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#taekookau nsfw where CEO jk has never really paid much attention to his daughter's babysitter, because he's a busy man and tae is meek and inconspicuous, always hiding behind his baggy clothes and his glasses. Until one evening he arrives home early and catches Tae off guard.

tags : minors dni, smut, pwp, dirty talk? mild voyeurism? I don't know.
“I’ve picked her up from home, alright? I’ll have her back by Monday morning.” Jihyo’s voice was high and rushed, and Jungkook hummed. “Next time, just give me a head up, alright, Ji? I need to plan these things out too. Is Taehyung still there at home?”
“Yes he is. He said he’ll be hanging around till you get back because you’re supposed to be paying him today?” “Yes, that’s right. Fine, tell Jieun I love her and I’ll see you guys on Monday.”He hung up, shaking his head and calling for his assistant.
It wouldn’t be fair to have Taehyung wait there at home for the next five hours, with nothing to do. The kid was in his final year at college and probably had stuff to do. Jungkook didn’t have any more meeting scheduled for the day.
He could go home early, pay Taehyung and let him know he had the weekend off because Jieun was away. “Mr. Jeon?” His secretary stepped in with a smile. “I’m heading home, hyun.” He said briskly. “ If there are any important calls just ask them to contact my personal number yes?”
“Yes, of course. Mr. Jeon.” Kihyun bowed briskly and Jungkook quickly grabbed his phone and his keys. He made sure he had his wallet with enough cash to pay Taehyung before calling the college student on his phone. The phone rang but Taehyung didn’t pick up.
Oh, well. His penthouse was barely a five minute drive. He would just go meet him directly. Jungkook walked out of his office briskly, making his way over to the elevators. Maybe after sending Taehyung home he could hit Jimin up for bowling.
"Ow, ow, ow!" Tae hissed, hopping on one foot as he stared at the broken shard of glass on the floor , the shattered ketchup bottle now spilled all over Jungkook's pristine white flooring. Jieun was an angel, yes but a clumsy one, and now he was covered head to toe in ketchup.
Jieun’s mother and Jungkook’s ex wife was an intimidating lady, much like her CEO husband and Taehyung had quickly apologized and promised to clean the mess up. She had sighed and told him to take a shower as well, because there was ketchup drying on his hair and his shirt.
Taehyung groaned because he was supposed to be meeting his advisor in a few hours at the library and he didn’t have any spare clothes. But thankfully, the condiment had only stained his plaid overshirt and his white t shirt underneath was still clean.
It took him another half hour or so to clean up the kitchen and he glanced at the time. Jungkook wouldn’t be home for a while and he had plenty of time to take a shower and maybe even work on his assignments a bit.
Taehyung made sure the kitchen was properly clean before moving to the guest room and peering in. And then he felt a small tingle of curiosity inside him. He steered clear of Jungkook’s bedroom, for obvious reasons,
but one time Jieun had gone and hidden herself under her papa’s bed and he had had a chance to look around the room. It was easily the most beautiful room he had ever seen, with muted décor and expensive silk and satin furnishings.
The bathroom had held him in awe, with the beautiful porcelain tub and a shower that had an actual touch screen control panel on it. He bit his lips. Would it really be so terrible if he tried that out? It was just a shower, right?
Jungkook slid his key into the door, and tried calling Taehyung again just as a heads up but he wasn’t picking up. Jungkook wondered if the sitter had actually left, but as he stepped into the hallway, he noticed Taehyung’s vans by the door.
“Taehyung?” He called out loudly and frowned when he didn’t hear anything back. Toeing off his own shoes and slipping off his jacket, he moved into the living room. He caught sight of Taehyung’s bag and his phone on the table there
and then blinked when he heard the sound of running water. Was Taehyung in the bathroom? He moved instinctively to the guest room but then stopped short when he realized the sound came from elsewhere. His bedroom to be more precise.
Surprised, Jungkook moved to the door , only to stop short when he saw the small pile of clothes, tossed haphazardly at the foot of his bed. The sound of running water was louder here and he grinned despite himself. He had an idea what was happening. He knew he had a nice shower.
. Taehyung was probably tempted to try it out. He shook his head, amused. Still smiling he picked the clothes up and folded them carefully, before placing them on the bed. He moved to the side, catching a glimpse on Taehyung’s glasses on the side table.
He was just considering whether he should call out and let the younger know he was there, when he heard the shower door sliding open. He glanced up, instinctively and his words died a quick death on his tongue , as the air got knocked right out of his lungs.
Taehyung was naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist, squinting through the steam pouring out of the bathroom as he towel dried his hair. Jungkook couldn’t help but stare, his eyes taking in miles and miles of unmarred golden skin
and what looked like a constellation of moles dotting his torso all over. Taehyung hadn’t caught sight of him, still drying his hair and Jungkook felt his heart skip a beat as he took in his complexion, flushed and pink from the shower.
Full, pouty pink lips and cheekbones that a supermodel would die for. Bright and wide eyes a beautiful caramel brown. His gaze dripped lower, catching on his slender waist accentuated by the towel. Was that what he had been hiding under all those baggy clothes?
Taehyung had his eyes closed still, and he moaned a little as he played with his slightly damp hair, the sound of it going straight to Jungkook’s cock and making his knees buckle. He carefully crept back, lipping out of the bedroom and into the living room without making a peep.
After roughly drying his hair, Taehyung quickly slipped into his clothes again, grabbing his glasses with a lot of relief. He had terrible eyesight and the glasses were a need. He felt amazingly refreshed, mostly because Jungkook’s green apple body wash smelled incredibly good.
He finished fixing his hair a bit and grabbed the stained overshirt in his hand before making his way out to the living room only to get the life scared out of him as he caught sight of the figure on the couch.
“Mr. J- Jeon…” He stuttered, heart leaping up to his throat, pounding erratically inside him as he tried to get his bearings. “ i… the ketchup… I had ketchup in my hair …so I…” he bit his lips, “ I’m so sorry, sir.” Jungkook didn’t seem to be listening to him.
Instead, the CEO was staring at him, eyes dragging down and up and back down over his torso, before stopping at his lips, watching the plush folds caught between his teeth.
“That’s fine Taehyung.” He said with a small smile. “ I’m sorry about the inconvenience with Jihyo. She had sudden plans going out of the coutry for the weekends and wanted to take Jieun along.” Jungkook’s gaze met his and usually, the CEO barely if ever looked at him,
so the intense scrutiny made Taehyung flush, blood rushing to his face as he shuffled awkwardly from one foot to the other. “Uh…that’s fine. I just I need to pay my course fee tomorrow so…” Jungkook nodded, before reaching for his wallet and carefully pulling out a few notes.
He held it out ad Taehyung took them , jumping a little when their fingers brushed. He felt heat rise up his face again. Jungkook was unfairly handsome and well, Taehyung had a weakness, for handsome older men.
“She won’t be here till Monday.” Jungkook said casually, as Taehyung slipped his money into his backpack and gathered his things. “ So you can have the weekend off. Do something fun instead of babysitting.” He paused, “ maybe hang out with your girlfriend.”
Taehyung blinked a bit at that, taken aback. "Uh... I don't... " He cleared his throat. " I don't have a girlfriend, Mr. Jeon." Jungkook stared at him with the same calculative look and then tilted his head. "Boyfriend then?" He prompted gently. Taehyung flushed. "Um.."
"Sorry." Jungkook said hesitantly , " Was that a bit too personal?" Taehyung quickly shook his head. "No... No.. Just... Its nothing serious. I.. uh.. He's just a guy from my class. We uh... " He paused. " get together sometimes." Jungkook's brows went up at that.
"Okay." He nodded. " I hope he treats you well." Taehyung had a mental flashback to hyunsik pawing at him in the backseat of his old car, the vehicle smelling of stale booze and cigarette smoke. He grimaced against his better judgement. "Oh, well. College kids... " he laughed.
"College kids?" Jungkook prompted, brows still raised and clearly asking for an explanation. Taehyung licked his lips before clearing his throat a little. "Well, there's not a lot of treating between us." he laughed nervously. " We just hook up. You know. Casual." "Sex?"
Taehyung felt like there was a lemon stuck in the base of his throat. He swallowed. "Well, yeah. Sometimes." Jungkook hummed throughtfully. "I see... " He chuckled. " Forgive me. I was curious. I haven't been twenty one in a long time. You must find men like me boring."
"Dinner dates, jazz clubs, art exhibits and deep conversations." Jungkook continued. " That's my thing." Taehyung blinked rapidly at that. "I..." He bit his lips. " I ... That doesn't sound boring at all. I.. " He hesitated. " That sounds fun actually." "It does?"
Jungkook stared at him thoughtfully for a few seconds, before smiling and shaking his head lightly. "You're too beautiful for your own good, Taehyung." He said casually. " Putting thoughts in my head that definitely shouldn't be there." He chuckled. " Have a nice weekend."
Taehyung blinked, completely thrown as Jungkook turned on his heel and walked back into his bedroom , leaving him standing in the living room, heart pounding inside his chest. What had just happened? ❄️🌼❄️🌼
"When I told you, you should try putting yourself out there, I didn't mean hit on your babysitter." Jimin said with a roll of his eyes, pouring Jungkook a refill of his whiskey. They were at his private country club, sipping drinks on the rooftop as they watched the night sky.
Jungkook chuckled at that. "I didn't mean to hit on him. Seeing him half naked kind of screwed with my sense of right and wrong for a few minutes. "He shrugged. " but it was flattering." "What was?" "A little more persuasion he would have let me bend him over my kitchen counter."
Jimin rolled his eyes at that. "Well, I'm glad you changed your mind about that. You don't want to get involved with a college kid." He said firmly. Jungkook hummed, leaning back and closing his eyes. "Who said i changed my mind?" He grinned. Jimin blinked. "Jungkook..."
Jungkook bought both his hands up, thumb to thumb, spanning his palms out . "See this?" He prompted, nodding at his hands. " I have a theory that His entire waist will fit in here. And well, I can't help but want to test that theory out. See if its true." he shrugged.
Jimin shook his head in disbelief. "Nobody looking at you, would guess what a depraved bastard you are. " He muttered, with a shake of his head. " Taehyung sounds soft and delicate. Leave the poor kid alone." Jungkook smiled. "A little ruination in bed never hurt anybody."
Jimin grimaced. "God save the poor thing." He muttered, shaking his head and reaching for his drink. Jungkook laughed at that shaking his head. He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the evening breeze. It had been a while since he'd challenged himself like this.
Taehyung was just finishing up with feeding Jieun her evening snack when the sound of the door opening made him look up. Tae felt his pulse quicken as Jungkook stepped into the hallway, carrying his briefcase and his phone. "Daddy!" Jieun yelled at once, barreling right at him.
Taehyung watched as Jungkook dropped his bag and quickly caught the little girl in an embrace. "Hey angel." He whispered, pressing kisses to her hair, " Did you have a good time with Tae Tae hyung?" He asked gently and Jieun nodded briskly. " We made sandwiches and milkshake."
"That sounds delicious." Jungkook whispered, before looking up at him and smiling. Tae moved over quickly, reaching for the little girl. "Daddy, come eat with me." She pouted. Tae kissed her cheeks. "Ji, let daddy change his clothes and then maybe he would like to eat with us?"
Jungkook hummed, moving past him, and Taehyung jumped a little when the older man brushed against his back, bending a little till his lips were right against Taehyung's ears. "Daddy would like that a lot." Jungkook whispered, voice low and deep and Tae let out a shocked squeak.
When he turned around, Jungkook was already moving away, barely glancing at him . Taehyung stared after him, his pulse rate through the roof and a little bit of sweat starting to gather along his hairline even as heat licked up his spine. Oh fuck, he was in trouble.
His mind raced as he tried to rationalize what he had just heard Jungkook say. Maybe the older was just talking to his daughter. Maybe he was reading too much into it. He hung back, lost inside his own head, watching as Jungkook had a tea party with Jieun.
After an hour or so, Jieun began getting cranky and Taehyung quickly took her to her room, helping her settle into her bed for a nap. He sang softly to her, and just as she began drifting off, he sensed Jungkook by the door, standing and watching him. He felt his skin tingle.
He waited another couple of minutes, before finally, standing up from the bed, and moving towards the door. He paused, waiting for Jungkook to move and let him pause but he didn't. Instead he smiled, soft and a little mischievous. "Hi, Taehyung." He said softly.
Tae tried not to stare at the way the skin tight t stretched over Jungkook's tattooed biceps, the muscles flexing a little as the older man stared at him. Tae felt his mouth go dry a bit. "H- Hi.. Mr. Jeon." He whispered shakily. Jungkook tilted his head. "Had a good weekend?"
"Um..." Taehyung nodded softly, before moving to walk through the door and into the hallway, but Jungkook's arm shot out, gripping the frame and blocking his way. "Alone? Or with one of kids?" Jungkook prompted. Tae flushed. "Alone, sir." he whispered.
"I see..." Jungkook looked a little hesitant, " Is it wishful thinking on my part, hoping you've gotten a bit tired of them?" Taehyung stared at him. "I'm sorry... I don't..." "Just wondering if you might be in the mood to try something different?" Taehyung closed his eyes.
"Do you mean yourself, Mr. Jeon?"
Jungkook stared at him for a second. "Tell me Taehyung..." he pushed away from the door, ad stepped closer to him. " Have you ever been kissed by a real man?" Taehyung inhaled sharply. "I... " he trailed off and Jungkook leaned closer. "More importantly, do you want to be?"
Taehyung could only stare, tongue glued to the roof of his mouth from sheer shock, and Jungkook reached out, lightly cupping his face, tilting it up and rubbing his thumb over Tae's lower lip. "If you don't want this, now's the time to let me know." he whispered.
Taehyung swallowed, blinking up at him with wide eyes and parted lips. "Please kiss me ," he whispered. " Sir."
Jungkook leaned over, wrapping one arm around his waist and pulling him tight, till he was flush against the older man's chest. "Look at you," he whispered, hand moving up to the back of Taehyung's neck, before burying in his hair, fingers tugging on the strands gently.
Taehyung whimpered a little, eyes fluttering shut at the pressure, lips parting of their own volition. "You're far from innocent, aren't you?" Jungkook said thoughtfully, " Bambi eyes and rosebud lips, but underneath it all you're a dirty little boy, huh, Taehyung?"
Taehyung blinked up at him, limpid brown eyes wide and confused. "S- Sir?" "There's no point acting, you know?" Jungkook gripped his hair tighter, tugging him closer, " I can see right through you. Maybe if you're honest about what you want, I'll give it to you."
Taehyung blinked a little at that, lips parting around a tiny pout. "I... i don't understand..." he said softly, pressing up a little more closer to Jungkook's body, rubbing himself against him. " You said you'll kiss me..." he bit his lips," Don't you want to?" Jungkook blinked.
"Oh, you're good..." he grinned. " Tell me... does this work with the poor hapless jocks in your college. Bet they eat that little act up, makes them feel all strong and manly.. huh?" Taehyung's jaw went just a little taut at that. "I don't know what you mean." "Sure you do."
"Sweet little pillow princess, who just wants to lie there all pretty while your partner does all the work...Fragile little thing, who would break at the slightest touch?" he teased, " You know Taehyung, I know a brat when I see one. And you, darling are as bratty as they come."
He leaned closer, kissing the corner of his lips, and then the skin right below his ear, " I bet when you're lying there getting fucked by dumb idiots with mediocre dicks, all you can think about is how you deserve someone smarter, richer, better...right Taehyung?"
Taehyung shuddered a little, and finally turned to stare at him, blinking slowly as a small smile spread over his lips. "Well, I managed to land you, didn't I?" He whispered. Jungkook grinned at that, eyes twinkling. "Hello, sweetheart." He chuckled. " Nice to finally meet you."
Taehyung reached out, wrapping both his arms around Jungkook's shoulders. "You knew I was coming home that day, didn't you?" Taehyung shrugged. "Just a lucky guess." "You've been a bad boy," Jungkook muttered. "Have I?" he whispered, " So, what are you gonna do about it?"
( deleted the poll cos I wanna write mean dom jk and no one sees my vision 😞😞😞)
Jungkook smirked at that, licking his lips and tugging him closer. "Oh , I have a couple of things in mind, angel." he whispered, " But that depends entirely on how good or bad you are at handling someone like me. I'm not easy to handle you know? Are you sure you're up for it?"
Taehyung rolled his eyes a little, pressing both of his palms up against his chest, putting a little distance between them. Jungkook let him go, and the younger took two steps back, into the hallway and closer to Jungkook's bedroom.
"This from someone who almost passed out after seeing me fresh from the shower." He scoffed, eyes twinkling as he grabbed the hem of his knitwear shirt and tugging it up and over his head. " The question is, will your heart give out when you have me under you, Mr. Jeon?"
Jungkook chuckled, moving one step closer to Taehyung, only for the other to move back again, a teasing smile on his face. "That better not be a jab at my age, Kim Taehyung." He muttered. Taehyung shrugged, running his palm over the front of his pant, rubbing himself.
Jungkook's eyes narrowed at that. "Stop that." He said quietly, voice dropping a few octaves lower. Taehyung grinned, hand moving up to his face, thumb pressing against his lower lip, pinching the plump fold before slipping into his mouth as he sucked on it. "Or else?"
Taehyung pulled his thumb out of his mouth, only to grin wickedly, " What are you going to do, Mr. Jeon?" He grinned, " Spank me?" he whispered. Jungkook growled moving closer but Taehyung laughed, getting out of the way and making a run for the bedroom.
Jungkook felt a flash of fondness at that, unbidden and maybe not entirely welcome. Taehyung's brand of brattiness was his weakness. It made him want to reduce that smart mouth into a drooling , panting mess. Wanted to see those twinkling eyes, soaked with tears begging to cum.
And somehow , he knew exactly what Taehyung expected from him, running like that. He wanted Jungkook to chase him, to pant after him . In other words, he wanted to be the one in control. And well, Jungkook couldn't let that happen. So he smirked, and turned on his heel,
walking back to the living room , unbuttoning his white shirt before moving to the couch and sitting down, legs spread wide and head resting back on the plush cushions. He closed his eyes and grinned, before starting to count.
Just as he reached 30, he heard the faint shuffling sound of footsteps near the hallway. He fought to keep a straight face. Ten seconds later, Taehyung cleared his throat from a few feet away. Jungkook blinked his eyes open, turning to stare at the younger. "What are you doing?"
Tae tried to school his expression and his tone but he couldn't. It came out impatient and just a little whiny and Jungkook smirked, relaxed. "I'm resting." He smirked, " Why, is there something else you want from me?" Tae glared. "Haven't I made it clear? I want your cock."
Jungkook cocked an eyebrow, tilting his head a little. "And i want you to earn it." He said simply. " So far you seemed to be doing the exact opposite of that." Taehyung blinked, chastised. He glared, petulant. With boys his age, it was easy . But like this,
knowing that Jungkook wanted him. that he wanted him just as much as Taehyung did, but somehow the CEO could hold himself back and pretend otherwise... That stung his pride.
Taehyung was torn between wanting to seduce him into giving him what he wanted and ignoring him like it wasn't a big deal. But he couldn't possibly ignore him. Jungkook with his words and his heated gaze turned him on more than any man with his hands. And he wanted him. Now.
Taehyung took a deep breath before pulling off the white undershirt , leaving him naked from the waist up. "Let's go to your room, daddy....I'll earn it on my knees." He whispered, smiling wide. Jungkook shook his head, looking off to the side with a shake of his head.
"You're not even half as smart as you look, kitten." He rolled his eyes with a grin. Taehyung glared at him. "What?" he snapped. Jungkook leaned in. "Taehyung I want you to know something. I can't fuck you until you're honest about what you want from me." He muttered.
"Keep that in mind before you mouth off at me, understand?" He leaned back. Taehyung bristled indignantly, straightening up to glare at him. "What the fuck does that mean?" He snapped. Jungkook didn't reply . Instead his smile vanished, lips pursed and eyes narrowing dangerously.
Taehyung felt his shoulders sag a little, ears going hot and stomach churning in regret. "I... I mean...Why do you say that?" He mumbled nervously. "We need to talk about this. Before we do anything." Jungkook said calmly. " It's important. To keep you safe."
"Fine." Taehyung snapped. " What do you want to talk about." His voice sounded so petulant, Taehyung couldn't help but wince himself. Jungkook however seemed to find his tone amusing. "Your limits. Safe word. Stuff like that..." "That sounds like the opposite of sexy."
Jungkook smiled, curling his fingers and beckoning him over. Tae moved to stand in front of himb and Jungkook carefully grabbed his waist, drawing him closer. "Alright, let me make it sexy for you." He whispered, fingers curving around his waist a bit. "How hard can I hit you?"
Taehyung felt his breath catch, eyes going wide in genuine surprise as his body stiffened , blood rushing to his head from how quickly his arousal soared. He blinked down at Jungkook, stunned, because no one, no one had guessed that particular kink of his. Ever.
warnings : mean dom jk, impact play, degradation, dirty filthy and also a little hardcore. This is purely self indulgent and may be too much for some. You've been warned.
When Taehyung was young,he had been clumsy. Always. He loved his siblings chased them all over the place, age gaps notwithstanding. And that meant getting hurt. A lot. His pain tolerance was through the roof. As he grew older, delved into the world of sex, the line between
pain and pleasure had begun to fade and blur. Taehyung found himself fascinated by the way his body reacted to getting hurt. Bruises that started out a deep blood red, before turning blue and purple and then fading into a pale yellow green.
There had been one memorable incident with one of his professors , the man not knowing his own strength and possibly a little terrified of banging a student in his office. He had pressed his palm over Taehyung's mouth to keep his voice down, as he fucked him from the back,
and his grip had toes the line of too much, leaving finger shaped bruises along his jaw. Taehyung had spent weeks pressing his fingers into the marks, thighs clenching at the dull ache of it. Had wanted those bruises elsewhere. On his thighs. Around his throat.
Tae stared at Jungkook, and gave him a bright smile. "Hard." He said finally. " As hard as you like." Jungkook looked pleased at that. "My little slut." He said fondly. " You like getting hurt huh? Let's see how much you regret that answer later." He gave a cruelly impish smile.
Taehyung felt his body thrum, wanted to beg him to hit him right there, grip him hard and put him in his place but he resisted the urge. "Anywhere other than the face is fine?" Jungkook asked casually. Taehyung began nodding but then stopped.
It was terrible, the voice in his head was terrible and depraved and he wanted to ignore it. It crossed so many lines of propriety, crossed so many lines of what society thought was right and he didn't want to seem weak or disgusting. Didn't want Jungkook to think he was flawed
and broken in someway to want something so awful and wrong. "Kitten?" Jungkook's voice broke through and Taehyung swallowed, glancing down at him with his lips caught between his teeth. "I...yeah." He said, scared to lose Jungkook. Scared to say the wrong thing and lose this.
Jungkook stared at him for a few second and then sighed. "What did I tell you about honesty, Taehyung?" He said softly. Taehyung flushed. "I..."
"Anything you tell me, stays between us. I won't judge you. But I will be very, very disappointed if you hide your thoughts. " Jungkook leaned in , holding his gaze. "If you don't tell me what you want, I can never fully give you what you so desperately need." He whispered.
Taehyung blinked at him, taking deep breaths. He had to swallow his nervousness, licking his lips as he tried to gather his thoughts. Finally, he bit his lips before staring right at him'. "Why not the face?" He mumbled under his breath, before closing his eyes tight.
He was scared to look at him, scared to see what he thought of that. He felt arms arms wrap aroudn him, pulling him closer till his face was buried into Jungkook's shoulder, his heart racing . "My apologies," Jungkook said softly. " i shouldn't have assumed anything."
"But I have to ask Taehyung...have you ever had anyone do something like that to you before?" He asked gently, stroking his back carefully. Taehyung hesitated. "No... but... I like the idea of it." he flushed." I'm sorry, its so awful. I shouldn't be turned on by
getting hit but I..." he stammered. But Jungkook made soothing noises, gently hugging him closer and the brushing the hair off his face to stare at him. Jungkook looked warm and accepting, not an ounce of judgement anywhere and the knot in his stomach loosened just a little.
"Hey...kitten... None of that. Why should hitting one part of your body be worse than another. Your body is yours and as long as I have your consent , there;s no reason you have to be ashamed of the things that you enjoy." He whispered.
"You don't think it's weird?" He whispered. " I don't care about anyone else. I just don't want you to think I'm weird." he mumbled. Jungkook's gaze softened and he bet down, brushing his lips over Taehyung's before pulling back and exhaling sharply. "I think its fucking hot."
Jungkook's voice was low and soft. , dropping low," But I want you to be sure. I don't want to hurt you." Tae nodded. Jungkook stared at him for a second. "It's getting late and well, Jieun's right there in the other room. I'm going to ask her mother to keep her over tomorrow."
Taehyung felt his heart race. "Okay." He nodded. "I'll pick you up after college." Jungkook smiled. "We'll go somewhere private and special." he grinned. " Somewhere you can be as loud as you want." Taehyung shivered. 🌿❄️🌿❄️
Taehyung didn't have friends in college. It wasn't that he was an outcast or anything like that. It was just that he couldn't bring himself to trust anyone . At least not enough to let them into his life , like that. But standing here in the foyer of Jungkook's company,
he wished desperately that he had someone to talk to. Someone who would tell him if this was the right thing to do. Who would tell him if it was too much. Was he being a complete idiot. Was he setting himself up for hurt and heart break? Sighing, he gripped his bag.
Jungkook hadn't called him. He hadn't picked up his calls either. Taehyung had given him the benefit of the doubt and even waited for him , an hour after his classes ended but the CEO hadn't turned up. And Taehyung was just not good with the whole being patient thing.
If Jungkook had changed his mind, the least he could do was tell him that. The more he thought about it, the more worked up he got, his annoyance spiking . It was a struggle to keep his expression neutral as he waited for the receptionist to call up to Jungkook's office.
"Mr. Jeon is up in the conservatory on the rooftop. He's currently with company and you can wait here till he returns to his office. " Taehyung frowned deeply at that. "And when will that be? " The woman gave him an unimpressed glare. "He's a busy man, Mr. Kim. "
So am I, Taehyung thought with a glare. But he didn't tell her that, of course. Instead he smiled and bowed, polite and well behaved as always, before taking his bag and heading out to the lobby again. He made a beeline for the elevators. There was a private one .
Taehyung assumed that was just for the big wigs in the company and went to the other one. He stepped in, pressing the button for the roof top. Jeon corp was open to the public on most days, mostly because Jungkook's father had built the place with beautiful alcoves and gardens.
The moment he stepped out into the rooftop, he caught sight of the conservatory, on the far end of the sprawling area. He also caught sight of Jungkook and another handsome man, laughing and drinking by the flowers. Taehyung felt a small pang of upset. Who was that?
Swallowing the small ball of hesitance in his throat, he walked closer to the glass paned walls of the beautiful glass house, fingers gripping the fabric of his messenger bag. Jungkook caught sight of him right then. The CEO froze mid laugh, eyes narrowed.
Tae watched as he leaned in closer to the man, whispering something to him. The man nodded and then leaned up, kissing Jungkook on the cheek. Taehyung felt sick revulsion climb up his spine, tasting bile in his throat. A few seconds later, Jungkook was making his way over.
Taehyung turned on his heel starting to walk away briskly, towards the elevators. He was an idiot. An idiot who never learned.
A hand closed around his arm right above his elbow, fingers digging into the flesh and making him wince a little. Taehyung turned around, glaring as he yanked his arm away. "Don't touch me. " He snapped. Jungkook frowned as people turned to stare at them.
"Taehyung, what happened? Are you alright? " The older man asked, frowning, concerned. Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Are you serious? If you've found someone else to fuck, you can at least let me know first? " He snapped. Jungkook blinked rapidly. "What? "
"Who is he anyway?" He scoffed. " He looks like he's pure vanilla? Sure you want to downgrade to that? " Jungkook stared at him for a few seconds. "First you're going to apologize. " He said softly. " Then you're going to go down to my office and wait for me. "
Tae felt his resolve falter for a second. "You.. You don't get to tell me what to do. " He snapped. " Not after ignoring me the whole day." Jungkook smiled, glancing down at his shoes for a second before shaking his head. "Okay, I changed my mind. First check your messages."
Taehyung frowned. "What? " "Check your messages. " He swallowed, reaching for his phone. He scrolled through the messages and glared. "There's nothing here. " He snapped. Jungkook sighed. "Do you have a filter to screen out messages from people you don't know? "
Taehyung blinked. "I... " "Check in the request folder. " Taehyung didn't move. "Fine. You messaged me. Big deal. " He bit his lips. " But just so you know I'm a busy guy too. Just because we're not all CEOs, doesn't mean I'm gonna sit around waiting for you . "
"Did I ask you to? "
Tae blinked at that, feeling oddly hurt at the words. "I... You're right. You didn't ask me to. " He bit his lips. "I'm sorry for assuming you actually gave a fuck about me." Jungkook frowned at that. "That's not..." He sighed, but Tae cut him off. "Have a nice day, Mr. Jeon."
Taehyung took the lift to Jungkook's penthouse, keeping his expression carefully blank as he rode past the numerous floors, his eyes trained on the flashing numbers. Jihyo had picked Jieun up from daycare and would be dropping her off at 2.00pm. It was a half past one.
He would just have to wait in the hallway, for them to arrive then. No big deal. Tae played with the hem of his tassel shirt as the elevator climbed up. When the door slid open, he went completely still, because standing at the end of the hallway, opening the door was Jungkook.
The older man looked up at him and stared for a second. "Hi." He said quietly and Taehyung glared at him, walking right past him and into the apartment without saying a single word or acknowledging him. Jungkook sighed before following him in.
Tae moved to the corner, placing his bag on the kitchen island before moving to sit on one of the tall stools there. Jungkook watched him for a second. "I get it." He said finally. " I upset you. I was a little curt..." Tae scoffed. Jungkook closed his eyes. "Okay. I was rude."
Taehyung turned away. "But that's no reason to ignore all of my calls, Taehyung." He said softly. " If you're upset with me , I would rather hear you say that to me then to give me the silent treatment. It doesn't really resolve the issue you know. I apologize for being rude."
Taehyung stared at him for a second. "You know when you talk like that, I remember that you're so damn old." He tilted his head, " Too old for me maybe. I should probably stick with guys my age." Jungkook's brows went up at that. "I see. Well..." he shrugged. " That's fine."
Taehyung licked his lips. "Fine." He snapped. " Especially because you clearly have other people you're fucking anyway so... not like you'd be missing out, right?" Jungkook hummed. "Are you fishing for compliments kitten? You want me to beg you to stay?" he smiled.
"Are you going to ?" Taehyung retorted. Jungkook laughed. "Well, not if you genuinely think that your college fuckboys are better than me. Because that would mean you have shitty taste in men and I don't want to join that list."
Taehyung felt his stomach swoop. His throat went a little dry and he swallowed. "I have enough men, willing to give me exactly what I need." He said sharply, " I don't" Jungkook grinned. "Okay." he grinned. " Don't stutter the next time and maybe I'll believe you."
"Oh, fuck you." Tae snapped. "I bet you're all bark ." He rolled his eyes. " I've been with men like you. Mouthy, arrogant, with huge egos and a tiny dic-" Jungkook was on him in a second, hand shooting out and gripping his jaw with just enough force to shock him into silence.
Taehyung blinked up at Jungkook eyes wide and lips parted in shock, and the older man glared down at him, eyes blazing. "Just to be clear, I am nothing like these so called men you claim to have fucked around with." he whispered, " I've been indulging you, because you're cute,
But know this," he said softly, " if you mouth off at me , unprovoked, you won't ever see me or Jieun again. I may enjoy breaking in a mouthy , whiny brat but I will not tolerate a disrespectful one. Is that clear, Kim Taehyung?"
Taehyung bit his lips, before grabbing Jungkook's wrist and throwing it off. "Save it. " He snapped. " I quit." Jungkook didn't respond, merely folding his arms over his chest, and watching as Taehyung grabbed his bag, fighting tears. "No you won't." He said quietly.
"You'll take a day off and think about this clearly. And if you still prefer being petty and childish instead of acting like a fucking adult, then you can call me and let me know. I'll find someone else to watch my daughter."
Taehyung flipped him off, before storming out of the door. He ran smack dab into Jihyo on the way out. She looked surprised. "Taehyung..are you..wait are you crying?" Taehyung sniffled, before kneeling down and scooping Jieun into his arms for a tight hug. "Hi baby."
He sniffled, burying his face in her neck and chocking on a sob. " I'm sorry, Ji. Tae Tae has to go alright?" "Taehyung, what happened?" Jihyo demanded but Taehyung shook his head. "It's nothing Mrs. Park. I... I'll call you later." Jihyo watched him leave, stunned.
When she glanced back up, Jungkook was at the door, looking shaken up. It was so rare to see her stoic ex husband show any kind of emotion that she had to stare for a moment. "What did you do?" She demanded . "Nothing. " He snapped before reaching for his daughter.
" So.... the babysitter." Jungkook said quietly. Jimin groaned. "Tell me you didn't break his heart." Jungkook glared at him. "Why would you say that?" he demanded. "Because that's what you do. You break people's hearts." "People get so sensitive-"
"No, Jungkook. People have feelings." Jimin snapped. " You've shut yourself out to any kind of emotional connection after your divorce and you use it like some kind of superpower, judging others for not being like you. Thats ridiculous. He's a kid. Of course he's sensitive."
Jungkook sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head. "Tell me how I can fix it." Jimin leans in. "No I won't" "What?" "I won't help you fix anything until you tell me what exactly you want from him. You want to date him? "What?" Jungkook groaned. " No." "No?"
"Jimin he's twenty one. Thats like fourteen years younger than me. I... he's not gonna want to date me." He muttered. " I... I'm not that greedy okay?" Jimin leaned back. "Age is just a number..." "Oh, please..." "He's good with Jieun. You told me." "He's amazing with her."
"He's studying on a scholarship, working to pay for his expenses, good with kids... that actually a more stable person than some of our peers." Jungkook shook his head. "You don't understand...that's not... That's not what he wants from me." "How do you know that? Did you ask?"
Jungkook closed his eyes. "I'm saying this because I've known you since you were a kid, Jungkook. Its not like you to be so invested in someone you just want to have sex with. You care about this kid .That's why you want to fix it. Because you hate that you hurt him."
Jungkook exhaled. "Okay... Now, I'm not saying that you're right... But.. if your are... then... what do you think I should do?" "Be honest." Jimin rolled his eyes. " Not every single conflict is something you have to win okay? Especially when you want to keep the relationship."
Taehyung sat in bed, feeling jittery and nervous. He was being an idiot, crying over his boss who was more than a decade older than him. Literally what did he expect? That Jungkook would suddenly wine and dine him and want to get to know him? Want an actual relationship?
Jungkook had a family. He had an empire and he was literally the king. He would never pick someone like Taehyung to spend his life with. All Taehyung had to do was remember that this whole thing was never meant to be serious. It was always supposed to end. Good that it ended now.
And yes, maybe he had been a bit too impulsive and disrespectful. But he just couldn't help but feel all these big , big emotions whenever he thought of Jungkook. Maybe for the first time in his life, he had met someone who seemed to accept all the parts of him.
Even the ones he kept hidden and buried. He had never truly let himself say and do the things he had done with Jungkook. Had never felt that safe with anyone and it stung because he was sure there wouldnt be anyone else like him. Taehyung clenched his fists.
There was just one thing that would take his mind off things. Without thinking too much , Taehyung kicked off his shoes, grabbing his phone and moving to the bedroom. He wiggled out of his jeans and his underwear, when Jungkook's voice echoed through his head,
"I don't like the idea of you getting off without me kitten."
Taehyung closed his eyes, hating himself. He felt the tears threated to bubble up, frustration warring with the need to think of him. He didn't want Jungkook to have any part in his pleasure but his brain was hard wired to think of him. Had been that way for months now.
He couldn't wait . He needed that mindless pleasure, needed to feel his thighs tremble and shake. He felt empty, hollow and it made him feel so cold and alone. He hated that feeling and the only thing that warmed him up was sex. He wondered, for one moment if he was an addict.
WAs it weird that he needed sex to counter anything negative in his life? But he couldn't care. He deserved this. He deserved to feel good in return for putting up with a world that wanted to cage him at every turn.
His fingers shook as he crawled into the bed, gripping his pillow and he pressed his face into it. He could feel the heat spreading all over his body, an achy desperate need filling his veins. He wanted hands on him, wanted fingers in his hair, tugging hard. He panted,
remembering the harsh grip of Jungkook's hand on his jaw. That had felt so good. So real. Taehyung had spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom, staring at his jaw and chin, hoping that bruises would show up but they hadn't. There was a little discoloration
but it was nowhere near what he wanted. Jungkook hadn't held him hard enough for the skin to bloom purple. Taehyung blinked up at the ceiling. Sometimes, everything around his felt so unreal and terrifying and only pain grounded him. Pain was real. Tangible. And it went deep.
love was shallow, selfish and a fucking illusion. It was a lie wrapped up in ribbons. He hated it. Pain was honest. It gave him exactly what it promised. It felt exactly how it should : intense, distracting and hot.
Taehyung felt his head spin, his breaths coming out in desperate little pants and he gripped the sheets, feeling arousal thrum through his skin. He could feel himself get harder, precum starting to drip out of him and he wanted to touch himself, feel the sticky wetness
of it on his fingers, the taste of it on his tongue. He wanted to wrap his fingers around himself, stroking hard ad fast, taking himself to the edge but not letting himself fall over. He wanted to open himself up on wet fingers , fuck himself using the biggest toy he had,
fuck himself so hard, he wouldn't remember even his own name , let alone Jeon Jungkook's. I won't think of him, he thought shakily, rolling over on to his back, and spreading his legs, before reaching for the small bottle of lube he kept by the side of his pillow.
He got his fingers wet before reaching between his thighs and then went still. Because his mind went, I want him. Jungkook was right there, in his head, staring down at him and he couldn't get past it. Taehyung exhaled sharply. This wouldn't do. What was wrong with him?
It was just one orgasm. And then sleep. it was something he had done , pretty much everyday for over a decade. There was no reason he had to overthink it... He could wrap his hand around his cock, and his body would get the memo, giving him the pleasure he wanted.
His body was his best friend, every curve and edge made to bring him pleasure and it was the one instrument he had learnt to play well after all. He could make it sing and bend to his tune anytime he wanted and no one could play it the way he could.
It was ridiculous , the idea that Jungkook somehow be better at touching him, than himself. Taehyung knew his body better than Jungkook ever would. He knew what made him whimper and what made him whine.
So it made no fucking sense, that he needed Jungkook now to get one fucking orgasm when he was bone tired and exhausted.
Taehyung took deep even breaths, steadying himself as he reached for the bedside table, turning on the small lamp to a dim golden glow, hoping that would help with the mood. He moved to touch himself again, fingers slipping between his legs, rubbing lightly around the entrance,
and he closed his eyes, trying to picture anything but Jungkook. But it was impossible. His gorgeous face was right there, and Taehyung could feel his aura, his scent like he was right there in the room, watching him struggle. Honesty. If you aren't honest with me ,
I can't give you what you want. Taehyung sat up quickly, his heart pounding inside his chest. He could feel himself get a little woozy, because he was still thrumming with arousal but now there was also a different kind of ache. A need, really. To talk to Jungkook.
But just as he reached for the phone , it rang loud and jarring. Taehyung stared at the caller name and balked. "Hello," he whispered, breathless, and on the other end he could hear Jungkook inhaling, sharply. "Taehyung, can we talk?" The older whispered. Tae closed his eyes.
"Mr. Jeon." He said shakily, voice trembling a little and there was another sharp intake of breath from the other end. "Taehyung will you let me take you out to dinner?" Jungkook said softly. Taehyung felt his heart swell, something euphoric shooting up his veins. "Dinner?"
"If you like..." Jungkook's voice was low." And if you accept my apology for being a bit of a dick.." Tae laughed a little. "And jazz clubs and art exhibits and deep conversations?" He asked quietly. Jungkook chuckled softly. "Anything you want, kitten." his voice dipped low.
Taehyung bit his lips, old insecurities threatening to brim over, warning bells ringing somewhere at the back of his head. "I haven't done this in a while." Jungkook said quietly, seriously. " My last relationship... " he hesitated. " It was bad. I'm a little messed up"
"You're young." Jungkook continued. " Really young and I don't want to be the one who messes you up.. So just... if we do this... don't run from me. I give you permission to call me a bastard or throw a fucking bowl at my head when I fuck up, which I will , but just, don't run."
"Mr. Jeon..." "I like you Taehyung." He said softly. " I've always admired you I think . And respected you because although you're young, you're an amazing guy. And i think, off late, that's just grown into something deeper. I don't know what this is or what it could be, but."
"I want to explore it. With you. If you'll have me."
Taehyung bit his lips , heart pounding somewhere near his throat as he stared at the wall on the opposite side of the room. "Taehyung?" Jungkook prompted, soft and hesitant. "Are you there? Where are you?" Taehyung licked his lips. "I'm in bed." he said quietly.
Jungkook was quiet for a second. "That so?" He said softly. " Were you listening to what I said?" "Uh huh..." "What are you doing?" Jungkook asked carefully. "Shouldn't that be , what are you wearing?" Taehyung said quietly.
Jungkook was quiet for a few beats. "No." He said gently. " What are you doing?" "I'm not touching myself, if that's what you're asking." Taehyung giggled. " Earlier I was,... but now I'm not." "Earlier.... when?" "Does it matter?" "Yes. Did you make yourself cum?"
It was alarming, how fast the heat pooled in his belly at the words. "No." He said quietly. " I couldn't. " "Couldn't ?" A small pause. " Why not?" Taehyung took a deep breath. "Honestly?" he exhaled. " I need you."
It was Jungkook's turn to breath in sharply. "That so?" He asked softly. There was a smugness there that irked Taehyung a bit. "Either you or my favorite toy." He said casually. " Whichever makes me cum first." Jungkook went quiet.
"Taehyung, listen carefully.. You don't get to taste what's mine without my permission, do you understand that?" Tae felt his insides twist a little at that. " yours? I'm not yours." "No you're not, but your pleasure is." Jungkook whispered, " It's mine to give or take."
"Hmm..." Taehyung sighed loudly. " But daddy..." he drawled, " I'm really, really horny right now. And I don't really want to wait." Jungkook growled. "Taehyung don't you dare...." Tae hung up, grinning at the wall in triumph. He closed his eyes and began counting.
When Taehyung opened the door to his apartment, Jungkook went straight for his mouth, kissing him breathless as he pushed him against the wall. Taehyung gasped, hands clawing at his shirt, breath coming out in little pants as he pressed himself against him.
"You little cocktease.." Jungkook said quietly, " Had me hard and aching , I could barely keep my eyes on the road." Tae grinned, running his palm over his chest. "I don't like waiting." he said softly. Jungkook hummed. "You'll learn ." he grinned. "I'll teach you."
"We'll see..." Tae reached down, palming Jungkook through the fabric of his slacks. " For now, I want this..." "Whatever happened to earning it on your knees?" He asked softly and Taehyung felt his skin heat up. "Don't go all shy on me now, kitten. "
"I'm not shy..." Taehyung said softly, " Am I the only one who has to earn it... What about you...? You want your dick sucked, shouldn't you be the one earning it?"" Jungkook narrowed his eyes at him. "Look at you, mouthing off like you weren't gagging for it on the phone."
"I wasn't." Taehyung retorted. " Like I said it was either you or my toy." He stared at him, gaze heavy and Jungkook caught the challenge there. Their conversation from earlier rang in his head. And suddenly he knew exactly what Taehyung wanted.
"Taehyung," he said quietly. " Either you get down on your knees, nicely, by yourself. Or I put you there. What's it gonna be?"
The low rough tone, tinged with a hint of anger, a hint of meanness did something to Tae, made his throat go dry , his pupils dilate , breathing getting a little uneven. "Red to stop, yellow to slow down, and green if you're fine, darling," Jungkook said, " Whats your color?"
"Green... " Tae whispered before twisting his hands together . " Put me in my place?" He licked his lips. " I don't think you have the balls to -" Pain bloomed on his cheekbone, Jungkook's palm connecting with the soft curve pf his cheek with enough force to make his eyes water.
leaving behind pain that was sharp and stinging, and practically unbearable. But it was gone before Tae could even fully process it. In its wake came heat, fiery and hot licking its way over his skin and it felt so intense, he nearly stumbled, arousal pooling in his stomach,
so quick and with so much potency that he could taste it on his tongue, his heart racing so fast he couldn't catch his breath. "Down." Jungkook growled, hand reaching out and gripping the hair at the back of his head, yanking him down till he stumbled, fumbling as he tried
to get a grip on his legs, trying to steady himself but he couldn't. Jungkook grabbed him by the hair, fingers gripping the thick strands and yanking him away from his legs, forcing him to look up as he smiled down at him, bright and wide. His shoe nudged at Taehyung's arousal.
"So, is that how you like to be brought to your knees, my little whore?" he drawled. The words dug deep, coiling tight around his insides and making him shake because he loved it, loved being called exactly what he was. His.
"Pretty baby," Fingers stroked his cheek, right where he's hit him, thumb tracing the stinging flesh and Tae gasped when Jungkook dug his fingers in, just shy of excruciating and it only made him want more.
It was too much and yet too little, may more than anything he had ever felt and yet, not nearly enough. He wanted more.
Taehyung could feel himself panting, fingers shaking as he tried to pace himself, head filling with a woozy sort of pleasure and he help but laugh a little, the feeling so foreign and yet so fucking amazing, he wanted to drown in it. "Fuck, Jungkook..." he panted. "Color, baby.?"
"I.. Green... I.. It feels so good... I just..." "you wanna stop.. Take a breather?" Jungkook whispered, sounding so tender , so concerned , Taehyung felt his heart grow a couple of sizes.
Jungkook was so good at this, he thought in disbelief. Switching between reassurance and dominance, so fast that his head spun. Jungkook knew exactly what he wanted and Taehyung realized all of a sudden that this was it. He was the one. No one would ever compare or come close.
Jeon Jungkook had ruined him for every other man on the planet. Taehyung shook his head quickly, the last thing he wanted to do was stop. "Words, angel. Use your words for me." He stroked the hair off his face and cupped his face, stepping closer and Taehyung stared as
Jungkook began tugging on the end of his belt, the metallic clink of the buckle loud in his living room. Taehyung stared at the bulge in front of his pants, how big and thick it looked and his mouth watered. Jungkook caught the look on his face and laughed.
"How long have you wanted this , my pretty little slut? How long have you wanted me to stretch that slutty mouth of yours with my fat cock?" he whispered, fingers curling hard around his jaw. "From the moment I saw you.." Taehyung whispered. Jungkook sighed, pleased.
"Finally," he smiled, " Some fucking honesty. And for that kitten, you get your reward. Gonna give you my cock. Make you fucking gag on it." He leaned down and gave him a bruising kiss, before pulling back.
Jungkook quickly unzipped himself, pulling it down just enough to draw himself out, and Taehyung felt his knees buckle, gripping Jungkook's legs to steady himself, his lips wobbling a little.
"Why so quiet? " Jungkook grinned. "Seeing you quiet is such a fucking novelty baby, must tell you , I thought I'd have to gag you to get you to shut up but apparently just the sight of my cock is enough?" Taehyung bristled at that. Some of the fog inside his head cleared.
Just enough to make him want to retort. "I haven't got all day either." he croaked out, and Jungkook hummed in approval. "There he is... My little brat." he said fondly, fingers sinking into his hair , gripping so hard , his neck snapped back , and Taehyung smirked at him.
"My reward daddy?" He grinned, sticking his tongue out for him. " I want your cock. Thought you were gonna make me gag on it. Or are you just all talk?" Jungkook raised his brows at him. "Patience, little one." He said gently, although his eyes held a lot of warning.
Taehyung flinched as his hand lightly slapped at his cheek, without any real force behind it and Taehyung groaned. "I've been patient . Been a good boy, but you're so..." He bit his lips, trying to find the right word Annoying seemed fine but he didnt want to get killed.
Jungkook laughed aloud at that. "You've been patient? Since when? You think I can't read you kitten? I ask you to wait but you've been riling me up, begging me to fuck the insolence right out of you. You have whore's mouth and you know how to use it. to piss me off don't you?"
"Whats the point of me doing that if you aren't going to man up and do something about it?" Taehyung said sharply. Jungkook stared at him in disbelief and Taehyung felt dread pool a little in the base of his belly. Jungkook's hand shot out, gripping his chin.
"I'd slap this mouthiness right out of you, if I didn't know for a fact you'd get off on it." He whispered. Taehyung swallowed as Jungkook's grip tightened, so hard his teeth gnashed together, for a second before he let go.
"Always so fucking impatient, can't wait for a second , greedy little slut..." he shook his head, tone dripping with exasperation and Tae frowned. "Maybe if you weren't so slow..." He pouted and Jungkook froze. "Care to repeat that, kitten?" Jungkook smiled.
Tae opened his mouth, ready to spout and impish, you heard me... But before he could quite form the words, Jungkook gripped his face, forcing his mouth to open wider , and pushing his cock in, one hand gripping the base of his neck, keeping him in place as he pushed himself in.
Taehyung choked, almost gagging and barely managing to keep it down by breathing through his nose, clinging to his knees. "i hope you're done mouthing off , kitten. Because frankly, I'm done listening to you. Time to put that smart mouth to better use."
Taehyung moaned around the thick length, lifting his hand to try and grip the base, but his foot came up, nudging his hand away. "I said use your fucking mouth. Keep your hands behind your back." He growled. and Taehyung whimpered.
Taehyung pressed his shoulders back, gripping his own wrist at the base of his spine. He looked up at Jungkook, waiting for permission and the older man smiled, pulling and letting the head of hic cock rest against his lower lip. Taehyung whimpered when he gently combed his
fingers through the hair on top of his head, just for a second, before gripping hard and tugging his head upwards. "Go on baby, show me what else that pretty mouth can do..." Tae hesitated, sticking his tongue out just a little to taste the precum, the tangy salt of it
making his head swim and he made a noise of impatience, finger tightening on his hair. "I like my sluts eager and desperate, baby. Show me how much you want this, or I'm just going to assume you don't want it enough..." he warned, eyes narrowed.
Taehyung squirmed closer, opening his mouth wider to take him in fully, glancing up and somehoe the impassive, unimpressed look on Jungkook's face made him flush in embarassment. Determined to have him shaking, Taehyung pressed his tongue flat against the length sucking on the
head gently, all while bobbing his head over him, Jungkook merely groaned a little. Tae wasn't used to having his hands back, and the position itself threw him off balance, made it harder to take all of him in, or use his tongue the way he wanted to.
"Tap my thigh if you want me to stop." Jungkook said softly and Tae looked up surprised. He nodded weakly and Jungkook tightened the grip on his hair using it as leverage to thrust into his mouth. Rough and fast.
Taehyung gagged for a second, but realized quickly what Jungkook wanted. He wanted to fuck his mouth. No one had ever done that before but it was a favorite fantasy of his. He had read all about it, even tried it with one of his toys but this was different. Jungkook
was big, bigger than any toy he had ever used and Tae didn't get to control the pace. Jungkook did. And the younger tried to remember all the stuff that he had read, breath in and relaxing his throat, letting his jaw fall open and breathing through his nose . But it was hard.
A lot harder than he'd thought it would be. So much harder, fuck. Jungkook wasn't gentle. He kept his grip on Taehyung's hair, firm , The thrust of his cock steady and forceful , each drag of it across his tongue making arousal pool inside him as he kept his tongue flat,
trying to lick at the length as he pulled out and pushed back in. It was messy, precum and spitdripping all over his chin and Taehyung felt filthy. So much filthier that he had ever felt in his life. His eyes teared up when the grip on his hair tightened,
the sting spreading all over his scalp and down his neck and setting his skin on fire. Taehyung coughed when Jungkook pulled all the way out, staring down at him with something that looked horribly like amusement.
Jungkook tapped his lips with the head of his cock, shaking his head. "So much for being my wore baby, I really don't think you have the fucking credentials for it, " He whispered," choking on my cock after two fucking minutes, fucking pathetic."
"I.." Tae began but Jungkook was already gripping his hair again, tugging him to his feet. "Well, not that we know you're absolutely useless on your knees , let's see if you're any better on your back." He muttered, pushing him in the direction of the bedroom." Move kitten."
"Why do you like being hurt, baby?" Jungkook whispered, palms cupping his face as Tae kneeled in the middle of the bed and Taehyung shook his head, too out of it to explain. Jungkook sat on his heels, in front of him, shirtless but with his slacks still on, and Taehyung
reached out, gripping Jungkook's knees, the soft fabric against his palm making him tremble. He was desperate for more, wanted to feel that way all over. Nothing felt as good as a little pain sometimes, and he had never gotten it the way he wanted. Even the wildest
men he'd been with had balked at the idea of it. Didn't know how to wield the control he was so willing to hand over. But Jungkook. Jungkook knew. Jungkook took the control Taehyung gave him and made him feel heaven in return. And he wanted more.
"Please, " he begged, curling his fingers on Jungkook's muscled thighs, fingers digging in deeper and Jungkook sighed, reaching up to brush his hair off his face. "Okay kitten. I'll give you what you want but we're going to talk about this later. I want to know you. Completely."
"Later..." Tae said shakily, " Please... I need you so bad... " "Alright... sweetheart , you know your colors right?" Taehyung nodded. "Words, angel." "Red to stop, green if I'm okay..." he snapped, impatient. Did they have to do this everytime? He was tired...
"Getting impatient already?" He asked curiously and the air shifted around them. making Tae's pulse rise. It was odd, how instead of getting excited, he relaxed, went lax both inside his head and in his limbs because this was it. This was what he wanted.
This was it. Jungkook was it. The fingers in his hair tightened and first sting of pain in his scalp felt like pure ecstasy, it radiated all over his body, sharp , stinging and fiery and hot. And Taehyung smiled, grinning almost up at him, eyes still a little wet
from tears, and when their eyes met, Taehyung just knew. The look on Jungkook's face mirrored his own, and Tae realized, the dull throb of his own pulse almost deafening inside his head, that this was why Jungkook was so good at this. Because he wanted it as much as Tae did.
"you like this..." He breathed out, " You like the idea of hurting me." His voice came out a bit awed, happy almost. Taehyung wanted to laugh, because it wasn't something to be happy about, it really wasn't. Jungkook smiled, free hand coming up to wrap lightly around his throat.
He shook his head. "Not really..." He whispered. " I like the idea of breaking you down. Breaking you down and then building you back up into the perfect little whore you're meant to me. Teach you to be my perfect little fucktoy. Made for my pleasure only." He leaned in,
"i don't like hurting you, kitten. But I love that you trust me enough to let me ." He kissed the corner of his lips, squeezing his throat just a little, " I get off, purely on your willingness, to let me destroy you."
Taehyung let his eyes flutter shut, breathing deep and letting his teeth tug on his lip. Tonight, he was tired. Too tired to put up a fight. Too tired to pretend he didn't.
"Please, sir..." He whispered, the words falling out on their own and Jungkook inhaled sharply, the little honorific clearly affecting him in this context.
"Please what, kitten?" He breathed against his lips, and Taehyung trembled when he felt the wet touch of his tongue, licking lightly across his lip.
"Teach me." Taehyung said quietly, blinking up at him with wet and languid eyes. " Show me how to please you, sir."
Jungkook moved so quickly , he gasped. Jungkook dragged him straight off the bed, fingers gripping his hair hard, and it was surreal, how good it felt to be pulled like that, the pressure on his scalp the only real thing in a room that was fast fading out of focus.
It was excruciatingly good, the burning in his scalp making him moan as he landed on the floor, too disoriented to break his fall right, elbows and knees stinging from the impact. He tried to get back up, instinctively, but Jungkook yanked harder, and it hurt.
The pain felt strong and pervasive and he stopped fighting it, breathing through it instead and Jungkook leaned in, "Don't move . I get to decide what to do with you. All you need to do is let me, yes kitten?" Tae moaned, nodding shakily.
"Whores stay on their knees." Jungkook whispered, tugging him up, and Tae moved, kneeling in front of him and he hummed in approval. staring down at him and Tae could feel his mouth water just because he was right there. the obscene tent on his pants within mouthing distance.
And he just had to lean in, lean in and nuzzle into the hardness, eyes shut and lips parted. Jungkook grunted, tugging him away. "What did I just say?" he snarled, " you little whore?" Taehyung whimpered. "Sorry...sir..."
"No," Jungkook snapped, yanking him back and it was so painful that Tae could feel the skin going numb, pain stopping to register as pain, endorphins rushing into his bloodstream and telling his brain that it was pleasure instead. "Don't be fucking greedy, slut." he growled.
Taehyung flinched at the anger and Jungkook tugged him closer. "Do you think i fuck every slut that begs for my cock?" he demanded. The fingers tightened, tilting his head back so he could stare right into his eyes. Jungkook was breathtaking like this,
perfect jawline taut with tension, sweat dotting his hairline and plush red lips slicked with spit and he wanted him more than he had wanted anything in the world, wanted to be good for him, wanted him to look at him like this for the rest of their lives.
"Answer me." Jungkook demanded and Taehyung swallowed. "No, No Sir. "
"That's right. I don't. You want my cock, its going to take more than just some pathetic begging. Like I said, you have to earn it. Show me that you deserve it, that you can take everything I give you and then , maybe, I'll fuck you." he smiled.
Jungkook let go of his hair, and Taehyung felt bereft, the loss of his touch making him feel empty and desperate, body leaning in for more. "I can..." He breathed out, " I can take it... He whispered quickly and Jungkook smiled. Taehyung watched as Jungkook stood up,
moving to the corner and grabbing the chair there, before placing it right down before him. HE sat down, spreading his thighs before prompting him to get closer. "We'll see if you can..." he said softly. " Keep your hands behind your back. Unzip my pants for me."
Taehyung didn't think, reaching out with his hands, but Jungkook's hand shot out, gripping his wrist hard, squeezing so hard that Taehyung whimpered. "Did I say I could use your hands? " He whispered. "I..." "Can you not follow a simple instruction, Taehyung?" he growled.
Warning : I wasn't originally planning on it being this detailed but here we are, so there's restraints and rough sex 🥲🥲
Jungkook dropped his wrist, gripping his jaw instead and squeezing hard. Taehyung stared at him, wincing but he could feel a protest build up inside him. Jungkook was so mean. "I just forgot...can you lighten up?" He pouted and Jungkook tilted his head. "You forgot?"
Jungkook gripped his jaw a little harder, tilting his face to the side, " then perhaps you need a little reminder." The sting of the slap against his cheek almost made him lose his footing. The grip on his jaw the only thing keeping him up and Tae whimpered, face on fire.
"you feel that baby?"Jungkook whispered, leaning in and pressing soft kisses against the abused skin, and Tae sobbed a little, when the wet warmth of his tongue traced a patter over the stinging flesh," that's gonna hurt like a bitch.And as long as it does, you wont forget, yes?"
Tae nodded, chastised. Jungkook's thumb dug into his lips at that, rough and bruising and he whined. Words, he thought desperately. Jungkook always got so upset when he didn't use his words. "Yes Jungkook..." He choked out and the older man growled at that,
Taehyung felt the his face sting again, this time a little harder, just a little sharper too and it was somehow more heat than pain, and made hi skin tingle all over, made the tiny hair on the back of his neck, stand on end and he moaned, felt his cock start to drip precum, wet.
"Yes, what?"Jungkook demanded, slipping two fingers into his mouth while his thumb dug into the underside of his chin,pain radiating up his jaw and into his skull, and he felt like he was floating away, out of his own body. "Yes sir," he chocked on the thick fingers in his mouth.
Jungkook laughed, reaching down and gently swiping at the tears. “Crying already baby?? Thought you were gonna fucking take it… ? I haven’t even started and you’re already crying like a little bitch…. and here I was,  thinking I was being gentle….”
It wasn’t true of course, he wasn’t gentle but the words made his head spin, made Taehyung want to do better and he sniffled, glaring up at him with vengeance. “I can take it.” he gritted out furious and Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“I’ll believe that when you prove it , my little slut. Now use that smart mouth of yours and unzip my jeans.”Taehyung shuffled forward at once, leaning down and tugging down his zipper easily. He almost went cross eyed when his cock jerked out, so hard and thick and long.
Taehyung moved to chase the taste with his tongue but Jungkook yanked him back. “Wait.” He snapped and tae whimpered impatient and Jungkook laughed, pulling him back till he was staring up at him, neck craning at an uncomfortable angle.
“Kitten, you should know that I’ve seen more than my fair share of cock hungry whores and there’s nothing that makes me lose interest faster than a brat who can’t control his fucking urges.” He whispered gently and Tae felt heat flood his face, embarrassed and flushed.
"So tell me, are you going to be a good boy and take what I give you, or are you going to be a selfish little brat who only cares about himself….” He asked gently and the names….the words he used …they felt so fucking good and it confused him,
how he couldn’t think past him and his presence here , how much he didn’t want this to end, how he wanted to feel this way forever, floating away in a cloud of pleasure as he let Jungkook use him, any way he wanted….
“Are you going to fucking answer?” He demanded and Taehyung blinked, “ Or is your mouth only good for my cock?” It was supposed to be an insult, he thought feverishly. The words were meant to be an insult,
meant to humiliate and degrade but all Taehyung heard was that his mouth was good for cock and maybe , if he gave Jungkook what he wanted, he’d let him use it for what it was good for. His cock. “ Wanna be good,,,wanna make you feel good, please…”
“Open it then.” He ordered. Thank you, thank you thank you every inch of him screamed and Taehyung let his lips fall open, eager and hungry and desperate to feel him, the taste of him, and the stretch of his lips around the thick girth of his cock….
Jungkook pressed the thick cockhead against his lips and he quickly opened wider, taking it all in relaxing his jaw. "Let's see if you're better at it this time, " Jungkook muttered,
Taehyung stopped fighting, letting his throat go lax, letting his mind go blank, mouth open wide and tongue flattened down, as Jungkook fucked into hus mouth in quick thrusts. He breathed through his nose, eyes shut tight as he let myself float away completely, mind empty
except for the way his cock filled his throat, the heady taste of his precum on hus tongue, the grip on his hair and he only shivered a little when Jungkook tilted his head back, dragged him up to kneel properly as he stood up , cock still pounding into his throat
At an inhumane pace. Taehyung didn’t know how long Jungkook fucked his mouth, because time had ceased inside his head. He was floating, euphoric and completely out of it and all he could think was that this was what he wanted, that finally he was good enough.
When Jungkook pulled out, he was incoherent, eyes blown wide and breath raspy and Jungkook scooped him up easily, before laying him on the bed and climbing over me. He kissed him, hard, tongue slipping in and Taehyung couldn’t move, couldn’t think or speak .
Jungkook seemed to reach for something and a few seconds later, Taehyung felt wet fingers against his entrance, prodding carefully before slipping in. He was still loose from playing with himself, earlier and Jungkook hummed. "You're all wet and loose for me already, baby.. "
Tae was hard, painfully so, had been hard for what felt like hours now, his cockhead resting against his abs, leaking precum over his pinked skin, and when Jungkook lined himself up against his entrance, pushing into him with a single thrust, it sent him right over the edge.
Pleasure exploded inside his head and Taehyung clamped down on him, cumming so hard that he blacked out for a few seconds, his body barely registering the orgasm as an orgasm…it was so much more than that,
it was pleasure building and building and exploding inside his head, drenching him in sweat and the sheets in his arousal and Taehyung started shaking, because he couldn’t take it, couldn’t feel his limbs anymore but Jungkook wasn’t done.
“Did I say you could fucking cum, you little slut? ” Jungkook growled, and Taehyung swallowed, his mind clearing just enough for him to realize that Jungkook wasn’t just angry. He was furious.
“Pathetic little slut….” He growled, pulling out of me and landing a hard spank right on his thigh making his hips lift straight off the bed. Taehyung gasped, tears flooding out at the burn because he had just cum and he was so sensitive down there and it hurt so fucking bad…
“I’m sorry… I just… I was so turned on…” he stuttered and Jungkook scoffed. “From having a cock in your mouth? Pathetic…that’s fucking pathetic ....are you telling me, you’re so hungry for it you can’t even wait for my permission?” He growled.
I’m sorry…” “Sorry doesn’t mean shit.” He snapped, “ what is this, huh? “, he was gripping Taehyung's thighs hard and pushing them up, staring down at him, lips twisted in displeasure. "Is your hole so greedy it can’t go without getting fucked for a day?”
No, I…” “You know what happens to greedy little holes, kitten? They get spanked.” He growled. Jungkook brought his hand down, right against his swollen entrance and the pain shot straight up Taehyung's spine, a scream getting torn out of him before he could swallow it.
Instinct made him shut his legs together, thighs trying to press together to shield himself but Jungkook glared, gripping the back of his thighs and pushing his legs back till his knees hit his shoulder blades .
Taehyung choked on air because he was hardly fit enough to bend like that.“ I’d ask you to hold your legs up but if there’s one thing tonight has taught me, it’s that you cannot fucking listen to a simple instruction….” He snarled before reaching for something.
Tae watched as he reached for a pair of floral printed ties, tugging them out and holding them up for him to see. "To think you were walking around in these, looking like a dainty little princess, " He scoffed, " You almost had me fooled, kitten. But now I know what you are."
"You don't want to be coddled and kissed and spoiled, " He whispered, " You want to be bruised and ruined. " He grinned. " Wrists up against the headboard, sweetheart. "
Taehyung raised tired hands up , flinching when his fingers landed hard on the rung of the head board. Jungkook wrapped the tie around the metal, and then around his wrists and Taehyung tried tugging it out but it was impossible.
Color…” Jungkook said sharply, breath loud and he swallowed. “Green…” he whispered and Jungkook grinned, grabbing both his wrist before tying them up together. Taehyung let his head fall back, panting
“You wanted to cum without permission baby? Now you’ll cum as many times as I make you.” He whispered, hand moving down to grip his thighs, before slipping lower. He used one hand to hold his leg open before bringing the other down on his inner thigh, making him whimper.
Taehyung couldn’t move away, couldn’t do anything but lay there and take it , sobs wracking his body and tears spilling over his cheeks and soaking the pillow covers. Jungkook hummed, running his fingers up and down his thighs for a second before moving up to
slip his thumb into his mouth...collecting the drool there, smearing it all over his face. “So messy.” He shook his head, “ So fucking messy …. Look at you spilling all that onto the sheets. What a waste. It should have been on my cock…” he slapped him again, soft and fond.
Taehyung took deep breaths, panting up at Jungkook with his pupils blown wide, face streaked with tears and lips parted. Jungkook reached for his waist, curving his hands around his waist, his palms nearly spanning the entire curve of it. "Well, look at that. It does fit."
Taehyung bit his lips, staring up at him beseechingly and Jungkook's gaze softened as he leaned over him, "What is it, angel? You alright?" He asked quietly. Taehyung hesitated before nodding. "Want you to mark me up." He whispered, " Make it last."
Jungkook hesitated, before lightly gripping his jaw, thumb squeezing in. "“Fingers on your throat when you stand in front of the mirror tomorrow?” He asked softly and pressed in hard. Taehyung gasped , breath cutting off
and he felt Jungkook's fingers sliding into him at the same time. It was heady, the feeling of air getting pushed out of his lung and the feeling of his fingers driving into him, pain and pleasure making his head swim.
"I want to mark you up too, kitten, you know why?” He leaned in , over his body, bare chest pressing into Taehyung's own and the rough abrasive material of his jean brushing against his cock, “ because you look so pretty, all tied up like this and it makes me want to ruin you.”
Jungkook pressed a kiss to the skin just below his ear, teeth sinking in deep and Taehyung whimpered at the sharp pain, the gentle lick of his tongue right after as he marked the skin up.
“Your pretty neck, wearing my fingerprints, your thighs wearing my bite…” He kissed his way down to his chest, “ can’t bruise these beautiful perky buds but I can make them hurt..” He bit down on one nipple , just shy of excruciating but painful enough to make him ache
and swell in the best way. “ Get them sore and aching , so much so that you won’t be able to wear any of those flimsy , silky shirts of yours without flinching every time the fabric touches you…. Reminding you of how good the pain felt…”
He mouthed at the nipple some more and all Taehyung could do was feel the way his teeth tugged on the sensitive skin, worrying it over and over till it began to throb and ache and he was pretty sure that Jungkook did bruise them, because they hurt.
He whimpered, trying to breath deep, brace himself for the pain and Jungkook sighed, wrapping his hand around his cock, finally, stroking gently and with great care, making him whine from overstimulation.
He pressed a palm at the base of Taehyung's stomach, holding him down as he carefully slipped three fingers into him, turning his hand around palm up. Taehyung swallowed when Jungkook stared down at him.
“I keep think of when you stepped out of my shower, looking like something ethereal“ He said softly , " Did you enjoy that, Taehyung..watching me lose my mind a bit..." “I… not really..” Jungkook smirked .
" Liar…drove me crazy and then went about your day like nothing happened….” He frowned, shaking his head before slapping him hard, this time on the curve of his ass and Taehyung clenched down on his fingers. Jungkook curled the digits inside him , smirking a bit more.
“I remember it so well because I lost an important contract to my competition…the board of directors chewed me out , and I had to stand there embarrassed and with no excuse to give because how could I tell them that the reason
I screwed up was because I couldn’t fucking concentrate.” He hissed. “ because I was too busy thinking about how good you looked, wet and flushed and how badly I wanted to fuck you against the wall."
His entire body went stiff, mind grinding to a halt. “Gonna cum for me now, angel?” He whispered, smiling wide. “Jungkook…” he breathed, still disoriented and just a little terrified. He had never cum multiple times, not so close together.
“Don't want to? Well thats surprising.. You were so desperate just a few minutes ago...” He sat up straighter, on his heels, palm pressing down on Taehyung's lower belly and the younger gasped when he began fucking his fingers into him,
three of them ramming straight in and Taehyung swallowed, stunned at how good it felt. Jungkook kept his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking gently as he rammed the digits in over and over again, without losing pace ,
middle finger curling right over his prostate with every inward push and Taehyung felt him pressing in gently against his belly in tandem. He could feel the orgasm building, from straight inside his core and with it a completely unfamiliar pressure in his belly ,
like he was about to explode and he couldn’t quite breath, pleasure warring with panic as the pressure kept building and building at building.
“That’s it baby, cum for me…. I can feel it, you’re so close and it going to feel so fucking good…” Jungkook whispered, fingers ramming in faster and faster and Taehyung closed his eyes, fighting the urge to let go because of how intense it felt, how utterly terrifying.
“ Just let go baby, “ Jungkook grunted and when their eyes met, it was the sheer overpowering lust on his face that did it for him the way his lips parted, eyes trained on him with fierce hunger and when it happened, Taehyung couldn’t stop it even if he tried.
“ Fuck… yes…” Jungkook growled , just as Taehyung came and the younger stared in part horror and part disbelief as his orgasm washed over him, so strong but completely dry, his poor throbbing cock dribbling just a few pitiful spurts of watery cum,
spilling over Jungkook's rough hand. It wasn’t an orgasm as much as it was sheer, debilitating release, his entire body going lax . Like he had been high-strung and tied up all his life and finally, finally the knot inside himhad come undone.
Taehyung stared up at the ceiling, eyes burning and body completely drained, staring at the blank wall in disbelief when Jungkook pulled back , kicking off the rest of his clothes and draping himself over him.
Tae whimpered when Jungkook slid right into him and he was so sensitive, his walls so abused from his fingers that he mewled from the soreness of the stretch.
“Come on baby, daddy deserves to feel good too, doesn’t he?” He grunted, “ Gave my kitten everything he fucking asked for I deserve to fuck this sweet little hole and fill it up with my cum don’t i? marked your body with my bruises, let me mark your insides with my cum, yeah? ”
And apparently, Jungkook's filthy mouth was a turn on too, because every drag of his cock inside him made the pleasure thrum to life again, slow and steady and he sobbed in disbelief, because there was no way he could cum again, not without passing out.
“Look at you clenching down on me, want to cum again baby…. Do it…come on, let me help…” He rammed his hips into Taehyung's, setting a brutal pace, one hand reaching out to grip his hair, the other dropping down to thumb at the head of his cock.
And the assault on his senses was unbearable, his stomach clenching in agony, thighs shaking and fingers trembling as his body went against every instinct and swelled again, chasing an orgasm that would be more pain than pleasure when it hit.
“My pretty baby…. Look at you begging for it…the way your hole is swallowing me up, such a beautiful slut…. How did you even live without cock all these years huh? Or were you getting fucked everyday? Spreading your thighs for everyone like the slut you are?”
Taehyung whimpered , shaking his head. “No… No , i-“ “No, you’re not a slut?” a sharp smack right in the back of his thigh, the skin burning. “I.. I am but-“ “You are but not for anyone else….is that what you’re saying…” Thumb rubbing circles on his cock more insistent now.
“Yes… only for you…” he whispered, not even thinking the words through and Jungkook groaned, fingers tightening on his hair for a second. “Is that so baby…a whore just for me?” “Yes…for you..” “And who am I?” “Jungkook…” he whispered but the older man shook his head.
“No baby… I didn’t ask for my name.. I asked who I am…” Tae stared at him and felt his face flame as he realized what he wanted him to say. “Daddy…” he whispered and Jungkook grinned wide, satisfaction writ large on his features…
“That's right, and you're my whore say it right princess..” He whispered. “Your whore.. I’m Daddy's whore….” he breathed out, eyes fluttering shut as the dirty words got engraved inside his skull.
“That’s right…. Daddy's dirty slutty whore…” Jungkook pressed down on hin as he came, the hot spurt of his cum tipping Taehyung over the edge as he clenched down on him, sore and throbbing and rubbed raw.
Jungkook collapsed on him, barely managing to stick his elbows down to keep himself from squashing him. Taehyung trembled, the high starting to fade and pain beginning to register but before he could whimper out his protest
Jungkook was up, tugging on the ties, pulling his wrists free, fingers gently soothing the bruised flesh as he drew him , and Taehyung felt a sob build up from the base of his gut.
He couldn’t stop the tears, sobbing out loud and Jungkook drew him closer, letting him cry into his chest as he hugged him close, rubbing gently over his back. Taehyung had no idea why he was crying, but for the life of him he couldn’t stop but Jungkook stayed still
letting him cry , mumbling soothing words of comfort, telling him how good he had been , how good he’d made him feel, how pretty he had been. How precious he was…
The words ought not to have meant a damn thing but Taehyung couldn’t help but grab at them greedily, tucking them away into his memory because who knew how many more of them he would get and he felt Jungkook press kisses all over his head,
on his hair as he threaded his fingers through the damp strands, soothing the sting from when he’d gripped it and he wanted to stay like this forever ….although just the sopping wet sheets were a good enough reason to get up soon.
“Thank you… I ….thank you…” he breathed out when his pulse finally leveled out and the hazy fog of pleasure in his head began to clear. “You don’t ever have to thank me baby..” Jungkook whispered, “ We’re in this together.”
Taehyung nodded sniffling and Jungkook kissed his forehead again. "Will you be okay if I leave to get you some water? " He asked carefully and Taehyung panicked, clinging to him.
"No! " He gasped… " Please don't leave me. " "Okay." Jungkook said softly. " Okay,. I'm right here. " Tae buried his face into Jungkook's chest, wrapping his arms around his waist, trembling as Jungkook held him. He closed his eyes and breathed. In and out. In and out.
"Good night, Tae, " Jungkook said softly and Taehyung relaxed into his embrace. "Good night, Mr. Jeon. " He said shyly, burrowing closer into Jungkook's warm skin. Tomorrow, they could talk. For now, he would sleep . ❄🌷❄🌷❄
( authors note : I am actually, clinically dead. Never again.) I have a kofi goal for my daughter 💜💜 any help is appreciated…
I may write a tiny epilogue 👀
❄🌷❄🌷Epilogue ❄🌷❄🌷
The sound of faint jazz music and muted laughs and conversation filled the private room in the club, along with the din of clinking glasses and soft soled shoes on expensive carpeting.
Taehyung was two drinks down, pleasantly buzzed. Thats why he didn't protest when Jungkook pulled him onto his lap, a possesive arm thrown around his waist.
Instead he settled on the older man's muscular thighs, leaning back against his wide chest, eyes fluttering shut and a low moan slipping out from his ruby red lips, when Jungkook's hand slipped up the front of his shirt. Jimin cleared his throat. "Public indecency is illegal."
"Just because your dating a child, doesn't mean you have to act like one. " Jungkook chuckled lightly while taehyung frowned. "A child, seriously? " He tolled his eyes, " I'm twenty one. " Jimin grinned. "Like I said, a child. "
Taehyung pouted before throwing jungkook a complaining glance. "I don't feel welcome here. Come dance with me. " He frowned. Jungkook squeezed him tight. "Not tonight kitten. I have important stuff to discuss with Jimin . " He said quietly. Taehyung frowned.
"I'm bored. " He said shrilly. Jungkook looked surprised by his tone. "And I have important stuff to discuss with Jimin. " He reiterated. "Why did you bring me along then? " He demanded. Jungkook shook his head amused. "I did not. You followed me here. "
"I followed you because you told me you were meeting an ex boyfriend." Taehyung scoffed. Jimin tilted his head, laughing a little. "A healthy relationship based entirely on , unnecessary lies, extreme distrust and excessive possessiveness. We love to see it. "
Jungkook rolled his eyes before lightly pinching Taehyung's side. " To be fair, " He whispered, " I wasn't lying. " Taehyung choked and Jimin turned red.
"Wait... You two... Dated? " He stared in horror. " How... How on earth did that go? " Jimin grinned. "I realized that his nine inch dick isn't worth the seven hundred pound headache that he brings. " "And he turned me off men to the point that I married my ex wife."
Jimin laughed. "Don't pin that on me. I told you she was a ghoul from day one. " Tae watched the two friends laugh and tease each other, quickly getting bored. He pushed Jungkook's arm off and stood up. "I'm going to go dance. Call me when you're interesting again."
He didn't wait for Jungkook to respond, sailing off into the crowd. Jungkook watched him leave, a fond look on his face. Jimin smiled at him, watching carefully. "You care about him. A lot. " He said carefully. Jungkook turned to look at him. "Is that so surprising? "
" No. But you are admitting to it and that is definitely surprising. Character development. " He clapped, approving. Jungkook rolled his eyes. "He's the best thing to happen to me. " He said softly. " Going home to him everyday is just.. It makes the entire day worth it."
He sighed. "But? " "But what? " "But something's bothering you. " He said quietly. " You're sighing. Like a despondent lover in a Jane Austen novel. What's wrong? "
Jungkook frowned. "Your metaphors are horrendous." Jimin raised his brows. Jungkook sighed. "Fine. " He leaned in, " I found an email draft on my desktop. It's a letter of him refusing an internship in Italy. He's the only one who got it. " Jimin blinked. "Oh."
"Yes. Oh. " Jungkook sighed again. " I can't be the one holding him back. " "Did you talk to him about it? " "I did. " "And? " "He wants the internship. But he doesn't want to leave me. Refuses to, in fact. " "That's tough. " "Very. I can't say no to him. "
Jimin hummed. "I had a feeling this would happen you know. " He said quietly. " You're already well established, career, child.... He's barely an adult. It's hard to be on the same path together. " Jungkook nodded. "How long is this internship. " "2 years. " "Fuck."
Jungkook glanced up at him, looking worried. "What? You think that's too long? " He hesitated. " I was hoping we could make it work. I could fly down to him every month and.. " "He's very attached to you. " Jimin said quietly. " Long distance relationships are hard. "
Jungkook groaned a bit. "Thank you for that. " He said gruffly. Jimin rolled his eyes. "I'll always be honest with you Jungkook. " He said firmly. " You know that. " Jungkook nodded. "I know hyung. " He shook his head. " I just.. I don't know how to tell him. "
"That you want to try Or that you want to end things? "
Jungkook bit his lips at that, shaking his head. "I'm not.. I'm not sure. "
Jimin whistled. "Damn. That is... " He shook his head. " That's pretty rough. " "What is? " Taehyung's voice came from behind them and both of them turned. Taehyung had returned with someone, about the same age as him. He was shorter, slender wearing a pastel sweater.
Jimin sat up straighter, eyes narrowing with interest. "I was just telling Jimin about your internship. " Jungkook said casually. " Right Jimin? " "Hi." Jimin stood up, ignoring Taehyung and reaching for his friend. " Park Jimin, CEO of the Park Group. I own this club. "
Taehyung's friend frowned a little, sooty black eyes half lidded and lips pursing. "Min Yoongi, Student and not interested. "
Jimins eyes seem to light up at that. "Oh, darling, that's a challenge I absolutely cannot back away from. " He murmured, before standing up and stretching, " Come on, let's give these two some privacy. I'll show you around the club. "
Jungkook frowned. "Jimin.... A little help? " He muttered and Jimin rolled his eyes. "Oh, right. " He turned to Taehyung. " Jungkook here thinks he's holding you back from achieving your true potential and wants to be a noble idiot and break up with you. "
Jungkook squawked a little at that and Taehyung stared at him, wide eyed. "What? " He shook his head in disbelief. " Are you serious? " Jungkook sighed, watching as Jimin wrapped an arm around Yoongi, only to take an elbow straight to the ribs. The older man grunted in pain.
"Don't do that. " Jungkook said softly, smiling at Yoongi. " He gets off on that. " Yoongi gave Jimin a disgusted look before sauntering away. Jimin stared at his ass with his lips parted. "Taehyung , tell me he's single. " He muttered. "Yes, but he's 21. A child. "
Jimin grinned before kissing his cheek and bolting after Yoongi. Taehyung took the chair he had just vacated and leaned forward, glaring daggers at Jungkook. "What is this nonsense I hear about you dumping me? " He demanded. "Well, I just think having a boyfriend may not be
The right thing for you at this point in your life. "Jungkook said carefully. "You're in a very crucial stage in your career Tae and I don't want to be the reason you miss out on any opportunity. Especially when I know how hard you've worked for this and how much you deserve it."
Taehyung stared at him in disbelief. "Are you serious right now? How do you get to decide what O should do with my life Jungkook? If I decide I don't want to take that internship, you have no right to tell me that I'm making a mistake... It's my life.. I can do whatever I want.
Jungkook sighed, rubbing his temple with his fingers. He waved the waiter over. "We'll have the dessert.. " Taehyung stared at him in disbelief. "Are you fucking serious? " He demanded, voice high and keening. " Jungkook just because I let you boss me around in bed,
Doesn't mean you have full control on my life choices alright? I don't care if this internship is the best thing that could ever happen to me, I don't have any intention of going to Italy , and it's frankly insulting that you think I can't take these decisions for myself,
Just because I'm not as old as-" The waiter arrived placing the dessert platter right in front of Taehyung. The younger stopped talking, eyes landing on the small velvet box on the plate and his mouth going slack. "That ought to shut you up. " Jungkook muttered.
Taehyung stared at the box and then at Jungkook and then back at the box. "This.. " He swallowed. " This better not be a joke or I swear to God, I will pee on everything that you love. " He said shakily and Jungkook laughed out loud at that. "Is that a new kink, or-?"
Before Tae could reply, Jungkook carefully took the box, tugging on the sat in ribbon wrapped around it, before gently opening it. Tae watched as Jungkook got down on one knee in front of him. He giggled. "What? " Jungkook smiled. "Nice to see you on your knees for once."
Jungkook rolled his eyes before reaching for his hand, "Taehyung, you are easily the best thing to ever happen to me, since the day I became a father. I've never known love like this, all encompassing and just exhilarating in every fucking way. " He breathed deep.
"You make me feel like my life has just begun. Like there's a lifetime of happiness just waiting for me. And I cannot imagine living that life without you by my side. " He bit his lips. " I want you to take that internship but I want to be there with you. An Italian wedding? "
Taehyung tugged his hand back, eyes wide. "What? " He gasped. " Your job... " "I worked my ass off for a decade Taehyung. I have enough competent people here to run the company even in my absence. Besides, I have a private jet if something important comes up. " He shrugged.
"And Ji? " Tae bit his lips, " What about her... I can't.. " "She's the one who helped me pick out the ring. " Jungkook grinned.
Tarhyung stared down at the beautiful rose gold ring with a small diamond in the center. It was beautiful and delicate. "Is that a-" "A tiger lily yes. " Jungkook smiled. " Because Tae Tae is a tiger cub as far as shes concerned. " He chuckled. "And it's your birth flower."
Jungkook smiled and carefully took the ring out, holding it up to his finger. "The best of both worlds " He grinned, starting to slip the ring on, but Taehyung, jumped back again. "Wait!! "
Jungkook groaned. "What now? " He mumbled. "I didn't say yes yet!! " Jungkook blinked at him. "Well, say it then. " He rolled his eyes. "How can I? " He snapped. " You didn't ask me the question yet! "
Jungkook stared at him in disbelief before straightening up, and moving to sit on the chair. "Wait! " Taehyung cried out, " Don't take it back! Yes, yes, I'll marry you.. Give me the ring, damn you!! "
Jungkook held the ring out, groaning a little as he reached for the younger's hand, but Tae whined. "Aren't you getting down on your knees? " He complained. "Some of us aren't twenty one, Taehyung, I was kneeling for five whole minutes. My fucking back hurts okay? "
Jimin blinked weary eyes open, groaning a bit as he stared up at the ceiling of his bed, body pleasantly sore and his spine feeling a bit like it had been realigned. He turned over, wincing, only to jump at the sight of a shirtless min Yoongi, tugging his sweater over his head.
Jimin sat up quickly, whining a little as his body hurt. "Did you lie about your age? " Yoongi asked casually, " I've been on roller coasters that creak less than you do. "
Jimin squawked. " you little brat-" "Thank you for the meal, Mr. Park. " Yoongi grinned, " Hit me up again if you're in the mood for a good dicking, yeah? " He winked before walking out of the room. Jimin stared at his ass and sighed. Maybe next time he could top.
❄🌷❄🌷❄ The end. 💜
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