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fudgeface on the street⁷

fudgeface on the street⁷

Feb 18, 2023
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aww. yoongi’s photofolio gives off the impression that he can make a home out of anywhere else in the world, even the great, looming outdoors, and honestly that’s what he feels like to me, too.

i love how it’s like… a portable magic shop. a place where you can rest with him and be surrounded by creature comforts even when you’re in unfamiliar territory, and to me that actually encompasses yoongi in the life of many people in the world.
on a gay note it also gives me the my girlfriend and i’s subaru joke in every wlw community like hell yeah camping and sapphic romance. tale as old as time lmao
ok sorry i just had a minute to check my phone and thought i should say words bye ily (i love yoongi) happy birthday hobi now and forever
fudgeface on the street⁷
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