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Jan 25, 2023
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yoonmin nsfw omegaverse au - min yoongi goes to sleep in his gangnam apartment like usual, only to wake up in a fantasy world where his group members are royalty. omega prince jimin takes an immediate liking to the strange foreigner who tells of a magical place called seoul.

tags: - magical au - storybook fairytale au - side namjin, vhopekook - omegaverse au - modern yoongi/fair gentleman jimin - (confused) alpha yoongi/omega jimin - eventual marriage - eventual mpreg - it's not a serious au; just for fun!! it will be very cheeky and silly!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I’ll see you tomorrow, Yoongi-hyung?” Namjoon calls out as Yoongi opens the door to the car, “Don’t forget, we’ve gotta record some things for group activities.” “Yeah yeah, bright and early,” Yoongi mutters as he climbs into the car and buckles his seatbelt
before the manager takes off towards his apartment in Gangnam. On the way to his apartment, he orders a platter of sushi to be delivered, thankful that the place is still open so late. With the late hour, there are few cars out on the road anymore
and the drive back from Hybe is relatively short. It’s only a few minutes later that he’s bidding the manager a good evening, hoping that he has enough time to hop in the shower before his sushi arrives in front of his apartment.
A quick rinse off in the shower and Yoongi opens his front door with a towel draped over his shoulders to catch the droplets falling from his black hair. He quickly breaks into the meal, feeling ravenous after working for so many hours on his latest album.
Things have been both hectic and slow at work; everyone telling him to ‘take his time’ on his work, even though he can feel the unsaid expectation of sooner rather than later.
The idea of telling Min Yoongi of BTS to hurry up though is something that even the most senior members of management can’t even fathom. He squirts a bit of the fake-wasabi into a sauce bowl before he breaks the cheap chopsticks apart.
In the middle of Gangnam, in a high rise apartment, Yoongi eats his sushi on his granite countertop without bothering to use a plate, watching the city outside of his floor-to-ceiling window.
He needs to get going on writing his new music, he’s got calls for collaborations from half of the Korean music industry and a handful from foreign artists too. About halfway through his sushi, he calls it quits for the night,
taking the plastic cover and snapping it into place. After chucking the remainder in the fridge for tomorrow’s leftovers, he pads off into his bedroom for the rest of the night.
Yoongi sets the alarm on his nightside table to ring at seven, giving him enough time to properly wake up and get ready for the day. A few stretches in the morning, a tall glass of water with lemon slices, and a ten-step cleansing routine he refuses to spill the details on.
A quick confirmation text to the manager assigned to pick him up tomorrow that he’ll be ready in the lobby by eight-thirty and Yoongi rolls over in his silk sheets to go to sleep. The light of morning wakes Yoongi from his sleep,
along with the soft chirping of birds in the far distance. Morning always came too fast for Yoongi, who wished for nothing more than to just flick off the alarm each morning and nestle back into his pillow. When he realizes the lack of blaring alarm at him though,
he jolts up in panic, worried that perhaps he’d accidentally turned it off in his sleep. Perhaps there was a power outage. Maybe he’d accidentally set the alarm for seven in the evening instead. What greets him though is the sight of a vast forest before him.
There are trees that tower up perhaps sixty meters, with leaves as bright green as a coloring book. The sound of birds chirping fills his ears, one of them fluttering down from the tops of the trees until it flies right in front of his face.
With a swipe of his hand, he brushes the small creature out of his immediate vision. “Go on, shoo.” Slowly, he stands up, trying to figure out where he is or how he possibly could be here. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of identifying features though,
not that Yoongi has all that much experience in the depths of forests. The floor of the forest is littered with various leaves from the trees, along with mosses and ferns, not looking much like the forests that are in Korea.
Without any sort of indication of where he is or how he got here, he decides to move. The idea of staying put does briefly occur to him once he’s decided to move towards the east, towards the direction of the sun, but it’s quickly discarded when Yoongi realizes
there’s a very good chance he could starve to death without finding people. When he manages to return to civilization, he can try to piece together how he possibly got here in the first place. For now, he decides to simply walk and hope for the best.
The forest is giant, Yoongi quickly learns. It feels like he’s been walking for at least an hour, or approximately, according to the change in sun position. He’s come across small creatures, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, all grazing peacefully in the forest.
Luckily, he has yet to find any dangerous animals, like bears or wolves. As he keeps walking, eventually he finds the sound of bubbling water, perhaps a stream or a river. Turning in the direction of the sound, Yoongi continues walking,
climbing over the occasional fallen tree or overgrown root. “When I get back to Seoul...” Yoongi trails off, slowly succumbing to speaking to himself simply for company. The sound of rushing water begins to grow as Yoongi walks towards whatever is making the sound,
eventually catching sight of a decent sized river in the distance. With a bit more pep in his step at the notion of finding something other than more trees, Yoongi makes his way towards the water.
The river is wide and strong enough that Yoongi doesn’t even really consider trying to swim to the other side. A strong wind blows down along the river shore as Yoongi comes up to the bank, finding a spot where there’s enough room for him to crouch down for a drink.
The area is shaded from the worst of the sun by a few trees that hang over the bank of the river. “I should filter this,” Yoongi says to himself, “if I could, that is...” With the amount of walking he’s done already, the notion of a cold drink is too great to pass up.
“Well, here’s to hoping I don’t die.” The water is cold as Yoongi cups it into his hands, bringing them up to his lips for a drink. The feeling of it parching his dried throat has a low groan falling from his lips, before he goes for another handful, and then a third.
Off in the distance, there’s the sound of nature; birds chirping, insects humming, and a tree branch snapping. Only after he’s had ample amounts of water to drink does the branch crunch louder to him, almost above him.
Just narrowly does Yoongi manage to avoid being hit by a tuff of beige and black fur. “What on earth?” Yoongi exclaims as his heart races in his chest at the close call. The small ball of fur pops up from its slumped position on the river bank,
giving one look over Yoongi before the animal immediately comes over to his legs, weaving between them like a cat. “What are you doing!?” Upon further inspection, the kitten rubs itself against Yoongi’s calves, before meowing brightly at the man.
The striped pattern on its coat and the little black tips on the ears have some long-forgotten Wikipedia article suddenly pulling up in the forefront of Yoongi’s memory. “Are you ...a lynx?” Yoongi asks, to the animal giving an immediate, excited mewl,
“Where the heck am I!? Lynxes don’t live in Korea.” As expected, the animal can’t really talk to him, instead giving a soft meow before they stand next to Yoongi. “Do you know where people live?” he asks the lynx, to its immediate affirmative meow.
Yoongi pretends that he understands how he can have a conversation with a wild animal. “Can you show me?” The cat immediately takes off down the side of the river, walking as it checks to make sure that Yoongi is still following behind faithfully.
“I guess people do tend to live along rivers,” Yoongi says to the cat, “So are you a girl lynx?” The cat gives a small hiss in response. “So a boy lynx.” The two walk for about ten minutes when they come across a bridge that connects the two edges of the river.
“This way?” Yoongi asks as he points across the bridge, but the lynx simply sits down in the grassy bank and waits. “Is that as far as you’re going to go? Not going to come with me to find the people?” Barely a moment passes before the sudden thundering of horse hooves
calls Yoongi to attention, scrambling out of the way of the path to narrowly avoid being hit. In a quick dive to the bank, Yoongi watches as a small legion of stately knights passes by. At the very back of the procession, one of the horsemen slows
until his white horse is barely even walking. He wears a full helmet like in traditional medieval dramas, but Yoongi can feel the way his eyes assess Yoongi before him. “You, good sir, what are you doing on the side of the road in that attire?”
Yoongi glances down at his sleeping pajamas, thankful that he’d decided to wear clothes to bed for a change. They’re nothing fancy, just a pair of sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt that has a heavily faded design of some music notes.
Yet, the thing that stops him is the voice that comes from the man on the horse. “Hoseok?” Hoseok flips the top part of the helmet up, revealing the all-too-familiar eyes. “How do you know my name?” “What do you mean, how do I know your name?” Yoongi asks, “It’s me, Yoongi?”
“I do not know anyone who goes by that name,” Hoseok informs regally, before he whistles to a few men from the earlier group to come back, “Are you a wizard?” “Hoseok-ah, are you serious?” Yoongi scoffs, “We’ve known each other for ten years.
We’re in the same group together? I’ve literally seen your ass naked more times than I can count.” Hoseok’s face twists in disgust at Yoongi’s words, “Guards! We must prepare this man for travel to the King and Prince at once. He is a mad wizard.”
“Understood, hyung,” a deep voice says as he rides over to circle around Yoongi along with another man atop a horse. “Taehyung-ah?” Yoongi asks, trying to peek inside of the guard’s helmet. “Hoseok-hyung!” a surprised voice calls from the grey horse’s rider, “How did he know!?”
“Jungkook, stop playing around,” Yoongi bemoans. “You say you are not a wizard,” Hoseok assesses with a judgmental stare, “Yet you know our names...” He turns his gaze to Taehyung and Jungkook who climb down from their steeds. “Be careful men, take any precautions necessary.”
“Hey!” Yoongi exclaims as Jungkook grabs onto his arms and yanks them forward while Taehyung slaps a pair of thick, old-fashioned handcuffs around his wrists. “Taehyung-ah! Jungkook-ah! Let me go immediately!” A blindfold cuts off his vision.
“You do not have the right to speak to them so informally,” Hoseok informs as Jungkook hoists him up onto his shoulder and loads Yoongi onto the back of Taehyung’s black horse. “You will be taken to the royal family who will decide what to do with you, evil wizard.”
About a minute into riding on the back of Taehyung’s horse, Yoongi decides just to shut his mouth. It’s clear that his friends have all suddenly lost their memories of him, not to mention the sudden strange ability to ride horses so well.
While Taehyung had taken quite a few lessons in preparation for his photobook this past summer, Yoongi doesn’t quite remember Hoseok nor Jungkook taking the sport on so eagerly. Slowly, the knights enter a city. Yoongi listens as the hooves of the horses clop on dirt
before they turn to paved road. A few people dart out of the way of the knights on their way to their destination, wherever it may be. With the sudden influx of life around him, scents begin hitting his nose in a strange way,
a mixture of musk and sweetness that he doesn’t quite remember ever experiencing before. With each person that they pass, the scents change rapidly, akin to perfume or cologne.
The infrequent stone path becomes tightly knitted cobble stones as they reach the center of the city, before the sound of horns begins playing. The knights carry him to some unknown place before Taehyung stops his horse and dismounts.
With Jungkook’s help, Yoongi is brought to his feet again, before he’s taken by both of his younger friends’ grasps and heralded to some further unknown location. It seems as though the party is now indoors, if not by the simple change in the sound of voices.
Now, the voices echo off of the walls, the vague shutting and closing of doors further away from them. After being dragged through quite a complex maze, Yoongi is brought to kneel.
To himself, Yoongi scoffs. Who would have thought filming Daechwita would have prepared him for this?
“Oh royal highnesses, Alpha King and Omega King, upon patrolling the outer road this morning, we came across this man,” Hoseok informs, “We have never seen him before in our kingdom and he wears such strange clothes, yet he knew all of our names without hesitation.
I have strong suspicion that he may be a dark wizard.” “Hmm,” a familiar voice comes, Yoongi struggling to place it though he knows it well. “Has he attempted to do any magic on you?” “Namjoon?” Yoongi says, unable to stop himself from guessing at the voice.
The entire room goes still in a hush. “How did he know your name, yeobo?” “And that’s Seokjin,” Yoongi informs, trying to figure out why on earth Seokjin would call Namjoon such a pet name. The room crawls to a standstill, time ticking by almost painfully.
“Send him to the gallows,” Namjoon says. Perhaps this can be how Yoongi can wake up from this strange, strange nightmare; dying. Someone helps Yoongi to his feet, turning him to the way they’d came when another stands up sharply, their chair feet screeching on the wooden floor.
“Wait!!!” comes the unmistakable voice of Jimin.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Everything crawls to a standstill the moment that Jimin yells out amongst the crowd. “In the fair lands of Bangtan Kingdom, shouldn’t we allow the man to defend himself? Are we no better than the barbaric lands that surround us if we do not listen to his case?
Alpha King Namjoon, my dear elder brother, I implore you to listen to this prisoner’s explanation before sending him to his death.” There is the soft sound of heels echoing throughout the hall, growing closer to Yoongi. As the footsteps stop in front of him,
Yoongi is keenly aware of the scent of lemons and honey filling his nose, the scent so sweet and heavy on his tongue that he wants nothing more than to indulge in the heavenly scent. Bright light assaults Yoongi’s eyes as the blindfold is removed,
but his hands remain in their handcuffs. When his vision crystalizes back from the harsh adjustment, Jimin stands in front of him, a small crown nestled in his blonde hair. His skin is immaculate, soft grey on the corner of his eyes that makes him look kind and gentle.
He wears a soft smile on his lips as he looks into Yoongi’s eyes, the small crooked tooth peeking out. “What do you have to say for yourself?” Jimin asks softly enough that nobody else would be able to hear without straining themselves.
The mere idea of disappointing this Jimin who smiles so kindly at him has Yoongi spinning up a lie as quickly as he can. He turns to face the kings, giving a deep bow in apology. “I’m not from this kingdom, but I’ve heard many things about it from others,” Yoongi says,
“For example, people talk about how smart King Namjoon is.” With his lie, he only prays that the core personality of his friends remains true. Plus, such a compliment to the king can only be agreed with; lest someone publicly announce disagreement at the king’s intelligence.
Everyone in the room seems to murmur with deliberation between themselves. There seems to be perhaps 10 or 20 people watching as Yoongi’s fate is decided. At the front of the room sits Namjoon in the center, with Seokjin off to his left in a smaller, but no-less ornate throne.
The seat to Namjoon’s right is now vacant, with a size roughly in between the two kings’ thrones, likely belonging to Jimin. Hoseok stands behind the royal thrones as Taehyung and Jungkook keep their grip on his arms.
“You said he has not performed any dark magic,” Namjoon questions Hoseok, to the knight’s immediate affirmation, “Besides being knowledgeable about our kingdom, he has not shown himself to be harmful to you, has he?” “He only protested verbally to being arrested,”
Taehyung informs, “but a true wizard would have likely used his magic to free himself sooner.” “I do not think he is evil,” Jimin announces to the entire room, “He is simply well-informed.” Jimin turns to face Yoongi, that sweet smell embedding itself deeper into Yoongi’s brain.
“Tell me, have you come to this kingdom to seek refuge from the war beyond our borders?” Yoongi immediately jumps on the opportunity, “Yes. My home was recently destroyed, so I have nowhere to go for now.”
Jimin’s eyes turn soft at the admission, “And where did you live before this?” Yoongi swallows hard, before he squeaks out, “A city named Seoul.” The room marvels at the information. “You say you hail from Seoul in the far south?” Namjoon questions to Yoongi’s head nod,
“Seoul is the most advanced city in all of the lands.” “Um,” Yoongi stutters, “Yeah, it’s really great. Uh, but I lived on the outskirts ...and I heard about how great your kingdom is so that’s why I’m here now.” Everyone nods in understanding at Yoongi’s plight,
clearly eating up whatever Yoongi has to say knowing that he’s a foreigner with (presumably) vast tales of outside their kingdom. “What is your name?” the king asks. “Min Yoongi,” Yoongi informs loudly enough for everyone to hear.
“I think Yoongi-nim will bring a great asset to our kingdom,” Jimin holds open his hand in front of Taehyung, only for the knight to immediately place a small key in it. Jimin grabs onto the handcuffs, sliding the key in and flicking them open.
However, he pretends to fumble with the keys though Yoongi can feel them give way. Jimin takes a step closer into Yoongi’s space, dipping his head down to feign getting a better look at the device. The sweet lemon and honey smell begins to turn dark,
almost as though there’s something that’s just on the cusp of burning. “You smell so good,” Jimin mutters softly enough that nobody else will hear him besides Yoongi. When Jimin rests his forehead on Yoongi’s shoulder,
Yoongi’s entire body goes stiff at the way that Jimin gently presses his neck against Yoongi’s. After half a second of rubbing their skin against one another, Jimin fakes success at unlocking the handcuffs. The prince takes a step back, cheeks now flushed a pretty pink.
“Taehyung-ah, you should look into getting these handcuffs mended. They’re far too difficult to unlock.” With a turn of his heel, Jimin heads back up to the throne, leaving a thick, heavy trail of lemon and honey scent bathing Yoongi entirely.
Taehyung scoffs as he loops the handcuffs onto his belt and turns to Jungkook to quietly quip, “Says the omega who basically just slicked himself by scenting the prisoner.”
“Prepare chambers for our guest,” Namjoon announces, “He will need lodging if he is to help our scientists and engineers understand how to improve our workstyle. He also seems to be in need of some new clothes as well.”
Taehyung and Jungkook nod as five or so servants scurry off to begin working on the king’s orders. Yoongi is whisked through the castle behind Taehyung and Jungkook who bring him to a small room hardly bigger than a shoe closet.
“This will be your room,” Taehyung introduces, “until you prove your worthiness to the Alpha King and the Omega Prince.” “It used to belong to an old scholar,” Jungkook says as Yoongi turns around in the room,
barely enough room for all three to be in here without bumping shoulders, “But he fell into a pond or tripped into a volcano or got eaten by a dragon or something.” The youngest shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly at the information.
“I don’t think he’s going to stay in here much anyways,” Taehyung admits as he points to the tiny desk with a floating shelf above it stocked with a few books. Yoongi raises an eyebrow at the comment as Jungkook takes a seat on the edge of the narrow bed
with a threadbare blanket draped over it. “Our usually fair and poised gentleman, Omega Prince Jimin, basically turned into a slick mess just smelling you.” “Omega Prince?” Yoongi questions, “and someone called King Namjoon an alpha? Is that something unique to Bangtan Kingdom?”
Jungkook balks at the question, “You don’t have alphas and omegas in Seoul?” “How strange! But your scent so clearly marks you as an alpha,” Taehyung notes, “It’s such an integral part of society.”
Yoongi feels a bit of alarm creep up the back of his spine at the threads of his lie beginning to unravel, “Oh, maybe we just call it something different in Seoul?” The two seem to take the claim easily enough. “Ah!” Jungkook nods in understanding,
“Alphas are the ones who have a knot and can impregnate while omegas are the ones who leak delicious slick and bear children.” At the mention of a slick omega, both Jungkook and Taehyung smirk suggestively.
Yoongi feels his face drain of color, his brain running at the image of animals in the middle of nature, “K-knot? Like...” Jungkook points at his pants, confirming Yoongi’s worst fears. “Yeah, the part of your dick that swells-” “I get it, thanks,” Yoongi cringes.
“So what do you call alphas and omegas in Seoul?” Taehyung asks, excited to learn about the difference in the cultures. “Um,” Yoongi stammers, trying desperately to come up with some quick lie, “Tops and bottoms?”
“Ohhh!” both knights marvel at the information before Taehyung continues, “That’s so interesting! I didn’t know it was different in the south. Goes to show how little I know about life outside of Bangtan Kingdom.”
“I didn’t know that either, hyung,” Jungkook adds, “I wonder what else is different in Seoul. Is it true that you guys ride around in carriages that drive themselves?” “Yep,” Yoongi nods,
trying to display confidence in his new role as foreign scholar, “We call them cars and they drive without a horse attached to them.” Taehyung and Jungkook’s eyes turn into wide saucers at the information, both leaning forward to learn more.
“People drive them with a steering wheel and an engine. People who can’t afford them or don’t know how to drive them, they can take a bus that’s driven by a person whose job it is to drive people.”
The two immediately begin to inundate Yoongi with questions until there’s a knock at the door, “Yah! You two lazy knights, get back to work,” Hoseok scolds as both Taehyung and Jungkook scramble out of the door.
Hoseok brings him a set of clothes that are better suited to other people in their kingdom. “I have brought you these, as well as an invitation from Omega Prince Jimin for a private dinner tonight. It seems that the Omega Prince is interested in learning more about you.”
Hoseok quickly dismisses himself while Yoongi dresses himself. It seems to be a more medieval style of clothing, looking like the formal dress that suited a fairytale book better than ratty pajamas. In the cramped room,
he tries to redress himself without hitting his limbs on the stone walls too much. He pulls on the maroon trousers, tying the cord that holds them onto his hips before he pulls the cream tunic over his head and finally dons a flowing navy cloak. While he waits for dinner,
he peruses the books on the shelf, amazed at the fact that it seems to be a small collection of encyclopedias. Perhaps fitting for a room that used to belong to a scholar. He opens the front cover of the first book in the series, looking through the index.
He finds one of the first entries titled Alpha, immediately flipping to the page. He takes a seat in the chair at the desk, laying open the encyclopedia as he begins to read.
/Alpha is a subgender classification that consists of those able to impregnate omegas. Alphas can present in both male and female members of each species. Human alphas are classified by a large knot that forms at the base of the male’s penis and at the female’s clitoris/
/at the height of sexual intercourse. Alphas are traditionally recognized by a musky scent that turns smoky during sexual arousal. The average alpha enters rut every three months where their sex drive increases and the need to find an omega reaches peak levels./
/During this time, an alpha’s mind becomes clouded with carnal desire to knot omegas and impregnate them. Alphas are incapable of logic or reasoning during rut./
Immediately, Yoongi turns back to the index where he hurriedly searches for the section on omegas. He reads through the description with a mixture of fear and intrigue, knowing that the information relates to the prince interested in him.
For the most part, the descriptions read similarly, but it highlights the difference between the two subgenders. He reads thoroughly about all of the information available about omegas. He learns about their ability to leak slick,
which is apparently a thick substance that omegas produce to make sex easier and to help increase fertility levels. He’s quickly reminded of how the sheer mention of a slick omega was enough to send Jungkook and Taehyung’s minds turning vulgar.
All the while that he’s reading about omegas, their heats, what slick is, he’s stuck wondering why Jimin’s lemon and honey scent had turned so burnt just being close to him earlier.
He's been reading through the encyclopedia for a seemingly endless time before there’s a knock at his door. “Yoongi-nim,” Hoseok says as he enters the small room. For the first time since Yoongi’s met him, a soft floral scent registers in Yoongi’s mind,
realizing that Hoseok must be an omega rather than an alpha like Taehyung or Jungkook. “Omega Prince Jimin is ready to eat dinner, are you prepared to dine with him?” Yoongi shuts the book as fast as possible,
hoping that Hoseok didn’t catch him reading about slick omegas and their heats. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” Yoongi says, head still processing the idea of Jimin leaking slick and begging for a so-called knot, as Hoseok leads him towards the prince’s bedroom.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ chapter tw // - alcohol drinking
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yoongi is brought to Jimin’s personal quarters where a small table has been set up for the two of them. Just on the other side of the room seems to be Jimin’s personal sleeping quarters,
including a giant four-poster bed covered in a sheer white cloth that’s almost see-through. “Just take a seat at the table,” Jimin singsongs from the other side of the room once Hoseok closes the door, leaving the two of them alone, “I’m almost finished.”
On the other side of the privacy divider on the opposite side of the room, Yoongi can hear as Jimin pulls clothing on. Yoongi does as he’s told, taking a seat at the ornate mahogany table and staring down at the utensils provided.
There are two sets of plates and a large bowl that could fit ample amounts of soup. A pristine silver fork and spoon sit on either side, along with a large goblet studded with colorful jewels.
When Jimin emerges from the other side of the divider, Yoongi’s jaw falls open at the sight before him. Gone is the fanciful, flowing clothes that Jimin had worn in the throne room earlier, replaced with tight fitting clothes.
The tunic that Jimin wears is left open, his broad chest visible down his sternum, barely hiding his pecs with its open nature. His trousers are also taut against his body, almost as though he’s been sewn into them with how well they accentuate his large hips and thick ass.
His hair has been slicked back with a bit of product, coiffed in a way that makes him look sultry and sexy. He takes a seat on the other side of the table from Yoongi, resting his elbows on the table as he knits his fingers together and rests his chin on them.
“Are your new clothes comfortable enough for you, Yoongi-nim?” “Yes,” Yoongi says politely, bowing his head in appreciation, “They’re comfortable and warm.” Despite the assurance, Jimin frowns slightly at the answer.
“If they’re not to your standard, you are certainly more than welcome to get comfortable,” Jimin offers, eyes hungrily taking in Yoongi before him, “Perhaps you’d like to loosen the ties on your tunic? It looks so tight on you right now.”
Yoongi feels his cheeks burst pink at the realization that Jimin wants him to undress at dinner. While Jimin was always smooth and bold when flirting, Yoongi feels almost dizzy at the way that Jimin directs all of his attention at Yoongi. Very vaguely,
Yoongi wonders how on earth he’ll ever manage to face Jimin at the Hybe building if he indulges in any of Jimin’s explicit fantasies in this world. But, in almost predictable Jimin fashion, he makes it very, very difficult to turn down such a proposition. “I-I’m perfectly fine.”
A soft pout crosses Jimin’s face, but only a moment later are servants knocking at the door, before they bring in the first course for the two. They are both presented with a bowl of water, which Jimin dips his hands into to wash them with Yoongi quickly following along.
Then, the servants give them a bowl of soup each, along with a basket of bread presented to them both, along with a full goblet of wine to share. “The main dish will be sauteed beef in a burgundy sauce,” the servant informs, “we will bring it to you both shortly.”
Jimin gives a pleasant nod as Yoongi takes a sip of soup, not sure what to expect. It seems to be a thick, creamy potato soup with a decent taste of onion. Somehow, Yoongi gets the impression that it might be a while until he’s going to be eating traditional Korean food again.
Jimin takes a bit of bread from the basket, placing it on the wide lip of his soup bowl, before he raises his goblet. “Let us toast to the new alliance between Bangtan Kingdom and Seoul City,” he proposes.
Yoongi takes the cup by its stem, amazed at how much wine has managed to fit in the glass. With a click of the cups together, both of them take a drink. Yoongi covers his mouth while he drinks, not sure if it’s a sign of disrespect in Bangtan Kingdom to show him drinking
in front of someone higher in status like it is in Korea. Yet, when he looks over the rim of his cup, he sees Jimin’s eyes staring into his own, both of them continuing to drink. It doesn’t seem like the prince is willing to stop though,
until they’re both tilting the bottoms of the cups up, downing the entire glass in one, long drawn out series of sips. When Jimin lowers his cup, Yoongi finally drops his own, thankful that the prince has finally relented.
“You’re so polite,” Jimin coos as he motions for the dinner servant to refill both of their glasses with another round of wine, “Most alphas would have just given up and insulted me by lowering their glass first.”
“You kind of saved my life today,” Yoongi defends as the 2 turn to their meals, Yoongi dipping the bread into the soup and taking a bite. Somehow, he gets the feeling that he’ll need to be eating lots of bread if he wants to make it back to his shoebox bedroom without stumbling.
“I am simply in your debt, Prince Jimin.” Jimin flushes bright pink at the words, averting his gaze with a coy flutter of his eyelashes. “Oh Yoongi-nim,” Jimin brings a hand up to fan himself lightly, “I bet omegas must have just thrown themselves at your feet in Seoul City.”
With an awkward chuckle, Yoongi shoves the rest of the bread roll into his mouth to give him a moment to think. “I’m just a normal guy,” he defends weakly. Somehow, Jimin zeroes in at the words anyways, “Does that mean you haven’t found your fated mate yet?”
“Um,” Yoongi stammers, not a single idea of what that could possibly mean. Instead, he simply applies the logic that if he doesn’t know what it means, it likely doesn’t apply to him, “No?”
Jimin flutters his eyelashes again, “Are there any omegas in Seoul City that you’d like to claim?” Yoongi coughs into his hand at the question, feeling his own cheeks turning pink at the unfamiliar terminology, “Uh, nope, not really.”
“I see!” Jimin beams, the scent of his lemon and honey growing even sweeter than before, “You know, I don’t have an alpha yet either. There are so many who have tried to court me,
but they always were really rude and hot-headed. They always tried to pressure me into courting and then they wouldn’t take no for an answer. You’re so different than all those other alphas.”
“You deserve a kind alpha who will truly treasure you and treat you properly,” Yoongi says, unable to stop himself from looking out for his dongsaeng, even if Jimin currently doesn’t remember any of their 8-year history together, “Don’t settle for anyone who isn’t good to you.”
Jimin trails his eyes up and down Yoongi hungrily, before he forces himself to turn back to his soup, “I’ll take your words to heart, Yoongi-nim. By the way, can I ask, how old are you?” “I’m twenty-seven,” Yoongi informs before adding,
“and if I had to guess your age, I’d say twenty-five at the oldest.” He hopes that this world isn’t too different from his own. Jimin turns bright pink at the guess, “Oh hyungnim, you’re so smart.”
Before Jimin can continue to swoon though, the servant announces the introduction of the main meal. The two are presented with a beautifully cut piece of beef smothered in a gorgeous, thick sauce along with some buttery mashed potatoes.
Even looking at the food has Yoongi’s mouth beginning to water. The two eat readily, savoring the delicious food. Jimin calls for another round of wine as they keep eating, the wine pairing perfectly with the meal. “Hyungnim,” Jimin says, cheeks tinged with blush at the wine,
“Are all alphas like this in Seoul City? You’re so different.” “Yep, really really different,” Yoongi says as he takes a piece of bread and soaks up the remnants of sauce with the loaf, “though I don’t really know what alphas and omegas are like in Bangtan Kingdom.”
“Oh!” Jimin leans forward at the admission, “Well, maybe I can tell you? I’ve lived here my whole life with my brother, Namjoon. Plus, his omega Seokjin is the pinnacle of omega sensibility.” Yoongi nods as Jimin begins explaining how alphas and omegas live in Bangtan Kingdom.
It seems to be more traditional gender roles that Yoongi expects to hear from his parents or grandparents’ generation, but perhaps it’s to be expected with the fairytale environment. If Jungkook mentioned dragons, then there was no telling how far the storybook setting went.
The entire time that Jimin is explaining about the lives of alphas and omegas in Bangtan Kingdom, Yoongi wonders how his brain came up with such a fanciful, unique place like this.
Surely, this has to be a wild dream of some sort, he reasons. There’s no other explanation why Jimin would be sitting before him like this, dressed as beautifully as possible. How Jimin bats his eyelashes only at Yoongi, like he’s dreamed about before so many, many times.
Why Jimin is finally looking at him the way he’s always craved. Yoongi isn’t sure if this really fits with what they call lucid dreaming, but he can’t think of another term that might fit better.
“It’s so late,” Jimin notes as the servants clear the table of food, before stripping it of even the napkins, “Do you remember the way to your room?” “Maybe?” Yoongi says, standing up and feeling his head rush at the sudden blood flow and the wine,
“I can probably figure it out.” “Let me walk you,” Jimin offers, “I know the castle well.” He rises easily before he takes Yoongi’s hand into his own. In Yoongi’s chest, his heart aches, wondering if this is what it feels like to hold Jimin’s hand in the real world too.
“You’re so kind,” Yoongi compliments as Jimin leads him out of the bedroom, down the spiral steps and towards the heart of the castle. As they pass by suits of armor holding swords, multicolored flags and giant tapestries of art that must only exist in the most luxurious castles,
Yoongi knows he would have gotten lost without Jimin’s help. “Thank you for helping me.” Jimin shakes his head, grip firm in Yoongi’s. He tries to memorize the feeling of Jimin’s fingers intertwined with his own, hoping that if he can’t remember a single thing from this dream,
that he’ll remember this alone. “Don’t mention it,” the prince says with a soft smile, showing off his adorable crooked tooth again, “I really enjoyed your company at dinner. I want to learn all about Seoul City from you. Will you promise to teach me a lot about your land?”
“Of course, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says before he realizes his words, “I mean, Prince Jimin.” Yet, all Jimin does is giggle sweetly, sending Yoongi’s heart thumping loudly in his chest. They come to a door that looks familiar, before Jimin opens it to reveal Yoongi’s shoebox bedroom.
“I like you calling me Jimin-ah,” he says as he looks down at their hands, fingers still intertwined. Clearly, he doesn’t want to let go either. “Um, actually...” “Spit it out, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi coaxes gently, knowing how bashful Jimin can get sometimes
when he wants something from others. “Would you scent me?” Jimin asks as he turns to look right into Yoongi’s eyes. Yoongi quickly averts his gaze. “Your alpha scent just is so good and I just want to have your scent for myself a little bit more.”
Yoongi swallows hard, wanting so badly to indulge but unsure of what Jimin means by the request. Instead, he nods and simply says, “If you want it, go for it.” Jimin’s eyes light up as he crowds into Yoongi’s space, hand never letting go.
Jimin leans in, gently brushing their necks together, before the scent of lemon and honey begins to grow burnt again. Like a lemon cake that’s crisping into a delicious golden brown, sugars turning to rich caramel. The scent floods over Yoongi so much that he feels it
permeating through his being. As Jimin continues to rub their necks together, there’s one spot that he focuses on that makes Yoongi’s knees turn to jelly. “Jimin-ah,” he whispers softly as Jimin greedily takes his scent, “Can I ask you, what scent am I?”
Jimin pulls apart, eyes blinking in surprise. “Hyung, has nobody ever scented you before?” With a shake of his head, Jimin’s eyes grow wide with excitement. “Ah, I can’t believe it, to be someone’s first scenting. That’s so intimate...”
Jimin composes himself before he leans in to get a deep, thorough whiff of Yoongi’s scent. “You smell like the forest,” Jimin informs, “The scent of tall green trees towering in the summer,
of flowers blossoming between the cracks in the forest floor in spring, freshly fallen leaves on a crisp autumn day, the cold blow of loosely packed snow in the winter.”
“Beautiful,” Yoongi comments as Jimin pulls away, cheeks tinged pink as he pants lightly. “I’m just telling you what you smell-” “I meant you,” Yoongi says, smirking at his own cheesiness. It works its magic though as Jimin turns a deep shade of red at the compliment,
“Have a pleasant evening, Jimin-ah.” Jimin gives a soft bow before he heads off back towards his own room, lemon and honey scent so burnt that Yoongi thinks he might be able to taste it on his tongue. He closes the door to his shoebox closet and takes his cloak off
before draping it onto the back of the desk chair. He pulls his pajamas on again before he collapses onto the bed. It’s been quite a long day and he’d walked halfway through a forest for a decent chunk of it.
Still, the smell of lemon and honey remain attached to Yoongi’s skin, the scent pulling something deep from inside of his body. As he pulls the blanket on over himself, he can’t shake the way that the tinge to Jimin’s scent flares in the back of his head.
After a moment of deliberation, Yoongi reaches his hand down and wonders if perhaps he can understand what exactly an alpha’s knot entails.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ chapter tw // - nsfw 🔞 (not knotting) - scar mention
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In the morning, Yoongi is fetched by Hoseok a little after a loud bell rings out across the castle. His little shoebox bedroom doesn’t have any windows and all that he can use for light is a candle held in the center of the room.
“You must have charmed the pants off of Omega Prince Jimin,” Hoseok informs as he waits for Yoongi to put on his clothes, “He wants to dine with you again this evening. Against his elder brother’s wishes, of course.” Yoongi pulls open the door to his small bedroom,
blowing out the candle before he closes the door. The two set off to the kitchens for breakfast. Even though just yesterday, Hoseok had been calling for Yoongi’s head to be lopped off, he figures that he can’t actually die in a dream. Probably.
“Can I ask you about Omega Prince Jimin?” “I suppose,” Hoseok permits.
The two walk through the giant, long hallways with stone work all around. It looks almost like every other nondescript western castle that Yoongi had seen in dramas or video games before, include the occasional suit of armor held at arms with some brave knight’s name beneath it.
“Is he usually so ...forward?” Hoseok looks somewhat conflicted at the question, clearly not sure how much he’s truly allowed to divulge to the newcomer. “Omega Prince Jimin has always been the fairest, most poised and beautiful omega in all of the lands.
The alphas before you who came to the castle to seek his hand in marriage were brutes, to say the least. I think he’s just excited because you’re different than all of the other alphas in this kingdom.”
In a way, Yoongi kind of expected such an answer. Of course Jimin would be extremely sought after, his beauty famed throughout the land. The idea of the man who turned him lovesick suddenly paying attention to him over any of the other guys was something too extreme
for even his wildest dreams. “That being said, he can’t stop talking about you to everyone,” Hoseok adds after a moment of walking, “and not to freak you out or anything, but he is throwing around the words ‘fated mate’ to the alpha and omega kings.”
“What does fated mate even mean?” Yoongi asks absentmindedly before Hoseok turns to him with an aghast expression. Before the knight even opens his mouth, Yoongi already desperately tries to come up with some potential other name for it in Seoul.
“The one whose fate is written in your stars?” Hoseok says, “The one who you marry and live happily ever after with?” “Ah,” Yoongi says, hoping to convey an air of confidence, “In Seoul we just call those ‘soulmates’.” Hoseok contemplates the expression for a second
before he nods in understanding, “I really didn’t know you guys called everything different in Seoul City. Taehyung and Jungkook already told me about all of the fanciful things you taught them about yesterday. Don’t think alpha gossip is totally hidden away from us omegas.”
The two round a corner where the sound of liveliness begins to grow. A large set of wooden doors are open down the hall where there are the sounds of people talking loudly, pots and pans clattering together, silverware scraping on ceramic plates.
“Let’s eat breakfast before we get you over to the scholars to begin work for the day,” Hoseok proposes as the two enter the dining hall where they spot Taehyung and Jungkook with their faces bent over two bowls of yellow-looking gruel.
Yoongi had almost forgotten why he’d been spared and given lodgings in the first place. The four eat breakfast together, which is a wheat-kind of porridge that’s topped with a bit of brown sugar and honey.
They’re also given a few pieces of sizzling bacon and an egg fried sunny side up. There’s even a small mug of coffee that’s thrust onto his tray. Somehow, Yoongi doesn’t think that decaf is an option here.
“So what am I going to be doing today?” Yoongi asks the three knights who know more about the castle than he does. “We’ve had, problems, in the kingdom,” Taehyung says slowly, carefully thinking over the best way to word such a dilemma,
“So the kings are hoping that you’ll be able to help the scholars figure out how to fix them.” “What sort of problems?” Yoongi clarifies to a round of silence from the trio, “Like serious problems?”
“Well I only know about the fact that the dragon to the north keeps on eating our sheep, so like, maybe?” Jungkook proposes, “I dunno, I’m a knight for a reason.” “Dragon,” Yoongi echoes, nodding and trying not to think about it too much.
Once the four are finished with breakfast, actually a pretty decent meal all things considered, Hoseok escorts Yoongi to the scholars. The scholars’ tower seems to be on the opposite side of the castle, even though Yoongi still doesn’t know where he is in it or how to get around.
Perhaps he’ll figure it out before he inevitably wakes up. “Good morning, fine scholars,” Hoseok announces as a group of 5 people gather around them, “I have brought you the man from Seoul City to help with the problems that plague our kingdom. I’ll pick him up at dinner time.”
In a way, it almost feels like a parent dropping off their child at daycare. Hoseok excuses himself as the scholars all stare at Yoongi like he’s a strange creature. “Well, what do you guys need help with?” Yoongi asks awkwardly.
“There have been difficulties with securing enough wheat during the harvest time, but an surplus of napa cabbage,” one of the scholars offers timidly, “Do you know what we can do with it?” Immediately, the idea pops into Yoongi’s head,
but perhaps he shouldn’t be surprised by his dreams’ lack of imagination. “Have you guys ever made kimchi with it?” The wide-eyed stare that the scholars give him is all the answer he needs. “Someone get something to write the ingredients down with.”
Throughout the day, Yoongi gives guidance on changes to the kingdom that can help in various ways. By the time that Hoseok is picking him up for dinner, he feels more at ease with the scholars who promise they’ll bring him some other issues to contemplate tomorrow.
Nothing is too groundbreaking, but his diversified interests in the real world have actually been pretty beneficial in helping the scholars. “How was your first day?” Hoseok asks as they walk through the castle.
Somehow, Hoseok knows exactly where to go even though every single hallway seems to look exactly the same. Yoongi shrugs, “It was good. I hope I can help out a little bit, even if I’m not really any sort of scholar in Seoul.” They turn down a hall that looks vaguely familiar,
but Yoongi doesn’t know if this suit of armor is the one they’d passed by this morning or if it’s a new one. “What do you do during the day?” “Just ride around to different villages and check on the villagers,” Hoseok informs,
“Sometimes we do fetching jobs or delivery jobs or escort someone to another village. It’s pretty fun.” To Yoongi, it sounds like the side quests in a video game rather than a real knight’s job.
The two make their way to Omega Prince Jimin’s bedroom where Hoseok gives Jimin a small salute before he heads off. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Hoseok informs, “I’m pretty sure Omega Prince Jimin will want to take you back to your bedroom himself again.”
Yoongi knocks before he enters, noting that the room is still the same as yesterday. There is silverware and chinaware at the table already set up. Jimin is busy changing into his clothes for the evening as Yoongi takes a seat at the table,
noting that today’s dishware contains a pattern of baby blue florals stretching around the gold leaf rim. “Make yourself at home,” Jimin calls out, “I’m just changing into something a little bit more appropriate for the evening.”
“Did you have a good day, your majesty?” Yoongi asks as Jimin is busy tugging his clothes on. “It was fine,” Jimin says as he steps around the privacy divider between his changing area and bed, “but I’m more interested to about you. Did you get along well with the scholars?”
“Yeah,” Yoongi says as Jimin finally comes towards the dining area, making Yoongi’s jaw fall open at the sight before him. If last night’s outfit had been scandalous, then tonight’s is only a step away from being downright sinful. It’s a soft blue,
almost matching the plates on the table, but reveals so much of Jimin’s tanned skin that Yoongi has trouble picking his jaw up off of the floor. The top stretches up just high enough to cover his nipples,
before revealing all of Jimin’s bare shoulders and upper chest in its full glory. Further, it’s left completely open down the front, the only button on the entire thing fastened just beneath his revealed navel. The pants he wears are just as tight as they’d been yesterday,
tied tight to show off his wide hips paired with his tiny waist. “Jimin-ah...” Jimin’s cheeks turn pink as he blushes, “Hyung, do you like what you see?” Yoongi’s eyes drag up and down Jimin a few times, trying to get his fill.
He almost wants to kiss himself for giving himself such a beautiful, delectable looking dream. “You know...” Jimin bites his bottom lip and tries to play coy, “Maybe later you can do more than just look.” Yoongi really thinks he’s a genius for coming up with this fantasy.
Jimin calls for both of them to be poured ample amounts of wine before they’re brought a dish of pasta with a rich rose sauce. They eat dinner with Yoongi telling Jimin about all about Seoul, explaining to him how the subway works to wide eyes. Dinner is well finished,
plates cleared away as the 2 drink the rest of the wine in their goblets. Though it’s about the same amount as last night, it’s not as strong. “You may be dismissed,” Jimin says to his remaining servants who stare blankly at him for a moment, “Please, retire early for the night.
You work so hard, you deserve it.” The two servants both give deep bows to the Omega Prince who rises from his seat at the table and makes his way over to the small loveseat that overlooks the grand window on the wall of the tower.
From the window, Yoongi can see kilometers of forest, stretching out to a set of vast mountains off in the distance. It looks literally like a fairytale or a storybook from his vantage point, with small dottings of fire across the landscape where villages lay.
“Hyung, can you tell me honestly why you came here to Bangtan Kingdom?” Jimin sets his goblet of wine on the small end table next to the loveseat as he relaxes back into the cushions, purposely elongating his neck and stretching his scent gland enticingly.
Yoongi swallows hard as his eyes slip down Jimin’s revealed stomach, wondering just how far he can really go in this dream. “Something drew me towards here, something that said I needed to be here,” Yoongi says ominously before he shifts slightly,
watching as Jimin’s eyelids flutter open and catch Yoongi hungrily devour him, “Or perhaps, someone.” Jimin’s eyes shimmer in the warm flames of the torches in his bedroom. His honey and lemon scent begins to turn burnt, deepening to a thickness that Yoongi wants to taste.
“Perhaps that someone is your fated mate?” Jimin brings his goblet up to his lips, taking a sip just to watch as Yoongi’s eyes follow his bobbing adam’s apple.
“Perhaps he is,” Yoongi agrees, testing the waters, “You feel it too, don’t you?” Jimin lids his eyes like Yoongi has seen him do in so many photoshoots before, looking so sultry and sexy that Yoongi doesn’t know how he’s managed to keep his hands off for so long.
“Hyung,” Jimin coos, voice low and heavy, “You make me feel almost mindless. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before,” he confesses. He bites at his bottom lip as he gently takes Yoongi’s goblet from his hand and sets it next to his own on the coffee table.
“You must know, I don’t act this way with everyone new to the kingdom.” “Of course not,” Yoongi assures as he throws all caution to the wind, bringing his hand to rest on Jimin’s upper thigh, “I’ve heard all about how poised and regal you are.”
Perhaps a small part, buried deep inside of Yoongi’s head feels somewhat bad about stretching the truth like this, but what are dreams if not for utter indulgence? With Jimin looking at him like this, he can hardly even pay attention to that nagging in the back of his mind.
“Do you mind my touch?” Yoongi questions. Jimin reaches down, grabbing at Yoongi’s hand and placing it right over his half-hard dick. “Better. Now kiss me, that’s a royal order.”
Yoongi leans over to capture Jimin’s lips with his own, kissing him quickly and thoroughly. Every fiber of his being sings out in utter joy, unable to believe that this is happening, even though it’s likely a dream anyways.
He still indulges in the feeling of Jimin’s lips against him, eagerly kissing him just as needily. Jimin’s cock grows in stiffness as the two kiss, with Yoongi continuing to gently grind the palm of his hand against the hardness.
One of Jimin’s hands rises up to grab onto the back of Yoongi’s neck, pulling him in harder, keeping him in place. They make out frantically on the couch, eagerly licking into one another’s mouths with fervor.
Jimin kisses both hard and softly in a way that only makes sense for Jimin. When Jimin’s hands pull away from Yoongi’s neck, they dip down to his chest, untying his tunic and needily pressing against his skin. Then, suddenly, Jimin pulls away in surprise.
“What’s wrong?” Yoongi asks, ceasing his hand movements as well. Jimin’s fingers roam against the raised flesh of Yoongi’s shoulder where he’d gotten surgery a few years ago. “You are injured here,” he says as he gently unties the tunic further and opens the fabric to the light.
“Ah yeah,” Yoongi brushes off, “I got hurt, but the doctors fixed me up. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“Hyung,” Jimin perks up, scent turning sweet beneath the heaviness of its burnt smell, “Are you an adventurer? Is that why you’ve come to the north instead of finding another place near Seoul City?” Whether it’s the alcohol in the wine or the sweet, burnt smell of Jimin’s scent
that makes him nod heartily, he doesn’t know. “Yep, you’ve got it.” Jimin spurs into action, pulling Yoongi over so he rests both hands on the back of the loveseat, caging Jimin beneath him. “Tomorrow I will tell my brother to change you to a knight’s room and
give you a steed and title. Then, when you are knighted, you will be eligible to become my alpha husband.” Somehow, the idea of marrying Jimin in this dream doesn’t shock him in the way that he thought it would; perhaps he’s growing numb to the ideas his brain is coming up with.
“Tonight though,” Jimin’s scent deepens again as he leans up to get his hands on Yoongi’s chest, pulling him back in for more kisses, “I want you.”
The mere thought of Jimin actually saying those words to him, coupled with the plea behind his eyes, has Yoongi’s head swirling. The only thing that’s stopping him though is the knowledge that he couldn’t exactly figure out how to make his ‘knot’ work last night,
despite his valiant efforts. “Perhaps it’d be better to wait for the wedding night,” Yoongi proposes, but he certainly doesn’t want to disappoint Jimin. Instead, he opts to use the opportunity to learn about something else that had piqued his interest in his studies yesterday,
“Let me take care of you, Jimin-ah.” Jimin blushes a pretty pink on top of his already flushed cheeks from the kissing. “H-hyung,” he stammers, looking bashful but excited, “You’re sure?” With a head nod, Jimin stares up into his eyes. “You’re really my fated mate, aren’t you?”
Yoongi leans down to place one final kiss on Jimin’s lips before he shuffles down to kneel on the floor, pulling open the drawstrings on Jimin’s trousers. He slides them down, a mixture of excitement and apprehension settling into his gut.
Yoongi knows how to give a blowjob and he’s damn good at it, if his past partners have been any indication. The part that’s new in this world is the slick, wondering exactly how far his brain has gone in making this fantasy. Jimin’s chest is heaving as he watches Yoongi,
before he finally reads Yoongi’s mind, “Hyung, you said you’ve never been with an omega, right?” “Is it obvious?” Yoongi asks, amazed at how strong Jimin’s scent is now. If he thought it’d been heavy before, he clearly had been just unaware of exactly how strong it could be.
“Just, tell me if I hurt you, okay?” Jimin nods as Yoongi leans to take a long lick with the flat of his tongue, reaching from the base to tip. At least this is normal, he’s done this before, knows how a dick works well enough. Jimin relaxes onto the loveseat,
body slumping as he sighs at the sensation of Yoongi’s tongue. “Hyung, you can really touch me,” Jimin urges as Yoongi slows the movements of his mouth over the length of Jimin’s cock.
Finally, Yoongi gathers the strength to dip further down, hands sliding beneath Jimin’s thighs to fully expose him to the air. He takes one deep breath in before he dives in with his tongue. The taste and consistency of slick is different than he’d expected.
When he’d initially read about slick in the encyclopedia, he’d pictured something similar to a woman, rather than the thickness that Jimin has. It’s perhaps the consistency of a thin, warmed honey with the sweet taste to match,
just a bit of tartness from the lemon scent buried beneath it. Now, he perhaps understand why Jungkook had called such slick ‘delicious’ in the first place. He follows what turns Jimin into a moaning, panting mess the most. He licks over the slick hole eagerly,
chasing the sound of Jimin falling apart beneath his tongue. He feels as Jimin slowly loses his composure, hand snaking down to fist his own cock as Yoongi continues to eat him out. Yoongi starts spearing Jimin open with his tongue, fucking him quickly. “Hyung,” Jimin whines,
voiced pinched and needy, “I’m gonna come! Oh hyung! Right there, don’t stop!” Jimin’s entire body seizes tightly as he comes all over his stomach, staining his blue half-shirt with thin, watery come.
For some reason, the idea of an omega producing weak come barely even phases him now. Jimin lays boneless on the loveseat, almost on the verge of sliding off of the cushion entirely. “Hyung,” Jimin pants, staring up at Yoongi with bright, satisfied eyes, “That was mind blowing.”
“You deserve it,” Yoongi says as he rises to his feet, “Don’t worry about me for the evening, your majesty. I can show myself back to my room.” Jimin sighs contently as he nods dreamily. “Hyung, sleep well. I’ll take care of everything for you in the morning,” Jimin promises.
Yoongi bows before he dismisses himself from the bedroom, heading down the stairs before finding a lone servant bustling by in the hallway. “Hey, I’m the new scholar and I just came from Omega Prince Jimin’s room, can you help me find my way back to my bedroom?”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yoongi wakes up in the morning to the sound of someone banging heartily on his door. With a foggy brain and sand still collected on the corners of his eyes, he pries open the door to a flood of light coming into his small shoebox room.
“What?” he squints at the shape of Hoseok on the other side of the door, blinking until the sight of the knight’s nostrils flaring comes into focus. “Get your things together,” he barks sharply, Yoongi’s muddled brain still asleep in dreamland left confused,
“We’re moving you to a new room, at the behest of the prince.” “Okay,” Yoongi says as he opens the door to illuminate his room with light from the hallway, barely bothering to toe his slippers on to keep his feet from freezing on the stone floors,
“Why are you so mad at me though?” “You’re the talk of the entire staff!” Hoseok exclaims as he crowds into the room to shove the door closed, but only after lighting the candle held in the center of the room, “You’re lucky that Omega Prince Jimin is so adamant about you,
otherwise I’d take that knot and rip it right off of you.” “What did I do?” Yoongi asks as he gathers up his clothes and opts to carry them since it seems Hoseok refuses to let him change in peace. He knew that Hoseok was a serious person when it came to his duties,
but the clear lack of sunshine persona throws him off. “You know what you did last night!” Hoseok exclaims, “Listen, I may only be a knight in this castle, but Jimin and I have been friends since we were pups.” The color drains from Yoongi’s face as he realizes that somehow,
Hoseok knows that he’d eaten Jimin out last night. Yoongi exclaims, “How did you even know!?” “You think that walking up to a servant reeking of Omega Prince Jimin’s slick isn’t going to set off the gossip train around the entire castle?” Hoseok prods with a raised eyebrow,
“You couldn’t even be bothered to try and hide it!” Sweat begins to prick at the back of Yoongi’s neck at the way that Hoseok glares daggers into him. It almost feels like he’s suddenly thrust back into the dance studio, knowing that he’s messed up on a move that Hoseok catches.
“As an older omega, I feel like I need to look out for him against perverted alphas who think all omegas are just for getting their knots slick.” “It’s not what you think!” Yoongi counters, feeling as a shiver crawls up his spine at the way Hoseok runs his eyes up and down,
“I didn’t knot him!” Hoseok doesn’t look like he fully believes Yoongi, “Then what did you do?” For a moment, Yoongi flounders, blood rushing to his cheeks at trying to figure out a way to explain himself without embarrassing himself. “I just used my mouth,” Yoongi offers,
sweat pricking awkwardly under his arms, “I didn’t even ask Omega Prince Jimin to reciprocate.” Hoseok takes in a big breath of air as he evaluates the alpha before him, “Perhaps you are different than the other alphas around here.”
A long moment stretches between them where Hoseok glowers at Yoongi. “Well then, hurry up and get changed,” Hoseok flings open the door to the bedroom before he steps outside, closing it behind him. As quickly as possible, Yoongi tugs his clothes on,
hitting his limbs awkwardly on the stone walls in his haste. When Yoongi is presentable not even a minute later, Hoseok motions for him to follow along. The two walk down the vast hallways again, their shoes echoing in the corridors. “Where are the new chambers anyways?”
Yoongi asks after a moment, hoping to break the icy air between the two of them. Even if he honestly hasn’t given Hoseok any good reason to trust him since coming to this world, he has to admit that being on Hoseok’s bad side is a far worse fate than he’d ever imagined.
At this point, he’d give almost anything for one sunny smile from his friend again. “They’re in the east tower,” Hoseok informs, “You’ll be given a small room, about the size of your old room, but this will have a window.
We were just informed about this change in the lodging situation perhaps 20 minutes prior. It seems that the prince is quite adamant about this change.” “He mentioned something about being knighted,” Yoongi mentions as they turn down another hall where a set of stairs spiral up.
They begin climbing the stairs when Yoongi realizes that the flags hanging on the wall are quite familiar. “Is this the same tower that Omega Prince Jimin lives in?” “Yes,” Hoseok says as he opens the door on the second floor,
“Omega Prince Jimin’s chambers are at the top of the tower, but the knights reside on this level. Surely that’s part of the prince’s grand plan.” Yoongi nods, somehow unsurprised that Jimin would take care to pay attention to such little details.
Hoseok guides Yoongi into a large hall where sets of armor stand at attention in their lockers, some knights currently polishing their armor while others tend to their swords. It seems to be something similar to a regular locker room of sorts,
with Hoseok moving fluidly through the locker room to another room. The room breaks off into a set of smaller rooms, where there are lines of doors all in a row. It reminds Yoongi of a small hotel’s hallway, lines of identical doors all leading to identical rooms.
The only difference is that none of the doors hold any sort of number on the wall or any way to identify them from one another. “This is your room,” Hoseok informs, “The seventh one from the preparation hall.” Yoongi opens the door to find a small bunk and a small desk.
It’s almost the same layout of his old room, but this one has the promised window that Hoseok had mentioned. Natural light floods in, though the window glass itself is a bit dirty and grimy, it’s nothing he can’t change. “Set your things down and let’s go,” Hoseok commands
as Yoongi takes a step inside and places his pajamas on the bed. “Where are we going now?” Yoongi asks as he does as told, closing the door behind him. “We have to get you a set of armor and a blade,” Hoseok says as they march back towards the locker room,
or preparation hall as Hoseok had called it, “Then we’ll take you down to the stables to find a suitable steed for you. Then, the royal family would like to eat lunch with you today.” The rest of the morning consists of Yoongi trying to pretend like he knows what he’s doing.
He’s given a suit of armor that Hoseok holds up against his body to evaluate the sizing, before he allows Yoongi to try the entire thing on. “Can you show me where the ties are on these?” Yoongi asks, “They’re different than the ones we wear in Seoul.”
Hoseok rolls his eyes and motions for Yoongi to turn around. The entire time, Yoongi pays close attention to how Hoseok puts it on, knowing he’ll have to be able to dress himself alone next time. The suit of armor is heavy, but it’s actually quite easy to move around in
once Yoongi’s gotten used to the weight. He’d always assumed that wearing such a heavy piece of metal would restrict his limbs, but he’s actually surprised at how easy it is move around in. Perhaps he should have expected such though,
knowing that legions of knights walk around the castle every day and its surrounding lands without much difficulty. Afterwards, he’s given a brand-new sword, feeling the weight of it in his hands. It’s similar to the one he’d used for his sword dance during Daechwita,
only this one can actually slice through things, rather than be dulled for his own safety. He pretends to evaluate the heaviness of the weapon, feeling how it balances in his hand as Hoseok waits for his decision. He doesn’t have any experience actually wielding a blade,
but he nods approvingly at the second one that Hoseok gives him just to seem knowledgeable on the subject. Then comes the part that gives him the most pause. He stares at the horses in the stables, their big eyes taking him in.
He feels put on the spot as Hoseok introduces him to the three horses without a rider yet, all of them tall and powerful as young alpha stallions. One of them is a beautiful chestnut brown, another gray with dark spots all over his back, and the third a pure, snow white.
He takes his time introducing himself to them, not sure exactly where to touch a horse or what even to look for when selecting a steed. The brown one doesn’t seem to like his touch at all, backing away at the contact. The gray one steps back before Yoongi can even enter
the stall to introduce himself. The final one steps right up to the door, allowing Yoongi to gently stroke the back of his neck, before letting him enter the stall. It quickly becomes obvious which of the three Yoongi picks for his stallion. “What will you name him?” Hoseok asks
as he writes down the information that Yoongi has selected this horse for his valiant steed. The idea of a knight on a pure white steed certainly fits with the storybook ideal that Yoongi had always pictured. “What if I named him Suga,” Yoongi mutters to himself with a chuckle,
before he turns to Hoseok and realizes that the knight hadn’t heard him. He says a bit louder, “I mean, Seoltang.” Hoseok scribbles the name down onto the horse’s stable door plaque. “Let’s get you over to the royal family,” Hoseok says as the two exit out of the stables.
Yoongi is brought back to his room where a new set of flowing, formal looking clothes are sitting on his bed. He’s instructed to put them on and to brush his hair to make sure he looks presentable for the alpha king and omega king.
A quick splash of water over his face and he’s ready to be formally introduced to Namjoon and Seokjin. Lunch is served in a decent sized dining room with a big enough table for all four people to sit around, with ample amount of space for as many as four others.
Yoongi bows deeply at the entrance as he enters the dining room, hoping that he can make a better impression upon the alpha king and omega king than the first day he’d arrived. “Your highnesses,” Yoongi greets, waiting to be allowed entrance by the highest men in the nation.
“See, hyung,” Jimin says as he points at Yoongi, “I told you he was polite.” It seems that Jimin is wearing a set of formal, flowing robes this afternoon, rather than any of the scandalous outfits he’d worn to their dinners together. His robes are a royal shade of navy and cream,
along with an ornate crown nestled into his blonde locks. “Come take a seat, Yoongi-ya,” Namjoon points to the chair that’s next to Jimin, the king not bothering with honorific titles or anything of the sort,
“We’ve heard many things about you these past few days from my younger brother here.” He scurries over to the table, taking a seat and watching keenly to see how the others are conducting themselves. “He’s my fated mate,” Jimin points out, his scent turning sweet and light.
Namjoon cocks an eyebrow at Jimin as the servants bring a dish of water for the royalty to wash their hands in, “Jimin-ah, don’t go throwing around such an intimate title so carelessly.” “You know that I’ve been courted by countless alphas by now,” Jimin continues,
wiping his hands on the napkin placed over his lap. Yoongi quickly follows suit. “None of them have ever been anything like Yoongi-hyung. You yourself declared you’d marry Seokjin after having dinner together once!” Namjoon’s jaw tightens at the mention of his own experience,
which is a telltale sign that Jimin is correct. “I needed to marry before our fathers passed,” Namjoon explains to Jimin, though it feels like it might be an explanation for both Yoongi and Seokjin as well, “so they could formally pass down lineage rights to Seokjin.
And in doing so, they entrusted me to make sure that you take a fine alpha husband yourself. I promised our Abeoji that when he passed.” “And I’m telling you that Yoongi-hyung will be a good alpha husband,” Jimin argues, leaning over to gently hook his arm around Yoongi’s.
“I already told you that he’s an adventurer from the south,” Jimin explains quickly before turning to Yoongi, “why don’t you tell them more about what life is like in Seoul City?” Yoongi explains about all of the things that he’s already told Jimin during their dinners together.
It seems that Namjoon and Seokjin are both fascinated by the information in the same way that Jimin had been. Only now, Jimin excitedly nods like a wise sage along with the reveal as Yoongi explains things like the bus and subway systems.
The four eat a light lunch of some braised pork and potatoes before the servants are clearing the dishes away. “If everything in Seoul City is so advanced, then why have you come all the way here?” Namjoon prods as they slowly drink the remnants of their wine.
“I was drawn here by something that said I had reason to be here,” Yoongi explains vaguely, before motioning to Jimin, “I think it was my fated mate’s pull.” Namjoon narrows his eyes as he takes in the two before him,
evaluating if Yoongi is truly good enough for his younger brother. “What would be your aim if you married Jimin?” “To make him happy,” Yoongi says quickly, without even thinking up of any sort of lie. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to make Jimin smile at him,
nothing too arduous for him to complete as long as Jimin kisses him at the end of the day. “Omega Prince Jimin deserves only the best, to be cherished and listened to as an equal in marriage.” Namjoon seems conflicted as he stares at Yoongi,
almost seeming like he’s trying to make the man cower. After living with Namjoon for so long though, knowing his quirks and habits, there’s little that scares him about the way that Namjoon searches for a weak spot. “I think you are being honest,”
Namjoon declares after a long moment, “but you must prove yourself as eligible to claim my younger brother, before I grant you permission. What will you do to prove yourself?” Yoongi doesn’t quite know how to answer, but Jimin seems to have an idea already spun up in his head.
“We’ve had problems with the dragon to the north for months now,” Jimin offers, but Yoongi certainly doesn’t like where this is going, “Perhaps Yoongi-hyung could take care of the problem for us by slaying the dragon?” Yoongi’s face goes pale at the proposition,
but it seems to be too good of a proposition for both kings to pass up. Namjoon and Seokjin both nod almost immediately at the offer. “I’ve never slain a dragon,” Yoongi quickly adds, panic making his heart beat harder and his brain run a kilometer a minute.
How would he even begin to complete such a task? “For a skilled knight, it would be no problem,” Namjoon adds, eyes narrowed as he takes in Yoongi before him. It’s quickly seeming like Yoongi might have no other choice than to complete the quest.
“And if you succeed, I will heartily accept your proposal to marry my younger brother.” Yoongi nods mutely, trying to figure out how he could even begin to slay a dragon he knows nothing about. Namjoon rises from the table to end lunch,
with the rest of the royal party quickly following suit. For the first time, Yoongi catches sight of the bulging at Seokjin’s stomach, realizing almost instantly that he must be in the middle stages of pregnancy. Yoongi’s eyes flash up to their eldest member,
almost blindsided by the fact that the man he’d always looked up to is his first direct encounter with a pregnant omega. Without any thought, Yoongi dashes over to the door before Seokjin can open it, pulling it open for all members of the royal family.
“I told you he was a good alpha, Namjoon-hyung,” Jimin emphasizes. Seokjin places a hand over his baby belly, giving a small head nod of appreciation at Yoongi holding the door open for them all. “I agree,” Seokjin says for the first time all meal,
“He’s more polite than most alphas I know.” It seems like a quip directed right towards Namjoon, a simple bicker between a married couple. “I would have opened the door for you too, yeobo,” Namjoon quickly counters, “Yoongi-ya simply got to it before me.”
------ this fic actually has no plot, just vibes 😎


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