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Feb 13, 2023
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-HVD- A BW #TWEETFIC “Where exactly are we going again?” W asked his Bai, who for once (and by some miracle) was driving. B took W’s hand and gave it a light kiss. “It’s a surprise.” W smiled. He loves surprises, especially those from B.

They kept holding hands as they drove past unfamiliar roads, well at least to W. But W didn’t mind, so long as he could feel B’s thumb gently rubbing that nook of his hand. “We’re here!” B said excitedly, driving into a parking lot.
W ducked down a bit to see where they were. He laughed. “The zoo?” He asked, and was really surprised. B beamed with the widest grin. “What, you didn’t think I was serious about that Valentine’s date?”
W shook his head as he remembered how B described what he’ll do that day with his ‘faen’. He looked around and found a few cars parked. There was also a crowd building up by the entrance.
“Are you sure it’s okay? I mean it’s the middle of the day, won’t there be too many people?” B shook his head. “We got the whole place to ourselves, at least for the rest of the afternoon.” He continued. “And yes, there will be people–but they’re our people.”
W looked at him questioningly. “I’ve asked our staff to bring their families so they can spend the rest of the day off.” W smiled endearingly at his Bai, and couldn’t help but lean in for a soft, sweet kiss. He held B’s face with both of his hands, caressing it.
“How that big heart of yours still has room for me is way beyond me.” B held W’s face too and kissed him. “What are you talking about? You are my heart.” -end- #ALTERNATEUNIVERSE 🤍💚
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