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jimιη’s moans and body were so beautiful that made jungκοοκ want to keep him. breed him full of his babies, keep him to himself for the rest of their lifes, and maybe jungκοοκ would.

jimιη screamed as he squirted, orgasming around jungκοοκ’s cock, the pulsing making jungκοοκ delirious and tipping him over the edge. the feeling of cum inside his uterus made jimιη squirt even more, throwing his hips into jungκοοκ searching for more.
he only stopped when jungκοοκ slapped his tits. “such a whore that even after cumming you want more, huh? calm down jimιη, breathe.”
and jimιη breathed, air filling his lungs making him feel like he wasn’t breathing before, all of it so overwhelming that he felt like he was in another astral plane.
jungκοοκ pulled off, smiling when jimιη clenched to not let any cum spill. “c’mon, let me take you home, i will fuck you all night princess.”
- end 💖✨
hi it's been awhile, tell me what you think/feel or send me prompts or straight filth here
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