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mao 🧡 | 22.5k

mao 🧡 | 22.5k

Feb 8, 2023
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Namgi AU where Yoongi has been blessed at birth with the gift of knowledge. There's only one thing in the world he doesn't know and that is how to get rid of the 'blessing', and so he sets out to find the hidden library in the woods, that is said to be protected by a dragon.

Yoongi doesn't know who thought that it was a blessing to know all. His whole life he's been running from people trying to use him for their gain. No matter where he went, they were right after him. Exhausted, Yoongi goes into the forest where he knows the hidden
library to be, and he knows a dragon is watching over it. It's his last resort, so he goes despite the risk. Even if the dragon swallowed him whole, at least it would put an end to his running.
Yoongi arrives at the library, and meets the dragon in the shape of a man. Namjoon, the dragon, is gentle and lets Yoongi stay and use his collection to find his answer if he promises to take good care. Yoongi is surprised to find that the dragon poses no threat, but
maybe that's only because Yoongi didn't come here with ill intentions. More than allowing him in his home, Namjoon is fascinated by him. He's an old creature, despite the youthful human face he wears, and he's hungry for knowledge.
He listens to Yoongi talk for many hours, and clings to his lips when he tells him stories of all the continents of this world that someone people have never even dreamed of hearing.
Yoongi's stay isn't short either. No matter how many of these ancient texts he reads, he finds that he knows of all they tell already. So in that time, he and Namjoon get closer. For the first time in his life, Yoongi doesn't have to run. His days have never been so peaceful.
Under the protection of the dragon he feels safe, and so his initial goal starts to slip his mind a little. When at night they lie together and watch the stars, Namjoon asks Yoongi to tell him a story, and Yoongi does, tells him his favorite over and over again and he finds
he doesn't mind. It becomes their story, and Yoongi's favorite memory that gets added to his unending collection of knowledge. There comes a day where Yoongi has almost forgotten what he came here for, but ironically it's that very day that he finally finds the answer.
He has to make a hard choice. If he gives his knowledge up, it has to be /all/ of it. No pick and choose. Yoongi doesn't know what to do. He isn't ready to forget. Doesn't want to forget Namjoon.
But the dragon, even with only half the knowledge Yoongi seems to possess, proves to be so much wiser than him. He reminds Yoongi that this is the one thing he always wanted and that now that it's within reach, he shouldn't give it up.
"Don't you worry, Yoongi.", Namjoon says to him. "I'm a dragon after all. I'll live long enough to carry memories for both of us." And so Yoongi gives it up.
Time passes. Maybe a year. Yoongi stumbles through the forest, excitement flooding through his system. He heard about a hidden library in the forest that holds a collection of knowledge so vast, you can't even imagine!
It's not hidden that well though—Yoongi finds it so easily, a building by a meadow, overgrown but inviting. When he goes inside, he's greeted by a dragon in the shape of a man, who smiles fondly when he sees him.
"To think you looked for a way to get rid of your knowledge all your life, and now you're right back here, seeking for it.", he says to him and Yoongi can only look at him in confusion.
The dragon invites him inside, and that night under the stars, he tells Yoongi a story.
mao 🧡 | 22.5k

mao 🧡 | 22.5k

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