away. Do you guys want to start or look around for a bit?” Wonwoo suggests. Mingyu’s about to suggest they start for Busan, considering daylight’s fading. But chan seems to have other plans. “Actually uh—“ he speaks up
“I heard there’s a fountain somewhere here that grants wishes,” Chan says, “I want to go there, if it’s fine with you!” he panics Mingyu and Wonwoo exchange a glance and smile. “Sure,” Mingyu says.
— The trio walks to where the fountain is, and boy is it crowded. “I’ve read about this place in Newspapers. I read that whatever you wish for, comes true and when it comes true, you must visit the place again and donate some more money,” Chan says
He fishes out some coins from his pocket and clasps his hands, praying. Mingyu and Wonwoo glance at each other and sigh. “Let’s leave him alone for a bit,” Wonwoo says, nudging Mingyu softly. Mingyu tenses, and walks ahead, silent. Wonwoo frowns and jogs to his side
“What’s wrong?” Wonwoo asks as Mingyu goes over to the other side of the fountain. “Nothing,” Mingyu says as he receives a few coins from his pocket. He hands one to Wonwoo as well. Mingyu closes his eyes and prays for a moment. Wonwoo does the same.
After that, they toss their coins in. Wonwoo doesn’t let it go though, “what’s wrong, tell me,” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu sighs, smiling, “it’s nothing,” Wonwoo pouts, “there it is, that fake smile,” Mingyu purses his lips, containing his anger, “why do you say that?”
“Say what?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu exhales, “that my smile is fake,” Wonwoo clasps his hands behind his back and hums, “but it is, isn’t it?” Mingyu clenches his fists and he walks away, dodging the crowd and the children running around. Wonwoo jogs upto him, “Mingyu—“
But his words are cut off when a bunch of kids run right into him and in goes Wonwoo into the fountain Mingyu hears a big splash and turns around to find Wonwoo in the fountain, drenched head to toe Wonwoo’s too stunned to even process it, but Mingyu can’t help it
He bursts out laughing He laughs at Wonwoo’s face, at him, and it’s the funniest thing ever Wonwoo’s staring at Mingyu, and though he should be offended, a smile tugs at his lips It grows wider and wider and then Wonwoo starts laughing as well
And before Mingyu knows it, he’s being pulled into the fountain as well, gasping when water splashes onto him and wetness engulfs him “Yah!” he hisses at Wonwoo but the latter continues to laugh, holding onto his stomach for a good while And all of Mingyu’s anger dissipates
In the end, two grown men find each other in a fountain, laughing hysterically as the crowd around them silently judges them Mingyu’s never felt so free before “There it is,” Wonwoo says, “your beautiful smile,”
And this time, it doesn’t bother Mingyu Because he understands Wonwoo has no ill intentions He’s just very observant Mingyu grins and gets up, extending his hand to Wonwoo. Wonwoo takes it and stands up, shivering. Mingyu laughs, “let’s get changed,” Wonwoo nods, “yup”
— “Oh, sir, we’re fully booked,” the receptionist says and Mingyu watches with his jaw on the floor They’re drenched and cold and they might have to spend the night here and this cannot be happening. “Do you not have any rooms left?” Mingyu asks.
The receptionist purses her lips, “it’s the weekend and—“ No. This is what happens in those movies. Will Mingyu and Wonwoo have to stay together in one room? And — “Oh, there are 3 rooms available sir!” the receptionist says Oh Mingyu get your mind out of the gutter!
— Mingyu’s about to knock on the door but finds it ajar, allowing him to hear the voice from inside “You sold what? Joon-ah, they belonged to my dad! How could you just sell it?!” Mingyu halts noting the anger in Wonwoo’s voice “Yes! I expect you to get it back!”
Whoa. “Why am I angry? Why wouldn’t I be? No, Joon-ah, it is a big deal! That watch was my father’s and you can’t just pawn it! Are you getting back into your nasty pawning habit? Is that it? No, I’m not coming back just yet, and I’m not sure I want to” Mingyu sighs.
“Don’t yell. Why are you yelling? Well, if you don’t want me to break up with you, get me my watch back! Who am I with? I don’t think that concerns you, goodbye!” Mingyu purses his lips. Sometimes he forgets Wonwoo’s suffering too. He takes a moment and then knocks
“Wonwoo?” he calls, pretending he didn’t hear all that. “Come in,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu pushes the door open, walking into Wonwoo’s hotel room. He finds the man by the glass window, pouring himself something. Wine? Wonwoo turns halfway and Mingyu smiles.
Wonwoo’s pouring Orange juice into a wine glass. Cute “Can I have some too?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo nods, “okay,” He pours Mingyu a glass and hands it to him. “Cheers,” Mingyu says and they clink their glasses together Wonwoo nods curtly and takes a sip.’
“Was there no other glass or?”Mingyu looks around the room and Wonwoo shakes his head, “there was but I want to get drunk without actually getting drunk, so,” Mingyu chuckles,“I get that,” he says. Wonwoo nods and continues to sip on his juice Mingyu takes a glance at Wonwoo
Wonwoo’s dressed differently Of course he is. He’s in his home clothes He’s wearing a pair of shorts and a white tee, and there’s a blue headband on his head. Mingyu smiles inwardly Mingyu didn’t expect Wonwoo to dress so comfortably.
A part of him assumed he sleeps in his suits and two pieces. This is… refreshing “So, what’s up?” Wonwoo breaks the silence “Ah, I just, I came to see you once before I go to sleep,” he checks the time — 11:45 pm “Ah, I see,” Wonwoo says, putting the glass on the table
Mingyu swallows, “so I uh, I’ll get going then,” he says but Wonwoo stops him, “why are you sad?” Mingyu frowns, “huh?” “You’ve been sad all morning, I can tell,” Wonwoo crosses his arms and Mingyu chuckles, “am I that obvious?” “To me, an attorney, yes,” Mingyu laughs
“Yknow, Wonwoo-ssi, if I was getting a divorce, I’d definitely hire you as my attorney. I don’t want someone to leech off my money for years together,” Mingyu says, half joking half not Wonwoo smirks, “Don’t worry, I’d defend you so good they’ll want to get back together,”
Mingyu giggles “Who are you going to divorce then?” Wonwoo asks Mingyu frowns, “huh?” “Haneul? I thought you’d have a name in mind,” Mingyu takes a deep breath. “I don’t know, haha. Whoever is next, I guess. Since all people like me for is money,”
There is a lot of truth to that statement Mingyu can’t deny it anymore Mingyu’s accumulated so much wealth that it’s all people see. He can’t blame them if they eye the mound of money that accompanies him everywhere.
“That’s a shame,” Wonwoo says, “they’re missing out on what a delightful person you are,” Mingyu blinks at him. He averts his gaze, “you think so?” “I do,” Wonwoo says after he gulps down the juice Mingyu purses his lips, “what about my fake smile then?”
Wonwoo shrugs, “a fake smile is a fake smile. It doesn’t mean anything, especially since I’ve seen your real smile,” It doesn’t make any sense But somehow, it does Mingyu can’t explain it but he gets Wonwoo He laughs, because the things Wonwoo says can be so goofy
“So, why have you been upset, you didn’t answer my question,” Wonwoo asks again and Mingyu sighs “Today…is the 10th anniversary of my grandma’s death,” Wonwoo falls silent “I’m sorry,” he says and Mingyu shakes his head, “no it’s okay”
“Were you close?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu huffs, “we didn’t talk much, she was a very stoic woman. But she would always sing me this lullaby,” Mingyu hums the tune, voice trembling. He smiles, “and that’s all I remember of her now. I just…” Mingyu swallows.
“I can’t remember the proper tune and it’s— it’s an indication that she’s becoming a distant memory in my brain now,” Mingyu says, holding back tears He can’t cry Not… in front of a stranger like this “Anyway, I uh, I just wanted to talk to you before going to sleep,”
Wonwoo nods, face as indifferent as usual Somehow, this poker face of his cams Mingyu down a bit “Good night, Wonwoo,” Mingyu says and walks to the door. “Good night, Mingyu-ssi,”
— Mingyu did say he would go to sleep But it’s 2 am and he’s still toiling and turning He just can’t sleep Especially today Mingyu would visit his grandma on weekends, and she was a quiet woman. She didn’t talk as much, but she always knew what Mingyu wanted
She knew his favourites, she knew if he was hungry, or sleepy. That kind of silent love — Mingyu kisses it He doesn’t need loud declarations of love He just needs… love Mingyu tries to hum the lullaby, but to no avail. It’s just not the same as his grandma’s
Mingyu gasps when someone knocks on his door It’s 2 am. It’s either Wonwoo or chan. Wonwoo, more likely Mingyu’s up anyway so Mingyu walks to the door and opens it, not surprised to see Wonwoo there “Couldn’t sleep?” Mingyu asks, looking at the bags under Wonwoo’s eyes
Wonwoo exhales. He walks in past Mingyu, and Mingyu doesn’t protest. I think he’s finally deduced that Wonwoo is harmless Mingyu follows the man in and watches as he settles on the bed. Mingyu cocks a brow as Wonwoo stretches his legs and leans against the bed frame
Wonwoo pats his bare thighs, “come here,” Mingyu scoffs, moving towards him, “I’m not a dog, yknow?” he says as he crawls onto the bed. Wonwoo grabs him by the neck and tackles him onto the bed, his head in Wonwoo’s lap Okay, he’s not as harmless as he’d expected
“What are —“ Mingyu squirms as Wonwoo presses a hand to his eyes “This is embarrassing for me so,” Wonwoo clears his throat And then, he begins to hum The blood in Mingyu’s veins freezes, and he forgets how to breathe He stops squirming as the familiar tune reaches his ears
Mingyu freezes in that position, his head on Wonwoo’s lap and his body comfortable on the bed. He swallows deeply as Wonwoo hums that nostalgic tune, and his hands drop to his side. Wonwoo doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t remove his hand from Mingyu’s eyes.
Mingyu’s body relaxes, his breathing evens out and a tear makes way down his cheek Wonwoo feels a drop of tear — no, multiple drops of tears. He feels a warm wetness on his palm, but he says nothing ,continues to hum the tune he spent nearly an hour searching for and memorising
‘If’ Mingyu is crying, Wonwoo ignores it He focuses on pouring his heart and soul into the tune, into etching this memory into Mingyu’s brain, of his lovely grandma who loved him dearly After a while, the tears stop, but Wonwoo doesn’t dare move He wishes Mingyu sleeps well
— When Mingyu comes to, he misses the warmth under his head. The towel covering his eyes slips off his face as Mingyu sits up He looks around, eyes heavy from all the— crying, but he’s alone in his room. He scratches his head. When did Wonwoo go back?
He slides off the bed and stretches, walking to grab a bottle of water where he finds a note. ‘We’re in the Lobby, ready to go’ it says. Mingyu checks the time — it’s 8:40 am Mingyu sighs. He needs to get ready.
— Mingyu steps out of the elevator with his suitcase. He pushes the sunglasses up his face and makes his way to the lobby. He finds Wonwoo and Chan seated on the couch, chatting. Mingyu halts when he sees Wonwoo. Mingyu’s sure he wasn’t dreaming. Wonwoo samg that for him
How is he going to face him now? His eyes are swollen from all the crying! Wonwoo notices Mingyu and smiles, waving him over. Mingyu clears his throat and walks over to them. “Did you guys have breakfast?” Mingyu asks as he avoids Wonwoo’s gaze
Wonwoo frowns, watching Mingyu curiously “We did. What about you, Mingyu-ssi?” Chan asks as Wonwoo stands up and walks to him. Mingyu clears his throat and averts his gaze. “I’m not a big breakfast person so uh, we can hit the road,” he says, trying to evade Wonwoo
“Why won’t you let me see your face?” Wonwoo asks Man, this man is so direct. Mingyu gives up and sighs. “My eyes are swollen, from the crying,” he whispers the last part, embarrassed. Wonwoo says nothing and raises his hands, “May I?” he asks and Mingyu nods, swallowing
Wonwoo gently removes the shades from his eyes, and Mingyu feels like an exposed nerve He gulps as Wonwoo smiles. “I look ugly, don’t I?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo tucks the glasses into his shirt pocket. “No, you look the same to me,” Wonwoo pats his chest and turns away.
Mingyu licks his lips and tries to control his blush. Maybe being so direct isn’t so bad “Let’s go,” Wonwoo says, taking his suitcase. Mingyu sighs into a smile, “yup,”
— “Oh, is this why you wanted to come to Busan?” Mingyu asks, removing his sunglasses as Chan runs onto the sandy beach, cheering. Wonwoo takes a deep breath and turns to Mingyu, “beaches are romantic,” he shrugs and Mingyu smirks “They sure are,”
The trio checks into the hotel Wonwoo had booked for the day and get changed. Mingyu and Chan head out first, and as Chan takes the opportunity to splash around in the water first, Mingyu waits for Wonwoo
He has to admit, he feels a lot better now He can’t thank Wonwoo enough for doing that for him Not many would do that — especially for a stranger “Nice shorts,” a voice says and Mingyu turns around to find Wonwoo walking towards him
Mingyu looks down at his floral shorts, and scoffs, “well, thanks,” he tells Wonwoo, who’s dressed in a white tee and shorts. Why’s Wonwoo wearing a tee? Mingyu feels naked compared to this man. Should he put on a tee as well? But it’s hot… “Why are you wearing that shirt?”
Wonwoo looks down at himself. “I…” he averts his gaze, “don’t have a — beach body like you do,” Wonwoo’s normally so straightforward that Mingyu can tell when he’s hiding something “Look, I don’t want to force you to strip or anything but I’m saying, you look good,”
Wonwoo sighs. “You haven’t even seen my body,” Wonwoo toys with the hem is his shirt, “it’s pointy and straight and boxy,” There it is Wonwoo’s conscious about his body Mingyu shrugs, “so what? Who said those are bad things?” Wonwoo purses his lips and looks down “Hajoon”
Mingyu’s eyes widen Wonwoo looks away, embarrassed. Mingyu gulps and exhales, “Well, he’s wrong,” and Wonwoo squirms, “you haven’t even seen me!” Wonwoo can get defensive when he’s upset. Noted. “Look, I can’t say anything other than the fact that Hajoon is an asshole”
Wonwoo bites his lip and Mingyu sighs “I’m gonna go take a dip. If you want to join me, come on in,” Mingyu says, “and if you do remove your shirt, I wouldn’t judge you, if that’s what you’re worried about,” And then, Mingyu jogs away Wonwoo watches him from afar, fidgeting
Mingyu takes a dip in the water, letting his body revel in the cool of the sea. It’s refreshing, and he can feel all his worries deep out of his body and dissipate into the sea, gone forever Mingyu resurfaces, blinking away the water to look for Wonwoo Who’s not there anymore
Mingyu frowns, looking around when he feels a tug on his shorts He screams bloody murder and turns around, finding Wonwoo by his side in the water, grinning “Yah! You scared me!” Mingyu splashes water at the man, who cackles uncontrollably “Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he says
Mingyu sighs and slicks his hair back, licking the water to stay afloat, like Wonwoo Mingyu notices that Wonwoo’s still wearing the shirt. But he doesn’t comment on it. He just wanted to convey to Wonwoo that Mingyu wouldn’t judge him. And Wonwoo knows that now.
A ride of water overcomes them and the two dip under water for a bit, linking hands when blinded and resurfacing together. Wonwoo grabs onto Mingyu, arms around his neck as the wave retreats and almost carries them further into the sea “I don’t know how to swim,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu wraps his arms around him as well, scared, “I don’t either,” he confesses Wonwoo blinks at him, “does that mean we’re both at the risk of drowning?” Mingyu stares at him, “…yes,” And panic sets in. The two half swim, half walk back to the shore, terrified
Exasperated, they crawl back onto the shore and fall face flat onto the sand, taking deep breaths The two look at each other, coming down from their high and then burst out laughing at their silliness “I don’t think we would’ve drowned,” Mingyu says
“I didn’t want to stick around and find out,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu laughs Wonwoo rolls over onto his back and takes deep breaths, staring at the sky. He squints uncomfortably because of the sunlight.
Mingyu props himself up on his elbows and blocks the Sun with his head, looking down at Wonwoo, who smiles thankfully for Mingyu’s shade “You’re all dirty,” Mingyu says, wiping the sand off Wonwoo’s face Wonwoo sighs, “you’re one to speak,” he slaps his hands on Mingyu’s cheeks
He aggressively rubs Mingyu’s cheeks, even takes the liberty to squish them and Mingyu struggles, “yah!” And Wonwoo laughs They hear a click of the camera and turn to their sides, finding Chan crouching by them “Nice pose, very intimate,” he says and Mingyu realises, sitting up
He clears his throat and helps Wonwoo sit up as well, “aren’t you supposed to take pictures from far away? We’re not modeling, yknow?” Mingyu says and Chan grins, “but you look cute, so,” Mingyu blushes and looks away, “I uh, I’m gonna go clean the sand out of my hair,”
He glances once at Wonwoo and runs off to the showers. Mingyu tries to calm his heart under the cold stream of water, but fails when he sees Wonwoo in the distance, going through photos with Chan Right. It’s all an act It’s all for the photos Nothing more nothing less
Mingyu shakes the water off his head and runs a hand through his hair, slicking his hair back and turns around Only, Wonwoo’s not with Chan but someone else. Mingyu knows Wonwoo enough to know the difference between his poker face and stoic face, which are very similar
And right now, Wonwoo’s making that stoic expression on purpose His guard is up Mingyu speed walks to Wonwoo, wondering who the man is. As Mingyu approaches them, Wonwoo and the man turn to him. Wonwoo’s expression relaxes a little.
“Hey,” Mingyu joins Wonwoo’s side, “who’s this?” The man smiles and extends his hand, “Choi SeongHo,” he says, “Wonwoo and I used to date,” Mingyu’s eyes widen slightly. He glances at Wonwoo, who doesn’t seem all too happy to see SeongHo.
“And you are?” SeongHo asks, an annoying smirk on his face that Mingyu simply wants to punch Something about his smile isn’t very welcoming or warm “Wonwoo and I,” Mingyu looks at Wonwoo, “currently date,” He wants to smack himself for that wording
But Wonwoo doesn’t seem to mind what Mingyu said. SeongHo’s eyes widen and he scoffs, looking at Wonwoo. “When I heard you’d bagged a tall, handsome looking model, I didn’t want to believe it,” SeongHo says and Mingyu smiles, nothing welcoming about it either
He doesn’t like the way he talks to Wonwoo. “Well, thank you,” Mingyu says, “However, I’m not a model. I’m the CEO of Kim enterprises,” he says. SeongHo scoffs again, “how did you land this guy?” he directs the question to Wonwoo. “Do you have an eye problem, SeongHo-ssi?”
SeongHo frowns, “no?” Mingyu smiles, “then why do you keep looking at him when I’m talking to you?” SeongHo raises a brow and huffs. “My bad,” he says, “you’re a possessive one, aren’t you?” Mingyu wraps an arm around Wonwoo’s middle, pulling him close.
“I mean, have you seen him? If it weren’t for our drinks getting exchanged, I don’t think he would’ve even given me a second thought,” Mingyu smiles Wonwoo only stares at him SeongHo smirks, “you seem lovey dovey,” he says and stretches,“Anyway, it was nice catching up, Wonwoo”
“You too,” SeongHo tells Mingyu, and Mingyu’s glad the man is leaving. But SeongHo turns around, “actually, I’m getting married soon, in a month. You two should come,” he says. And before the they can reply, SeongHo turns and leaves. Mingyu finally exhales. “I hate him!”
“He’s so annoying! And condescending! I’ve never wanted to punch the smirk off someone’s face before!” Mingyu rants Wonwoo watches him in silence and smiles “What?” Mingyu asks, noticing Wonwoo’s smile Wonwoo shakes his head, “you smile differently with different people,”
Mingyu gulps, “well, I guess,” Wonwoo hums, “I’m glad that I get to see the real smile,” Mingyu only blinks at him, and then swallows. “Well..” They start walking down the beach in comfortable silence “Seriously though, drinks? How cliche” Wonwoo says and Mingyu laughs
Correction : tide of the sea
Someone asked me if I have a playlist for my (In) Fidelity au — no. But I did find a song for them that I like. You can find the translation here :… Here’s the song :…
— “Hyungs, I’m need to change the lens, I’ll be right back!” Chan yells from the distance, and Mingyu and Wonwoo glance at each other “So we’re hyungs now?” Wonwoo asks as they continue to casually stroll down the beach Mingyu shrugs, “apparently,”
Wonwoo smiles. “Does that make you happy?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu frowns, “what? Being called Hyung? No?” Wonwoo laughs, “I can see you trying to hold back your smile! Come on, admit it!” he pokes the side Mingyu’s body and the latter giggles
“Well, he’s a cute kid, so,” Mingyu admits and Wonwoo giggles As the sun sets, the two walk along the shoreline, water touching their feet every now and then “I realised I never thanked you” Mingyu speaks up and Wonwoo frowns, “what for?”
Mingyu smiles nervously, averting his gaze, “for the lullaby,” Wonwoo’s eyes widen and he swallows, “oh, well, don’t mention it,” he says, “I know what it feels like when someone becomes a distant memory,” Mingyu hums, “who became a distant memory in your heart?”
Wonwoo sighs, “SeongHo,” he mutters and Mingyu blinks at him, “what?” Wonwoo chuckles. “We dated for 4 years, throughout college. He was my first everything and after we broke up, all of those experiences took a back seat in my mind and I felt …. lost,”
Mingyu listens quietly “I didn’t realise I’d become so dependent on him that once he left, I couldn’t function as an adult for a while. And over time, all those happy moments I had with him kinda faded. I wish…I wish I could’ve kept them safe instead of letting them fade,”
Mingyu swallows. No wonder Wonwoo felt uncomfortable upon meeting him again. “Yknow, it’s okay to hold onto the moments even if you let the person go,” Mingyu says “What?”
“I mean, I will forever remember almost drowning in the sea with you even after all of this is over and we go our separate ways” Wonwoo swallows, eyes empty “I…I see,” he cracks a smile and Mingyu purses his lips “Or you could rewrite those memories,” Mingyu says.
“What do you mean?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu shrugs. “Did you uh, love SeongHo?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo gasps. He turns to face the path ahead and swallows “I try to tell myself I did but I don’t think I did, and I feel guilty for that,” Wonwoo says.
“Well, in that case then, you can rewrite those memories with someone else, someone you love. Your first time, your first kiss, your first everything with someone you will love and remember forever, even if you go separate ways,” Mingyu says, “you can start over,”
Wonwoo stares at him blankly, and then breaks into a smile, halting, “you have a fascinating mind, Mingyu-ah,” Mingyu freezes, staring at Wonwoo who looks ethereal in the sunset colors. “Mingyu-ah?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo giggles.
“If Chan can call you Hyung, I wanna call you Mingyu-ah. That okay?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu blinks, “ah, well, that’s okay,” he says, blushing Wonwoo giggles. “By any chance, are you older than me?” Mingyu asks. He has an inkling Wonwoo smiles teasingly, “one year older”
Mingyu’s jaw drops, “so you’re my Hyung?” Wonwoo nods, “yup. But you don’t have to call me that. I like it when you call me Won, or Wonwoo, hehe,” God, this man is so straightforward and honest. It’s almost overwhelming for Mingyu.
“Fine, I’ll not call you Hyung, okay, Won?” Mingyu says and Wonwoo chuckles, nudging Mingyu, “Mingyu-ah, why are you blushing?” Mingyu turns away, “shut up,” he says and Wonwoo smiles They continue to walk ahead when Mingyu hears a click It must’ve been Chan But Wonwoo halts
“What is it?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo side eyes him, “Chan’s there,” Wonwoo says, staring at Chan walking towards them in the distance Mingyu’s eyes widen and he turns around hastily, alerting the hooded figure who was sneaking on them
But Wonwoo’s fast He wastes no time in sprinting towards the man, catching up to him before the hooded man disappears into the crowd. Wonwoo grabs him by the hoodie and tackles him to the ground Mingyu rushes to them as Wonwoo contains the man.
“Are you okay?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo who stands up and yanks the man to get up on his legs Wonwoo pulls his hoodie down to reveal his face. It’s a guy, holding a camera, definitely clicking pictures of Wonwoo and Mingyu “Who are you!?” Mingyu asks as the man collects himself
“Why are you taking pictures of us?” Wonwoo questions as Chan jogs upto them “What’s going on— Hansol??” Chan asks when he sees the man. Wonwoo let’s go and Chan steps up to him, “you know him?” Mingyu asks Chan nods, “this is Hansol. He’s also a PI,” chan says
Mingyu gasps, grabbing Hansol by his hoodie, “who hired you?!” Mingyu demands and Hansol sighs, “Haneul-ssi did,” Wonwoo’s eyes and he turns to Mingyu, who has rage written all over his handsome features “Hey! You can’t reveal your client’s name so easily!” Chan scolds
“Well maybe he sensed that not doing so would result in a punch landing on that pretty face of his,” Mingyu threatens and Hansol averts his gaze. Wonwoo intervenes, breaking the two apart, “Hansol-ssi, how much did Haneul pay you?” Mingyu scoffs
“That bastard paid a PI with my money to spy on me! Oh I’m going to—“ Wonwoo presses a hand to his lips, shutting him up. “Hansol-ssi, you cannot reveal those pictures to Haneul,” Wonwoo says and Hansol rolls his eyes
“well, he promised to pay me a pretty handsome sum so unless you can top that—“ Mingyu grabs him again, “Yah! The money you’re getting paid is mine anyway. Why not shift your loyalties to us, eh?” Hansol scoffs, “you seem like a scary person so, no,” Wonwoo intervenes again
“Hansol-ssi, did Haneul hire you to tail Mingyu because he thinks he’s cheating?” Wonwoo asks and Hansol nods, “and he was right on the money,” “My money—“ Mingyu protests but Wonwoo slaps a palm to his lips again, “wait, Mingyu-ah,” Wonwoo turns to Hansol, “he’s not cheating”
Hansol raises a brow and Wonwoo sighs. “Let me explain,” — Mingyu watches as Wonwoo returns from where he was talking to Hansol, leaving Hansol and Chan to talk “What did he say?” Mingyu asks as Wonwoo settles on the ground beside him
“He agreed to help out,” Wonwoo says “In what way?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo sighs, “he just did,” Mingyu doesn’t question it and turns to look at the sunset. “Haneul, that blood sucking bastard—“ Mingyu curses and Wonwoo nudges him, “it just means our plan is working,”
Mingyu exhales That’s true “I wonder what Haneul planned on doing with those pictures. It’s not like he could break up with me — he would have no money,” Mingyu says Wonwoo swallows, “well, he could blackmail you,”
Mingyu’s eyes widen “How?!” “Hansol said that he would blackmail you by threatening to release the photos and damage your reputation,” Wonwoo says Mingyu scoffs, “wow, really, that asshole,” He clenches his fists, trying to contain the anger. Fuck, he hates this so much
Wonwoo scoots closer to him, arms brushing He doesn’t say anything, but his presence alone calms Mingyu down a lot Mingyu swallows his rage and stares at the setting Sun “It’s so beautiful,” Mingyu says Wonwoo hums, “it looks like an egg yolk. I’m hungry now” Mingyu laughs
“Are you sure those two aren’t dating?” Hansol asks Chan, and Chan smiles, “I am. It’s all a part of the plan, remember?” Hansol eyes the duo sitting by the beach suspiciously, “right”
— “You look like you’re in a good mood,” Seungkwan says once the meeting is done and Mingyu walks out of the conference room “I guess so,” Mingyu chirps as Seungkwan follows him into his office
“Let me correct myself. You look like you’re on a good mood for someone who got cheated on” Seungkwan says and Mingyu glares at him, “are you serious?” Seungkwan shrugs, “No, I’m curious. Why are you happy? Did you break up with Haneul?” Seungkwan asks and Mingyu shakes his head
“Then?” Seungkwan asks and Mingyu sighs, “can’t I be happy for no reason??” Seungkwan shakes his head, “no. You’ve been fake happy for the last few months so this is new for me and I want to know why you’re happy so I can keep you in this mood for when I need something,”
Mingyu looks past Seungkwan’s ulterior motives and asks him a question, “what do you mean fake happy??” Seungkwan rolls his eyes, “maybe it’s an unconscious thing but you’ve been pretending to be happy or fooling yourself into being happy, I don’t know, I’m not a therapist”
Mingyu pops a vein but it does make him ponder. Has Mingyu been faking happiness?? It’s possible It’s time he admit he hasn’t been the happiest with Haneul. “I’ll be in my cubicle if you need me,” Seungkwan says and Mingyu dismisses him with a wave
But just as Seungkwan’s about to exit his office, the door opens wide and a figure walks in Mingyu looks up and — “H-Haneul?” Mingyu utters in disbelief. He’d returned from the Busan trip late last night and hadn’t contacted Haneul at all.
Seungkwan and Mingyu exchange a glance as Haneul walks around Mingyu’s table and gives him a hug, and a kiss, neither of which Mingyu could dodge “What are you doing here?” Mingyu asks as Haneul takes his hand and stands him up.
“I missed you!” Haneul squeals, “and I just wanted to spend time with you so here I am, taking you out to lunch!” Mingyu’s eyes widen and he looks at Seungkwan, wondering maybe if he knew something about this Seungkwan shakes his head, denying any involvement
“Secretary Boo, clear out Mingyu’s schedule for the day!” Haneul orders and pulls Mingyu away, leaving Seungkwan with a helpless and a bitter expression. Mingyu let’s himself get dragged away. — Mingyu looks around the place in awe. It’s a lavish establishment
They don’t frequent such places. Atleast not when Haneul’s paying, which is almost never. “Is today our anniversary?” Mingyu asks. He doesn’t remember. He isn’t thinking right. Haneul finishes browsing through the menu and shuts the book, smiling, “no, silly,”
“Then… why are we here?” Mingyu asks cluelessly. Haneul smiles, “I just wanted to treat my boyfriend! Now, eat up!” he says, gesturing for the waiter. What is going on??? — Wonwoo sighs, staring at his inbox There’s a mail from SeongHo. An e-vite for his wedding
SeongHo was serious about inviting them, huh? Wonwoo’s not going to go anyway. He archives the mail cuz he can’t bring himself to delete it. He checks his inbox — there are mails from Chan and Hansol. They both sent them the pics from the previous date and the beach
He writes to Hansol to send the inconspicuous pics to Haneul, so it looks like Mingyu’s with a friend rather than a lover. It will instill both doubt and reassurance in his heart He wont be able to use those pictures to blackmail Gyu, but at the same time they’ll confuse him
Wonwoo takes a deep breath and logs out of his mail. He walks over to his computer to maybe play some games when he finds that his (work) gmail account is open, which is weird because it shouldn’t be in his home computer
Did Hajoon try to sneak around? Wonwoo scoffs in disbelief Does Hajoon not even know his personal gmail??? He wonder if he has his number memorised. Probably not Hajoon rarely calls Wonwoo clenches his fists. He even sold his watch. Wonwoo treasured that watch a lot
It’s what his Dad left for him and — Fucking Hajoon. When Wonwoo first met Hajoon, the latter was completely broke and into the habit of pawning stuff. He’d blow up that money for various things — in gambling, on food, unnecessary purchases, bars, what not.
Wonwoo helped him get rid of those habits one by one. But looks like it’s starting again. Hajoon’ son his own now. Wonwoo logs out of his email after changing his password and turns off the PC when the front door opens
“Wonwoo?” Hajoon calls and Wonwoo sighs. He gets up and walks out, only to find Hajoon standing there with champagne in his hands. He’s dressed up, unlike his usual self and he’s smiling, walking over to Wonwoo. “Hey, baby,” he says and Wonwoo blinks What’s happening?
Hajoon places the bottle of champagne on the table and pulls Wonwoo against himself, locking their lips in a passionate kiss. Wonwoo’s swept away, kissing back as Hajoon wraps his arms around him. When they pull away, Wonwoo’s blushing, eyes wide, “wha—“
Hajoon kisses him again and with their locked lips, the two stumble into the bedroom. — After Haneul drops Mingyu off at his place, which is a rarity, Mingyu walks out to the balcony and takes a deep breath He can’t process today’s events Was all of that real?
Haneul treated him to food, drove him around the city, gave him a gift and even dropped him off here Dazed and confused, he rings up Wonwoo, staring at the skyline After a few rings, Wonwoo picks up “Hello,” “Hey, you busy?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo answers after a pause, “no”
Mingyu exhales “Haneul took me on a date today. Paid for my food and everything,” Wonwoo doesn’t reply “Hajoon had sex with me today,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu gasps, “yah, don’t share such details,” Mingyu scolds Wonwoo hums, “I’m just saying, this is not usual,”
“What, having sex with Hajoon is not usual?” Mingyu asks “It used to be, until of course your boyfriend came along and hooked up with my boyfriend,” Mingyu swallows. Right. “Won, do you think—“ “Theyre overcompensating? Yes,” Mingyu exhales, “I knew it!”
Hajoon and Haneul caught wind of the fact that something was up — they feel threatened and vulnerable so they’re trying to cement their hold on Mingyu and Wonwoo. They’re doing this out of guilt. To please Mingyu and Wonwoo, keep them close Mingyu sighs
“And here I was thinking maybe Haneul really had a change of heart,” Mingyu utters “Sorry dude,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu chuckles, “dude?” “I don’t know what it is but I enter dude-bro mode after sex with Hajoon,” and Mingyu laughs
“Hajoon really tried his best today, y’know. It lasted 45 minutes,” “Stop!” Mingyu laughs more, close to tears. Wonwoo hums, “I wonder why Haneul is hooking up with Hajoon. Does he also like average performance in bed?” Mingyu raises a brow
“Are you saying Hajoon’s better in bed than me?” “Who knows,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu scoffs, “I’ll have you know, I’ve been told I’m kind of a God in bed,” “Told by whom?” Wonwoo asks “Many people. I’ve pleased many people,” Mingyu boasts
“That’s not the flex you think it is, bro” Wonwoo says and Mingyu laughs Mingyu enjoys this playful banter of theirs Both know they’re never serious “Anyway, good night, Wonwoo,” Mingyu says. That’s all he wanted to talk about “Night, Mingyu-ah,” Wonwoo says.
Wonwoo cuts the call and Mingyu sighs This day has been a huge disappointment Mingyu walks over to the dining table and takes a look at the small box a Haneul had gifted him. He opens it.
“Attorney Jeon, this was left at reception for you,” a colleague says, leaving a small package on Wonwoo’s desk as she passes by Wonwoo mutters a small thank you and pushes his glasses up his nose, unwrapping the box. He opens it and his eyes widen.
— When Mingyu’s phone rings, his heart picks up a little. He answers the call. “Hey,” he says, but there’s no answer “Won—“ “How did you find this?” Wonwoo asks, and Mingyu purses his lips “Haneul gave it to me as a gift yesterday,” Mingyu tells him
Wonwoo doesn’t reply “It’s your father’s, isn’t it?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo hums, “it is. How did you know?” Mingyu sighs. “I overheard you arguing with Hajoon that day. Sorry,” Mingyu says “How did you recognise it?” Wonwoo asks
Mingyu chuckles, “there’s JWW etched into the leather strap. I just connected the dots,” Wonwoo chuckles dryly, “the dots? That Hajoon stole my watch so his hook up could gift it to you?” Mingyu swallows, “it’s a slap to both our faces, right?” Wonwoo remains silent
And then, Mingyu hears a sniffle Is Wonwoo… is he… “Thank you, Mingyu. Thank you so much for returning it to me,” Wonwoo says, and Mingyu’s heart twists in his chest He swallows. “It was the right thing to do,” he says. “Not everyone chooses to do that,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu exhales, leaning back in his chair “How about you go to the rooftop and catch some fresh air?” Mingyu says, turning his chair around to stare at the outside world “… okay,” Wonwoo says. “Thank you,” he says again Mingyu’s happy he could pay Wonwoo back somehow
— It’s 7 in the morning when someone rings the bell to Mingyu’s place, waking him up from his sleep He turns and stretches as the ring gets more impatient with each passing minute. “I’m coming! God!” He yells as he walks to the door and opens it “Dad?” he croaks “Son!”
His dad tackles him in a hug before Mingyu can even blink away his sleep. He reciprocates nonetheless. “What are you doing here?” Mingyu asks, “this early in the morning,” he adds as his Dad pulls away, expression grim “Your mother and I are getting divorced” .. huh “WHAT?!”
— Mingyu’s pacing around the room, trying to get his head wrapped around the fact that his parents, who have been married for 35 years, have decided to get divorced! “He should be here any minute,” his Dad says, staring at the door of the private room of a restaurant
“How could you do this without telling me, Dad?” Mingyu asks, annoyed and confused His dad frowns, “Why should we tell you? You weren’t there when we got married, and it hardly matters now,” Mingyu scoffs, “and who should be here any moment?!” “Divorce attorney?” His dad says
Mingyu can’t believe it He refuses to believe this is real No, there’s no divorce attorney This is all just a prank, right? A cruel prank with a pleasant end?? The door swings open and a figure walks in, dressed sharply in a suit. Mingyu’s eye widen “Taehyung Hyung?”
Kim Taehyung — Mingyu went to high school with him. And he looks gorgeous as ever — or is he aging like wine?? Because he looks — “Close your mouth, baby,” Taehyung says, flicking Mingyu’s chin to gesture him to close his jaw that previously dropped to the floor
“You’re representing Dad?” Mingyu asks the blast from the past. Blast from the past because as a teenager, Mingyu had a biggest crush on this dude. Everyone did — like, look at him.
But out of everyone that fancied him, Kim Taehyung somehow chose that really silent dude — Jungkook something, who immediately became the object of everyone’s envy. Mingyu wonders if Taehyung and Jungkook are still together. That would be pretty dope Taehyung takes his seat.
He turns his siren eyes to face Mingyu, “I am. Mr. Kim asked me to. And may I ask what you’re doing here?” God his voice is as deep and luscious as ever. “Im here to stop this divorce,” Mingyu states confidently. But Taehyung just rolls his eyes
“Whatever. If you become a pain in the ass though, I won’t hesitate to break some fingers,” Taehyung smiles and it sends a chill down Mingyu’s spine He gulps and looks at his Dad “You can’t get divorced, Dad!” Mingyu tries once again to talk his dad out of it
“Are you going to throw away all that time you spent together? Is that easy for you?” Mingyu asks and his Dad groans, “I knew I shouldn’t have come to you. But your mother forced me to. Said we should tell you before we got divorced. I disagreed because I knew how you’d react. +
+ this is one of the reasons I’m divorcing your mother,” Mingyu stares at his Dad in disbelief Were his parents always this unhappy? Was Mingyu too blind to see all of this??
“Dad you just —“ Mingyu’s cut short when the door opens again and his Mother walks in, followed by — “You can’t be serious!” Mingyu curses when Wonwoo walks in behind his Mother
Mingyu rubs his temples, overwhelmed and confused. Wonwoo finally notices Mingyu’s presence and blinks at him, “oh, you’re here?” Mingyu stares with his jaw on the floor “Do two know each other?” Taehyung asks, cocking a brow
Wonwoo places his briefcase on the table as Mom settles down. “We do,” Wonwoo says, opening his briefcase and grabbing some sheets of paper. Divorce paper Mingyu’s eyes widen “Isn’t it funny Mingyu knows two divorcé attorneys?” Taehyung remarks and Mingyu swallows
“Jeon Wonwoo-ssi, can I talk to you outside for a moment?” Mingyu asks but doesn’t wait for Wonwoo to reply and simply drags him outside by his wrist Once the door is shut, he sighs “You knew you were representing my Mom in my parents’ divorce?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo looks away
Mingyu huffs. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding my texts?” Yeah, Mingyu texts Wonwoo every now and then. Sometimes it’s a picture of a cat that Mingyu thinks Wonwoo might like. Other times it’s just a random hello or an emoji, or a dad joke Wonwoo responds to them all
But he hasn’t this last week Wonwoo looks further away and it confirms Mingyu’s suspicions Mingyu exhales “Why didn’t you tell me?” Mingyu asks. “Attorney-client privilege,” Wonwoo replies and Mingyu sighs. Mingyu’s about to say something when the door opens
“We don’t have all day,” Taehyung peeks out and says “Right,” Wonwoo says and pushes his glasses up his nose, “Mingyu-ssi, after you,” he says Mingyu groans inwardly and walks back into the room The door is closed and once everyone is settled, Tae begins, “shall we proceed?”
— Mingyu feels numb as he watches the divorce settlement unfold His parents are getting divorced For life And they’re fighting it all out And most of all, they had a post-nuptial agreement??? This is surreal
“As per the agreement, Ms. Go would like to claim half the financial assets, the properties in Jeju and custody of their Dog, Dong,” Wonwoo says, going over the papers Mingyu swallows uncomfortably. Ms Go? Mom’s using her maiden name?
Taehyung smirks, “half? You must be joking. My client has agreed to 40% and that should suffice,” Wonwoo raises a brow, “since there is some hesitation on your side, I would like to invoke Clause 32 of the agreement,” Taehyung smirks, clearly irritated
What’s clause 32? Mom glares daggers at Dad, but Dad doesn’t back down. “Clause 32?” Taehyung asks Wonwoo nods, “Woth proof, Ms. Go is entitled to a lot more. But since this is a settlement, we can negotiate,” What’s clause 32?!
Taehyung smirks, leaning forth on the table, “That clause is relevant only if the adultery happened after the agreement was drafted,” …. huh “What if there’s proof of adultery happening after said agreement?” Wonwoo chimes in Wait “It’s circumstantial,” Taehyung argues
Wonwoo scoffs, “all evidence of adultery is circumstantial and the court will accept it. You’re playing a losing game, Taehyung-ssi,” Taehyung swallows and Mingyu’s finally connecting the dots He grabs the papers from his dads hand and — Clause 32 — Infidelity clause
— The papers slip from Mingyu’s hands and land on the table softly Infidelity clause ? Does that mean — “Mingyu-ah,” calls a voice, Wonwoo’s, like a symphony cutting through the chaos of it all Mingyu looks up at Wonwoo, “yes?”
“Would you like to step outside for the rest of this meeting?” Wonwoo asks, maintaining professionalism and Mingyu swallows “No,” Mingyu says, staring at his Dad sitting beside him, who looks as smug as ever, looking at his Mom “I’m gonna stay,” Mingyu says, fingers trembling
Taehyung and Wonwoo exchange a glance. “Very well,” Taehyung says, turning to Wonwoo, “let me see the proof” Wonwoo takes a glance at Mingyu and grabs a file from his briefcase. He hands it to Taehyung, and Mingyu notices fear on his dad’s face
Mingyu watches as Taehyung pulls out certain pictures and bills— hotel bills “The agreement was finalised on the 9th and those bills and photos are from 27th,” Wonwoo says, “it violates the agreement and makes Ms. Go liable to 55% of the properties mentioned,”
“You couldn’t last 20 days, you son of a bitch,” Mom hisses and Mingyu swallows Growing up, Mingyu knew his parents didn’t have the most ideal of relationships However, they weren’t bad Mingyu knew that though they fought a lot, they were good with each other Now it’s …
Mingyu stares at his mother, and then at his father. Taehyung goes through the file. Mingyu’s mom leans in and whispers in Wonwoo’s ear. Wonwoo’s eyes widen and he shakes his head in disagreement with whatever was said “Fine, we will agree to 50%,” Taehyung says
“Very well—“ Wonwoo’s cut short by his Mom, “and I want the alimony!” Wonwoo’s gasps, alarmed, “Ms.Go—“ Taehyung scoffs, “Very well,” he says and turns to Mingyu’s Dad. They exchange a glance and Dad turns to Mingyu. “Kiddo, you might wanna go grab some coffee,” he says
Mingyu gulps. His dad turns to his Mom, whose smug expression has faded into one of fear “No, I’m going to stay,” Mingyu relents, but Wonwoo swallows, “Mingyu-ah, please,” he says. Taehyung smirks. “Mingyu, are you going or not?” Taehyung asks and Mingyu speaks up, “no,”
The atmosphere shifts and Mingyu’s more scared than before “Okay then,” Taehyung clears his throat, grabbing a file from his briefcase and sliding it over to Wonwoo. “We were ready for this kind of a demand so,” Taehyung says “I never wanted you to know, kiddo,” dad says
What’s happening. Taehyung continues, “we would also like to invoke Clause 32,” Mingyu’s world turns upside down and Wonwoo exhales disappointedly Mingyu turns to his Mom, who stares at the file with photos in it, disappointed as well
“In case of adultery, alimony is denied,” Taehyung says, “and though there isn’t much room to wiggle, we can deny Ms.Go the alimony, and also get Ms Go’s property share to 45%” Wonwoo exhales as Mom stares at the photos. Mingyu does too It’s of Mom, she’s young, and some man
“Mom?” Mingyu says weakly, but she doesn’t dare to look at him. She gulps and looks up at Mingyu, “you weren’t supposed to be here to see this, Mingyu-ah,” Mingyu’s entire world shatters “Our final percentage is 45%. There is room for negotiation though,” Taehyung says.
Mingyu can’t breathe, he can’t think. “We can take a break for now,” Taehyung says and Mingyu springs to his feet and storms out of the room He doesn’t know where he’s going But he knows it’s away from voices of his parents, and Wonwoo He heads straight for the fire exit
He takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down. Both his parents have been unfaithful?? For how long?? Does marriage mean nothing to them?? How could they?? And with Mingyu around? How … just… “Mingyu,” Wonwoo calls and Mingyu flinches, “huh”
Mingyu turns around and finds Wonwoo, who’s staring at him with wide, doe like eyes, so starkly different from the cold indifferent eyes from before, back in the meeting room “Mingyu!” Wonwoo grabs his arm but Mingyu yanks his hand away, “get the hell off me!” Mingyu yells
Wonwoo gasps, taking a step back. “Are you okay?” Wonwoo asks Mingyu scoffs. “Are you okay? Is that what you’re asking? Not only is my boyfriend cheating on me, my parents have also been unfaithful their entire marriage! I’m surrounded by a bunch of cheaters!” he rants
Mingyu tries to take a deep breath “Mingyu, this..this is best for your parents…” Wonwoo says Mingyu bites his lip, containing his anger. “And how do you know? You barely know them! I’m their son! It’s not jsut each other they betrayed, it’s me they betrayed!”
“Mingyu—“ “And why didn’t you tell me?! I thought you were my friend! Not some blood sucking lawyer who’s in on it for the money! Do you even know how I feel?! To be cheated?! Do you even—“ Mingyu pauses, gasping as he turns to Wonwoo, hurt written all over his face
“I…” Mingyu steps back, looking away, “I…” But he can’t get himself to say anything. He simply turns and runs away, too afraid to face the person he’s become in a fit of fury He can’t face Wonwoo right now
— Wonwoo’s leaning over the railing, staring at the skyline when the door opens behind him He turns around to find Taehyung walking towards him, hand shoved in his pocket, the other toying with a lighter
As Taehyung walks to Wonwoo’s side, he retrieves a cigarette from a pack and lights it. He blows the smoke into the air as Wonwoo says nothing, going back to staring at the skyline Taehyung offers him a cigarette, and Wonwoo sighs. Might as well. He takes one.
Taehyung lights his cigarette and the two just stand there in silence for a moment “Chased after the Son, pretty emotional thing to do in a professional situation, Jeon,” Taehyung speaks up Wonwoo blows some smoke and puts the lighter off. Yeah he can ember get used to it
Never* “You two know each other, right?” Taehyung asks and Wonwoo sighs, “yeah,” “Boyfriends?” he asks and Wonwoo shakes his head, “just….acquaintances,” Taehyung hums, “so it shouldn’t really bother you if he calls you a leech. You’ve been called that before, I’m sure”
So Taehyung heard that conversation “It never gets easier,” Wonwoo replies and Taehyung grins, “you’re right,” “Let’s get back in,” Taehyung pats him on the back, “and don’t let emotions get in the way of your work, Jeon,” Taehyung warns “I won’t” Wonwoo swallows He won’t
— Mingyu’s on his bed, staring at the ceiling with a million thoughts swirling in his mind His parents are getting divorced They’ve been cheating on each other Wonwoo and Taehyung are representing them Wonwoo knew that his parents — Mingyu turns over to his side
Mingyu takes a deep breath, feeling numb all over. Most importantly, he hates that he blew up on Wonwoo and said all those things He didn’t mean them. That’s not Mingyu He just …. “Hey,” comes a voice, arms wrapping around Mingyu from behind him Haneul “What’s wrong?”
Mingyu can’t even bare to look at Haneul He’s caused him far too much pain. So he just keeps mum and stares at his desk as Haneul tries to coax answers out of him “Babe, baby, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird these days,” he says but Mingyu says nothing
Mingyu’s saved by the door bell as Haneul exhales and leaves to answer it. Mingyu relaxes, clenching the sheets tightly. Soon, he bears voices, he hears the door shut and he hears multiple footsteps echoing on the hallway “Mingyu-ah?” Mingyu flinches at Mom’s voice
He tenses as he feels the bed dip behind him and a hand come to touch him “Kiddo?” His dad calls and tears well in Mingyu’s eyes, remembering the times his parents would walk to his room and comfort him when he would have nightmares
This entire situation is a nightmare But no one can comfort him right now Not his parents, not Haneul, not..Wonwoo… “How did you get in?” Mingyu asks “Haneul let us in. You’re still with him?” Mom asks “I never liked that kid,” dad says and Mingyu sits up, furious
“You! You have no right to—“ Mingyu point a finger at them and falls speechless. They blink at him curiously, as if they’ve done nothing wrong “How…how could you Mom? Dad?” Mingyu begins, “was it so hard to stay faithful to each other?” His voice breaks
Guilt washes over their faces, and they look at each other. “That’s why we’re getting divorced, Mingyu-ah. So there’s no more guilt,” Mom says and Mingyu smirks “So you’re gonna run away from your problems? From your responsibilities?!” Mingyu questions His dad swallows.
“kid, no one’s hurt in this process here. We knew we have been unfaithful all along, multiple times over the decades. We just..there’s no more scope for hurt when we’re divorced. No one’s hurt,” he says and Mingyu scoffs “No one’s hurt? No one’s hurt?!” he yells
“When someone in unfaithful, someone is always hurt! What about me? Did anyone for a second even think about me and what I’m going through? I am hurt! I’m hurt because you’ve betrayed not just each other but me! Someone’s always hurt and now it’s me! Why me!” Mingyu yells, teary
A tear rolls down his Mom’s eye and his Dad looks away. The atmosphere is tense and the silence is heavy. “We’re sorry, Kiddo,” his dad speaks up and Mingyu sniffles, unable to contain the tear that leaves his eye “Sorry doesn’t fix anything,” he says.
“Us getting divorced is for the best, Mingyu-ah,” Mom says softly, voice cracking. Mingyu swallows, letting another tear fall. “Please leave,” he says. His parents glance at each other “Please leave. I can’t look at you anymore,” Mingyu says, trying to breathe
His parents don’t say anything. Mingyu settles down on his bed and he hears footsteps echo down the hallway, leaving. He hears the front door shut and his tears finally break out He buries his face in his pillow. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone
— It’s at around 10 in the night went Mingyu comes to, stirred awake by the sound of his phone With swollen eyes and a growling stomach, Mingyu grabs his phone. He sees the name and all sleep leaves him Wonwoo He answers the call reluctantly
“H-hello?” he croaks on the phone, unsure of where the conversation is going to go But he’s surprised when it’s not Wonwoo he hears “Mingyu-ssi?” Mingyu frowns Who is this? Where’s Wonwoo? “Yes?” He answers “Ah, are you Wonwoo’s acquaintance?” Mingyu swallows, “yeah”
“Ah, could you come to this address as soon as possible? I’ll text you it right away,” the man says and Mingyu springs to his feet, “okay!” — When Mingyu reaches the bar, he’s nervous Nervous to see Wonwoo He opens the door and walks in, and the place reeks of alcohol
He looks around the place and in the far end, spots Wonwoo, face resting on the table Mingyu walks over to the table, and finds that with Wonwoo is Kim Taehyung from this morning and some other guy. Taehyung, like Wonwoo, seems to have passed out
“Are you the one who called me?” Mingyu asks the man seated beside Taehyung, who looks up at Mingyu from his phone He smiles and stands up, letting Taehyung lean onto his thighs, “Yes. I’m Jungkook, Taehyung’s boyfriend,” he extends his hand and Mingyu’s jaw drops to the floor
Jungkook? Emo Jungkook? Silent Jungkook? The one who wouldn’t speak in class? The one who was super shy and silent?? Mingyu watches the man in awe — at his tattoos and piercings, and his mind blowing visuals Was Jungkook always this handsome?
And have Jungkook and Taehyung been together ever since?? Whoa — “I’m Mingyu. We were in high school together,” Mingyu says and Jungkook’s eyes widen, “so I was right!” He says and laughs, “I almost didn’t recognise you behind that mask,” Mingyu smiles, “it’s nice to meet you”
(Jungkook for those who don’t know him )
“Ah, me too,” Jungkook says. “I’d love to catch up but,” Jungkook glances at Taehyung and Wonwoo, “I need to take this one home,” he pokes at Taehyung’s cheek. Mingyu smiles, “I understand,”
“Can you take Wonwoo-ssi home?” Jungkook asks as he stands Taehyung up and lets him lean onto him. “Your number was on top in his recent calls so I called you,” Jungkook says and Mingyu sighs, staring at Wonwoo “I’ll take him home,” Mingyu says, nervous “Very well!”
— Wonwoo’s surprisingly light as Mingyu steadies him against his body, walking him to his car “Who are you?” Wonwoo grumbles and Mingyu sighs as he puts him in the passenger seat. “Hajoon?” he calls and Mingyu bites his lip, “it’s me,” he says, “Mingyu,”
Mingyu closes the door and walks over to the drivers seat, getting in. Wonwoo’s place is just five minute from here “Mingyu-ah?” Wonwoo opens his eyes, drunk out of his mind. He turns to Mingyu, frowning, “that’s not possible,” he says, “Mingyu’s angry with me,”
Mingyu exhales as he begins to drive “I’m not…angry, Won,” Mingyu says Wonwoo squirms in his seat, trying to blink away the blurry vision and look at Mingyu, “he has every right to be,” Wonwoo croaks, “I helped his parents get divorced,” Mingyu swallows, heart uneasy
“You were doing your job,” Mingyu says. “Yeah, of a leech,” Wonwoo replies Mingyu sighs. He hates that Wonwoo remembers that. Of course he did. No one likes being called a leech “Won, I didn’t mean it—“ “I didn’t call Mingyu because…I was worried I would tell him the truth”
Mingyu turns to him, and Wonwoo leans back into his seat, face flushed and completely out of his senses, I can’t lie to Mingyu” Mingyu’s eyes widen and his lips part. He pulls into Wonwoo’s apartment complex and takes a deep breath
“Do you think Mingyu will ever forgive me?” Wonwoo asks,and Mingyu scoffs, confused “Will Wonwoo forgive him for saying all those mean things?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo frowns, “Wonwoo was never angry,” Mingyu exhales and places his head on the steering wheel “I don’t deserve you”
— Mingyu takes Wonwoo up to his apartment, while Wonwoo has nearly passed out “Won, keys,” he utters, trying to locate them in Wonwoo’s pockets but just as he finds them, the door opens, much to Mingyu’s horror
The door opens and a figure pops out, watching curiously Mingyu’s eyes widen “Who are you?” the man asks But Mingyu’s too stunned to speak The man may not know who Mingyu is, but Mingyu knows him Hajoon
— Mingyu couldn’t be more thankful for his mask today. “Ah, I’m ….” “Are you the Attorney he went to have drinks with? Kim, something?” Hajoon asks. Mingyu swallows, nodding, “Yes,” Hajoon hums, glossing over Mingyu’s outfit and build
Hajoon reaches forth and grabs Wonwoo’s wrist, yanking him towards himself with ease. Mingyu doesn’t say anything, his hand flexing at the lack of Wonwoo’s warmth Mingyu gulps, taking in Hajoon’s appearance. He’s tall, taller than Mingyu. He’s handsome, handsomer than Mingyu
Mingyu sighs inwardly and his gaze falls to Wonwoo, asleep in Hajoon’s arms “I’ll be going now. Thank you,” Mingyu bows and is about to leave when Hajoon calls out to him “Do you want to come in for a glass of water?” Mingyu turns, facing Hajoon who has his brow raised
He wants to say no, he should say no but he can’t bring himself to “Sure,”’he says and he follows Hajoon inside — “Have a seat,” Hajoon says, effortlessly sweeping Wonwoo off his feet and taking him to the bedroom Mingyu tries not to look at the scene, it makes him feel weird
He feels odd here, but also fascinated because this is Wonwoo’s house. He looks around — there’s hardly any pictures of Wonwoo and Hajoon together. Wonwoo, of course, leads a minimalist lifestyle as Mingyu can tell from the furniture and decorations.
It feels so… Wonwoo If Wonwoo allowed him, Mingyu would flare up the place a little. He’d incorporate a lot many photographs, and maybe some plants? Mingyu thinks Wonwoo has no plants because he forgets to take care of them Mingyu would water them every day, no issue
“Here,” Hajoon returns with a glass of water in hand and gives it to Mingyu. And then, Mingyu realises he’s walked into a trap. He has to remove his mask to drink the water, and with the way Hajoon’s staring at him, it seems to have been his plan all along
It’s only natural for Hajoon to be curious about who Wonwoo’s been hanging out with, especially after the hints Wonwoo was dropped And Mingyu’s not going to let this loser get the satisfaction of succeeding in his stupid little plan “Actually,Im good,”Mingyu puts the glass down
Plus, there’s a high chance Hajoon knows what Mingyu looks like. Mingyu and Wonwoo can’t afford to be seen together in such circumstances Hajoon cocks a brow, “that’s a little rude, don’t you think? To reject a drink?” Mingyu smiles, “ah, please forgive my impoliteness,”
Hajoon swallows Mingyu bows, “I should get going,”he says but Hajoon interrupts again, “it’s my first time meeting Wonwoo’s work friend. Why not chat for a little while, get to know each other?” Mingyu smirks, loving how desperate Hajoon is. He wishes Wonwoo was awake for this
“Sure,” Mingyu shrugs and takes a seat. Hajoon smirks, like Mingyu’s walked into his trap but Mingyu’s no fool. He’s dealt with wolves in business circles so a lowlife cheater is nothing “I’m Hajoon, Wonwoo’s boyfriend,” “Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Taehyung, Attorney,”
Hajoon and Mingyu shake hands. “I see. Well, I’m an actor. Sometimes I model as well. Wonwoo and I are living together,” Hajoon says and Mingyu smiles. “That’s great. Im currently single and Wonwoo and I get along really well,” Hajoon’s composure flickers and Mingyu smirks
He loves rubbing salt on wounds “So,” Hajoon clears his throat, “why did he get so drunk, Taehyung-ssi?” Mingyu smiles, “The current case he’s working on is rather sensitive. Infidelity was involved,” Mingyu says and Hajoon twitches nervously
Mingyu can’t get enough of this. “I assume it’s because of that he felt a little … emotional?” Mingyu says and Hajoon licks his lips, averting his gaze. “I don’t like you very much, Taehyung-ssi,” Hajoon says and Mingyu laughs, “why’s that?”
“Because I think you’re hitting on my boyfriend, here,” Hajoon says and Mingyu laughs out loud
“Well, Wonwoo certainly is a catch. But Wonwoo-ssi has told me so much about you, so I can only imagine how great your relationship is. I don’t think Wonwoo-ssi would want to throw that away like some lowlife adulterer, right?” Mingyu says
Hajoon remains silent, eyes shifty. “I mean, Wonwoo-ssi likes you and you like him, so it would be incredibly idiotic of him to throw that away to hook up with me, right? What kind of an imbecile would he have to be to do that, hahah,”
Hajoon springs to his feet, “I think you should leave, Taehyung-ssi,” and Mingyu stands up, “you were the who wanted to chat,” Hajoon grins, nervous and frustrated, “the door’s that way,” he says and Mingyu smiles widely “It was nice meeting you!” he says as he exits the place
Once Mingyu walks out the door, satisfaction fills him and he feels alive Who knew revenge could be so so sweet? Well, Wonwoo did.
— Mingyu has…. Mixed feelings about … right about everything right now He feels satisfaction from bothering Hajoon, but at the same he keeps thinking about his parents and it makes him want to throw up He has so many questions.
And he still needs to talk to Wonwoo, about everything It’s been 3 days since he dropped Wonwoo off at his place, and they haven’t spoken at all. It’s just weird not talking to him Mingyu’s walking back to his office when Seungkwan intercepts him, “Boss, don’t be alarmed—“
“Alarmed?” Mingyu asks “— but there’s someone waiting for you inside,” Seungkwan says and opens the door to his office, and Mingyu halts when he finds his parents sitting on the couch, turning when they hear the door open Mingyu swallows and glances at Seungkwan who backs away
Mingyu wishes he could turn back and run off but he’s an adult and he can’t keep running away from stuff So he braces himself and walks into his office. “Mom, Dad,” he addresses the two, who stand up when Mingyu walks over “Mingyu-ah,” his Mom begins, voice shaky
She tries to reach out and touch him but Mingyu backs away instinctively She gasps softly, and lets her hand drop to her sides. Dad notices and clears his throat, “Mingyu-ah, are you still upset?” Mingyu smirks, rubbing his temples, “I can’t believe you just said that,”
“Mingyu-ah, we didn’t —- we were immature and— we didn’t realise it would affect you this much,” Mom says and Mingyu scoffs. “Yes! You didn’t! Because you two have been such— selfish beings! Why did you even get married if you both weren’t planning on respecting your vows?!”
“We were in love,” his Dad glances at his Mom, “but that was so many decades ago. We’re not…separating because we want to be with others. We’re only separating because— we don’t want to hurt each other, or you, anymore,” Mingyu swallows, tears welling in his eyes
“Why now? Why not get divorced when I was too young to even realise?” Mingyu questions “Mingyu-ah, you were never too young. You’d have caught on if— if your Dad wasn’t here, if your Mom wasn’t here. We didn’t want you to grow up without two parents,” his mom says
Mingyu huffs He starts laughing This is…is all so much for Mingyu to handle right now “What about now? Will I have my parents?” his voice cracks. Tears make his vision blurry His Mom and Dad exchange a glance “Yes, you will,” his Mom says, “But not together, not at once”
Mingyu takes a deep breath, but nothing can help with the way his heart is racing He stumbles, leaning against the desk “So, it’s good as nothing?” Mingyu utters, and his parents don’t try to refute it Why won’t they refute? Why won’t they reassure him that it’ll be okay?
He wishes they’d lie He wishes he wasn’t alone in this He wishes he wasn’t alone in this shit show where everyone around him is a cheater!
As silence begins to overwhelm them, Mingyu looks up to say something. Lash out at them, yell at them, tell them what horrible human beings they are — But he stops when his gaze travels past his parents to the person on the other side of the glass pane, looking into the office
Mingyu’s eyes soothen when he finds Wonwoo standing there, watching with worried eyes All words Mingyu wanted to yell simply disintegrate into nothingness When their gazes meet, Wonwoo smiles softly.
Mingyu swallows. His gut is telling him too look away, ashamed of the words he spewed in anger that day. But his heart urges him to just look at Wonwoo, who’s smiling gently, nodding slowly, a gesture to calm Mingyu down Mingyu takes a deep breath and relaxes a little
He looks at Wonwoo, who somehow gestures to Mingyu that he’ll come back later. Mingyu clears his throat and turns to his parents. “Mingyu-ah, we’re sorry. We don’t —“ his mom begins but Mingyu shakes his head. “I… I don’t think our relationship will be the same anymore,”
“Mingyu—“ “You’ve violated my trust — I can’t even look at you the same anymore without thinking about your infidelity,” Mingyu says, “I…I need some time before things settle down between us,” His parents exchange a glance “Kid, we…we’re so sorry,” his dad’s voice shakes
Mingyu holds his ground, taking soft breaths to ensure he doesn’t suffocate under all of this “Yeah, yeah,” Mingyu says, “please now, please leave,” His Parents know that they can’t touch him, they can’t talk to him or even look at him “I’ll call you soon,” Mom says
And with that, his parents leave without uttering a single word. Once they walk out the door and enter the elevator in the distance, Mingyu lets go of the breath he had been holding and drops to the ground, taking deep breaths as he holds back tears This fucking sucks!
Mingyu’s trying to collect himself when his phone rings. Unknown caller. He sighs and answers the call, “Hello?” “Kim Mingyu?” The voice calls and Mingyu recognises it in an instant, “Taehyung Hyung?” “Yup,” he says and Mingyu sighs, “Hi. Why are you calling?”
Taehyung exhales “I just wanted to tell you that this morning, your parents’ divorce was finalised,” Mingyu grips his phone. No wonder they came to speak to him. They didn’t have the guts to tell him they’d gotten divorced already Mingyu bites his lips, “right, thanks,”
“That’s not all,” Taehyung says and Mingyu frowns, “huh?” “I wanted to tell you that Wonwoo was not involved in the proceedings,” Mingyu’s eyes widen, “what?” Taehyung hums, “he resigned from the case the very next day after you sat in on the proceedings,”
— Mingyu doesn’t bother taking the elevator He rushes down the stairs and runs across the lobby to find Wonwoo just exiting the building. He grabs him by the wrist and stops him, catching his breath as Wonwoo turns around, eyes wide. “Mingyu?” he exclaims
Mingyu straightens as he continues to pant, “why…why did you resign?” Wonwoo’s eyes widen, and they wonder just how Mingyu knew that. But he purses his lips and averts his gaze, “conflict of interest,” he says. Mingyu swallows, “how?” Wonwoo bites his lip
“Won, where..where was the conflict of interest?” Mingyu presses on and Wonwoo sighs “My client’s actions were hurting you, but I didn’t want to hurt you. Conflict of interest,” Wonwoo confesses Mingyu stares at him with a dry throat and racing heart He lets go of his wrist
Mingyu takes a deep breath and looks up at Wonwoo. “Wanna grab a drink?” he asks Wonwoo hesitates but answers with a nod — Wonwoo’s Passion fruit drink arrives and Mingyu watches as Wonwoo’s eyes flutter after a sip Mingyu smiles to himself and sighs He’s missed Wonwoo
Should he tell Wonwoo that? That he’s missed him? Will it be weird? Do friends say that stuff to each other? Are they friends? “I missed you,” Wonwoo’s words snap Mingyu out of his thoughts “Huh?” Wonwoo puts his drink down, “I know you heard me,”
Mingyu stutters “I did but..” He looks away, cheeks warm. He clears his throat, “me too,” he says, no harm in saying it back, right? He looks up and finds Wonwoo smiling He looks down immediately. Wonwoo’s smile can be so blinding, does Wonwoo realise that?
“I’m sorry,” Wonwoo begins, “about everything that happened,” Mingyu blinks at him and smiles. “No it’s okay. It’s not like they had the best marriage. They were always fighting, and that’s why I was with my grandma on the weekends and .. y’know how much she meant to me,”
Wonwoo nods. “I…I’m sorry that you’re in such a situation, Mingyu-ah. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you,” Mingyu shakes his head, “no, you…that day, what I said, I didn’t mean it. You know what it feels like to be betrayed. I shouldn’t have — I just, I’m sorry,”
“You didn’t mean it,” Wonwoo says “Doesn’t mean I should’ve said it, okay?” Mingyu interjects Wonwoo gulps and nods, “okay,” He takes another sip and sighs “I didn’t realise it was your parents until we were almost done with the prep,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu exhales He sort of figured that “This…isn’t my place to say but…divorce was…for the best,” Wonwoo says hesitantly Mingyu chuckles “I know. I get it,” “You do?” Wonwoo asks Mingyu nods, “aren’t we doing the same?” Wonwoo pauses, “we’re one level ahead though,”
Mingyu laughs “Yeah. I meant that— were not forcing ourselves to stay with them either. In such cases, separation is…is ideal,” Mingyu’s voice grows solemn Wonwoo frowns, “what’s wrong?” Mingyu shakes his head, “nothing just…how can again after being betrayed,”
Wonwoo blinks at him But he seems to have no answer for that. “Are you worried you won’t find love again?” Wonwoo asks Mingyu swallows, “aren’t you?” Wonwoo stares at him “Do we even have to? Love sounds… exhausting,” Mingyu huffs, “it needs effort but it’s worth it,”
Wonwoo hums “To love and to be loved, I’ve never experienced it,” Wonwoo confesses, “is it a good feeling?” Mingyu purses his lips, “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never experienced it either,” Wonwoo swallows, “do you want to?” Mingyu smiles softly. “Some day”
Wonwoo nods. “Well then, let’s toast to .. Some Day,” Wonwoo raises his glass and Mingyu chuckles. He takes his drink and clinks it with Wonwoo’s glass “To some day falling in love,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo grins, “and to never falling out of it,” The two laugh
— Mingyu wakes up when his phone chimes. Groggy, he opens the chat box and reads the message ‘Happy Valentines Day’ From Wonwoo Mingyu shuts his phone and plants his face in his pillow Officially the worst day of the year when you’re partner is cheating on you
Your ** Mingyu turns over and stretches, and his soul almost leaves his body when he finds Haneul standing by his bed with a big grin on his face, “Happy Valentine’s Day babe!” he says as Mingyu gasps out loud Haneul crawls into bed with him, snuggling him tightly
Mingyu swallows, unable to resist in his sleepy state. He lets Haneul hug him, and kiss his neck and completely engulf him. And it…feels nice It’s been a while since anybody… Mingyu relaxes “Thanks for being the best boyfriend,” Haneul says
Mingyu hugs him back, silent. “I made you some breakfast,” Haneul says and Mingyu purses his lips, holding him closer, “thank you,” Is Haneul overcompensating again? “You’ve been distant lately,” Haneul says, “I’ve missed this,” Mingyu hums, “have I?”
Haneul looks up at him, chin on his chest and pouts,“you have. You’re not as romantic as you used to be. You ran off that day to I don’t know where because we had a fight, and you won’t tell me what’s up with your parents, and you don’t pay attention to me as much as you used to”
Mingyu swallows “Sorry —“ Why is he apologising? “— I’ve been busy with work stuff—“ Why is he trying to justify his actions?! “— I miss you too” .. Mingyu inhales “I miss you too, babe,” Mingyu says, hugging Haneul He misses holding someone close, kissing them
“Then come to me when you miss me,” Haneul complains, “I’ll be here for you,” Mingyu swallows. “Hold on to me, okay? Don’t let me run off to someone else, hahaha” Haneul laughs and Mingyu freezes His hold loosens and Haneul frowns, noticing. “What’s wrong?” Haneul asks
Mingyu gulps. “Will you run off to someone else, Haneul?” Mingyu asks, staring right into his eyes. Haneul expression shifts It loses his smile and he purses his lips, “babe, do you not trust me? Is that what’s been bothering you?” Mingyu averts his gaze Haneul sighs
He sits up and takes Mingyu’s hands, “babe, I’d never do that, okay?” Mingyu watches him silently. His eyes don’t seem to lying.Mingyu can’t tell “Did someone say something to you?” Haneul asks and Mingyu averts his gaze, “no I just—“ “Baby, don’t believe what people say, ok?”
Mingyu swallows, “huh?” Haneul sighs “You’re a powerful man — you never know who’s trying to wish for your downfall. People will say anything to get you off your game or wreck your personal life. Don’t believe anything until you see it for yourself, okay?”
Mingyu’s eyes shift between Haneul’s, and he’s compelled to believe him He takes a deep breath as Haneul leans in and kisses him, and as their kiss deepens, Mingyu finds his smog questioning this entire ordeal For now, he lets Haneul push him onto the bed
— Now that Mingyu thinks about it — what real proof exists about Haneul’s infidelity?? Nothing Anything that had to be observed has been observed by… Wonwoo Never by Mingyu himself
Plus …. Mingyu turns to look at Haneul, who’s smiling as the walk down the street Mingyu sighs Ever since then, Haneul hasn’t … Or Mingyu hasn’t found evidence that… Is it too bad to give Haneul a chance? Because…Haneul really…he likes Mingyu and …
“Babe, let’s go there,” Haneul points at the small BBQ shack down the street. A crowd’s beginning to gather, and Mingyu’s heard a great deal about it Mingyu smiles at Haneul, “we might find a seat too if we go now,” Haneul grins widely, “yes!”
— After about 20 minutes of waiting, Mingyu and Haneul finally find a seat inside. The restaurants not as crowded now, since they just missed the rush hour Dining should be comfortable
Mingyu and Haneul are chatting when — “Sir, you will have to share this table” an employee says, two customers behind her. “Oh, sure,” Mingyu agrees, since it’s only reasonable. But when he sees the two customers, his heart jumps out of his chest It’s Wonwoo and Hajoon
Mingyu’s eyes widen, and so do Wonwoo’s Hajoon and Haneul keep their faces rather neutral. And it’s only Mingyu and Wonwoo who evidently panic “This is a popular valentines spot so I kindly ask you four to adjust,” the employee asks as Hajoon takes his seat
Mingyu looks around, hoping to find an empty table where either of the pair can shift to but there’s nothing available He curses under his breath and sighs as Hajoon and Wonwoo settle down Hajoon and Haneul have poker faces.
Haneul even smiles at Wonwoo and Hajoon, “happy valentines” he says, “how long have you guys been together?” he asks Mingyu can’t bring himself to properly look at Hajoon, or Wonwoo And how is Haneul able to make a conversation? It’s like he..doesn’t even know Hajoon
Maybe Haneul really doesn’t … “A couple of years,” Hajoon replies, turning to look at Mingyu “I feel like we’ve met before. Have we?” Hajoon asks, looking at Mingyu Mingyu swallows, trying not to glance at Wonwoo “I have a face like that, it happens,” he lies
Why is it that Mingyu and Wonwoo are panicking and not Haneul and Hajoon? Maybe because it wasn’t Haneul that Hajoon cheated on Wonwoo with? Wonwoo could’ve been mistaken, right? “What about you guys, how long have you been together?” Wonwoo speaks up and Mingyu chokes on air
“Babe, you okay?” Haneul pats him on the back as Mingyu looks up at Wonwoo. Wonwoo simply sips on his drink, one he seems to dislike based on what Mingyu can observe. “3 years almost,” Haneul replies and Wonwoo nods, “I see,”
The table falls silent and the awkwardness is LOUD It’s killing Mingyu! Thankfully, their food arrives and the need to fill the silence is lost Mingyu’s phone chimes though, and when he opens the chat box, his eyes dart to Wonwoo ‘So you guys had sex, huh?’ the message says
Wonwoo looks at him and runs his hand across his neck. Mingyu swallows and pulls his sweater to cover his neck, which he assumes has a hickey peeking out of it Mingyu gulps, ‘you did too, that day. Who are you to judge me?’ Wonwoo frowns at the text and looks up at Mingyu
Mingyu avoids his gaze so Wonwoo sends him a message, ‘you seem upset, what’s wrong?’ Mingyu clenches his jaw and puts the phone back onto the table “Babe, help me set this up,” Haneul says as he places pieces of pork and chicken on the grill Mingyu smiles at him, “sure,”
Mingyu cuts some pieces and puts them on the grill when his phone chimes again. Mingyu sighs and opens his phone screen again ‘You know you can’t fake a smile in front of me, y’know?’ It says and Mingyu rolls his eyes at Wonwoo ‘I’m not faking a smile’ he tells the man
Wonwoo raises a brow, ‘why are you being so weird?’ Wonwoo texts and Mingyu sighs ‘I don’t think we should do this anymore,’ Mingyu replies ‘Do what? Text?’ ‘No. This revenge plot’ Wonwoo’s eyes widen and he looks up at Mingyu. ‘Why?’ he asks and Mingyu sighs
‘Because I don’t think Haneul is cheating. I think we’ve had this completely wrong,’ Mingyu says Wonwoo’s eyes widen. He first looks at Haneul and Hajoon, who’re grilling the meat, and then at Mingyu in disbelief ‘Are you doubting me?’ Wonwoo asks Mingyu purses his lips, ‘yes’
Wonwoo slams his phone on the table, startling everyone Mingyu feels guilty He puts his phone down as Hajoon takes Wonwoo’s hand, “you okay, babe?” he kisses the knuckles and Wonwoo steals a glance at Mingyu “Just light headed” Mingyu swallows and looks away
— “Yknow, Mingyu-ssi, you really seem familiar,” Hajoon says, and Mingyu gulps, looking at him. “Babe, doesn’t he look like your friend, Kim Taehyung?” Hajoon nudges Wonwoo, and Wonwoo turns to look at Mingyu He looks him up and down
“There is a resemblance but Kim Taehyung is a lot more handsome than him,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu chuckles nervously. Wonwoo’s not shying away with those jabs, huh Hajoon hums, watching Mingyu, “Kim Taehyung came over that day. He was wearing a mask and I was a little tipsy,”
Mingyu thanks the gods for making Hajoon drunk that day. No wonder he was coming in strong that day “Stop it now,” Wonwoo says and Hajoon giggles, wrapping an arm around Wonwoo, kissing his ear, “alright,” Mingyu tries not to stare for too long, and turns to Haneul
Haneul smiles and feeds him a piece, and Mingyu’s chest fills with warmth. He does feel someone’s gaze on him. Wonwoo’s. He peeks at him and Wonwoo’s glaring at him, arms crossed. Mingyu looks away. They’ve been here an hour and the crowd has died down a great deal
Mingyu’s phone chimes and he looks at Wonwoo, who’s glaring at him. His eyes shift to the phone, an indication for Mingyu to see the message Mingyu clears his throat and looks away, trying his best to avoid it. He feels a kick on his shin and Mingyu yells, “ow!”
“Babe, you okay?” Haneul asks as Mingyu glares daggers at Wonwoo, who feigns ignorance by sipping on his soju “Yeah just… hit my knee,” he smiles, “no worries,” “Okay,” Haneul giggles and kisses Mingyu’s cheek Wonwoo rolls his eyes and Mingyu gives up He looks at his phone
‘How can you not believe me!’ the text reads Mingyu purses his lips, ‘can we talk later? I’m on a date’ Wonwoo scoffs and furiously types back, ‘you’re the worst, Kim Mingyu’ Mingyu halts. He sneaks a glance at Wonwoo, who’s placed the phone on the table, face turned away
Mingyu should console him Or should he “Won! I got an audition!” Hajoon booms up, and everyone turns to him. Wonwoo’s eyes widen, “what?” “It’s down the street! I’ll see you at home, I gotta go!” Hajoon stands up and kisses Wonwoo on the forehead before running off
“Oh, your boyfriend is an actor, Wonwoo-ssi?” Haneul asks and Wonwoo shoots him a pointed glare, “yes,” he says with the least cordial tone Mingyu has ever heard come out from Wonwoo’s generally polite mouth Haneul chuckles, “Wonwoo-ssi doesn’t seem to like me very much,”
Wonwoo raises a brow and Haneul laces his fingers with Mingyu’s “Don’t worry, Wonwoo-ssi, I’m not hitting on your boyfriend. I’m completely in love with this one,” Haneul says, resting his head on Mingyu’s shoulder Wonwoo scoffs, and stares directly at Mingyu with disbelief
Mingyu’s about to say something when Haneul’s phone rings “Hello?” He answers it, “Yes, Chief. Yes,” Haneul stands up, “excuse me for a bit,” he says and walks away, and Mingyu turns to Wonwoo. “Wonwoo, listen—“
But Wonwoo pulls out a wad of cash and slams it on the table “Pay the bill with this”, he says and stands up, ready to leave but Mingyu grabs his hand, “Wonwoo! Wait!” but Wonwoo frees himself from his grip “What do you want?! I’m obviously lying to you about your boyfriend,”
Mingyu sighs “Just…what if..I don’t know about Hajoon but… what if Haneul…what if he’s not cheating? You never caught them in the act, right?” Mingyu explains Wonwoo scoffs, his eyes go wide and become teary “Haneul gifted you my Father’s watch, Mingyu,” Mingyu swallows
“He hired a PI to spy on you,” Wonwoo adds, “and you…you believe him?” Mingyu clenches his fists Wonwoo grabs his collar, gaining the attention of other customers, “are you really that stupid or are you convincing yourself to feel better?”
Mingyu hates that Wonwoo can see right through him He hates that Wonwoo is right “Maybe … I could give him another chance,” Mingyu says solemnly and Wonwoo pushes him. “Why? Why the change in mind?” Wonwoo’ asks, tone still accusatory Mingyu purses his lips
“If I talk to him about it, he’ll stop it, Won. And him and I can…can go back to…” Wonwoo huffs. He takes a step back “It’s because of your parents, right?” Mingyu tenses
Maybe, had they talked it out, they wouldn’t have gotten divorced. Maybe, had they been honest, they could’ve worked it out and tried to be better people Maybe Mingyu would still have parents! And Wonwoo gets that— he knows that’s what’s going on inside Mingyu’s mind
“I just wish you’d put all this effort with the right person,” Wonwoo says,and Mingyu exhales Wonwoo storms away, but Mingyu can’t chase after him He’s frozen in place, contemplating everything Is it really that bad to want to stay with the person you’ve been with for 3 years?
How can Mingyu throw away all those months without trying to talk to him or … How can he just let go of all those moments?? ‘Right person’ Wonwoo had said Who’s to say there even exists a right person for Mingyu? Or if Mingyu will ever even meet him?
Haneul might not be the best, but he’s a lot better than those before him who.. liked him only for money.. Haneul atleast … he puts the effort to… Mingyu feels like shit He tries to calm his heart and looks around Did Wonwoo leave from the front of the back?
Mingyu runs out the front and looks around, not finding Wonwoo He runs back in and heads to the washrooms. Maybe he’s there? He makes his way towards the washrooms when the door opens and Wonwoo walks out. “Won, listen, I—“ Wonwoo grabs his wrist, “don’t go in there,”
His voice is a mere whisper and he won’t meet Mingyu’s eyes “Huh, what—“ Wonwoo pulls him towards the back exit, his breathing laborious “What—“ But Wonwoo tightens his grip, “don’t go!” he says— no, begs. His face is flustered and his eyes are watery He’s shaking
Mingyu swallows and frees himself from Wonwoo, going back in and walking into the washroom It’s empty, the urinals atleast However, there are sounds coming from the stall Undeniably that of .. Mingyu stumbles back There are two voices, moaning, grunting and conversing
“Fuck, I can’t believe you brought your boyfriend here!” A voice says, Hajoon, “you did it just to rile me up, didn’t you, baby? And kissing him and all that? Huh?” “You weren’t answering my calls!” Haneul Mingyu doesn’t want to hear more He can’t He feels sick
In a daze, Mingyu walks out the washroom, dizzy and sick His heart is racing, and he thinks he’s going to faint But he.. He can’t … He forces his feet to rush out the back door, and there, he finds Wonwoo
He’s leaning against the wall, bent over, back facing Mingyu as he … “Won,” Mingyu calls softly, and Wonwoo turns, face pale and sweat on his brows. He wipes his mouth as Mingyu walks towards him, “don’t, I’m…I…I’ll stink, I…” Mingyu’s eyes well with tears
Mingyu just pulls him in for a hug, holding his shaking body tight in his arms “Mingyu, you’ll smell like…like vomit,” Wonwoo protests, pawing Mingyu’s chest, trying to wriggle away but Mingyu holds on, “I don’t care,” he mutters, “I don’t care about anything anymore,”
Wonwoo’s hands fall to his side “You saw, didn’t you?” He asks, and Mingyu nods. Wonwoo sighs, “I told you not to… go in there,” and Mingyu swallows, “you did. After I didn’t want to believe you, you still tried to spare me some pain,” Wonwoo swallows
“It never gets easier,” Wonwoo whispers, and Mingyu feels a wetness on his chest, seeping in through his top Mingyu holds Wonwoo close, “did you throw up the first time as well?” he asks, petting his hair
Wonwoo nods, “in the hallway. I cleaned it up and… ran away,” Mingyu let’s a tear escape Just imagining Wonwoo cleaning the mess up after he had his heart broken and trust betrayed— saddens Mingyu. No it… it angers Mingyu
“What’s… what’s the next move in our plan?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo looks up at him, “huh?” Mingyu swallows,“let’s…torture those bastards,” Wonwoo gulps and buries his face in Mingyu’s shoulder “Let’s drive this thing home, huh?” Wonwoo says Mingyu nods “Let’s finish this,”
A/ N —
— Hajoon walks into the room to find Wonwoo by the mirror. His brows raise and a whistle leaves his lips at Wonwoo’s appearance Wonwoo’s dressed sharply in a two piece and has his hair slicked back, a few strands falling onto his face Is that.. concealer he put on?
He grabs the cologne from the back side of his shelf — the one he never uses because he’s saving it for a special occasion He sprays it onto himself and turns to Hajoon. Hajoon looks him up and down, a smile playing on his lips. He walks over to Wonwoo and holds his hips
“Am I getting lucky tonight?” Hajoon asks, leaning into kiss Wonwoo but the latter stops him Wonwoo pulls away, “Sorry, I have plan today,” Hajoon blinks Wonwoo got ready to go meet with someone? With this outfit and cologne? Looking his best? Wonwoo never makes an effort
“Who are you meeting up with?” Hajoon asks and Wonwoo halts, looking a little distracted “Just a friend,” Wonwoo says. Hajoon swallows and walks over, “Kim Taehyung? You know he’s hitting on you, right?” Wonwoo frowns, “so what if he’s hitting on me?” Wonwoo dress himself
Frees* Hajoon scoffs, “so you’re going to hook up with him?” Wonwoos eyes widen, “what? Why would you say that?!” Hajoon’s a little taken aback by Wonwoo’s tone “He likes you, that’s why!” Hajoon argues Wonwoo rolls his eyes, “I’m not meeting with him, it doesn’t matter”
Wonwoo walks past Hajoon, but an unsettling feeling erupts in his chest Hajoon worries if he asks any more questions, Wonwoo will begin to doubt him “Are you cheating on me?!” Hajoon can’t control his mouth. Wonwoo halts and turns around, “what?” Damn it “You heard me”
Wonwoo scoffs, “why do you think that, babe? I love you, yknow. I’d never betray you like that,” Hajoon’s eyes widen “You… we haven’t..done anything in a while.. in bed.. and…you’ve been coming home late,” Hajoon says
Wonwoo laughs, “if those were signs of cheating, I should also be asking you if you’re cheating on me, right?” Hajoon’s gut sinks He takes a step back and lowers his gaze “I… that’s right, but since I’m not cheating then…you aren’t either,” Hajoon quickly covers up
Wonwoo grins and walks over to him He kisses his cheek, “Love you, babe. See you later,” he says and walks away. But Hajoon grabs him, “W-Wonwoo, do you happen to have some cash on you? I need some,” Wonwoo shrugs, “oh, I don’t right now, sorry,” Hajoon gasps
Wonwoo always has cash Loads of it “Where…why not?” Hajoon asks and Wonwoo hums, “I’ve used it all up for some…some stuff of mine, sorry babe,” What stuff? Since when does Wonwoo have stuff?? Who…is he spending it on?
— Haneul looks up at Mingyu, knees hurting from where he’s sitting But Mingyu’s not even looking at him. There’s not an ounce of pleasure on his face. Rather, he’s going through his phone, a smile on his face. Haneul pulls away and wipes his mouth, “Babe?” he calls
Mingyu doesn’t reply “Mingyu-ah,” Haneul calls again and Mingyu turns, “yeah?” Haneul sighs. He stands up and gets into Mingyu’s lap, kissing his cheeks, “you’re distracted,” he says Mingyu coos, “oh baby, I’m sorry, how can I make it up to you?” He asks
Haneul smirks A perfect opportunity “Yknow, the anniversary of our first kiss is coming soon~ “ “Is it?” Mingyu asks, and Haneul halts “Oh, come on, you knew that,” Haneul playfully slaps his chest But Mingyu looks as clueless as ever “Sorry, it must’ve slipped my mind”
That’s weird Mingyu’s always been enthusiastic about this stuff He never forgets “Anyway, tell me, what can I do?” Mingyu asks and Haneul smiles “I saw this one ring, it was really beautiful,”
Mingyu hums, “maybe this time, instead of jewellery, how about you and I go on out together?” Haneul blinks,“huh?” Mingyu grins, “yeah. I’m always buying you stuff. I feel bad because I know you’d much rather spend time with me than have gold thrown at your face as an apology,”
Haneul swallows “Baby, I know you’re a busy man, so I’m okay with —“ Mingyu giggles, “no. Let’s go out together, okay? I mean, what kind of a person values money over love, right? I love you, hehe,” Haneul gulps. “Right,” he smiles, “let’s go out,” This…
— Hajoon rolls off Haneul, and catches his breath “Well, that sucked,” Haneul says out loud and Hajoon scoffs, “not in the mood today” Haneul hums, “same,” Hajoon swallows, staring up at the ceiling, “I think my boyfriend is cheating on me,”
Haneul remains silent “I think mine is too,” Haneul says and Hajoon turns to him “Wow, what are the odds, right?” Hajoon asks and Haneul scoffs, “it fucking sucks,” Hajoon huffs, “no kidding. Like, I’ve given him so much and this is how he repays me?”
Haneul hums “You’d never cheat on me, right?” Haneul turns to Hajoon. Hajoon grins, “never, babe,” he kisses him. Haneul smiles, “then why would Mingyu? Aren’t I a catch?” Hajoon sighs and falls back on the bed, “he’s dumb. He doesn’t appreciate you enough,”
Hajoon continues “I cook for Wonwoo, I take care of the small stuff around the house, and I’m working so hard to land an acting job— and he comes home with that stupid poker face and never makes an effort to show he likes me. It’s like he never liked me,”
“But today, he was all dressed up, yknow? I wonder who he’s going to meet, tch,” Hajoon adds Haneul scoffs, “I was sucking Mingyu off and he couldn’t care less. I bet he’s sleeping with someone else. Mingyu only ever liked me for my face , and it’s very shallow of him,”
Haneul and Hajoon just stare at the ceiling above “I wish we could bust them,” Hajoon says and Haneul scoffs “Didmy you hire a PI to follow Mingyu? Did that guy ever call back?” Hajoon asks and Haneul gasps He sits up Oh right!
— “I did follow him,” Hansol says and Haneul gasps, “why did you never send back the photos?!” Hansol frowns and takes a step away from Haneul and Hajoon, “because I didn’t find anything substantial,” Haneul scoffs, “you punk, I paid you, right? You should report back to me!”
Hansol sighs. “Here,” he grabs an envelope from his drawer and hands it to Haneul. Haneul snatches it from his hand and opens it. He goes through the photos, of Mingyu on a beach. And there’s someone beside him but Haneul can’t make out because of the sun’s glare
“Him! Who is this?! I bet it’s this asshole Mingyu’s hooking up with!” Haneul says Hajoon takes a peek at the person next to Mingyu, “he seems familiar,” Hajoon hums. He’s never been good with faces — he can never tell people apart Haneul turns to Hansol, “who is he!”
Hansol raises his arms, “whoa, why are you being so loud?” Haneul slams his hand on the table, “do you even know what it feels like to be cheated on?! I’ve been with this idiot for 3 years and he throws it all away for some dude he met on a beach?!”
Hansol raises a brow. He breathes out. “Listen, that dude was drowning and Mingyu helped him out. I don’t know who that man is. He thanked Mingyu, they walked together for a while and parted ways. Look, they’re just walking together. Not even touching ,” Hansol says
Haneul scoffs “I don’t care. Mingyu didn’t have to save him— I don’t buy this story,” Hansol rolls his eyes, “whatever. I did what you asked me to. My jobs ends here. Please, the exit’s that way,” Hansol says Haneul scoffs and walks out, followed by Hajoon Hansol exhales
— There’s a knock on the window and Wonwoo turns to his side, smiling when he sees Mingyu outside his car He opens the car door and lets Mingyu shuffle into the passenger seat “Hey, looking fresh,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo smiles, “really? Not too much?”
Mingyu chuckles “Nah, you look nice. It accentuates your shoulders and waist,” Mingyu says as he hands Wonwoo a glass Wonwoo takes a sip and his eyes widen and sparkle. Mingyu smiles, “your favourite,” he says and Wonwoo grins, “thanks”
“And here’s what you wanted,” Wonwoo passes Mingyu a container, sealed in cling film “Kimchi!” Mingyu chimes excitedly, “thanks, Won! I’d been craving it!” Mingyu says, “thank your Mom for me!” Wonwoo nods, “don’t open it in the car though,” Mingyu hums, “I won’t, I won’t,”
“So, how was it?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu turns to him, “oh, I loved it. I didn’t even look at him when he was giving me head” Wonwoo nearly choked on his drink “Wow, way to crush his soul, Mingyu-ssi,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu laughs “What about you?” Mingyu asks
“With how I’m dressed, I bet he thinks I’m whoring msyelf out or something. His face was priceless,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu hums This is great He feels so good Wonwoo’s phone rings all of a sudden, and Mingyu’s delighted to see Hansol’s name on the screen Wonwoo answers it
“Hey,” Wonwoo asks “They came. Threw a fit, and left,” Wonwoo raises his hand and Mingyu hi-fives it “Great. And the photos?” Mingyu asks “Ambiguous. One can’t say anything about you two — it looks more like you’re friends,” Wonwoo nods, “that’s what I wanted”
“And Chan?” Mingyu chimes in. Hansol exhales, “Chan is doing what you told him to,” “Great. We’ll keep in touch, Hansol-ah,” Wonwoo says. Hansol cuts the call and Wonwoo and Mingyu smile at each other “So,” Mingyu begins, “wanna go eat ramen?” Wonwoo grins, “absolutely,”
— “Babe, I’m gonna order some food for myself,” Haneul says, reaching for Mingyu’s phone but the latter snatches it from his grasp, “oh, I uh, why don’t you order it from your phone for today, hm?” Mingyu asks, “I’m leaving right now and it’ll be a hassle,”
Haneul watches with a raised brow as Mingyu seems oddly fidgety with his phone What’s in there that he won’t let him see? Haneul smiles, “oh, right. Where are you going? How long? When will you be back?” Mingyu averts his gaze, “ah, I told you right, it’s a Seminar,”
Haneul frowns “But you said it was a conference?” Mingyu smiles, nervous, “it’s both of them. Anyway, I gotta go! See you on soon!” Mingyu kisses his forehead and leaves, grabbing his suitcase on the way Haneul swallows and his smile drops when Mingyu’s gone
Haneul storms off into the living room. Mingyu’s been changing his story. One time he says conference and the next time it’s a seminar One time he says he’s staying at a hotel, other time it’s a resort or a friend’s place His story is always inconsistent
Haneul calls Hansol. “Hello?” Hansol answers and Haneul grits his teeth, “I need you to follow Mingyu today. He’s going to Jeju and will be staying at a resort or a hotel — I don’t know. Use your sources and find out. I need the pictures,” Hansol sighs
“And what are you planning on doing with the pictures?” Hansol asks “I’ve told you already. Blackmail him” Haneul replies Breaking up with Mingyu…isn’t the best thing to do. That way, Haneul would lose access to this lavish house and this lavish lifestyle.
“Right. And the payment?” Hansol asks and Haneul grunts, “I’ll make it! Just get me those pictures first!” “Okay,” Hansol says and cuts the call. Haneul takes a deep breath, and plops onto the bed Once he gets his hands on them, he can continue living like this.
— “Yeah he’s taken the bait” Hansol informs Mingyu and Wonwoo, who, with Hansol, are on their way to the airport “He had to,” Mingyu shrugs, “I really sold it. Maybe I should be an actor,” Wonwoo smirks, “maybe you should. You’ll definitely do a better job than Hajoon,”
Mingyu Hi-fives Wonwoo for the subtle dig and Hansol rolls his eyes “I can’t believe you guys are willing to go to such extremes,” Hansol says and Wonwoo shrugs, “them cheating on us has been pretty rough, so we would like to make it rough for them. Tit for tat,”
Hansol takes a deep breath. “No, tit for that would be to cheat on them. Your philosophy is all wrong,” Mingyu chuckles, “but whatever it is, it’s working. Haneul and Hajoon are terrified that we might have found someone else and they’ll lose their golden goose”
Hansol sighs and Mingyu turns to Wonwoo, who’s seated beside Hansol in the back. “Right, Won?” Mingyu asks for approval, and Wonwoo hums. Mingyu frowns, “what’s wrong?” Wonwoo inhales, “just…thinking,” “About what?” Wonwoo blinks, “why is a goose and not swan, or a duck”
Mingyu laughs and Hansol’s lips tweak into a smile Alright The last stage of this plan has officially commenced! — “Ah, Seungkwan-ah, have you spoken to Chan?” Mingyu asks over the phone “Yup. He’s doing what you asked of him,” he replies and Mingyu nods, “great,”
“Haneul also called” Seungkwan says and Mingyu smirks, “what did he say?” Seungkwan sighs “You need to double my pay for having to deal with his little tantrum,” Mingyu laughs and Wonwoo turns to him, who’s hailing a taxi. He raises his brows as if asking what’s up
Mingyu smiles and shakes his head. “What did he say?” Mingyu asks and Seungkwan exhales “He asked me if I knew where you were going. And I told him I didn’t hear of any conference, like you told me to tell him” “sweet!”
“And then he asked me who you went with, where you’re staying, blah blah blah,” Seungkwan says and Mingyu listens with an excitement “And then he started questioning me if I’ve been hiding the fact that you’re cheating, and then he threw some curse words at me, blah”
“Ah, I’m sorry about that,” Mingyu says as Wonwoo guides him into the taxi “Well, if you’re sorry, maybe I can get two cubicles? I could really use an extra space for storage —“ “Thanks for your service, Seungkwan-ah,” Mingyu grins and cuts the call
He exhales and turns to Wonwoo, who is absentmindedly scrolling through his phone “Haneul threw a fit,” Mingyu nudges Wonwoo, “it’s great,” Wonwoo hums, “Hajoon threw a fit too. But a different kind,” Wonwoo says “What?” “He’s sending me dick pics,” Wonwoo replies bluntly
“What?!” Mingyu exclaims and Wonwoo glances at Hansol sitting in the front, headphones on “Yeah. He thinks he can lure me back. He’s overcompensating.Who’s gonna tell him I wasn’t dating him for his dick,” “Then, what were you dating him for?” Wonwoo looks away, silent “love”
— Once they reach the hotel, they head straight to the Reception “Hi, we’d like a room with the view of the main road,” Mingyu says The receptionist frowns but smiles, “Main road? Facing that building?” she points at the direction and Mingyu nods, “yes,”
“Uh…” the receptionist’s gaze shifts between Mingyu and Wonwoo “Are you sure you don’t want the Sea facing room?” she asks and Wonwoo smiles, “no,” She gulps. “Alright. So m, two rooms, right?” she asks, clicking away at the keyboard “No. Just one,” Wonwoo says
The receptionist looks up again, “huh? Sir, we have multiple rooms available—“ But Mingyu cuts her off, “We know. We just want the one room,” She gulps, “okay,” “And uh, single bed,” Wonwoo adds and the Receptionist smirks nervously “Uh, and how long is your stay?” she asks
Mingyu and Wonwoo turn to each other, and then back at her. “A couple of hours should be fine, right?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo and Wonwoo nods, “yes,” The Receptionist just stares, “sir, we’re not that kind of an establishment,” “And we’re not that kind of people,” Mingyu replies
The receptionist clears her throat, “Sir, we don’t rent by the hour. You’ll have to book it for the night,” Mingyu sighs, “sure, I guess. Please allot us the room and take our luggage upstairs,” She smiles, “Yes sir. And when will you be going up to your room, sir?”
“Hm, after the sun sets. We’ll be outside till the ,” Wonwoo says. “What we need to do needs to be done in the dark, so,” Mingyu adds and the Receptionist blushes “R-Right” she says. Mingyu pays her the money and they turn to exit the hotel
“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu giggles, “so much,” — After spending a few hours roaming around Jeju with Hansol taking pictures of them, the duo and Hansol part ways “Have you got the room?” Mingyu asks and Hansol nods.
“You can go rest for a while. We’ll call you when we’re ready” Wonwoo says and Hansol nods, “alright,” he says and walks away Wonwoo turns to look at the sky. “We still have a few minutes before night falls,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu hums as they walk down the road side by side
They pass a park, and watch as Kids run out of it owing to the setting Sun Mingyu smiles, “ah, I spent my entire childhood in parks like this. The swings, the seesaw, the slide,” Mingyu says, walking into the park. Wonwoo follows him “Same. But I hated the slide,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu frowns, “what do you mean you hated the slide?” Wonwoo’s eyes widen slightly, “oh it’s…it’s just scary,” he says Mingyu frowns, “Won, don’t tell me, are you still afraid?” Wonwoo purses his lips and Mingyu snorts, “oh my god!” “Hey! Not funny!” Wonwoo hisses
Mingyu laughs, “Won, come on. You’re probably as long as the slide right now. try it?” Mingyu grabs his wrist and gently guides him towards the slide “No I’m not as tall,” Wonwoo resists softly, and Mingyu smiles, “hey, try it. It’s fun,” Mingyu says, “you can hold my hand”
Wonwoo stares at the slide, and thinks about it for a moment “Fine, I’ll try it,” Wonwoo says It doesn’t seem as scary. “Great!” Mingyu says as he takes Wonwoo towards the slide. As Wonwoo climbs up the ladder and settles down, Mingyu extends his hand, “here, hold me”
Wonwoo gulps and holds onto the side of the slide. “No you…go to the end of the slide. Catch me if I fall,” he says Mingyu frowns, “you know that’s not possible, Won. You just have to land on your feet,”
Wonwoo shakes his head, “I’ll feel better I’m sliding towards you and not the ground” Mingyu blinks at him. “Alright,” Mingyu says and walks over to the end of the slide, crouching, “okay, come on now,” he looks up at Wonwoo. Wonwoo takes a deep breath and lets go
He comes down, and for a moment Mingyu sees the thrill on his face, and it makes him giddy But Mingyu’s far too lost in Wonwoo’s excitement to remember to move away and Wonwoo slides directly onto him, and they fall to the ground in a fit of laughter
Mingyu lies down on the ground, laughing as Wonwoo catches his breath, “idiot, you should’ve moved,” he says, raising his face Mingyu cackles, “sorry. You looked so cute, I couldn’t look away,” he says, and Wonwoo stares down at him. Mingyu’s laughter stops as their gazes lock
“We should…we should go,” Wonwoo says, getting off Mingyu and standing up “Right..right,” Mingyu says and stands up as well, heart racing. Wonwoo walks ahead, and Mingyu follows him Damn it If Mingyu can’t deal with this, what will he do later?!
— “Are you sure?” Mingyu asks as they walk into the room. Wonwoo drops his coat on the floor, and removes his shoes, kicking them off He turns around halfway to look at Mingyu, “what, scared?” Mingyu scoffs, undoing his tie and walking over to Wonwoo, “no,”
Mingyu wraps his arms around Wonwoo’s waist and pulls him close, chests pressed together, faces inches apart “Hansol,” Wonwoo speaks up, “you ready?” he asks “Hm,” Hansol’s replies through the speaker phone, “keep that pose and walk closer to the window,”
Mingyu and Wonwoo usher over to the window, their pose intact and eyes locked “Will this work?” Mingyu utters and Wonwoo nods, “this is solid proof, or so they’ll think,” Wonwoo says “Change the pose,” Hansol says, “and remove some more clothes,” Mingyu blushes
He peeks over at the window in the opposite building, catching a glimpse of Hansol who’s taking pictures of them “Alright,” Wonwoo says and begins to to unbutton Mingyu’s shirt. Mingyu gasps, “hey, not so sudden,” he complains as Wonwoo slides his shirt off his his shoulders
The cloth falls to the ground and Mingyu can’t help but flex his abs under Wonwoo’s gaze “You’re fitter than Hajoon,” Wonwoo casually comments and Mingyu smiles, “oh, thanks,” He works out and he’s proud of his body Wonwoos validation is an icing on the cake
“Mingyu hyung, can you lift Wonwoo so he can wrap his legs around you?” Hansol says and Mingyu swallows, “yah! That’s a bit much!” Wonwoo nods, “agreed. Aren’t the photos enough, Hansol?” “No. Uh, give me some poses from the bed. Wonwoo Hyung, can you remove some clothes too?”
Mingyu blushes because Wonwoo’s hands fly to his belt and start unbuckling “Yah, are you going nude?” he asks and Wonwoo shakes his head, “no, just pantless,” he says as he squirms out of his pants, exposing his bare legs Mingyu averts his gaze as Wonwoo guides him to the bed
Wonwoo falls back onto the bed and opens his arms, “come on,” Mingyu clears his throat and crawls onto the bed, over him He tries not to look at how Wonwoo’s boxers peek from underneath his white shirt. Wonwoo locks his arms around Mingyu’s neck and brings him down
“Perfect, now hold that pose for a while,” Hansol directs and Wonwoo nods, staring at Mingyu hovering over him, “okay,” Mingyu swallows, trying his best not to look anywhere — not at Wonwoo’s legs, not at his thighs, not at the skin that peeks out of his unbutton shirt
“Will this upset them?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo nods, “it should. It means they can’t exploit us again,” Mingyu sighs, brushing the bangs off Wonwoo’s face “It sucks that we’re in the situation to begin with,” he says. Wonwoo nods, “yeah. But I’m glad it’s you I’m with”
Mingyu smiles, “me too,” “And we’re done! I got the shots,” Hansol says and Mingyu pulls away, standing. He extends his hand to Wonwoo, “good job, partner,” Wonwoo takes his hand and sits up, “Hm. Good job,” he smiles
— A few drinks in and Mingyu and Wonwoo are tipsy Wonwoo figures Mingyu had a lot more than he did, because he’s drunk out of his mind, but he can’t tell because he’s drunk too “To cheating the cheaters!” Mingyu raises his glass and Wonwoo giggles, tipsy, “cheers!”
They down another glass of— what are they even drinking? It doesn’t matter They’re celebrating tonight! “To the success of our plan!” Wonwoo says and Mingyu laughs. Thankfully the hotel bar is rather empty today, or they’d have been kicked out for making a scene
“Too bad Hansol isn’t here,” Mingyu says, face flushed and eyes hazy “He said he’d rather sleep anyway so,” Wonwoo replies, a little out of it Mingyu smiles, “yup,” he says, downing another glass. Wonwoo takes a sip and turns to Mingyu, who has his face planted on the table
He falls silent for a bit, and it starts to worry Wonwoo He stands up and walks over to Mingyu’s side. He sits down beside Mingyu, patting his back, “hey, I can’t carry your huge ass body back to the room!” Wonwoo complains Mingyu groans, looking up Wonwoo gasps. Tears
Mingyu’s crying Wonwoo watches with an open mouth and wide eyes “Mingyu—“ “Why are we celebrating? That we got cheated on?” Mingyu begins. Wonwoo closes his mouth. “That’s nothing to celebrate! We got betrayed by the people we…what’s so good about it?!”
Wonwoo thinks that they’ve been so swept up in this plan of theirs that they didn’t have the proper time to grieve this betrayal “No we… we’re celebrating that we can get back to them now,” Wonwoo says ,staring at the empty glass
Mingyu scoffs and sits up, “and what does that do for us?” Wonwoo swallows, downing another glass, diluting his senses and reason “It…gives us satisfaction. That we got back at them. It gives us …closure?” Mingyu laughs He laughs hard, “closure? What closure?”
“You’re telling me that whatever we’ve been doing to them has satisfied you? Quenched your thrust for revenge?” Wonwoo doesn’t reply and Mingyu scoffs “You can’t even lie that…that you feel pointless after all of this. You have no closure, no satisfaction,” Mingyu says
“ not the tit for tat you envisioned, Wonwoo. We can never get back at them for…” Mingyu sniffles Wonwoo swallows, deep in thought “Say something!” Mingyu says and Wonwoo licks his lips, spacing out
“Then,” Wonwoo begins, “let’s do the tat,” he turns to Mingyu “Huh?” Mingyu frowns “Tit for tat. Let’s…have sex,” Wonwoo says, dead serious, turning to Mingyu Mingyu gulps. Tit for tat … Tit for … tat Mingyu nods slowly “Okay,” he says, let’s have sex” Tit for Tat
— Mingyu locks the door behind him, taking a deep inhale when he hears the rustling of clothes He turns around, catching the way Wonwoo’s shirt ships off his shoulders, dropping to the floor Wonwoo turns to him, opening his arms, “come,” he says, face flushes from the alcohol
Mingyu walks towards him, swallowing thickly as he begins to unbutton his shirt, one button each time, with each step that he takes towards Wonwoo By the time he’s in front of Wonwoo, the shirt is off, joining Wonwoo’s on the floor They stand mere inches apart, eyes locked
Wonwoo’s eyes flutter shut and Mingyu takes his hand, lacing their fingers softly, evoking a soft gasp from Wonwoo. Mingyu takes Wonwoo’s chin in between his fingers and tilts his head up, positioning his lips close to his He leans in
Wonwoo pulls away, “no, let’s go to the bed,” he says, walking away but Mingyu grabs his wrist and yanks him back, bodies pressed against each others, warm and tingly Wonwoo swallows, staring into Mingyu’s eyes. He locks his arms around Mingyu’s neck
Mingyu bends down and hooks his arms under Wonwoo’s knees, lifting him and letting Wonwoo wrap his legs around his waist. Wonwoo’s breath is hot against his face, his body is light and his skin is burning hot “Bed, please,” Wonwoo whispers, and Mingyu nods
Mingyu takes Wonwoo to bed, gently lowering the man onto it crawling between his legs. Wonwoo keeps his hold around Mingyu’s neck, fingers carding through the hair at the base of his neck Mingyu shudders, their hips slotted into each other’s “Won,”
Wonwoo pushes a finger to his lips, and blinks at him with sparkling eyes Mingyu gulps and leans down, pressing further into Wonwoo’s finger. The back of Wonwoo’s finger touches his lips and Wonwoo gasps “I can’t do this” he whispers and Mingyu pulls away from him immediately
Mingyu walks away to the other end of the room, catching his breath Wonwoo just lies there, staring at the ceiling above Neither of them say anything They let the silence stew them Mingyu leans onto the desk, panting, confused, upset
Wonwoo breaks the silence “I thought I could do it,” Wonwoo says, “but I can’t,” Mingyu swallows. “How did how did they do it so easily?”
Wonwoo continues, “why can’t I?” Mingyu gulps, “’re a good man, Won,” Wonwoo hums, “is this how good men are treated?” Mingyu has no answer to that. He doesn’t think he ever will.
— When Mingyu gets home the next day, he’s greeted by Haneul and his big smile. “You’re home!” Haneul hugs him, but Mingyu can’t bring himself to even fake a smile He just stands there, like an emotionless object, feeling pathetic
Haneul drags him into the living room, “how was your trip? Have fun?” Mingyu doesn’t answer as he’s sat on the couch. Haneul leaves the room for a moment and returns with his phone “All good?” Haneul asks. Mingyu sighs “Haneul—“ “I have some questions for you, Mingyu,”
Mingyu scoffs and looks up at Haneul “Who did you meet at this business trip?” Haneul asks Mingyu smirks. He doesn’t answer “Why?” Haneul scoffs, “because I think you’re cheating on me,” Mingyu chuckles wearily “Why do you think that?”
Haneul smiles “I had someone follow you and he said—“ “Hansol,” Mingyu says and Haneul’s eyes widen, “I know you hired Hansol to follow me,” Haneul gasps, taken aback.
“How—“ “He told me, and I sort of figured,” Mingyu sighs Haneul scoffs, “that bastard, has he no sense of loyalty?!” Mingyu chuckles And then he begins to laugh Eyes hollow “Look who’s talking”
The confidence in Haneul’s eyes wavers Mingyu smirks, holding back tears. He doesn’t want to show Haneul even an ounce of his vulnerability, of his weakness “I know about you and Hajoon,” Mingyu says, “Wonwoo and I, we both know,” Haneul swallows, eyes filled with terror
“W-What? Those are…baseless accusations. I- I’d never cheat on you,” Haneul says Mingyu pulls out an envelope and tosses it onto the table, the photos inside spilling out It’s of Haneul and Hajoon, getting intimate “I also hired a PI, he followed you and well,”
Haneul stares at the infallible proof, swallowing nervously and looking up at Mingyu “Mingyu, that… this…” he’s shivering all over, and Mingyu smirks, hiding his pain There’s nothing Haneul can say right now to change his mind Maybe now, Mingyu will finally find peace
— Once Haneul is gone, for good, Mingyu takes a deep breath of relief He falls onto his bed, staring at the ceiling with no thoughts in mind He’s broken up with Haneul It’s over now It’s all done
Mingyu has realised that you can never get back at a cheater. You can never give them the same pain All that time spent with Wonwoo, that entire plan — it was never going to help Mingyu and Wonwoo get closure Only cutting these people off from their lives was the only solution
Mingyu turns over to his side He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel after all this Is it normal to feel lonely ? To be confused? Conflicted? Why can’t he convince himself that he’s free of any more stress Why can’t he relax his body and mind Why does it feel so..empty
Without a thought, Mingyu grabs his phone and dials up the only person he knows can answer these questions hopefully The phone rings and rings for the longest time, and then, Wonwoo answers “Hello?” “Hey,” Wonwoo replies and Mingyu takes a deep breath “We broke up,” he says
Wonwoo stays silent for a moment “us too,” he says. Mingyu gulps. They don’t say anything for a while. “So, what now?” Mingyu asks. He doesn’t know what to ask Wonwoo, how to ask him, what to say… “We go our separate ways now,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu doesn’t like that phrase He doesn’t like that … He doesn’t like it “If I’d known that the last I’d be seeing you was in the hotel then…” Mingyu purses his lips “Then what, Mingyu?” Mingyu turns over to lie on his back “Then I’d tell you how brave you are”
Wonwoo’s always put up a strong front, an indifferent expression But Mingyu’s learned to see past it To look at Wonwoo’s vulnerable self, his weak self “You have been very brave through this thing, and I’m glad it was you I could lean on,” Mingyu says
Wonwoo doesn’t say anything for a moment “You too,” he says, “thank you for being my rock all this time, Mingyu-ah,” Mingyu gulps, eyes moist “Well then, goodbye, Wonwoo-ssi” “Goodbye, Mingyu-ssi” As a tear rolls out, Mingyu wishes Wonwoo would stay But he doesn’t
— “Welcome back, Boss,” Seungkwan says when Mingyu walks into the office. “I’d have assumed you’d look well after taking 2 weeks of leave but you look worse than ever,” he adds Mingyu doesn’t fight back He just sighs as he goes through the schedule
Seungkwan doesn’t say anything, but he worrries for his boss The bags under his eyes, patches of hair he missed while shaving He looks more homeless than a CEO of a successful enterprise Seungkwan’s about to speak up when there’s a knock on the door
“Come in,” Mingyu says and a man walks in, and Seungkwan’s eyes widen “You?!” he exclaims as his date from a while ago strolls into the office His date, named Chwe Hansol, notices him, but doesn’t react much “Oh, you’re here,” is all he says as he walks towards Mingyu
“Hey,” Hansol says and Mingyu looks up, “hey. Seungkwan will take care of the payment,” he says and Seungkwan gasps, “what?! No way!” Mingyu raises a brow, “what, you two know each other?” “No,” Seungkwan denies “Yes,” Hansol answers
Mingyu stares at them and sighs, “whatever. Thanks for your work, Hansol-ah,” Mingyu shakes hands with Hansol. “Seungkwan, please,” Mingyu says and Hansol turns to him, brows raised Seungkwan rolls his eyes, “uh, fine. You, follow me,” Hansol nods and they exit the office
“The Boss seems pretty tired” Hansol says and Seungkwan only hums, writing him a check “Here,” he hands it to him, “you may leave now” Hansol smirks, “are you upset because I had to leave that day?” Seungkwan doesn’t say anything but yes.
Hansol talked to him a few minutes that day and left. No call, nothing after that Hansol gulps, “I had some work. And I wanted to call but I got roped into … his thing,” he gestures at Mingyu, who seems barely alive Seungkwan gulps “Have you paid chan for following Haneul?”
“That is none of your business,” Seungkwan says and Hansol sighs, shoving his hands in his pockets “I’ll call you,” Hansol says and Seungkwan purses his lips No, he won’t answer his call “Oh, almost forgot, here,” Hansol says, handing Seungkwan an envelope And then, he leaves
Once Hansol is out of his sight, Seungkwan takes the envelope and opens it He goes through the contents and… His eyes widen He walks into his Boss’ office and slams the photos onto the table Mingyu looks up, eyes dead, “what?” “Look at these pics,” Seungkwan says
Mingyu takes a glance at them “Yeah. We were supposed to use these to scare Haneul but that plan was scratched so,” Seungkwan shakes his head “Look at yourself. Look how happy you are in these photos!” Mingyu frowns and looks down
“At the beach, in the market in Jeju, at the park — you look happy,” Seungkwan says and Mingyu sighs, “acting, Seungkwan-ah,” Seungkwan grits his teeth “Are you sad because of your breakup with Haneul or break up with Wonwoo?” Mingyu’s eyes widen, “what?”
Seungkwan sighs “Hyung, why don’t you just call wonwoo? You obviously miss him. It’s obvious you two became pretty good friends,” Mingyu’s lips part and he looks down, “we are just acquaintances,” Seungkwan clenches his jaw “Hyung, call him,” “I have no reason to!”
Seungkwan exhales “Look, if you’re gonna be moping around, I suggest you take more leave or go to therapy. Because the one thing that can cure you is Wonwoo, and you refuse to act on it,” Mingyu averts his gaze. Seungkwan sighs “Just think about it, okay?”
Seungkwan leaves and Mingyu forces himself to look at the photos Of him and Wonwoo just… talking or playing around … It was fun Mingyu has to admit that These past two weeks, Mingyu tried his best to distract himself He visited his friends, he watched movies
But he was alone and Being alone sucks Mingyu stares at one solo picture of Wonwoo, of him drenched in water and sand, but smiling brightly, nose scrunched and eyes disappearing into crescents Wonwoo looks happy as well Was he happy?
Mingyu pushes the photos away and sighs He turns to his computer and turns it on. He can’t call Wonwoo. What if Wonwoo doesn’t want Mingyu to call him? Mingyu opens his mail, and he’s going through tonnes of it when one particular name catches his eye
“Choi Seongho and Min Yujin cordiallly invite you to their—“ Mingyu’s eyes widen and his jaw drops The wedding!!
— Wonwoo wakes up, and the house is uncharacteristically silent With Hajoon here, Wonwoo would wake up to loud music booming in the house, and in all those moments, Wonwoo would wish for peace
But right now, as he sits up on his bed surrounded with silence, he realises he was mistaken There’s silence But no peace in his heart Wonwoo slides his feet of his bed and walks into his washroom, undressing on his way He halts in front of the mirror, looking at himself
He looks at his body, and he looks at his face. He takes a deep breath and steps into the shower. He would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the noise in his life a little
— Wonwoo commutes to his office as he normally does He has a car, but he’s much rather take the bus to work every day. He catches one at 8:35 By 8:55, he’s in front of his office building. With 5 minutes to spare, he buys some bibimbap from the street vendor and heads in
Wonwoo does his best to keep his life going on track as usual He meets with his Boss first thing in the morning, then he goes back to his office and browses through his files. He makes some calls and before he knows it, it’s lunch time
He sees as his colleagues head down to the cafe during the lunch hour, and Wonwoo wonders if he should join them as well. He’s never joined them before, it would be odd to join them now Would they even want him there? Apart from work, they rarely ever interact
And Wonwoo was fine with that but now …why does he seem their company? Wonwoo turns to the bibimbaap he bought this morning and sighs Maybe tomorrow he can try asking them. Wonwoo unwraps the item and takes a bite, and then another. Within a few minutes, it’s gone
And just like that, lunch is over Wonwoo wonders. The only thing different in his life is that he’s broken up with Hajoon. He had assumed cutting Hajoon off would….make things better but … He feels worse than before
It was all a lie It was a lie that you’d feel better after breaking up with the cheater It’s always been a lie, and a part of Wonwoo knew that. Which is why he devised that plan to feel some sort of satisfaction An ounce of … satisfaction
But like Mingyu said, Wonwoo can’t lie to himself about the fact that he didn’t feel better at the end of the day Every minute, every second, he felt like an idiot who got cheated on — an inadequate lover, something he’d always been Wonwoo leans back in his chair and sighs
He stares at his ceiling He swallows thickly He wonders how Mingyu’s doing It’s been 2 weeks since they parted ways Wonwoo swallows “Ah, I want that drink,” he mutters to himself.
Wonwoo’s phone rings and he answers it immediately, “hello?” “Sir?” Ah. It’s the receptionist “Yes,” he sighs “Shall I send you client up?” she asks and Wonwoo exhales softly, rubbing his temples “Yes,” And he puts down the receiver
Even drowning himself in work doesn’t help There isn’t much work to begin with The last major case he had was Mingyu’s parents’ He couldn’t continue working on that case, not when it caused Mingyu so much pain Wonwoo sighs He wonders how Mingyu is
There’s a knock on his door and he straightens his chair, pushing his glasses up his nose “Ah, Mr.Lee, it’s good to hear from you again,” Wonwoo stands up “I’m not Mr. Lee but I do hope you’ll be thrilled to see me anyway,” the voice says and Wonwoo looks up, eyes wide
A tall man stands in his doorway, a soft smile on his face “Jun?” Wonwoo walks around his desk and towards the man, hugging him tightly “You’re back!” Wonwoo smiles brightly and Jun hugs him back, “I am!” Ah, Wonwoo’s finally feeling much better than he did these two weeks
“What about your shooting?” Wonwoo asks as he pulls back “Oh, we’re shooting in Korea for a while. So I wanted to stop by hehe, I know you miss me,” Jun giggles Wonwoo grins “Thanks man,” he says, “I must admit, I’ve been very lonely,”
With Jun, Wonwoo doesn’t need to lie “Hajoon?” Jun asks and Wonwoo exhales “We broke up,” Wonwoo says, and Jun’s face lights up, “Finally! I NEVER LIKED HIM, IM SORRY I NEVER SAID ANYTHING! IM SO GLAD YOU TWO BROKE UP!” jun grabs Wonwoo and bounces in place Wonwoo sighs
But he’s happy He wonders how long he will be happy though What about once Jun leaves? He should learn to be happy on his own but … It’s scary “Wonwoo?” A voice calls and Wonwoo glances at the man standing in the door way Wonwoo gasps, “Mingyu?”
Junhui frowns and turns to look at the man standing behind him, taller and imposing Jun turns to Wonwoo, and he can feel in his chest the way Wonwoo’s heart begins to race at the sight of that man Wonwoo slips out of Jun’s grasp and Jun smirks “What are you doing here?”
Mingyu’s eyes shift between Wonwoo and Jun, and Jun doesn’t take more than a few seconds to get a grip on the nature of their relationship Jun notices the way Mingyu clenches the bag he’s holding. “I just…had something to talk to you about,” Mingyu utters and Jun smiles
Ah it’s so obvious this Mingyu guy wants Jun gone Jun turns to Wonwoo, “I’ll call you soon,” Jun leans in and presses a kiss to Wonwoo’s lips, taking him aback and evoking a gasp from Mingyu Jun smirks at Wonwoo’s confused face, “ah, ive been to France, so,” And Jun leaves
Once Jun is gone, Mingyu and Wonwoo turn to each other “I’ve been to France and the greetings don’t involve…tongue,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo blushes. “Sorry, he’s…he can be eccentric,” Wonwoo clears his throat. “Boyfriend?” Mingyu utters and Wonwoo denies quickly, “no!”
Mingyu holds Wonwoo’s gaze and then smiles softly, “I see,” Wonwoo purses his lip and runs his hand through his hair, “please, have a seat,” he says. Mingyu smiles, settling down Wonwoo exhales “So, what did you want to talk about?”
Mingyu smiles brightly “First of all, here,” Mingyu retrieves a bottle from his bag He slides it over to Wonwoo, and upon opening it, the scent hits his nose and relief washes over him “Oh my,” he giggles as he takes a sip of his favourite drink, “thank you,”
“And second of all,” Mingyu retrieve a box from his bag and slides it over to Wonwoo Wonwoo frowns, and opens the box. His eyes light up at the contents
“A bento box? For me?” Wonwoo asks, eyes wide and sparkly Mingyu chuckles “Yup. It’s cat themed too— yknow, cuz you look like a cat,” Wonwoo frowns, “I do not,” and Mingyu giggles, “you do, you know that,” Wonwoo bites his lips, “did you make this?” Mingyu nods, “yes!”
Wonwoo licks his lips, “why?” He asks and Mingyu frowns like it a silly question “Well, it’s lunch time. I know you’re a busy man so taking you out to lunch would’ve cost you time so I made this. Did you not like it?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo grins, cheeks hurting, “I love it”
Mingyu chuckles. “Then dig in!” He says and Wonwoo smiles. “Alright,” — Halfway through the delicious bento, Wonwoo realises Mingyu was here to talk to him about something “What are you doing here, Mingyu-ah?” he asks with full cheeks Mingyu giggles
“Oh, I, well,” Mingyu unlocks his phone and hands it to Wonwoo. Wonwoo’s eyes widen when he sees the contents of the mail Mingyu had received He looks up at Mingyu, “Seongho emailed this to you? I didn’t think he was serious about inviting us….”
Mingyu shrugs, “I didn’t think so either. But here he is, inviting us to Busan,” Wonwoo stares at the screen in disbelief Mingyu clears his throat, “so, what say Won, wanna be my date to the wedding?” Wonwoo looks up at him slowly and smiles. “No,”
Mingyu continues to smile, head tilting to the side, “huh?” “I said, No,” Wonwoo reiterates and Mingyu’s delusion finally breaks His eyes shoot open, “WHAT? Why not!!” Wonwoo sighs, “I just don’t want to go, Mingyu-ah,” he says as he takes a bite from the bento
Mingyu’s mouth opens and closes, “but why not? I mean, he invited us and— it’s rude not to go. Just give me one good reason you don’t want to go!” Wonwoo blinks at him. And then he scoffs “Why should I go to the wedding of my ex with a pretend lover? That seems desperate of me”
Mingyu takes a moment to process it “Oh that’s a very good reason to… not go,” Mingyu admits, trumped by Wonwoo’s reasoning Wonwoo shrugs as he takes another bite. He eyes begin to flutter and Mingyu giggles inwardly “Anyway, come on, Won. We’ll go! Just come,”
Wonwoo exhales “Mingyu. I just broke up with my ex. I broke up with you, so that makes you my fake ex. And now you want me to go to my first ex’s wedding with the fake ex? I’m surrounded by exes and no one ever wants that!” Mingyu huffs, “I’m your fake ex?”
Wonwoo rolls his eyes. He shuts the bento box and slides it over to Mingyu “If you’re using this bento box to bribe me into going, then leave. I don’t want this bento,” Wonwoo says Panic fills Mingyu’s face — “no! I wasn’t trying to bribe you. I want you to eat it, please”
Wonwoo purses his lips at the genuineness in Mingyu’a voice “Here, try this takoyaki,” Mingyu grabs the chopsticks and takes a piece of takoyaki between them, pressing them to Wonwoo’s lips Wonwoo sighs and takes a bite It’s delicious Mingyu smiles as he feeds him another
Wonwoo doesn’t protest anymore as Mingyu feeds him small bites of the food with a content smile on his face Wonwoo’s resistance melts “Why do you want to go, Mingyu-ah?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu exhales. He breaks apart a piece of takoyaki with his chopsticks “I just…”
Wonwoo raises his brows and Mingyu lets out a soft breath “It’s been hard being by myself after the break up and … I thought maybe going to Busan with you would help,” Wonwoo’s eyes grow slightly “Why me?” Wonwoo asks “I…you make me happy, yknow. So,”
Wonwoo’s heart skips a beat, takes a huge leap over the Grand Canyon. He swallows, unsure of how to reply to those earnest words No one’s ever said that to him before ‘You make me happy’ How does Wonwoo make Mingyu happy Mingyu … makes Wonwoo happy too
“Y’know, after break ups like this, we…we should learn to be content with ourselves. Making someone else the source of our happiness proves fatal in the long run,” Wonwoo says Why did he say that?! Why can’t he be normal for once! Why can’t he tell Mingyu he makes Wonwoo happy!
God, Mingyu’s going to hate him He’s going to call him a know it all He’s gonna be put off He’s gonna leave Wonwoo prepares for the worst and Mingyu hums “That’s a good thought,” he says and Wonwoo releases the breath he was holding, looking up, “huh?”
Mingyu nods, “It’s healthy, even. When you learn to laugh just by yourself, you attain a different level of happiness, contentment and healing. You don’t have to depend on anyone for happiness. Then, you can love anyone without the fear of being unhappy when they’re gone”
Wonwoo swallows “Yeah,” he says He’s glad that Mingyu gets it “However,” Mingyu interjects, “it isn’t entirely wrong to have a positive influence in your life when you’re trying to heal,” Mingyu says, “and you are my positive influence, Won,”
Wonwoo listens with wide eyes “I want to heal but I want you in my life to nudge me into that direction, is that wrong?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo gulps, and shakes his head, “no, not at all” Mingyu giggles
“So uh, yeah, that’s why I wanted to go to the wedding. But it’s okay if you don’t want to go. I won’t force you,” Mingyu says Wonwoo hums, pursing his lips “You…don’t need the excuse of the wedding to keep me in your life, Mingyu-ah,” Wonwoo says softly
Mingyu’s eyes grow and then soften, a smile sneaking up on his lips “I don’t?” he asks in the gentlest voice and Wonwoo gulps, unable to meet his eyes He shakes his head, “all you have to do is ask and I’ll stay,”
Mingyu blinks at him, face turning red and Wonwoo thinks he’s said something wrong but Mingyu chuckles out loud “Ah, I have to ask, is it?” Mingyu says, leaning forth, “then, can we have lunch like this everyday?” Wonwoo’s blinded by Mingyu’s smile He blushes “Yes”
— When Jun stumbles out of his room, half asleep, he finds Wonwoo seated on the couch, reading a book Jun groans and falls onto the couch beside Wonwoo, “you’re reading so early in the morning? You were reading last night too,” he groans Wonwoo hums, smiling
“I’d been in a reader’s slump but I read 2 books in the last two days,” he says and Jun hums, “that’s a jump from not being able to read at all,” “Right?” Wonwoo giggles. Jun side eyes him, frowning. He can’t help but notice Wonwoo’s been in a good mood these past few weeks
Jun smirks He doesn’t mean to brag but it’s probably because Jun’s staying here for a while He shall not doubt his capability to lighten up Wonwoo’s mood, hahah “That’s good for you, Won,” he says and Wonwoo smiles, “thanks, Junnie,”
Wonwoo suddenly stands up and walks into the kitchen. Jun follows him in and drapes himself onto his back, watching as Wonwoo opens the boiling pot “You’re cooking?” Jun asks and Wonwoo nods, “Yup,” “For me?” Jun asks Wonwoo pauses and smiles, “ yeah!”
“WAAAAH” Jun hugs Wonwoo tightly His best friend is cooking, he’s smiling, he’s reading — Nothing names Jun happier! Except maybe the food!!
“Won, do you have plans tonight?” Jun asks and Wonwoo shrugs, “No” “Wanna watch a movie later?” He asks and Wonwoo grins, “okay!” Jun laughs This is nice
— “Boss, that was impressive,” Seungkwan says as he and Mingyu exit the conference hall Mingyu buttons his coat and runs his hand through his hair , “Thanks. That prick was seen loitering around the red light district and even used the company card. He had to be put in place”
Seungkwan hums “With how stern you were, not only did you give the others a warning, you also earned back your reputation as the one who tangos with the devil, hahaha,” Mingyu scoffs, “I have a nickname like that?? And when did I lose my rep??!”
Seungkwan and Mingyu take the elevator to the top “You know, when you could barely comprehend the profit margins in that meeting or you couldn’t differentiate between our sales and product design team, basically when you were completely out of it??”
Mingyu swallows, averting his gaze, “I don’t recall all of that,” he says and Seungkwan rolls his eyes “Of course you wouldn’t. You were completely out of it,” he says as they step out of the elevator Mingyu clears his throat, “well, I’m back now,”
Seungkwan shrugs, “Yeah, you are. I wonder why,” he says, “is it because you’ve been having home cooked meals?” Mingyu swallows as they walk towards their office, “maybe,” he says Seungkwan frowns. This man is hiding something “Boss—“
Seungkwan watches as Mingyu’s face lights up at something— he follows the line of his sight and it ends at— Wonwoo standing in Mingyu’s office Seungkwan gasps as Mingyu fast-walks over to Wonwoo standing in his office. Wow, Seungkwan hasn’t seen Wonwoo in a month! What is he—
“Wonwoo, what are you doing here? I was going to come over anyway,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo smiles Come over? At lunch time? Seungkwan connects the dots pretty easily and sighs So the Boss has been having lunch with Wonwoo ?? No wonder he’s been in a good mood
“Oh, you’re always cooking. I’m grateful for that so I wanted to cook something for you too,” Wonwoo says with a hue of red dusted on his cheeks, handing Mingyu a —- a bento box Seungkwan watches the exchange with his jaw on the floor Bento box? What are they, married?
Mingyu’s jsut as shocked as Seungkwan, eyes wide and hands shaky as he takes the box. “You cooked? For me?” he asks and Wonwoo smiles, “I tried. I can’t guaranty the taste though,” So Wonwoo’s back in Mingyu’s life now As what? As a friend? More than friends less than lovers?
Mingyu, still in awe, takes a seat and Wonwoo finally notices Seungkwan He smiles, “Hey, Seungkwan. Can I steal your boss for a quick lunch?” Seungkwan swallows and nods, “he’s all yours,” he says and bows.
He’s about to leave and give the two privacy when Wonwoo speaks up “Is this okay?” He asks “Is what okay?” Mingyu asks “Eating here. The glass pane…all your employees are outside…” Wonwoo says “Oh, is that a problem?” Mingyu asks “No it’s just..they might stare”
“Oh. You’re right. Seungkwan-ah,” Mingyu calls and Seungkwan turns, “yes Boss?” “Take this card,” Mingyu hands him his black card, “take everyone out for lunch. I need the floor empty in a few minutes” Wonwoo gasps, “Mingyu, that’s —“ “Secretary Boo?” Mingyu raises a brow
Seungkwan tongues the inside of his cheek and smirks His Boss likes to show off “Sure,” he takes the card from Mingyu’s hand and bows, “have a nice lunch you two” Wonwoo sits down reluctantly, “is this okay?” Mingyu chuckles, “I’m the boss, it has to be,” This cocky Idiot
Once Seungkwan leaves, Mingyu and Wonwoo are left alone “We could’ve just used the blinds, yknow?” Wonwoo says as Mingyu enthusiastically opens the box “Oh, don’t think too much about it. What did you cook for me?” Mingyu asks as he opens the box and —
“It’s not as cute as the ones you bring, but I wanted to try. Junnie helped me and when I told him it’s for you, he suggested a dog theme. Not a dog, but a puppy, and you look a little like a puppy, I don’t know, it jsut felt right,” Wonwoo blabbers as Mingyu stares at the box
“Mingyu?” “Hold on, I need to embed this into my mind,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo sighs, smacking Mingyu lightly in his arm, “yah, are you making fun of me?” Mingyu looks up, eyes dead serious, “never! I’m just touched. This is adorable,” he says Wonwoo swallows “Thanks,”
Mingyu takes a bite and his eyes light up, “so good!” he exclaims and Wonwoo breathes a sigh of relief “Oh I’m glad,” he says as Mingyu takes one bite after another. Wonwoo just watches him with a fond smile. “Oh, sorry,” Mingyu says, noticing Wonwoo’s gaze on him
He hands him a bento as well, the one he’d made for him Wonwoo giggles and opens the bento box — a cute bunny themed one “What, I look like a bunny?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu shakes his head, “no,” “Then why this?” “Because bunnies are cute and so are you,”
Wonwoo blushes intensely Mingyu has no filter and maybe it’s not always a bad thing — “Can’t you take the rest of the day off?” Mingyu whines as Wonwoo packs up Wonwoo shakes his head, “I have clients coming in an hour,” Mingyu sighs, “their divorce can wait another day”
Wonwoo shrugs, “no it can’t,” he says and Mingyu sighs. “Plus, don’t you have work to do?” Wonwoo asks as he turns around and finds Mingyu’s employees walking in after lunch Mingyu groans “You’re right,” Mingyu says as Seungkwan walks in through the door
“Have a good lunch you two?” Seungkwan asks and Wonwoo nods, “we did,” “I can see that,” Seungkwan says, noting the goofy grin on Mingyu’s face Well, he could but he doesn’t want to tease Mingyu about it He’s finally happy— happier than the time he was with Haneul
Mingyu the workaholic suggested taking a break — which is a far cry from the hours he’d spend holed up in the office terrorising everyone Wonwoo’s a good influence “Sir, this came for you. From Choi Seongho,” Seungkwan hands Mingyu the envelope and Wonwoo gasps
The atmosphere shifts. Noting the silence, Seungkwan backs out of the room It looks like his dads might start fighting “Seongho?” Wonwoo speaks up after a few moments Mingyu nods, opening the envelope Wonwoo snatches it from his hands and reads it
“The wedding is soon and your RSVP is missing. You didn’t answer my email and hence, this letter. Any particular reason you haven’t RSVPd yet? I was hoping you and Wonwoo could come, unless you two are having problems. It’s totally cool in that case” Wonwoo reads
Mingyu laughs “Hey, you know he didn’t write it like that,” Mingyu says Okay, Wonwoo admits he paraphrased it a little “I know! But that’s what he meant! He’s taunting you, Mingyu-ah. Why has he involved you into this thing with me and him? He’s the worst!” Wonwoo rants
Mingyu chuckles “Hey, it’s okay. He’s just being a prick. Ignore him,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo purses his lips “I can’t. He…he always gets on my nerves, even now,” Wonwoo says as he sits down Mingyu frowns, “what do you mean?”
Wonwoo sighs “Seongho despises me and …he’s bringing you into this. I should’ve moved on from him but thinking about him still annoys me. I wish…I could have some peace, or closure,” Mingyu frowns, “why would he despise you?” “He says I didn’t love him as much as he did”
Ah, Mingyu really wants to punch this Seongho “Won, if he did love you, he wouldn’t hold it against you. You broke it off for that reason, right? Because you knew you wouldn’t be happy?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo sighs, “I know but.. I feel so…stupid,”
Mingyu furrows his brows, taking his hand, “hey, you don’t have to feel stupid, okay? Is this because he’s getting married?” Wonwoo flinches Mingyu knew it “I just feel like — since I’m the one who broke it off, I have something to prove,” Wonwoo answers
Mingyu sighs “You have nothing to prove to him, Won,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo gulps, “I know but…is it bad that I wish I could?” Mingyu smiles, “no, it’s not that bad,”
Wonwoo purses his lips, “then, will you…come to Busan with me?” Mingyu frowns, “huh?” Wonwoo exhales, “as my rich hot CEO boyfriend that I bagged after dumping Seongho?” Mingyu takes a moment to process it But the reply is immediate “ABSOLUTELY!”
— Seungkwan walks over to the projector screen and clears his throat, turning to his audience “The first item on our agenda today” he clicks the button and the first slide pops up “How, when and where you two met” he announces, turning to Mingyu and Wonwoo
Wonwoo glances at Mingyu, who’s intently watching Seungkwan’s presentation on Mission Make your ex jealous “Wonwoo-ssi,” Seungkwan calls and Wonwoo turns to him, “Please pay attention here,” he says Wonwoo sighs and Mingyu nudges his arm, giggling “Okay, let’s start!”
“You two met at a conference in Daegu. You were staying in the same hotel room and ran into each other in the lobby whilst checking out” Seungkwan says Wonwoo raises his hand “Yes, Wonwoo-ssi,” “That’s oddly specific, don’t you think?” he questions and Seungkwan sighs
“Do you wanna be boring and say you two met at a coffee shop?” Seungkwan asks and Wonwoo nods, “it’s convenient,” Seungkwan shakes his head, “No, we’re going with my thing,” he hmphs and Wonwoo sighs, “alright. You better hand me some index cards for this”
“Uh…” Seungkwan turns to Mingyu and Mingyu smiles without an emotion in his eyes, “there are index cards, aren’t there, Secretary Boo?” Seungkwan sighs “Yes” Damn. Now he has to prepare index cards??
“Alright. You two met 3 years ago in May. Exchanged numbers and reunited a month later. Dated for a month and then called it official in August, ok?” Seungkwan says Wonwoo nods “Who called first though?” Mingyu asks “Obviously you did. Im too introverted to call” Wonwoo says
Mingyu shrugs, “no. You can be daring if it’s something you really like” Wonwoo raises a brow, “so you’re saying I liked you so much at first glance that I broke character and called you first?” Mingyu smirks, “you did say I’m hot—“ “I knew you’d bring that up!”
“Okay! Okay! Settle down. You can do rock paper scissors to decide,” Seungkwan interferes Mingyu and Wonwoo go at it and — Mingyu sighs, “fine, I called first,” he says and Wonwoo giggles, his rock defeating Mingyu’s scissors
“Alright,” Seungkwan clears his throat, “do you want to live together?” Mingyu and Wonwoo ponder “3 years…” Mingyu turns to Wonwoo Wonwoo hums, “is it too soon?” Seungkwan rolls his eyes “Both of you were living with your boyfriends within 3 years of your relationship”
“Haneul kinda forced me,” Mingyu says “Same here,” Wonwoo replies Seungkwan sighs “Im gonna decide for you then. You two started living together after 2 years of your dating, alright?” Mingyu and Wonwoo give up. “Sounds good” “Agreed,”
“Moving on,” Seungkwan says, “you two know should each others likes and dislikes, since you two have been …hanging out for a month” Seungkwan side eyes them and Wonwoo smiles at Mingyu, who smiles back at him Idiots “So, does Wonwoo like coffee?” Seungkwan asks
Mingyu frowns, “wait, we’re being quizzed?” “Uh, yes?” Seungkwan says Wonwoo purses his lips and Mingyu sighs “Seungkwan-ah, let’s skip that. We’re confident in that field” Mingyu says Seungkwan raises a brow. His jaw drops to the floor Half the presentation is that—
Seungkwan sighs “If all you guys wanted to decide upon was how you met, why did you ask me?! You two have wasted my time! I don’t get paid enough for this!” Seungkwan grumbles and Mingyu stands up, patting him on the back, “take my card and go treat yourself to lunch, hm?”
Mingyu slowly ushers Seungkwan out of the conference room and locks it once he’s out, taking a sigh of relief Wonwoo giggles as Mingyu walks over to him “He’s efficient but he can be a handful,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo nods, resting his chin in the palms of his hands.
He looks up at Mingyu “Is this really enough? What if we’re caught?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu hums, “We won’t be caught,” Wonwoo sighs “You’re too idealistic” “And you’re way too practical” Mingyu chimes “I guess we cancel it out and can exist in peace,” Mingyu says
Wonwoo laughs “A lot of our qualities are like that. We’re polar opposites,” Wonwoo says softly Mingyu grins, “I know. But we get along so well,” “I wonder why that is,” Wonwoo says “It’s because we can find a middle ground, right? We don’t butt heads,”
Wonwoo giggles “I like that about us,” Wonwoo says Mingyu smiles, eyes softening, “I like that about us too,” Their gazes lock for a moment but Mingyu’s phone chimes He pulls away and checks his phone as Wonwoo clears his throat A message from Seungkwan
‘Work on intimacy, you two should look like a couple’ it reads Mingyu huffs Wonwoo stands up and walks around the desk, “anyway—“ Mingyu moves suddenly and traps Wonwoo between his hands and the table, evoking a gasp from him “What are you doing?” Wonwoo whispers
“Oh, Seungkwan told us to work on our intimacy. Since we’re a couple, you shouldn’t be flustered when I do this,” Mingyu says, leaning closer Wonwoo blinks “Then you shouldn’t be surprised if I do this—“ he says and locks his arms around Mingyu’s neck, pulling him closer
Mingyu’s brain explodes and he pulls away, face flushed red Wonwoo laughs, “you look like a clown,” Mingyu pats his warm cheeks, flustered “I told you you’re daring” Mingyu mutters “Well, I do like you more than the average person so,” Wonwoo shrugs and Mingyu smiles
“You’re cheeky,” Mingyu says, hand hitting Wonwoo’s butt softly Wonwoo gasps, “yah,” he tries to sound stern but his voice betrays him. His cheeks warm up Mingyu winks, “get used to this, babe,” he whispers in his ear, slapping his butt again before walking away This Idiot—
— “Is this really necessary?” Wonwoo asks as Mingyu drags him into a store Mingyu nods, “Seungkwan was right when he said you need to look like a CEO’s lover” Wonwoo rolls his eyes, “what’s wrong with the way I look right now?”
Mingyu shrugs as a saleswoman approaches them “Private room, please,” Mingyu says and turns to Wonwoo. “Like Seungkwan said. You look like an attorney. You need to look like my lover, which involves a little razzle dazzle,” Wonwoo looks down at himself He is…dull and drab
“Hey,” Mingyu calls and Wonwoo looks up at him, defeated. No energy in him to resist this anymore “You look great as you are,” Mingyu says. Wonwoo’s heart picks up and he purses his lips, “do I? I’ve always been told I—“
Mingyu shakes his head, “forget what you’ve been told. Just listen to me, alright?” Wonwoo looks into Mingyu’s eyes But no amount of honesty can erase those comments from Wonwoo’s mind “You’re too dull” “You’re too stiff” “Can you put some effort into looking good for me?”
Wonwoo clenches his fists but Mingyu rests his hands on his shoulder, urging Wonwoo to look at him, “Won, right now, you should only be thinking about me, okay? And I think you look perfect,” Wonwoo’s heart skips a beat and he averts his gaze, “why are we here then?”
Mingyu brushes the bangs off his face, “it’s not because you look odd, okay? It’s so I don’t look like the selfish CEO who doesn’t like to spend money on the man he loves,” Wonwoo purses his lips Love “Won?” Wonwoo sighs “Will it make Seongho jealous?” Wonwoo asks
Mingyu’s eyes widen softly “To see that his ex boyfriend is being spoiled and being showered with watches and ties and suits and shoes? Hell yeah!” Mingyu says and Wonwoo chuckles He sighs. “Okay, let’s go in,” Mingyu grins, “that’s the spirit!”
— Wonwoo just stands there awkwardly as Mingyu looks him up and down “Turn” Mingyu says. Wonwoo rolls his eyes, doing as he’s told “And?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu hums “Can we have something more slutty?” Mingyu asks the saleswoman and Wonwoo hisses, “yah! Are you crazy?!”
Mingyu frowns, “what?” Wonwoo’s cheeks warm up “Slutty?!” He whisper yells at Mingyu, who dismisses him with a wave “Suits are nice but you need to look spicy, and suits aren’t always the way to do that,” Mingyu says “Mind you, we’re going to a wedding, not a strip club”
Mingyu shrugs, “so what? Ma’am, can you bring out some luxury brands?” The saleswoman bows and walks away Wonwoo sighs He’s going to leave but Mingyu grabs his hand and stops him. “Hey, you’ve a great body and features. Don’t be afraid to flaunt them, okay?”
Wonwoo doesn’t say a word and walks away, unable to bear the sincerity in Mingyu’s eyes He hates that Mingyu can see right through him Wonwoo walks into the trial room and stares at himself, his body, his face Mingyu said he has nothing to worry about Wonwoo swallows
Wonwoo’s handed some more clothes and they all make his heart race a little He goes through them one by one, and maybe he sees sense in what Mingyu’s saying Why wear suit when you can wear…whatever this is It’s not just the wedding day they’re going to
They’re going to spend a week there. There are cocktail parties, a bachelors party— This wouldn’t look so bad Wonwoo purses his lips Fuck it! He quickly wriggles into whatever he’s handed and takes a good look in the mirror. This is … What will Mingyu say?
“Mingyu. What about this for the cocktail party?” Wonwoo asks as he steps out of the trial room Mingyu looks up at him from his phone and gasps
A/N — before anyone comes at me, I’d planned this outfit last week 🤦‍♀️🤡
“Mingyu?” Wonwoo calls as he tries to get comfortable in this outfit Mingyu says nothing and just stares at him “The chest feels a little breezy,” Wonwoo says softly, trying to cover up his torso Mingyu’s still silent Wonwoo sighs “I get it. It’s hideous,” he says
“No!” Mingyu stands up, rushing to Wonwoo. Wonwoo watches him curiously as he tries to speak but fails miserably “You look nice,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo frowns, “just nice? What about slutty?” Mingyu blushes, avoiding his gaze, “plenty slutty. That’s the problem,”
Wonwoo exhales “The problem being?” Wonwoo cocks a brow and Mingyu clears his throat. “They’re gonna be looking at you more than the bride,” Mingyu says Wonwoo blinks and his face flushes “I don’t think that…will be the case…” Wonwoo utters
Mingyu clears his throat “Well, then, that’s…good. That way, only I’ll be able to see you like this,” Wonwoo’s face warms up even more “You’re embarrassing,” he says as Mingyu closes up the folds of his top, “yeah uh, you can take this. We can wear it for the cocktail party”
“Right, that’s what I thought,” Wonwoo says. “You can go change now,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo’s about to leave when Mingyu trails a finger down the middle of his chest, evoking a gasp from Wonwoo Wonwoo turns to him, furious and embarrassed “Yah!” Mingyu winks and jogs away
— “Wonwoo-yah! You came!” Seongho greets when Wonwoo and Mingyu step out of the car Wonwoo takes a look at the lavish resort, in awe of it Seongho goes for a hug but Wonwoo resorts to a handshake, “Congratulations on your wedding” he says
Seongho laughs awkwardly as he shakes hands with Mingyu “Cold as ever, huh, Won?” Seongho comments and Wonwoo averts his gaze, indifferent “Ouch,” Seongho winces when Mingyu shakes his hand with a smile, “don’t mind him. He’s sleepy is all”
Seongho pulls his hand away and smirks “I have more guests to tend to. Please show help yourself to some champagne inside,” Seongho smiles. Wonwoo doesn’t even spare the man a glance before walking in. Mingyu shoots Seongho a smile and follows Wonwoo, catching up to his side
“Hey, now that we’re lover, you need to match my pace, okay? Don’t keep wandering ahead of me,” Mingyu says as he loops his hand into Wonwoo’s. Wonwoo nods, “agreed,” he says, visibly slowing down Mingyu smiles, looking around “There’s a lot of people,” he utters
Wonwoo nods “The bride’s father is rich. He’s the CEO of YM entertainment,” and Mingyu’s eyes widen “What?! No wonder,” Mingyu looks around in awe This place stinks of luxury Wonwoo hums Mingyu notices, “tired? Thirsty?” Wonwoo looks up, “thirsty”
Mingyu tugs at Wonwoo’s arm, “let’s go see if they have something you’d like at the bar,” Wonwoo nods and follows Mingyu “I wonder if we look like lovers,” Wonwoo says “Even if we don’t, no one will know. We’ve said we’re lovers and that should be all. No one here knows us”
Wonwoo nods, “that’s true,” As they reach the bar, a familiar voice speaks up “Wonwoo?” Mingyu and Wonwoo tense, recognising that voice. They slowly turn and— “Taehyung?” Wonwoo mutters. Mingyu watches Taehyung and his boyfriend with wide eyes. They’re doomed!
Mingyu and Wonwoo get glued to each other’s side, watching in horror as Taehyung and Jungkook walk towards them Taehyung raises a brow at their linked hands, and then looks up at them. “I…I didn’t expect to see you here, Taehyung-ssi,” Mingyu speaks up
Taehyung cocks a brow and smirks, crossing his arms, “why not? I went to college with Seongho,” Mingyu frowns and turns to Wonwoo, “I thought you went to college with Seongho,” Wonwoo gulps “Law school. We were all in Law school together,” Wonwoo says And it all makes sense
That’s why Taehyung and Wonwoo know each other That’s why they’re all at Seongho’s wedding “Ah, you’re Mingyu-ssi, right. We didn’t get to meet each other properly that day. I’m Jeon Jungkook. I’m a stock broker, and his boyfriend,” Jungkook extends his hand
Mingyu swallows, shaking his hand, “I’m Kim Mingyu. CEO, Kim enterprises. And his —“ Mingyu glances at Wonwoo, and then Taehyung, and then at Jungkook. “— his boyfriend,” Mingyu finishes and Wonwoo nods, avoiding Taehyung’s curious gaze
Jungkook smiles, “ah, boyfriend! No wonder he was drunkenly calling out your name that night,” Mingyu raises a brow and turns to Wonwoo, who looks away, ears an indication of his embarrassment Mingyu grins, “yeah, well,”
“Boyfriends, huh,” Taehyung begins and Mingyu nervously swallows. “Yes,” Mingyu wraps an arm around Wonwoo’s waist and pulls him closer Taehyung scoffs, “how long have you two been dating?” Taehyung knows He definitely knows “3 years, am I right?” A voice says, Seongho’s
Wonwoo and Mingyu tense up further, and panicked glances are exchanged between the duo and Taehyung “3 years?” Taehyung hums, looking at Mingyu and Wonwoo questioningly
Seongho laughs, “I was surprised too. How could anyone stay with this dumdum for more than a year?” he flicks Wonwoo’s chin as the latter dodges his hand by stepping back Mingyu grabs Seongho’s wrist, and initiates a handshake, “anyway, wonderful setting, Seongho-ssi” he smiles
“Thanks,” Seongho frees himself from Mingyu’s grip. “My father-in-law arranged this. I hope you all will have a wonderful time here. Don’t shy away from enjoying the services, hm? I’ll introduce you to my fiancé tonight,” Seongho says and takes his leave Mingyu’s smile drops
He turns to Wonwoo, “babe, you must be tired. Let’s go check out our room, huh?” Mingyu says, and Wonwoo nods And before Taehyung or Jungkook can say something, they’re out of there
— “How could you not know Taehyung would be here?!” Mingyu questions as they enter the room Wonwoo rubs his temples, “I-I forgot. I didn’t think Taehyung and Seongho were close enough for him to invite Taehyung,” Mingyu sighs, “he invited his ex to his wedding, Won,”
Wonwoo blinks “Well, you have a point there” he says and Mingyu exhales “What now?” Mingyu asks, settling on the bed. Wonwoo takes a deep breath and settles down beside him, “we prepare for dinner,” Mingyu scoffs, “and how do we ‘prepare’ for dnnner?”
Wonwoo shrugs and falls back onto the bed, stretching his arms and arching his back, “we sleep,” He removes his glasses and closes his eyes Mingyu huffs and crawls to Wonwoo’s side, resting his head on Wonwoo’s arm “You’re not worried?” Mingyu turns his head to look at him
Wonwoo sighs and turns to Mingyu, “I am,” “Then why aren’t you panicking more?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo pouts, and then sighs “I know it won’t be as bad as long as we’re together,” he utters sleepily Mingyu’s stunned by his words, by the faith Wonwoo has in him
“Thanks,” Mingyu says as Wonwoo’s eyes fall shut “For what?” Wonwoo croaks “for believing in me,” Wonwoo smiles sleepily, “you’ve never given me a reason not to,” That…feels nice to hear In no time, Wonwoo’s soft snores become evident Sleep overcomes Mingyu as well
— It’s a few hours later that they’re awoken by a knock at the door “Room service,” it says as Mingyu forces his eyes open. Wonwoo’s curled into his side, fast asleep Has Mingyu been sleeping in the same exact position? How tired was he that he just passed out?
“Fresh towels and a bottle of champagne, sir,” the bell boy says when Mingyu opens the door He rubs his eyes and nods, making way for the bell boy to go in. Mingyu yawns as he walks over to the window and opens the curtains. It’s sunset already
“You are expected downstairs in an hour, sir. For the dinner,” the bell boy says and Mingyu nods. The bellboy hurries away and Mingyu stretches Once the door is shut, Mingyu turns to Wonwoo, who’s sleeping peacefully 5 more minutes of sleep won’t hurt, right?
Wrong Because 50 minutes later, Mingyu jolts awake when he realises they’ve over slept He checks the time and curses under his breath “We’re late!” he announces and Wonwoo stirs “Yah, Jeon Wonwoo, wake up, we’re late!” Mingyu says as he scurried around the room
Wonwoo groans sleepily, “uh, no one goes to a party early,” Mingyu walks over to the man and sits him up, “this is not a party, sweetheart. Soon-to-be bride and groom are going to introduce themselves. It won’t look good if we sneak in after they’re done addressing the guests”
Wonwoo groans as Mingyu pulls the sweater off his being and begins to unbutton his shirt Then, he hands Wonwoo a towel and pushes him into the bathroom, “get ready soon! I need to go in as well,” Mingyu scolds and Wonwoo yawns, doing as he’s told
Mingyu taps away at his feet for a good few minutes but he hears nothing inside the bathroom. No sound of water, no nothing He swallows and grabs his own towel Fuck it! He barges in to find Wonwoo passed out in the warm relaxing tub. He knew it! “Hey! Wake up!”
Mingyu undresses quickly and gets into the shower as Wonwoo blinks his eyes open “Wow, have I died and gone to heaven?” Wonwoo says, staring at Mingyu Mingyu rolls his eyes as the water hits his body. He grabs Wonwoo by the wrist and yanks him up and out of the tub
He pulls Wonwoo into the shower, trying not to look at Wonwoo’s body as Wonwoo stretches, his hand knocking into Mingyu’s “You’re a sloth!” Mingyu says, grabbing some shampoo and lathering Wonwoo’s hair in it Wonwo shrugs Mingyu briskly massages his scalp
“You’re so good at this. Take more showers with me from now on,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu blushes, “you’re sleepy, idiot,” he says and Wonwoo sighs out in relief as the shower begins to wash out the shampoo from his hair Once done, he turns around to Dave Mingyu, “I’ll do you”
Mingyu grabs Wonwoo’s towel and wraps him in it, “nope. I washed my hair this morning. Now go out and get dressed!” Mingyu pushes a pouty Wonwoo out the bathroom. Once alone, he lets the water flow down his body He turns and takes a deep breath, hoping this blushe fades away
When Mingyu walks out of the shower with a towel around his hip a few minutes later, Wonwoo’s fully dressed “Good, you’re ready,” Mingyu says as he walks over to the dresser Wonwoo looks at him, and then away, ears red Mingyu gulps Looks like he’s fully awake now
Mingyu smirks as Wonwoo scurries away when Mingyu leans in to grab the hair dryer He’s shy now. Where was this shyness when they were showering together?? “You look good” Mingyu says, looking at Wonwoo’s attire
Wonwoo nods. “You look good too,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu scoffs, “I’m only wearing a towel” he giggles Wonwoo looks him up and down. “I know,” he says, face dusted with red “Meet me in the lobby once done,” he says and leaves. And Mingyu’s left a blushing mess
— Mingyu and Wonwoo make it to the hall just in time as the bride and groom walk onto the stage “Oh, she’s pretty,” Mingyu says, taking a look at Seongho’s fiancé Wonwoo hums, “beautiful indeed,” Mingyu glances at Wonwoo, and shuffles closer to him, linking their arms
“Why’d you button up your shirt?” He whispers in Wonwoo’s ear Wonwoo clears his throat, “it’s lace underneath. People are gonna call me a whore,” Mingyu chuckles “Fair enough. You look very dashing by the way,” Mingyu says, setting Wonwoo’s hair
“You say that a lot” Wonwoo utters “Hm? What’s that?” Mingyu doesn’t quite catch what Wonwoo says. Wonwoo shakes his head, dismissing him “Nothing,” he says. He takes a deep breath Mingyu says that so often That Wonwoo looks good He wonders if it comes naturally to him
Or if it’s just…lip service How much of it does he really mean? Wonwoo hates that such thoughts consume his brain He doesn’t even pay attention to what Seongho and his bride are talking about. Wonwoo exhales and looks up as people begin to applaud
Wonwoo joins them and the bride and groom step down from the stage. “Does this wedding bother you?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo turns to him, “no, why?” Mingyu purses his lips into a thin nervous smile, “you..don’t look too pleased…” Wonwoo blinks “No…that’s not it” “Then?”
Wonwoo swallows If there was one problem with his past relationships, it was lack of communication between Wonwoo and his partners He never opened up about what troubled him, and never could communicate his concern for them either That’s why he…was hard to love
When Mingyu looks at him with gentle eyes, Wonwoo can’t help but want to be honest with him, ask him if he means when he praises Wonwoo, when he says he looks good. He wants to ask him if he really is…as beautiful as he says he is “Min—“ “There they are, 3 year old couple”
Wonwoo and Mingyu turn to look at Taehyung, walking over to them Wonwoo sighs. “Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? You know we’re not dating but I hope you’re sensible enough to understand we’re doing this for a reason,” Mingyu says
“Mingyu—“ Wonwoo tries to interject “Whoa, pal, kinda aggressive there, aren’t we?” Jungkook intervenes, sliding into the space between Mingyu and taehyung. His smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes as he stands firmly
Taehyung peeks from over Jungkook’s shoulder with a smug smile Jungkook might not look out but he’s quite terrifying Wonwoo sighs, pulling Mingyu back “Hyung,” Wonwoo calls out to Taehyung, who simply shrugs.
“I don’t care what reason you have. But if it’s to get back at Seongho in any way, I’m in. I never liked that bastard. I don’t know why you dated him,” Taehyung says Wonwoo sighs “I didn’t know any better,” Wonwoo says. Taehyung shrugs.
“Atleast you’re with someone who can make him feel inadequate and that’s great for you,” Taehyung takes a sip of his champagne. Wonwoo smiles, “I guess,” Wonwoo looks up at Mingyu, “Mingyu’s more than I deserve,” Mingyu blinks at him stupidly, and then blushes
“No you…I…” Mingyu resorts to shutting up Jungkook laughs and Taehyung smirks, “aren’t you two sweet?” Wonwoo purses his lips into a shy smile as Mingyu struggles to compose himself “Ah, Wonwoo-yah,” calls Seongho as he walks over to them with his bride
They turn to Seongho and bow to his bride “Yujin-ah, these are my friends from Law School, and their partners,” Seongho says and Yujin bows gracefully Like a princess. How pretty, Wonwoo thinks “Hello. It’s a pleasure meeting you,” she says, voice as smooth as honey
“Wonwoo and I used to date,” Seongho says, out of nowhere, for no reason Yujin seems taken aback but Wonwoo smiles, bowing again, “briefly, in College,” he clarifies and she smiles “I see,” Wonwoo can tell she’s startled Can’t Seongho seal his lips?
He has the nasty habit of trying to make others jealous, or seeking a reaction from the people around him And Yukon’s given him that reaction Wonwoo can tell from the smug smile on his face “These two were never made for each other, yknow?“ Taehyung interjects
All eyes turn to him “Sorry?” Yujin asks and Taehyung smiles, “Wonwoo and Seongho weren’t meant for each other and broke up on friendly terms. And thank goodness for that they’re both with people that made for them, right?” Taehyung adds Yujin blushes, smiling at Seongho
Wonwoo stares at Taehyung, who has neutralised the situation But Wonwoo can tell something is going on in his brain They chat briefly before Seongho and Yujin are asked to mingle with other guests as well “Hey, I’ll grab us something to drink,” Mingyu says
Wonwoo smiles. “I’ll join you,” Jungkook says, following Mingyu to the bar, leaving Wonwoo alone with Taehyung It’s uncomfortable, the silence “You know what I meant, right?” Taehyung says and Wonwoo sighs “No, I don’t,” Taehyung scoffs, “c’mon, attorney Jeon,”
Wonwoo clenches his fists, “if you implied Mingyu and I are made for each other then—“ “Your words, not mine—“ “Hyung!” Wonwoo says, voice stern and Taehyung sighs “I don’t know what the relationship between the two of you is, but he’s obviously special,”
Wonwoo exhales “No—“ “Don’t even try to deny it. I know how ruthless and heartless you are when it comes to cases. But for him, you resigned from the case,” Taehyung says “Because there was a conflict of interest—“ “And that conflict existed because he’s special to you,”
Wonwoo’s trumped He can’t refute that He just seals his lips and looks away Taehyung giggles, his gaze softening “Hey, you like him, don’t you?” Wonwoo clenches his jaw “I….like being with him. They are two different things,” He says Taehyung hums, “that they are”
“Here,” Mingyu and Jungkook return “Let me take that for you,” Jungkook takes the empty glass from Taehyung’s hand and replaces it with a full one Mingyu hands Wonwoo a glass “It’s not the same but it’s similar” Mingyu says as Wonwoo’s eyes light up after a sip
“No, it’s good” Wonwoo says and Mingyu grins, setting some stray strands of hair on Wonwoo’s head Wonwoo smiles, and glances at Taehyung who’s watching them with a knowing gaze Wonwoo blushes, gently nudging Mingyu’s hand away. “Shall we…go mingle?” he asks Mingyu smiles
— “Kim Enterprises?” a woman exclaims and Mingyu smiles, “Yes. The CEO,” he says and the couple exchange excited glances “That’s amazing! I’ve heard stories about how you built the company? You were called the Golden Startup, right?” the man asks and Mingyu smiles, “indeed”
“In 8 years, you’ve become a force to reckon with,” she says, running her hand up his arm. Mingyu smiles and pulls away subtly, “So I’ve heard,” he says and turns, eyes searching for a figure in the endless sea of people “Someone you looking for?” she asks and Mingyu smiles
“Ah, my boyfriend. I’m gay,” he says and the woman’s eyes widen She takes a step back and clears her throat, “ah, I see,” Mingyu grins and bows. “It was nice making you’re acquaintance. I should go look for him now, see you,” And with that, he leaves
— “So, Jeon Wonwoo, I heard you’ve become one of the most sought out divorce lawyers in the city, huh?” an old batchmate says Wonwoo nods, sipping on his drink, “I suppose so,” Other around him scoff, “are you being modest?” one asks and Wonwoo shrugs.
He’s always had a small friend group, and he’s always hated mingling with his law school friends because they’re not very agreeable “What does he have to be modest about? He’s called the Angel of Doom,” one comments, “a notorious name to have,”
Wonwoo hums Notorious name indeed He’s been called a lot of names A leech A parasite What’s one more? Atleast this one is an Angel “Don’t you feel bad breaking up so many couples?” one asks. Wonwoo looks up at him
“Not as bad as I should feel for defending MNCs that constantly pollute fresh water sources depended upon by the villages on the west coast” he says, and the man gasps, fists clenching “You—“ “It was great catching up with you guys. See you around,” Wonwoo bows and leaves
He doesn’t miss their comments as he walks away though “He’s jsut butter because he didn’t end up with Seongho” “I’ve never liked him. How haughty” “Why was he invited?” “Whey did he even come if invited? Shameless” Wonwoo stares at his empty glass He needs a refill
Wonwoo looks around, and all he sees are people. This is a massive wedding, so this amount of people is expected But he and Mingyu got separated an hour ago and he can’t find him anywhere. His phone is in the room.
He takes a deep breath Social interactions outside work are hard for Wonwoo His battery drains pretty quickly and now, after an hour of mingling, the crowd is only getting bigger He wants to go back to his room He pushes through people concentrated around the bar
“Excuse me” he mutters as he pushes through people, nearing the bar when his hand gets caught in something He turns around to find his watch tangled in the stray strands of someone’s cuffs “I’m so sorry,” he’s about to detangle it when the hand grabs his, and Wonwoo gasps
The hand raises Wonwoo’s hand and Wonwoo finally recognises the owner of said hand “Mingyu,” relief washes over his senses when he realises its Mingyu. Mingyu grins, “hey, I’ve been looking for you,” he says as he detangles their entanglement “Me too,” Wonwoo sighs.
“What are you doing here at the bar?” Wonwoo asks “I was gonna grab you a drink and go looking for you,” he smiles. Wonwoo exhales deeply He giggles to himself “I needed a drink too,” he says. Mingyu grins, “let’s go get you one,”
— Once they grab the drink, they turn to face the crowd of people The same thought occurs in their minds They turn to each other, “wanna call it a night?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo smiles, “please” Together, the two walk back to their room in comfortable silence
Once they reach their room, Wonwoo’s down with his drink He places the glass on the minibar and walks in. Mingyu falls onto the bed and Wonwoo walks out to the balcony, taking a seat there “Not gonna sleep?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo shakes his head, “not yet”
Mingyu stares at him for a bit and then decides to join him. He walks over and settles on the other seat, staring at the beach across their resort The sun has set and only the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks can be heard “Can I ask you something?” Wonwoo begins
Mingyu turns to him, “what is it?” Wonwoo hesitates and turns to the ocean “Do you resent me for your parents’ divorce?” Mingyu’s eyes widen. He stares at Wonwoo’s features lit up by the moonlight
Mingyu’s lost for words He blinks at Wonwoo, unable to open his mouth and tell him that he doesn’t resent him, that he was only doing his job He’s too startled by the question and the vulnerability in Wonwoo’s mind to speak “Did someone say something?” he asks instead
Wonwoo swallows “Angel of Doom, it’s a lot better than being called a leech but …” Mingyu gasps inwardly Angel of Doom … “Won—“ What should Mingyu say to console him? He decides to answer his question instead “I don’t resent you,” he says
Wonwoo doesn’t react “Yah, Jeon Wonwoo, look at me,” Mingyu grabs the arm of Wonwoo’s chair and pulls the chair closer to him, “I don’t resent you,” he says as Wonwoo gasps Wonwoo swallows, avoiding eye contact
“I…I’ve finalised various divorces. And none of them meant anything to me. I’d see families break apart but I’d never bat an eye until…until it was you suffering because of me,” Wonwoo finally turns to Mingyu, eyes misty Mingyu gasps
“And that prompted me to wonder just how many people I’ve hurt…” Wonwoo says, “and that… Angel of Doom, it really does suit me for bringing nothing but despair to families” Mingyu swallows He stares at Wonwoo’s face for a good while
He takes a deep breath “The divorce was hard on me. I don’t speak to either of them as much. It’s limited to hi-bye once in a while. It’s weird what they’ve separated. And I resent them for not staying faithful. But they seem happy and I’m beginning to come to terms with it”
Wonwoo gulps, staring at his fidgety fingers resting in his lap “Does that make you lonely? Not having your parents?” Mingyu ponders about it for a moment, and then he smiles, “no. Because I have you now,” Wonwoo’s breath hitches and he averts his gaze from his blinding smile
“I’m really sorry, Mingyu-ah,” Wonwoo says anyway, and Mingyu laughs, hugging the man, “hey, don’t be, okay? You were doing your job, okay?” Wonwoo nods, gulping his guilt down, “I don’t want a job that hurts the people I love,” Mingyu’s heart skips a beat
Mingyu pats his back. “Your job won’t hurt me anymore, Won. So don’t worry about it, okay?” he says, and Wonwoo nods slowly. Mingyu pulls away and takes a good look at Wonwoo’s face “Silly” he boops Wonwoo’s nose with his finger, and Wonwoo pouts
— “We need to head back soon. The cocktail party is in a few hours,” Wonwoo says as he follows Mingyu into a shop in the market place “I’ll be quick!” Mingyu says, looking around the shop. Wonwoo sighs, crossing his arms.
To kill time till the party, the two had decided to visit the market place. They’ve been here a few hours, clicking pictures and eating street food Wonwoo didn’t know Mingyu was into photography. The photographs came out pretty good
“We’re just a few hours from Seoul. Are souvenirs necessary?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu pouts, “of course they are! It’s to remind us that we were here!” Wonwoo sighs as Mingyu browses through the dusty shelves “Who are you even gonna give them to?” Wonwoo asks
“Seungkwan, mom, dad…” Mingyu trails off Wonwoo swallows and takes a deep breath. “Right. I might take some for Jun as well,” Wonwoo steps up and grabs a keychain. Mingyu smiles and hums, “okay,”
— “You’re kidding,” Wonwoo deadpans, staring at the total amount Mingyu’s souvenirs have come to “What?” Mingyu asks innocently and Wonwoo sighs, “yah, this is too much amount to spend on souvenirs!” Wonwoo’s noticed that Mingyu has a bit of a spending habit
Wonwoo had to threaten Mingyu to stop him from purchasing unnecessary clothes at the store as well “Sir, these are good products? This gentleman here wants to buy this stuff so why not let him buy?” the shopkeepers interjects and Wonwoo huffs
Wonwoo decides to take matters into his own hands because Mingyu’s not going to cut back and this shopkeeper is going to urge him to spend “Do you need so many keychains?” Wonwoo looks at the bunch. “They’re for my employees….” Wonwoo sighs
“These keychains look rather childish. Why not give them something like a pen, something they’d use,” Wonwoo suggests, handing Mingyu a pen with BUSAN inscribed on the side Mingyu’s eyes widen, “oh that’s smart,” “But sir—“ the shopkeeper interjects “Cancel that,” Wonwoo says
The shopkeeper glares at him but Wonwoo shrugs “And why not buy this 4 piece mug set instead of wallets for your family and you? You, your parents and Seungkwan can use one each, and they’re all matching. Isn’t that better than a wallet?” Wonwoo says Mingyu ponders
“You’re right,” he says, eyes lighting up, “Mom’s always wanted a good steel mug after all,” Wonwoo sighs, “right? So remove the wallets and take this,” “Done. Please discard the wallets,” he tells the shopkeeper, who side eyes Wonwoo Wonwoo looks away, face poker
— “Done?” Wonwoo asks after an hour of the same Mingyu grins, “Done! Please bill all of this!” The shopkeeper sighs, glaring at Wonwoo, who managed to bring down the cost to half the original, and replaced the items with things that are more meaningful and practical
Wonwoo and Mingyu walk out a few moments later, with Mingyu chirping happily beside Wonwoo “Thanks,” he utters and Wonwoo turns, “what for?” Mingyu smiles nervously, “I have a bit of a spending habit. I’ve been meaning to curb it somehow but with no one to stop me.. well,”
Wonwoo hums “There’s nothing wrong with spending for the people you care for. You need to prioritise your relationships and spend accordingly. I wouldn’t stop you if wanted to buy a diamond necklace for your mom. I would stop you if you wanted to do the same for your employees,”
Mingyu giggles “You’re right. I can’t gift them all diamond necklaces,” he says, and a Wonwoo shrugs. Mingyu continues to smile, staring at Wonwoo. “You’re good for me, Won,” he says, and Wonwoo turns to him, eyes widening, “huh?” Mingyu laughs and shakes his head
“It’s nothing. Anyway, let’s go back soon. We’re going to debut your new look today,” Mingyu winks Wonwoo blushes Ah, that outfit “Show Seongho what he’s missing out on, eh?” Mingyu nudges and Wonwoo giggles “Mhm,”
— “You’re like a walking Fire Hydrant,” Wonwoo comments on Mingyu’s outfit Mingyu smirks, “oh come on, would it kill you to say I look sexy?” Wonwoo looks him up and down, “not a fan of the hair but you look nice,” Mingyu rolls his eyes and laughs
“Ready?” he asks and Wonwoo nods, standing up. He checks himself in the mirror and turns to Mingyu, “good?” Mingyu smiles. He walks over to him and sets his hair a little, parting it in the middle slightly. “Perfect,” Mingyu says, “shall we?” Wonwoo nods, “let’s go”
— “So, it’s a bachelor party cum cocktail party?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu nods, “yup, that’s why we’re going to the club. There might be dancers, or strippers,” Wonwoo gasps, “strippers? But I’m gay?” Mingyu snorts, “just sit and watch. Next time you can call make strippers”
Wonwoo glares at Mingyu and Mingyu grins. The two walk towards the entrance and the bouncer opens the door for them They’re hit with the strong scent of alcohol, cigarettes and a million cologne scents “Whoa,” Wonwoo admires the grandeur of the establishment
The two walk in together, looking around Wonwoo swallows, “is it me or are we being stared at?” Mingyu smiles, “we are. You might not realise it but the two of pack quite the visual punch,” Wonwoo smiles softly, feeling a little…proud
He feels comfortable and…good. As they walk through, they find the attention of people on a duo sitting on a couch Wonwoo smirks He’s not surprised Jungkook and Taehyung attract so much attention on them
Wonwoo and Mingyu join Taehyung and Jungkook, greeting them once they meet “Hey,” Wonwoo says and Taehyung looks up at him with lazy eyes , “hey,” “Where’s Seongho?” Mingyu asks and Jungkook sighs, glancing towards his right where —
There’s Seongho, sitting on the couch with not one but two strippers on his lap Wonwoo sighs. “Seongho’s so embarrassing” Mingyu says as Seongho spanks one of them, making them pour drinks for him Wonwoo shakes his head, “why did I ever date him?” Taehyung shrugs, “big dick?”
Mingyu snorts but Wonwoo doesn’t refute Mingyu’s smile falls, “what, really?” “No! But he did have a big dick,” Wonwoo says and Mingyu’s jaw drops to the floor. “How big?” He turns to Taehyung, who frowns, “why are you asking me? Ask your lover,” Mingyu turns to wonwoo
Wonwoo scoffs, “Im not gonna tell you,” he says and Mingyu admits defeat pretty quickly “It’s boring here,” Taehyung groans as Mingyu and Wonwoo sit down and grab a few drinks, “Seongho should’ve invited male strippers,”
“Babe, if you wanna see naked men on your lap, I’ll do it for you tonight,” Jungkook says and Taehyung rolls his eyes, “kookie, you’re sweet, but I need a literal sweaty, firefighter to throw me around,” Wonwoo and Mingyu laughs as Jungkook whines
— Mingyu and Wonwoo mingle with people they hadn’t met on the first day, and down quite a few drinks An hour later, they’re both a little tipsy and not in their best senses Despite the predominance of female strippers, Mingyu and Wonwoo do enjoy the night quite a bit
Talking to Taehyung and Jungkook, downing drinks and watching the dancers. Wonwoo has to admit, the ladies put on quite the show — they must’ve practiced a lot. And how are they going up and down those poles so easily? Wonwoo’s respect for them just skyrocketed
“You’re druuunk~” Mingyu says as Wonwoo stares at the women dancing on the stage, “so drunk that you’re not gay anymore~” Wonwoo hums slowly, spacing out, “you’re the drunk one,” he says, “but women, they’re so gorgeous,” Mingyu giggles, taking another sip
Wonwoo notices Taehyung and Jungkook drunk out of their minds as well, barely awake His attention drifts back to Mingyu when he hears heels click clacking in their direction Wonwoo watches as a woman walks straight to Mingyu and settles on his lap
Mingyu gasps, but he smiles it off as the woman leans in and holds his chin, “hey, handsome,” she says and Mingyu chuckles, “hello, gorgeous,” he says, crossing his arms behind his chair, careful not to touch her She smirks, shuffling closer to his chest, her hands in his arms
On* Everyone around them cheers as she rocks herself on Mingyu’s lap, and Mingyu laughs “Might I remind you, you’re gay too,” Wonwoo leans in and whispers in Mingyu’s ear
Mingyu grins, “I know. But she’s gorgeous,” he says, fishing bills from his pockets, “how can I ignore her?” he says, handing her the bills and she smiles. She takes his hands and wraps them around her middle, taking his fingers to the clasp of her bra
Mingyu unclasps the piece and the bra comes undone, making people around him cheer. Mingyu laughs, ecstatic. He takes her hand and kisses it, “you’re beautiful, but I’m gay,” he says and she smiles, “thanks,” she says and gets off him, walking away to another customer
Mingyu turns his head to look at Wonwoo, who isn’t there anymore He frowns and straightens, looking around Where did Wonwoo go? Mingyu springs to his feet and walks around the place for a bit, looking around for Wonwoo But Wonwoo’s nowhere to be found
After looking around for a while, Mingyu heads to the washroom to check And thankfully, he finds Wonwoo in there, wiping something off his top “Hey, what happened?” Mingyu walks into the empty washroom, and Wonwoo sighs “Taehyung threw up on Jungkook and I,”
Mingyu gasps, “what? When? Where? How? I didn’t see it—“ How did Mingyu miss that?! Wonwoo sighs. “You were too busy staring at that lady’s chest, so,” Wonwoo says, washing his hands Mingyu frowns. Maybe it’s the alcohol in his veins but Mingyu senses something
He walks over to Wonwoo. He stops behind Wonwoo, who’s busy cleaning himself A part of Mingyu is sober, but his senses have been dulled by the alcohol. He seems to have no control over his actions He wraps his arms around Wonwoo and places his chin on Wonwoo’s shoulder
“Yah, what are you—“ Wonwoo gasps when Mingyu’s hands slide into his top, fingers pressing against his skin “What are you doing?” Wonwoo places his hands on the counter to steady himself, goosebumps erupting on his skin from Mingyu’s touches
“Mingyu,” Wonwoo’s voice is a mere whisper, face and body warm and red “What are you doing?” He doesn’t resist, he doesn’t want to resist, Mingyu’s hands on his torso feel good, undeniably good Mingyu’s touching nothing, but yet all of him … it’s driving Wonwoo insane
“I thought you were jealous that I looked at her chest,” Mingyu whispers in his ears and Wonwoo turns in Mingyu’s arms, face warm and chest torso exposed “So you wanted to touch me to prove to me that you’re into men’s chests?” Wonwoo pulls Mingyu’s ear slightly “Ow”
Wonwoo takes a deep breath and clears his throat Mingyu’s drunk, completely out of it And Wonwoo is too, maybe jsut a little He’s staring He keeps staring, at Mingyu’s chest “Wanna touch?” Mingyu asks, leaning forth and Wonwoo gasps Mingyu noticed his stare??
“I…” Wonwoo can’t lie because yes, he’s a little curious as to how it feels Wonwoo swallows and raises his hand, placing it on Mingyu’s chest. Under his touch, his chest rises and falls, and Wonwoo can feel Mingyu’s heart beating loudly against his palm Mingyu gasps, face warm
Wonwoo swallows “Your red face is cute,” he says, eyes locked into Mingyu’s, and his hands begin to wander, “I wanna see more of it,” he whispers as his hand unbuttons his undercoat Mingyu’s face turns redder as Wonwoo’s hand rests on his abs, tracing the features with fingers
“Hnngh,” Mingyu yells when Wonwoo’s cool fingers each his waist band, “I’m sensitive there,” he explains Wonwoo looks up at him, nodding, “I won’t touch you there,” his finger travels up to his chest, pads of his fingers pressing into the skin Mingyu leans in, exhaling
Their foreheads brush against each other’s, and the heat from Mingyu’s chest begins to deep into Wonwoo. Mingyu’s hands slide into his top and wrap around his waist, pulling him closer and Wonwoo gasps Wonwoo presses his hand against Mingyu’s chest, “we’re drunk,” he whispers
“So drunk,” Mingyu whispers, “I think I might fall asleep like this,” Wonwoo licks his lips. He swallows thickly and straightens, pushing Mingyu away gently. “Me too,” he says, stepping back
Mingyu and Wonwoo look at each other, taking big gulps “We should go back,” Wonwoo suggests and Mingyu nods, buttoning his undercoat, “y-yeah,” Once they make it back their seats, Jungkook frowns, “did you two make out?” he asks, drunkenly Mingyu and Wonwoo don’t answer
— When Mingyu comes to the next morning, he finds his face buried in Wonwoo’s nape, also having drooled all over it like a dog A blaring headache attacks his brain when harsh light enters his eyes He blinks, trying to come to his senses, trying to figure out where he is
He realises his arms and legs are around Wonwoo’s smaller, leaner frame, and he gasps. He doesn’t move— he doesn’t want to wake Wonwoo up and have him be creeped out Mingyu swallows, contemplating his next move when Wonwoo speaks up much to his surprise
“I don’t mind the drool but I do kind whatever is pressing into my ass right now, Mingyu-ah” he croaks and Mingyu immediately rolls back, plummeting to the ground with a groan His eyes drift to his morning wood and as Wonwoo sits up, Mingyu throws a pillow over his lap, blushing
Wonwoo blinks, his eyes swollen and face puffed up from all the drinking yesterday He’s still in his clothes from yesterday, unlike Mingyu who’s stripped down to his boxers Mingyu tries not to stare at the way Wonwoo’s too gradually slides down his shoulder and collarbones
Mingyu springs to his feet and hurries off into the bathroom “I’ll go get ready first!” he announces as Wonwoo yawns. Wonwoo blinks at him and sighs, “ready for what? We’re all going to beach today, remember?” Mingyu peeks out. “We are?” Wonwoo nods, “we are,”
— By the time Wonwoo and Mingyu make it to the beach, it’s bustling with people, most of whom they recognise as wedding guests “They must’ve reserved the beach for today” Mingyu says “I didn’t know you could reserve beaches,” Wonwoo says “Money is a powerful language,”
Wonwoo agrees The two walk down to the crowd in silence It’s an uncomfortable one It’s never uncomfortable with them but today it is Mingyu glances at Wonwoo, who seems a little icked by the wet sand, something Mingyu didn’t notice the first time they went to a beach
Mingyu turns to face the horizon and sighs Is Wonwoo pretending he doesn’t remember what happened yesterday? Does he genuinely not remember? Mingyu sighs Mingyu remembers everything clearly Too clearly, it’s making his heart race There was a lot of— touching
And a lot of— tension Mingyu clears hah throat Are they never going to talk about it? Should Mingyu take the initiative? Should he wait for Wonwoo? Or just forget about it? “Mingyu,” calls Wonwoo and Mingyu turns to him, “yeah?”
He’s about to say something when they get interrupted “Mingyu-ah!” he hears Jungkook’s voice and turns to find him and Taehyung by the volleyball court “Yeah?” Mingyu calls out as they wave him over, “we need another member, join us!” Jungkook calls
Mingyu turns to Wonwoo, excited and Wonwoo’s already smiling, “go ahead,” “Thanks!” Mingyu pulls his shirt over his head and hands it to Wonwoo before jogging off to Jungkook and Taehyung Wonwoo smiles at the trio and sighs
— Wonwoo looks up from his book when he hears cheers from the court Looks like Mingyu scored Wonwoo watches as Jungkook tackles him with a tight hug. Mingyu laughs, and he turns to Wonwoo’s direction His eyes meet Wonwoo’s and it makes Wonwoo lower his gaze with a soft smile
Curiosity gets the better of Wonwoo and he looks up again, finding Mingyu’s gaze already on him This time it’s Mingyu’s turn to look away with a red hue on his cheeks Wonwoo takes a deep breath and tries to contain his smile “That’s a lot of eye fucking,” someone says
Wonwoo grimaces at the voice and sighs inwardly as Seongho takes the seat beside him Wonwoo ignores his comment and tries to focus on his book “Reading? On a beach? You haven’t changed, Won,” Seongho says Wonwoo inhales deeply “Stop calling me that,” he says
“Calling you what?” Seongho raises a brow “Won,” Wonwoo replies and Seongho smirks, “what, only Mingyu can call you that?” Wonwoo turns to him, “yes,” Seongho chuckles and leans back in his beach chair, stretching They sit in silence for a while
Wonwoo takes the opportunity to think Think about what happened last night It was — uncharacteristic of them They’re supposed to be friends, and friends don’t — get all up in each others space in that way Wonwoo grips the pages of his book, swallowing thickly
He wonders if he should talk to Mingyu about it He glances at Mingyu, who’s suppose my done with the same, considering the fact that he’s walking over to the sea “Aren’t you hot in that shirt?” Seongho asks and Wonwoo sighs “What?” “You’re wearing a shirt to a beach”
Wonwoo doesn’t reply Seongho’s eyes scan him “Looks like you put on some muscle, that’s good. You were too lean,” Wonwoo grits his teeth “Oh, there’s my babe,” Seongho says, looking ahead and Wonwoo follows his gaze to see Yujin walking out of the water
She looks gorgeous Seongho snickers, and Wonwoo turns to him “I got lucky, didn’t I?” Seongho says, hands cupping the air in front of his chest, a stupid grin on his face Seongho’s so fucking gross Wonwoo shuts his book and stands up “You’re so shallow,” he says
“And that’s why we broke up,” Wonwoo says, walking away “We broke up because you’re incapable of love!” Seongho shouts as Wonwoo’s feet take him to Mingyu standing in the distance As Wonwoo appaoraches Mingyu, his anger begins to fade
He takes a deep breath as he joins Mingyu “Did you win?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu turns to him, “oh, no. But we came close for sure,” he says Wonwoo giggles “That’s good,” he says as he takes a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the sea “Why are you here?” Wonwoo asks
Mingyu smiles, looking down at their feet and how waves of water drown their feet every few seconds “Ah, I just miss my grandma, and my parents,” Wonwoo swallows Of course he does “Last time we were in Busan, you comforted me when I was down. Thanks for that,” Mingyu says
Wonwoo shrugs Mingyu giggles “You’re a very warm person, Won. You should take more pride in that,” Mingyu says as he plucks out some sand from his hair. He wonders how it even got there Wonwoo stares at him, and swallows
Wonwoo takes a step closer to Mingyu “Can you..” Wonwoo toys with the hem of his shirt “I want to remove my shirt,” he says softly and Mingyu frowns, “huh?” Wonwoo sighs, “it’s..weird, isn’t it? Wearing a shirt on a beach…”
Mingyu frowns and turns to where Wonwoo was sitting He spots Seongho there “Did Seongho say something?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo sighs. Wonwoo’s always been a little conscious about his body And his ex boyfriends have spared no efforts in making him feel bad about it
“You’re too lean” “You’re too pointy” “You don’t put effort in how you look” “You look plain” “You look dull” Wonwoo takes a deep breath “Mingyu—“ “Won, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to, okay? Who cares what that prick thinks?”
Wonwoo nods, “I know but… just do it, okay? Help me get this off,” Wonwoo raises his arms and Mingyu gulps “Why me?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo exhales, “you’ve already seen me…shirtless, on several occasions and…I don’t mind it, with you, okay? So just, Mingyu, please,” he whispers
Mingyu surprises Wonwoo by taking his hands “Wonwoo, you have nothing to prove anybody, okay?” Mingyu says Wonwoo sighs “Fine, if you won’t then I’ll ask Tae—“ he tries to walk away but Mingyu yanks him back. “Okay!” he gives in and Wonwoo smiles
He raises his arms to let Mingyu pull the shirt off his body Mingyu grabs the hem of his shirt and as he begins to raise the fabric, he notices the tremor in Wonwoo’s body Mingyu sighs “I have a better idea,” Mingyu takes Wonwoo’s hand, and the latter opens his eyes curiously
Wonwoo let’s Mingyu guide him into the water A little terrified, the two go deeper and deeper in “You know we both can’t swim, right?” Wonwoo asks and Mingyu nods, “don’t worry, it’s still shallow,” Mingyu reassures him Wonwoo nods and follows him in They come to a halt
The water stops by their chest, and Wonwoo stares at Mingyu curiously “Here,” Mingyu says, pulling the shirt off Wonwoo’s body. Wonwoo gasps softly as Mingyu tucks the wet shirt into the pocket of his shorts Mingyu takes his hands. “Let’s go down, okay?” he says
Wonwoo takes a deep breaths and in sync with Mingyu, goes under water Water drowns his senses and it’s a little scary but he feels a tap on his shoulder. He remembers his hand is still tightly linked with Mingyu’s, and he opens his eyes He sees Mingyu
And Mingyu gestures him to look around him Wonwoo does as he’s told and finds them surrounded by people, some swimming, some thrashing about, some underwater as well. They look at Mingyu and Wonwoo and move on, minding their business Wonwoo’s heart races
Those who sunk under water watch them, and Wonwoo’s heart beats wildly In sync, Mingyu and Wonwoo surface up to the top and gasp for breath Arms linked as they float in the water, the two blink away the water and stare at each other
Wonwoo looks around him, at the people who glance them fleetingly before going back to their business “If you want to become more comfortable with your body in public, you don’t need to rush into it. You can take slow, step by step, yeah?” Mingyu says, slicking his hair back
Wonwoo just stares at him, trying to even his breath But even though he’s no longer under water, even though he’s safe, here with Mingyu, his heart is racing His body tingles and he feels a lot better He’s lost for words, and so he just leaps onto Mingyu, hugging him
He hugs him tight. “Thank you, thank you,” he repeats, holding Mingyu close Mingyu smiles, hugging him back slowly as he feels Wonwoo’s heart beat loudly against his Mingyu wraps his arms around the man, gulping deeply “Thank you too, Won. For.. everything,”
— Mingyu and Wonwoo walk down the beach as they let the night breeze dry their wet bodies “That was fun,” Wonwoo speaks up and Mingyu turns to him, “apart from the major risk we both had of drowning, yeah,” “You said we weren’t too deep,” Wonwoo argues
Mingyu rolls his eyes “Only to make you feel better,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo pouts “I don’t know if I should believe in you next time or not,” and Mingyu laughs Mingyu nudges his shoulder, “next time? On a beach?” Wonwoo smiles softly, “if you want to, with me, then yeah,”
Mingyu flashes him a toothy grin “With you, then definitely. Beaches are fun with you,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo giggles as they walk off the shore, and onto the cobblestones of the resort floor Sand falls off their feet as they enjoy each others company
Mingyu wriggles his foot to shake off the sand but trips. Well, almost trips because Wonwoo grabs hold of him in time, steadying him gently, “careful,” he says, holding onto Mingyu’s hand Mingyu smiles, but his fingers tingle from where they’re holding onto Wonwoo
They’re walking back now, and they should probably let go of each other’s hands but neither want to They remain stuck between what they want and hesitation, but at the end, their secret desire wins Mingyu smiles to himself
“Tomorrow’s the big day, huh?” Mingyu speaks up, hyper aware that he’s holding Wonwoo’s hand Wonwoo nods, “yeah, Seongho’s gonna get married and become Yujin’s problem legally,” Mingyu chuckles “She’s way out of his league,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo huffs
“You were way out of his league too, yknow?” Mingyu adds and Wonwoo turns to him wide eyed “Huh?” Mingyu giggles and tugs at Wonwoo’s hand, “Jeon Nonu, we have a lot to prepare for tomorrow!” Wonwoo purses his lips as he gets pulled along “What did you mean by that?” he asks
Mingyu can’t avoid the question “I know how you think about yourself. But I stand by my words — you were way out Seongho’s league. You were too good for him,” Mingyu says Wonwoo purses his lips. In College … “How I am now, I wasn’t like this back the …. So….”
Mingyu hums “If you’ve changed then it’s all the more reason for Seongho to stop bothering you and get on with his life,” Wonwoo sighs “I guess so,” Mingyu tugs at Wonwoo’s hand again, “hey,” and Wonwoo turns to him, raising a brow, “yeah?”
“Make him regret what he missed out on, okay?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo’s eyes widen He purses his lips and avoids his gaze, “about that…. Aren’t the stones too much?” Mingyu glares at Wonwoo, “don’t doubt my taste on the clothes that suit you, Jeon Wonwoo,”
Wonwoo holds back a grin “Also, I have plans for your hair!” Mingyu adds as he pulls Wonwoo towards the elevator Wonwoo’s heart races, “hey, we didn’t agree on that!” “Embrace your Princess Diaries moment, Jeon Wonwoo!” Mingyu’s voice echoes through the halls
— After hours of preparing for tmr, Mingyu slips into the bathroom for a quick shower. Once he comes out, he finds Wonwoo in the bed, turned on the side Mingyu smiles at him softly He must’ve been tired. He checks the time, and decides it’s time to sleep.
Mingyu turns off the lights and slowly crawls onto the bed, trying not to startle Wonwoo “Hey, you asleep?” he whispers but there’s no answer. Wonwoo’s back is facing him right now, and he doesn’t wanna lean over and startle the man Mingyu sighs
He lies down next to him, unsure of how to sleep, where to put his limbs, because they all seem to wanna wrap around Wonwoo’s frame Mingyu stares at the back of Wonwoo’s neck, at the mole on his nape He’s never noticed it before, but it’s cute. He wonders if he can touch it
Will Wonwoo flinch? Is he sensitive there? Maybe he won’t react because he’s fast asleep Mingyu swallows Over the last few days, it feels like he’s grown exponentially closer to Wonwoo It’s a little scary Last time he cared so much about anyone, they cheated on him
Mingyu gulps and stares at the ceiling He’s a little scared to get closer to someone. So much…. But Wonwoo’s…different, right? He won’t leave him, right? Mingyu stares at Wonwoo’s small figure. He decides, ‘fuck it!’ and wriggles closer to the man
He wriggles closer till his chest presses against Wonwoo’s back, and his hands wrap around his waist Mingyu takes a deep inhale and tries to calm his heart, fearing Wonwoo might wake up if it beats too hard But… “This is okay, right?” Mingyu whispers in Wonwoo’s ear
Goosebumps erupt on the skin of his ear, and also his hands. Wonwoo’s head barely moves, but it does. And it’s the smallest nod of affirmation Mingyu has ever seen He gulps and pulls the not-so-asleep Wonwoo closer and shuts his eyes Tomorrow’s a big day
Mingyu tightens his grip around him, resting his forehead against Wonwoo’s nape A part of his heart hopes the night never ends
— Mingyu comes to when he feels something tickling his chin He blinks his eyes open to see Wonwoo’s head under his chin, his limbs loosely wrapped around Mingyu’s body Mingyu remains frozen, still “Won?” He calls, heart racing, “you awake?”
Wonwoo nods, “yeah,” Ah. The night’s over “We should go get ready,” Mingyu says Wonwoo doesn’t reply, neither does he move “10 more minutes,” Wonwoo says, voice muffled “How about 20?” Mingyu asks Wonwoo replies by wriggling closer into his arms
— When the washroom door opens, Mingyu glances at Wonwoo through the mirror, emerging out of it in nothing but a towel, his bleached hair wet and water trickling down his body He looks away as Wonwoo let’s his towel fall, forcing his blush to subside
Mingyu’s been on the edge since — This morning? Last night? The beach? Since they came here? Or since Wonwoo entered his life a second time Mingyu’s been on the edge of his seat, jumpy and nervous, but he loves the butterflies of his tummy, he loves the feeling of—
He loves whatever he feels when he’s with Wonwoo Mingyu stands up, putting on his watch and adding some final touches to his make up. He puts on the cologne and turns to Wonwoo, who seems to be struggling with his outfit Mingyu walks over to him.
Wonwoo’s twisting his arms behind his back, trying to tie the knot of the drawstrings that cinch the waist, for his trousers to fit him better “Let me help,” Mingyu whispers in Wonwoo’s ear, stepping in the space behind him and taking the drawstrings from his hands
Wonwoo’s fingers twitch at the slightest touch and Mingyu swallows. He tightens his hold on the drawstrings and pulls them, and Wonwoo, towards his body, evoking a gasp from the shorter man Mingyu’s breath is hot in Wonwoo’s ears, making the skin flush red
“How tight do you want it to be?” Mingyu asks and Wonwoo let’s out a shaky breath as Mingyu tightens the pants “That much should be fine,” Wonwoo whispers back, and he smells so good right now, and his hair is so soft, and Mingyu just … Mingyu’s going insane
His eyes are focused on the mole That damn mole Why does it have to be there of all places? On his nape, at the base of his hair, looking so… tempting Mingyu leans in. He can’t contain himself. His lips press against the mole and Wonwoo gasps out loud, but doesn’t move
Mingyu sees the way Wonwoo’s fingers dig into the fabric of his trousers He sees, in the mirror, how Wonwoo’s eyes flutter shut at the feeling He feels Wonwoo’s body tense and then relax agaisnt his lips It’s a fleeting kiss, barely a peck but it has Mingyu feeling satisfied
Like his cravings have been fulfilled He steps away and Wonwoo releases the breath he’d been holding Mingyu clears his throat, “I’ll see you downstairs, okay?” he says and leaves before Wonwoo can reply
— “Wow, you look like you wanna steal the show,” Taehyung comments as Mingyu walks down the stairs leading to the staging area He can feel people from even the farthest corners of the hall staring at him. He feels smug
“Wait till you see Wonwoo,” Mingyu says, taking his seat at the assigned table He’s glad Taehyung and Jungkook are here to keep them company He glances at the two and raises a brow at Taehyung “I thought you’d be on theme,” Mingyu comments
Taehyung crosses his arms and rolls his eyes “He wouldn’t let me,” he points towards Jungkook, who smiles apologetically “You should’ve seen what he picked out. It was sequins. He looked like he was going to the disco”
“Atleast I would’ve been on theme!” Taehyung argues “Babe, the theme was “sparkle”, not “80s disco bar” and Mingyu laughs Well. Mingyu doesn’t have to worry because he’s on theme. With some glitter work done on his suit Wonwoo… well…
“Thank you all for coming!” Seongho walks over to them, and single handed brings down the atmosphere of the table “Congratulations on the big day” Taehyung murmurs as Jungkook tries to diffuse the situation with wide smiles Seongho takes a seat and looks around
“Where’s Wonwoo?” he asks and Mingyu sure does hate how Wonwoo’s name sounds when Seongho says it Mingyu exhales. “Cold feet? Couldn’t bear his ex getting married?” Seongho jokes but no one laughs Mingyu glares daggers at the man
“Everyone’s looking glamorous today. I hope Wonwoo will too. He never really out an effort, yknow?” Seongho says, and continues to mindlessly blabber Mingyu tunes him out at some point, and then something catches his eyes A sparkle He shifts his gaze to the staircase
Mingyu’s eyes widen and his breath gets lodged in his throat He’s awestruck by what he’s seeing, and his heart is somersaulting like crazy He can hear the violins playing, the harp joining them as Jeon Wonwoo descends from the stairs looking like an Angel
Wonwoo looks around the banquet hall, as if trying to locate Mingyu. He doesn’t have his glasses on, and contacts must be bothering him. But he looks so ridiculously angelic and— Seongho notices the direction of Mingyu’s gaze. He turns to Wonwoo and his eyes widen as well
Before Seongho can remark about how ethereal Wonwoo looks, Mingyu’s on his feet, walking away Wonwoo looks around, a little terrified He doesn’t know how he looks Or if he looks okay He’s trying to find Mingyu in a sea of people and — He hears footsteps
He turns to look at the bottom of the stairs, and sees Mingyu walking up towards him His eyes focused on him Wonwoo relaxes and takes careful steps down the stairs, afraid he’ll fall His heart picks up pace with each step as it brings him closer to Mingyu
Mingyu approaches him, eyes sparkling, and hand extended. Wonwoo takes his hand, trying not to let the stares from the guests faze him Once he takes Mingyu’s hand, he finds peace Mingyu holds his hand firmly, his thumb brushing against Wonwoo’s knuckles
Mingyu takes one final step and they’re facing each other, at equal heights Wonwoo takes a deep breath as Mingyu studies the features of his face Wonwoo looks past Mingyu’s dreamy face. “Everyone’s looking at me,” Wonwoo whispers “Are they?” Mingyu asks
“Yeah, don’t you see?” Wonwoo whispers Mingyu doesn’t reply right away, and takes his time staring at Wonwoo, their hands locked “No,” Mingyu replies, “I only see you,” Wonwoo’s eyes widen and his lips part. Mingyu leans in and presses a kiss to his cheek, surprising him
Mingyu pulls away slightly, their lips inches apart. “Let’s go, everyone’s waiting,” Mingyu says and Wonwoo swallows He nods “Okay,”
A/N - I promised this scene and hopefully, I delivered!
Just a heads up — a scene similar to this is going to pop up in the Infidelity au in the future ☺️
— Though he can’t see too well, Wonwoo doesn’t fear that he might trip as he walks down the stairs Mingyu’s holding on to him firmly, guiding him down the steps as everyone watches them Wonwoo tries not to let those gazes faze him
But he can’t help but wonder if he looks okay. Are the rhinestones too much? He isn’t over shadowing the bride, right? He bleached his hair to blonde — does it suit his face? Wonwoo’s a poor judge of his own appearance and he can’t tell if he looks like a clown or not
He doesn’t know why everyone is staring Mingyu said he looks good … Wonwoo purses his lips He looks good because he…. Mingyu let’s go of Wonwoo’s hand once they reach the table. Wonwoo takes his seat as Taehyung and Jungkook watch with their jaws on the floor
Seongho’s staring too, possibly in disbelief. A part of Wonwoo feels satisfied He feels smug knowing he’s managed to shut Seongho up for once “Good Morning,” Wonwoo greets and the people on the table snap back to reality “Well hello gorgeous!” Taehyung says and Wonwoo blushes
“Really? It isn’t too much?” Wonwoo glances at his outfit. He feels like Edward Cullen in the sun. Taehyung snorts, “no! You look absolutely beautiful!” Wonwoo swallows and smiles It feels good to hear Taehyung gush about it.
“You look so different from how you normally do. Your entire vibe has changed with the outfit!” Taehyung adds Wonwoo smiles hesitantly, “thanks,” Wonwoo tries not to let his negative thoughts ruin the day He tries to stop himself from reading between the lines
But a part of him wonders if he looks beautiful because he out effort into it, and changed his appearance— from getting rid of his glasses to changing his hair and even putting on makeup Wonwoofeels a pair of eyes on him, Mingyu’s He glances at the man, who seems lost for words
Mingyu seems…enamoured Wonwoo holds Mingyu’s soft gaze for a moment before it gets too much for his heart to bear He turns to Seongho and raises a brow, “I think they’re calling for you,” Wonwoo points at the best men looking for Seongho in the distance
“Right…” Seongho says and leaves without any further comments Once he’s gone, Wonwoo exhales. He’s relieved and he turns to Mingyu, “stop staring,” he says and Mingyu blinks, surprised as if he didn’t know he had been staring “Sorry,” he mutters and looks away
The atmosphere at the table is tense Solely because the atmosphere around Mingyu and Wonwoo is tense The last couple of hours have been…. Weird Wonwoo scratches the back of his neck, cheeks heating up when he remembers Mingyu’s lips pressing against his nape
Or his hot breath in his ears, his arms around his body last night… or even this morning Wonwoo swallows thickly and decides to focus on grabbing something to eat than this. — “And now, I pronounce you man and wife” the priest says and Yujin and Seongho kiss each other
Applause fills the banquet hall as the newlywed’s smile brightly at each other “When Seongho isn’t being a miserable ex, he actually seems pretty happy to be with Yujin,” Mingyu says Wonwoo hums, “as long as he cherishes her,” Mingyu smiles.
“Yeah. If they do get divorced, I’m Gonan feel super bad for Yujin,” Mingyu says, “Seongho’s a horrible ex,” Wonwoo sighs. “Atleast he’ll get off my back,” Mingyu giggles as Seongho and a Yujin walk down the stairs, hand in hand, grinning from ear to ear
Wonwoo takes a deep breath, watching the two. “I wish them a long and happy married life,” Wonwoo says. Mingyu grins, “I agree,” — “My my, you look stunning, my dear,” an older woman says, patting Wonwoo on the cheeks and checking out his outfit
“Thank you,” Wonwoo bows and Mingyu giggles when some hair falls over his eyes He brushes it off with the tips of his fingers, grinning like a fool The woman’s eyes shift between them “Ah, you two must be good friends,” she says
Mingyu turns to her, “no,” he wraps an arm around Wonwoo’s waist, pulling him closer, “we’re more than just friends,” he says and the disbelief in her eyes makes Wonwoo crack up inwardly She says nothing and just leaves, albeit awkwardly, with judgement in her eyes
Wonwoo relaxes when she leaves, and Mingyu busies himself in setting Wonwoo’s hair or adjusting the stones in his outfit He’s gotten a bunch of compliments all day — and it’s already dinner time Wonwoo’s exhausted his social battery and he wants to leave
“A little more, okay?” Mingyu says Wonwoo sighs. Wonwoo feels irritated He feels annoyed by the look in Mingyu’s eyes, the one that says he’s seen an Angel The one that says he’s enchanted and enamoured and— Wonwoo hates it.
That gaze is directed towards him yet—- Wonwoo hates it! “Wonwoo-ssi,” he hears Yujin’s voice and turns to see her and Seongho walking towards them. Yujin’s been greeting guests all day but she looks jsut as gorgeous as ever “Congratulations, Yujin-ssi,” Wonwoo says
He takes her hand and kisses it, and she giggles. “Thank you,” she smiles, “you look very beautiful today,” Wonwoo smiles He’s heard it all day, and it’s becoming annoying — but hearing it from Yujin doesn’t feel so bad “Nothing compared to you,” he says and she laughs
“Aren’t you sweet,” she comments “I was surprised today,” Seongho speaks up, “it’s unlike you to dress up. It’s good thing you’ve changed,” Wonwoo turns to him, eyes hollow and not a single expression on his face. Seongho looks proud of his comments
“He never put in the effort with me, but he’s doing it for Mingyu-ssi, I suppose, so it’s a good thing,” Seongho adds “Honey, you’re being rude,” Yujin comments, the tone of her voice changing He turns to her, “I’m just making an observation,”
Mingyu’s about to speak up but a Yujin intervenes “You need to let it go, Honey. Wonwoo-ssi and you are a thing of the past, so let those bygones be bygones. Now, you must only focus on me, alright?” She says, lifting his chin as he watches her with wide eyes
Seongho blinks and then gulps. He nods and then relaxes into a smile, kissing his bride, “you’re right, my love,” The couple giggle and Wonwoo glances at Mingyu, a knowing look passing between them.
“Oh, look, the lights went out on the terrace,” Yujin says, looking up at the lights adorning the railing of the open balcony on the first floor that oversees the lawn they’re all situated in
“I’ll go fix that,” Wonwoo offers eagerly, and though Yujin tells him the staff can do it, he intends to use the opportunity to catch a breath He walks up the stairs for a few moments, just stands there in the dark, relaxing after an exhausting day
After a breather, he looks around to find the problem — a loose wire here and there. With ease, he twists the wires close to ensure the lights work temporarily, until the staff arrives to fix it Wonwoo kneels, twisting the wires here and there when a voice spooks him “Won?”
Wonwoo gasps and turns halfway to find Mingyu walking towards him “You scared me,” Wonwoo says as the lights come on, illuminating his face Mingyu smiles at him, like he’s been smiling all day. Wonwoo swallows He stands up, dusting the dirt off his fingers.
He doesn’t want to go back down just yet, and simply stands by the railing, watching the people on the lawn Mingyu shuffles to his side silently, resting his hand on the railing beside Wonwoo’s Wonwoo takes a deep breath “She’s gonna keep him in a chokehold,” Wonwoo says
Mingyu laughs “Yeah, she knows how to handle him. They’ll be fine,” Mingyu adds and Wonwoo smiles “I guess, even someone like Seongho has someone meant for him, huh?” Wonwoo says, letting the breeze blow the hair off his face
“Everyone has someone meant for them,” Mingyu says, “though, we can never know if we end up with them or not,” Wonwoo purses his lips and shakes his head. He wants to ask Mingyu, ‘what about me? Who’s meant for me?’ But he stops He’s too scared to hear the answer
He takes a step back and lets his hands slide off the railing But his stonework gets entangled in the embroidery of Mingyu’s cuff links Wonwoo stares at where they’re linked and Mingyu smiles. He takes a step closer and quickly detangles the knot
Standing mere inches apart, Wonwoo can only silently study the features of Mingyu’s face, turmoil brewing in his gut Wonwoo’s heart races when the knot comes undone. His hand is free but Mingyu grabs hold of it, evoking a gasp from the man
Mingyu smiles at him, and Wonwoo’s heart feels heavy “You’ve been squinting all day,” Mingyu says and retrieves something from@his coat pockets A case “My glasses,” Wonwoo mutters, taking the case from his hand.
Mingyu nods, retrieving a case for the contacts Wonwoo’s been wearing “Here, remove them,” Mingyu says. Wonwoo’s taken aback, but he simply obeys. He carefully removes the contacts and places them in the case. Mingyu promptly closes it and shoves it into his pockets
Wonwoo stares at his glasses, feeling conflicted He’s a little scared to wear them now Because once he wears them, he’ll be back to the dull, boring Wonwoo And Mingyu… Mingyu won’t look at him the same anymore Wonwoo gulps, hands tremoring
He’s been praised all day But the only thing that truly matters is Mingyu, who looks enchanted Is it too bad that that Wonwoo wants to keep wearing this outfit so Mingyu will continue to look at him like this? Wonwoo purses his lips, hesitant
Mingyu surprises Wonwoo by taking the glasses from his hand and sliding them on to his nose, giggling when Wonwoo blinks a little to get adjusted to the sight Silence befalls them and Wonwoo finally adjusts his vision And he’s surprised
Surprised by the fact that the look in Mingyu’s eyes hasn’t changed Is it because he still has this hair? Because Wonwoo’s still in the outfit? Will Mingyu look at him even if he’s dressed in rags? Wonwoo swallows thickly. Why does he care so much about Mingyu?
But the answer is rather obvious, isn’t it? Mingyu takes his hand and raises it to his face, his eyes still enamoured, full of affection and … Mingyu presses his lips to Wonwoo’s wrist, and then travels up to his palm “You look beautiful,” he whispers
Mingyu presses soft kisses to his hand, to his wrist, to his fingers, and Wonwoo’s heart is threatening to rip out of its cage “Why? Because I’m dressed up?” he hates the negativity that oozes into his words, he hates how he ruins things like this
Mingyu isn’t fazed by those words, and only smiles. “No,” he smiles innocently, wholeheartedly, and honestly, “always,” he whispers And it makes all the difference for Wonwoo His eyes widen and his heart somersaults. His skin prickles and he can’t think of anything but Mingyu
Wonwoo has so many questions. So many thoughts. And he’s too preoccupied with dealing with them that he doesn’t process Mingyu leaning in and pressing those lips against his, softly and gently. Wonwoo snaps out of his thoughts, as Mingyu pushes his lips firmer
Mingyu’s kissing him, right on the lips and Wonwoo thinks he’s going to faint He feels sleepy, he feels relaxed and his eyes fall shut as Mingyu’s fingers slide into the gaps between Wonwoo’s fingers, like pieces of a puzzle Mingyu kisses him, lips locked firmly
Wonwoo hums when Mingyu pushes further, licking Wonwoo’s lips. Wonwoo’s knees turn to jelly at that, and his instinct is to push Mingyu away but Mingyu gently twists their locked hands behind Wonwoo’s waist and continues to kiss him
Trapped, Wonwoo grabs onto Mingyu’s shoulder as he kisses back, mirroring the way Mingyu’s lips move and explore Wonwoo’s lips. The way the kiss turns from hesitant to confident, enough for Mingyu to take a nibble of Wonwoo’s lower lip and heat plunges into Wonwoo’s gut
He raises his hand and grabs the base of Mingyu’s hair on his neck, tugging at it and it makes Mingyu break the kiss “Ow,” he groans softly, pulling away. But his eyes remain on Wonwoo’s flushed face, his confused curious eyes The two catch their breath, and Wonwoo’s hand falls
“My arm hurts,” Wonwoo says, and Mingyu let’s go of it at once. They jsut stand there, staring at each other when a their eyes come to a silent conclusion This time, Wonwoo cups Mingyu’s cheeks and pulls him in for a second kiss
Mingyu moans softly into Wonwoo’s mouth, leaning his weight onto him. Mingyu’s arms circle around Wonwoo’s waist, holding hums tightly, like he never wants to let go, like he never will, and Wonwoo can only hopelessly, shamelessly, desperately kiss Mingyu deep and hard
Right now, Wonwoo doesn’t give a damn about anything else in this universe He can only think about how good this feels, about how right this feels, like it was meant to be, like years of thirst have been quenched by a mere union of lips
Wonwoo tilts his head, parting his lips when Mingyu’s licks his lower lip for permission. His mouth takes Mingyu’s tongue in, his fingers curling into the locks of Mingyu’s hair, his brows scrunching from@how good it feels
Their tongues dance together, sliding like silk and velvet, and Wonwoo thinks he’s going to drop to his knees but Mingyu’s holding onto him and he has nothing to worry about Wonwoo’s fingers and toes feel numb as he kisses Mingyu, as their lips and tongues melt together as one
It’s when Wonwoo can’t breathe anymore that Mingyu notices and breaks the kiss, their lips glistening and swollen, faces flushed after the kiss. They catch their breaths, foreheads presses together and hearts beating in sync
They’re so unbelievably close that Wonwoo can feel Mingyu’s body throbbing, the best emanating out of his skin Mingyu leans in to sneak another peck, nibbling in Wonwoo’s lower lip like it’s the most natural thing in the world and Wonwoo exhales, feeling dizzy and delirious
The kiss is about to deepen when hoots spook them Wonwoo junks away from Mingyu when they turn to the source of the hoots, Taehyung and Yujin on the lawn, watching them in disbelief Wonwoo turns to Mingyu, and before Mingyu can say anything, Wonwoo runs away, embarrassed
— Mingyu only comes to his senses when he hears Wonwoo’s footsteps run away from him And Wonwoo’s out of his sight before he can make the effort to chase after him He touches his lips, his fingers shaking and lips warm— Did they just kiss??? Mingyu swallows
“Don’t bother,” Taehyung shouts from downstairs, making Mingyu turn to him. “But he—-“ Mingyu doesn’t know what to say. He just stares at Taehyung, the only person left there. The rest probably went back to minding their own business
“Mingyu-ah,” Taehyung calls, “let’s go have a drink, hm?” he crosses his arms Not knowing what else to do, Mingyu agrees — They find a small place outside the resort premises. Their coats resting on the chair and sleeves rolled up, Mingyu and Taehyung have their drinks
“I should’ve run behind him, huh?” Mingyu asks and Taehyung shakes his head, “he probably needs some space,” Mingyu exhales. Yeah that’s right Wonwoo just…. ran away He didn’t realise Wonwoo was that fast He groans and rubs his face, calculating his next move
“So, do you like Wonwoo or not?” Taehyung asks. Well, is there any point in denying it now? “Apparently, yes,” Mingyu says, and fuck, it feels amazing to admit Yes, he likes Wonwoo He’s head over heels for him
Ever since Wonwoo came back into his life, Mingyu’s seen him in a different light. He just didn’t know it yet Wonwoo makes him happy. Wonwoo makes him laugh, he makes him eager Mingyu’s learned not to hook your happiness onto someone . Because when they’re gone, it will hurt
But it’s different with Wonwoo Wonwoo makes him happy, but he’s not the sole reason for Mingyu’s happiness Ever since Wonwoo has entered his life, Mingyu has learned to appreciate every other thing. He’s learned to be happy by himself
Wonwoo is the reason Mingyu’s learning to find happiness in a million other things After cutting links with Haneul, Mingyu had a hard time getting back into how things were before Haneul He hasn’t realised he had become so dependent on Haneul But Wonwoo…
It’s hard to put into words But Wonwoo’s the positive influence in his life that makes Mingyu want to strive harder to live and smile and enjoy life
He looks forward to their daily meetings, and just talking to Wonwoo brightens his day. It makes him hum as he cooks, sing in the shower, the color red appeals to him more, and he has more reasons to smile All these little things… they’re all thanks to Wonwoo
Wonwoo makes him happy He’s the reason other things make Mingyu happy And it’s helping Mingyu be independent in that way, slowly and gradually. “That was pretty intense,” Taehyung says, “loved the move where you locked his arm behind him. I’ll ask Jungkook to do that to me,”
Mingyu groans, his cheeks warming up at the memory of their locked lips and entwined bodies God, just how long had Mingyu been meaning to kiss Wonwoo like that? He feels like an insatiable hunger has been suppressed But at the same time, he wants more…
He downs another drink “Slow down, kid,” Taehyung says and Mingyu groans, “what do I do?! He ran away. What if he hated the kiss?!” Taehyung scoffs, “from my angle, it looked like he was equally into the kiss,” Mingyu blushes furiously Wonwoo’s driving him nuts!
“It’s all so…twisted….” Mingyu says and Taehyung frowns “How?” Mingyu sighs. He tells him about their revenge plot, and all things that transpire, and Taehyung listens with an unimpressed expression “So, yeah. I think…I don’t know,” Mingyu sighs
Taehyung exhales “What’s there to think about? He likes you and you like him? That’s the only conclusion I can come to based on your story,” Mingyu hums, “why did he run away then?” “You kiss your crush but the entire school sees it. Wouldn’t you also wanna run?” Taehyung says
Mingyu’s cheeks warm up So Mingyu is Wonwoo’s crush? It makes him want to squeal. He contains his smile and clears his throat “So, I should just ask him out, right?” Mingyu says Taehyung blinks at him, “duh,” Mingyu chuckles Yeah, what else would he do?
“But” Taehyung begins, “make sure you’re very clear about your feelings and intentions. Wonwoo is complicated, and he doesn’t think the best of himself. So be careful, okay?” Mingyu nods. That’s true He should find Wonwoo and convey his feelings to him properly
“When should I do it?” Mingyu asks and Taehyung rolls his eyes “He’s 500 meters from here, in a luxurious room overlooking the beach. What better time, dummy?” Taehyung says and Mingyu’s filled with newfound confidence. “You’re right!” He springs to his feet
But as he’s about to leave, a voice calls. “Can I join you guys?” It’s Seongho. Mingyu’s blood runs cold when he sees the man smiling at them Did he overhear everything?? Is their cover blown?? “Sure,” Taehyung says, “Mingyu was just leaving though,” Thanks Taehyung!!
“Ah, but I was hoping to have a chat with Mingyu-ssi here,” Seongho says Mingyu and Taehyung glance at each other “Right,” Taehyung stands up and grabs his coat, “see you then, Mingyu-ah,” he says and Mingyu gulps. He takes his seat by Seongho and Taehyung leaves
Seongho orders a drink for himself as Mingyu silently studies him Seongho turns to him and smiles, “thank you so much for coming to my wedding, Mingyu-ssi,” he says Mingyu’s face softens “It would’ve been rude not to, since you invited us personally”
Seongho smirks “I see. It almost seemed like you wouldn’t come though,” Mingyu smiles, “well, Wonwoo doesn’t exactly go to a lot of his exes’ weddings so. We didn’t want any bad blood,” Seongho smirks, “bad blood, huh? Did Wonwoo tell you that?”
“No. But it’s easy to discern that you and he did not have a amicable break up,” Mingyu says Seongho laughs, “Ah, now I’m sure he’s badmouthed me a lot behind my back,” Mingyu’s quick to defend Wonwoo, “actually, he never mentioned your name, not once, when we were dating,”
Seongho bites his lips and his fingers tighten around the bottle “Guess I’m not as important, huh?” Seongho says and Mingyu smiles, probably not,” Seongho grins, “well, that bastard was incapable of attaching importance to me even when we were dating so. That’s why we broke up”
Mingyu clenches his jaw, trying to contain his anger “Seongho-ssi, you’re a married man now. Isn’t it time you moved on from the past?” Mingyu tries his best to be nice to the newlywed Seongho smirks, “not until that bastard apologises to me,” Mingyu clenches his fist
“Why should he apologise to you?” Mingyu asks Seongho huffs, “the time we dated, he wouldn’t show me an ounce of affection. He always had that stupid, poker face at all times. He’d never smile, never put in the effort to look nice for me,”
Mingyu grits his teeth, “the past is the past. He’s moved on, and so should you. If you’ve come here to rant to me about my lover, then I have no interest in indulging you,” Seongho smirks, “no, I came to warn you actually,” Mingyu freezes, “what?”
“I’m telling ya, initially, it’s all rainbows and sparkles. But that man is incapable of love. He’s incapable of loving anyone. The only thing differentiating him from a machine is that he has flesh. I don’t know how he trapped you, you could do a lot better than him +
+ He’s dull and uninteresting, and will always prioritise his work over you. You should get rid of him as soon as possible. There’s not a drop of warmth in his body. I suggest you dump him and move on to someone more fun and good looking. He’s not worth your time”
Mingyu just sits there, mind numb and heart racing There are a million thoughts in his mind And some questions “Seongho-ssi, are you holding a reception?” he asks
Seongho frowns but answers the question anyway, “no. We decided not to. Why?” Mingyu smiles and stands up. Without an answer, he punches Seongho square in the face, making him plummet to the ground They’ve caused a scene and everyone’s watching but Mingyu doesn’t care
“You— how dare you!!” Seongho screams, trying to get up but Mingyu points a finger at him, gesturing to him to not even bother getting back up “I didn’t wanna do this cuz you’re a newlywed but you’re a pain in the ass”
Seongho jsut stares at him wide eyes, in total disbelief Mingyu shakes his hand, his knuckles throbbing, “damn, that’s the first time I’ve ever punched someone,” Seongho scrambles to stand up “How dare you—“ he groans
Mingyu smiles “I don’t know what Wonwoo was like in the past. But he has changed now. Your feelings of the past might be valid, but holding onto them, even after you’re married, it’s kinda pathetic, no? I suggest you leave us alone. Or I’ll get a restraining order issued,”
Seongho gasps and backs away Mingyu bows to everyone in the small bar, the owners as well “Sorry for the inconvenience,” he smiles When he turns to Seongho, his smile drops, “I’m a pacifist but I won’t tolerate pricks like you putting down my boyfriend like that,”
With nothing else left to say, Mingyu turns and leaves — His knuckles sting!! He didn’t know punching someone could hurt you too??? FUCK!! Mingyu makes his way back to the hotel room, to Wonwoo. And the pain in his knuckles isn’t so painful anymore His heart is racing
Mingyu stands outside the door. He sets his hair and he takes deep breaths to calm his heart Once calm, he exhales and opens the door to find ….. …the room empty and Wonwoo…. ….gone
— “Yknow, I thought you’d be happy after your little honeymoon in Busan,” Seungkwan says, noticing the bags under Mingyu’s eyes Mingyu drags his gaze onto Seungkwan, and he sighs “Not a honeymoon,” he clarifies Although, there was a bit of kissing Ok, maybe a lot
There was some tongue. No, lot of it Wonwoo’s a good kisser Mingyu groans and plants his face on the desk. It’s 8 pm and Mingyu tried his best to distract himself by drowning himself in work — countless meetings and a shit tonne of paperwork
But he can’t stop thinking about Wonwoo Wonwoo disappeared that night All he left was a note — ‘Sorry’ Mingyu sighs thinking about it What prompted Wonwoo to leave? Did he hate the kiss? Did Mingyu ruin everything? Will he never see Wonwoo again? Mingyu doesn’t want that
“Look, if things didn’t go well, I don’t want me to suffer because of it by wasting hours unnecessarily reorganising files just so you can distract yourself. I have a date to get to,” Seungkwan says and Mingyu frowns, turning to him, “what? With who?” Seungkwan avoids his gaze
Mingyu understands at once and gasps out loud “It’s Hansol, isnt it?” And Seungkwan swallows, “yeah, well,” Mingyu scoffs, “wow, so everyone except me has luck in their love life” Seungkwan raises a brow, “so you admit Wonwoo’s a part of your love life now?” Mingyu freezes
Seungkwan huffs “I knew you’d come around,” and Mingyu groans “So, what happened?” Seungkwan asks. Mingyu gulps “We kissed and he disappeared after that,” Mingyu stares plainly Seungkwan frowns, “what?”
“He left a note. I’ve tried calling but he won’t pick up. It’s been a week since I heard from him. I don’t want to show up at his workplace or home and take him by surprise. I’m hoping he comes around and calls me. I just…want to clear the air before we go out separate ways…”
Seungkwan frowns, “separate ways? Why would you have to go separate ways?” Mingyu sighs “I don’t know. It’s how my love life is. Any person I care about just…leaves. Even Wonwoo….” Seungkwan scoffs. “So, you’re giving up, then?” Seungkwan asks
Mingyu shrugs “I want to,” Seungkwan rolls his eyes “You…Hyung, if it were Haneul, I would’ve advised you to give up but it’s different with Wonwoo, right? You just need to talk to him. Don’t jump to conclusion. You should go track him down,” Mingyu purses his lips
But will Wonwoo even want to see him? “Just…why me?” Mingyu moans, “first Haneul, and now Wonwoo…” “Stop wallowing in self pity, Hyung! I don’t even think it’s completely about Wonwoo now. I think you need some closure from Haneul as well,”
Mingyu thinks Seungkwan might be right He’s fallen for Wonwoo but a part of him seems closure from what happened with Haneul Their break up was so haphazard and …. There were many things he wanted to tell Haneul but he couldn’t … “I guess so,” Mingyu says
Seungkwan clears his throat, “well, in that case,” he says as he types away at his phone Mingyu frowns, “what are you doing?” Seungkwan turns to the elevator, “getting you some closure” Mingyu watches as the Elevator dings and the doors open to reveal Haneul
He straightens and turns to Seungkwan, “What?!” “He told me he wanted to meet you once, that he’d wait as long as it takes and now that you’ve shown interest in seeking closure, I thought, why not?”Seungkwan says as Haneul walks over to Mingyu’s office
As Haneul walks into the office, Seungkwan walks out, “I’m late for a date!” He announces and leaves before Mingyu can give him a piece of his mind But he’s too busy staring at Haneul in disbelief, who stands there with a soft smile “Hey,” Mingyu swallows, “hey,”
Haneul takes a seat and Mingyu settles down as well, stunned to see Haneul He didn’t think he’d run into him again “Seungkwan said you wanted to see me,” Mingyu says and Haneul bites his lips, lowering his gaze, “I did. I wanted to….apologise,” Mingyu’s eyes widen, “huh?”
Haneul swallows, “I…for …cheating on you. I…I always blamed you for it, that maybe if you weren’t so caught up with work and paid attention to me, I wouldn’t have cheated on you. But now I realise that…that was wrong. I should’ve just broken up with you instead of…”
Mingyu….did not expect that…. Haneul takes a deep breath, “I’m sorry for everything. You were married to your work and I…I should’ve talked to you about it instead of hooking up with Hajoon. Maybe things would’ve been different…”
Mingyu swallows Haneul’s words seem genuine “I am sorry too, Haneul-ah. I was always too focused on work and…I should’ve given you some time. I’m sorry,” It feels nice letting that out of his chest Haneul purses his lips “You and Wonwoo knew, right? About Shanon and I?”
Mingyu only nods and Haneul sighs “Sorry. I’m truly sorry for…everything,” Haneul says, “Hajoon and I split. And he isn’t handling the break up all too well. And it made me think…I shouldn’t go down that path like him. That’s why I…wanted to apologise and clear the air”
Hajoon* , not Shanon. Stupid autocorrect
Mingyu smiles. It does clear the air “Thank you, for this,” Mingyu says Haneul smile and stands up “I don’t want to take up any more of your time so, I’ll take my leave now,” he bows. Mingyu smiles and watches the man leave Maybe he’ll let Seungkwan off the hook for once
But there’s a question in Mingyu’s mind “What do you mean Hajoon hasn’t been handling the break up well?” he asks and Haneul stops, turning
“Ah, he hates Wonwoo. He’s been blaming him for everything. It was getting annoying so I dumped him. I told him I’d come to talk to you to clear the air and that he should too,” Mingyu’s heart sinks Something doesn’t feel right “Did he say he’ll go talk to him?” Mingyu asks
Haneul ponders, “yeah. I think, right about now,” Mingyu swallows, and forces a smile, “thanks Haneul,” “You’re welcome” Haneul says and leaves, but the unsettling feeling continues to swirl in Mingyu’s gut He takes a few minutes for himself. He’s silent
He springs to his feet and grabs his keys He needs to see Wonwoo — Mingyu doesn’t know why he’s sprinting up the stairs to Wonwoo’s apartment instead of waiting for the elevator He doesn’t know why his heart is telling him to run as fast as he can
But as he finds the door to Wonwoo’s apartment open, Mingyu picks up speed and rushes in to find…. His eyes widen and he gasps out loud when he sees the condition of the place The flower vase broken, water all over the floor, shards of glass everything, scrumpled carpet…
Signs of struggle Mingyu’s shaking, he can’t breathe because there’s no sign of Wonwoo but there are…specks of blood on the floor He can’t bring himself to think, to act or anything He just stands there, frozen Until a voice calls out to him
“Young man, who are you?” And Mingyu turns to find a woman peeking in from the hallway, brow raised “I…I’m a friend of…Wonwoo.. what…what happened here?” He asks, terrified Her face softens
“A fight broke out between the boys that lived here. I heard sounds and called the police. Turns out one attacked the other. One of them even passed out. The two must be at the police station now,” Mingyu drops his phone, fingers numb and knees weak Wonwoo…where’s Wonwoo…
— Mingyu waited by Wonwoo’s place for hours But the man didn’t return home The old lady didn’t like Mingyu hanging around and sent him home But how can Mingyu go back home and act like nothing happened when he doesn’t even know how Wonwoo is! Or where he is, if he’s okay..
Mingyu just sits by the dining table, staring at his phone He begs for it to buzz He wishes Wonwoo returns his calls He hopes Wonwoo sees all the frantic calls Mingyu made to him All the messages asking him if he’s okay, and begging him to contact him
But for many minutes, for nearly an hour, the phone doesn’t ring and Mingyu just stares at it drearily Is this it? Is this over? He’s never going to see Wonwoo again, is he? Mingyu swallows. Tears well in his eyes and he takes deep breaths And then, the phone buzzes
Mingyu grabs his phone and checks the number His heart breaks It’s not Wonwoo Unknown number Mingyu places the phone down and exhales, trying to control the way he shakes and shivers Wonwoo… wonwoo… wonwoo…
The phone buzzes again, starling Mingyu, and it’s the same unknown number This time, Mingyu picks it up, “Hello?” “Mingyu?” Mingyu’s soul nearly leaves his body when he hears Wonwoo’s voice
“Wonwoo?!” He springs to his feet, disoriented and terrified and confused “Yeah, it’s me. My…phone broke and…I didn’t know who else to call…” Mingyu swallows “Where are you? I’m coming to get you,” Mingyu grabs his keys “No!” Wonwoo says and Mingyu halts, “won..”
“Mingyu just…I…I’m sorry I…ran away that day,” he begins “Don’t be! You…you have no reason to be!” “No. I do. I shouldn’t have left without an explanation. You deserve an explanation,” Mingyu swallows “Won…just..tell me where you are, please. I want to see you…”
Wonwoo doesn’t respond “Mingyu I….I wanted to talk to you but I ran into Seongho and he…” Mingyu gasps “What did he say?” Wonwoo swallows “He just…said some things about how I…don’t deserve to be loved by someone like you,” his voice breaks and Mingyu clenches his fist
“I didn’t want his words to get to me but..they did and…I got scared because…you’re so great and loveable and I’m so…” “You’re so what, Wonwoo? Charming? Funny? Handsome? Loving? Caring?” Mingyu says Wonwoo falls silent “You think so?” He asks and Mingyu sighs
“I know so. So, Wonwoo please just.. let me see you…” “No I…I don’t want you to settle. I…have problems. Everyone I’ve dated has…told me I can be dull and boring and…I can’t even match their energy so how in the world could I ever match yours? I’ll only hold you down..”
“Wonwoo, just…I wish…I wish you’d stop caring about what your stupid and bitter exes say about you, and for once, consider what I say, okay? Just…if you look at yourself from my eyes, you’d see how wonderful you are and how…blinding you are. I want you, okay? All of you…”
“Mingyu—“ “I’ll spend the rest of my life telling you how lovely you are, so please, come back to me, Wonwoo-yah,” Wonwoo doesn’t respond for a minute “The rest of your life?” Mingyu swallows, “if you’ll let me,”
“The rest of our lives is a long time…what if one day you wake up and realise I’m not worth it? That you don’t love me anymore? I…wouldn’t be able to take it..” Wonwoo’s voice breaks Mingyu’s eyes full with tears He hates that Wonwoo’s exes have battered him to such a state
“Wonwoo-yah, listen to me, okay? You…I don’t care how you were with your exes. I don’t know the past you but the present you is so painfully loveable that I…” Mingyu pauses He’s a little scared “That you?” Wonwoo asks
Mingyu’s startled by the door bell. He tries to ignore it, and talk to Wonwoo, tell him how much he … But his feet take him to the door and when he opens it, his jaw drops when he finds Jeon Wonwoo standing there, eyes misty and face flushed, like he ran here
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— When Wonwoo wakes up a couple of hours later, he finds the bed beside him empty and is instantly filled with panic He jolts awake and sits up, looking around for signs of Mingyu, and relaxes only when he sees a note on the night stand ‘Kitchen’ it reads
Wonwoo exhales and smiles, looking at the clothes Mingyu had put out for him. Wonwoo slides into shorts and the tee, proactively drowning in them and decides to walk over to the kitchen Of course, he finds Mingyu by the stove, cooking “Is that ramen?” Wonwoo asks
Mingyu startles but smiles as he turns to look at Wonwoo, “yup, take a seat,” he says and Wonwoo smiles He settles on the dining table and watches Mingyu prepare their middle of the night / after sex snack Wonwoo notices marks on Mingyu’s naked back and flushes
He thought he was careful with not leaving any marks. Apparently not! Mingyu turns around and pours the hot ramen into a bowl he’d prepared for Wonwoo. He garnishes it with some coriander and slides it over to Wonwoo, “here,” he says as he takes his seat
Excited, Wonwoo digs in and — “This is so good!” His eyes light up at the burst of flavour and Mingyu giggles, wiping some gravy off Wonwoo’s lips “Im glad” he says, taking a bite into his portion Wonwoo grins from ear to ear, enjoying their meal together.
They feast in comfortable silence “So, you care to explain how you got this wound?” Mingyu speaks up, his fingers brushing the hair off Wonwoo’s forehead to reveal a tiny injury Wonwoo sighs, leaning into Mingyu’s touch now that he can do so without feeling embarrassed
Wonwoo recollects the memories from a few hours ago — flashback — It was cowardly of Wonwoo to run away like that From Mingyu, who is obviously nothing like Seongho or Hajoon But Wonwoo couldn’t help but let Seongho’s words get to his head
That Wonwoo didn’t deserve Mingyu That he shouldn’t date Mingyu because he’s going to end up making Mingyu feeling horrible at the end of the day That Mingyu will eventually break it off Wonwoo sighs as he walks back to his apartment Mingyu’s called him quite a few times
But Wonwoo doesn’t have the guts to face him after running away like that Wonwoo exhales He touches his lips, cheeks warming at the recollection of how his lips melted into Mingyu’s, how Mingyu kisses him so passionately
Wonwoo pauses outside his place, taking a deep breath. His heart is racing and he really wants to see Mingyu Should he call him? Mingyu won’t…judge, right? He won’t… he’ll hear Wonwoo out Right? Wonwoo sighs and opens the door but— It’s already open
Alarms go off in his brain and he pushes open the door, only to find Hajoon standing in the living room Wonwoo relaxes, but keeps his guard on, pushing the door close behind him and walking over to Hajoon “I could have you arrested for trespassing,” he tells Hajoon
Hajoon turns to him, and Wonwoo notes the hatred in his eyes, the awkward tics, a sign of uncontrollable rage Wonwoo swallows as Hajoon smiles, “you…you ruined my life, Wonwoo-yah, and I’m not surprised” Wonwoo frowns
Hajoon continues, “knowing you, I knew you wouldn’t give a damn for another human because you’re incapable of empathy,” Wonwoo winces Hajoon takes a step closer to him, something about him scares Wonwoo He takes a step away from Hajoon who continues to close the distance
“You just kicked me out, so easily, after all I did for you. Did you ever even think of checking up on me? Wondering how I was faring? No, you just cozied up in this lavish apartment of yours, something you could afford by profiting off broken marriages, like a leech,”Hajoon says
“Hajoon, you should leave,” Wonwoo warns, standing his ground against the taller man looming over him now Hajoon smirks, rising his hand to grab Wonwoo’s collar, “look, even now you can’t show me an ounce of sympathy,” he says, and Wonwoo grabs Hajoon’s wrist tightly “Hajoon—“
tw // violence, blood “You ruined everything!” Hajoon grabs Wonwoo by his collars and violently pushes him to the ground, getting atop of him Wonwoo struggles to breathe under his chokehold, trying his best to wriggle out his grasp as Hajoon continues to hurl curses at him
But when Wonwoo looks past Hajoon’s manic eyes, he notices the flower vase Wonwoo reaches over and grabs it, smashing the item on Hajoon’s head, sending shards of glass flying everywhere Hajoon groans loudly, plummeting to the ground beside Wonwoo as Wonwoo catches his breath
Hajoon passes out, and Wonwoo tries to calm himself down He hears knocking on the door, the next door lady checking up on him Wonwoo gets up and walks over to the door, opening it, “Aunty, please call the police,”
— end of flashback — By the end of the story, Mingyu and Wonwoo end up back in bed, lying in their sides, facing each other Mingyu leans in and kisses him, “thank god you’re safe,” Wonwoo purses his lips, and studies Mingyu’s face
He likes that Mingyu comes back to kiss him again, and again till Wonwoo’s giggling from it Mingyu pulls him into his arms, kissing him softly, “were you scared?” he asks, kissing his head Wonwoo relaxes in his arms, “terrified,”
“Im sorry,” Mingyu comforts him, “I hope you’ll feel better soon,” Wonwoo looks up at him, his chin on Mingyu’s chest, “I already do,” Mingyu smirks and kisses Wonwoo’s nose, “I love you,” he says Wonwoo hesitates for a moment Should he say me too? Or I love you too?
Wonwoo’s never been so vocal before “You don’t have to—“ “I love you too,” Wonwoo cuts him off, and Mingyu chuckles Wonwoo kisses him and hugs him, “I’m going to say it out loud a lot more from now on,” he says and Mingyu giggles, “I’ll welcome it with kisses every time then”
— “I can’t decide if your night was horrible because you’re coming in at 12 or if it was great because you’re humming,” Seungkwan says but Mingyu ignores him, flipping through the files as he whistles his favourite song Seungkwan eyes him suspiciously
“Im gonna assume you got closure after talking to Haneul last night,” Mingyu hums, nodding as he smiles, “I did,” Seungkwan hums. Didn’t know that was all it took for Mingyu to go back to being his happy self again
“Anyway, sign these files by the end of the day. I have a lunch date,” Seungkwan says and Mingyu smiles, “enjoy,” Weird Mingyu’s weird “Then, I’m off!” Seungkwan says and turns, only to gasp out loud when he sees Wonwoo walking into the office
Wonwoo smiles when he sees Seungkwan, “hey, it’s been a while,” he says as he walks over to Mingyu’s desk with what looks like a bento box Seungkwan eyes the two suspiciously, because it looks like Mingyu was expecting Wonwoo “You’re here,” Mingyu grins and Wonwoo smiles shyly
“Hey…” Seungkwan says as the two go back to being how they always are with each other… “Anyway…see you guys,” Seungkwan says and turns to leave, to give the two some privacy Hopefully they’ll sort things out
“Ah, Seungkwan, can you close the blinds on your way out?” Mingyu asks and Seungkwan nods, “okay,” He takes the remote and presses a button, exiting the office as the blinds unfurl slowly
He turns around one last time, and when he catches a glimpse of Wonwoo leaning over the table to place a kiss on Mingyu’s lips, he pretends he doesn’t see it and hurries away
Once in the elevator, he lets a big smile make its way on to his face They’ll tell him sooner or later, he can wait till then. But, for now, he wishes them happiness
— THE END — The story has finally come to an end!! Thank you for reading it all the way till here! If you liked it, please do consider supporting me here : I’ll be taking a break from writing for a while, but I’ll see you soon some day!! Thank you!
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