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Dan Szymborski

Dan Szymborski

Feb 18
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My Saturday fun project: using AI, every US president as a Pixar character.

Some of the odder outake four-packs for recent presidents.
I did like ultra-ripped ginger Ford.
In like half of the Teddy Roosevelt four-packs, there was at least one image in which Midjourney tried to make him a Teddy Roosevelt teddy bear.
There were lots of options for Garfield, but I couldn't help in this case picking the one with the tiny, jaunty hat.
Here's a link to a slightly larger one for anyone who wants it.…
Precisely nobody will believe me, but except for stuff like specifying mutton chops for Arthur and an older Cleveland, I made sure to not have any positive/negative prompts to bend it a certain way. I was trying my best to *not* do any political commentary. And still...
Here's another outtake I did not share. Teddy Roosevelt ready to bust some trusts, you, and everyone you ever loved.
Between all the teddy bear Teddys and the giga-chad Teddys, it's amazing I found any normalish ones.
We also had one in which Millard Fillmore became very armed for some reason.
Naturally, as a result of this image, I wanted to see Space Marine Millard Fillmore.
Dan Szymborski

Dan Szymborski

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