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Jan 31
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thread of enhypen being the sweetest, nicest, kindest, most caring people ever : because i think we need to talk about it more often

enhypen always politely bowing towards everyone (bang chan from stray kids has also mentioned how good they are at greeting other artists)
when sunoo couldn’t make it to kcon so enhypen brought a fox plushie along with them the entire trip. look they even brought him to the actual kcon event and gave him an artist id :’)))
linking back to the previous tweet but jay mentioning sunoo pretty much nonstop the entire trip. it’s nice to see how close they clearly are with each other
sunghoon telling engene’s to stay healthy despite being sick at the time. "don't catch a cold. health is the most important thing. eat well, eat lots of meat."
when sunghoon expected the members to show up during his bday live but they didn’t because they planned to surprise him with a cake at home :’)…
niki who is often misunderstood genuinely just being the sweetest most grateful person ever
when this girl was worried that she wouldn’t know the names of the idols she was going to meet and sunoo gestured from behind her that it would be ok and she doesn’t have to worry about that
sunghoon seeing sunoo’s back wasn’t covered (by the blanket) and reaching out to cover him
“heeseung thank you it changed my life ever since” being jake’s response after talking to heeseung for four hours and getting advice from him
our greeting fairy sunoo :’)
jake who says he always plays with niki because he wants him to enjoy his childhood
jungwon expressing concern about only gaining weight in his cheeks and nowhere else then heeseung proceeding to say this to him (jake also gives kind advice but i can’t find the clip 😭☹️)
sunoo who loves to make other people smile
honestly heeseung going to comfort the trainees who didn’t debut first was so sweet
jay reminding engenes to eat
jay again telling engenes to eat well 😞
jungwon who finds niki whenever he senses he may need his help
sunghoon and jungwon helping sunoo get icing off him 😭
niki talking about the members. “even before the tour i witnessed how hard they worked i’m so proud of our members and i really love them.”
sunoo, jungwon and jay calling sunghoon on his first day as mc to cheer him on
again they’re all very kind to their staff here’s jungwon asking if he should buy them a chair because they’ll be there for a long time 😭
countless staff sing their praises. they could always say enhypen were just okay to work with but it’s always “they were the kindest!!” “they were so understanding”
when niki wasn’t in the en-o’clock episode so sunghoon included his tiny cardboard cut out :’))
the time they took a group photo with staff and refused to let them sit on the floor and did it themselves like they really are so polite and well mannered 😞😞😞
always respectful towards anyone they work with
jake’s sincerity whilst thanking fans
sunoo’s way of supporting niki and jungwon will always make me smile
jay who always orders mint chocolate ice cream for sunoo :(
enhypen who will always be humble


noo bounces around my mind constantly
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