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#yoonminau A/B/O Under the Influence After 7 years of marriage, Yg finds himself in a crossroad with his life when his personal assistant and childhood friend Jm drunkenly confesses his love for him. Is this love one-sided?

⭐alpha Yg/omega Jm ⭐side: Taekook/Namjin ⭐Aged characters - Yg is 8yrs older than Jm ⭐Emotional Cheating (NOT Ym) ⭐Mpreg ⭐mild smut later on 🔞 ⭐more tags as we go Will start: 2023/01/29 if there is interest.
⭐ angst/light angst ⭐ hurt/comfort ⭐ emotional hurt/comfort ⭐ unrequited love (maybe?) ⭐ mutual pining ⭐ friends to lovers ⭐ realization of feelings ⭐ more tags to follow
Min Yoongi had everything he wanted from his life back when he was only a poor dreamer. The alpha now owned cars, houses and had money in his bank account. More money than a person could ever imagine. He was married to the omega of his dreams. He had everything!
He was traveling the world and was invited to numbers of events that people could only dream of. He was producing some of the big names of this generation in music. He was happy!
"Yoongi-hyung?" The omega's sweet tangerine scent proceeded his voice when Jimin walked into his office. "I sent the flowers." "Flowers?" Yoongi looked up at the omega with the strange feeling that he had forgotten something... again. "What flowers?"
The omega's face was enough indication that he was right. "Your 7 yrs anniversary?" Jimin's voice was filled with patience. "Today's 29th, remember?"
"Oh...oh!?" Yoongi facepalmed. "Fvck! Thank you, Jimin-ah," the alpha sighed. "I don't know what I would've done without you." The omega rolled his eyes. "Sometimes I wonder the same."
"I wish Jieun was here though," the alpha rubbed the back of his neck. "Why she has to be busy on this day out of all--" "You're at work also, hyung," Jimin deadpanned. "Yeah... but I'm in Seoul," Yoongi pouted.
Jimin chuckled quietly and shook his head. "You almost look like an omega when you pout like that, hyung," then his face quickly turned serious again. "Your next meeting is in an hour. Make sure that you're ready." Then he left the office.
Jimin was Yoongi's best friend's brother. Yoongi was eight when Park Jimin was born and Namjoon was six. He could barely interact with the boy, because he was way older than him. But Jimin was a good kid.
They met again when Jimin was in High School and Yoongi was already living his life in Seoul. The alpha had suddenly decided to spend some time in his home town, before he would start his first job in the fall.
These summers turned into something as a tradition for Yoongi, Namjoon and Jimin. The three of them were always somewhere together. Yoongi took it as a nice relaxing period in his life.
The tradition lasted until Jimin started his university. He wanted to become a dancer one day, but everything had ended tragically one day when Jimin had broken his leg. The dreams of becoming a dancer were over.
It happened around the time when he presented as an omega. Jimin was also a late bloomer and sometimes Yoongi wondered if he had presented earlier, things would've been different for him.
Jimin took it bad and closed in himself for quite some time, until Yoongi finally convinced him to take a look around himself and decide what he wanted to do with his life from now on. "Dreams could change," the alpha had spoken then. "Take your time and pick a new one."
To his surprise, Jimin had listened to him. With Namjoon's help, the omega had changed his majors and graduated business. It was probably a coincidence when by this time Yoongi decided to start his job as a freelance producer.
He was quickly overwhelmed with the most mundane things though. He was an actual disaster when he had to deal with documents and all that sh!t. Jimin offered to help him one night, while they were having a drink in a local bar.
The omega showed up on the next morning and basically put everything in order. Jimin even made sure to label every file and show Yoongi how to deal with them from then on. Then the alpha got the brilliant idea to hire Jimin as his personal assistant.
To his surprise, Jimin accepted. Yoongi managed to pay him with his first paycheck. Few years later, the alpha managed to open his own small producing firm. Only he and Namjoon were working there as producers at first.
When Yoongi turned 29, he was listed as one of the most eligible bachelors in Seoul with his small fortune. Then... he met Kim Jieun. The omega rising actress, who had caught his attention right away. Some would say that their love story was like a fairytale.
Yoongi got married four years later and everything with Jieun was indeed like a fairytale... at first. She became famous and thus, more companies wanted her in their projects. She also refused to wear his bite, because she couldn't cover it with concealers when-
-she had to work. Yoongi loved her though and agreed on every condition. Jieun loved him as well. But... They slowly became two people, who spent the most of their time away from each other.
Yoongi was happy! He was! The alpha was staring at his glass of whiskey when his phone rang. "Hello?" He slurred. "Tell Jimin-ssi that I loved the flowers," Jieun's voice surprised him and the alpha flinched. "Huh?" The alpha hummed.
His wife chuckled. "Oh come on, Yoonie!" She was obviously in a good mood. "Knowing how busy you are, you probably forgot about our anniversary." "You know me so well," the alpha rubbed his eyes tiredly. "When are you coming home?"
"Two weeks from now," Jieun's voice was lively. "We're going to finish the last scenes then. I thought I told you this." "You probably did," Yoongi yawned, "it must've slipped my mind."
"Probably," the omega suddenly became distracted by the noise of something that was happening around her at the other end of the line. "Listen I have to go! I'll call you soon, ok? Love you!" "I--" Yoongi's answer got cut off. Jieun didn't even wait for it.
"Hyungie?" Jimin pushed his door open then. The alpha looked up and shoved his phone in his back pocket. "Are you ready to go?" "Yeah," Yoongi stretched out and got up, taking his jacket on his way to the door. "What are you going to do now, Jimin-ah?"
"Who...? Me?" The omega halted on his steps to the elevators, but quickly restored his balance. "I was about to go out for a drink. Taehyungie and Jungkookie are probably waiting for me already." "A drink, hm?" Yoongi thought for his lonely home for a moment.
"Yeah... why?" The omega asked and pushed the button when they entered in the elevator. "Nothing," Yoongi shrugged. "I was just asking." "Do you... want to join us?" Jimin's voice was unsure. "I mean... if you don't have any other plans."
The alpha chuckled lowly. "I would've, if my wife was here, but now? No, I don't have any plans." The omega's scent soured just for a moment but it disappeared just as quickly. Maybe Yoongi was just imagining stuff.
"Then it's settled!" Jimin grinned. "You're joining me and the guys! Everybody deserves a drink by the end of the week, yeah?" Yoongi couldn't stop the thought of how cute the omega was when he decided to play cool.
Jimin was quietly sipping from his drink and his eyes were roaming around humans' faces in the bar. The music wasn't as nearly as loud as it was in the night clubs, but it was loud enough not to be able to hear your thoughts.
His friends were a bit surprised, to pull in softly, when they saw him walking inside the bar with Yoongi. The person, who was Jimin's and Jungkook's boss. Jungkook was a filming director in the m/v's of the artists, produced by Yoongi and Namjoon.
Taehyung was an actor and had created a name for himself, although he wasn't one of the most famous ones out there. Still, he had enough money to enjoy his life fully and he was currently occupying the seat right next to Jimin in their small booth.
Yoongi had excused himself to go out for a cigarette and Jungkook was currently at the bar, ordering the next round of drinks. Jimin wasn't drunk though. He had a ridiculous high tolerance when it came for the alcohol. He and Yoongi were the same in that aspect.
But now the alpha was missing and he was left in Taehyung's hands. And a tipsy Taehyung was pretty handful thing. "So now you're bringing your crush with you, hm?" Taehyung patted his shoulder. "How about his wife, hm?"
"Can you please stop repeating that he's my crush now?" The elder omega hissed. "And his wife is not in the country. She is working. You know this, I told you... remember?" "Of course," Taehyung shrugged and reached out for his almost empty glass of alcohol.
"Then just... shut up! Okay?" Jimin looked around just in case the alpha decided to come back at that moment. "My feelings for Yoongi-hyung are already non-existent, ok? Ok!" Taehyung giggled. "Whatever makes you sleep at night."
Taehyung was saved only by Jungkook's arrival with their drinks. Jimin hoped that his omega friend would finally drop the subject. Thankfully, the alcohol distracted him and Taehyung decided to hang over his mate's arm, rather than prying in Jimin's personal life.
When Yoongi finally came back, Jimin was slightly tipsy. Jungkook had offered a tequila game of truth and dare and Jimin was losing with few rounds already. Jimin felt lightheaded, but still buzzing with happiness. He felt relaxed and maybe that was the reason for-
-him to grin wide Yoongi, showing his crooked tooth and making the alpha roll his eyes in exasperation. "I was out for only 30 min," Yoongi glared at Jungkook. "What did you do to him?" "Nothing," Jungkook's eyes were the pure innocence and maybe if there was someone else-
-both Jimin and Yoongi would believe him, but that was Jungkook. The maknae chuckled. "It's his fault that he doesn't want to share the truth," he stuck out his tongue. "Liar," Jimin slurred and reached out for his glass of soju. "Next round is on me!"
"Ah no," he heard Yoongi's voice and moved his eyes onto the alpha. His vision was becoming blurry. It felt kind of funny in a way and Jimin giggled. "You're going home," the alpha said and reached out for him. "I was having fun," the omega pouted. "C'mon hyungie..."
It took a lot of convincing, but Jimin finally agreed to join Yoongi out of the bar. The alpha decided to drop him off to his apartment and then drive back home. Jimin closed his eyes and started humming with the music, echoing from the radio in Yoongi's car.
"How are you feeling Jimin-ah?" Yoongi asked him when they stopped for a moment, probably on a red light. Jimin turned around and giggled again. "Yes, hyungie... I'm always good with you!" The omega hiccupped. "Do you know what?"
"What?" There was a fond smile over the alpha's face when he looked at him. "You deserve to be looooooved," the omega sighed. "Like... who is left alone on their anniversary, hm?" Jimin shook his head. "Nobody, right?" "Right," the alpha's answer was as if coming from afar.
"You know what also?" Jimin suddenly became brave. "If... this was our anniversary I would never leave you alone, yeah?" The omega giggled again. "Who'd leave you, hm?" He waved his index finger negatively. "Not me."
"Good to know," the alpha's eyes were focused on the road. "Yeah," Jimin took a deep breath and then exhaled dramatically. "I'd... I'd have you by my side and love you the way you deserve, yeah?" Then he grinned. "Because I'm so in love with you, hyungie..."
There was an awkward silence for a moment, but Jimin's drunken mind couldn't pay enough attention to it. "What?" The alpha's voice was low. "I'm so in love with youuuuuuuuu, hyungie!" The omega giggled. "But shhh, this has to stay secret, oki?"
Everything that happened after that was a nice blur in the omega's head. The next thing he remembered was how Yoongi was disposing him in his bed and then leaving his apartment. Jimin only managed to pull the cover over his body and fall asleep.
It was the longest drive to his home ever, Yoongi thought. Or maybe it was because he was simply driving around the empty streets of Seoul without any direction. The alpha didn't want to go back home so early... or late? Anyhow, he didn't want to be alone.
He even debated over the thought of calling his wife, but then quickly decided against it, seeing the time on his phone. When Yoongi finally reached to his apartment building and parked the car, Jimin's words were still echoing in his head.
Maybe he didn't have to make anything of it. The omega was drunk and didn't think of what he was talking about. It was simply a drunken gibberish, because he didn't want to think of the alternative when Jimin's words could actually mean something.
The alpha took a long shower and then dressed for the night. He liked to sleep topless, so he could feel the softness of the sheets over his skin. His eyes closed, but the sleep was running away from him. His memory was going back to the moment when Jimin had said those words.
Yoongi should ask him on Monday. Yeah, that was the best possible approach. His eyes opened and then narrowed in the darkness. Why he even had to think about that? Jimin was his best friend, his personal assistant! He would never think of him like something other than that.
When the sleep finally came, Yoongi was still thinking about the cute omega with tangerine scent.
When Jimin opened his eyes on the next morning it was to the most serious headache of his life. The omega groaned and closed his eyes right after he opened them. His head was pounding like crazy and he felt nauseous.
Even the thought of getting out of his fluffy nest was feeling all too much for him. Jimin groaned and pulled the cover over his head. Wait! A cover? His nest? How did he end up in his own bed last night? He quickly sniffed the air around himself.
Okay, it was only his own scent... good. That was good... oh... WAIT! Who brought him here? Then he caught the faint scent of rain forest and groaned again. But of course! Yoongi! Min Yoongi took him back home last night. Jimin didn't remember any of it though.
He finally fought with his blankets to get out from under them. The world swayed a bit, but to his surprise there was a bottle of water and a hangover pill waiting for him on his nightstand. "Thanks, Yoongi-hyung..." the omega mumbled and took the pill.
When he felt enough like himself again, the omega went for a refreshing shower and then his usual hangover soup. Yoongi had taught him the recipe and the omega was really thankful.
Just when he was ready with the soup, Jimin decided to check his phone. It was again neatly placed onto his nightstand in his bedroom and it was fully charged. Yoongi had taken good care of his drunken self the night before. Jimin should thank him on Monday.
He checked his chats then and his eyes caught a chat with his best friend from the night before that Jimin didn't remember having it. [you] Homf [TaeTae] Sweet dreams, Chim.🥰 [you] Tolf Yoomfi l lobs him 🤣🤣🤣 [TaeTae] ...? [you] Nify
The omega stood frozen for more than a minute, basically glaring at the screen as if the thing would disappear only with the strength of his thought. It didn't work, so he dialed Taehyung's number and prayed that his friend was awake. He was.
"Taeyahhhhhhhh I wanna dieeeeeeeeeeeee," he whined over the phone. "How could you let me leave with hyung?" "You didn't ask me," his friend's voice was still sleepy and he could hear Jungkook's groan as the background. "What are you going to do now?"
"Pretend like I never said this," Jimin sighed. "Let's hope he doesn't bring it up when I go back to work on Monday." "Chim..." "No!" The omega interrupted his friend. "He is married and happy. He doesn't need a complication like my drunken confession to ruin his life."
"Maybe he would've been married to you if you had balls to admit your feelings to him 7 years ago!" Taehyung's voice sounded a bit distant. It sounded like the other omega was moving around, while having him on speaker. A sound of a coffee machine confirmed that.
"Tae-yah," Jimin groaned and rubbed his eyes. "Not everybody are like you and Kookie." "True," Taehyung said, already close to the receiver. "Just because we've had the guts to confess, unlike some people I know."
"It's over, okay?" Jimin groaned. "Hyung is happily married now and I moved on." "Excuse you, but your last night's confession proved you wrong." "Just a slip," Jimin mumbled.
"You've been in love with this guy for years Chim," Taehyung paused to sip something, probably his tea because he disliked even the scent of coffee around himself. "You've tried to move on so many times. It didn't happen. Maybe you should come clean and that'll help you."
"It's too early in the morning for your advices Tae-yah!" Jimin scoffed but only heard his friend's quiet chuckle. "It's two in the afternoon and why did you call me then, Chim-ah?" Jimin groaned and cut the connection.
Min Yoongi was in a good mood when he entered his office this Monday morning. His weekend was spent at home, lazing around and throwing few ideas for a song in his notebook. He had few videocalls with his wife even, although her schedule was quite busy and they were in different-
-time zones. That was good and the alpha felt himself the happiest man alive. His best friend Namjoon even caught him humming a new melody that was stuck in his head, while eating from his favorite tangerines. The younger alpha was just about to talk when the door was pushed-
-open and a causally suited Park Jimin entered the space Yoongi and Namjoon joined studio. Yoongi almost choked on the tangerine piece that he was munching at the moment when his eyes lay over the omega.
"Good morning, hyungs," he bowed politely to the both alphas. Even to his own step brother. Namjoon chuckled at his antics and took his place with Yoongi already occupying his own. "Namjoon-hyung, you have a meeting at 4pm and--"
"Aren't you my assistant?" Yoongi interrupted the omega. The need to tease him was strong. "Hyung's assistant called sick today, so you have to share," Jimin directed a smile towards him. Yoongi's own teasing one dimmed on his face.
The omega was feeling tense and Yoongi could notice that, even if he couldn't smell the distress on him that much. Jimin had an amazing control over his inner wolf. Yoongi had always admired him for that.
"Ok, Jimin-ah," Yoongi answered softer than usual, but Jimin's face didn't change. "Is there something I need to know?" "Your schedule is free today, hyung," the omega said even without looking at his notebook.
Then he simply turned around and left the studio without even saying goodbye. Yoongi stared long time at the closed door. That was until Namjoon cleared his throat. "Did you two fight or something?"
"No," Yoongi frowned and looked at his alpha friend. "Why?" Namjoon shrugged. "Jimin felt different in a way. He's usually like this when you two have an argument or something. I think he has a huge respect when it comes to your opinion, hyung."
"Oh," Yoongi's voice wavered and he suddenly looked away from the other alpha. "Thank you for sharing that with me, Joon-ah," he hummed. "Let's get some work done today, shall we?"
Thankfully, Namjoon just dropped the subject about Jimin's strange behavior. But what Yoongi could tell him otherwise? That his little bro had confessed his love for him? Until that morning, Yoongi hoped that Jimin doesn't remember it.
He was hoping that he shouldn't have to deal with it. But that hope was gone now. Jimin clearly remembered his own words towards him. Maybe if Yoongi pretended that he doesn't remember then Jimin would do the same... after all it was for all of their goods.
"Noona sent me a text to thank me for the flowers," Jimin said as soon as he brought Yoongi's lunch that same day. He was obviously trying to act as if nothing happened. Well, Yoongi could do the same.
"Yes," the alpha relaxed back on his office chair. Namjoon decided to stay in the studio, while Yoongi decided to take his lunch break. "She told me that." "Good," Jimin smiled and turned around to leave. "Maybe next time you'll remember to do it on your own."
Then he left, not leaving Yoongi a room for an answer. The alpha frowned, thinking over the omega's words. Maybe he was right, but then why he would always forget for such small things as anniversaries with his own wife?
Jieun came back two weeks later and Yoongi was back to his usual self. He was happy spending moments with his wife. He was always happy when she was back. The omega was excited, because her new project meant more success for her.
Yoongi was happy. He truly was. Jimin's confession almost forgotten. The omega never mentioned it again and his behavior at work never changed again. Everything went back to normal.
That was until the moment Yoongi decided to take his wife out on a date. Jimin had booked him a nice place for the evening. Everything was perfect as always. The dinner was nice and he enjoyed Jieun's company.
Then they came back home and decided to end the evening in the bed. But there... there was something that happened, or didn't happen that ruined the whole experience for the night.
"Ok what's wrong?" The omega asked him with confusion when Yoongi pulled away confused by his alpha's unwillingness to sleep with his wife. "Nothing," the alpha frowned and sat on the bed. "Nothing's wrong! I just..."
"Maybe you're tired?" Jieun cupped a side of his face and forced him to look at her. "Is that it, babe?" "Y-yeah," the alpha forced a chuckle. "T-that must be it."
They went to sleep after that. Yoongi wrapped his arm around his wife's waist and pulled her petite body to himself and inhaled the sweet vanilla scent. It suddenly turned suffocating to him, but he didn't pull back, because that was Jieun, his wife and he loved her!
When he woke up on the next day, Jieun was in the kitchen, already having her breakfast. It was a special one - only nutrients and stuff for her diet. She was really taking a good care of her body. Yoongi smiled when he entered the small place.
"Good morning babe!" She grinned and pecked his lips when he passed by her to pour himself some coffee. "Morning," Yoongi yawned. "Do you have any plans for today?" "My agent is coming to take me out for a meeting," Jieun answered, reaching out to her tea.
"A new project already?" The alpha tried really hard not to sound disappointed. "You just came back." "You know how much I love my career, right babe?" Jieun pouted cutely. "I was thinking of something else," Yoongi cleared his throat. It was in his mind in a while-
-but he didn't know how to approach the subject when his wife was almost never at home. "You have exactly ten minutes to tell me," Jieun was too busy with placing her empty cup in the dishwasher. "That would take more time actually, but okay..." the alpha cleared-
-his throat. "I was thinking it's about time for us to think about a family." Jieun stiffened. Then she turned around with a frown over her face. "Again? I told you it's too early for me to have a pup."
"I'm 40 and you are 38!" Yoongi couldn't hide his annoyance. "We're not exactly getting younger." "I don't have time for this!" Jieun stormed out of the room. "When you ever did!?" The alpha yelled after her.
Yoongi decided to go to work that day, even though he wasn't about to do it. He wanted to spend the day with his wife, but Jieun obviously had another plans. Plus, he was still irritated from their conversation.
Jimin wasn't there, but his scent was lingering in Yoongi's office. The omega had probably been there to prepare the documents for the important meeting that the alpha had on the next day.
Jimin liked to be punctual, have plans for everything and fulfilling them. Yoongi liked that in him. But there was also a side of the omega that the alpha liked the best - his innocence. The way the omega was looking to the world around him.
Jimin was a firm believer in true feelings and love. He believed that there was something good in every person. Maybe this is why his two previous relationships had failed, Yoongi thought. The alphas he dated weren't for him. Yoongi hadn't liked any of them.
One of them was too old, older than he was even. And the other was Jimin's first ever boyfriend from the Uni. The alpha had cheated on him and left him broken hearted. Yoongi was about to find that son of a b!tch and beat him to the point he never knew his face.
"Ah, hyung?" Jungkook peered through the door. He was obviously surprised to see the alpha there. "I thought you said that you've had a day off?" "Change of plans," Yoongi shrugged.
"Okay," the younger alpha smiled. "I'm here to do some final touches over JxJ's mv." "Don't worry too much," Yoongi smiled as well. "You have golden hands for everything, kid."
The younger blushed. "Hyung!" He rolled his eyes with a laughter. "Ok, I'll leave you now. See you sometime later." "Bye," Yoongi waved at the maknae and watched him closing the door. He often wondered what would've been to have a mate to himself, just like-
-Jungkook was having his Taehyung right beside himself. The elder alpha shook his head and then turned on his laptop. Maybe he could do some work today after all.
Sometimes Jimin thought that he was cursed to never have what he truly wanted. Instead, he had a life dreamed by many, but not from him. Still, he was happy. He had money and friends. He was in good connections with his family, although they were never close.
Maybe just love wasn't for him. It wasn't like he hadn't tried to have it - that dream of his. He had tried many times - to fall in love, go out on dates, settle down and mate. Have pups someday, ah... pups! Jimin stared at the little kids playing in the small playground.
It was his torture, but also his favorite part of the day. It happened just after he had finished with his work and still had some time to spare. The weather was good still so he invented a tradition of his - having a snack in the park.
It beat being alone in his rented apartment. Once his best friend mated, Jimin had lost his closest person. It wasn't like Taehyung was spending less time with him, but he was always with his mate, or talking about his mate. Jimin couldn't blame him. Taehyung was happy.
And it was obvious by his huge smile and his glowing eyes. Jungkook was making him happy. He was a good alpha and a mate to Jimin's best friend. Jungkook was actually acting older than his real age and Jimin respected him for that. There weren't many people, who-
-could deal with Taehyung. Jimin had watched his best friend's old dates come and go. But Jungkook had stayed and he had stayed for good. Jimin sighed and got up from the bench he was sitting on. Then he threw what was left from his sandwich in the closest bin and decided to-
-head back home. The omega had to get to bed early that night. Yoongi had an important meeting tomorrow and the alpha liked when everything was in order around him. Jimin was making sure of that order so he had to be there 100%!
With one last look at the playground, Jimin headed for the bus stop. It was a long way home otherwise.
Namjoon was checking his phone when he saw a message from Jimin. His little brother was informing him that he had gotten back home safe. The alpha sighed and responded shortly, then he looked up to see Yoongi glaring at his laptop.
The alpha had suddenly decided to work today and Namjoon was shocked to see him working behind his desk. He decided to join him and now, they were spending their time in silence. Namjoon was on his phone and Yoongi on his laptop.
"Who was that?" Yoongi asked and surprised the younger alpha. The elder's eyes were not moving from the screen. "Jimin-ah just messaged me that he's gotten back home," Namjoon shrugged. "Do you need some help with the contract?"
Yoongi licked his lower lip in concentration. "I'm almost finished and then I'll mail it to you." "Okay," the younger sighed and decided to check his phone again. "How's he lately?" Yoongi surprised him again. "Huh?" Namjoon looked at him.
"Jimin," Yoongi threw a brief look at his friend from over the laptop. "How is he?" "I thought you two are talking, hyung," the younger alpha rolled his eyes. "We are," Yoongi hummed and then clicked something on the laptop. "There... sent! We're talking, but he stopped."
"He stopped what?" Namjoon was honestly confused. "Just sharing things with me," Yoongi rested back on his chair. "Everything is work, work and work again. We don't have time to talk." "Ah, you mean the personal stuff?" The younger asked and Yoongi nodded. "Well..."
"What?" The elder asked impatiently. "Is he having someone new?" "We all wish for that, but no," Namjoon shook his head. "Although, he is still dreaming of having a family of his own." "Don't we all," Yoongi hummed quietly.
"What's wrong, hyung?" As Yoongi's best friend for years, Namjoon was able to notice the sadness in the alpha's voice. "Jieun and I fought," Yoongi mumbled, rubbing his temples. "Again. She is currently with her agent, discussing her new project."
"What?" "Yeah," Yoongi chuckled sadly. "I thought we're finally going to talk about us. I had plans of taking some time off and focusing over creating our family, but she has no such plans, Joon-ah." "What do you mean? I thought you two talked before the marriage?"
"We did," the elder nodded. "We both agreed that it's too early, but... we want the same thing, eventually." "Hyung," Namjoon frowned. "Don't start with that again," Yoongi glared at him. "I don't want to have that 'I told you so' talk again."
"Fine!" The younger scoffed. "But I did warn you to think twice before marrying that omega!" "I loved her, Namjoon!" The elder growled then. "Loved?" Namjoon's voice lowered. "What?" "You said loved your wife, as in past tense..."
"What are you talking about?" Yoongi looked annoyed. "I still love my wife! Of course I do! And I am happy with her, ok?" "Are you happy, hyung?" Namjoon asked him with somber voice. Something flashed through the elder's eyes, but it was so fast that Namjoon thought that he saw-
a ghost. But it vanished just as fast as it had appeared. He asked again. "Are you truly happy?" "I am!" Yoongi scoffed. "I am happy, Joon. I am... happy." His voice lowered by the end, but they both pretended that they never noticed.
The first thing that Jimin noticed on the next morning when he entered the alpha's office, was Yoongi's sleeping form on the huge couch. The omega scrunched his nose, smelling the distressed alpha's scent in the room, mixed with the scent of whiskey.
His heart clenched when he saw Yoongi's curled up form. It was the alpha's favorite position to sleep when he was alone. Jimin knew from his childhood and the nights that Yoongi had spent in their home. The alpha was taking his bed in his and Namjoon's shared room-
-while Jimin was sleeping on the couch in their living room back in Busan. He always thought that the alpha looked like a cat while he was sleeping. The way he would scrunch his nose if something was irritating it, or the curve of his lips, half open during his sleep time.
He was the perfection in Jimin's eyes, ever since the omega was a little kid. And then his crush - ever since Jimin had presented as an omega. He had never shared this with his brother, of course. That would be really awkward.
"Jimin-ah?" Yoongi's sleepy voice made shivers run down his spine, but the omega did everything to control his scent. When Yoongi opened his eyes to look at him, Jimin was with his normal face. "What time is it?"
"It's close to eight," the omega walked to the windows and pulled the shades away to let the sun in. He could hear Yoongi's groan behind his back and the rustling, indicating that the alpha was probably sitting up already.
"You have spare close in the closet in your bathroom," the omega said and pulled one of the small windows half-open to punish the whiskey smell away. "Aren't you going to ask me what am I doing here?" Yoongi's voice was muffled. He was still sleepy.
"You can tell me if you want, hyung," the omega finally turned around, just to see Yoongi's retreating back. He watched until the alpha closed the bathroom's door behind himself. Then his shoulders slumped. "How I wish you'll share everything with me," he whispered.
But then he shook his head, reminding himself that he had no business in Yoongi's private life. The alpha was his own family to take care. A night spent in the office meant nothing. Jimin knew how much Yoongi loved his wife, even if that thought was breaking his small heart.
"I'm ready," Yoongi walked out of the bathroom just few minutes later. Jimin turned around to look at him, but then he frowned, seeing his tie. "Come here," he called the alpha to himself and sat on his desk, so they could be eye-to-eye.
As soon as the alpha stood in front of him, Jimin reached out for his tie. He knew how to do a perfect /Windsor/ knot and Yoongi was always poor in that, ever since Jimin knew the guy.
"There you go," Jimin bit his lower lip, concentrating over his job. Then he looked up once he was ready. "You've managed to find your..." His words suddenly stuck in his throat when he met the alpha's eyes.
Jimin suddenly realized how close they were and how intense Yoongi's scent had become. He swallowed hard and opened his mouth to try and say something, but then the door was pushed open and the alpha was forced to turn around and meet their guest.
Jimin was finally allowed the breathe and managed to put a fake smile on his face when his eyes stopped on his eldest brother. Namjoon was staring between him and Yoongi, but then he cleared his throat. "Our guests are here, hyung," he said calmly. "Let's go."
Jimin let out a sigh of relief when the two alphas left the office. He dashed for the bathroom wanting nothing else but to splash his face with cold water.
"Care you tell me what was that?" Namjoon asked him on their way to the conference room. Yoongi's eyes narrowed. "I don't know what you're talking about!" The alpha snapped. "Let's just focus over the meeting, yeah?" He pushed the door open, ignoring his friend's stare.
The meeting was productive, per se. Namjoon decided that it was worth to work with that new beta trainee and his manager. They signed the contract faster than they thought. When they bid the duo goodbye, the two alphas stayed in the conference room to add some details.
"Hyung listen..." Namjoon's voice was pensive and Yoongi stared at him, over the last signed page. Then he slid the contract to him. "About before," the younger put up his hand just when Yoongi thought to interrupt him. "I know what I saw."
"You saw Jimin fixing my tie for me," the alpha cleared his throat and rested back on his chair. "It's not something you haven't witnessed before." "Hyung..." Namjoon stopped for a moment, obviously searching for the right words. "I just don't want my brother to get hurt."
"I'd never hurt him, Joon-ah..." the elder frowned. "Who do you think I am? I've known Jimin ever since he was a kid." "Yeah, but," Namjoon gathered the documents from the table, "he is not a kid anymore." Then he left the room without waiting for an answer.
Yoongi got up from his place and walked to the huge floor to ceiling window. He stared outside, thinking about the sweet scent of tangerines that he felt around Jimin. The thought of wrapping the omega in his arms then and there made him feel sick to his stomach.
He had never felt like that before, not to someone who wasn't his wife. His wife, who Yoongi loved... right? The wife that was always missing from his life, but he was happy with her. They were happy. No matter what happened in their lives... they would be happy, right?
The alpha shook his head to clear his thoughts and took a deep breath. Then he walked to the door and opened it harshly. It was about time for him to face his problems and talk to Jieun. His head was getting muddy only because he had ignored her the whole day.
But she never called anyway, Yoongi thought a bit later staring at his phone. There was a message from her manager that Jieun was going to be home for dinner that night. Yoongi sighed and rolled his eyes. "Your dinner is at 8!" Jimin's voice startled him and the alpha looked-
-at the door to see the omega, standing there with his smartphone in hand. "Everything is ordered from your favorite restaurant, hyung. I suggest you to be there on time. Jieun-noona hates when she has to wait for you."
"That's true," Yoongi mumbled to himself. "She does hate that." "I contacted with her manager," Jimin continued as if he hadn't heard him at all. "Her mood got better today, because she signed a new contract. She's gonna work with her favorite director."
"Yeah," Yoongi rested back on his chair and threw his phone onto the table. "Of course she's going to be happy, fulfilling her dreams." Jimin suddenly frowned. "Is everything okay, hyung?" "Yeah, yeah..." Yoongi rubbed his temples, but then stopped all of a sudden. "No!"
"I'm sorry?" Jimin blinked with surprise. Then he looked over his shoulder and closed the door behind his back. "What's wrong, hyung? I thought you'd be happy that noona is back home." "It's not about that," the alpha frowned.
"Then what is?" Jimin placed his phone onto Yoongi's desk. The tangerine scent sweetened, as if trying to calm the alpha's irritation. "You know I'm not only your personal assistant, hyung. I'm your... friend also."
"It's just..." Yoongi mumbled and looked up to meet the omega's eyes. The look in them was soft and filled with something that Yoongi refused to acknowledge yet. "I wanted a family, Jimin-ah." "I know," the omega nodded. "It's why you married noona, right?"
Yoongi nodded. "Partially, yeah," the alpha sighed. "I loved her and I thought we want the same thing in life. But I... I don't know anymore." Jimin rounded the desk and went to Yoongi. He sat on the wooden surface not so far away from the alpha. "Can you tell me?"
"We argued... again," Yoongi finally admitted. "I wanted to take some time off and... perhaps work for our first pup, but she... she has other plans." "She doesn't want pups?" Jimin said with confusion in his voice.
"I... I don't know anymore," Yoongi rubbed his eyes tiredly and then looked up at the omega. "Every time I try to talk to her about it, she always runs from the subject." Jimin reached out and touched the alpha's shoulder, squeezing it lightly. "Maybe you should try harder?"
Yoongi chuckled sadly. His hand reached out to cover the omega's one over his shoulder. Jimin clasped it in his own. "Maybe I'm afraid of her answer, Jimin-ah," the alpha said softly. "I'm scared of what would I do if my love for her was only a dream."
"A dream, hyung?" Jimin frowned, but he didn't even try to pull out his hand. "What are you talking about?" "Nothing," the alpha chuckled wetly and just then he realized that his eyes were teary. "I don't want to trouble you with my mistakes."
"Hyung no... listen!" Jimin was fast to reach out and take his other hand as well. Yoongi let him. "How about we ditch work today, hm?" "What are you talking about, Jimin-ah?" Yoongi shook his head with amusement.
"Do you remember the place where we used to go when one of us felt down in the past?" The omega smiled softly. His eyes glowed. "That place around Han River?" Yoongi's eyes widened. "Is it still open?"
Jimin nodded excitedly. "Yeah. I often go there when I want to be alone with my thoughts." Something in Jimin's smile warmed his soul and body. Yoongi felt like he wanted to smile and let the omega pull him up from his chair.
"Okay," he said and reached out for his jacket. "Lead the way, Jimin-ah!" The both walked out from his office hand in hand without even noticing. Yoongi hadn't felt that light and happy in a long while. His dinner plans... forgotten.
It's been awhile, Yoongi thought while following Jimin through the night market along the Han River. It's been awhile since he's enjoyed the simple life of a person, who was stripped off of any cares in the world. Only the joy to spend some time with a person you like.
The weather was chill, but still warm for this time of February. Still, Jimin was wearing his cute winter hat that was covering his ears as well. The alpha had bought that hat from Finland and then gifted it to the omega. Jimin was wearing it every winter since.
The omega grabbed his hand then and dragged him to a food stall, where Yoongi was forced to buy the /most delicious food/ in the world, if you can trust Park Jimin. But the alpha indulged him, basking in the omega's cute smile. Maybe that was how a happy person looked like.
When they finished eating, they went to their favorite park from the past. It also happened that their favorite bench was unoccupied and also spared by the snow by some kind of a miracle. The omega snuggled in him when they sat down. Yoongi knew how much Jimin hated the cold.
He had probably pressed his body to the alpha without even noticing. But Yoongi didn't mind. He wrapped his arm around the omega and pulled him closer. Then they both fell quiet, but it was nice. It was relaxing in a way.
"I also have a dream, Jimin-ah... you know?" The alpha suddenly started talking. Jimin was quiet and listening to him. "I have a dream for a family of my own." "I know," the omega mumbled beside him. "Three pups as a minimum," he even chuckled. "And a house in the suburbs."
Yoongi was nicely surprised. "You remember?" Jimin sighed. "I remember almost everything you ever said, hyungie. Namjoon-hyung once said that I have an impressive mind when it comes to you."
"Really?" The alpha was curious. "Yeah," the omega almost whispered. "Sometimes I wish I just... don't. The night I confessed to you? Yeah, I remember. I wasn't that drunk, but I preferred to be."
Yoongi suddenly stiffened. "Jimin-ah--" "No, just listen now, okay?" The omega interrupted him, but without pulling away. "If I can't say anything right now, I don't know if I've ever got to courage to do it."
"Okay," the alpha rubbed his shoulder subconsciously. "The truth is I've fell in love with you ever since I was old enough to know what love is," the omega's voice was hushed. " were my brother's best friend. You were older than me and never seen me as someone, who's-
-worthy of your interest, or... something like that. So I've tried to move on, really!" The omega paused for a moment. "But my heart just wasn't there... isn't there, still. And I want you to know that I don't expect anything from you, hyung."
Jimin's tangerine scent soured and Yoongi could pick up his distress easily. He couldn't control his alpha's wish to try and soothe the omega. He didn't even put a fight against that wish. "I know," he simply said when Jimin stopped talking. "I know you're selfless."
"Thank you, hyungie," the omega sniffled after a while. He didn't pull away and Yoongi didn't push him away either. They kept sitting on the same bench and staring at the night sky, desperately searching for their lucky star.
When Jimin came back home alone, he was fast to brush his teeth and hide under the blanket. His nest was still carrying only his scent and he still felt that someone else's scent was missing.
Jimin sniffled and went to take his coat from the rack. Then he snuggled with it in his nest, nose buried into the fur, still carrying Yoongi's rainforest scent. His heart was broken into small pieces, but at least now Jimin knew that they weren't going to heal for a long while.
He didn't show up at work on the next day. Yoongi sent him a short message, wondering how he was. Jimin ignored it and pulled the covers over his head once again. When Taehyung started knocking onto his front door later that day, Jimin couldn't ignore him.
"What the He--" Taehyung's angry tirade was cut short when he noticed the condition Jimin was in. "Oh my Chimmy-Chim!" He wrapped his arms around him instead in Jimin let out a pitiful whine. "Don't worry, bub! TaeTae is here!"
Taehyung called his mate later and sure enough, Jungkook appeared just an hour later, carrying two giant plastic cups of ice cream. After a short kiss by the door, the alpha went back to work and Taehyung went back to his friend.
"I'll be good," Jimin sniffled after the next spoonful of ice cream. "Of course you are, Chim!" Taehyung nodded curtly. "If Hobi-hyung was here now, he would probably trick you to go out and have some fun instead."
Jimin rolled his eyes. "His idea of fun is having his next hook-up, so no thank you! Remember when he tried to set me up that one time? Nah, thank you!" Taehyung giggled. "The alpha was looking good, but--" "But he wanted to get laid and not to the job himself!" Jimin flinched.
"As if you'd let someone touch you," Taehyung rolled his eyes dramatically. Jimin blushed. "Some of us have different understandings when it comes to life, thank you!" Then he put another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.
Taehyung simply shook his head and decided to play with the TV remote for some time. He finally found somewhat decent TV show to watch, but he wasn't someone, who's attention could be easily caught to something as trivial as a TV show.
"Jieun-noona left again, you know?" The younger omega said as causally as ever. Jimin suddenly felt as if he didn't want more ice cream. He pushed the cup away and rested back on the sofa. "Oh, you didn't know then..."
"I thought I saw her assistant's name popping up this morning, but I haven't checked it," Jimin admitted quietly. "Oh, okay..." Taehyung sighed, but Jimin felt as if that wasn't the main thing the omega wanted to share with him. "Yoongi-hyung didn't join her at the airport."
Ah, so that must be the big news then. Jimin groaned and covered his eyes. "Taehyung-ah..." "What?" The younger was buzzing though. "It never happened before. My source said that she looked angry." "Your source?" Jimin peaked at him through his fingers.
Taehyung rolled his eyes. "D!spatch, duh!" The omega pulled out his phone to show it to him, but Jimin shook his head. "What?" "I trust you," he said and uncovered his eyes. Then he suddenly remembered something. "Oh fvck!"
"What? What?" "Yoongi-hyung was supposed to have dinner with her last night!" Jimin groaned in despair. "I completely forgot that! And instead, I dragged him to the Han River!"
Taehyung grinned wide. "So... he spent the evening with you, instead with his wife?" "I don't like that face," Jimin frowned. "I am not a homewreker, Tae!"
The younger's grin disappeared then. "I'm sorry. I just... I hate to see you so miserable, Chim-ah... I wish there is a way for you and--" "Shh!" Jimin interrupted him again. "I know and I love you for it, Tae-yah.I just have to learn how to live my life without... that person."
"Or... a miracle can happen," his best friend gave him a hopeful smile. "You never know..." Jimin shook his head with a sad smile on his lips. If only miracles do happen...
When Yoongi came home that night, he never expected to feel himself so refreshed. He hadn't felt like that in years. Actually, the last time he had felt like this, was while he was still a student... before he even met Jieun.
But as soon as he closed the door behind his back and turned on the lights, the scent of an angry omega made his smile suddenly disappear from his face. Jieun... sure. His wife, who had made a special appointment to have a simple dinner with him.
The alpha had simply forgotten by some weird reason. He rubbed the back of his neck tiredly and walked into his expensive living room. Sometimes he thought that it looked more like a museum.
"Where have you been?" Jieun asked him as soon as his foot stepped onto the marble floor. Yoongi halted on his steps for a short moment. "I'm sorry," the alpha put his hands up. "My phone died and I lost the track of time."
Jieun scrunched her nose in disgust. "What about Park Jimin's phone then?" "Excuse me?" The alpha was momentary confused. "What about Jimin?" "You reek of him," Jieun got up from the sofa. Her high heels clacked onto the floor and she stopped in front of him.
The omega didn't reach to touch him even. Only her eyes narrowed, as if she was extremely angry. "Yes," the alpha snapped then. "I was with Jimin. We never actually looked at our phones." "Why? Too busy fvcking?" Jieun hissed.
Yoongi's jaw would've dropped to the floor if that was possible. His eyes widened with confusion. How could his wife think of such thing? They were married for seven years and all through this time Yoongi had never even thought of another omega. Now Jimin all of a sudden?
"What are you talking about?" The alpha managed to say. "How could I ever--" "You are always together!" The omega snapped. Her red lips tinted in a snarl. "Now you are reeking of him! What else could I think?"
"Jimin is my assistant.., no! He is my friend!" Yoongi suddenly found himself angry from the whole situation. "You know what? Don't even mention his name here, okay? You have a problem with me - not him!" "And now you're protecting him?"
"Seriously! What's wrong with you, Jieun?" The alpha shook his head then. "Why are you always finding reasons to fight with me lately, hm?" The omega threw her hands in the air. "Now it's my fault? It doesn't happen for the first time."
"What? What doesn't happen for the first time?" "This!" She snapped. "You... coming home and basically reeking of Jimin! I know he's your personal assistant and you two are close, but... I don't like that!" Yoongi wasn't sure he was hearing right. "What?"
"How about you found another and we can drop that subject, okay?" She put her hands on her waist. "How about you stop blaming him for our problems?" Yoongi crossed his arms on his chest.
"He is our problem!" The omega hissed. "Jimin has nothing to do--" "Then why you suddenly stopped wishing to sleep with me, hm?" She pressed her index finger to his chest and Yoongi took a step back out of shock. "Or that wasn't about him also?"
Yoongi narrowed his eyes then. "Okay, this is /me/ problem! This has nothing to do with Jimin!" "Then why all of a sudden--" "Because you aren't my mate!" Yoongi's eyes flashed in red before he was able to control them.
Jieun swayed and took a step back. "But I am your wife, babe." "Not a mate," Yoongi clenched his fists, trying to calm himself. "I'm sorry, but to me and my inner wolf that feels different." "If this is the problem..."
Yoongi let out a tired sigh. "Look, I am sorry I forgot for our dinner. It won't happen again. Let me take a shower and then we can discuss--" "I'm leaving for Monaco tomorrow!" The omega interrupted him. "I've booked myself a role in a--"
Yoongi put his hand up to stop her with a sad chuckle. "I don't... I don't care," he looked up to her. "What happened to us Jieun?" His voice was barely a whisper. "When we stopped wanting the same thing? Or... we never really wanted the same thing?"
"Yoongi..." the actress trailed off. Her face sad all of a sudden. "I thought... I thought we'd be happy together. You were rich and successful and I... I thought we can work well together. I'm just an actress. This is my dream and I'm living it. Can't you be happy for me?"
"And my dream, Jieun?" The alpha chuckled sadly. "What about my dream? What about the family that I've always wanted, hm?" "I'm--" "Don't say you're sorry! Just... don't!" Yoongi's eyes were filled with pain. "So that was all I was for you then - money..."
"Listen," Jieun reached towards him, but Yoongi refused to be touched by her. The omega sighed and took a step back. "How about we talk again when I come back in a month, hm? You can send me to the airport tomorrow and then--"
"You have your car, Jieun... You can do it alone!" Yoongi stared at his wife for a long moment then. He just couldn't let himself to even think of being in the same room with her right now. The alpha took a step back, and then another one. Jieun didn't stop him.
When he woke up on the next day, Jieun was already gone. Yoongi didn't know how that made him feel. Was he sad or happy? Or maybe he was only numb... The alpha shrugged and prepared himself to go to work.
Jimin never showed up that day and when he didn't pick up to any of his calls, or responded to any of his messages, the alpha decided to contact Jungkook. "Hey Kook-ah? Are you at work?" He asked as soon as the younger picked up his phone.
"Yes, hyung. What's up?" Jungkook's voice sounded cheery. It only lasted until Yoongi explained to him how Jimin never showed up at work today and how worried the elder himself was. Jungkook promised that he would talk to his mate.
Taehyung was Jimin's best friend and if there was someone, who could understand what was going on with the young omega, that was him. Jungkook called few hours later, explaining how he had to bring some ice cream to Jimin's apartment. The omega looked sad, but in good shape.
Yoongi's tension relaxed a bit. He couldn't do anything else right now. The alpha didn't want to bother Jimin after the confession that the omega had done the day before. Maybe Jimin needed some time to recharge.
He received a short text from the omega just before he could go to bed. Jimin wanted to take the next day off as well. Yoongi allowed him of course. He missed the omega around himself, but Jimin deserved some time off work.
When Jimin walked into Yoongi's office on Monday he noticed how poor the alpha looked like. He had obviously spent the weekend bundled in his studio and now his office was reeking of stale air. Jimin scrunched his nose and went to open the windows.
"You have spare close in the bathroom," Jimin simply said as soon as Yoongi yawned loudly from the sofa. "And... a bath!" "I'm sorry," Yoongi sat up, rubbing his eyes sleepily.
"How about you brush your teeth, take care of your beard and maybe take a shower, hm?" The omega tried to smile. "I'll fix the mess here, while you were gone. Do you want me to order something for breakfast?"
"Sure," the alpha got up and smiled sleepily at him. Jimin's heart clenched in his chest. "Thank you, Jiminie." "No problem, hyungie..." Jimin couldn't stop the endearment in his voice. He watched how Yoongi walked into the small bathroom and locked the door.
"Whoa! What happened here?" Namjoon asked from the door and Jimin turned around to look at him. "I've just arrived, hyung!" The omega was busy cleaning the desk from all kinds of left overs. "Were you here yesterday as well?"
"Ugh... no," the alpha rubbed the back of his neck. "Did Yoongi spend his weekend here?" He asked and Jimin only nodded as a return. "Whoa, the things are serious this time," the alpha said and whistled after that. "Huh?" Jimin asked distractedly.
"It's probably Jieun again..." the alpha trailed off and Jimin stiffened for a moment. "Again? What do you mean again?" "They have problems in their marriage," Namjoon rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me you didn't know..."
"I-I... I didn't," Jimin blinked few times with confusion. "Hyung never told me." "He doesn't want to bother you, but if you ask me... it's better if they get a divorce," the alpha frowned. "The only thing that omega does to my friend is to making him feel like this."
Then Namjoon simply sighed and turned around to leave. Jimin didn't have a lot of time to think about that. The door of the bathroom was pulled open and Yoongi reappeared, looking a lot better than before.
His long curly hair was still messy from the hair dryer and he was wearing some casual clothes. Of course, the last pair of clothes that were left in the bathroom's closet were his black pair of jeans and his black shirt. Jimin made a mental note to re-fill the alpha's closet.
"How do I look now?" Yoongi walked to him and Jimin was tempted to reach out and run his fingers through the alpha's hair. "Like you're in need of a comb," Jimin tried to smile. "Let me go and grab some from my bag, ok?"
"Ok and my breakfast?" The alpha was already sitting behind his desk. "Comin right up," Jimin stopped by the door. "Plus a double side black espresso." "You're a treasure!" Yoongi grinned and that did something to Jimin's heart. "I've missed you here Jimin-ah..."
Jimin kept his smiley face until he closed the door behind his back. Then he closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath in the process. "And I miss you every day..." the omega mumbled quietly and then hurried for his private office to get that damn comb.
Yoongi used to text his wife every night when she was gone. He was doing because he was missing her. The alpha was always the first one to start the conversation. Jieun was sometimes too busy to answer, but it was okay. Yoongi loved her and he would forgive her everything.
Jieun wasn't the first one to text. Never. But Yoongi was too blind to see that before. The alpha's eyes began to open slowly though. And... he started comparing. He didn't want that. Just happened. Jimin was always there. Always. He would text Yoongi how he was.
Sometimes, there was no reason to do that. Jimin was just there for him. True, he was Yoongi personal assistant, but his text and his words were filled with something more than simply business. His gestures were filled with caring and love. Yoongi wondered how he was so blind.
Jieun didn't call for his birthday. Instead, Yoongi received a small giftbox with an expencive watch inside. The alpha was 100% sure that it was coming from his wife's personal assistant, or her manager. Whomever was it, Jieun probably didn't remember his bday.
It hurt a bit, but it wasn't something that Yoongi hadn't expected. He... he wasn't happy. Jieun wasn't making him happy. His marriage was ruined and it was about damn time if he notice that.
Jimin was the first person he met that morning. The omega was carrying a small cat-shaped cake. He was joined by Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung. They sang the bday song for Yoongi until the alpha was able to blow the candles, joking how old he had become.
Later, Jimin took his out for a nice stroll. Yoongi could basically sniff the spring in the fresh night air. They sat on their favorite bench in one of the parks of Han River. They ate Yoongi's favorite food and Jimin was teasing him with stories of his childhood.
The omega's tangerine scent was like a balm for his wounded soul. He felt happy. Happy and relaxed. In moments like this one, Yoongi wondered was he ever happy with Jieun or his fascination towards her was always clouding his judgment.
The alpha hugged Jimin tight before they could split apart. He watched how the omega walked into his apartment building and then drove off to his place. He was going to spend the night alone... in his bday. Maybe it was time for a change...
"I don't like changes," Yoongi suddenly admitted one morning, working with Namjoon in their joined studio. The alpha looked up at him with surprise. "You never did, hyung but why are you telling me this now?"
Yoongi suddenly felt like something was clutching to his throat, but he coughed up nervously. "I'm not happy Joon," he confessed. "I'm not happy and I... I want to change that." The younger's face became serious. "Are we talking about your marriage, hyung?"
"Yes," the elder rubbed the back of his neck. "It's not working and it's time to face that. Jieun and I... we are on different paths in our lives and I am tired Joon-ah. I am so tired of being alone in this marriage." "You know I'm not her #1 fan but, hyung... 7 years?"
"I know," the alpha sighed. "This is why I told you that I'm scared of changes. But at the same time, I want to do it. I want to move on." "Did you talk with Jieun-noona for that?" Namjoon was careful with his questions.
"I'm going to tell her as soon as she comes back tomorrow," Yoongi rested back on his chair. "I don't want to do it over the phone." "I understand," Namjoon nodded.
They couldn't talk more, because Jimin pushed the door open in the next moment and walked in with their lunch. Namjoon's personal assistant, a beta named Soobin, was helping him carrying the boxes.
Jimin looked relaxed these days. Ever since he had confessed his love for Yoongi, the alpha had noticed that Jimin was feeling a bit lighter. Sometimes, Yoongi envied him. Maybe he was going to look the same after the talk with Jieun.
Noticing how nervous he was, Jimin took him out that night as well. They went to watch a movie together. It hadn't happened since their student's years. Yoongi felt relaxed to simply enjoy the movie and munch of his popcorn, not thinking about the world outside.
After the movie, they went for another stroll in the park. There weren't many people there. The night was quiet and there was an amazing view towards the night sky from the place they choose to sit.
Yoongi knew how much the omega enjoyed stargazing. Ever since Jimin was a kid, he was fascinated by the night sky. They were sit or lay on the rooftop of Jimin's apartment building and simply watch the sky. Sometimes, they couldn't see the stars, because of the light polution.
But sometimes... they were lucky and they could see the brightest of the stars in the night sky. Jimin had basically made him fall in love with the view. Yoongi had written few songs based on that love. They were instant hits, although a lot softer than most of his works.
He hadn't noticed when he had caught Jimin's hand in his own that night. He hadn't noticed when Jimin had pressed a side of his body to Yoongi's one. But the alpha didn't bother. He felt cozy, home. He felt something that was missing from his life ever since he got married.
Warmth... warmth, love and care. Someone was carrying for him, for real. There were no pretense in Jimin's gestures. The omega was open and honest for him. He was vulnerable, letting Yoongi knew about his feelings. But that was just Jimin.
Jimin with a golden heart. The kid that had turned into a beautiful omega. And it wasn't only his face, or the scent. It was everything, everything good that was gathered in a person.
It was tough to watch him go and walk into his apartment building. But Yoongi suddenly felt light when that happened. The alpha drove off to his place then. His wife was coming back tomorrow and he had to be fresh for the talk to her. He had to be strong and end his misery.
It was safe to say that Jieun didn't take it well. She tried to argue with him. Then she begged and finally she even threatened to make sure that Jimin knew about this. But Yoongi was too tired to think. Not to tired to fight, just tired of the lie he was living in.
His love for Jieun was fake. Her love for him - non existent. They couldn't stay together anymore, or they were both going to ruin themselves. Yoongi stayed firm in his words. He took some clothes and necessities with him and went to Namjoon's place by noon.
The alpha was going to stay there, until his lawyers were ready with the divorce papers. Jieun warned him that she would not sign them, but Yoongi didn't care. He was going to do this one way or another.
Jimin found out about his divorce on the next day at work. The omega walked in with the papers, sent from Yoongi's lawyers. His face was laced with confusion. "What's going on, hyung?" The omega asked.
"I'm not happy, Jimin-ah..." Yoongi took the documents and placed them onto his desk. "It's that simple and complicated at the same time." "But... I thought you loved your wife?" "Yeah... and I thought she loved me too," the alpha smiled bitterly, grabbing the pen.
Jimin helped him to pick his new house. Yes, a house. Just like he had always dreamed of, but never actually thinking of having with his wife. It wasn't in her dream, therefore - it wasn't supposed to be in Yoongi's one also. But as soon as he entered in his new home-
-Yoongi finally felt like he was at home. The house was spacious and was located in one of the most secured and luxurious suburbs that Seoul could offer. It would probably require hiring a staff, but that wasn't a problem for the alpha. He could manage that.
What actually helped him into deciding to buy that particular house was the look of awe he had seen in Jimin's eyes. The omega looked like he had fallen in love with the property. He was walking around and touching the surfaces of some of the furniture, leaving his scent behind.
But Yoongi found how much he enjoyed that scent around himself lately. It was fresh, and nice, and homey and so... Jimin. The omega was someone really special in the alpha's life. He knew that ever since the beginning, but he couldn't help to see him with a pair of new eyes now.
Jimin wasn't the kid, he had always knew. And not that he had seen him always as such, but still.. he was Namjoon's baby brother after all. But Jimin was also a beautiful omega with an alluring scent. When exactly that scent had turned alluring for him, he didn't know.
Was there something new in him that was making Yoongi's heart beat faster than before? Was there something else that had changed between them, aside from Jimin's confession?
Yoongi found it hard to find the answers in these questions. But something in the alpha's feelings had changed. He was still married - on paper - and he was pretty reluctant to try and find out what exactly had changed.
Faith had another way to test his theory though. One day, Jimin appeared in the office looking red as a tomato. "I'm taking few days off, hyung," the omega placed the request onto his desk. "Ugh, why?" The alpha couldn't help the feeling of disappointment in him.
"Well," Jimin fidgeted with his fingers. "As you know I'm 32 and... I've been on suppressants for the last 5 yrs. My doctor told me to have a break period before I start again. It is necessary, so... um... My heat starts tomorrow and... it's gonna last 7 days."
The omega was blushing furiously, but the alpha had another question in mind. "Do you have someone to help you maybe?" "I'll... think of something," Jimin's eyes met his ones. "I'll probably hire an alpha for it. Don't worry about me, hyung. I'll manage."
"You'll... hire a stranger?" Something wasn't sitting right with Yoongi. "To take care of you?" "There are such agency, hyung!" The omega rolled his eyes, as if that was something that Yoongi must know.
"Oh, okay..." he forced a smile and watched Jimin leaving his office with a strange, sinking feeling in his stomach. The thought of someone else touching Jimin in a way that Yoongi never even imagined... his eyes shut close.
He wasn't suppose to think about Jimin in such filthy way! No! It wasn't his place to offer his help, like... that was absolutely inappropriate! Like... never! Honestly, Yoongi wanted to slap himself for even having such thoughts about the sweet omega.
But then he found himself on Jimin's doorstep the same evening, carrying few packages with a week supply. He was just debating with himself should he knock on the door, or not when Jimin opened it in front of him. "Hyung?" His eyes looked huge on his face.
"I don't know what I'm doing here," Yoongi walked inside in a hurry. "Don't ask me why I'm here, okay?" "Um, I was just to call that agency," he heard Jimin closing the door behind his back.
"Or... no?" Yoongi dropped the packages on the kitchen countertop rather loudly and turned around. "I... have an offer for you." "An offer, hyung?" The omega's innocent eyes were staring at him.
"An offer," the alpha rubbed his sweaty palms to his pants and tried to calm himself. He could feel his alpha already responding to the omega's sweet scent. "Why'd you hire a stranger when I can help you?"
Silence... and then Jimin burst into laugh. But that laughter didn't last very long, because Yoongi's face turned serious and the omega somehow noticed it. "Oh... you're serious?" Jimin started blinking owlishly at him. "Hyung, you know I can manage on my own."
"Yes I know," the alpha crossed his arms in front of his chest. "You can also consider my offer," he tilted his head to the side. "And probably tell me why it sounds so funny to you." "It's something that's intimate, hyung," the omega blushed.
Yoongi rolled his eyes. "I am your friend." "But I'm in love with you," Jimin reached out and took the alpha's hands in his ones. "Doesn't that bother you at all?" "Do you know what really bothers me, Jiminie?" The alpha lowered his voice. "The thought of a stranger touching-
you." Jimin took a deep breath and closed his eyes, as if he was afraid to look at the alpha. "Please, don't..." "It actually scares me how much it bothers me, Jimin-ah..." Yoongi continued. "And I don't know why. I want to know..."
"You know I won't be myself during my heat," the omega finally opened his eyes. "I do," Yoongi took a step closer to him. "But I promise I'll take care of you. I'd never even think of betraying your trust, Jimin-ah..."
There was a quiet moment and Yoongi could basically hear how loud his heart was beating. The omega was still holding his hands and he took it as a good sign. His eyes roamed over Jimin's face, trying to convince him even only with his eyes to let him in, trust him.
"Okay," the omega finally answered and the air basically exploded in the alpha's lungs. "I'll let you stay and take care of me." "Thank you," Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin's body without even thinking. The omega's sweet scent invaded his senses again.
"But... I have to make a confession first," Jimin said when they pulled back to stare at each other. "Please, just... don't judge me, ok?" "Okay," Yoongi nodded with a sweet smile.
"I've... never been knoted before..." It was the last thing that Yoongi expected to hear from Jimin's mouth, but it only made his inner alpha to puff out his chest. A strange feeling of satisfaction made his smile turn into a huge grin.
It had been a while since Yoong had taken care of an omega in heat. Jieun was always on suppressants and she never asked him to help her.
If he wanted to think about it more of this problem, then he would've found the reason of why his marriage was doomed ever since the very beginning. But the alpha didn't have a lot of time to think about it now. He had someone to care to. Someone needed him now.
Dealing with Park Jimin's heat was a true experience for him. The omega wasn't in his full on heat mode yet, but apparently when he was in his pre-heat period, Jimin was becoming very clingy. He loved to cuddle and his scent was becoming sweeter by a second.
Jimin looked lucid enough to act shy around the alpha. But at the same time, he was snuggling in him and wherever Yoongi decided to leave the room, he would whine and ask for a reason. Jimin was... cute to say the least.
Yoongi kissed him for the first time, while Jimin was trying to convince him that he wasn't hungry. They both were in the kitchen and the omega's heat was about to hit full force. The alpha was trying to prepare something for Jimin to eat and maybe have a full glass of water.
But the omega insisted that he was perfectly fine. His eyes were already colored in blue. It was a clear sign that Jimin wanted to mate. Yoongi's alpha suddenly became way too interested in that matter, but his human side insisted that Jimin had to eat and drink first.
The omega needed all of his powers. The kiss was his attempt of trying to distract Jimin, but it ended up distracting the alpha instead. Jimin's lips were soft and plush when Yoongi first touched them. His eyes closed and his hands gripped the omega's waist.
His intentions were to push Jimin away from him then, but they ended up making out, while the omega was sitting on the kitchen counter and his legs were wrapped around Yoongi's body. Jimin was... irresistible and Yoongi felt drunk from his scent.
The kiss started slowly, but then it deepened and soon, the omega found himself without his T-shirt. His skin was so nice and soft on touch that Yoongi felt suddenly addicted. He blamed the omega's intense scent for that.
Eventually, Yoongi won the battle and Jimin had to drink and eat until the alpha was satisfied. The awkwardness between them flew out of the window, in the moment Jimin decided that sitting in Yoongi's lap was better than sitting on a chair.
Then, the omega was eager to go to his bedroom and show the alpha his nest. Luckily, Yoongi knew what to say to make Jimin feel better and at ease. "Does alpha like it?" The omega asked shily. "It's the best nest this alpha had seen in their life, omega," Yoongi rumbled.
Jimin preened and was fast to climb up and roll around his nest. Then he reached out for the alpha to join him as well. Yoongi took his hand and let himself be dragged into it, trying not to mess around the destroy something from the omega's nest.
He knew how sensitive the omegas were when it came to their nests, especially when they were in heat. But once Jimin pulled him into his nest and then snuggled in him, Yoongi felt like home.
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Jimin was the first omega Yoongi was going to sleep with after his wife. His soon to be ex wife, the alpha had to remind himself. And although taking the decision to help Jimin with his heat was rather taken on a whim, Yoongi knew what he was doing.
If he wanted to be honest with himself, he felt drawn to the omega, even during his marriage. But he never actually acted on that temptation. Actually, he should've seen the first signs that something was wrong with his marriage, when he was thinking of another.
Now, surrounded by Jimin's sweet tangerine scent, Yoongi could tell that he was sometimes comparing it with Jieun's flowery one. But he had somehow always failed to neglect that comparison. That, and the mere fact that he never liked any of Jimin's partners before.
Again, he failed to notice his jealousy towards the omega back then and was blaming his bad mood with something happened at work. Yoongi wondered would that could've changed something in his marriage back then. Or perhaps, he was too blinded by his love towards Jieun?
But Jieun was something distant in his mind now, when he had to focus over Jimin's heat. The omega had become reckless during the night and Yoongi had to try and calm him as best as he could. But the omega became pretty insistent when the morning came.
The scent of tangerines intensified in Jimin's bedroom to a point where Yoongi's alpha became almost feral with the need to knot that omega. He had to fight really hard with his primal side, but eventually decided to give in to Jimin's wishes.
Yoongi tried to be gentle, soothe the omega's restlessness with kisses and touches. When he felt that Jimin was ready enough, he finally pushed forward and felt the moment the omega's tight heat embraced him. The alpha stilled then, giving his omega time to get used to the grith.
Yoongi wanted to see Jimin's face the first time they were intimate like this, but the omega was too eager to present himself and the alpha didn't want him to feel bad during that first experience, so he obliged. Now, he was simply waiting for Jimin's signal.
The omega gave a small moan then and Yoongi decided that was it. His hands grasped Jimin's hips and he started pushing forward, then moving back and again forward. Slower at first, until the need embraced him too. He couldn't tell when it happened, but-
-he could basically hear his inner alpha howling with that need, urging him to move forward. Wanting nothing more but to be one with this omega. Not anyone else, but this one. Yoongi had never felt closer to his wolf than in this moment.
So, he gave in... The reality flashed in front of him in the moment he felt how his knot was beginning to grow and the soft whines coming from the omega bellow him. Jimin's hands had given in and now he was pressed with his chest to the mattresses-
-his fists clenching the sheets with every move coming from the alpha. It was his first time to take a knot and he was probably overwhelmed. Yoongi's chest suddenly swelled with pride and he made sure that /his/ omega feels comfortable enough to take his knot.
The whines turned into moans and then high pitched screams when the pleasure hit the omega full force. Yoongi came soon after that, knotting the omega in the moment of his highest bliss. His body couldn't stop shaking for some time, but he was careful not to crush-
-the omega under his weight. There was something so intimate in the way Jimin fully trusted him when Yoongi turned them to lay side by side on the bed, still locked with the alpha's knot. The omega had fallen asleep and even started purring, indicating he fully-
-trusted his partner. It was something pretty rare to hear an omega's purr. Yoongi had never heard his wife purring for all these years of marriage... not even once. But the alpha shook his head and pulled Jimin's pliant body flush, so they could touch fully.
Then his eyes closed with a smile on his face. He hadn't felt like that in a long while. He hadn't felt like home ever since... he couldn't remember when. But suddenly he felt too tired to think. Yoongi planted a soft kiss over the omega's neck and then the dream embraced him.
Jimin's heat lasted five full days and he needed the next two for full recovery. He woke up fully lucid on the fifth day in Yoongi's arms. The bed was surprisingly clean and his skin was as soft as if he had taken a bath the night before. Jimin scrunched his nose.
Was he really? He had some vague memory of Yoongi scrubbing his skin clean and then Jimin pulling him in the tub where they-- The omega covered his eyes in shame, only thinking about what he had done. But then again, they had probably had sex way too many times these days.
After a further inspection, with no moving a muscle of course, because otherwise Yoongi would be awake by now, the omega felt sore in his bottom area. His cheeks felt hot and he could barely suppress a quiet giggle coming out of his mouth.
"Go to sleep," Yoongi's morning voice startled him. Jimin had failed to noticed that the alpha was awake. He gently peeked at him over his bare shoulder. "What?" Yoongi groaned. "It's too early..." "It's morning?" Jimin's voice was barely there.
"Hm," the alpha threw a brief look at his phone, resting on the night stand, "it's 7, so no! Still too early!" Yoongi's arm around his waist tightened and the omega was pulled flush to a muscled body. "Get back to sleep!"
"I... okay," Jimin felt like he wanted to melt in the alpha's arms. He thought that he wasn't going to fall asleep again, because he felt refreshed, but when he opened his eyes again it was already noon.
Yoongi wasn't in the bed, but before the omega would start to panic, he was able to hear the noises coming from the kitchen. Then, there was the quiet hum of the TV in the living area. The alpha was still here and the omega in him relaxed completely.
Jimin took a deep breath then and looked around himself. He noticed Yoongi's hoodie thrown over a chair near the edge of the bed and decided to put it on. The sleeves were a bit longer for Jimin's arms, but the hoodie was drenched in the alpha's scent.
That was enough fact for Jimin to ignore everything else. He walked out of the bedroom, still half-asleep and rubbing his left eye. The alpha was just preparing his favorite dish and when Jimin finally appeared in front of his eyes, his face relaxed into a smile.
"Food's ready," Yoongi pushed the plate towards him and then reached out for his cup of coffee. "Thank you, hyung," Jimin blushed and reached out for his sticks. Then he started eating in silence.
"Um... I feel like we should talk?" The alpha said unsurely after a while. "About... what happened here." Jimin's heart suddenly skipped a beat when he looked up. The alpha was staring at him with pensive look over his face. "Sure, okay..." Jimin pushed the empty plate away.
"I feel like... like I owe you an explanation," Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck. "Can you please try and listen to what I have to say and then... then we can discuss it?" "Okay, hyung," Jimin clasped his hands in his lap. "I can listen..."
It was tough, but Yoongi managed to clear his mind somehow, while Jimin was still asleep. He didn't want to lead on the omega, whose heart was fully devoted to him, at least Yoongi hoped so.
"Now," the alpha cleared his throat. "I don't want you to think that the decision and I took to spend your heat with you was impulsive. It might've looked like that at the beginning but I... the truth is, I hated the thought of a stranger in your bed."
"Hyung?" Jimin was looking at him with his adorable warm eyes and Yoongi waved his hand. "Just... listen, ok?" The alpha asked one more time and the omega nodded. "The... the thought of anyone, sharing your bed... your life is making me feel uneasy and that's something I-
-always wanted to turn a blind eye on. But you know, you have to know that I've never liked any of your partners in the past and... I know I had no right to say a thing about it, because I was married and I... I had feeling for Jieun... But it felt really wrong in my head.-
-Even the thought of you being with someone else," Yoongi paused for a moment. "After you confessed then, Jimin that was a bit of an awakening for me. It was finally making me realize what I really feel... what I really want in my life."
"You never even showed an interest in me, hyung," the omega had lowered his look to his hands. His voice was small. "You never even... looked at me any different than the kid you once knew." "I've never allowed myself to look at you in a different way, Jimin-ah," Yoongi-
-rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "You're my best friend's brother... like... you're eight years younger than me." "What about now?" Jimin finally looked up at him. The look in his eyes shattered Yoongi's heart.
"Now," the alpha licked his lower lip, "now I have to finalize my divorce. Now... I'd like to ask you for a chance to try and see where we stand." "What?" The omega's eyes grew big on his face. "I mean, if you let me? If you... still want me?" The alpha's voice was unsure.
"Hyung are you... are you asking me to wait for you?" Jimin's voice was quiet, as if he was afraid to ask him. The alpha reached out his trembling hand towards him. His palm cupped the omega's cheek and his thumb rubbed the soft skin there.
"Yeah," Yoongi finally allowed himself a smile. "If you still want me after I finish with my divorce... I'd like to take you out on a date. I want to try and maybe have something real with you, Jimin-ah."
The alpha waited with a bathed breath for the omega's words. But his heart started beating faster as soon as he felt how Jimin rested his face on his palm. He saw the soft smile over the omega's lips and then his shy nod. "I'll wait for you, hyung..." His words were simple and-
-yet they gave Yoongi something that he never felt in years - hope for the future. The alpha nodded in return and then sealed their lips in a sweet kiss.
They spent the next two days together, until Jimin felt himself enough to be away from Yoongi. The alpha had to return to his new house and then back to his work. He had some important meetings to attend and then a special one with his lawyer.
But there was another meeting that he never expected to happen as soon as he unlocked the front door of his own house. The smile on his face soon dimmed when he felt the scent of the woman, he had lived with the last seven years. His eyes narrowed and he followed his nose to-
-his living room. There, perched on the couch, as if she was in her own home, was sitting Jieun. Jieun, dressed in her expensive clothes and looking close to perfect with her make up on. Yoongi stood by the door, observing the omega that was occupying his thoughts-
-just few weeks ago. When she noticed his presence, the omega got up from the sofa and walked to him, swaying her hips. It was a mannerism that Yoongi used to adore before. He find it strange to witness right now.
"Who let you into my house?" The alpha said calmly, although he wanted to act on his instincts and push the omega out of the door. "Technically it's my house as well, babe," she smiled. "Actually it isn't, because I didn't use our joined money, Jieun," Yoongi took a step back-
-when she tried to touch him. "I'm going to ask you again. Who let you into my own house?" "Your maid wasn't informed that we're getting divorced apparently," Jieun placed her hands on her hips. "And if you ask me, we shouldn't get divorced that fast."
"Excuse me?" Yoongi couldn't believe to his ears. "What are you trying to say?" "We hadn't even tried marriage consulting," the omega shrugged. "Not even a therapy. Don't you think we're rushing into this divorce? We've been married for 7 years."
The alpha clenched his jaw. "And for these 7 years we did everything to make sure that you are happy, right? You've had your carrier and your money. You've had your rich husband and you were happy. Guess what? Now I want to be happy."
"Are you kidding me?" Jieun scoffed. "Now you're going to tell me that the live we've had never made you happy?" "The truth is, I was living in an illusion!" Yoongi's voice was firm. "It took me a long while to wake up."
"I'll never stop you if you want to have something on the side of our marriage," the omega shrugged. "You just had to ask me and I--" "I want that divorce!" Yoongi's voice was low, but demanding. "I want it as soon as possible, ok?"
"You know that it would look bad in the media, right?" Jieun's face suddenly changed and her eyes narrowed. "For you, maybe..." Yoongi shrugged and tried to pass by her, but she grasped his arm. "Let go of me!" He rumbled.
"You reek of an omega... of /him/!" She hissed and her nails dug deep into his skin, but Yoongi managed to pull away. "Your little boy-toy, hm? Is this why you want this divorce? For him?" "I want it for me!" The alpha growled deep in his throat.
"Guess what Min Yoongi," Jieun smiled, but her smile never reached to her cold eyes. "You're never going to get it that easy from me!" Then she turned around and rushed out of the door. "Fvck!" Yoongi hissed and fell back onto his couch, covering his face.
Jieun was capable of anything in her anger. Yoongi didn't know why she was so keen on keeping their marriage, maybe because of the bad name the divorce was going to give her in her social circle, maybe something else... but it wasn't out of love for him.
The alpha couldn't do anything else in that moment than to curse his blindness and the moment he had decided that Jieun was the perfect omega for him. Now he had to fight tooth and claw for his freedom. But he had to do it if he wanted to have some real future.
He had to do it, if he wanted to have something real in his life again... with Jimin.
A month later nothing seemingly changed between them. At least not on the outside. Both of them talked it through, deciding that it was better of that way, so Yoongi's divorce would get easily finalized.
No one, not even Namjoon knew about Yoongi helping Jimin during his heat. When he was asked, Jimin answered to his big brother that he had called an agency and asked for a service alpha. Yoongi had almost choked on his drink. Jimin managed to keep his serious face.
The subject was dropped on that side of the family. But then when Taehyung asked his best friend how everything went, Jimin was a babbling mess. Taehyung wasn't convinced at all, and the fact that Jimin opened the door to his place, wearing Yoongi's-
- /forgotten/ hoodie didn't help his case. Eventually, the omega was forced to confess to his best friend what went down and swore him to keep secret. Taehyung promised, but Jimin knew that he couldn't keep his mouth shut in front of his mate.
As soon as Taehyung arrived back home, Jimin already knew that now there were four people in total, who knew about his and Yoongi's time spent together. The hardest part for him was to act as if nothing had happened. It was tough to look away when the alpha was in the room.
It was tough to keep his jealousy in check every time Yoongi happened to go on a scheduled meet with his wife. Jimin knew that wasn't something the alpha wanted to do willingly. The judge, who was responsible for his case basically ordered three months-
-of marital therapy. Yoongi looked angry the day after their first meeting. It so happened that Jimin was cleaning his office when the alpha basically stormed into the room. The omega flinched at first but when he looked who was the man, entering the office his posture-
-relaxed. It lasted only a moment, because Jimin was able to spot the alpha's face right away. Yoongi was pissed off. "What the fvck she wants from me?" The alpha hissed and fell onto his chair, kicking his desk angrily.
"What happened hyung?" Jimin threw a brief look at the door. Then he went to close and lock it. "You can tell me now." "She all but painted me as the coldhearted husband, who doesn't want to give another chance to our marriage!" The alpha scoffed. "I have to say-"
-Jieun deserves an Oscаr for every single tear she shed in front of the judge!" "Relax, hyungie..." Jimin rounded the desk and stood behind the alpha. His hands relaxed onto the alpha's shoulders. "She is an actress after all."
"This marriage is nothing but a mistake for the both of us," Yoongi's head hung between his shoulders. "Why she keeps doing this to us? She clearly never loves me! What is it then? My money? She has enough of her own!"
Jimin's heart clenched and he squeezed the alpha's shoulders briefly. "Maybe it's her reputation, hyungie?" The omega suggested. "She told you that day that she basically fears how it's going to look in the eyes of the media."
"And now I have to endure three months meetings with that therapist!" The alpha reached out and covered one of Jimin's hands. "What I'm going to do then, hm?" "You have to have patience, Yoongi-hyung," Jimin's voice was calm, soothing. His pheromones flew to the alpha-
-instinctively trying to calm him down. "It's only three months." "Are you still going to wait for me, Jimin-ah?" Yoongi's voice was suddenly unsure. "I promised you, hyungie..." Jimin smiled, although Yoongi couldn't see his face. "Always."
After that, trying to stay away from each other became even harder. That, and the sudden flu that Jimin caught one day. It kept him out of word for few days, until Taehyung convinced him to go and check to his doctor.
Yoongi called him few times, but it so happened that the alpha had to leave Seoul for few days and he couldn't be there for him. Jimin was feeling cranky and irritated not only because of the flu, but because of the fact that he hated hospitals.
Luckily for him, Hoseok agreed to come with him. The beta had just arrived back in the city after his filming schedule allowed him some break. Jimin really missed his friend, so he was happy when Hoseok agreed to be his emotional support.
"Are you ready, munchkin?" Hoseok peered through the front door that morning. Jimin had lent him one of his spare keys, because the beta often crashed at his place when he was in Seoul.
"No," Jimin pouted, dragging his feet from the kitchen. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even think of going there." "Oh come on," Hoseok chuckled and pinched his cheeks, before Jimin was able to slap his hands. "It's a simple flu. We go there, get drugs and then cuddle here."
"Now that sounds like a plan," Jimin sighed and waved his hand to the door. "Come on, let's get this over with." "And when we get better, we can go out, get waisted and then get--" "Shut up!" Jimin squealed and pushed his friend out of the door.
Hoseok had to wait outside the doctor's office. So, Jimin sat there and talked to his doctor, listing all of his symptoms - nausea, cramps, fatigue and dizzy spells here and there during the day.
"When was your last heat?" His doctor asked him next. "Um... a month ago," Jimin frowned, thinking as to what his heat had to do with his simple flu. "Why?" "Did you spend it with someone? An alpha maybe?" "I... yeah?" The omega blushed.
"Hang on a second," the nice beta female put up her hand and reached out for her phone, calling for a nurse. "I want to take some blood from you if that's okay?" "Oh... what's wrong?" Jimin panicked all of a sudden.
"All of the symptoms you listed are pretty obvious for a possible pregnancy, Jimin-ssi," she smiled when the nurse walked into her office. "The blood test could confirm or deny that." "P-pregnancy?" Jimin's eyes went wide, but he didn't have more time to panic, because the-
-nice nurse stood beside him, ready to draw some blood from his arm. Jimin acted on autopilot and did everything, he was told. "The results are going to be ready in 5-10 min," the doctor smiled. "In the meantime, I'll send someone for the sonogram, ok?"
Jimin was only able to nod dumbly and stare at the empty space. He still couldn't wrap his mind around the thought that there was a possibility of him carrying a pup in his womb. His pup... Yoongi's pup... He suddenly felt dizzy even with the thought of that.
It wasn't the right time! He was careful! He had taken his suppressants as soon as his heat had ended that last day. The thought suddenly disturbed him in a way. He kept taking the pills all this time. If he was pregnant, what this could've caused to his pup?
A sudden noise startled his thoughts and the omega threw a look at the open door. Two nurses were pushing the sonographic machine and placed it next to the medical table in his doctor's office. Another doctor - an omega this time - followed them.
"Doctor Kim, you asked for me?" She asked, turning to Jimin's doctor. "Yes, Doctor Chan," the beta smiled, "this is Jimin-ssi. I've just received his blood tests, confirming his pregnancy. I thought a specialist should do his first ultrasound."
"Oh," the nice omega female turned around to him with a nice smile on her face, "congratulations, Jimin-ssi! I'm doctor Chan. Let me help you with your first ultrasound, yes?" Jimin nodded again. He was currently out of words. Soon, he found himself laying over the table. His-
-blouse was rolled up, revealing his still flat abdomen. He felt something wet and cold dropping over his skin there and flinched briefly. Then there was a slight pressure over that area and then doctor Chan's voice again.
"I can confirm pregnancy in fifth week," then she proceeded talking about the development of the fetus. Words, sounding like a foreign language to Jimin. He only gathered the information that everything looked okay with the pup, or the fetus, how the doctor called it.
"Are you sure that everything's alright?" He was finally able to find his voice when he was sitting again. "I kept taking my suppressants after my heat." "You should stop them right away," doctor Chan told him. "Is it your first pregnancy?" When Jimin nodded, she smiled again.-
-"Then I can give you a booklet with advices of what you can and cannot do, if you decide to choose me as your obstetrician. First I have to ask, do you want to keep the baby?" "I..." Jimin swallowed hard. "I'm still shocked, but... I guess I... want it."
"Okay," the nice omega nodded again. "Is the father in the picture or not? I'm not asking out of curiosity. I have to know, because if you decide to keep the pup, your pregnancy is going to be a lot tougher than one with an alpha."
"If... well," Jimin took a deep breath. "He-he doesn't know yet. I've yet to tell him. Can I call you later on?" "Of course," she gave him a card with her phone. "Call wherever you need."
When Jimin was finally out of the office, he found Hoseok still sitting outside. He was staring at him with curiosity in his eyes, while Jimin was basically dragging his feet to him. "Hey there, munchkin," the beta got up. "What happened?"
"I... I guess I'm pregnant," the omega suddenly felt all too sensitive. Hoseok was fast to wrap his arms around him and rub his back soothingly. His nice honey scent embraced Jimin, trying to soothe his nerves. "Oh my little one..." the beta cooed. "Everything'll be fine."
"How do you know that?" Jimin pouted, rubbing his nose to the beta's shirt. "Because I know," Hoseok insisted. "Let's get back home now, ok? You need pampering and lots of cuddling, right?" Jimin nodded over his chest.
He had to tell Yoongi soon, but somehow that idea was frightening right about now.
It was weird... really, so weird how Yoongi could tell when something was wrong with Jimin, even without having to see his face. Even without having to sniff his scent. He just knew. It was like some weird sixth sense when it comes to the omega.
He never felt it, not with his own wife. Not with the omegas he used to date - as briefly as he was. It was only Jimin. Ever since the moment the boy had presented as an omega. Yoongi simply knew. But he refused to think about it before. He was pushing the thought away.
But there was that moment, the moment he entered his office in Seoul. Jimin's scent was really faint in the air. The omega wasn't even there and Yoongi simply knew. His heart picked up its rate when he pushed the door open and found Namjoon sitting there.
"Where is Jimin?" It were alpha's first words. Namjoon simply rolled his eyes at him. "Not even good afternoon from you," the younger sighed. "Just where is Jimin?" "He's usually here... so?" Yoongi dropped his small bag onto his desk.
"He took few days off," the other alpha waved his hand. "Something about him feeling indisposed. I don't know." "You don't know?" Yoongi wiggled his eyebrows at his friend. "That's your brother." "If he wanted to tell me, he would've!" Namjoon simply shrugged. "How was the-"
-trip, hyung?" Yoongi's hands were itching to grab his phone and dial the omega, but he had to force himself to answer to his friend's question. Luckily, they didn't have a lot of work to do, so Yoongi was able to leave earlier.
The alpha didn't even hesitated when he had to leave. He drove right to Jimin's place. The rules be dam!ned! Yoongi made sure to park his car in a secluded area though and just then he ran to the building. But it wasn't Jimin, who opened the door.
"Yoongi-hyung?" Hoseok's face relaxed into a sly smile. "Now... this is something. Please, come in." "Where is Jimin?" Yoongi frowned, but followed the beta inside Jimin's apartment. "Sleeping," Hoseok led him to the small living area. "Coffee? Tea?"
"No thank you," Yoongi's eyes darted to the omega's room and then back to Hoseok. "What are you doing here, Hoba?" "Visiting a friend," the beta grinned. "Jimin and I are catching up for the lost time."
"Catching up?" The alpha wiggled his brow and Hoseok burst into laughter. "Don't get jealous on me now!" The beta was basically having the time of his life. "Although if you ask me it was about the damn time."
"J-jealous?" Yoongi really hoped not to burst into flames right now. "I don't know what you're talking about. Jimin is--" "Your personal assistant?" The beta crossed his arms on his chest. "Friend?" "I don't like the tone you're using," the alpha frowned.
Hoseok was fast to put his hands up, but the sly smile was still on his face. "Ok, ok... whatever you say," then he reached out for his jacket, hung onto the sofa. "Anyhow, now that you're here, I have a place to be. Tell Jimin that I'll call him soon, okay?"
Then the beta was fast to walk out the door, even before Yoongi was able to react. The alpha frowned with confusion and finally headed for the omega's bedroom. He pushed the door open quietly, only to stop there and stare at the bed.
Jimin had created a nest over his bed and it looked like, the omega was sleeping there quite comfortable. What shocked the alpha was, the amount of his clothes that were placed in the omega's nest. Jimin was even sleeping in one of his shirts.
The alpha wondered how Jimin could have so many of his clothes, but then remembered that the omega had a free access to his wardrobe. He was after all responsible into putting clean suits and stuff in his work bathroom's closet.
The other thing that shocked the alpha was the scent filling the room. It was Jimin's tangerine's scent, mixed with his own alpha rainforest one. But there was another scent in their mix, although a bit subtitle. Yoongi couldn't quite place it, but it was... amazing.
The alpha shook his head then and decided to get to the bathroom first. Then he would maybe try and snuck into Jimin's nest. The need to wrap his arms around the omega was strong in him. For once, Yoongi simply decided to give in.
So, he tiptoed into the bathroom and took a quick shower. He knew Jimin's sensitive nose to other scents. Yoongi had met a lot of people that day. Not to mention that he had travelled with a plane. Plus, passing through the airport.
When he finished with his shower, the alpha decided to shave also. The last thing he wanted was to leave scratches over the omega's soft and delicate face. He hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary the first time he opened the cabinet.
Thankfully, Jimin had a spare shaver and Yoongi used it without second thought. But then, once he opened the cabinet again to put back all of the remaining supplies, his eyes stopped on something that wasn't there the last time he was here.
Pre-natal vitamins... Strange, Yoongi thought, picking up the bottle and pulling it closer to his eyes. He read it again - pre-natal vitamins. Why Jimin would have pre-natal vitamins in his bathroom if... The bottle almost slipped from his rigid fingers.
He basically shoved it back into its place and closed the door of the cabinet with his trembling hand. Yoongi's mind was rushing few miles per hour already, but he tried to control himself. Maybe there was a perfectly reasonable explanation to all this, right?
As soon as he walked back into Jimin's bedroom, his eyes landed on the still sleeping omega. When he was able to look his face up close, Yoongi was able to notice the tiredness, written in its features. There were dark circles under Jimin's eyes. His face was paler than before.
The alpha stared at him a bit longer. Then he quietly crawled over the bed, careful not to disturb the nest that Jimin had built there. The omega sighed in his sleep and Yoongi froze for a moment. But then Jimin shifted towards him, not even awake.
It was the pure instinct that was leading the omega to simply snuggle in him. Yoongi's heart clenched in his chest. His arm wrapped around the omega in a protective manner and his eyes closed, inhaling the sweet scent, coming out of Jimin.
He was so desperate to dip his face and rub his scent all over him, but he didn't want to wake him up also. The feeling of having Jimin into his arms, should be enough for now. Yoongi allowed his body to relax. His senses were calm as well.
He felt the same when he had first stepped into his new house. He felt like he was coming home. There was small smile suddenly appearing over his face. It was way too soon to overthink things, but the alpha in him was completely sure. Still, Yoongi would wait for the words.
Jimin had suffered insomnia the night before. He couldn't fall asleep until the early hours of the morning. Thankfully, Hoseok had stayed the whole night with him. The beta had also called to Namjoon and told him that Jimin was taking the day off.
The omega was really thankful to his friend. But when he opened his eyes again, it wasn't to Hoseok. He was wrapped in someone else's arms. The scent that was wrapped around him also, wasn't to the beta. It was... Jimin's face relaxed into a smile.
It was his most favorite scent in the world - rainforest. The alpha was currently resting beside of him in his bed. Jimin's eyes suddenly opened. His scent spiked with distress. "Shh, it's just me," Yoongi's raspy voice echoed then.
"What are you doing here?" Jimin was only able to utter. He wasn't ready for this. He wasn't ready for that conversation. "I came to see you as soon as I didn't find you at work," the alpha answered calmly and Jimin pulled back enough to look at him.
Yoongi looked calm and there was a small smile, playing over his face. Jimin sighed but didn't dare to move away from him. It felt good to be embraced in the alpha's arms like this. "I... I felt sick."
"I know," the alpha answered. "Namjoon told me. How are you feeling now?" "Um... better," the omega shrugged, licking his lower lip. "How long... have you been here?" "Enough to take a shower," Yoongi paused. "And shave."
"Oh... okay," Jimin swallowed hard. "Do you want to tell me something, Jimin-ah?" The alpha's words were soft. The look in his eyes were filled with something that Jimin was afraid to describe. "I... I... um... well," he tried to calm himself. "Hyung, we..."
"Yes?" Yoongi reached out towards him. His hand rested over Jimin's face. "Don't be afraid, Jimin-ah. Just tell hyung, okay?" "We, um... well, I'm pregnant," he finally blurted out and his eyes went teary. "I'm so sorry, hyung! I wasn't--"
"Shh, hyung's not angry at you little one," Yoongi's arms suddenly wrapped around him tightly. Jimin felt how the alpha's shoulders shook for a moment. "I'm... I don't know what to say but..." his voice was strangely wet.
When Jimin pulled back enough to be able to see the alpha again, he noticed the tears in the other one's eyes. It was hard to explain what was happening in the alpha's head right now, but Jimin could read the happiness in his eyes.
He had rarely seen Yoongi so emotional, let alone crying like this. And the alpha was crying. He was a sobbing mess and it was Jimin who wrapped his arms around him this time. It was so strange, but so normal at the same time. It felt... natural in a way.
"Hyung... hyung, what's wrong?" Jimin kept asking, but the alpha hid his face in the crook of his neck and Jimin could feel his tears soaking through his skin. "Please, tell me what's wrong so I can help you, yeah?"
It took some time before Yoongi was able to talk again. He never pulled away from him though. The words were uttered over Jimin's skin. "I've lost hope that I've ever going to have a pup of my own, Jimin-ah... and with you? I... I am so happy... so happy!"
Something clenched the omega's throat and his eyes closed. Yoongi's lips were resting over his scent gland and it felt good, so good that the omega started purring...
Yoongi didn't want to leave Jimin alone even for a second, but they had to go to work on the next day. After that, the alpha had an assigned therapy session with Jieun. But the smile never left his face, even when he walked into the therapist's office.
Jieun was already there. He legs were elegantly crossed in the ankles. She was wearing expensive everyday clothes and a light make-up. There was a small box of tissues in her lap. The omega had already prepared for the show, but Yoongi couldn't care less.
"Mr. Min you are here," the therapist smiled. "We can start then." "Of course," Yoongi returned the smile. "But can I say something before that?" "Of course," the nice beta waved her hand at him. "Ok," the alpha took a deep breath. "I've just learned that I'm going to-
-become a father," he couldn't hide the emotions in his voice. "So, I am happy. I'm only coming here, because the judge ordered it, but I have no interest to keep this marriage still going." The alpha shrugged. "I'll keep comin here, but please know that there's no-
-point of dragging this issue any longer." "How dare you?" Jieun gasped and Yoongi barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "I am still your wife and you--" "We don't live together anymore," the alpha interrupted her. "What we're doing here is your way of making me-
-feel miserable for no apparent reason." "How could you say that, Yoongi?" The omega sobbed. "Can you just be real for a moment, please!" The alpha hissed. "Just tell me what do you want from me? More money? You have enough!"
"Let's just all calm down, ok?" The therapist looked between the couple with confused expression over her face. "I'm taking it that Miss Min is not the omega, who's pregnant?" "It's probably his personal assistant!" Jieun answered instead of the alpha and Yoongi frowned.
"Even if it's Jimin, I can't see how this is your concern!" Yoongi took a protective stance. "Just tell me what you want and let's get over with this!" "You're both obligated by law to come here for this three month period," the beta tried to intervene once more.
"I know that," Yoongi nodded. "I know that it's needed by law, but I have no intention to mend with this relationship. I want to focus over my life now. I think I gave my wife enough of my years already."
Jieun burst into tears and Yoongi threw his hands in the air. He could barely wait for this hour to be over. Seriously, what he had seen in that woman before? What had happened with his clear judgment? He was yet to find out.
Needless to say, Yoongi stayed mostly emotionless during the next sixty minutes of the session. He never even once looked at Jieun. The only thing he wanted to do was to simply cover his ears to not be able to listen to her lies.
She was good at playing the victim, but the time when Yoongi would believe her was gone. Now, when the time was up, he hurried to leave before her. The alpha couldn't stand even a second more in her company. Jieun called his name few times, but Yoongi didn't turn around.
He headed for his new house and spent the rest of the day relaxing in his bed and chatting with Jimin. The omega had taken the next few days off as well. He needed some time to get used to his pregnancy. His morning sickness was bad and Yoongi didn't want to bother him.
If it was up to him he would've taken Jimin to his own house and wrap him in his cares. But the omega also needed his time to wrap his head around the thought that he was going to have a pup. Jimin had told him everything - from how he had found out,-
-to the moment he had shared the news with Yoongi. Well, not exactly shared, because the alpha saw the pre-natal vitamins first. Still, Jimin was still afraid with that new development in his life and he deserved his few days of peace. Yoongi would give everything that the-
-omega would've asked of him. Although he missed Jimin terribly now, and wanted to be beside of him, he had to give him some space. Plus, he had to deal with his own problems first. He didn't want to involve the omega in his divorce more than Jimin was already involved.
The next thing he had to do was to talk to Namjoon and tell him about his parenthood. He wasn't sure how the alpha would react. It was Jimin, his little brother after all. But Namjoon was a rational man after all. He would understand.
But when Yoongi walked into his office on the next morning, he was met with Namjoon's fist to his face. The elder swayed a bit and rubbed the painful place on his jaw. "Aw?" His eyes narrowed towards his friend. The alpha was shaking his hand.
"You put a baby in my brother and you haven't told me?" The younger snapped. "How dare you play with Jimin?" "I'm not playing with him, Joon!" Yoongi cursed in his head and walked to the small fridge in the room. Luckily, there was some ice left there.
The alpha took a small towel from the bathroom and then sipped few ice cubes in it. Just then he pressed it to his wounded jaw with a hiss. "Then explain to me, why Jimin is pregnant?" The younger's face was still dark.
"I'm guessing he told you this?" Yoongi sat on his chair with a groan. "Then he must've told you that I helped him with his heat." "Yeah, while you were still married!" The younger insisted. "What were you thinking?"
Yoongi closed his eyes for a moment. "You know damn well that I'm only married on papers. Jieun and I are not living together for months! We're only doing this counseling, because we're obligated by law. Well... she insisted!"
"It's still wrong, hyung!" Namjoon insisted. "What are you going to do now?" "Have the pup," Yoongi said it carefully. "As for the rest of it... we've yet to talk about. I only found out yesterday, Joon-ah... please believe me."
"Jimin is my little brother and he deserves something more than your problems, hyung!" Namjoon insisted and although it pained Yoongi, he knew that the younger was right. "But... the pup is here and you have to think of it first, so... I'll stay away."
"Thank you, Joon-ah..." Yoongi relaxed in the next moment, only now finding out how tense he had become. "Damn! You have a strong punch!" "I'm visiting the fitness every time that I can," Namjoon shrugged. "Let's get ready for the meeting we have in 10, shall we?"
Yoongi only nodded and reached out to turn on his laptop. He had to focus over his everyday job now, no matter how hard it was going to be. Jimin and his real life problems had to be put aside while he was working.
He invited the omega to spend the weekend with him and Jimin agreed, although reluctantly. Yoongi knew why. The omega didn't want to bother him and create more problems for him during his divorce. He only agreed, when Yoongi insisted that he needed his company.
As soon as Jimin appeared on his doorstep though, he was wrapped into the alpha's arms and carried to the big sofa in the living room. Yoongi sat there with the omega into his lap and buried his nose into his scent gland. Jimin's new scent was too addictive to him.
"You look tense hyung," the omega rubbed his back soothingly. "Calm down, I am here now." "I know," the alpha mumbled, "blame the instincts." Jimin giggled then. "It's supposed to be me to blame my hormones, hyung. Not you."
"How are you feeling?" The alpha asked when he was calmed enough. "Tell me everything!" He hadn't seen the omega the last three days. Now, he couldn't let him out of his arms. But Jimin wasn't complaining. He started talking and listing every little thing that he had done-
-while the two were away from each other. Yoongi was resting his back over the sofa and his eyes were never leaving the omega's beautiful face. Oh yeah... Park Jimin's face was a work of art. How he had never seen that?
How he hadn't noticed? Yoongi sighed and smiled when the omega was telling him how he thought that he was already showing this morning, but it turned out that was only gas. His eyes shone with his laughter.
Happiness suited the omega like no other. Yoongi wanted to give him the whole happiness in the world now. He just couldn't wait to be free again to show Jimin what the world had to offer to him. If the omega asked the Sun and the stars, the alpha would do everything-
-possible to deliver them to Jimin. He only had to wish for that.
Five weeks later, Jimin and Yoongi were listening to their pup's first heartbeats. Jimin burst into tears and Yoongi couldn't stop watching the grainy image at the monitor. Yoongi was also listed as the alpha parent of the pup and had to give his medical history.
The pair was surprised by a second heartbeat, just as much as the doctor, who was performing the ultrasound. Yoongi was lost for words. His eyes were slowly becoming teary but he couldn't show his true emotions yet. Not when they were in front of a stranger.
But he was there, supporting the omega, while listening to what Jimin had to do from now on. He also paid attention on the new diet and the cravings that the omega could have. Yoongi wanted to make sure that he would be the best possible help for his... what?
Ever since he had learned about the omega's pregnancy, the idea of him mating to Jimin was becoming stronger in his mind. He thought that his mind was clouded by Jimin's pregnancy at first but then he remembered all of the times he wished to mate his ex-wife.
Like literary... he could count the moment in his one hand. But Jimin... Jimin and his sweet smile. Jimin and his loving eyes, holding the whole universe in them. Jimin with the most wonderful scent that an omega could ever have... Jimin!
His whole world was Jimin and all of a sudden Yoongi's whole life was pulled into a halt. The realization of his true feelings for the omega came all too natural to him and at the same time way too frightening. But instead of getting scared of what the future was holding-
-for him and for them... Yoongi found himself suddenly calm and at ease with the world around him. It didn't matter that he was 40 now and he had just realized that Jieun wasn't the greatest love of his life. It didn't matter that his divorce was looking like a never ending-
-battle at this point. Yoongi was just a human, who had realized his mistake and wanted to fix it. Not only this, but he was doing everything he could do make it right. He had to make sure that Jimin was going to enter his life when the alpha was at his full strength.
It was tough really, when Yoongi had to hide his true feelings even in front of the omega. He didn't want Jimin to think that he was suddenly in love with him, because the omega was carrying his pups. No. Yoongi had found that love slowly, peacefully and naturally.
This was how he wanted to show it to Jimin. After all, Yoongi wasn't a man of many words. His actions would speak louder for him. And Jimin... Jimin knew him long enough to know where to look. But maybe the omega was still afraid.
The alpha tried to put himself in Jimin's shoes for a moment and think what if he would do if he was put on that place. He didn't like the view but that only made him work twice as hard to reach to his goal.
"Mr. Min?" The therapist's voice somehow penetrated his haze and Yoongi looked at the beta. "Did you just zoom out?" "I'd say sorry, just to be polite, but you know that my presence is not even needed here," the alpha simply shrugged.
"Just say you don't want to see me and go!" Jieun hissed beside him and Yoongi simply rolled his eyes. "Okay, I don't want to see you," then he looked at the therapist. "Can I go now?"
"Mr. Min--" "You're not even interested of what I want to say?" Jieun snapped next. "And that comes from the man that said he loved me." "I was infatuated by you, yes..." Yoongi took a moment. "Maybe even loved you for a while, but actually loved the idea of you."
"What?" The omega started at him with wide eyes. "What? Your ego is so big that you can't accept that someone wouldn't love you the way you think you deserve?" The alpha wiggled his eyebrows. "Come on! Cry now! Yell! Shout! Scream at me!-
-Tell me how I never listened to your wishes! How I was never there when you wanted me!" Yoongi's quiet outburst was met with silence and he continued. "You're quiet now? Oh, this is a surprise. For all these seven years of marriage do you know how many you spent with me-
-at home? Just the two of us? Maybe one... or two and that's total. You're pretending that you want to save this marriage now, for what? What do you want to prove with this, Jieun? Tell me! You keep doing this when I told you that I'm expecting a pup!-
-No, you know what?" The alpha chuckled all of a sudden. "We're going to have two! We saw them yesterday on the screen. It was the best moment in my life! Ever! And you claim that you love me, Jieun? Really? If you really loved me, you'd let me be happy!-
-But you never did! You never looked me in the face when you used to tell me these words. Ever! But you know what? It's okay, because I found the love. I found it in the most bizarre way and it was always under my nose but maybe my pride and fear blinded me.-
-Now I can have it and I refuse to sit here and listen to your bullshit about a life you just pretended to have!" The alpha pushed his chair back and got up abruptly. "I'll take my leave now and from now on, please don't contact me. If you wish to do so, call my lawyer!"
Yoongi ended up in the park in front of his office building. He was just sitting there, calming his nerves and thinking about his outburst. Maybe it wasn't the best possible way to leave the therapy session, but he had enough of it. Honestly, he couldn't believe-
-how the law couldn't be changed somehow. How it could ask of him to try to save a marriage that wasn't even real. The alpha shook his head, and simply rested his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, he saw Jungkook walking towards him. The alpha was smiling.
"I've heard that congratulations are in order, hyung?" The young alpha patted his back and took a seat next to him. "Jimin-hyung called Tae and told him the news." "Twins, huh? Can you believe it?" Yoongi chuckled quietly.
"It's not bad, hm?" Jungkook nudged shoulders with him. "For a grandpa like you..." "Watch it kid!" Yoongi scoffed, but he knew that the younger alpha was just teasing him.
"How's the battle going?" Jungkook spoke again after a short moment. "The old lady still insisting on having it with you?" Yoongi scrunched his nose. "Jieun is not that old, but... yeah. She still deserves an Oskar. It's a shame how--"
"It's a shame how many years you've wasted on her instead of being with Jimin-hyung? If that's what you wanted to say, then you're right..." "Ok, shut up! But... yeah," Yoongi sighed tiredly. "Years were wasted, but I don't plan on waste more with him."
"Oh?" There was a look of interested in the other alpha's eyes. "So you are serious with him?" Yoongi nodded. "Yes, I am and I plan to show him just how much I care." "You have me on your team then, hyung!" Jungkook patted his back. "But now... Namjoon-hyung actually sent me-
-to fetch you from the park. He said something about a meeting that you're going to have? Something online?" "Oh... right! Work! Yes!" The alpha got up abruptly and was followed by Jungkook's laughter.
The morning sickness was a b!tch! Jimin cursed it mentally after flushing the water in his toilet bowl for the second time this morning. He dragged his tired feet over the carpeted floor and snuck back into his bed.
He wanted to whine, because it missed a certain scent and his omega wanted to nest. But he couldn't nest if that certain scent wasn't present. Jimin looked at the clock and noticed it that it was too early - probably around eight - Yoongi was still sleeping.
Knowing the alpha's history with the lack of sleep, the omega refused to call him when he knew that Yoongi had probably just fallen asleep. But the lack of his own sleep was making him feel all icky. On top of that, the cramps had appeared the day before.
Jimin wanted to kick his legs in frustration, but he couldn't because he was too lazy at this particular moment. His hazy mind had even failed to register the unlocking sound of his door and when he opened his eyes again, he found a pair of concerned eyes staring at him.
"Yoongi?" Jimin almost thought that he was dreaming. The alpha was currently kneeling in front of his bed. "Hey," Yoongi reached out and his palm rested over a side of the omega's face. Jimin nuzzled it faintly. "You should've called me if you feel so distressed."
"What are you doing here?" Jimin asked instead. "I thought you told me that--" "I felt a sudden need to see you," Yoongi smiled softly and his pheromones wrapped around Jimin making him feel all warm inside.
"You also look like you haven't slept last night," the omega pouted cutely. "I haven't," the alpha admitted right away. "I had to make few phone calls and do some overseas online meetings."
"Do you... want to sleep next to me then?" Jimin blushed saying the words. He didn't know why he felt so shy all of a sudden. Yoongi smiled then, all gums on display. It was Jimin's favorite smile.
"That's an offer I cannot refuse," the alpha said and got up for a short moment to get into Jimin's bed. The omega could barely wait for him to lay back down. Then he was all but wrapped around the alpha.
Just when he was sure that Yoongi had fallen asleep, he let himself purr until he fell asleep as well. What he failed to notice was the huge smile over the alpha's face.
Jimin's eyes feel heavy on his face. They were just back from the regular check-up and the pups were developing just fine in him. Of course, with every twins pregnancy there were obstacles that couldn't be stopped.
There were risks and wouldn't exist in every normal pregnancy... every normal female pregnancy. But Jimin was a male omega. It was more difficult for him and his body to carry two, instead of one pup. He already started to feel pain in his hips and his joints.
His ankles were swollen and his back was hurting like there was no tomorrow. He also had to spend most of his time in his bed. Yoongi bought him a special mattresses, because he would suffer backpain otherwise.
Five months into his pregnancy, Jimin moved in with Yoongi into his new house. The alpha had suggested that one morning, when he was visiting the omega. He wanted to try and be there for JImin more permanantly.
Jimin already knew that Yoongi was a really caring alpha. But this was even beyond his imagination. Yoongi was able to deal well with his mood swings, his cravings and his emotional breakdowns. He was there when Jimin was having his migraine and his arms were always wrapped-
-around the omega when Jimin was crying, because he could have any painkiller medication. His pregnancy weren't allowing it. The meds that were actually allowed weren't helping at all. So Yoongi was using his alpha pheromones over him, making him sleepy.
The alpha was doing all that, all the while he was dealing with his divorce. Thankfully, the therapy sessions were terminated, because the judge was now convinced that there was no way this marriage could be saved. Now Yoongi could only focus over his court meetings.
Jieun was refusing to go down without a fight. She wanted to turn their divorce into a public circus, probably taking the advice from her management team. They were already starting the campaign of how Yoongi had apparently cheated on her.
But she didn't know that the alpha would give her all of the money in the world, only to be left alone. Jimin could see how these days were taking a toll over the alpha. He could see how tired and distressed Yoongi was coming home from the court, but he was always there.
He was always there to put Jimin and their pups before himself, before everything else in his life. His dedication to all of them was sometimes making the omega shed tears for Yoongi. He was unable to help him now, but the alpha would always tell him that only-
-his presence in their home was enough for him. Jimin wasn't satisfied. He wanted to do more for his chosen alpha. He wanted to help Yoongi to deal with his bad everyday life a little better. This was one of the reasons why the omega was still insisting on going to-
-work every day and continuing his job as the alpha's private assistant. He was trying to always be there for Yoongi and support him however he could. But it was hard, especially that particular day. The media had somehow learned about Yoongi's fatherhood over Jimin's pups-
-and a crowd of journalist basically mobbed him, while he was trying to leave his work. Some of them were so pushy that Jimin found himself pushed onto the cold ground and curled up in two. The sea of faces around him were suffocating him and he suddenly felt the lack of air.
His only wish was to protect his unborn pup, but the people wouldn't go away. There was no one that was trying to help him and just when Jimin thought that there was no escape from these beasts, he was able to sniff a well-known scent.
"What is going on here?" He was able to hear Jungkook's voice booming over the crowd. "Security? Where is the security!?" Soon the crowd was pushed away and Jimin was picked up in the alpha's arms. He was sobbing quietly.
He was pretty sure that his right hip was bruised and his right arm also. His right side was taking the full weight of his falling. "What the Hell is wrong with you people?" Jungkook growled in his throat and hurried to his car.
Jimin heard him saying few more things, but his ears were ringing and he was clutching his middle. His eyes were teary and his heartbeat was fast. What if something had happened to his pups? "Don't worry, hyung!" The young alpha said when he got into the car.
"My... my pups," Jimin couldn't stop his sob. "I called Yoongi hyung," the younger said calmly. "He's meeting us in the hospital. Damn! Why he had to be away just now?"
Jimin said nothing. He supported his head to the car window and his eyes focused over the road ahead. The omega tried to be positive and he really tried to focus over his breathing. It worked somehow and when they reached to the hospital, he was almost back to himself.
Yoongi was waiting for them with worried expression on his face. When he noticed Jimin's ripped off pants and his bruised arm, the omega noticed how his eyes flashed in angry red. But he knew that Yoongi was a master in controlling his alpha wolf.
Jungkook told him what had happened in front of their offices and Yoongi simply nodded. He reached out for Jimin and the omega somehow managed to walk to him. Everything hurt at that point and he only wanted to lie down.
The pups were okay, although distressed from the falling. The situation it could've been a lot worse if Jimin hadn't acted on time and protected himself when he had fallen onto the ground. The omega had to stay in the hospital overnight. It was just in case.
He sighed with relief when there were some painkilling medications injected into his IV. The omega was finally able to sleep, surrounded by his alpha's secure scent.
Yoongi was known for a rational person. He had really tried to live his life as a normal human being. He had never risen his voice when he was angry. Something else, he had really tried to control his anger so far. But this was too much.
Now, when he was simply sitting in the hospital room and watching over Jimin's sleep, his anger was burning him from inside. All this circus was too much and now it had reached Jimin. Jimin, who had nothing to do with Jieun's thirst for fame.
Yoongi couldn't tell how another human, another omega would wish something like this to happen to someone of their own kind. But here it was, Jimin - the innocent victim of Jieun's strive for fame. She and her team had worked the media to twist it to their own side.
They had painted Jimin as a homewreker. It was something, that omega never was. Yoongi reached to the point to where he would simply pick up his phone and yell at his ex-wife to take everything she wanted from him, just to leave Jimin alone.
But he knew that his ex would never even bat an eyelash at his wishes. She wanted to play and gain as much fame from their marriage - and now divorce - as it was possible. It was her way of life. Yoongi wondered once again, how blind he must've been to see Jieun as his wife.
Jimin whined in his sleep and the alpha was fast to reach out and ran his fingers through the omega's soft hair. His eyes focused on the monitor that was following the pups' heartbeats. He wasn't a doctor, but the steady and fast beeping must be a good sign.
"Be good puppies, yeah?" He whispered quietly, his hand still in Jimin's hair. "Stay with your amma and me, ok? I promise you that we're going to keep you both safe from now on... I promise!" Then he smiled softly even with the thought that they could hear his voice.
He felt how the omega relaxed again and let himself to relax as well. But he couldn't afford sleeping that night. No. He had to stay awake and make sure that everything with Jimin and the pups is okay. He had to take a better care over them.
"Sweet dreams... my lovelies," he mumbled and rubbed the omega's tummy with his free hand. He left it there to rest over the obvious curve of the omega's stomach. "Appa will be here to watch over you. Just calm down, ok?"
Yoongi's voice although deep was soft and calming. He tried to contain the anger that was bubbling inside of him. It wasn't the right time, but tomorrow? Tomorrow he would make sure that Jieun and her team would pay for what they almost did to his Jimin.
When Jimin opened his eyes again he was disoriented. It wasn't his home, or his nest he was in. The air smelled funny of something sterile and... not home. Then everything flashed in front of his eyes and if it wasn't for the belt, wrapped around his middle, he would simply-
-shot out of the bed. Hospital... yeah, he was in the hospital after the events that happened the day before. When he... when he had fallen and then the doctors had found something wrong with his pups. The omega whined involuntary.
"Shh, good morning Jimin-ah," a calm voice, the most amazing voice in the whole world for Jimin echoed in the room and the omega calmed once again. He felt a callused hand wrap around his own over his protuberance. Then the scent - warm, and soft... and alpha. His alpha.
"Hyung?" Jimin sighed and turned his head to the side. He saw Yoongi smiling at him and sitting by his side. The alpha was right there where he was, when Jimin had fallen asleep the night before. "Hyung, how--" "It was a calm night, Jimin-ah... everything was calm,-"
-Yoongi's voice was raspy. The alpha had probably spent the entire night awake, judging by the look of his face. But he was smiling. "The doctors came to check on you earlier. The pups are doing just fine." "Oh, okay," Jimin relaxed back in the bed. "When can I get back home?"
"Soon," Yoongi was stroking his hair now. "They have to run few tests and if everything still looks good, we're going back home." "Okay," the omega licked his lips. "Weren't you about to go to the court?"
The alpha shook his head lightly. "Don't you worry about that now. My lawyers are really good and I am sure that they will do the job just fine, even without me there." Jimin frowned. "It would look bad if you don't show up, hyungie."
"I don't care," Yoongi said it with a smile. "My omega and my pups need me more than some stupid sh!t like I'm about to witness in the court." "/My/ omega?" Jimin's voice was almost unaidable.
"My omega," Yoongi nodded slightly with some faint blush over his face. "We'll have enough time to talk about that later, Jimin-ah but... yeah, /my/ omega." Jimin's heart warmed up and the well-known butterflies started dancing in his belly. They had nothing to do with his pups.
He was released later that day. He also had to keep the bed at home at least for few weeks, just for precaution. Looking at Yoongi, while his doctor kept on talking, the omega was sure that the alpha was doing mental notes in his head.
Ever since the moment the two had embraced his pregnancy, Yoongi was really careful in his cares for Jimin. The omega thought that he was only doing this because of the pups, but the alpha was also really attentive to his needs. Everything that Jimin needed was there.
Not to mention the look in the alpha's eyes every time he thought that Jimin wasn't looking. But Jimin was still too afraid to hope for something real. He had spent the most part of his life, thinking that his love towards Yoongi would never be returned. Now, he was too afraid-
-to try and read between the lines. It wasn't like the alpha was trying to hide his feelings now, no. It wasn't like Yoongi was doing everything to keep himself away from Jimin. It was the total opposite. He kept doing everything in his powers to show him how he-
-was going to be there for Jimin, every step of the way. And he had done so ever since the beginning. He was so open and honest, but still. Jimin was too scared to open his heart to him. Or at least, to open it fully. Yoongi was still someone, who was taken in his mind.
Even if the alpha was currently in a process of his divorce. Even if he was swearing that he was not in love with Jieun anymore. Even in the moments, when Yoongi was doubting in his true feelings towards her. Jimin still remembered the pain of having to watch the-
-love of his life getting married to someone else. He would always remember that heartbreak and the weeks that he had spent crying in Taehyung and Hoseok's arms. The months that followed, when he was trying to fake every smile in front of Yoongi.
The anniversaries, which weren't his and yet he had to remember for Yoongi to look good in front of his wife. The dates he had to arrange, knowing the alpha's favorite places, knowing that Yoongi was going to be there with Jieun - not him.
The two alphas that Jimin had let in his life, just to try and forget about his impossible love towards his hyung's best friend. Everything that followed after them and everything that was about to happen in the future. He was scared.
"I cleared my schedule for the next year," Taehyung told him one day, a week after the assault. It was because Yoongi was still afraid to leave him alone, he would always invite someone to spend his time with Jimin, while he was working. Jimin wanted to argue at first-
-but seeing the worry over the alpha's face, he agreed with him. So now, Taehyung had volunteered to stay with him most of the time. "You cleared your schedule, why?" Jimin was sitting up on his own bed, cuddling with his best friend.
"Jungkook and I want to try for a baby," the omega admitted shily. "I think... I think we're ready now." "Now that is a surprise," Jimin felt happy for his best friend. He knew how much Taehyung was struggling between his love for acting and his need for a family.
"Yeah," Taehyung shrugged shily. "We've discussed it and decided that... it's the right time." "I hope you make it from your first try," Jimin winked at the younger omega and Taehyung groaned. "Oh, come on!"
"A Taekook baby... ah! Just imagine how gorgeous they would look like with your face features..." he gasped, still teasing Tae. The other omega blushed. "I'll tell Kookie you told me this!"
The two friends then kept on making plans for the future of their children and it was soon time for Yoongi to come back home. Taehyung look at his phone where he had received a message from his mate. Jungkook was on his way home.
The blushing over his face only showed Jimin that the baby making attempts were probably going to start from now on. He couldn't miss the opportunity to tease Taehyung about it, but sadly the omega had to leave way too soon.
When Yoongi arrived back home, the omega was nicely resting under the covers of his nest. His nose was shoved into the alpha's pillow. When Yoongi walked into their bedroom and started chuckling quietly, Jimin pouted.
"You look like a baby chick you know?" The alpha crawled over the bed to get to him, ignoring the angry hissing coming from Jimin from disturbing his nest. "Yah!" He tried powing away the alpha's hands, but Yoongi was quick to wrap him in his arms. "Stupid alpha!"
"I meant it only in the cute way, Jimin-ah..." Yoongi rubbed his nose to his scent gland and Jimin basically melted in his arms. "How were you feeling today, hm?" The alpha asked still with his nose shoved into the omega's neck.
"Good," Jimin mumbled, suddenly feeling to hazy from the alpha's scent. "You?" Yoongi sighed tiredly and pulled away. "Bad," he rested back in the bed, pulling Jimin to lie next to him. "Jieun now wants to keep my family name."
"Huh?" Jimin frowned. "But she never used it openly. Then why?" The alpha frowned. "I don't know, Jimin-ah... Does she ever need a reason to do something? But I won't give her my name, no! I think she took enough of me already!"
"I don't know," Jimin trailed off, basically feeling how angry the alpha was. Sometimes he wondered how he was able to feel it when they weren't mates... yet. "What if she lets you go easier in that way?"
"She won't," the alpha snorted. "She'd simply find something else to hold onto. Besides, I don't want to share anything with her, not anymore. I want to draw the line and that's that!"
"Oh?" "Yeah, besides..." Yoongi trailed off. "I want to give my name to... to someone else," he confessed and Jimin's heart skipped a beat. "I want to give it to that someone and... the pups that someone is giving to me."
The new parents were expecting a boy and a girl. The whole going for the check-up, like having to enter and then exit the hospital, while they were surrounded by reporters, were a whole fiasco. Yoongi was barely containing his urge to growl.
He could basically feel the tension that his omega was feeling in the moment they spotted the swarm of cameras in front of the hospital's entrance. The alpha in him wanted to punch everyone's face, who was even remotely close to his omega.
Questions were flying towards them from all of the sides, but Yoongi stayed mum and luckily, the hospital's guards helped them to get inside. They were facing the same difficulty when the check-up was over and when they finally got back home, Jimin was exhausted.
Yoongi didn't tell the younger, but he had decided to sue the reporters, who attacked Jimin the first time. He just wanted his divorce to finally end for that to happen. The alpha wanted to send a clear message not to mess around with his omega.
He also felt the tension, who was building in him, while he was waiting for the end of his marriage. Jieun was stubborn, but the alpha also stood his ground. His lawyers were pretty successful in proving every lie that Jieun was throwing at him in the court.
It was currently difficult for him to do his job. He couldn't focus. Everything was taking way too much from his time and he preferred to stay at home with Jimin. Luckily, the omega was kind enough to accept his attention and not call him too boring.
Yoongi was currently staring at the picture of his unborn pups, wondering if things would've been different if he hadn't married his wife in the past. Maybe he would've had this life, instead of the one that the actress had offered to him these 7 years.
His thumb was sliding back and forth over the smooth paper. The smile was slowly appearing over his face and he couldn't stop it for the world. What he told Jimin that night few weeks ago, was completely true. He really wanted to mate that omega and give him his name.
Now... only Jieun was on his way. But it was okay, Yoongi could wait a bit longer. He wondered how to ask Jimin if he wanted to become his mate before the pups were born. Was he going to agree? Maybe Yoongi should check with his doctor first. Maybe it was dangerous.
He was about to call the number, but then decided that it was probably better to check internet. Yeah, that would save him the embarrassment. The alpha blushed and then reached out for his phone. But he was soon to discard him. No information was helpful.
He snorted with irritation and finally dialed the number. When he hung up a good 20 min later, he was still blushing. Jimin's doctor gave him a green light, only if he was really careful with the omega. Now, the only thing was... to ask him.
Jimin snorted when he tried to get up and failed... again. It was so hard lately and the twins had started moving inside his belly a lot more than before. They became especially energetic, when their alpha father wasn't around. Something in Yoongi's scent apparently-
-was able to calm them and Jimin was having his peaceful time every time the alpha was around. But Yoongi was currently busy at the court. It was the last day for his case and the alpha was a bit tense that morning. He had kissed Jimin for goodbye and then left in a hurry.
Yoongi warned him not to wait for him if he got late for dinner. He had to finish few deals in the office. The alpha had shared his intentions with him to take a fatherly leave when Jimin's due date was near. For that to happen, he had to work a bit extra these days.
Jimin finally managed to get up on his second try. It took him few seconds to restore his balance and he was ready to go. He was careful with his steps, even around the house. Even though he was just at the beginning of his sixth month, he couldn't see his legs already.
Some would say that he looked funny with his thin figure and big belly. Jimin would probably laugh it off any other time, if it wasn't for the backpain that started killing him these days. It was a bit too early for him to take his maternity leave, so he decided to-
-try and work from home. Yoongi insisted that he should stop working at all, but the omega wasn't having it. He was still accepted the alpha's calls from abroad when his phone was on mute, or busy. The calls were directed towards him and Jimin was strictly leading his diary.
He had previously installed an app on the alpha's phone, which helped a lot. Thanks to it, Jimin was able to send the messages for Yoongi directly to his phone and when there was a new one, the alpha would receive a loud beep.
When he had finished checking the alpha's morning mail, Jimin decided to pamper himself a bit and opened the fridge. His eyes glowed when he found his favorite ice cream there. Yoongi was such a considered alpha.
Thanks to Taehyung's heat arriving earlier than expected, Jimin couldn't call his best friend for some chit-chat. Seokjin was busy and Hoseok was out of the country... again. The beta was the most wanted actor in his field lately.
Jimin was happy for him, but he missed his friend a lot. Hoseok had promised to be here when the pups' were born though, which was something. Just when he was about to close his laptop a new pop appeared on his right corner.
/Producer Min Yoongi spotted getting cozy with another omega. Is his new omega's honeymoon phase is over?/ Jimin knew better than not to click on the pop-up, but he did. Something ugly caught his throat.
While his rational mind was telling him that was probably only a yellow news, his heart was feeling betrayed and his mood soured quickly. He was fast to close the laptop and walk to his nest. The omega snuggled there and spent the rest of the day staring at the wall.
Yoongi checked his phone and smiled. He was going to be on time for dinner. But when he pushed the door open, he found the whole house dark and quiet. Then his nose was able to catch the scent of a distressed omega. His heart skipped a beat.
"Jimin-ah?" The alpha called him, but there was no answer and he simply followed his nose to their bedroom. There, he found Jimin simply resting on his right side and staring at the wall. Something was definitely wrong.
"You stink," the omega hissed, without moving his look away from the wall. "You should've at least tried to take that scent away from you before you decide to come back home!" Yoongi frowned with confusion. "What are you talking about?" Then he sniffed his blouse and-
-his nose scrunched with distaste. "Well, I've been in the court most of the time and after that--" "Yes," Jimin interrupted him. "Where did you go after that?" "I've had business lunch," the alpha frowned. "Jimin-ah, what's wrong?"
"I saw the photo, hyung!" Jimin's voice wavered and Yoongi felt the sudden need to just go there and wrap him in his arms. "I saw you with that-that omega and--" "Jimin-ah!" Yoongi groaned with frustration. Now he knew what had happened. "This omega is Jungkook's cousin!"
"What?" The omega looked at him over his shoulder. His eyes were indeed teary. "What are you talking about?" "If that brat wasn't with his mate now, I would've forced him to call you and tell you everything!" Yoongi rolled his eyes with frustration. "His cousin decided to-"
-show up a bit early, but he didn't have a place to stay, because currently Kookie and Tae are quite... busy," the alpha put his hands up. "So, I had to drive him to his hotel. The poor soul had to wait a few more days now, before he's able to see both of them."
"Wait! Was that Jihyun-ah? The little Hyunny?" Jimin finally sat up on their bed and Yoongi relaxed his pose. "Yes," the alpha felt calm enough to crawl up to his omega. "This is the little Hyunny, but now all grown up to the amazing age of 21," Yoongi chuckled.
"I should give him a call then," the omega bit his lower lip and then looked up at him. "I'm sorry, hyungie... I knew not to trust the tabloids, but I'm so..." "Insecure in our relationship, I know," the alpha sighed and finally took him into his arms. "But Jimin-ah-"
-I was actually trying to confess something to you for the last few days and... I couldn't find the courage to do it or... the moment never felt right, but now," the alpha cleared his throat. "I wanted to offer something to you and I want you to please listen to me, ok?"
Jimin stared at him with such hope in his eyes that the alpha had to fight his instincts to kiss him silly. The omega nodded carefully then. "Okay hyungie, I'll listen..."
Yoongi found himself facing his biggest challenge yet - Park Jimin. It was impossible not to lose himself into the omega's deep chocolate eyes. It was impossible not to fall in love with all the devotion that was written there. The alpha couldn't believe how he hadn't noticed-
That's the next tweet everyone:…


-these eyes before. How he was able to keep himself away from them for so long? He wound probably never know. But now, he had to focus over more pressing matter. The matter was - Jimin and their pups. The alpha's eyes zeroed over the clean, unmarked neck of Jimin.
-these eyes before. How he was able to keep himself away from them for so long? He wound probably never know. But now, he had to focus over more pressing matter. The matter was - Jimin and their pups. The alpha's eyes zeroed over the clean, unmarked neck of Jimin.
He felt how his gums started itching, even though his rut wasn't even near. Actually, Yoongi sidetracked again, it was supposed to happen a month ago. That was weird, but then again, he was living with a pregnant omega, who-- that was beyond the point! The alpha shook-
-his head then, trying to gather his thoughts in order. Then he took a deep breath and started talking. "Jimin-ah, listen," Yoongi licked his suddenly dry lips. "I've done a lot of thinking. Actually, everything I've spent the last few weeks thinking," he chuckled nervously.
"Hyungie it's okay," Jimin squeezed his palms reassuringly. A light smile was playing over his lips. "It's just me, Jimin. Calm down, okay? I'll listen to whatever you have to say."
"It's because you are you," the alpha almost moaned, but then he cleared his throat once more. "Ok, so you know that my divorce case is almost over and... I've been having thoughts for my future." "Ok?" Jimin nodded carefully.
"Well," the alpha closed his eyes for a moment, feeling way too nervous. "In any other case, I would've waited longer before jumping into another relationship but..." his look fell over the omega's pregnant tummy. "What I'm trying to say is that... I don't need time now."
"What?" Jimin tilted his head with confused expression over his face. "What are you trying to say, hyungie?" "Listen, I... well," Yoongi sighed with annoyance. Why it was so hard? He's been knowing Jimin his whole life. It should've been easier. "I want a future... with you."
He felt how the omega's scent spiked up a little, but his face kept his normal expression. "Ok," the omega's voice was also normal. "Can you tell me what do you mean?" "I... I want a future where you are my mate, Jimin-ah," Yoongi finally said it. He felt how-
-the omega's hands trembled in his hold. "I've never thought this feeling would be so intense in me. First I thought it had something to do with you, carrying my pups. But... then I realized that it's not only that. Jimin-ah, I lo--"
"Shh, don't!" The omega suddenly placed one of his hands over the alpha's lips. He shook his head with tears in his eyes. "Don't tell me you love me, hyungie... just don't! It's too much for me now. I-I don't know what to say..."
Yoongi kept staring helplessly into the omega's eyes. He felt like there was something that Jimin wasn't telling him, but then he saw the fear there also. Then he remembered all the time this omega had spent in love with him. Silently, in love with him.
How Yoongi had broken his heart over and over again. The alpha never felt pain more fearsome than this one. It didn't matter that Jimin wasn't his mate yet. He could still feel it. Yoongi reached out and covered Jimin's hand over his mouth. He removed it slowly.
"I love you," he said it softly, squeezing that small and delicate hand gently. "I love you, Park Jimin... I love you..." Then Jimin burst into tears. His body slumped forward and luckily Yoongi was there to catch him. He scooped him into his arms, placing him into his lap.
His lips pressed to the omega's temple and his eyes closed. Jimin was still crying, but Yoongi wasn't trying to stop him. He was simply there, letting him cry as much as he felt the need to, hoping that would be the last tears the omega would shed because of him.
When Jimin finally calmed down, Yoongi felt how the omega was gently holding onto his shirt. The fabric was squeezed between his fingers, as if the omega was afraid that he would let him go. But Yoongi was far from such thought.
"You... you really love me?" He heard Jimin's sniffle. "I really do," Yoongi planted a soft kiss over the omega's temple. "I really do love you, Park Jiminie." "I'm sorry," the omega sniffed again. "This is all too much and... and the hormones..."
"I know, I know..." Yoongi chuckled quietly, swaying the omega gently into his arms. "Are you feeling better now?" He felt how Jimin moved in his arms and pulled back enough to meet the omega's eyes. Jimin's chin was tilted up, so their eyes could finally meet.
"I am," a shy, delicate smile appeared over the omega's lips. "Thank you, hyungie." "This is good, because... there is something else I wanted to ask you too," the alpha smiled too. "There is more?" Jimin groaned and Yoongi chuckled agian.
"There is more," Yoongi took a deep breath. "I was hoping that we can mate before our pups are born." Jimin's eyes widened. "That soon? Is it possible?" Yoongi blushed. "I kind of called your doctor and asked him to... if we can, you know."
Suddenly Jimin burst into laugh. He covered his lips with both of his hands and Yoongi barely suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. He knew what the young omega was doing right now and he was sure that Jimin was going to tease him for the rest of their lives.
"So... you called my doctor to ask if you can have sex with me?" The mischievous look in the omega was enough to make him blush harder. "To mate you!" The alpha felt the need to protect his dignity.
"... which involves sex, you know," the omega chuckled. His mood now significantly better than just few minutes ago. But honestly, Yoongi preferred it. "So... you want me that much, huh?" "Fine, okay!" The alpha groaned. "It was the most embarrassing thing in my life!"
"But they said yes then?" The omega turned around enough to wrap his arms around the alpha's neck. "They said yes," Yoongi nodded, his arms wrapping around the omega as well. "So... wherever we feel like it--"
"I'd love to be your mate, hyungie..." Jimin's eyes were filled with love when Yoongi stared at them then. "Wherever you say..." The alpha just smiled then, pressing his lips to the omega's eager ones. Oh how much he loved that man!
⭐️⭐️⭐️🔞🔞🔞⭐️⭐️⭐️ +++ not so explicit but just to be on the safe side +++
Jimin's eyes closed when the alpha's lips touched his scent gland. It wasn't for the first time, but it was always making him squirm inside. The butterflies in his belly intensified and the only thing he could do was to rest his back on the alpha's front.
The omega couldn't present to his alpha at the current moment, because of his pregnant belly. Plus, he couldn't go on all fours, because of the same reason. So, Yoongi thought of a better solution for their mating to happen.
They were currently on their knees inside Jimin's nest. The alpha's hands were roaming all over his body, occasionally resting over his heavily pregnant bump. The omega had leaned his whole weight backwards, but Yoongi had broad chest and strong arms. He could support him-
-like no other. The omega's eyes were closed and he let himself entirely in Yoongi's hands. The alpha knew what he was doing and he had proven that to him, while serving his heat. Jimin sighing with pleasure when one of Yoongi's big arms circled around his neck.
His long fingers pressed few pleasurable points there, before they could travel back to his sensitive and swollen chest. Ever since he had entered his sixth month, everything had become way too sensitive for him.
The omega moaned softly when the alpha's hands traveled back down and rested over his hips. He could feel the slick already trailing down his inner thighs, but he was too into the moment to feel any shame. The alpha's soft grunts close to his ear were making wonders to his body.
Jimin licked his lips impatiently and found himself rubbing his bottom to the alpha's impressive errect!on. He could feel how the tip of it was already grazing his leaking hole and couldn't wait for the alpha to finally slid inside of him.
He mewled softly when Yoongi finally fulfilled his wishes and pushed inside with just one harsh thrust. The alpha shushed him quietly, trying to ease himself into his tightness. Jimin was impatient, but he still was in his omega subspace and thus, he was giving the-
-whole control to his alpha. He couldn't move a muscle without Yoongi's command, but when that command finally came the omega's knees basically gave out and if it wasn't for the alpha's strong hands, wrapping around his wrists and holding him up, Jimin would've-
-fallen face first onto the bed. The omega's soft moans turned loud in the moment the alpha picked up the pace and Jimin was left on his mercy. His reality was now gathered around Yoongi's moves and the feelings of intense, hot pleasure that they were provoking in his body.
When he felt the well-known tightness in his belly and then the feeling of the alpha's knot already forming at the base of his c0ck, Jimin stated trashing in the alpha's hands. But Yoongi was strong enough to pull him up again. With only one move, Jimin found himself-
-pressed to the alpha's front once more. His moans became louder again when he felt how Yoongi's knot was about to lock them together. The swell was almost too big to be painful for him and to barely fit inside his tightness.
But Jimin liked that pain. He embraced the pleasure that pain was bringing with itself. Then he felt the alpha's tongue lapping over his scent gland again and before he knew it, Yoongi's teeth dug deep into his skin marking him as his omega forever.
Jimin came in that same time. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body slumped backwards, entirely left on the alpha's mercy. Yoongi followed him with a loud growl, coming deep from his throat. The alpha's knot locked them together and Jimin felt the sudden peace-
-wrapping around him in small waves. But there was still something missing... something was lacking for it to feel perfect. "Bite me," Yoongi rumbled close to his ear, "come on, omega... mark me as well!"
Before he was able to form a coherent thought though, Yoongi was already offering him his own neck. Jimin licked his lips and his teeth dug deep into the alpha's skin there. The angle was uncomfortable for the both of them, but the feeling that followed was all consuming.
Now, Jimin thought when Yoongi rested them back on the bed. Now, everything felt perfect...
When Yoongi woke up on the next morning, he found Jimin still asleep beside of him. The omega was still overwhelmed from what happened the night before apparently. Yoongi smiled and watched over his mate's sleep.
His mate... that felt almost not real. But the mating bite over Jimin's neck was a reality. Yoongi watched over it with pride in his chest. He could feel his alpha's satisfaction from what he had done. Now Jimin's tangerine scent and his own rainforest one were mixed forever.
The omega mumbled something in his sleep and pressed his body to the alpha's one. Yoongi hummed something soothing and released his calming pheromones in the air. After the mating last night, he took care of his omega.
He had changed the sheets and then dressed Jimin in one of his large T-shirts. The omega preferred to wear his clothes lately. Yoongi now knew it had something to do with the omega's wish to be as closer to his alpha as possible. It was coming from his pregnancy.
Their doctor told them that it was probably because both of their unborn pups were alphas and couldn't tolerate any other scent around their omega parent, except Yoongi's one. Of course, it was way too early to know of their pups' sub-gender. But it was a high probability.
He was thankful that it was the weekend and he wasn't going to go back to work that day. Their mating was still fresh and Yoongi was sure it was going to be a pure torture for the both of them if they had to be separated, even for few hours.
When he made sure that Jimin was indeed sound asleep, the alpha could finally leave their bed. He tiptoed in the kitchen and prepared a delicious breakfast for his mate. Even the thought of calling Jimin his mate was making him smile like a fool.
Yoongi grinned when he heard that Jimin was already awake. When he looked up, he saw him waddling into their kitchen, wearing only the alpha's T-shirt. It was barely reaching to the middle of his thighs, but Jimin couldn't care less apparently.
"Good morning," Yoongi held his mate's chair and waited for the omega to sit down comfortable. Then he placed the full plate in front of him. "Thank you, hyungie..." the omega blushed. "You shouldn't have to get up so early for me..."
"I'd do everything for my mate," the alpha rumbled with satisfaction in his voice and the blush over Jimin's cheeks intensified. "Thank you... mate," Jimin lowered his face then and started eating. Yoongi reached out for his coffee, already finished with his own breakfast.
Yoongi was there when was time for their next check-up, although Jimin is kind of reluctant to go. He still remembered the swarm of journalists the previous time and how he had suffered because of them. But they had to go. It was for the health of the pups after all.
"Your pups are about the size of large eggplants. They measure about 15 inches from head to foot and weigh about 2.2 pounds," the doctor told them, while staring at the sonogram. "They’re packing on the body fat and have doubled in size just the normal amount.-
-But they’re still far from their ideal newborn weight. Believe it or not, they’ll still be tripling their current weight before they’re born." "Whoa!" Yoongi kept staring at the monitor, probably overwhelmed. Jimin sighed tiredly.
"From here on out, your twins’ head-to-foot growth will begin to slow down. But they’ll still be getting plumper and becoming more active every day," the doctor continued. "Your babies’ skeletons are getting harder, and their skin is becoming smoother.-
-Their faces, as you can see, are almost fully formed. Their little noses are already working, and they’re practicing breathing and can now pick up scents. They have eyelashes and eyebrows. Their eyes are open, and they’ll now be able to see each other for the first time."
"This sounds amazing!" Yoongi's eyes were filled with awe. "At this stage of your pregnancy, your babies are starting to feel cramped. Aside from the fact that they’re growing so quickly, their amniotic sacs now have almost a liter of amniotic fluid each,"-
-the doctor's voice is serious. "This amount will start to decrease as the babies get bigger and bigger. Now, I want you to start counting their kicks." "Count their kicks?" Jimin frowned. "Yeah," the doctor kept talking while cleaning Jimin's pregnant belly from the gel.-
-"Just to measure their daily activity and to make sure that they feel good inside of your womb. If you feel like they aren't active enough, you can ask from your alpha to give you some belly rubs and scent your belly. Usually, it helps."
"I can do that," Yoongi answered right away and helped his mate to sit up on the hospital table. "Something else we should know?" "Well, Jimin-ssi is in his sixth month, so I'd suggest try small walks, around 20 min, not long. If you feel too tired for that, try yoga."
"I can do yoga," the omega nodded and supported by his alpha climbed down from the medical table. The two soon left the doctor's cabinet and thankfully were escorted from the back exit of the hospital. Jimin felt already tired when they got back home.
"Do you have places to be today?" He asked Yoongi as soon as they entered their house. The alpha helped him with his jacket and his shoes, before doing his own. "Namjoon called me that he can take all of it fire today," Yoongi supported his mate's waist on their way inside.
"Good," Jimin then paused for a moment. "Should I feel guilty by feeling that my brother has to work instead of you?" Yoongi chuckled lightly. "Not at all, love... He's my partner after all. He has to work as well."
"Right," the omega rolled his eyes at that fact. "You made him your partner, because of it." Yoongi blushed lightly. "Well, it's by purely selfish reasons, you know. I want to spend more time at home..."
Jimin would lie if he was about to say that didn't make his heart flutter, but he somehow managed to hide his smile. "I believe you," he said instead. "How about you rub my ankles now? I think they are already swollen."
And Yoongi was so eager to comply that the omega chuckled with pleasure. Later on the next day, while Jimin was lazing around the house and Yoongi was back to work, his phone rang and to his surprise it was his best friend.
"What are you doing Chim?" Taehyung asked, sounding just as bored as Jimin was. "Home alone," the pregnant omega answered. "Yoongi is working and I'm wondering what to do." "Let's do some shopping, hm?"
Jimin was fast to agree. What else he could do after all? Yoongi insisted that he should take his maternity leave earlier than usual. Wanting to ease the alpha's worries, Jimin finally complied. Plus, he felt way too heavy and was getting tired way too easy to protest.
Taehyung decided that shopping in the mall would do both of them good. They were both wearing mask on their faces, because in Taehyung's case, he could be easily recognized and mobbed by fans.
"Kookie is also back to work," the younger scrunched his nose, while the two were enjoying a nice glace of ice tea in one of the mall's cafes. "He also has to help his cousin find a new place to live."
"I've heard that, yeah," Jimin bowed his head and then sipped from his drink. He rubbed the right side of his belly next, because one of the twins kicked him there. Yoongi had yet to feel them kicking. The alpha couldn't wait for that moment to finally happen.
"Oh, I think my eyes are deceiving me..." the female's voice that echoed close to their table made Jimin's blood ran cold in his veins. "If that's not Park Jimin..." "Jieun-noona?" Jimin looked up to his right to see the expensive looking omega.
She hadn't changed at all. If anything, she looked even more dashingly beautiful than before. For a moment, Jimin wondered what Yoongi had seen in him to end his relationship with someone as perfect as Kim Jieun.
Their divorce was practically finalized. The two only needed to meet for one more time to sign up the papers and it was going to be over. Yoongi somehow managed to refuse his name to be added to his ex-wife's one. By his words, she hadn't taken it well.
"Come on, Chim!" Taehyung said through clenched teeth. "I think it's time to go. It got... all too cold all of a sudden." "No, please stay," Jieun flashed one of her fake smiles and looked at her personal assistant. "Yuki and I just thought to stop by and say hi."
"Right," Taehyung mumbled under his nose, "because you've always been so nice like that." "Rude as ever, hm?" Jieun's eyes narrowed towards Taehyung. "Just say what you want to say and go, please?" Jimin got up with some difficulties.
"I just can't believe that Yoongi decided to leave me for someone like--" "B!tch!" Taehyung hissed then and Jimin shuddered from the hostility in his voice. "Hyung left you, because you've been selfish b!tch and that's the truth! Jimin has nothing to do with it?"
"What did you just say?" The female omega looked ready to pounce on him. "Oh, you want to make a scene?" Taehyung smirked and looked around them. "Please do. I'd be happy to repeat what I just said out loud."
"Let's go, Ms. Kim!" Yuki, Jieun's assistant called her name few times. "We're going to be late for the photoshoot." The actress threw one more angry look at the two other omegas and then left with a hissing and loud clacking of her heels over the marbled floor.
"Chim, are you okay?" Taehyung turned around and touched Jimin's arm. "You look pale. Let's get you back home, okay?" Jimin simply nodded. The entire ordeal had basically ruined his day. When they reached back to his house, Taehyung stayed with him until Yoongi's return.
The last thing Yoongi expected to home home to was an angry Taehyung, sitting in his own living room. But that was something that alerted his senses right away. His eyes zeroed over his and Jimin's bedroom. Still, Taehyung's presence didn't let him go there first.
"Yoongi-hyung," Taehyung's voice was low. The omega was obviously trying to control his emotions, but his eyes were angry. Something must have happened to provoke such powerful emotion in a guy as sweet as Taehyung was.
"What happened Tae?" Yoongi cut straight to the point. He wasn't usually as blunt like this, but maybe that was a quality he had adopted from Jimin. "You look a bit tense." "I just wanted to spend a quiet and happy day with Chim in the Mall, you know?" The omega got up.
"Let me guess, something happened?" The alpha decided to thread carefully around his friend. "Your ex happened and her words towards Chim!" The omega spat his next words. "She was about to attack him if it wasn't for me... and we weren't in a public place like there."
"What?" Yoongi could already feel the anger bubbling in his own veins as well. "You heard me!" Taehyung was furious. "Chim took it visibly well, but you know him. You know how easily he could get hurt!"
Yoongi cursed under his nose and his eyes narrowed dangerously. Yes, of course he knew how cute, dedicated and selfless person Jimin was. He knew how easily he could get hurt. Plus, that was Jieun after all. She also knew him to some point.
"The divorce is going to be finalized soon," Yoongi said instead of giving himself up to the anger. "She should be gone by then." "Let's hope so," Taehyung was still frowning. "She all but called Chim ugly and home--" "What?!"
"Yes," the omega confirmed. "You better talk to him when he wakes up. His self-esteem is low anyhow, even without your b!ch-ex wife's words!" "I know," the alpha suddenly felt sorry that he wasn't with Jimin that day. "I'll talk to him."
Taehyung obviously trusted to his words, because he left soon after that. Yoongi tiptoed into his bedroom, only to find Jimin sleeping in the middle of their nest. The omega was curled up, as far as his pregnancy allowed him to be and was sleeping peacefully.
Yoongi rubbed his chest, feeling the pain the omega had probably felt that day, facing Jieun unprepared. Yes, the alpha knew for the deamons that Jimin had to face every day of his life. He knew, because he was there in the past. He was there for him even now, as his mate.
He knew that his mate needed reassurance from time to time, just to feel loved and validated. Yoongi was more than happy to tell him this in every opportunity he might have. But he wasn't there today. He wasn't with Jimin when he met his ex.
And Jieun... she knew how to find someone's weakness. She knew where to hit, especially with Jimin. She knew him long enough to know for at least half of his problems. Yoongi frowned, but tried to contain his anger. Everything was going to be over soon.
Jieun was going to become someone from his past and he truly hoped that the omega was not going to show in front of his eyes after they sign the papers. If she did, Yoongi wasn't going to be responsible for his actions towards her.
When Jimin finally woke up, he found himself in a middle of his mate's pampering session. Yoongi had prepared dinner for them. It was followed by a nice bath tub, joined by the alpha. Then the oils rubbing session to his belly.
It happened just then when Yoongi felt a small knot formed under his palm. He got scared at first, but then he heard his mate's quiet giggle and when he looked up, he was met with the entire universe hidden in Jimin's eyes.
"Someone said hello to their appa," the omega side shily through his fingers, covering the lower half of his face. "W-what?" The alpha stammered. He was like frozen in place.
"Yes hyung," the omega giggled again and soon enough, Yoongi felt another knot formed under his palm. The omega trembled this time. "Uff, I think we just woke them up." "This is incredible," the alpha suddenly teared up.
"Are you crying now?" Jimin cooed then. " Aww, hyungie... you are so cute." "I'm not," the alpha sniffled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. "I'm a strong alpha!" Jimin chuckled and it was like a song to the alpha's ears. "You're my cute alpha!"
And honestly, who was Yoongi to argue against the person, who was giving him the whole universe on a silver plater? He just shrugged and went up to plant a soft kiss over Jimin's pliant lips. The omega cupped his face lovingly.
The alpha could barely wait for the day to come. He couldn't wait to put that signature and get over with that part of his life. His lawyer was there, along with Jieun and her lawyer also. The two parties sat in the judge's office and there were some papers placed in front-
-of them. When Yoongi was about to put his signature, Jimin's image flashed in front of his eyes and he smiled. He never signed a document more energetically than his divorce papers. "Okay," the judge said next. "Now it's Ms. Kim's turn."
Yoongi looked up then and watched how reluctantly Jieun took the pen from her lawyer. Then their eyes met and Yoongi felt sadness for a short moment. It was very brief, because in the next moment she opened her mouth. "We could've had it all, Yoongi."
"Please," the alpha said through gritted teeth. "Just sign the papers, Jieun." "We could've had it all and you ruined it, because of your stupid dream for something so trivial as a family!" She hissed. "Ms. Kim--" her lawyer's voice couldn't deafen Yoongi's growl.
"Sign the fvcking papers, before I lose my good intentions, Jieun!" Yoongi's fists were clenched under the table. "Pathetic... just like your omega!" She spat the last words and Yoongi was about to pounce on her, if it wasn't for his lawyer's hand over his arm.
"I'll sue you for disrespecting my mate!" The alpha growled and this time, Jieun was taken aback. Her eyes widened for a moment. "Can he do that?" She asked her lawyer instead. "He can," the man said, looking so tired all of a sudden.
"Oh fvcking fine!" Jieun was fast to sign the papers as well and then pushed her chair back. "I'm done with you!" She said before leaving the judge's office with her head held high, but it was Yoongi who was smiling the last.
"It's done," he called Jimin as soon he found himself back in his car. The omega was back home by this time of the day. "Finally?" The omega's soft voice trembled. "Finally!" Yoongi chuckled and heard how his mate followed his example.
"Come back home soon, hyungie!" The omega said next. "We're waiting for you!" Yoongi never felt happier in his life than in his moment.
It wasn't easy, having to start your life again being in your 40's. But every time Yoongi's eyes would lay on his mate, he knew it was worth it. He kept discovering his feelings towards Park Jimin every day, ever since the moment he felt free of his past shackles.
And maybe even before that, the alpha thought. Maybe even before, when he was still bound to his married life. He wasn't blind and he wasn't deaf. His nose was working just fine, but he simply chose to ignore all of his senses back then.
Sometimes the alpha wondered what would've happened if he had chosen to be a bit braver. What would have happened if he had taken a different path in his past and chose to go against his barriers.
Tangerines were his favorite fruit. This scent was his most favorite one in the world. Jimin was his weakness ever since the boy had presented. But Yoongi had chosen against going for him. He decided not to pursue him, because of his friendship with Namjoon.
He could see that clearly now, from the perspective of his old self. He wasn't brave enough back then. He wasn't able to fight his daemons, even if he felt weakness every time his eyes would lie over the young omega back then. Jimin was so beautiful-
-so perfect in his eyes, ever since the moment the boy had decided to grace him with his presence after his presentation. Yoongi had felt as if he got hit by a train. Then Jimin had smiled sweetly and his eyes, oh his eyes... Yoongi was afraid to meet them even then.
The omega had teased him a lot about that fact. The two had non-ending bickering, back in the day when everything was still simple between them. But as life got into their way, their bickering turned into something more, maybe even hidden from the world around them.
If only Yoongi was able to see it sooner. If only he was brave to meet Jimin's eyes and see all the love the younger was hiding in them. Yoongi wasn't sure if he had fallen in love with the omega back then, but he was sure that he was adoring him ever since.
Jieun was right in a way. Jimin would always be someone special in Yoongi's life. The omega would always come before anyone else and it was something that Yoongi couldn't change it, or he was willing to do so. There was no point of fighting his love for him.
It was there, carved into his heart, just as their pups were going to be as soon as they would take their first take of fresh air. Yoongi was loving the little ones, now sleeping in their amma's womb. He would sometimes use the opportunity when Jimin was fast asleep-
-to touch the omega's growing belly and talk to the pups. Even if he knew that he would look stupid in the eyes of everyone else. He didn't care. He loved these quiet moments and his eyes would always fill with wonder when he would notice another footprint over the omega's belly.
"You should let your amma sleep now, my darlings," Yoongi was whispering as quietly as he could. Jimin's shirt was pulled up, over his belly. It was in the middle of the summer after all and the omega was sweating a lot. He would often kick out the sheets that Yoongi was-
-trying to pull over his body, afraid that the omega would catch a cold during his night sleep. But now, the Sun had barely peaked over the horizon and Jimin had managed to set himself free from the sheets. His T-shirt was also pulled up, so Yoongi had a clear view of-
-the omega's belly. The alpha had awakened just few minutes ago, but he knew that Jimin would like to sleep at least until noon, if their pups would allow him to. The omega suffered insomnia lately, because he couldn't find a suitable position to fall asleep.
Yoongi touched the taut skin of his belly with awe. "Sleep now," he whispered again. "Your amma needs his sleep also, my darlings. We love you so much and can't wait to see you finally with us. But don't worry. We can wait a bit longer, yeah? Just wait until you're ready."
The alpha looked up to Jimin's calm face. The omega's lips were half-opened in his sleep. His hands were clenched in fists close to his chest and he looked like a little boy... like a prince, in Yoongi's mind. The alpha sighed and reached out to fix few curls over the omega's-
-face. Jimin hummed in his sleep and adjusted his face to Yoongi's touch. His nostrils flared and he whined with discomfort. Yoongi chuckled quietly and rested his body back beside of his omega. Jimin was fast to snuggle in him with a happy hum.
Jimin woke up with a groan. His back was killing him already and he wasn't even on his feet. The omega groaned and tried to get up, which was a pure challenge at this point. In his seventh month his body was basically... huge.
His waist and his back were always in pain. His ankles were constantly swollen and on the top of that, he had to pee every 15 min by clock. Honestly, he couldn't wait for that torment to be over with. His doctor assured him that his pups were probably going to-
-be early, because of the twins pregnancy. Jimin had mixed feelings about that fact. At one point, he couldn't wait for his pregnancy to be over, so he could have his body back to himself. But on the other hand, he knew all the risks if the pups would arrive too early.
He was already half through his seventh month though and his Braxton-Hicks contractions had already started. It wasn't something pleasant and when it happened for the first time, JImin was sure that it was the actual birth.
He was so distressed that Yoongi had to drive him to the hospital. It wasn't only that, but the alpha had panicked as well, even though he had refused to admit that in front of him. His mate was his rock and Jimin couldn't be more happy about that. But sometimes-
-he wished that he wouldn't lay that heavily over his alpha. Yoongi was also human, just like him. Even if he wasn't carrying the pups, he was also their father and it was only natural that he was scared for Jimin's and their pups' health as well.
Jimin stared himself in a mirror for quite some time after he was ready with his morning routine. Then he followed his nose to the kitchen, where Yoongi was already drinking his morning coffee. The alpha was actually surprised to see him entering the kitchen so early.
"I feel like a pig," Jimin groaned when Yoongi pulled his chair and held it until the omega was able to sit comfortable. "Where is my breakfast?" Yoongi chuckled and pushed the plate towards him. "Here you are, love. You can have it all."
"Did you sleep last night?" Jimin asked in the middle of his eating session. "I thought I've heard you talking at some point." Yoongi blushed. "Well, I was just telling our pups to let you sleep." "You were talking to them again, hm?" Jimin was smitten.
"Something like it," Yoongi mumbled under his nose. "How are you feeling? You woke up all too early." "My back is killing me," the omega confessed when he was finished with his food. "I couldn't sleep more, even if I wanted to."
"I'm sorry," the alpha frowned. "Let me do something about it before I go out, yes? Namjoon called me. There are some documents I have to sign in the office." "Can I come with you?" The omega was ready to beg if he had to. He felt so bored lately.
"Are you sure?" The alpha stared at his heavily pregnant body and Jimin pouted. "Okay, okay..." he put his hands up in a sign of defeat. Jimin grinned. He knew that Yoongi was helpless in front of these eyes.
They got to the office in the middle of the work day, when the hallways were busy with people and the elevators were busy. Jimin felt actually sorry for walking out of his home. Now only the look of the crowded place and all of the foreign scents were making him feel uneasy.
Yoongi was holding his hand tight though, which was bringing some soft of a comfort over him. Then spending some time with his step brother, while Yoongi was signing those papers brought warm feeling to his body and his mood got lifted up.
They were in the middle of discussing Namjoon and Seokjin's decision to finally adopt a pup, when the alpha got called urgently. He excused himself and Jimin waved his hand, letting him leave his office. Yoongi was still busy and Jimin decided to stretch his legs.
Then everything happened all of a sudden. An intern, not looking where he was going, basically slammed himself into Jimin's body. The omega tried to hold onto the near bench, trying not to fall... but he failed and he soon found himself onto the floor.
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Rushed to the hospital wasn't in Jimin's plans when he had awakened this morning. Having the hear the news that in case of contractions, which he still did not have, his pups must be delivered, was not in his plans... What else wasn't in his plans? Having to hear something like-
-this: "If we are to deliver the pups today, Jimin-ssi there would be no problem for your daughter, but... there would be for your boy." "What?" Jimin had squeezed Yoongi's hand tightly. "What are you saying?"
"While your daughter is developed enough to meet the outcomes from coming to this world earlier than usual, your son's lungs are still undeveloped. I cannot guarantee if the pup will survive at all."
"No!" The omega gasped with fear in his voice. "You have to do something about it! There must be something that--" "There's no bleeding yet," the doctor interrupted him. "There are no contractions. So far the only thing that's a bit problematic is that the pups appear-"
-distressed from the fall. Let's keep you here overnight and see where are we going with this, okay?" The beta tried to even smile and then left the room. Jimin buried his head into his mate's collarbone and his shoulders shook. This wasn't possible!
This wasn't happening right now! It could not be happening, not when everything in his and Yoongi's life was finally coming together. "Shh, calm down love," the alpha was rubbing his back soothingly. "Calm down and try to relax."
"How can I relax when one of our pups might be in danger?" The omega sobbed. "Tell me, how?" "I know how strong you are, Jimin-ah," the alpha's voice was calm, or appeared to be. "I know you can do this. You can do this for the pups, ok?"
Jimin moved his head enough so he could look at his mate. Yoongi's eyes were soft and staring at him. The alpha reached out and his back fingers touched a side of the omega's face. "Everything will be fine," he whispered, "you'll see."
Jimin could only nod through tears and snuggle further into his mate. Yoongi's scent and presence were providing a lot of comfort in him and soon, Jimin was lulled to sleep.
Yoongi would feel bad in any other time, if he had used his alpha's pheromones to put his omega to sleep. But Jimin needed his sleep and he had to relax his body completely. There was no other way for him to calm down completely.
As soon as the alpha felt sure enough that Jimin was asleep, he carefully sat up in the hospital bed, making sure that the omega was resting his body in a way that wasn't pressing his belly in any way. Then he got up as quietly as he could and walked out of the room.
"Yoongi-hyung?" Namjoon's worried voice sounded from the other side of the line as soon as Yoongi dialed his number. "How's Jimin-ah?" "The pups are distressed from the fall," Yoongi rubbed his forehead tiredly. "Other than that... we have to wait. They'll keep him overnight."
"Good, that's good," the alpha heard his friend's sigh from the other side of the line. "Better safe than sorry." "Yeah, I thought the same," Yoongi closed his eyes for a moment. "I just hope for the best, Joon-ah."
"Don't worry hyung," Namjoon said. "I know my brother. Jimini is strong and he'll get through this." "I know, I know..." Yoongi sighed and looked at the closed door. "I have to go back now. Can you please call Taehyung-ah and tell him what happened. I'm pretty sure that-
-he'll want to know." "I will hyung," his friend calmed him. "I think that Jungkookie is still here. I tell him first." "Whatever you find necessary," Yoongi said and soon after that he hang up the phone.
He took some time outside to gather his strength and just then, he pushed the door open. Jimin didn't have to know how scared he actually was. He needed his mate strong and not hopeless. Yoongi shook his head to let go of any dark thoughts and closed the door behind his back.
The night passed calmly, although Yoongi couldn't close his eyes at all. He was either watching over his mate's sleep, or listening to the whooshing sound of the machinery that was measuring his pups' heartbeats.
His eyes were almost closing when the omega woke up and Yoongi tried to appear well-rested and there for him. When the doctor came to check on Jimin's status, his face looked a lot more hopeful than it was the night before.
"Ok, the heartbeats are almost close to normal," she told them. "Let's see how we're going by the end of the day." "If... if everything is okay?" Jimin's voice was close to a whisper. "If everything's ok, you are free to go but," the beta pointed out-
-seriously. "You're about to spend the rest of your pregnancy on a bedrest. The only time you can get up is to go to the bathroom and that's all." "I'll... I'll do everything," Jimin's voice trembled and Yoongi reached out for his hand. The omega squeezed it tightly.
They kept them the whole day there, coming in and out of Jimin's room and checking on him every two hours. Yoongi was barely staying awake, but he was holding up just fine. It wasn't his first time to spend the night awake.
When the pups finally showed improvement around dinner time, Jimin was finally cleared to go. Yoongi sighed with relief, although he made sure to hide that from his mate. He pushed the wheelchair out of the omega's hospital room to their car and helped him to get inside.
Jimin's eyes were closed on their way back home and when they finally arrived, Yoongi carried him to their bed. Jimin protested that he was too heavy of course, but the alpha refused to listen. He was strong and he could carry his mate just fine.
Then he prepared something fast as a meal for the omega and served him in their bed, watching over his attempts to eat it. Jimin didn't disappoint him. When Yoongi was back again, the omega was snoring lightly, already asleep.
Just then Yoongi allowed himself to slump his shoulders and let out a huge yawn. He felt so tired that he could fall asleep on his feet. But the alpha had enough time for a quick shower at least.
He fell asleep holding his mate and their pups in his arms. When the morning finally came, it was with unexpected visitor by their front door...
When Yoongi opened the door that morning the last person he expected to see there was Taehyung. He thought that the omega was still in his heat week, but apparently that week was long over and now, the omega was there to see how his friend was doing.
Jimin was already up when his mate called for him, because Taehyung was waiting in the living room. Yoongi helped him to the sofa and pushed few pillows in a way that Jimin would feel comfortable. The alpha decided to follow Jimin's doctor's orders by the book.
He left the two omegas alone, as soon as he made sure that Jimin was feeling good enough. The omega sighed, but said nothing and waited for his mate to leave him and Taehyung alone before he was able to speak his mind.
"Hyungie is so scared," Jimin finally said and his eyes returned back to his best friend. Taehyung was sitting in one of the armchairs, closest to where Jimin was. The omega's eyes looked tired, but his whole attention was focused over Jimin.
"I know," the younger omega answered him. "Kookie told me," Taehyung paused. "I was unsure if you wanted me to visit you so soon after the hospital, but I was really worried about you, Chim. I wanted to make sure that you are really okay."
"I am now," Jimin rubbed a side of his pregnant belly. "I think there's only the bruise that left on my hip. Otherwise, I feel good. I have to keep the bed until my due date, but that's not something that I cannot do."
Taehyung nodded. "Yeah and besides, there are only few weeks left." "True," Jimin paused for a moment, staring at his friend. "How are you feeling Tae-yah? I thought you'd still be in your heat week?" The other omega bit his lower lip nervously.
"I know," he sighed and lowered his look to his clasped hands. "It doesn't usually last only three days, Chim. I was prepared for the usual week, but... I was thinking of calling my doctor. I don't know... and this happened when we decided to try for a pup."
"Right, you told me," Jimin suddenly remembered. "Don't worry too much, okay? Just wait when your results are ready." "I went to give blood before coming here," Taehyung smiled. "They promised to call me with the results as soon as they are ready."
Jimin simply nodded and then tried to distract his friend as best as he could. They spent the remaining of the morning simply chatting about trivial things. Jimin could hear his mate preparing something in the kitchen. Yoongi was probably busy cooking their lunch.
"You can stay and have lunch with us," Jimin suggested when Taehyung got up and decided to leave. The omega simply shook his head. "No thanks," he reached out for his jacket. "Jungkookie is waiting for me. It's his day off also, so... we're going to have lunch at home."
Yoongi was the one to walk the younger omega to the door. When he came back to Jimin, he had a small smile on his face. Jimin frowned, wondering what was going on. "What is that smile?" Jimin asked then.
"Jungkookie just called me with some good news," Yoongi shrugged and reached out to help Jimin out of the sofa. "He called me for an advice and I simply confirmed his suspicion." "But... you're not gonna tell me what about?"
"Nope, alpha's code!" The elder chuckled and he was even able to resist Jimin's heavy pouting. Yoongi was definitely a pro when it comes to Jimin's pouting. After lunch, Jimin headed for a short afternoon nap, while Yoongi was doing the dishes.
"Ok, Jimin-ssi, welcome to the 32nd week of your pregnancy," the doctor greeted him and Yoongi when they went for their final check-up. "Thank you," Jimin blushed and tried to relax his body over the medical table, while the beta was performing his ultrasound.
"At 32 weeks, your twin babies have sleep and wake cycles, have shed the lanugo off their bodies, have hair on their heads, bones that will soon be hardening, and other new and important developments," the doctor started talking. "The positions they are currently taking-
-are the correct ones, before the time for birth comes. They now have their sleeping cycles, as you may probably experienced already. And they move a lot more than before." "They are," Yoongi confirmed instead of his mate. "I sometimes worry that he cannot sleep because of it."
"I warned you that Jimin-ssi will most probably suffer insomnia for the last few weeks of the pregnancy," the beta nodded. "Now, both of your pups are already turned upside down. This is the best possible scenario here. Their bones are nicely developed also..."
"What about our boy?" Jimin's voice trembled. He hadn't forgotten about what his doctor had told him just the last month about his baby boy and his lungs. "His lungs are developing nicely, Jimin-ssi," the beta smiled at him. "Thanks to the fact that he's still inside you."
"Good boy," Jimin mumbled with soft smile over his lips. "Both of your pups are looking fine and ready to be delivered when their time comes," the doctor said and turned off the machinery. "This is your last check-up before your due date. Do you have some questions for me?"
"I can't think of it right now," Jimin blushed. "Can I call if I have some?" "Sure," doctor Kim smiled. "I'd be more than happy to answer. Now, I'd advice you to prepare your hospital bag already. We don't know when the pups are going to feel ready to come out."
"My mate prepared a list already," Yoongi said and helped Jimin to sit up. Then he knelt to put the omega's shoes over his feet. "We only have to put the stuff there." "Good," the doctor said and soon after that the couple left her cabinet.
It was right by the end of his eight month when Taehyung decided to enter with his front door... well, almost. He almost tackled Yoongi to the ground, while the alpha was trying to leave for the grocery store, because Jimin was craving strawberries.
Yoongi was about to say something, but Jimin was fast to usher him to leave. The omega was hungry. The alpha simply snorted and closed the door behind his back. The next thing Jimin was able to see was his best friend storming into the living room.
"What happened to you?" Jimin frowned from the sofa, where he was currently laying down comfortable. He had somehow managed to convince the alpha to help him build something like a fort there. Kind of looking like a fort... though.
"Chim... oh, Chim!" His best friend gasped, but Jimin was kind enough not to roll his eyes. Taehyung was an actor after all and he was all for the drama. "If only you knew..." "There must be something big," Jimin indulged to his friend's theatrics.
"I am... guess what?" The omega grinned and took Jimin's hands in his own ones. "No! I don't have time for this! I'm pregnant, Chim!" "You are?" Now that was news. Then his smile died down. "This is what Jungkookie had sniffed on you and Yoongi refused to tell me."
"Come again?" Taehyung looked confused. "Few weeks ago," Jimin shrugged. "Jungkookie called Yoon to ask him about something. My mate looked kind of smug, telling me that he couldn't say anything else because of some stupid alpha code!"
If Taehyung's jaw was able to fall to the floor, it most likely would have. His eyes grew big, but then quickly narrowed into small slits. "That sly alpha!" He grumbled. "So he knew all this time, hm? Well, that explained the pampering and... wait!" Taehyung grinned.
"Please remember that I'm only about to give birth soon and I cannot waste my energy guessing what's in your mind, Tae?" Jimin all but pleaded the younger. "Oh nothing," the other one chuckled. "It explains why he feels so deliciously possessive over me."
"Ah," Jimin nodded, resting back in the sofa and trying to find better place for himself. Moving his body was a pure torture lately. "Yoongi hyung still acts like this, even if he thinks that I'm not noticing," the omega rubbed his waist with painful grimace over his face.
"What's wrong, Chim?" Taehyung was alerted by that simple gesture apparently, but Jimin tried to smile. "Nothing," the elder omega shook his head. "Everything hurts, but it's normal for this-- mhm!" He fisted the blanket in his hands when a contraction passed through him.
"What was that?!" Taehyung wasn't convinced at all. "A Braxton-Hicks probably," Jimin rested back on the sofa. His hand rubbed the painful place. His stomach felt funny the whole morning. "It will pass."
Taehyung glared at him, but did not say a word more about it. After some time the contraction returned, a bit stronger than the last one and Jimin suddenly felt unsure if it was only a false one. Still, he did not want to panic more than it was necessary.
But his best friend had noticed his struggles because after the third strong contraction, Taehyung was up on his feet. "Let's go!" Taehyung reached for his blankets, but Jimin frowned. "What? Where?"
"The hospital, Chim!" The other omega stared at him as if Jimin had grown second head. "You are in labor!" "No," Jimin sighed with annoyance. "I am not!" "Yes, you are and besides, where is your stupid alpha when you need him?" Taehyung was fussing around him.
"Hyungie went for strawberries because I was craving them this morning," Jimin felt sudden need to protect his mate. "Yeah, is he waiting for them to grow or something?"The other omega snapped and Jimin would've laughed if it wasn't for the next contraction that cut through him.
"Chim!" Taehyung was at his legs in the next moment. His eyes were filled with worry. "What should I do?" "Try and call Yoongi-hyung, ok?" Jimin even smiled. He was not going to risk and get up now. His legs were unstable after the long time he spent in his bed.
"Ok, ok..." Taehyung was just pulling his phone out of his pocket when the front door opened. "Yoongi-hyung!" He screamed in panic and Jimin heard sound of something dropping onto the floor. Then Yoongi was running into the living room in a hurry.
"What?" The alpha looked between the two omegas with worry. "What happened?" "Hyungie," Jimin used his softest voice. "I think I'm in labor." "He is!" Taehyung was already on his feet. "Hurry up before we have to get the babies out by ourselves, hyung!"
Jimin watched how his mate took a deep breath and then spared only one look at Taehyung, who was still panicking. "Can you please go to the bedroom and grab the bag that's beside the bed, Tae?" The alpha's voice was filled with calmness,although Jimin was sure was not the case.
"Ok," Taehyung basically ran out of the living room. Then Yoongi's eyes rested over Jimin, who was still on his previous place, sitting now on the sofa. "Did you start clocking the contractions?" His voice trembled barely.
"The last one was probably eighteen minutes ago," Jimin smiled. "It's ok, hyungie. We still have time." "They are coming today, hm?" The alpha reached out to help him get up. Jimin held onto his strong arms when he looked up to meet his eyes.
"Or tomorrow," Jimin scrunched his nose, feeling another contraction crippling over his spine. "Mhm!" He squeezed Yoongi's hands tightly, almost breaking them in the process. The alpha did not even tremble. "Ugh... this hurt..."
"My strong omega," he heard Yoongi's voice and then the press of the alpha's lips to his forehead. "I'll be there with you, ok? Every step and every second of the way, just as I promised you!" "Thank you, hyungie..." Jimin panted, but there was still smile over his face.
When his alpha was there, beside of him, he was able to do wonders. After all, wasn't this conception a miracle itself? Jimin shook his head and focused over more pressing matters as Taehyung, who was suddenly running back into the living room.
"Thank you so much, Tae," he heard Yoongi talking to the younger omega. "Now can you please put the bag in my car? It's still unlocked. But please be careful on your way out. I think I dropped the bag with the strawberries in the corridor."
Jimin simply shook his head. Yoongi had the natural talent to command and defuse the tension when there was one. The omega had always admired that in him. He insisted to walk to the car, although he was sure that Yoongi would most likely carry him there.
"I'll call Kookie and we'll meet you guys there!" Jimin heard his best friend's voice again and then Yoongi helped him to get into the car. The omega looked down at his stomach and rubbed it lovingly.
The way to the hospital went like a blur to Yoongi, although the alpha was really careful with his driving. He could tell that his mate was currently calm, because of the bond that they shared. Jimin was really something else, Yoongi thought.
But the alpha knew that his mate wasn't just any other omega. Jimin was /his/ mate and as such, he was the most perfect one in his eyes. The alpha was still somewhat mad at himself for having taking him so long to realize that.
They reached to the hospital with no problems where their doctor was waiting for them at the entrance. She was there along with a team of nurses and a wheelchair, especially for Jimin. The omega was reluctant to sit there first, insisting that he could walk just fine on his own.
Only when his doctor insisted that it was a hospital's policy Jimin finally agreed. He held tightly onto Yoongi's hand until he had to let go of it when they stopped in front of the maternity ward. They had to prep him for the labor and Yoongi had to put on sterile plastic suit.
Yoongi could feel the nervousness passing through their bond just then and it happened for the first time ever since Jimin's contractions had started back at home. He knelt down in front of the omega and took his hands.
"I'll be back in a little while, I promise!" The alpha stared at the younger's frightened eyes. "I swear to beat everyone who stands on my way to be with you when our pups are born, ok?"
Jimin would've smiled if it wasn't for the next contraction passing through him. "Just... don't be long, ok?" "Ok," it took everything in Yoongi to let the omega go, but he was soon ushered to change his clothes and pass the bag he was carrying to the personal.
It really took him only fifteen minutes to be back with his mate and as soon as he appeared on the door of the room they had prepared for Jimin, he could basically feel how the omega was relaxing only because of the alpha's scent.
"You're back," Jimin gasped, reaching out for him and Yoongi was fast to walk there. He was already prepped for the labor, so the alpha had to be careful. "I've had the epidural already," the omega informed him as soon as the alpha stood by him.
"They did give you the epidural already?" The alpha looked around for his mate's doctor and when their eyes met, she smiled reassuringly. "Jimin-ssi has enough dilation already, so it was the right time," the beta told them. "Now we only have to wait."
"Ok," Jimin smiled bravely and seeing that smile over his mate's face Yoongi only realized that he loved him more than he already thought it was possible. "Have I told you that I love you today?" The alpha asked out of the blue causing a light blush over Jimin's face.
"Hyungie..." Jimin whined and tried to cover his face when they heard few of the nurses chuckling quietly around them. "This is so embarrassing." "It's actually rare to hear declaration of love from an alpha around here lately," one of the nurses said.
"Yeah," the other one added, "it's rare to see an alpha assisting their mate's birth at all lately." "It takes a lot of bravery to be here," the first one winked at him good-heartedly.
The nurses then left the room and the couple to give them some time alone, before their peaceful minutes were over. Yoongi was just beginning to realized that soon enough, he an Jimin wouldn't be alone anymore. Soon, they were going to become four.
"Can we take a small walk, hyungie?" Jimin asked him in that moment and Yoongi was more than eager to comply. He had read somewhere that the walks would speed up the actual labor. So, they started walking back and forth in the corridor in front of Jimin's room-
-until the omega told him that he couldn't do it anymore and they had to return back to his room. Yoongi supported his mate back on the bed and just then the omega probably felt the first signs of the actual labor. He squeezed Yoongi's hand hard.
"What? What's wrong, love?" The alpha stared at him with worry in his eyes. "Go... call the team," the omega gasped in an obvious pain. "I... I think the babies want to come out... soon!"
And he wasn't wrong, because as soon as the medical team rushed back into his room, the omega's waters broke. It was obvious that the epidural wasn't doing its job anymore and soon after that, the doctor deemed the omega ready to push.
Just then Yoongi remembered the nurse's words how a person should be brave to be here. She had actually meant him, not Jimin. Because right now, the alpha couldn't do anything else but to helplessly hold his mate's hand, while Jimin was pushing with all-
-of his strength left in him. The omega's face was all red from the effort and his screams were getting louder by a second. Yoongi got really scared if his mate was going to make it. He couldn't let his hope crumble though. He had to be there and help his omega through-
-this dangerous experience. Now Yoongi found not only the strongest love towards the omega, but the respect towards him also. Jimin was doing this not only because of himself. He was doing this because of Yoongi. Because he knew that it was Yoongi's dream...
"Come on, Jimin-ssi!" The doctor screamed then. "One last push and the first pup is going to be with us! Just one more!" The omega never screamed louder than the moment he pushed his daughter out of his body. Then he fell back, his breathing erratic.
The pup cried loudly then and Yoongi was able to hear his mate sigh of relief. "The girl is out," they were able the hear one of the nurses. "She's perfect Jimin-ssi," his doctor told the omega. Jimin licked his dry lips and Yoongi reached out for some ice chips.
"Thank you," the omega uttered. "Now... one more..." "One more, love..." the alpha pressed a soft kiss over his mate's forehead. "You're doing such a great job, Jimin-ah..."
And Jimin... Yoongi did not know from where the omega was finding all that strength in him, but he smiled. It was as if to assure his alpha that he was doing okay. Yoongi felt so emotional that he was sure he was going to burst into tears as soon as his boy was out too.
Soon the calm moment was over and the omega had to push again. The alpha had to scent him and give him some extra power that he needed. Although strong, Jimin was just a human and pushing two pups out of his body was a dangerous experience for him.
Yoongi had to intervene by the end, because Jimin had suddenly lost all of his power. The alpha was asked to sit behind his mate and push his body forward, helping him in this way. Jimin screamed painfully every time he had to push. But Yoongi tried to be strong for him.
Finally, a good fifteen minutes later, another cry, but this time quieter echoed in the room. The omega relaxed back into the bed, breathing heavily, right after he had finished his afterbirth process also. His eyes closed, but he wasn't sleeping.
Instead he reached out blindly to find Yoongi's hand and opened his eyes as soon as they asked him if he wanted to see his pups and hold them maybe. Yoongi could see the effort that it was needed to his mate to only open his eyes, but he smiled as soon as-
-the pups were positioned over his body. His chest was naked for that important first skin-to-skin contact between the omega and their pups. "H-hey," Jimin's voice was hoarse and his hand trembled when he reached out to touch his pups.
The cries from the twins both died down and instead they calmed down over their amma's chest. And Yoongi... Yoongi just stood there, not realizing how the tears were already falling over his face. He was just witnessing the first moments of his dream coming true.
"Hey... look how appa is crying now," he heard Jimin's saying with his now special cooing voice. It was so soft that Yoongi could feel it over his skin. He smiled wetly. "Come here appa," the omega called him quietly. "Come and say hi to us, hm?"
Yoongi's hand trembled when he touched his pups for the first time in his life. His lips were salty when he pressed them to his mate ones. "Thank you," he mumbled before he was able to pull back and gaze at Jimin's chocolate eyes. "Thank you for--"
"Shh... no more tears, appa okay?" The omega smiled tiredly and lowered his look to their pups. "It's time for us to smile already, hm?" "Yeah... " Yoongi stared at his dream with his eyes still filled with tears. "Yeah... let's smile my darlings... let's smile..."
Jimin and the pups were given a green light to go just three days after the birth. The omega was healing nicely and the pups were developing really good. Jimin was more than happy to be back home, in his own nest and surrounded by his scent.
He hated the hospital's sterile scent and once they were back home, he was eager to open the front door... only to find out his closest friends gathered there. Even if he was already feeling tired and ready to get some sleep, while the pups were still letting him do that-
-the omega was happy and he smiled wide when Taehyung enveloped him in his arms. The younger omega complained how they didn't let him get inside the maternity ward and see him and the pups. "Where are they?" Taehyung clasped his hands then and his eyes shone once he laid his-
-eye on the sleeping treasures in the carrier that Yoongi was holding securely in his right hand. The pups were not that big enough to occupy two carriers currently and their alpha father was strong enough to carry the both of them with only one of his hands.
"Welcome home, munchkin!" Hoseok was the next to hug him tightly and Jimin smiled hugging his friend as well. "I feel so lucky that I was able to come here just on time." "Me too," Seokjin was the next in the line. The elder omega grinned. "They look perfect!"
"My little Jimini already an amma," Namjoon enveloped him in his arms next and Jimin noticed how emotional the alpha was. "I can't believe that!" He hiccupped when he pulled back and Jimin wanted to coo. "Pull it together Joonie," Seokjin patted his mate's back.
"I mean... but look at him..." Namjoon covered the lower half of his face. "Jungkook, what are you doing?" He gasped next and Jimin turned around just on time to see how the maknae of the group was filming the whole scene. "For future references..." Jungkook grinned. Then he-
-reached out for Jimin as well. The omega smiled and hugged him as well. When he pulled back, he noticed that Taehyung was already crouching in front of the twins. Yoongi had put the carrier onto the coffee table and he was busy with carrying their luggage from the car.
"Who's who now, Chim?" Taehyung looked over his shoulder and Jimin walked to him. "The blue prince is Haru and the yellow princess is Yoonji," he said with a bit of a pride in his voice.
"You mean the kitten like is the boy and the puppy like is the girl?" Taehyung teased him. "Hey!" Jimin slapped his shoulder playfully. "You mean, the munchkin looking one is Yoonji?" Hoseok peaked over his shoulder and Jimin turned around ready to slap him as well.
"Hobi-hyung you read me so well," Taehyung gasped theatrically, but his antics were interrupted by a baby's cooing. "Oh... look who's awake, Yoonji-yah?" The younger basically melted when the baby girl wrapped her small hand around his finger.
Just then Haru gave out an angry cry as if he was fighting with his sister for the attention in the room. "Shh, kitten," Taehyung reached out to pet his small head. "We see you too." "What are you doing to my pups now?" Yoongi walked into the room in that moment.
"They called him a kitten and she is a munchkin, hyungie..." Jimin pouted heavily causing the laughter for the rest of the room. "Taehyung-ah!" Yoongi scolded him playfully. "Him too," Jimin pointed at Hoseok and Yoongi narrowed his eyes to his friend.
Hoseok was fast to point at Taehyung though. "He started it." "I've just stated the facts," Taehyung shrugged, his attention entirely occupied by the pups. "We're already preparing the nursery for our pup," Jungkook said when the things calmed a bit.
Jimin was sitting comfortable onto the sofa and nursing his daughter under a modesty blanket. Only Jungkook and Taehyung were left from their friends. They others had places to be, but Jimin was happy to have the two youngest with him and Yoongi now.
"I'd offer my help but Jimin needs me here," Yoongi was rubbing his son's back meanwhile. Haru was the first to be fed and now was almost half-asleep on his father's shoulder, after a successful burp. "Yeah, two pups come handy," Jimin flinched when Yoonji-
-suckled a bit too strong. He uncovered his pup's head to make sure that her position is right and after a small adjustment, the pup started nursing again. "We have no problem with her," Jimin looked at Taehyung next. The younger omega's eyes were focused on him.
"But Haru-ah is so lazy and sleepy all of the time," Yoongi spoke quietly not to startle the pup in his arms. "We have to tickle his heel sometimes, because he falls asleep in the middle of the nursing session." "Aren't you worried that he wouldn't have enough?" Tae asked.
"All the time, but we make sure that he eats well and enough," Jimin smiled, feeling how Yoonji finished with her nursing. He passed her to Taehyung next and fixed his blouse. Then he showed him how to hold the little pup so she can burp correctly.
Later than night, when he was resting in his mate's arms, a small smile was playing over his lips. Jimin was happy... finally happy and feeling at home. Just where he belonged.
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⭐️⭐️⭐️Epilogue ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Min Yoongi celebrated his 45th birthday with his closest friends and family. And... the family had grown to his upmost delight. His twin pups had just turned five and Jimin was currently nursing his youngest pup - Yongjae, who was born just on the Christmas day the year before.
The small puppy was in his amma's arms, but it was pretty lively the whole day, inspite his young age of barely three months old. To his delight, he was a nice mixture between him and his omega mate. Unlike his twin pups.
Haru was looking more and more like him every day, while Yoonji was Jimin's carbon copy. It wasn't only that, but it looked like the pups had also inherited their parents' characters. Yoonji had an amazing pouting skills, while Haru preferred his nap before everything else.
He wasn't a lazy kid, though. In fact, his teachers called him a close to a genius one. Haru wasn't giving too much effort when he couldn't find the reason for it. That was all. The thing that always kept him alert though, was his sister. Yoonji was always behind-
-every mischievous thing that the twins were doing. Yoongi could often hear her whine until her brother would agree with her ideas. They didn't know the walls were pretty thin and Yoongi and Jimin could basically hear everything, if they stood in front of the pups' door.
This was how most of the troubles in the house were prevented... most of the times. There were always hiccups here and there, but Yoongi had leaned to live with them also. After all, the pups were his kids and he loved them with all of his heart.
"He is soon going to need a cane, I am telling you..." Jungkook nudged him and pulled him out of his thoughts. Yoongi frowned, staring at their youngest friend. "You just made grandpa angry on his birthday," Jin stickered from the chair opposite his one.
"If I'm the grandpa, what that makes you I wonder?" Yoongi pretended to tap his chin, thinking. "Oh! I've got it! You--" "Wash your mouth before saying it, kid!" The elder omega scoffed. His happy mood suddenly gone.
Yoongi burst into laugh then, joined by the other two men, sitting around the table. He looked around himself again, noticing how Jimin had finished nursing Youngjae and now Hoseok was holding him in his arms. The beta had a window between two projects and was happy-
-to spend more time with his family, as he used to call them all. Yoongi couldn't agree more with his words. He sighed and his eyes rested over Taehyung, who was now playing with the twins and his own pup on the floor.
Jeon Taehyun had almost turned four and he was just as lively as his amma. Jungkook was confided to Yoongi that he and Taehyung were already expecting their baby number two. It was pretty recent, the omega was barely in his second month, but the future appa was happy.
Yoongi sighed and smiled to his mate when Jimin joined him on the table. But instead of sitting on the chair next to Yoongi, the omega decided to sit on his lap.Then he placed a sound kiss over his lips and grinned when he heard the groaning sounds from the rest around the table.
"What? What did I miss?" Namjoon was just walking out from the bathroom. Then his eyes landed on his little step brother, sitting on Yoongi's lap and rolled his eyes. "Let me guess, these two are at it again?"
Jungkook groaned and slammed the table playfully. "Ah, you should've been there hyung! Now I wasn't going to be the only one to bleach my eyes..." "Me too," Seokjin fake gasped too and Yoongi simply rolled his eyes.
Their laugh was interrupted by Taehyung, who followed Jimin's example and went to sit on his mate's lap. He rested his head on Jungkook's one and closed his eyes for a moment. "I am tired," he whined. "Remind me again why I cannot have a glass of wine?"
"Um... Tae?" Jungkook cleared his throat and the omega rolled his eyes again. "What? You told them?" His eyes went big. "Then why you told me not to?" "Because I wanted to be the one to do it, bun!" Taehyung grinned.
"Hollywood lost in the moment you decided to retire from the acting career," Jimin shook his head, staring at his best friend. "Well, I had to," Taehyung made a face. "When my three years old son asked me why I'm kissing another man and not his appa."
Yoongi noticed how Jungkook's arms around the omega tightened for a moment, but the alpha had an excellent control when it comes to his inner wolf. Yoongi knew how much it had taken to Jungkook to be there for his mate, while he was still an actor.
It was tough, because the alphas were honestly possessive creatures when it comes to their mates. But Jungkook loved Taehyung enough to let him have his dream of being an actor and be there for him every step of the way. Until the moment Tae decided that it was enough.
He was now filming documentaries about the fashion world and was also a famous fashion brand's ambassador. His work now wasn't as demanding as being an actor and Taehyung was able to spend most of his time home, with his family.
Yoongi looked at Namjoon and Seokjin next. The omega was still acting though, but he was also a model and fashionista. Namjoon had told Yoongi about his mate's plans to retire soon, just like Taehyung but he was still not ready. Namjoon wasn't going to push him.
"Hey munchkin?" Yoongi heard Hoseok's voice and looked at the beta, who was now sitting on the sofa, holding Yongjae. "I think this little puppy just fell asleep." Jimin rolled his eyes and left Yoongi's lap to go and attend Yongjae needs now.
"Why are you keep calling him munchkin?" Namjoon asked the beta, once he joined the others around the table. "You know he doesn't like it." Hoseok grinned mischievously. "I know. It was that, or Mochi, but once he ignored me once calling him Mochi, I've decided munchkin will-
-work a lot better." Yoongi shook his head, laughing at his friend's antics. Hoseok was never going to change.
Later that evening, when the house belonged only to the Mins once more, and the pups were all in their beds, Yoongi could finally take a deep breath and relax in his own bed.
Jimin was still taking a shower after he had nursed Yongjae before sleep. Then the two of them had bathed the pup and helped the other two as well. Yoongi read the twins to sleep, while Jimin was taking care of the youngest addition to their family.
Now Yoongi felt relaxed for real. The whole day spent with his closest friends was nice and all, but he enjoyed his quiet moments with his family and Jimin the most. Mostly with Jimin, because their together time wasn't that much lately.
The bathroom door opened in that moment and Jimin walked out, wrapping a towel around his waist. His torso was naked and Yoongi couldn't stop his stare. It had been three months since Jimin had given birth. And five months since the alpha had last lay his hands on him.
"My eyes are up here," the omega chuckled, catching his mate red handed. Yoongi blushed but grinned at the same time. "What? You missed me that much, alpha?" "You have no idea..." he almost groaned.
"How about you show me how much tonight, hm?" Jimin asked next and let the towel to fall around his legs and onto the floor. The alpha rumbled with satisfaction and was fast to go there and wrap Jimin in his arms. "I love you so much, you know that?"
"I know," the omega's eyes shone when he jumped up and wrapped his arms and legs around his mate. "Just as much as I love you... my alpha..." Yoongi giggled and turned around, throwing his mate onto the bed, following him soon after.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ THE END ⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is the beginning of the story:… We'll see each other tomorrow in another Yoonminverse! 💜


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