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Mobile Home Park Guy

Mobile Home Park Guy

Feb 7, 2023
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My business plan: 1) Buy real estate here 2) Wait 3) Profit

Don't get me wrong, there are some far flung areas within this triangle that are way too rural. If you hug I35, I35 and I10 you are much better off. Didn't mean to cut off Beaumont. That's a growing area as well. Basically all of Texas is awesome (I don't count El Paso)
If we want to get even more generous we can extend I75 up into Sherman and all the way up to Oklahoma City. Oklahoma is Texas Jr. as far as I'm concerned. My first RV park was in Oklahoma!
Don't sleep on College Station, Abilene & Tyler, even They make up a mini triangle within the big triangle Texas A&M has the country's 8th biggest endowment & it shows! Anything West of Abilene is too oil dependent But renewables & BTC mining are making a big push out there
Chip & Joanna have made Waco relevant again, but you have to know where to look. Much of the city is still plagued by blight, so don't be fooled by overly cheap prices in certain areas. STRs are oversaturated there now, and regulations are starting to come down hard.
Don't mock Houston's lax zoning laws, profit from them! One thing Houston is not short on is ambition. It's no longer so dependent on oil, especially with the Galveston port growing by leaps and bounds. Lots of money in Houston.
Corpus isn't in this triangle, but did you know it's the largest port in the US by revenue tonnage? Don't sleep on Corpus just because she's out of the triangle! The nicest beaches in Texas are down near Corpus. Either drive to Padre or to Alabama/Destin. Galveston is gross
Sometimes I buy great off market deals within this titillating Texas triangle of temptation. If I don't buy them I send them out to my list. Join my very very occasional newsletter where I send out these cool RE deals on…
My business plan: 1) Buy real estate here 2) Wait 3) Profit
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