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A #Jikookau With Milf Jmi cheating on his businessman husband with the MMA Fighter Jeon Jk he got acquainted with at the gym-

The first time Jmi crossed paths with him was when the Champ went live from the Gym with Jmi and a few others still present. 'He doesn't own the whole place to do shit like that' he had thought as he rolled his eyes. 'Some people just lack manners'
Jungkk wasn't very pleased with the eye roll and attitude when he did infact own the Gym and he wasn't exactly causing trouble to the others. 1am in the night wasn't a busy hour with just three more people in there including Jmi.
'Who's that omega?' Jungkk had asked the Gym manager before leaving that night. "Park Jmi. His husband owns all the big buildings in the area." NJ had informed him
- a/b/o - infidelity - married Jmi - Hyung Jk (tho I think you knew that bcoz well it's Kijie writing) - nsfw (?)
The next time Jungkk comes across Jmi, the omega is doing his set of squats wearung a pair of tight baby pink shorts and a red sports bra. Okay maybe Jmi isn't the rich,obnoxious ,lving on daddy's money kind or maybe he is. Whatever he might be, Jungkk now knows Jmi is /hot/
Jungkk knows he wants Jmi. Wants Jmi all to //himself//
They talk for the first time when a dumbell slips out of Jmi's tiny sweaty hands and lands directly on his tiny toes朮 朮 Jungkk who's been hovering around the omega scaring away all and any other alpha for quite some time now quickly charges to help Jmi with the bruise
Grabbing an ice pack and helping the omega to a place where can sit down comfortably. Jmi hesitantly accepts the help from the alpha and let's jungkk ice his red toes which he's pretty sure are gonna turn blue by the next morning.
They indulge in conversation much after that. Jungkk starts visiting the Gym late in the night to match slots with Jmi and the Champ's trainer just laughs and agrees to it. Having an omega around would help with the fighter's mental state he thinks and it does help
"I'd love to treat you to some ice cream" Jungkk offers Jmi one night after they are both done with their routines at the Gym. "Jungkk-ssi, you know I am married right?" Is the first thing the omega tells him and jungkk nods before saying,
"and I'm Jeon Jungkk, I wouldn't want any scandals too, trust me on that!" "Umm.. what?" Jmi looks at him as if he's said something so outrageous "Jmin-ah... You know who I am right? The Gobal MMA are Korean and Don't know Jeon Jk? What?!" The fighter scoffs
" I Umm.. I really don't!" Jmi says and then they both laugh as if it was a Runbts episode "Well then, we both have things to worry about. I know you're married yes, and this is just ice cream! A little cheat day yeah?" Jungkk convinces him and the omega finally agrees,
For ice cream yes, He agrees to get ice cream at 2am after their workout. An odd hour to be at the gym but Jmi finds it comfortable, there's hardly anybody around and he can have time to himself without any disturbance and distraction....
Distraction yes, well that, that part of it Jmi knows is a lie. Like Jeon Jungkk didn't make him question his morals and regret ever getting married to an old rich asshole like his husband. But it's life, it's life and it's meant to be like this he convinces himself.
Getting married to someone more than double his age when he was just 20 was all part of this life for Jmi. He agreed to it when he was young, his family wasn't particularly rich or well to do and when a proposal with a promised comfortable life came on Jmi agreed to it.
He is 25 now, His Husband is 51 with five years of marriage with his husband. They didn't have a kid yet and Jmi is somewhere a little thankful for that.
His husband's family had blamed him for the first two years of the marriage for not being able to conceive until they got a test done and it was established that his husband and his age was the problem and not the young omega.
The late night ice cream dates happen quite a few times,then Jungkk starts dropping Jmin home after workout because he doesn't have to walk back home so late and it's not safe the alpha says and Jmin agrees because he likes spending time with Jungkk. They are Gym Buddies now
Jungkk is 30, five years older than Jmin. Jmin learned that when he went home and googled 'Jeon Jungkk'. The results for that search however didn't just include his age. Jmin had spent the whole of two days watching the alpha's matches on the big television in his husband's +
Mansion.His sudden spike of interest in MMA puzzling his husband but well it was the Nation's Treasure Jeon Jungkk fighting, it wasn't unusual for a South Korean to be watching him fight. The country's pride as he was.
And like this Jungkk invited Jmin to one of his matches and the omega dolled himself all up and attended it to support his 'Gym Buddy'
Jungkk won the match as expected of the champion and his eyes found those of the Omega. He jumped out of the ring to the VIP section where Jmin was seated. The omega basically lunged at him in excitement and Jungkk held him to his chest with his arm around the tiny waist+
Spinning him around like a trophy.
They kiss for the first time that night when Jmin accompanies Jungkk's team to celebrate his win. They are not drunk, both of them aren't, not even a sip of alcohol, they still kiss and that's the scary part to Jimn. He feels guilty but he cannot stop from kissing the alpha
Like that they become 'Fuck buddies' , the Gym Buddies long gone. Jungkk takes Jmin home most of the nights from the gym and drops him back home in the morning. His husband wouldn't notice, they don't even share a room.
It's all complete smooth, the affair. Jimn and Jungkk go on plenty dates, Jungkk covering his face with a mask to not get recognised. Oh what a scandal that would be! "Nation's Pride MMA Champion Jeon Jungkk having an affair with a married man"
It's a lot of thrill and a lot on the line but they've started loving every part of it, including each other. But nothing about that is said.
Please quote and interact so I know if I should go on 朮
Jmin has to attend the Seoul Arts Gala this Saturday with his husband, that's almost all his role in his husband's life. Being the trophy omega and a symbol of how rich his husband was to have the most beautiful omega in the room at his arm. Jmin hates feeling like that,
The stares and glares, all the whispering about his young age. That's the truth though, he did marry out of money and nothing can change that fact.
What suprises him is when he sees Jungkk walk in alone through the entrance in a shiny black tuxedo . The lip ring swapped with a stud. His heart skips a beat at the sight, the air being knocked out of his lungs, maybe he even leaked slick with how his husband shifted a little
Their eyes lock and Jungkk's gaze is different than the usual one, he looks pissed, not happy.
Jimn hates the way Jungkk is crowded with omegas and just everybody else in the room from the moment he steps in. Even Jmin's own husband bubbling in excitement to see the superstar. He drags Jimn to where Jungkk is and introduces himself and then Jimn,
Jungkk's gaze is peircing on the hand on the omega's waist but he is helpless, there's nothing else he can do except watch. He gives a firm fake smile to the husband and then a sarcastic beaming one to Jimn. It hurts so much, he couldn't describe the feeling.
Breathless and overwhelmed Jmin excuses himself and walks to the restroom. To let his choked up tears free, to get his act together for the rest of night. That doesn't work out, Jungkk follows him to the restroom.
Jmin is trapped in between the counter and Jungkk's body in seconds and the alpha kisses him without mercy. Rubbing his face on Jmin's scent gland, licking at it scenting him possessively.
"Hyung--What are you doing!??" Jmin yells and pushes the alpha back with all his strength. "Claiming what's mine!!" Jungkk growls possessively and the omega whines "Hyung...You can't hyung... I am here with my husband.. he is gonna smell you on me when I go back out"
He tries to reason and calm the alpha. "Then don't! Don't go out to him! Don't go back to him minie... Please..." He carasses Jmin's soft cheeks with his calloused hands, wiping the tears with the pad of his thumbs
"Hyungie..." "I love you minie.... I want to be your one and only. I love you, I don't want to hide us anymore. I want the world to know you're mine, that Park Jmin belongs to Jeon Jungkk and Jeon Jungkk to Park Jimn."
"Hyungie... You shouldn't... You need someone better than me. Not me Gguk, you're the nation's pride, you must marry someone that suits you. I should go " Jmin sobs, leaning into the older's touch
"Stop talking shit like that. You're the most precious person in my life, don't say things like that about yourself. Nothing is wrong with you baby. Please get a divorce and come to me. If I see your husband with you again I'll kill him baby. That piece of shit doesn't deserve+
You" "Hyung...I love you too hyung. So much. I love you so much hyungie!!" They kiss after that,Hungry and starved of each other, well technically they aren't starved. They spent the night together in the Champ's bed but moving on.
Jungkk locks the door to the restroom before Jmin gets down to his knees to suck off //his alpha// now officially. And Jungkk wouldn't just let his omega go without bending him over the white marble counter in the restroom and knotting him full of his cum.
They do hear a knock and then a bang on the door of the restroom but don't bother, it's not uncommon for people to be fucking in the restroom at the Seoul Arts Gala now is it?
About an hour later they fix each other up and open the door to T@ehyung standing there with his phone in his hand. Th looks at Jmin and then Jungkk, Th is Jmin's friend. Another omega like himself who was married off an old rich ahole.
However th's husband mysteriously died last year and Th here inherited every penny of the fortune. But we don't talk about Mysterious deaths and inherited fortunes. T@ehyung looks like he saw the devil himself when Jungkk emerges from behind Jmin. His smile drops for a moment
And then returns. He raises his eyebrow at his friend and then breaks into laughter "You bitch!!! I thought you got yourself a toy you were paying to fuck you!! You motherfucker!!! You were fucking Jeon Fucking Jungkk!??? And didn't even tell me!?? You traitor!!"
Th yells and hugs Jmin who just smiles awkwardly. "Oh Um Hi! I am Kim T@ehyung! Jmin's friend!" He introduces himself to the Champ "Hi T@ehyung-ssi. I am Jeon Jungkk. Jmin's next and last husband until forever."
Anndd it's a wrap I think? Unless I come up with more then I ll add it but for now it's done咻
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