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馃УWhy Should You Learn In Public?

What is "Learning in Public"? Learning in public is a concept that refers to the idea of sharing your journey and progress as you learn something new, with the world. #learning #community #collaboration #TechTwitter #technology #Mindset #creators #Web
(1/1) Motivation: Sharing your progress with others can be a great source of motivation, as it keeps you accountable and focused.
(1/2) Networking: By sharing your learning journey, you can connect with others who are interested in the same topics, leading to valuable networking opportunities.
(1/3) Feedback: Sharing your work and asking for feedback can help you improve faster and learn more effectively.
(1/4) Documentation: Keeping a record of your learning journey can serve as a valuable reference and resource for others, as well as a personal reminder of what you have learned.
(1/5) Credibility: Becoming trustworthy lets you grab opportunities which in turn, never leaves you without work.
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