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Feb 16, 2023
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After his disastrous past, Jungkook was left alone, to stray within the dark shadows in him. Until he found Taehyung, who poured the pale glow of life in his void. And when he goes missing, or worse abducted by someone, forces Jungkook to succumb to the beast he is. #taekookau

That is, in search for his mate, Jungkook breaks loose from all kinds of barriers he had built at times, to be away from the beast he was born as, and turns into The Rogue. Again. 😞😞
β€’ Part II of Rogue au…
✦ Soulmates au ✦ Hurt / Comfort ✦ Blood and Violence (vague mentions I promise πŸ₯ΉπŸ€žπŸ») ✦ Angst with very happy ending 🀌🏻 ✦ Other tags to be added whenever needed
I will hopefully start this next Monday! (This is not really a part 2 but the last part of rogue!!!! I had to do this because the thread was getting so big. Annnnnd we are so near the end yay!! 😭😭)
#taekookau The thing about losing oneself, is the satisfying numbness that comes along, shutting off a aching mind to let the darkness consume into its splintered bones.
Jungkook first felt it as it took his bruising heartaches away. It made him crave for it, not heeding to the warnings that blarred by his heart, as he let the silence engulf him to redness.
Jungkook feels it again, knocking at his mind, but along comes the panic, turning to anger. And desperation. It's like a plug, being pulled away, to let the lights shut off, so the darkness could fill in.
'Kookie!! Come on, grab my hand' Jungkook could find himself in a cold dark room, as Taehyung calls for him, standing at a door, with a wide stretched hands.
It looks eerily familiar, watching Taehyung disappear into a bright gush of light, asking the latter to follow, as Jungkook tries to run for him.
He could remember the familiar hands which will fight against it, wanting to pull himself away from the light, into the emptiness. But this time, Jungkook doesn't feel those hands scratching at him, to taint him. Rather, they run behind Taehyung.
(a/n if you didn't know, I'm taking the reference from the first time Jungkook sees child Taehyung in his nightmare. Rogue is just losing his mind on losing his mate)
The familiar fear courses along, making him remember the night where he found everyone slaughtered in his pack. The screams and cries echoed, making him wail for his mate, scared at the thought of Taehyung in danger.
There comes the same knock, which drowned him in nothing for years before he met Taehyung, and Jungkook opens it, once again.
He chokes out, legs staggering, as the blurriness takes in. As if blood spilled in his iris, Jungkook felt his vision turning in hues of scarlet, and the canines drooping, letting a menacing growl to thunder around the woods.
Taehyung. He needs to find Taehyung. The tainted hands, which once pulled him in, is after Taehyung. And Jungkook needs to find Taehyung, to keep him safe.
He runs, blood dripping in his path, from the talons that stuck into his tight fists. He runs, through the woods, screaming for his mate, like a madman.
Jungkook sees figures, edgeless silhouettes, standing guard between his way to the scent of lavender. He lets out a scream, asking them to scramble away for him to reach his mate, but sees them huddle together to grab him.
Jungkook acts berserk, letting his claws attack anyone on his way. Some try to grab him by his waist, the other's holding his biceps to tie his hands back. There's too many of them, holding him down, restricting his movements, making Jungkook feel utterly helpless.
He could blame his heartache and his fear of not finding Taehyung, making his insides twist to a ugly weakness. His screams turns to wails, calling for Taehyung over and over, crying at them to let him get back to his mate.
The blurry silhouettes reach forward, grabbing his head, shaking him up. Jungkook could only cry at them, scream at intervals in their faces, before a hand strikes a harsh punch at his jaw, making his face topple to a side at the impact
Jungkook growls between his teeth, vision blackening, to spots of white. Another punch, that now contacts his cheek, busting his lips open. Jungkook feels weak, feeling shame at how useless he is.
The tears fall down, lips wobbling, small growls slipping past his lips as several hands hold him down on his knees.
Jungkook looks up, at his last attempt to ask for Taehyung. The colors return in his vision, tall trees and familiar faces ease out. His eyes run back to the one holding his shoulders, screaming at him.
" –you! Come back–" Hazel strands slipped from his well combed hair, and golden eyes meet him, shaking his shoulders with his two hands as they call for him. "Jungkook! Come back to your senses!"
It's Namjoon, and it breaks a new wave of sadness. "Hyung-g.. where is my taehyungie-e?" His voice sounds broken, more damaged than he looks, "Would you give him back-k to me-e?"
Getting a hold of Namjoon's bicep and with his other grabbing his hand softly, begging, "I need– need Taehyungie-e.. Hyung" gulping at his throat, he asks again, pleading, "Please,.. hyung" "Jungkook.. we don't know where- Taehyung is-"
"No! You are lying!" He screams at his face, breaking himself loose from the hands, growling at Namjoon's face. He repeats Taehyung's name, shouting at Namjoon, how this is all a pretense.
The heartbreak is too much, that Jungkook couldn't help but cry. He could feel his wolf jab inside him, asking to be let out, but his rogue side is too dejected on not finding his Taehyung.
Namjoon nears, softly cupping his cheeks between his hands. He looks tired, hair dishelved and in a mess. When he speaks, Jungkook could feel the irremediable bitterness layering in his tone.
"Jungkook-ah. I know it hurts you. More than any of us could bear. I know, but.. I can't let you lose yourself now. Jungkook, we need you, right now. We need you.. Taehyung needs you"
Jungkook looks at him with hooded eyes, soft sobs and shivers leaving him, as he eyes Namjoon in desperation. "I want you to be strong, Jungkook. Strong enough to use your senses.. could you do that?" and the question 'For Taehyung..?' hangs in the air.
Jungkook gulps down, softly nodding. He had already spent too much of his time cocooned in the emptiness, acting like a failed product in the woods. And Jungkook knows that it took him years to find Taehyung again, and to come out of that scarred wrap.
So, when his wolf jabs at him again in his head, Jungkook heeds to it, losing his control to his dominant self. The moment he did, Namjoon gasped, falling by his side, eyes waveringly looking at Jungkook's narrowed one.
He inhales a chunk of air, filling his lungs watching the once black eyes turning to shades of emerald as the lycaon takes over now. A ugly scoff adorning his lips and canines drooping to a snarl. The lycaon looks all over, taking everyone's presence before him.
A second passed, and he growled at the obvious absence of his mate, a growl which compelled everyone to submit before him. Namjoon felt a shiver run through his spine, as the lycaon bit out his words in rage, "Who dared to take my mate?"
Namjoon feels every part of him burn, the dizziness hangs over him, constantly as he heaved his breath out. The sweat drops down his brows, eyes drooping to a narrowed vision. He has spent too much time in his Alpha form that he now feels it starting to affect his human side.
A pat on his shoulder, made him pass a choked hum. The person who did nods his head at Namjoon, then runs to the rest of the others as they search for any scents.
Namjoon could get the whip of Taehyung's florals, but it always ends in a spiral as if someone had deliberately spreaded it all over. It has been three days, three days since Taehyung had been missing,
three days that had his family and his pack broke up, three days as the howlings of his pack wolves echoed all over the woods, calling for Taehyung, mourning for the missing omega.
Namjoon feels tired, utterly devastated and disappointed in himself that he failed to find his little brother. He could feel the staggering tensed muscle of his legs, not wanting to take another step.
He closes his eyes, breathing in deep to get more of the florals, little more of the edging lavenders. But he knows, Taehyung is not here. Taehyung hadn't been anywhere they searched, apart from the whiffs of his pheromones filling the place.
He feels the amulet he once made for Taehyung burning in his wrist. He looks over it, and finds it trying to illuminate in the darkening sky. Taehyung had always shown his dislike to wear the amulet, saying it irritates his skin.
Taehyung had always been sensitive, and now the thought of him in the hands of someone, evil enough to take him away from his safe place, his family and from Namjoon, hurts him.
And the possible thought of Taehyung could be hurt, or be hurting by the moment Joon is trying to take a breath, fills him with rage, which gives him a new strength as he shifts to his gold furred wolf, taking a turn to search the other sides.
"Where is Jungkook?" It's the first thing Namjoon asks as he gets in the camp they set up in the middle of their searching territories. Hobi looks up from his map, alerted and Yoongi sighs with a blank face holding dark eyes.
The deafening silence drags for a second or two, before Yoongi utters in a soft voice, "He will be here, Joon" He's twitching his tongue, nodding and making Namjoon sigh, cause they both knew that's far from the truth.
No one has seen Jungkook ever since the night his mate went missing. Namjoon shudders remembering how Jungkook had succumbed to the lycaon in him, letting the Alpha of the Alphas take control of him.
He still remembers the way his own body rebelled under those sharp pairs of greens, demanding for his mate.
~~flashback "Who dared to take my mate?" Jungkook paced forward, his words ending with a rumbling growl, cowering Namjoon further behind. "Jungkook, we are still searching. We don't know-"
But Jungkook's eyes were roaming, making Namjoon follow up his gaze until it ended on Alpha Lee who had evident shock layered on his face. "You!" Roaring, Jungkook surged ahead towards him, rage rippling through his eyes, "You monster!"
Lee staggered back, gaping at the lycaon as he fell down, crawling backwards in fear, stuttering incoherent words. Jungkook felt the anger consuming him, the resentment and betrayal made him roar to attack the said.
He leaped, grabbing a foot of the Lee with his claws to drag him closer, but a hand on his chest pushed him away, caging him. "J-Jungkook calm down.." His eyes widened at Namjoon with a scoff, "Calm down? I've been waiting to shred this bastard in pieces"
Lee gasped, trying to stand up and with another snarl from Jungkook made him slip to the ground again, shaking. "Jungkook. This is not the time.. we need to find Tae-"
At the mention of Taehyung, Jungkook gritted his teeth, "Where is my Omega?! Where did you take him?" He roared at Lee who just gaped at Jungkook in fear.
"I- how do I know..? I was with the rest-" "Where is he?!" Jungkook growled, making Lee cower in submission, as he shook his head. "I don't know I don't know I really don't-" "Don't fucking lie to my face, Lee" "No, I'm telling the truth-h. I don't know where he is.."
Growling from his chest, Jungkook tried to push past Namjoon, who just grabbed at his shoulder, "Jungkook, he's saying the truth" "Hyung you believe this uncanny shit?" "No, Jungkook. I don't believe him. But I believe in my instincts. And he's saying the truth"
"He's lying, Hyung. And you want me to prove, don't ya?" He scoffed, turning at Lee, baring his teeth, "I'll squeeze the truth off his throat, then you'll have the proof" "Jungkook! You are blinded by your rage now. But he /is/ telling the truth"
"Hyung. You do know they have something to do with Taehyung missing, right?" Jungkook muttered in disbelief. Namjoon sighed, nodded, and uttered the same words of how Lee is telling the truth, again, saying they need to think this through.
Jungkook's nose flared, eyes aiming at Lee and exhaled in fuming defeat. He could just rip his limbs off one by one until he spits where Taehyung is. But Jungkook knows what his impulsiveness did to him before.
It took him far away from his omega, and Jungkook swore to never repeat it again. He took several deep breaths in, chest heaving and eyes never leaving Lee. Namjoon grabbed Jungkook's shoulder, trying to pull him away, "We need a plan to invade his pack-"
And a voice interrupted them, "Appa!" Namjoon scowled at Jaehyun, running to caress his father still laying on the ground with an injured leg. Jungkook scoffed at them, but next came the overwhelming floral scents and it had him wheeze.
With a alarming growl, the lycaon slowly turned to the youngest Lee who is now drowned in Taehyung's pheromones, seated by his father's side as he held him gently with wobbling lips.
Jungkook's lips twitched, claws slowly plunging out, and before he could take a step, a hand grabbed him by the one side of his collar and dragged him away. "He's fucking drowned in my omega's scent!" Jin hissed near his face "Shut up and think with your head" ~ end of flashback
Namjoon shuddered at the memory, flustered at how his own body betrayed him, wanting to submit to Jungkook that night. Jungkook acted like a loon, wanting nothing but his mate and ready to slaughter anyone who was in his way, until Joon stopped him.
He was hellbait convinced that it was Lee who took Taehyung. Though a part of Namjoon believed Jungkook, there was another part which made him think rationally.
So, he left with the others and summoned a search party on every territory, searching the Lee pack as first, through and through.
Namjoon for the first time gave the lead to someone, to Jungkook, as he followed him, searching every nook and corner, including every other pack territory, but all they returned with is empty hands and broken hearts.
And that was the last night he saw Jungkook. Though they would hear him screaming in agony some nights and on other nights whimpers could be heard leaving them to ponder if it's his human side crying for Taehyung.
The word spread like a forest fire, how the Kims were grooming a lycaon, a beast, in their pack, rather than the lycaon being the mate of his little brother. Namjoon couldn't care less about it, after Hobi dropped a heartache of what they found in the Lee manor.
Losing a pack member always felt like losing one of his limbs and his heart throbbed so much that Namjoon went berserk again, breaking Lee's territory to blame the Alpha of that land.
He was shocked would be an understatement, to know that even the Lee's didn't know that it indeed was Jaehyuk who slaughtered Jungkook's pack and Jungkook was the Alpha heir of the Jeon pack.
So, it did come as a surprise to know there's still someone who is trying to recreate young alphas to Lycaons. And to know that both Alpha Lee and Jaehyun didn't have anything to do with the dire past, it left no choice but to believe the obscure theory, that none would concede.
Namjoon felt another headache coming along when Taehyung's giggle played far in his mind. He heard footsteps and turned to see Hobi standing there, with a scroll of his mapping sheet in his hand.
"What are you going to do?" Namjoon could hear the carefulness in his voice and he sighs in dejection, "I– I don't know.. Taehyung had nothing to do with this, other than being a mate of a lycaon"
"And that leaves to think, who took him wanted to draw Jungkook out" Hobi finishes what Namjoon had in his mind, swallowing the taste of bile that burned in his throat. "He's using Tae as a pawn to hunt the only lycaon alive" And they did succeed.
After a minute of silence, every eye in the camp aimed at Namjoon, "Are you sure it's him?" Hobi asked, his throat bobbing in nervousness, "We all saw Jungkook kill him..?"
Namjoon leaned over the table, where Yoongi stood, marking up the places they searched and to be searched. "Guess someone's playing us well"
πŸ’Œ Ugh I want to update more but I have a baby to feed, so the update ends here. Tell me your thoughts
Jaehyun was talking with one of his subordinates, when his father broke inside the hall in obvious anger. Jaehyun shuddered, waving at everyone to leave, to leave him alone with his father, as Alpha Lee stands before him with a hard glare.
"Why is it always you who brings me trouble?" His voice sounds neutral as if it happens every time
Jaehyun gulps, blinking his eyes down, "What happened, pa?" "'What happened?'" Alpha Lee laughs at him, "You ask me what happened? Because of you the Kims are at our throat now! They keep searching our grounds, because that omega whore was last seen with you and went missing!"
"We lost the trust and the treaties cause they think it has something to do with us!" "Pa I was just trying to propose like you asked-"
"Save it. Everything you do somehow turns bad. You shame this whole pack, Jaehyun! Now look at them spreading ill concerning your brother, painting him as someone evil, believing everything the lycaon fed"
Jaehyun's eyes tear, as his father continues, "Why can't you be a good son like your brother? You say you were trying to woo that omega?+
Then why didn't you find out that he was mated and with a lycaon? Why didn't you tell me the beast who killed my son, your brother, is still breathing?"
Jaehyun dropped his head. He knew the rogue the Kim's were searching was indeed a lycaon, but the moment Taehyung screamed and ran, he refused himself to share it with his father. Afraid it might hurt the omega he liked. "I was tryi-"
"Find him! Find that whore and hand him over to his pack! We'll deal with the lycaon later" Jaehyun was quick to his feet, rushing out and his father's voice boomed again, with a scorn, "Jaehyun. Finish it clean this time. And make me proud" Nodding Jaehyun runs to the woods.
There were voices, hushed whispers everywhere. He felt those soft bangings of the door and the rough metals clang with one another, greeting a new headache.
Squinting and wincing on his migraine, Taehyung opened his eyes, adjusting his vision to the sunrays flaring through a ventilator.
Taehyung pants, trying to swipe the thin layer of sweat off his eyes and notice his hands were strained by a chain, restricted off any moments. His body aches all over when he tries to move. Everything he sees turning nothing but a blur and the headache keeps worsening.
Taehyung wheezes, twisting around and finding himself on the floor, in a sort of room. Dusted and webbed. He squints his eyes more, body feeling tired and weaker as he looks around. The room is empty, with scraped paintings and walls, like an old building.
Taehyung heaves and whines, trying to call for Jungkook but his body is so paralyzed in weakness, that he couldn't use the linker. His throat burns, betrayal and pain swarming in as he remembers what happened.
When they heard Alpha Lee's voice, 'What are you two doing here?' Tae had silently sneaked his way out as the father son duo whispered angrily. He walked a few steps away, taking turns and rounds, getting a little farther away so he could talk with his Alpha.
But before he could settle, a harsh shoulder had bumped into him, making him wince. Taehyung hissed and found a panicked guard. He smiled at the guard wolf, saying it's okay and bent down to get the key the guard had dropped when he had bumped him.
It was heavy, and familiar, making Taehyung reluctant to give it back. But the guard practically snatched the key, folding it in half, bowing a few times at Tae and walked past.
Taehyung felt weird, mind running on where he had seen it before. When he turned to look at the beta, he found the wolf wary and alert of his surroundings, adding more to his suspicions, as he strode fast in the opposite direction.
Anyway, Taehyung shouldn't care much. He is here to talk to Jungkook. Jungkook. That's when his mind strikes with the day Jungkook was sketching something he had found in the manor. The Lee scepter.
When the guard folded the key in half, it looked like a scepter. Now that he remembered, he did notice the black molds of scales in the green Armour the wolf wore.
He is a guard for the Lee's. Taehyung turned fast and found the beta almost running, hiding away in between the branches.
(i hope someone remembers how the scepter looked)
Normally, he wouldn't have cared, but the amount of suspicion the guard imposed, made Tae to follow him. Tae placed his foot carefully but in longer strides to never let the beta vanish off his sight.
Taehyung forced himself to stop when he found the beta moving towards the ground that is off limits to the wolves. When the governs made rules, one of them was 'strictly no crossing boundaries'.
Taehyung didn't know who lived on the other side, maybe humans, or vampires or witches, but the wolves stayed here in their limits. Taehyung knew better than to not cross the forbidden grounds.
He strained his neck in disappointment when the beta disappeared from his sight. Sighing Taehyung turned to leave, already thinking of ways he would share this with Jungkook and Namjoon. Maybe question the Lee's. Would they still deny it?
He really would've returned back with no further issues, but then comes the shivers running down his nape. He felt his skin creep in cold, some weird tug near his chest, making him wary as if someone's watching him.
Taehyung did hear a low growl, and soft hisses directed at him. He could still feel the way his heart dropped when he turned around to the noise of someone cackling, but rather felt something sharp punctured in his neck. A needle.
Taehyung feels hot at the memory, body sweating much in fear, as he remembered a pair of green eyes looking back at him. Lips curved to a toothy smirk and tongue in slits darting out. 'You chose the hard way, Taehyung. I never wanted to hurt you'
His vision had then turned to black spots, body feeling lighter and lighter. He couldn't remember what happened then, maybe he passed out.
But finding him now in a position where he was tied, left him no crumbs but to accept he was taken away by a lycaon. A lycaon, none would have expected, could've been.
Taehyung coughs, jerking when the sound of the tongue hissing out, played near his ear. The memory of the rough hands holding him, a needle plunged to his neck, running in his mind over and over, gave him a new wave of shivers.
Making the headache more prominent, as if his head is being hammered now.
Taehyung felt like screaming, shouting, throwing his hands when he could see the vile smile on the face he hadn't expected, but he was too weak to even utter a word.
The effect of the drug or whatever his system has been injected with, had still not worn out, making him nauseated and in trance. The metal clang is back again, making Taehyung pant and back away.
He crawled back with his elbows, almost dragging him to the corner of the room, when the door opened and the same face stood before him.
The teary face was switched to a cracky smile on finding Taehyung awake. He hummed, walking inside with little jumps in his feet, "Someone's awake already" Taehyung stutters, his voice rough and breathless, "Jaehyun-n"
But the male looked none like the one Taehyung met before. "You are so strong, Taehyung ssi. Normally it would take 5 - 6 days for people to wake up. I didn't expect you to be awake now.." he uttered in a curious and innocent tone.
Taehyung's back met the wall, he heaved his chest to fill in the air. He twisted his face at the latter, scowling at him with hooded eyes.
Jaehyun smirked then, "You gave me no choice, so don't blame me. You should've stayed in the festive, or accepted my proposal. You didn't. Leaving me with no choice but to use you now"
"I never wanted to hurt you Taehyung. I never liked seeing you in pain. But knowing you got mated with someone who is the sole reason for me living in hell, led me to a rough path"
Jaehyun's breath fans over Taehyung's face as he whispers near his ears, "Actually, I was quite okay with you being mated to a lycaon. But not /that/ lycaon. He's better off dead. I could've been a better mate.
"I would've kept you like a royal instead of hiding you in the woods. If only you accepted my hand. You didn't.. Now you'll suffer"
Taehyung whimpered, strings of saliva coating between his parted lips as he sobbed silently. "Just a little, don't be scared. Then we'll be happy,.. together"
Jaehyun cackled before his face, his eyes hinting with streaks of green. Tae raises his joined wrists to push the other off, but it is to no avail.
"You just have to help me to kill that Jeon. I'll have him pay the debt of killing my brother. And for making me take responsibility over things I didn't want, to stand before my father as he lectures on how much it should've been me instead of my brother that night..
"You just have to help me. That may hurt, but that'll be the last time you may get hurt.."
Jae nodded his head, pouting at Tae's face, "Then I'll take your pain away. I'll make you forget that bastard and all the days you spent with him as nothing but a nightmare! I'll make you despise him.
"As a bad dream. People will believe it, will believe a wolf over any strong breed. Had done it before, will do it again "Maybe my father will at last know what I'm capable of when I hand him over your mate's head" he made a thinking face.
Taehyung sobbed, shoulders trembling with soft no's. He couldn't speak much, the drugs effects still having him hazy and high.
"Then It'll be us. Just us. I'll be your hero. People will talk how I saved you from a demon. No one have to know.. Just us, Taehyung. Just us. Wouldn't that be such a dream, omega?"
He cackled again, a kind of laugh that sounds like a wheezing, nose and eyes scrunching, giving an evil demeanor.
Taehyung wants to spit his face. Tell him, it will be a dream. Just a dream and nothing more. But he could just cry at whatever the man spouts, insides just aching for Jungkook to be safe.
"Since you are awake, I think it's a perfect time.." with this Jaehyun stood up, holding Taehyung's arm as well, forcing him to stand.
Taehyung tries to run the second his hands get free off those chains but his knees terribly buckle and he falls on the floor. Jaehyun chuckled at that, harshly grabbing him up and dragging the omega out.
Taehyung feels dizzy, his legs curling and stumbling as the lycaon takes him out, yanking him straight away to the entrance of the building.
Taehyung could see that they are in the middle of an empty ground. There are trees, but all dead with just branches and no leaves.
Jaehyun then leaned over Tae's ears, rubbing his lips over his cheek, whispering, "Let your omega out"
Taehyung's head lolled back, losing control. He felt his insides twist, his whole body aching, burning. He couldn't see anything anymore. His vision turning to bland white. He could feel his wolf writhing, convulsing inside him.
He feels a harsh grip on his chin, and the same voice whispers again, "Call for your Alpha" And Taehyung is screaming, in a high pitch, with his eyes turning ice blue in pain as he screams for his Alpha to come.
(dramatic as hell πŸ‘„)
To Jungkook, it feels like the whole world is blinding, turning dark and empty. He feels a part of him turning void, trying to fill all those gaps with hope of finding his mate.
Soft ringings of someone approaching were heard, and Jungkook was already on his feet trying to run away, shaking his head. He growls when a hand stops him by his shoulder, "Hyung, stop.."
"Jungkook, you need to listen-" "I need to find Taehyung I need to find Tae I need to-" he chokes, feeling the tiredness take over. Namjoon grabs him, taking him by his arms, "I know, Jungkook. We are going to find him"
"You don't know hyung. You don't know what it feels like. It's been days already, there's no hint of Tae. I feel like a dead corpse. I'm nothing without Taehyung.
"And he's there somewhere because of the mess I am. I had put Taehyung in danger, again. I always do that to him. And now I cannot connect to him"
"I feel empty, hyung. It's empty inside. I don't feel my mate, I can't feel Taehyung. And I don't know if he's alive or.." Jungkook stops, Namjoon stepping beside him, "Hey, they wouldn't hurt Taehyung. They want you. They took Taehyung to lure you in, so they wouldn't hurt him"
"Then what are they waiting for!? It's been two days. There's no sight of him! I'm ready for whatever they bring. Just give Taehyung back! They should've taken me! Not my baby! It should've been me.
"If I knew I would put Taehyung in this mess, I would've stayed as a loon and alone. And would never have searched for him"
"Maybe we should calm ourselves and take a step further away, think things through. We are being hasty, Jungkook. So, we are clearly missing some points-"
Jungkook pushed Namjoon's hands off him, "You stay here and search for the points. I'm not ready to risk a single minute. I'm going to find my mate, and I'll bring him back. Whoever dared to take him, will pay. I will make them pay"
"Jungkook, you don't understand! You need to let your human side take control.." "Hyung, Taehyung's not here.. I don't care if I lose my mind"
With this as final, Jungkook turned away. Namjoon sighed, his heart aching for the younger. He was about to turn away too, but when Jungkook stood stuck in his place, concern filled Namjoon.
He nears him, softly calling for Jungkook and frowns on seeing him tearing with a frightened face. He asks but receives no answer, he shakes the latter's shoulder and Jungkook utters, "T-Taehyung he.. he-"
Jungkook doesn't speak anymore. He freezes and Namjoon notices the way his eyes turn from pure emerald to a look of baleful green. His lips parted, and distress heavy in the air. Namjoon tries moving him, but Jungkook stays rooted in place for a few seconds, then he's sprinting.
Confused, Namjoon runs behind him, shifting to his wolf form in a second to catch up with Jungkook, clearly worried of the unusual behaviour, but the lycaon is faster even in his human legs.
Namjoon was panting, and the concern morphs to alert when Jungkook tries crossing the bridge that wasn't meant to be crossed. He stops right where Taehyung stopped days ago, wondering why Jungkook is running off boundaries.
He walks back and forth, his tail waggling in distress, thinking hard. But when a pained scream, as if someone's forcibly put down in submission is heard, Namjoon stops all his warnings in his head.
When he feels Taehyung's pain and anguish in his link, Namjoon howls, calling for everyone, and crosses the boundary with rage filling him. He runs following Jungkook, spreading his pheromones for the others to find them.
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Jungkook ran as if his own body was out of his control, following onto the vibrations that jolted in him when he heard Taehyung's scream in his link. He doesn't know where he is, or where he's running to, letting the voice in his head lead him to where he's supposed to be.
Like a switch pulled off in him, the screaming stopped, abrupt, in his link, halting Jungkook as well as he found himself in the middle of nowhere covered in thick fog.
His heart jerks, wondering in fret why there's no scream, anymore, why he couldn't hear Taehyung any longer or if it is good or worse
His eyes bulged, focusing on anything hard, trying to reach Taehyung by any threads of their broken bond, but everything remained silent as his heart pounded in his ears. The feeling of emptiness fled in him.
With a dejected frown, one hand desperately clutched at his chest as if he could try to feel Taehyung, and the other hand waved in the air to clear the fogs, noting the once blurred, vague surroundings, clearing sheer enough for him to witness where he was.
The place, it seemed, was a part of woods, but not of their marked territory, as Jungkook just as other wolves, will know which ground belongs to them, just by their scent. This is not their territory, meaning they shouldn't be here.
His mind jabbed at him with questions, on why Taehyung led him here, or who lured him here with his mate's call.
Jungkook heaved his head in all directions, until the fog cleared little by little, making his eyes land on a somewhat pack house, glowing eerily in the moonlight, seeming abandoned and foreboding, covered in webs of weed.
He feels his heart clogging at his throat. Is this a pack house? Of wolves? Or other creatures? Is Taehyung there? Trapped inside these cold walls, alone with no comfort, by someone cruel enough to hurt his precious mate?
His fist clenched and unclenched by his sides, heart breaking more and more as he walked, gulping the threatening howl when Taehyung's pheromones started to waft through the air in a mixture of pain and vulnerability, confirming his assumptions are true.
Letting his eyes roam over those broken windows, the almost crumbling walls, he felt wary of even calling out Taehyung's name, knowing this is to lure him, afraid of hurting his mate further than the pain his sole existence caused,
further than the pain he could sense with the pheromones hanging in the air.
And right when he entered the supposed centre of the empty lair, his chest weighed heavy making the once erratic poundings dim to nothing as his eyes took a trembling form, curled within, chained to a pillar.
There came a silence that Jungkook couldn't pinpoint if it's the world blurring out or it was him.
His very being numbed on finding Taehyung, looking pale, drained out of his colours, bound and restricted of any movements, with fear and desolation etched in his face.
A whine slipped from his chest, making those azure eyes look straight at him. Jungkook felt himself tremble, every resolve in him crumbling as his chest ached for his mate, his wolf thrilling to be let out, to hold his mate.
Taehyung looked lifeless, empty and broken. It was as if he's slipping within himself, losing his every sense as he looked back at Jungkook like a distant memory. Jungkook staggered and moved, calling for his omega, his voice barely audible and winded, "Tae-e? Tae-hyungie.."
Maybe Jungkook would've seen the way Taehyung's eyes widened at his voice, if he wasn't too stuck up with having his omega in his arms. Maybe Jungkook would've heard Taehyung's soft 'No's' if he wasn't blinded to his surroundings, focusing only on rescuing his mate.
Because Jungkook had clearly missed a figure looming by the darkness, and had caught only when a cackle, full of dirty malevolence, echoed.
And before it could catch our Alpha's ear, a bow soared through the air, piercing through Jungkook's shoulder, making him trip backward at the force, caught off guard.
Taehyung screamed, "No!", straining his wrists against the cold rustling metal, trying to be freed, to tend to his alpha. His screams soon muffled in desperation when Jungkook fell on the ground losing his balance, "Jungkoo-Jung.. Jungkook-k"
Jungkook gasped, feeling the warmth of his blood seeping through his shirt. He broke his eyes off Taehyung to his left side, grunting as he grasped the bow, twisting and snapping in half, throwing it away as he looked at the dark.
Jaehyun had a wicked smirk that pulled a growl out of Jungkook as he stood up again, as though he hadn't been attacked before.
Taehyung looked up at him, gulping at Jungkook with tear stained eyes, checking for any pain reverberating his mate's scent, as if his own pain didn't matter at the moment.
"I almost had a nap. What took you so long, mutt?" Jaehyung spat, pressing on his last word. "Wait.. don't tell me going halfwit weakened your pace", while loading another arrow in his crossbow, the metal glistening in the dimly lit space.
"Jaehyun" "I'm not here for your stupid taunts. Release my mate when I ask you nice" Jungkook spat with his gritted teeth. He knew he had to be careful, when he didn't know what the other had up his sleeves.
Jaehyun sighed out a snicker, before his eyes turned darker than ever, feigning fake sadness, "That would ruin all my fun, won't you think?" aiming his bow straight at Jungkook.
A hiss slipped out of Jungkook, canines dropping along, as his iris spilled red in madness at his words. Taehyung is innocent, and Jaehyun indulged him for what cause. For fun, he said, and Jungkook thrummed to return the fun he deserved.
Taehyung's whimper went unheard as the next actions ran in a blur. Jungkook blindly aimed for Jaehyun, dodging the series of arrows, startling Jaehyun at how fast he neared him.
Jungkook had never felt his chest this heavy, suffocating him from his core. His eyes burned, anger taking him as he growled and growled, wanting to rip Jaehyun to shreds of nothing every time Taehyung's whimper fell on his ears, in the distance.
It was as if he had lost his mind, maybe he did lose, to something or someone, pressuring him to kill, kill and kill, throwing his claws at Jaehyun, scratching at anything he could to draw blood.
Until, Jaehyun screamed "You won't get the better of me, Jeon!" and hit his head with the bow on his hand. Jungkook flew to the ground, the other's strength took off guard, and his pupils returned normal when he saw what he missed.
Jungkook couldn't believe it, turning to look at his mate to ask what it was. Cause there stood Jaehyun with his eyes painted as one of his own, like the beast he is, with a sinister aura that sent shivers down his spine.
It felt wrong to see Jaehyun standing there looking so powerful, with darkness hurling and twisting around him. He wasn't given much chance to ponder on the 'How' as Jaehyun whished into the thin air in a second and shifted to a massive wolf of golden fur, before him.
And the next second, he was on Jungkook, pressing his clawed paws on his ribs as he growled in his face.
Jungkook tried moving, but the weight of him had him caged, the shock of finding out Jaehyun being a lycaon had him slowed down, giving advantage to the wolf above him.
Jaehyun was so close, so close to his neck, that Jungkook for a brink of a second thought he would rip his throat, when something like a rope, glowing bright and gold, tied around Jaehyun's head, and was then pulled off him.
Jungkook breathed hard, finding Joon trying to bound the huge wolf with the rope, the same rope which was once used on him as they took him away from Taehyung, to his death.
Jungkook knows what it is, Junghee called it auricbane, which was now forbiddened to practice. With a slight nod at Joon, Jungkook skipped towards Taehyung. Breaking the chains took him less than a second as Taehyung fell on his chest, clutching him hard as his dearest.
There came a sense of completion, with Taehyung in his arms, hugging him tight as he could, pushing his face on the crook of the other's neck, breathing him in, before he pulled away, caressing his face, "I can sense Hobi hyung outside, go. He will take you back home"
Jungkook made an attempt to walk, but Taehyung pulled at his wrist, back to him, shaking his head in small gestures, looking all over him, "I can't leave-e you–"
Jungkook felt his gut twist, let his fingers thread over those brown locks as he placed a soft kiss on his temple, then slipped them to cup his face, "I'm going to be okay,.. this- we will end this. You go, and make yourself safe"
He didn't know what to say, or what to do. Jungkook had never imagined in the slightest that Jaehyun could be a lycaon. But one thing he was sure of is, he wanted Taehyung to be safe. His eyes strained at Taehyung who was still shaking his head at him.
There was a thud, and Jungkook turned to see Joon on the ground and the wolf set loose. Jungkook whipped at Taehyung, pressing on his arms, "Go" and turned to hold Jaehyun.
Taehyung tears, clutching at his shirt, watching Joon and Jungkook trying their best to put him down. He wants to rush in, help them in any way he could, and he knows the best he could do is to not interfere.
Even if they are two against one, and with the way Namjoon was writhing on the ground clutching at his right thigh and Jungkook getting hits, bleeding in various places, gives away they are not enough to win against him.
It was as if Jaehyun had prepared for this day, fighting with his everything and shifting between his primal and human form whenever it was needed.
Taehyung felt dizzy, helpless and scared. He couldn't bear seeing his brother and Jungkook in their toughest situation He howls, clutching a log laying down there to support his weakened knees He couldn't bring himself to leave, prancing around, staggering, not knowing what to do
There came a cluster of hollerings from the outside, though the sounds were a bit distant, Taehyung could guess they were not far. Hobi. Hobi hyung. He could ask for help. Taehyung ran out, gritting his teeth and moving his legs faster that had his hands moving back and forth.
But as near as he got, he could sense, it was not just his pack warriors. There were scents mixed, unfamiliar, painful, angered and desolated.
He slowed down, panting, moving the branches off his eyes, as he neared step by step, finding numerous wolves fighting with each other. The Lee's. They are guarding, not letting anyone reach the part of woods that would lead back to the abandoned pack house.
Taehyung swivelled his head on either side, and heart wrenching when his eyes caught Hobi and Yoongi and the others equally frustrated and wounded as they fought back. He knew then, they had to be here to fight these heartless wretches.
He felt like howling, at the goddess above, tears welling in his eyes, wanting to ask the cause of this madness. With a dejected sob, Taehyung turned. He needed to be with Jungkook, not being able to go any further away from him and his brother.
Time is slipping away, and Taehyung rushes back without thinking. He had to be there with them. Even if he's helpful in no way to them, Taehyung didn't want to leave them alone.
And the moment he enters back in the house, Taehyung screams at finding Joon, motionless, laying in the pool of his own blood. He runs to his brother, cradling his head on his lap, "Joon- Joonie hyung? Hyung please?"
He shakes him up, caressing his face, but Joon remains lifeless with no way to link to his heart. He looks up with his tear jerking eyes and finds his mate huddling with Jaehyun in their wolf form.
For a moment, Taehyung finds Jungkook catching a glimpse of him, freezing in worry and then growling in anger. He had asked Taehyung to leave, and he is back again, so close to danger, which didn't settle well with him.
Taehyung wails when Jaehyun pounces on Jungkook, but with Jungkook being swift with his movements, lunged fast at Jaehyun, snapping him to the ground, hovering above him.
Jaehyun soon shifts back to his secondary form, making himself small, to escape Jungkook caging him. Jungkook snarled at his face, his canines looking horrific up close as his drool dripped down to Jaehyun's chest.
Jaehyun tries blocking his face with both of his hands, as Jungkook creeped at him, growling from his throat. His eyes were sharp, holding the pain, of witnessing his omega /chained/ and /controlled/
'π‘‡π˜©π‘Žπ‘‘ π‘€π‘œπ‘’π‘™π‘‘ π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘–π‘› π‘šπ‘¦ 𝑓𝑒𝑛, π‘€π‘œπ‘›'𝑑 π‘¦π‘œπ‘’ π‘‘π˜©π‘–π‘›π‘˜' A primal growl ripped out his chest, right in his face, making Jaehyun whimper like a pathetic loner, in fear. He pleas with incoherent words, curling beneath Jungkook, for mercy.
'That would ruin my fun' he said. His fun being his omega chained. His fun being commanding his mate to the point of breaking in his mind. Jungkook's eyes burned green, pinning Jaehyun with his paws.
Without further thought, Jungkook pounced, sinking his teeth, clamping a mouthful of his flesh, near the other's throat, close to his collar bones. Taehyung's breath heaved at that. It means one thing, and one thing alone.
Jungkook has asserted his dominance over Jaehyun, a display of control over the other. Jaehyun's screams are muffled into the raven fur who was holding him firmly in his place, his eyes gleaming a shade of madness. Relief floods in Taehyung, the duel ends right here. It should.
But right then, a knife plunged into Jungkook's throat in return, right where his neck and shoulder meet. It was Jaehyun, who when shifted had grabbed it for defence. The black wolf staggered back with a growl, falling beside Jaehyun, writhing to get it out.
Taehyung screamed, so loud, that it thrilled all over the woods. Blood spurted out of where the knife had been pierced in Jungkook. Taehyung moves away from his hyung, his veins popping by how loud he screamed. His link with Jungkook flooding with his mate's pain.
His face reddened, everything around him shutting to nothing, as he painfully watches Jungkook falling on the ground, his system forcing him to shift to his human form, as he pulls the knife out.
Taehyung didn't know when he had lost his voice, feeling numb as their mate bond now shimmered low to nothing within him. Jaehyun had a sick laugh, his teeth covered in his own blood as he layed helpless beside Jungkook.
Taehyung ran to him, sliding towards his alpha, trying to press on the wound to stop the bleeding. Jungkook was gasping, coughing up blood, the silver making it impossible for the healing to happen.
"Kookie- Oh goddess" he wheezes, screaming in his link to send help, not trusting his own voice at the moment. He could feel their bond running thin, "Jungkook, can you hear me? No no please don't close your eyes"
He can hear his father, linking back that they have captured the Lee's, and that they are running back, "Just a little more, Alpha, please stay with me-e" His voice breaks, brushing those strands off Jungkook's face, his touch so gentle and careful, and kissing his temple.
Taehyung taps at his face when Jungkook closes his eyes for a fleeting second, "My alpha, my strong alpha, please stay for me.. don't you think of leaving me alone here-e"
He cries, looking around if anyone has come only for his eyes to fall on Namjoon laying still, right where he had left him. He whimpers in distress, pressing his forehead on Jungkook's, listening to the fainting heartbeat.
"Please please please" he pants, the pain and emptiness feeling so intense that it feels like it was him who got the knife pierced in his neck. "Someone help, please" he whispers, hoping against everything that someone soon finds them.
His eyes then fall on Jaehyun who is now looking at him, his teeth full on display, chuckling at them. Taehyung sits straight, the emotions he felt once now numbing as he looks at him smile, even if he himself is wheezing for life.
Unlike Jungkook who was plunged with wolfbane, Jaehyun has his chance to survive with good healers. Taehyung can't let it happen, not when he has hurt Jungkook, not when he has hurt everyone around him.
Jaehyun froze, his healing body alerting as Taehyung stared at him intently. He felt it creeping in his skin, sending cold shivers when he witnessed those brown orbs bleeding pale blue. It looked as if Taehyung was possessed.
He looked nothing like the boy he knew, the one he had thought of manipulating to his likeness. This one, right before him, looked so manic that he dragged himself back with his elbows.
Taehyung's eyes darted to the chest, his insides churning on noticing how fast Jaehyun had started to heal. He felt the anger, as he narrowed his eyes at Jaehyun's face again, his small canines dropping.
Taehyung hissed, baring his teeth, as he crawled towards him. The snarl he released was nothing primal, but Jaehyun awoke in panic, now gliding on the floor with his front, edging with the elbows and knees.
He felt a hand on his calf, and yelped when claws delved in his muscles, before he was hauled back, roughly. He turned around, eyes blowing wide when he found Taehyung near his legs, creeping up to him.
He couldn't care less about his alpha pride, as he screamed at the omega, flailing his legs to kick him off. But Taehyung had grabbed on his legs, using his claws as a leverage to not free him.
And as soon as he neared Jaehyun's face, he growled, sounding ferocious and powerful that had every nerve on Jaehyun's body trembling. Jaehyun shook, raising his hands to slap Taehyung across his face, who in return, hit him, slashing his face with three dark red lines.
Jaehyun screamed. And Taehyung grabbed at his throat, plunging his nails in, and hissed right in front of his face, "You think you deserve forgiveness?" his voice was gravel as he scoffed, mimed under pain.
"A monster like you? You deserve nothing less than hell" Taehyung felt hot tears running down his face, body shaking as he couldn't control the pain and madness.
"I will make sure you received it" with that Taehyung sunk his claws so deep that he heard the blood slouching from the throat, as Jaehyun's life slowly squeezed out his eyes.
It didn't feel 'enough'. He couldn't feel the pleasure of seeing his life leaving so soon. It felt easy, compared to the pain he gave to the others, to the families of the kids he kidnapped, to his mate, to his brother.
With a growl and his teeth bared, Taehyung dived right into him. His mouth, streaming red when he rose again, panting, watching Jaehyun's lifeless eyes looking at nowhere.
And when his omega came down from his high, Taehyung's body shook with a new wave of tears as his eyes found Jungkook. In the empty hall, Taehyung cried so loud, because Jungkook was lying still, with his heartbeat still as he was.
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The first light of the morning gently touched the thick groove of trees, making it shimmer down in rays, soft and gold. The raven wolf stepped out of its abode, his fur running in waves to the cold breeze as he set his feet in the wet ground.
It felt eerily peaceful, to sit alone, watching the early birds starting their flights, the calm and silence of nature giving him a sense of comfort. Until. Until, someone bit on his tail and galloped ahead of him.
Jungkook yelped, standing up as he swished his tail in shock. The snow-furred menace started running around him as Jungkook grumpily sat back down with his tail between his back legs (now), side eyeing Taehyung trying to jump his snout into the ground, for God knows why.
When Taehyung didn't get the attention he craved from his mate, he ran back to him, nuzzling his whole body under his chin, then circling around him, rubbing his body against his, trying so hard for Jungkook to scent him back.
Yet, Jungkook sat still, exhaling little gruffs, looking up at the sky, ignoring his needy mate. He could hear Taehyung whine, wiggling his rear in front of his face before he flopped down before him,
rolling onto his back with his belly up, trying to reach the alpha with his little paws. If Jungkook was in human form, his cheeks would be hurting from how hard he would be smiling.
His heart swooned, watching Taehyung be full of his energy when half of the pack was still sleeping inside their dens.
He leaned in, softly nudging at Taehyung's belly with his snout, before licking up his smooth expanse, to clean him, as Taehyung's paw scraped his cheeks in gentle touches. Jungkook rumbled, nearing his face, rubbing his scent on the other's neck.
Taehyung purred at that, his inner wolf howling in serene when the musky scent started to stick on his skin. When Jungkook's scent started to reek off him, he pushed the raven wolf aside, much to Jungkook's dismay, who wanted to keep scenting his mate.
Taehyung walked a few steps ahead, shaking his fur to get the mud off his moon fur, and nodded his head at Jungkook to run beside him. Jungkook, who was still sulking for not getting to scent his mate a little more, turned his head to the other side, as if denying him.
Taehyung grumbled in short woofs at that, as the alpha kept his eyes away from him, uninterested, until Taehyung did his little stomps with his front paws, nudging towards the woods again, making Jungkook gruff, again.
The moment Jungkook stepped forward, pressing his front paws on the ground and stretching his whole body, Taehyung's tail wagged in excitement, his little stomps levered to quick taps not being able to control his happiness anymore.
Jungkook had his omega to take the lead, running behind him, as Taehyung galloped around the tall trees. His white fur amidst the dark greens was a delight in Jungkook's eyes, watching him halt every minute, waiting for Jungkook to catch up.
They ran all over the woods while playfully nudging each other, pouncing and biting each other's ears, tenderly.
They trailed inside 'The Kim's Pack', fewer wolves already on their morning duty, prancing to and forth the streets. Taehyung keened his eyes when he spotted Namjoon and Jin, talking with each other, outside the main pack house.
He howled for them to notice him, to which they waved back at him. And Jungkook slowed down a little in respect, bobbing his head in a nod when Namjoon bowed back at him, and took his pace faster to catch his mate.
Jungkook could run far faster than his mate. But he liked to see Taehyung try, slowing down each time Taehyung's pace slowed, just to remain behind him, as if he couldn't catch him up.
But now, he frowned when Taehyung stopped midway inside the deep canopy. He lifted his snout a little high, to sniff for any pheromones, and when he got none, he trailed beside him, until his eyes watched where Taehyung's was aimed at.
The cavern. The one where Jungkook first met Taehyung, the one where he learnt the meaning of 'Love', the meaning of 'mate', and the one filled with the memories of their love for each other.
He watched his omega walk in, and Jungkook took a few more minutes to calm his overwhelming emotions, as he followed Taehyung back in. The inside looked the same as it was 4 years ago, their scents still intact, making him wonder if it's possible.
Jungkook made a mental note to thank Namjoon, for not taking this place down. His eyes found a shifted Taehyung in the middle of the warmth, looking at their once nest of soft moss, those dried leaves, now dusted but still carrying the nostalgic memories.
Taehyung hugged himself, running his fingers over his shivered skin, his eyes starting to well up in tears. He felt a hand circling around him, Jungkook covering him with a spread, making him lean his back on the other's chest.
Jungkook perched his chin on his omega's shoulder, peppering soft kisses to his mate mark, glowing red on his honeyed skin. They remained silent, as Jungkook cradled him in his hug, holding him tight to his chest.
"We should come often" Taehyung uttered softly, his fingers playing with the moonstone, dangling from his neck, the one Jungkook gave with the promise of love. "I miss being here"
He felt Jungkook smile against his mark, nuzzling on his cheek. Taehyung felt safe and cherished in Jungkook's arm, a sense of comfort filling in, in the silence.
Jungkook hummed, mind hazed on how he felt with Taehyung for the past years, being his lifeline in his darkness. He never thought he'd be capable of love, but Taehyung, his mate, taught him what love is, and how to love.
His heart raced, fingers brushing against Taehyung's skin, feeling a burst of overwhelm and adoration for his omega. "I love you" he whispered, and Taehyung heard it close to his ears. He turned around in Jungkook's arms, looking at him with wordless emotions.
"I said I love you" Jungkook muffled his confession again, pecking Taehyung's lips. Taehyung giggled, his hands circling around Jungkook's neck, melting against him, "I know.."
He chuckled, throwing his head up as Jungkook pouted with a glare, pressing his lips on his throat, making Taehyung squirm with more laughter.
"You need to say it back" Jungkook uttered, his kisses trailing up to stop near his lips. Taehyung smiled, his fingers curling over Jungkook's strands, tucking them behind his ears, "I love you.. more than you do"
Jungkook grunted, rolling his eyes at that, and capturing Taehyung's lips, gulping down his giggles, then smiling against his lips, until soft footsteps echoed Taehyung stilled, Jungkook pulling himself away, eyeing Taehyung to get dressed, as they walked out of their old cavern
The sounds of twigs breaking and soft whimpers were heard, and Taehyung clutched his chest with a pout on the familiar antsy pheromones.
A boy, barely 3 years old, waddled to them with his tiny legs. His flushy cheeks, now tinted to pink as tears rolled on them. As soon as his reddened eyes fell on the couple, he raised his tiny hands, making small grabby gestures, as he started to wail.
Jungkook was soon to cradle him to his chest, Taehyung rushing the pup with questions. The pup hiccupped, as Taehyung tucks his wet hair behind his ears, pecking his temple.
"Eonnie is mwean to mwe" the pup whined making Taehyung to twitch his lips. But Jungkook chuckled at that, adoringly looking at his pup's soft eyes, that was a mix of pale blue and green.
Taehyung ruffled his hair, trying to calm his pup, when giggles erupted towards their way. There came Junghee, his mother, holding hands with Eunha, her features mirroring Eunwoo who is now peeking up at them between his little paws from where he nestled in Jugkook’s chest
On seeing Taehyung, Eunha leaped into his arms, pulling her tongue out to tease her twin brother, who whined making Jungkook to pass a soft glare at the elder as he trudged a step away to calm the bubbling tears of his son.
"Eunha, I told you not to tease your brother" Taehyung said in a firm voice. "I did not! He he cried saying he want kookoo! I did not do anything!"
Eunha whined, her words more clear than her brother, her little fake pout aimed at Taehyung's gentle stare. Unlike Eunwoo, her eyes are a replica of Jungkook, a pure lycaon
Jungkook's heart warmed at that, "you missed me? You missed your kookoo huh??" He cooed, nuzzling his nose on eunwoo's cheeks who tried to grab Jungkook's face to get away from his kiss attacks.
Eunwoo giggled, his laughs rumbling out from his belly as he squirms in Jungkook's hold. Taehyung jutted his lips out, feigning hurt, talking with a pouty voice, "you didn't miss me? You don't want Taetae?"
Baby eun's lips quivered at that, his glazed eyes now looking at Taehyung as he quickly reached out to Taehyung, grabbing his sleeve towards him, "no woowoo want ywo too"
They heard Junhee wheezing in laughter, nearing woo to boop his nose and ruffle eun's hair. The sight was too adorable, to see her once baby with a family of his own, being happy, as she always wanted.
Right then, as if something shifted in the air, Junhee watched the pair freeze, with their senses heightened. Taehyung gulped his worries, hearing a voice in their shared pack bond, 'Alpha Jungkook, your pack needs you'
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Jungkook winces at that, as everyone in his pack knows well, to not disturb him when he's having a quality time with his family, unless it's gravel and important.
Taehyung meets his eyes, and nods his head in understanding - their pack needs them. He turns to Junhee, sulking in his gaze, "We'll leave now, ma. Will come back soon.."
Junhee grunts a 'of course', threading the twins' hair for a second before stepping aside. With a final bow Jungkook and Taehyung left towards their pack, Eunwoo melting against his chest, and Eunha skipping while holding onto Taehyung's fingers.
As they reached the border of werewolves, and stepped towards the domain of Lycaons, Taehyung shivered. They walked a bit further, their kids chattering, when something caught Taehyung's eyes.
The once abandoned pack house, which held gruesome memories of almost losing his brother and Jungkook, is now being rebuilt into an official Manor for meetings between werewolves and Lycaons.
The builders stopped on seeing them, greeting their leaders with respected bow and wide smiles. Taehyung shares a warm smile of his own, asking Eun to wave her hands at them in return.
And soon his face dims right then when everyone turns to their works, reminded of the haunting night where Taehyung had really thought he had lost his two most important people' of his life.
But who would've thought of such an unexpected turn of events. A loving family with Jungkook as he wished. And a pack of their own.
Taehyung smiles, as Eun leaves him to walk by Jungkook, hugging himself trudging behind them, thinking back to the day when it all started.
– ready for a short flashback??? πŸ’€
It was a year after that fateful night – when Lee Jaehyun nearly took Jungkook's and Namjoon's life, that took them both weeks and months to heal and to wake.
Jungkook walked in the crowded streets, with his hands protectively raised over his heavily pregnant mate. Taehyung hissed, his face twisted in irritation at the buzzing sounds of noon.
He waddled close to Jungkook, tucking himself in Jungkook's arms, glaring holes and snarling at anyone who neared him by chance.
He already dreaded coming along with Jungkook, despite the Alpha having asked him too many times to just stay in. He was adamant with his choice, and now he didn't like how he's suffering from it.
A hand creeped up to his round belly, rubbing on it discreetly. Taehyung snarled, slapping the arm away, turning back to glare at Jimin who had an equally mad face.
"Get your paws off my bump" "I was just trying to help you ease a bit!" Taehyung gritted his teeth, turning to stick with a giggling Jungkook, muttering, "creep", making Jimin whine and complain to his own mate.
It was when Jungkook was trying to help Taehyung buy the exact taste of a sweet he wanted, when two figures approached them, their faces hidden beneath hooded coats.
Jungkook sensed them first, swiftly moving forward with his hand protectively aimed over his mate's bump, frowning. The two unknown men, probably Alphas by their strong scents, staggered, hesitating, before lowering their hood, revealing their faces.
One looked young with brunette curls while the other, the matured one of the two had some dirty scars on his face. Jungkook hadn't seen them two, anywhere, nor their scents gave away what pack they belonged to. "Alpha Jeon Jungkook-ssi?"
Jungkook keened his eyes, wondering how they knew him yet he didn't."Do I know you?" "Uhm, My name is Kai and this is Soobin" he introduced, pointing to the one beside him who bowed low at Jungkook, continuing, "And no Alpha, we are strangers to you"
"We and a few more wolves lie beyond the northern caves. We've heard of you andΒ  come with a request and we mean no harm in making it", Kai uttered.
Jungkook's frown deepened, the northern part of the woods have never been ventured by any werewolves. None even thought there's a land beyond to live, considering the thick fog that covered the entire space.
He softly nodded his head at them,asking to continue, ignoring Taehyung who is now peeking at them by his shoulder. And the mates freeze on their next words. "What do you think about leading a pack, Alpha?"
The main hall hung heavy with tension, Taehyung's father seated in the middle, his back leaning on his chair, and his fingers thrumming on the desk before. His eyes were sharp and pointed at the two before him.
"So, you're telling me that- /that/ Lee Jaehyun made you a promise", his voice cut through the silence, "to provide you with a number of Lycaons, in exchange for your allegiance in making him your leader?"
Kai nodded his head, making Namjoon fume further. "Wait, let me get this straight.. that bastard thought he could just waltz inside every pack, kidnap our pups and turn them into the beast of the breeds you all are, just so you and your bunch of rogue wolves will follow him?"
Taehyung's father stood up from his side beside Joon, exhaling a puff of air when the words sank in. Now they got to know why Jaehyun kidnapped the strongest Alpha pups from every pack.
Since none knew of his schemes, even his own father, who was ashamed and embarrassed of his two sons, they were left clueless. And finding every pup safe and harmless made them drop their every other question.
But knowing what would've happened to those innocent pups if they hadn't stopped him at the right time, twisted his guts. Maybe he had thought younger ones will be easy to manipulate and to train in their transformation phase?
His thoughts halted when Kai spoke in a hurried tone, "I truly apologise if my words led to any such misunderstandings. We're just a group of wolves who have struggled to survive without a leader for years.
"Lee Jaehyun ssi was the one who found us first, and when we questioned his choices, he assured us that he was already leading a pack of Lycaons and proposed a merger."
"We weren't aware of his true intentions until later. I was to search for him after his long absence from us and that's when I learned of the situation. Also that is when we got to know there's a powerful Lycaon here, with an alpha's bloodline, born to lead a pack one day.."
"Though we are glad of everyone's safety, our concerns remain with our situation" Kai uttered, his words more gentle and mature. "And what might that be?" Namjoon urged them to continue further.
"And what might that be?" Namjoon urged for them to continue further. ".. that we are leaderless. For years.. after our Alpha, Ragnar, didn't return to us"
His words held a tinge of bitterness that had Taehyung's father drop his head. He knows who Ragnar is, as he's the first Lycaon who ever entered their territory only to get betrayed by the ones he thought of as friends, just in desire to get strong as him.
Silent gasps filled the space. No pack is without a leader. And if there are some, they are named as rogues. Because there is no way any would survive this long without a leader.
Kai continued despite the gloom shadowing the hall, "We've tried for years to survive on our own but we couldn't and have lost many of our kin. Some were stranded, turning to rogues, and others didn't make it.."
"We are desperate for an alpha to lead us, not just for us, but for our pups as well.. we cannot lose anymore of us.."
Junhee was the first to break the silence, "How can we trust you? It is not easy for me, for us, to trust our cherished son to visit unfamiliar places, unguarded. Especially like where you are from.."
She stood, taking daring steps towards them, "Lead us there, and let us decide" her words were sharp. Kai's jaw tightened at that. It is not easy to let the others enter where their home is. Still he nodded a 'yes', knowing it's the only way to gain their trust.
The place he led them to, was covered in thick fog, veiling the path from other's eyes. It felt like a natural defence, to shield and to hide from other prying eyes. Might be one of the powers lycaons possess, Namjoon thought.
Like the time they searched for Taehyung when Jungkook's wolf took him, running around as if in a maze, caught in between similar fog grooves. And the time, Jaehyun hid himself away, and they only were able to reach cause of Taehyung's scream in their links.
Chills rose up Taehyung's spine as when the fogs cleared up, rugged tents and a few caves came into view. There were people, wolves, roaming around, little pups chasing the others, giving a lively vibe to the place.
Though it didn't particularly look how a pack should be, yet the sight showed how a big family would be. Everyone stunned in silence as soon they sensed them, getting defensive and alert.
Kai walked forward, wanting to introduce Jungkook, their new pack leader, along with the others. But before he could, a voice shot through, gaining everyone's attention, despite the vulnerability in it. "Jungkook-k..?"
Taehyung turned towards the voice, to find a girl, probably the same age as his, looking alluring with her eyes pale grey as the moon itself, limping towards them. "Jungkook oppa-a..?"
Her voice was full of hope, laced in aching hesitation that filled the entire ground. She looked desperate. And something snapped inside Taehyung when his mate bond with Jungkook thrilled with pain and something more.
Her voice croaks yet again, "Oppa-a.. is that really you?" She calls again, words stuttering with heavy tears, waiting for anything to confirm that it's really Jungkook before her.
"Jiha.." Jungkook called for her, his voice low and raw. And that seemed enough, as the girl, Jiha, ran to his arms, hugging him, checking on his scent. She cried out loud then, the tears wrenching from her heart, mumbling incoherent words.
"Oh goddess-s. Is this really you? Oppa?? Is it really you-u? They said you were dead!" she fretted, her hands running all over his face, his arms, his torso, then hugging him tight, clinging to his one arm with both her hands, melting in his chest.
Jungkook seems muted, his cries soundless, as he hugged her so tight in his arms, kissing her head once and twice then pulling her close, afraid of even letting go a second, that it would make her vanish in thin air.
Taehyung learns then that it is Jiha, Jungkook's dearest younger sister, who was able to survive the tragedy that night, with the help of Isuel, Yugeom's mate, who carried her away from the harm.
Most of the Omegas, and pups-grown to adults, who had safely escaped upon their Alpha, Jungkook's father's command, were then located by Kai, who ensured the protection they needed at then.
Though most had died of heartbreak from losing their mates, their families, like Isuel, when the horror of what happened to their pack was heard, Taehyung could still see many of them who could recognise Jungkook.
Taehyung could still feel the same respect and happiness from day one, when they entered the pack, everyone welcoming him with wide smiles, as Jungkook walks in with a bouncing Eunwoo in his arms.
But his smile was short-lived, when a few guards ran towards them, making Jungkook's shoulder go taut. He handed Eunwoo back to Taehyung, turning away to know of the situation he was called for.
Taehyung pecked the whiny baby, sighing when Eunha sneaked off at the chance, then turning his attention to Jungkook who looked serious. A loud voice was heard his way, making him flinch. "Eunwoo-ya!!"
Jiha skips to him with a very grown cuddles in her hold. And snatching Eunwoo from Taehyung's arm when the little bundle tries to get a hold of the bunny, and swirling them both around, ignoring the terrorised look on cuddles who is trying to escape this madness.
"Where is my baby princess?" She asks, her eyes perfectly aimed at Taehyung, despite not being able to see him. "That brat ran away.." that makes Jiha giggle, then blowing gentle raspberries on woo's belly, making him wheeze in laughter.
Taehyung finds Jungkook coming his way. He asks him, his face full of concern "Is everything alright? Did anything happen?"
"Some rogues were spotted near our border.." Jungkook ruffled his hair back, a smug smile on his lips. "Maybe they were searching for their mates?"
Taehyung snides a chuckle, slapping at his chest. "Make sure to not harm them to death. Maybe some are waiting for their rogue mates?"
Jungkook snorted at that, pulling Taehyung by the waist, "Roger that, Captain" Taehyung giggled, trying to get away yet Jungkook tightened his grip on his waist, his nails digging in.
"My kiss?" "Oh right" Taehyung placed a loud kiss on Jungkook's awaiting puckered lips. Jungkook tugged on his lower lip, taking it a bit longer than intended and smiling in the kiss when he heard Jiha faking a gag.
"Are you two seriously kissing in public? With woowoo right here?" She asks in disbelief, making Jungkook to release Taehyung, only to find a very disgusted Jiha covering Eunwoo's eyes. Taehyung tugs at his sleeve, sniding, "Try to be careful, my Alpha"
A huge smile broke on his face. With a final kiss to his lips, muttering "I will", and ruffling Eunwoo's hair, Jungkook turns around, and runs to check on the rogues, along with his own set of warriors.
~~~~~ The End ~~~~~ πŸ’Œ Thank you to everyone who stayed till the end, PATIENTLY, with me. I wouldn't say I'm glad to finish this story. CAUSE I'M NOT. I feel empty now. This is the first au I ever wrote. Though I'm kind of happy to see it finished, a major part of me is SAD.
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