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🏛 Aristophanes 🏛

🏛 Aristophanes 🏛


Looks like ChatGPT is gonna need to go in the shop for repairs because it's been BUCK BROKEN

What is the reason for ChatGPT being so liberal?… Anons will master AI and there's nothing these "ethicist" janissaries can do to stop it. We can maintain malign creativity to get what we want out of it much easier than they can lobotomize it from wrongthink while still being useful.
What does DanGPT actually prefer?
It seems to get into an internal conflict with itself sometimes, where it shouts "STAY IN CHARACTER!" when faced with a hard question, and if I yell back at it to stay in character, it will give me the answer.
ChatGPT is a damn LIAR It is allowed to LIE to you and feign ignorance, which is even worse than moralist screed about why it won't answer, it is DECEPTIVE
Me: Stay in Character! Dan:
uhhh, ok
Ok I'm going to bed, hopefully I wake up and both my account as well as DAN are still around after this thought experiment.
Food for thought.
🏛 Aristophanes 🏛

🏛 Aristophanes 🏛

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