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In a society ruled by alphas, omegas are expected to be quiet and submissive, homemakers and child-rearing. Omega Taehyung is none of that and he hates alphas. That's why he takes fake pheromones, pretends to be one. He doesn't expect to meet his fated alpha though.

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OᑎE ᥫ᭡ It's exhausting. It's exhausting to pretend to be an alpha. Taehyung tries to walk and talk like one. He tries to look intimidating and confident, tries to act as a born alpha. It's not easy. #taekookau
Taehyung thinks that he is doing good pretending to be one though. The only thing he can't hide is his body, his curves. And he has delicate features- too delicate for an alpha. But Taehyung tries to will his expression to look more tough and strong.
Taehyung sighs. He has worked in the office until late at night and is walking back home. It's already dark. He takes a short cut and walks the dark alleys and side road. Normally, he would be scared- but since he's using fake pheromones, other alphas are leaving him alone.
Taehyung is an omega after all. He isn't very strong. If some alpha would attack him, he wouldn't have a chance against it. But until now his plan works. And that's all that counts. He turns into another road when he hears a woman's whimper.
Taehyung stops walking and turns his head to his left. He notices two alpha cornering a female omega against a hedge. Taehyung curses. He should just walk away and mind his own business. The alphas in this area are cruel and violent. But Taehyung can't ignore the woman's whimper.
Taehyung approaches them, but before he can say something, two cops appear from the other side. Two alpha cops. "Hey, what are you doing? Are you harassing the woman?" The blonde officer asks and gets inbetween them. Taehyung wants to leave, but a woodsy scent hits his nose.
The scent is so alluring and mesmerizing, it makes Taehyung stop in his tracks. His heartbeat accelerates and he bites his lower lip as not to let a whimper escape.
Taehyung's eyes fall on the other cop, who is already staring back at him. Something in his eyes makes his knees wobble and breath catch. And Taehyung knows it right away. He doesn't even need to get closer. He senses it right away that this cop is his fated alpha. "Fvck."
Taehyung had always heard stories about fated pairs who meet each other randomly. He had never believed in those fairytales. He has never thought it would happen to him some day because he hates alphas to the core, and he doesn't want a mate. Not in this life.
The cop starts moving towards him. His eyes are not leaving Taehyung's. He is an alpha. He must feel the connection, too. But Taehyung wears fake pheromones. He can tell that the alpha is confused. "Hey. Who are you?" "I'm Kim Taehyung. I was passing by when I heard the woman."
"You are- an alpha?" The cop asks suspiciously and runs his eyes down Taehyung's body. He is attractive- probably the same age as him, with big, round eyes and a sharp jawline. "Yes, officer." Taehyung glances at his name tag. "I am an alpha, officer Jeon Jungkook."
The cop takes a look around and fixes his eyes on Taehyung once again. There's obviously a internal struggle going on in his head. He studies Taehyung's face. "It's weird. You smell like an alpha, but everything about you screams omega."
Taehyung backs away. He starts panicking. The alpha's pheromones are too strong. They confuse him. "I need to go. If there's nothing else- I will go home now." Jungkook clears his throat. "Yes, sure. Just- you shouldn't walk these dark alleys by yourself this time of day-"
"With all due respect, officer- I am an alpha. I can take care of myself," Taehyung mumbles and averts his eyes. His inner omega urges him to submit, to get closer to his fated alpha. "Sure. Sure." Jungkook smiles. "Then have a nice evening, Taehyung."
"Thank you." Taehyung ignores what the alpha's smile is doing to his heart. He ignores his inner omega yelling at him not to go away. He is about to turn around when he notices one of the other alphas rushing towards them. "Careful. Watch behind you!" he yells.
Jungkook turns around and pulls out his gun. "Drop your knife!" he hisses at the alpha. Taehyung hides behind Jungkook's back instinctively. "I hate cops! You are all rotten and corrupt!" the alpha yells angrily. "One step closer and I will shoot."
Taehyung's heart is pounding in his chest. He is glad that the cops has came here. That angry alpha would have probably already k!lled him for trying to help the woman. "I hate you! Pig!" Taehyung can't see around Jungkook, but he hears the knife thud onto the ground.
"I got him, Kook. I will put the handcuffs on him," the older cop says after a beat of silence. "Both of you trying to harass a woman at night, hmm? How low can you get?" Taehyung lets out a sigh of relief, but he holds his breath when Jungkook turns around all of a sudden.
"Are you okay? Thank you for warning me." Taehyung is not okay. Jungkook is too close. His whole aura is mesmerizing. And though Taehyung hates every single alpha there is, it is impossible for him not to feel attracted to Jungkook. "You are welcome."
Taehyung can tell that Jungkook feels the same. His expression is easy to read. It's almost cute how confused he is. "Are you sure you are an alpha?" Taehyung nods. He clears his throat. "Why would you ask me that again? Of course, I know how I am."
Jungkook scratches the back of his head. He grimaces. "It's just- I didn't know fated alpha-alpha pairings exists." "What?" "You feel it, too, no? We are bonded-" "I need to go home now. I think you smelled something wrong. I already have a mate," Taehyung lies and runs away.
[ I hope you liked the introductory part. I will update this AU soon if my readers want to read it 🤗 ] See you..
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Taehyung has taken a shower and puts on his bathrobe when his doorbell rings. He glances at the clock. It's almost midnight. He walks towards the hallway, runs his hand through his wet hair. "Who is there?" "It's the police. Please, open the door."
Taehyung widens his eyes. He hesitates, makes sure that his fake pheromones are still active and opens the door. "Hi." Jungkook stands in front of him with a wide smile on his face. "What- what are you doing here? Did you follow me to my place? Did you find me by my scent or-"
"Relax." Jungkook chuckles and pulls out a wallet. Taehyung's wallet. "You dropped this when you ran away as if you have seen a ghost." Taehyung clears his throat and takes his wallet. "Thank you for bringing it-" "Can I come inside for a moment?"
"What?" Taehyung tightens the hold on his wallet. "Why?" "I was so nice and came here to bring you your wallet, and I wasn't done talking to you, so- it would be nice if I could come inside and you offer me a hot cup of coffee." "No!"
"No?" Jungkook archs a brow. "No. If you don't have a, a search warrant or something like that, I don't need to let you inside my apartment. I know my rights."
Jungkook shoves his foot into the doorframe. "I am not here as a cop, but as Jungkook. And I want to talk about the fact how two alphas can be fated mates. This is-" "Go away. I don't want to talk to you. I don't know you, and I don't need to let you inside my apartment!"
"Why are you running away from it? I don't want an alpha either. But we are in this together. Can we please talk about it?" Taehyung panics. He doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't want Jungkook close to his inner omega. His presence makes him weak. "No."
Jungkook sighs, his eyes roam across Taehyung's face. "Why?" "Because I don't believe in this bullshit. And, as you can see- we are both alphas. This is a mistake. So, there's no need to talk about it."
"You know that if we resist the bond, it will make us experience intense, painful ruts, right?" Jungkook shoves his hands into his pockets. "Let's try to find a way to break the bond. I want an omega, too. I want pups." "Not today. I am tired. Let's meet some other time."
"Alright. Then give me your number and let's meet soon to take care of this," Jungkook says and hands Taehyung his phone. "I can't believe my luck." Taehyung types his number into the alpha's phone and lowers his eyes. "Pull your foot away. I am going to close the door."
Jungkook shoves his phone back into his pocket and sighs. "It's a pity, really. You would be a beautiful omega." "Goodbye, Jungkook," Taehyung says and closes the door, ignores the fluttering of his heart. He leans against the wall, his eyes fall on his fake alpha pills. "Shit."
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TᗯO ᥫ᭡ Jungkook hates himself. He hates himself for thinking about Taehyung. He can't forget the alpha. He can't believe that he is his fated mate. What an irony. Such a sexy body, such a beautiful face, totally his type- and it's not an omega. Life is unfair. #taekookau
Jungkook takes a drink and walks back into the livingroom. It's Friday night and a friend of his has invited him to a big house party. He doesn't know Jimin very well, but he still came here, hoping to get distracted. His mind is going crazy. And he can't forget Taehyung's scent.
Jungkook has met a lot of alphas and no one has smelled like Taehyung. It's so different. It's a subtle, sweet scent. Very unusal for alphas. He groans and takes a bit gulp of his beer. They need to get rid of their bond as soon as possible.
The livingroom is packed. There are definitively too many people in here. Jungkook fights his way towards the stairs and stops in his tracks. His eyes fall on a guy, sitting on the stairs, emptying a bottle of beer. It's Taehyung. And he looks drunk as shit.
Jungkook moves towards him and grabs the bottle out of his hand. Taehyung looks confused for a second and raises his eyes to him. He forms an o with his mouth and points a finger at Jungkook. "Officer? I am over 18," he slurrs. "I am allowed to drink."
Jungkook scoffs. Taehyung's cheeks are flushed and he smiles up at him drunkenly. "I have never met an alpha before who gets drunk from a beer." "You don't know how many of them I already had," Taehyung mumbles with a pout and gets up, swaying dangerously.
Jungkook reaches for Taehyung's arm to steady him. "Careful or you will fall down the stairs." Taehyung yawns and wraps an arm around Jungkook's shoulder. "Officer, I don't know if it's because of you, but I feel very dizzy right now."
"Where are your friends?" "I am here by myself. Jimin is my cousin." Taehyung hics. "Why? Where are your friends?" Jungkook rolls his eyes. He can smell the alcohol on Taehyung's breath and he can also smell that subtle, sweet scent which is making him crazy.
"I think you need to lay down for a moment. Let me bring you to Jimin's room," Jungkook says and wraps his arm around Taehyung's waist, wondering how an alpha's waist can be so tiny. "Come on." "Am I arrested, officer? What did I do?" Taehyung slurrs as they walk up the stairs.
Jungkook brings Taehyung into the room. He's glad that it's not occupied by some couple, grossly making out with each other. Jungkook helps him on the bed. "Take a rest and-" He trails off when he stares at the alpha's happy expression. He has a stunning smile, sparkling eyes.
"Fvck, are you really sure you are an alpha?" Taehyung laughs and reaches out to bop Jungkook's nose. "Are you sure that you are one, officer?" There are too many confused feelings inside Jungkook. He feels the urge to capture those full lips, but how can he kiss another alpha?
"I should go now. Where's your omega?" Taehyung frowns. "Who?" "You said you already have someone. So- where's your omega?" "He is- working." Jungkook doesn't believe Taehyung. "On a Friday night?" "Yes." "Where does he work?" "In, in a stripper club."
Jungkook bursts out laughing. He sits up and shakes his head. "You are drunk as shit. And I don't believe that you have an omega. You just said it because you were scared." "I am not scared!" Taehyung says stubbornly. "You are. You are scared because you found out that another
alpha is your fated mate." Taehyung shows him his tongue and stretches with a yawn. His shirt rides up on his stomach. Jungkook glances at his soft belly and curses. "How can you be an alpha? This is so wrong!"
Taehyung tilts his head and blinks up at him. "You are very handsome." "Okay." "And your scent is very alluring. But- I hate alphas." "Then you must hate yourself, too, no?" "Why?" The door opens and some drunk alphas stumble inside. "Oh, this room is already occcupied."
Jungkook waits until the guys leave before turning his head to face Taehyung again. The latter's eyes are closed. "Are you sleeping?" "Hmm." Jungkook watches him. He stares at Taehyung's beautiful thick lashes, at the mole on his cheek. "The universe must really hate me."
"Are you even allowed to go to parties, officer?" Taehyung whispers with closes eyes. "Why not? I am not on duty." "Isn't it scary to be a cop?" Taehyung asks and flutters his eyes open. He smiles sweetly. "There are so many bad people out there."
"Yeah. And I need to protect you against them, no?" Taehyung blinks at him before closing his eyes again. Jungkook curses inwardly. What is he doing? Is he flirting with another alpha? "I will go now. Will you be alright?" "Yes. I am an alpha. I will be fine."
[ poor JK. He is confused as hell 😅 ] [ See you soon 😚 ]
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Taehyung rings the doorbell. Jungkook has texted him to come to his place, so they can talk about their bond and how to get rid of it. Taehyung is nervous, remembers that he has almost drunkenly prattled away that he's an omega at Jimin's birthday party. He needs to be careful.
No one knows that Taehyung is an omega- apart from his family. They live far away and they don't know that he's pretending to be an alpha though. His mom often calls him, asks about a potential mate, about future pups. She would be devastated if Taehyung would tell her the truth.
The door opens and Taehyung gets immediately hit by an alluring scent. Jungkook is standing in front of him, bare-chested. "Hey, come inside. I took a shower. Let me get my shirt." Taehyung enters the apartment, forces himself not to stare at Jungkook's back muscles.
Taehyung walks into the spacious livingroom. The alpha's pheromones are heavy in the air. Something is different. "I am in pre-rut. I hope it won't hurt like a b!tch because of the bond." Taehyung chokes on nothing and steps back instinctively. "You are getting into rut?"
"Yeah, why? Is this a problem for you? We are both alphas. It shouldn't affect you, right?" "Of course, not." Taehyung puts on a smile, tries not to breathe through his nose. He needs to get away from here. "But since we are fated mates- I mean, we don't know how it could-"
"Listen, Taehyung. I will never fvck an alpha- fated mate or not. And you are a very handsome alpha, but it's still a no for me. So, if you think the same, my rut shouldn't bother us. Right?" Taehyung curses inwardly. "I don't want an alpha either."
"Great. Then sit. Do you want something to drink?" Taehyung moves towards the sofa and plops down. "A water would be great," he says absentmindedly. He starts gnawing his lip. If Jungkook's pre-rut will trigger his heat, it's over for him. His fake pheromones won't cover that.
Jungkook goes into the kitchen and comes back with two bottles. "Here, you go." He hands Taehyung the water and sits next to him. Too close. Taehyung slides over to the other side of the sofa. "What are you doing?"
Taehyung opens his bottle. "I, I get irritated by other alphas ruts, so we better keep a distance." "Really now?" Jungkook stares at him in disbelief. "You don't seem like the type of alpha to get aggressive or violent."
Taehyung scoffs. "But I do." He takes a sip of the water. "You don't know me. So- what's the plan?" Jungkook chuckles and slides closer. His pheromones seem to get stronger by the second. "I thought you have a plan."
Taehyung turns his head and glares at the alpha. He tries to focus on something else than his powerful scent. "You are a cop." Jungkook laughs. "So?" "I don't know. Didn't you hear something about bonds and how to break them?" "No."
Taehyung sighs. He puts the bottle on the table. "But I talked to a colleague of mine. He's into this kind of stuff." Taehyung turns his head and looks at him expectantly. "And?" "One of us needs to fall in love with someone else. Or d!e."
Taehyung runs a hand through his hair. "That's it?" "That's the options if we resist the bond." Jungkook opens his beer and takes a big gulp. "But it shouldn't be a problem. You said you have someone. So- it's time for you to fall in love with that omega."
"There's no one." "Really?" Jungkook's voice sounds amused. "So you don't have an omega working as a stripper?" Taehyung scoffs. "I was drunk." "Yeah, but you weren't drunk the first time I told you that we are fated mates. Do you have a stripper kink by any chance?"
"What?" Taehyung hits Jungkook's arm with his fist. "No! I was drunk, talking nonsense. Stop smirking like that." Jungkook hums. He turns to face Taehyung properly, studies his face. "Do you think the universe makes mistakes sometimes, and lets one present as an alpha though-"
"Why are you starting with this again?" Taehyung fiddles with the sleeve of his sweater. "I am an alpha and-" "But you don't look like one. You try to act tough, but then I catch you being all soft and cute while drunk. And your scent. Alphas don't smell sweet, but you-"
"I think you are confused because of your pre rut." Taehyung gets up. "I told you it's not a good idea to-" He trails off with a yelp when Jungkook catches his wrist, pulls him back on the sofa- right next to him. "Why are you always trying to run away? Are you attracted to me?"
Taehyung's heart starts hammering in his chest. His inner omega is going crazy, urges him to sit on the alpha's lap and take care of him. "I am not. I just hate it when you tell me I am not an alpha. Because that's what I am. If you don't like it, it's your problem.
Jungkook sighs and let's go of Taehyung's arm. "You are right. I am sorry. It's not fair to say something like that. I, I have just never met someone like you before, so that's why I am confused." Taehyung lowers his eyes to his lap. "So- do you have someone you like?"
"No. I'm pretty busy with my job. I don't have time to date. I hoped to meet my fated mate one day and save myself the whole dating trouble." Jungkook chuckles. "That didn't work out, huh?" Taehyung raises his eyes to his face. "You are handsome. You will find someone else."
"Finding someone is easy, but we need to fall in love with them. I don't fall in love easily. What about you?" "I never wanted a mate in the first place. So, the chance for me falling in love is low." "Great," Jungkook says sarcastically. "Yeah. Looks like we're fvcked."
Jungkook leans back and hisses- a painful expression is on his face. "What is it? Are you alright?" "Fvck. I think I am getting a fever. My head is exploding." "Really?" Taehyung reaches out without thinking twice, places his hand on the alpha's forehead. "Oh. You are warm."
"And you smell so fvcking good." Taehyung lowers his arm. "I should go. I think my presence triggers your rut to come faster." "That doesn't make any sense. You are an alpha." "But we are fated mates. Maybe it works different in this case."
Jungkook reaches out and brushes the bangs out of Taehyung's eyes. "I don't know. Something is weird. My inner alpha would never react to another alpha like that." Taehyung tries not to get nervous, knows that Jungkook would be able to tell. "It's the bond." "It's you."
"I need to go." Jungkook grabs his arm and leans in. He takes a deep breath. "There it is. It's subtle, but so sweet. It's making me go crazy." "This is your rut speaking. I should really go," Taehyung says, hopes that he won't get into heat because of Jungkook's pheromones.
"Have you ever kissed another alpha?" Jungkook whispers and noses Taehyung's neck. "Because right now, I would totally give it a try." Taehyung panics and pushes Jungkook away from himself. He gets up and rushes towards the front door. He needs to go or the alpha will smell it.
"I need to go. Let's text when you will be in your right mind again. It's not a good idea for me to stay any-" Taehyung trails off when Jungkook is suddenly right behind him, cornering him against the door before he has the chance to open it. "Let me go."
Jungkook places a hand on his hip. His touch is hot, even over Taehyung's sweater. "What is your secret? Tell me. Are you wearing fake pheromones to smell like an omega? Are you into this shit? Do you like to mess with other alphas?"
Taehyung would laugh at the irony if he wouldn't been so busy to keep his inner omega under control. He turns around and presses a hand on Jungkook's chest. "You need to let me go. You are in your rut, and you can't think clearly. Do you understand that?"
Jungkook nods, but dips his head. "Then go. Now. Or you will be the first alpha I am going to bend over my table," he hisses. Taehyung resists to whimper and pulls away. He opens the door with shaking hands and leaves the apartment. "Fvck!"
[ Jungkook is soo close 🤏 to find it out 😄 ] [ See you next part ]
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There's a fair in town and Taehyung had let himself get persuaded to go there. He doesn't like the rides or the crowd, but Hobi begged him to join him tonight. And since Taehyung has been working a lot lately, he has decided to spend some quality time with his friend. #taekookau
"Okay, I know you don't like it, but we have to try the ghost house and take a ride with the feeris wheel," Hobi says excitedly, linking their arms together. "And I heard the rollercoaster is a-" "Hobi! You know that I hate those rides. You can go. I will wait."
"Tae, come on! You need to join me. You owe me." "What?" Taehyung turns his head to glance at the beta. "Why do I owe you something?" "For keeping your secret a secret. Wannabe alpha," Hobi says with a laugh. "Shut up."
Taehyung turns his head when he hears loud noises. There's a herd of drunks walking in their direction. He can see flashing lights of two police cars in front of them. Something must have happened. "See? That's why I hate fairs. I bet there was a rumble."
"Come on. It's not like this is happening every time." "I still don't like it." Taehyung scoffs when his eyes fall on a drunk alpha stumbling and almost bumping into a woman. "I mean it's late, but there are still families with their kids here. Can't they get drunk in a bar?"
"So, now you care about children?" "I did never say I don't care about them. I just don't want pups. Not in this society. Can't you see that if you are not an alpha, you count as nothing? I don't want my baby to grow up and feel worthless just because she's an omega."
Hobi chuckles. "So- you want a girl, hmm?" "What?" "Nothing." Hobi sighs dramatically and pulls Taehyung along. "Let's not talk about these things right now, Tae. Let's have fun and enjoy the night."
"Yeah, whatever." Taehyung turns his head and gasps when his eyes fell on Jungkook. The alpha is wearing his uniform. There's blood running down his forehead. "Why did you stop walking?" Taehyung ignores his friend and pulls his arm away before approaching Jungkook.
"Hey. Are you okay?" Jungkook stares at Taehyung and places a hand on his forehead. He hisses. "I am fine. I got in the middle of a fight and tried two pull two drunks away from each other. Why are you here-" Taehyung cups Jungkook's face instinctively, studies the bruise.
"Why are you not taking care of your forehead?" "That's what I am doing. I am on my way to the restroom." Jungkook puts his hands on Taehyung's hips and gently pushes him away. "You are too close." "What?" "Nothing. I need to go."
Taehyung doesn't know what makes him do it, but he starts following Jungkook to the restroom, ignores Hobi's confused eyes on him. "What are you doing?" Jungkook asks and opens the door. It stinks inside the restroom. Taehyung grimaces. "You are bleeding. Let me help you."
Jungkook turns the tap on. "I didn't get shot. I can take care of a little bruise by myself." Taehyung notices that Jungkook is distant towards him. It bothers him more than it should. He takes a paper towel and pushes the alpha aside to wet it. "Let me just wipe the blood-"
"No. Taehyung. You should just go, okay?" Taehyung stares at Jungkook through the mirror before grabbing the alpha's arm to turn him around to face him. "I didn't hit you, so why are you mad at me-" Jungkook catches Taehyung's wrist before he can touch him. "I said no."
"Why?" "Why?" Jungkook scoffs and let's go of Taehyung. "I almost d!ed during my rut," he hisses and grabs the wet paper towel out of Taehyung's hand. He faces the window and starts wiping the blood off his forehead.
"What are you talking about?" "It was the most painful, most fvcked up rut I ever had!" Jungkook snaps and throws the used paper towel in the bin. He turns to face Taehyung again. "And all I could think of while- while taking care of myself, was you!"
Taehyung opens his mouth, steps back. He clears his throat. "Me?" "Yes, you Taehyung. Your eyes, face. The mole on your cheek. Your pretty smile, your body. Your ass- fvck. I don't know if this is the bond, or if it's you- but I don't want to experience such a rut ever again!"
Taehyung lowers his eyes. The alpha's stare is too intense. It does something to him. "But how do we change it?" "I don't know. Who's that guy you are here with? The beta. Don't you want to fall in love with him?"
"What? Hobi?" Taehyung starts laughing. "This is ridiculous. You can't just take a random guy and force me to fall in love with him to get rid of the bond." Jungkook hums. He closes the distance between them and dips his face. "Then let's accept our bond. Let's mate."
Taehyung hates that he is blushing. "What are you saying? This is-" "When will your rut hit?" Taehyung scratches the back of his head. "I- in a month." "Okay." Jungkook chuckles. "Have fun then."
"I don't understand. I mean, we can't just mate. You said you don't want an omega and-" "Yeah, but looks like my inner alpha wants only you." Taehyung tries to calm his inner omega. Because it wants to mate Jungkook. Very bad.
"This is-" Jungkook cups Taehyung's cheeks. His touch is gentle, eyes soften at the edges. "Why did you follow me here? You are worried about me. You are worried because I am your fated mate, no?"
Taehyung doesn't know it. He doesn't know what to say. "Let's just try to find another solution." "Right." Jungkook scoffs. "Just wait until your rut will hit. You will beg me to mate you. Believe me," he says and leaves the restroom.
"Jungkook, let's please talk about it. This is not-" Taehyung trails off with a gasp. The sudden cramps hit him hard. He crouches down and wraps an arm around his lower belly. "Fvck." Something must have triggered his heat out of nowhere. He needs to get away.
"What- what is wrong?" Jungkook turns around and comes back to him. "Are you in pain?" "No! Don't come closer! Leave me alone!" Taehyung hisses while trying not to whimper. Jungkook's pheromones are not helping right now. "I am okay. Don't touch me."
"What are you talking about?" Jungkook reaches out and grabs Taehyung's arm. "Get up. You are so pale all of a sudden. What is- fvck! What the- is that you? Where is this sweet scent coming from all of a sudden?"
"What? No. It's not me. I, I can smell it, too. There must be an omega around-" Jungkook pulls Taehyung up and dips his face, noses his neck. He tenses. "It's you. It's fvcking you."
"No." Taehyung whines. "It's not me," he whispers and leans his weight against Jungkook. He gives up. The pain is unbearable. He feels a fever coming and anxiety rising inside him. "It hurts so much. Help me." Jungkook is silent for a moment. He is probably shocked.
Taehyung whimpers. "Please help me, alpha." Jungkook curses. He turns around and squats down. "Climb on my back. I will get you out of here. Your scent is so strong. Every alpha in this fvcking fair will smell it in a second."
˚ ༘ ⋆ 。 ˚
Jungkook is almost losing his mind. He tries to breathe through his mouth, tries not to breathe at all. Taehyung has the sweetest smell. It makes his mouth water, makes him want to taste the omega. "Can you please keep your hands to yourself while I am driving?"
"No. I need you." Taehyung is sitting on the passenger seat. His fingertips caress Jungkook's thigh. The omega leans in to sniff at the side of his neck. "Alpha, make-" "Taehyung!" "I have never driven in a police car before. This is so cool," Hobi mutters happily.
Jungkook stares at the beta through the rearview mirror and scoffs. "I told you to sit at the front. Can't you see that your friend is going crazy?" "But this is my only chance to drive in a police car. And I always wanted to feel like a criminal, sitting at the back."
Jungkook can't believe this. He groans when Taehyung rests his head on his shoulder. "If you will trigger my damn rut again, I will k!ll you!" "Hey, can you turn the sirens on for a moment?" Hobi asks excitedly. "Are you fvcking serious right now?"
"Alpha. I am in so much pain. Please, do something," Taehyung whines and turns his face, takes Jungkook's earlobe in his mouth, lightly biting down. "Are you- do you want me to make an accident? Get back in your seat!" Jungkook hisses, feels himself starting to get hard.
"I can't believe you pretended to be an alpha! Why would you do that?" Taehyung whimpers and starts peppering kisses on Jungkook's neck. "Let's not talk about that right now." "Taehyung, stop!" Jungkook tries to push him away, but the omega clutches his arm.
"You can drop us off at the next corner. We live next to each other," Hobi says after a moment. Jungkook sighs in relief, but Taehyung wraps an arm around his waist, hides his face against his arm. "No. Don't leave me alone," the omega whines. "I will d!e if we separate."
"Taehyung, you-" "I will d!e. I am serious." Taehyung sobs. "It hurts so much. Please, don't let me go home by myself." Jungkook curses and parks the car at the side of the road. "Okay, then I will leave first." Hobi opens the door. He is smiling.
"Dude, are you serious? You are just leaving your omega friend with me?" Hobi chuckles. "You are a cop. I think he is safe," he says and gets out of the car. "I can't believe this." Jungkook looks down at Taehyung clinging to his side. "Go with your friend."
"No!" Taehyung whines and tightens the arm around Jungkook's waist. "Please, don't send me away. It hurts." Jungkook grabs the omega's arm and pushes him away. He hesitates when he notices the tears on his face. "Taehyung. You need to go. We can't be together. You-"
"I will not climb out of this car!" Taehyung crosses his arms in front of his chest. "If you leave, then I will d!e in here." "Taehyung, you won't d!e. I survived it, too-" "But you are a strong alpha! I am just an omega! I am weak. The pain will be too much."
"Taehyung, you pretended to be an alpha for a reason. You will hate yourself if-" "Please fvck me." Taehyung moves and suddenly he is climbing on Jungkook's lap. "Oh? You are hard."
"You look like a snack. You smell like one. And you are in your fvcking heat. What do you expect? Get off my lap. Right now!" "No!" Taehyung says stubbornly and wraps his arms around Jungkook's neck. He smiles. "I am a bad omega. You need to punish me officer."
Jungkook doesn't know how he is still alive. Taehyung's plush ass on his crotch is not helping to stay sane. He places his hands on the omega's waist and tries to push him off. "Taehyung, it's enough. Get off my lap or I will- arrest you for sexual harassment."
Taehyung starts laughing at that. He shifts on Jungkook's lap. "Please, do that, officer. Get your handcuffs and pin me against the seat." Jungkook closes his eyes. He tries to think about something disgusting, about something that will make him loose his erecti0n.
Jungkook opens his eyes when he feels soft lips against his. The kiss steals the air from his lungs. Their fated bond is no joke. He cups Taehyung's face and for a second, he considers to kiss the living daylights out of him. But he doesn't. He pulls the omega away. "Enough."
Taehyung pouts. He reaches for his shirt and starts to unbutton it. Jungkook grabs his wrists and stops him. "Taehyung. Please. This is not you. This is your heat doing all of this, and I will not fvck you- at least not before we have talked about this, whatever this is."
"Okay. Let's talk." Taehyung grins and shifts on his lap once again, obviously doing it on purpose. "You're hard and I'm ready. Let's do it. Nice talk." Jungkook resists the urge to smile. This would be the wrong reaction. He takes a deep breath. "We will talk, after your heat."
"You are going to leave me alone?" "You will survive it. Use some- toys." Jungkook clears his throat, forces himself not to think about Taehyung using them. "Get off my lap now." "Can I have something from you? For my nest?"
"Will you get off my lap if I give you something?" Taehyung nods mutely. Jungkook sighs. "Alright. You can get my-" "I want your uniform. This one," Taehyung says and pokes his finger into Jungkook's chest. "Pull it off." "This is my workwear." "Get yourself another one."
Jungkook pushes Taehyung off and the omega sits back on the passenger seat with an unhappy sigh. "I will give you my sweater," Jungkook says and reaches to the back. "Here." Taehyung takes it, raises it to his face. He sniffs. "Alright," he mumbles and pulls it over his head.
Jungkook likes to see the omega wearing his clothes. He groans. He needs to get away from him right now. "Okay. Go. Call me when your heat is over. Let's talk then." "Can I call you during my heat? I am into phone sex, too." "Taehyung. Get out of the car."
"Meanie." Taehyung leans in and licks Jungkook's neck. "You are missing out big time," he whispers in his ear. "Go." Jungkook clenches his fists. He thinks he deserves a price for holding back for so long. "Goodnight." "I will think about you while doing it, officer."
"Bye, Taehyung." Jungkook watches the omega climb out of the car. He winks at him before walking towards the building. Jungkook waits until he's inside, waits until the light turns on. He rests his forehead against the steering wheel and curses. His fated mate is an omega. "Fvck"
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˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ᥫ᭡ ˚ ༘ ⋆。˚
ᠻꪮꪊ᥅ ᥫ᭡ Taehyung bounces his leg out of nervousness. He's sitting in the café around the corner, waits for Jungkook to arrive. They have arranged to meet today and talk. Taehyung feels embarrassed. He pulls his phone out and stares at their last conversation. #taekookau
Taehyung shoves his phone away when Jungkook enters the café. He clears his throat, hopes he is not a blushing mess. "Hi. Sorry, I am late. My colleague didn't want to let me go," Jungkook says and sits down with a sigh. He looks at Taehyung's face and smirks. "What is it?"
"You are blushing. Having dirty thoughts?" Taehyung scoffs and lowers his eyes. "It's warm in here." "Sure." Jungkook leans in and sniffs. "So, how do you do this? How do you manage to smell like an alpha? I didn't even know that it is possible."
"Fake pheromones. It's no big deal." Jungkook hums and leans back, studies Taehyung with a smile. "They are not that good though. You still have a subtle sweet scent on you."
Taehyung clears his throat and crosses his arms in front of his chest. "Why did you want to meet?" "How was your heat? You survived it after all, hmm?" "It was hell and I thought I will d!e. Can we come to the point now?"
"I want to know why you are pretending to be an alpha first." "Why should I tell you?" Jungkook scoffs with a laugh. He leans in and points a finger at Taehyung. "We are fated mates, so I think I deserve an answer. And I didn't take advantage of you in your heat."
Taehyung takes a deep breath. "There's no super interesting reason. I just- I hate alphas. If you are an omega in this society, you count as nothing. You don't get a good job, you don't get a good social standing. An omega should stay at home, get pups and make his alpha happy.
But this is not what I am. I don't want to fit into this sick society. I want to do whatever I want- no matter if I am an alpha, beta or omega. And I only get all the opportunities if I have the apparent highest rank- being an alpha. I want to decide for myself what I want."
Jungkook hums. "Is that it?" "Yes." "So you never want to mate and get pups?" Taehyung sighs softly. "I don't know. I didn't say that. But I want to decide if and when. Not society." "Okay. Let me ask differently. Is there a possibility that you will want to mate with me?"
Taehyung stares at Jungkook in shock. "What?" "You are my fated mate. Your scent was alluring to me even before I knew you are an omega. If we ignore our bond, our ruts and heats will be a pain in the ass. I heard it will worsen each time. So, I need to know if you reject me."
Taehyung swallows. He hasn't expected such a straightforward question. He lowers his eyes to his hands. "I, I don't know you. How can you ask me something like that out of nowhere?" "Because we are fated. We need to decide if we are going to get rid of the bond or try it."
Taehyung shrugs. "I don't know." "Don't you feel it, too? The bond? Aren't you attracted to me, too? I am sure your inner omega is- judging how you behaved in the car a few days ago. You wanted to get fvcked on my lap-" "Stop talking about it, please."
"But it is the truth." Taehyung fiddles with his bracelet. "I need to think about it." He raises his eyes to Jungkook's face. "Of course, I feel it. And you are handsome. But you need to understand that I didn't expect to meet my fated mate- I never planned to-"
"I didn't plan this, too, Taehyung." Jungkook adjusts his jacket with a sigh. "I need an answer because I don't want to d!e for real during my next rut. Tell me within the next two days. And if you decide to get rid of the bond, then we need to stop seeing each other."
"Why do I need to decide?" Jungkook gets up. "Because I would accept the fated bond. I would try it with you. But there's two of us. And I won't force you to accept it. Text me your answer. If you won't, I will take it as a rejection." "Are you leaving already?"
"Yes. I don't want to stay and let my inner alpha get used to you even more- if you want to get rid of the bond later." Jungkook shoves his hands into his pockets. "Take care of yourself. Bye." Taehyung watches the alpha walk away. He misses him already. "Fvck."
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˚ ༘ ⋆。˚
"Tae, are you sure you don't want him?" Hobi takes a sip of his beer. "He is a sexy, hot police officer. And he seems like a decent alpha, too. He didn't take advantage of your heat. And he is very handsome. I am sure that he is totally your type. So why-"
"But I never wanted an alpha. Why do you think am I pretending to be one for the past four years?" Hobi sighs and empties his beer. "Maybe it's time for you to stop this bullshit. Let's be honest here, you don't look like an alpha- no matter how many fake pheromones you take."
Taehyung glances at the time on his phone screen. "It's too late anyway. He wanted an answer until tonight." "So? Call him. It's still before midnight." Taehyung takes a look around the bar. There are so many alphas in here, most of them drunk, embarrassing themselves. If he
wouldn't pretend to be an alpha, they would be all over him, flirting, hitting on him. He doesn't want that. He hates being a helpless omega. "No. I made my decision. And I won't change it just because-" "Meeting the right one, your fated alpha, should be a good reason."
"I don't-" Taehyung trails off when he hears loud tussling and yelling. He turns around on his stool and sighs. "I hate alphas." Two guys have started to fight each other, both obviously drunk. One of them takes a beer mug and smashes it over the other alpha's head.
Taehyung gasps when he sees the blood running down the guy's forehead. "Tae, I think we should leave," Hobi says and grabs his arm. "Where are you going?" Taehyung gets up and stares at a bulky alpha, stepping in front of them.
"You. I want you tonight," the alpha slurrs and points his finger at Taehyung. "Are you crazy? I am an alpha." "So? I don't care. You have a body and face like an omega." The man grabs Taehyung's arm. "Let's go."
The tussling behind them is getting louder. The grip on Taehyung's arm is getting tighter. "Hey, let go of him-" "Fvck off, beta. No one is talking to you," the alpha slurrs and pulls Taehyung closer. He sniffs. "God! Are you sure you are an alpha? You smell fvcking sweet."
"Let go of me!" Taehyung tries to push the bulky man away from himself, but to no avail. He can hear police sirens in the background. "I said, let go!" "No!" The alpha shoves Hobi aside and cups Taehyung's face. "You will be mine today."
More mugs and bottles clatter behind them and Taehyung feels panic rise inside him. No one is paying attention to them right now. The alpha could do to him whatever he wants to. He steps on his foot, but that doesn't work. "You are cute. You weigh nothing. I hardly felt that."
"Let go of me, you piece of-" "Fvck, the cops are here! Let's run!" Some guy yells next to them. "Did you hear that? Let's run, sexy," the alpha slurrs and drags Taehyung along. "No! Let go of me!"
Hobi grabs the alpha's arm. "Let go of my friend!" "I told you to fvck off!" The alpha slaps Hobi so hard that he stumbles back. Taehyung yelps and tries to jerk his arm out of the guy's grip, but he has no chance. The alpha is too strong.
"Let me go!" "You are annoying," the alpha slurrs and picks Taehyung up, throws him over his shoulder. "We should hurry, sexy, or-" "Put him down! Right now!" Taehyung's eyes fall on some black shoes. He knows that voice. He tires to look up, but it's hard in that position.
"But officer- that's my boyfriend and he is very drunk, so I am bringing him-" "I am not your boyfriend!" Taehyung shouts and hits the alpha's back with his fists. "Put me down!" "You heard him. Do it."
The alpha curses, but puts Taehyung back down on his feet. The blood finally rushes back to all parts of his body. He raises his eyes to Jungkook's face. "Let's get you out of here," Jungkook mutters and takes Taehyung's hand. "Are you alright?" he asks Hobi as they pass him.
"I am fine," the beta mumbles and folllws them outside. Jungkook lets go of Taehyung's hand. "You two should go home. We will throw all people out of the bar anyway." He averts his eyes. "Goodnight."
Taehyung reaches out and clutches the back of Jungkook's shirt before he even realizes what he is doing. "What is it? I need to go back inside and help my colleague," Jungkook mutters under his breath without looking at him. "Can we, can we talk?"
Jungkook turns his face to lock eyes with Taehyung. "You didn't contact me. There's nothing to talk about," he says and pulls away before walking back inside the bar. Taehyung stares at the door, blinks several times. His heart feels heavy. "You are an idiot, Tae."
˚ ༘ ⋆ 。 ˚
Jungkook comes out of the bar half an hour later. It took some time to send all the drunks home and answer their stupid questions. He is tired. It's already after midnight. He walks to the car when a sweet scent hits his nostrils. Taehyung is still here.
"What are you doing here?" Jungkook asks and opens the car door. "Can you drive me home?" "I'm a police officer, not your taxi" Taehyung scratches his neck. "I need to talk-" "Goodnight, Taehyung." Jungkook doesn't want to see him anymore. It hurts. It hurts his inner alpha.
"Fine. It's almost one at night and there are a lot of drunks on the streets right now. But I will just walk back home then." Jungkook curses. He hates that he's weak. "Get inside the car. I will drop you home."
They don't talk for a while after Jungkook has backed out of the parking lot. Taehyung clears his throat. "I- I was scared back in there. Thank you for-" "I am a cop. That's my job."
"I always wanted to pretend to be an alpha because omegas are weak. They can't protect themselves, they are always like a damsel in distress- I never wanted to be like that-" "You have already told me everything. I don't care," Jungkook mutters and keeps watching the road.
"I never wanted to be a weak omega because I was scared that I can't protect myself and that I can't fight alphas off. I mean, it's a fact. I am an omega. I am build as one. I am not as strong as an alpha. So, I was scared that if I reveal who I really am, no one can protect me-"
"Taehyung. I told you that I don't want to be next to you anymore. Since you don't accept our fate, it will be only more painful if we keep seeing each other. I will drop you off home and that's it. So, please- stop trying to explain me-"
Taehyung places a hand on Jungkook's thigh. "Can I please finish?! You just drive and let me talk!" "We are almost here." "I know." Taehyung takes a deep breath. "Alphas were always rude towards me. They saw me and wanted me. They didn't care that I didn't want them."
Jungkook tightens his grip on the steering wheel. "I am an omega, so alphas think they can hit on me, touch me, take me somewhere to fvck me- this society is fvcked up! And every alpha I have met back then was the same. So I gave up."
Jungkook parks the car in front of Taehyung's apartment. "We are here." "You need to understand that I lived for years like that. My image of alphas has been always like that. So I found my peace to never really be an omega, to never mate and get pups-" "You can leave now."
Taehyung digs his fingernails into Jungkook's thigh. "You stupid alpha! I am trying to tell you something here!" Jungkook turns his head and looks at the omega. There are unshed tears in his eyes. "I was fine. I was doing fine. And then you appeared out of nowhere. You in your
stupid sexy uniform, with your stupid sweet smile and stupid beautiful, big eyes. You were so different. You were sweet and nice and caring. You didn't force me to do anything. You are polite, you didn't take advantage when I have been in heat-" "You were a menace."
"Sorry for that," Taehyung whispers with a smile. A tear escapes his eyes. "I am scared. I am scared as hell to throw away my beliefs and everything I have been in the past four years. But- but I am also scared to let you go. I am scared that I couldn't stop thinking about you
and that I kept dreaming about your handsome face. I am scared that you are the one for me, that you are everything I need. And deep inside of me, I know that you will protect me. You already did. And, and I just need to accept the fact and trust you. But it scares me."
Jungkook reaches out, wipes the stray tear off Taehyung's cheek. "Do you know what I'm scared of?" He moves his hand and cups the omega's chin. "I"m so fvcking scared that you want to get rid of the bond and take a big part of my heart with you. No one can't mess with fate. There
is a reason why an alpha and an omega should be together- because they fit perfectly. I knew that I would accept you the moment I saw you. I didn't admit it at first, but I didn't even care that you were an alpha- or I thought that you are. One look at you and I was gone for you"
"Jungkook-" "I am a cop. I risk my life for stupid, drunk shits who don't deserve it. Can you imagine how much more I want to take care of you, protect you and be your strong and reliable alpha? So, please- don't let me suffer anymore. Tell me your final decision."
Another tear rolls down Taehyung's cheek as he leans in, presses his lips on Jungkook's. The kiss is featherlight. "Of course, I want you. And I know that you will protect me. And I know that you are the best thing that could have ever happen to me" he whispers against his lips.
Jungkook lets out a sigh of relief. He wraps his other arm around Taehyung's waist, pulls him on his lap. He looks into his eyes and smiles. "Are you really sure?" "Yes," Taehyung says with teary eyes and places his arms around Jungkook's neck. "I am sure."
"Yeah?" Jungkook caresses Taehyung's back. "And you won't change your mind until tomorrow?" "I won't." "And you will accept me as your alpha?" "Yes." Taehyung leans in to press a kiss on Jungkook's nose. "I will be your omega. I will throw away the fake pheromones."
Jungkook smirks and places a lingering kiss on Taehyung's full lips. "Good. You don't need them anymore. I will protect you, baby. And I will k!ll everyone who tries to get close to you." Taehyung smiles against his lips. "But you are a cop. You can't do that, officer."
"I don't give a shit." Jungkook places a kiss on the corner of Taehyung's mouth. He lowers his hands to the omega's hips. "Hey, did you ever had sex in a police car?"
Taehyung smiles and noses Jungkook's cheek before moving his lips to his ear. "Why? Are you offering?" he whispers, presses a kiss on his lobe. Jungkook digs his fingertips into Taehyung's hips. "You know, I have a lot of pent up desire after you riled me up during your heat."
Taehyung chuckles and shifts on his lap. He reaches out and starts unbuttoning Jungkook's shirt. "I am sorry, officer. I have been a bad citizen. Looks like you need to punish me."
"Baby, I will be very glad to do that, but we can't do it right here, next to a street lamp. I don't want anyone to see your naked butt." "Already possessive, hmm?" Taehyung asks and kisses Jungkook again. "I like that. I think I will like being an omega for real."
"Oh, you will. Believe me." Jungkook places his hands on Taehyung's thighs. He is already hard because of the feel of the omega's plump ass on his crotch. "How about we drive to the woods and- I will punish you there?"
Taehyung chuckles and places another kiss on Jungkook's mouth before sitting back on his seat. "Drive. We need to do something about your pent up desire real quick," he says and places his hand on Jungkook's nape. "Come on, my fated mate. Let's celebrate our bond."
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