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km 18+ cw. degrading. a/b/o. jm’s self defence instructor is hungry.

part 1.
km 18+ cw. abo. when jm shows up to his first self defense class, he doesn’t expect to come face to face with the alpha that took his virginity in high school.
jm’s stunned to silence. jk’s face is so close to his own, making it hard to breathe. the omega’s gulp is comedically loud.
“what? cat got your tongue? you seemed pretty sure of yourself when you were acting like a bitch in heat just a few minutes ago.” jk’s wolfish grin successfully makes jm squeeze his legs together in arousal. holy fuck.
“jk…” his voice comes out weak. the effect jk has on him is quite literally the world’s 8th wonder. everything the alpha does— his words. his movements. his motherfucking aura.
it’s all so overwhelmingly enticing. jm’s never had this much of a carnal desire for someone, but seeing the man that took away his innocence like this, smirking down at him, might just send him into an early heat.
“what was that, jm-ah? i couldn’t quite hear you.” yeah. no shit. jm wants to cry. why the fuck is this happening to him?
he could’ve been home by now, snuggled up in his soft pjs and, most likely, thinking about jk’s cock up his a— fuck this. “i..i thought you didn't remember me.”
jk leans back, looking rather bored. he leisurely brushes the tip of his tongue over the dangling piercing hanging from his lower lip. “is that right? tell me something, jm…” the eye contact is suffocating. “how could i ever forget that sweet little cunt of yours?”
jm gasps, surprised by the alpha’s bluntness. shit. he realizes he’s slowly walking backwards, back almost hitting the gym’s heavy door. it’s quiet. everyone must’ve left by now.
“oh, don’t give me that bullshit, baby. you walked in there in your slutty outfit and thought i wouldn’t want a taste?” jk’s getting closer. he looks fucking scary, eyes dark with hunger.
“wait.” jm pleads. “i’m sorry for provoking y-“ the alpha’s laugh is maniacally loud. his head’s thrown back, revealing his thick neck. jm swears he sees veins run across the length of it. he’s fucked. “you’re so cute.” jk snickers.
the omega realizes he’s being pushed back into the gym a little too late. one moment he’s watching jk shake his head in amusement, the next he finds himself guided towards the changing rooms. oh.
“you got a boyfriend. jm-ah? how many alphas have had you since highschool, hm? think i left your pussy loose and sloppy enough for them?” there’s slick leaking down jm’s thick thighs. fuck, jk is so hot.
he remembers it so vividly— the way he’d presented for the alpha, ass up, legs spread. he’d begged and begged and begged. jk was popular. he’d presented a lot earlier than jm.
everyone wanted to get in his bed after rumours started going around about him fucking six orgasms out of a younger omega before he even came once. if he was intimidating then, he’s a menance to society now.
“answer me.” jm thinks that being thrown into a locker has never felt so good. “no, i’m…” it’s getting harder not to cry. “i’m single.” there’s a single pat on his head. “good. not like it’d matter, tho. it’s just you and me now, pretty.”
jk kisses with expert lips. it feels so good, having his hot mouth melt against his own, skilled tongue exploring. it’s different than last time. jk’s rougher, hungrier. he’s taking jm apart piece by piece, devouring him whole.
their coats are long forgotten, gym bags thrown on the hard floor in the midst of their intense makeout session. it’s filthy, sounds obscene. no one can comepare, jm thinks.
no one can compare to jk’s calloused hands, his smoky scent and buff body. the omega can’t help but rest his hands on the hard chest in front of him. their size difference is a little ridiculous. jk chuckles, breaking the kiss.
“what? not gonna fight back at all? looks like you really are just a cock-hungry whore after all.” jm moans, looking dazed. it’s like he’s being transported back to highschool— to being newly presented and suddenly curious about what being knotted would feel like.
“yeah. let’s have some fun.” when jk rips apart jm’s expensive, pink leggings effortlessly, he can’t help the growl that escapes him. pink panties. lace panties. pink lace panties. “would you look at that.” he whistles.
the alpha doesn’t even bother taking them off, simply slides the skimpy underwear to the side to reveal jm’s waxed hole, bare and tight. not like that g-string covered much anyway. jm’s as wet as a virgin. the sight’s quite endearing. some things never change.
“pretty. you keep yourself soft down here for me, baby?” tattooed fingers tease between jm’s thighs, wet with slick. jk’s always loved groping him. jm gives himself a pat on the back for the numerous squats he incorporated in his workout routine.
“please. no more.” the omega begs uselessly. “don’t be stupid. be good and tell alpha how much you want him to ruin your filthy cunt.” jm stills. it’s the same phrase jk used all those years ago. he knows what he wants.
“but-“ the slap to his ass cheek stings. “do you need me to remind you, jm? c’mon. say it.” if there’s a hell, jk would surely rule over it. it’s so, so painfully embarrassing.
the words barely leave his mouth. “alpha…” he starts off slowly, voice shaking. jk isn’t the patient type, gives jm another slap, harder than the last. he fucking loves jm’s whimpers. god, jm can’t believe he’s doing this.
“p-pretty please… use my virgin cunt. i-it’s all yours.” the alpha grins, pleased to hear that after what feels like decades. “ha! not bad. you almost had me convinced.” jm squeaks as two long fingers make their way inside of him.
he’s holding onto the locker for his dear life. he can hear jk curse behind him. probably cause he’s pushing back his ass with each thrust. “minx.” the alpha adds two more fingers, scissoring jm’s hole open.
with every shove of his fingers there’s an obscene amount of squelching. jm’s leaking never stops. there’s a series of ‘ah. ah. ah’s coming from the omega, too fucked out to care about whether or not someone might hear them. jk pulls on his hair, annoyed.
“should’ve known a slut like you wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut.” after a couple more spanks, the fingers disappear, leaving jm empty and gaping. he’s turned around again, finally facing his one and only prince charming.
“aw. are you seriously that fucked out from my fingers only, love?” jm can barely stand, using his hands to weakly hold onto jk’s broad shoulders, barely reaching. he babbles something incoherent, plump lips forming a pout. “can’t hear you if you mumble like a child, jm.”
“i said…” he sniffles “i need you inside.” pft. “inside where, hm?” god fucking damn it. “just f-fuck me, already!” he shouts louder than expected, sound carrying throughout the whole room.
jk’s stunned, eyes round. the omega covers his mouth with dainty hands, not believing what just happened. his cheeks are as red as a rose. “damn. didn’t know you had that in you. but, since you’re so desperate…” jm’s feet say goodbye to the floor. oh.
jk lifts him up like he weighs nothing, strong tattooed arms hooked around the omega’s waist to keep him up in the air. jm’s much like a koala climbing a tree— a sexy fucking tree. “gonna pop your cherry all over again.”
there’s no time for protests as jk thrusts his cock inside jm’s raw hole, filling him up in one go. jm’s moans are close to screams. “shit. tight as fuck.” the omega nods dumbly, can’t even hear as he imagines himself carrying jk’s babies.
he’s so deep, reaching all the way to his stomach. jm’s body molds around the alpha’s cock, making room only for him. his grip around jk’s neck is pretty much useless, tired arms barely holding on. it doesn’t matter, anyway.
jk has him suspended in the air without even breaking a sweat. he’s got his eyebrows furrowed, biting his lip as he fucks and fucks and fucks jm into oblivion. there’s slick everywhere— their bodies, the lockers, even the floor.
the air smells like sex and jm’s sure whoever comes in here after they’re done is gonna need more than one therapy session. not his problem. jk bites jm’s milky skin, leaving bruises from his neck down to his chest. it’s beautiful.
“i- i’m gonna-“ the omega’s shaking with pleasure. jk snickers “yeah. come on my cock, baby.” it takes three more thrusts for jm to squirt all over their bodies, eyes rolling backwards.
jk’s tattooed skin glows in the dim light of the room. he’s fucking jm through the aftershocks of his orgasm, speeding up the rythm of his thrusts with a growl building up in his throat. jm almost bares his neck for him. how is he not tired? he looks feral.
no other man has fucked him this good. the over sensitivity catches up to him soon, little cries coming out.
“jk-ah! p-please. can’t a-anymore.” there’s tears running down his flushed cheeks, voice trembling. “shh. you’re a big boy now, jm-ah. think you can handle some alpha cock without so much bitching.”
despite the omega’s weak protests, jk keeps fucking into him like an animal, desperately seeking his own release. jm wonders what jk’s like in rut. is he even rougher? does he get even bigger? how many times can he knot in a row?
by now, the omega’s body hangs uselessly over jk’s, head resting on top of his shoulder. everything’s blurry and faded. jk’s knot fully enters his hole a few minutes later, stretching his cunt to it’s limit. “you with me, baby? feel how i’m pumping you full?”
jm can’t even talk, barely nods. he thinks he can hear jk laugh, but he’s not sure. he’s so full, he thinks he might burst. “gotta…..take…..a pill….” he murmurs into the alpha’s shoulder, passing out from exhaustion.
he wakes up alone, fully dressed in clothes that definitely don’t belong to him and smelling clean and fresh. the locker room’s all cleaned up. jm blushed crimson. did he seriously fuck in a public space? what the fuck was he thinking? he face-palms himself.
that bastard, shit-eating, ungrateful little— “look who’s back.” jk’s leaning against the doorframe like he didn’t just fuck the sanity out of jm. “you really passed out, huh? how’re you feeling?”
jm doesn’t know if he wants to punch him or kiss his stupid, handsome face. “yeah…um” he clears his throat. “that was…a little intense.” he gives the alpha a small smile. jk’s grin is expected.
“still a darling, i see.” he comes forward and sits down in front of jm. “sorry for ruining your clothes. i’ll make sure to pay for them.” fuck those damn clothes. “go out with me?” jm blurts out before he can stop himself.
“jm-ah, you’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” suddenly tattooed fingers grab jm’s chin, pulling him forward until their lips clash together.
jk bites into the omega’s lower lip, pulling slightly as he returns to his innitial position. “i’ll see you next week.” AD0RMIN.
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