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Short ๐Ÿงต on vital info from this study wrt cardiac damage in children after Covid. H/T @T. Ryan Gregory Many have claimed that Covid is a nothing burger in kids. This recent study shows though the extensive cardiac damage that children acquire post Covid...โ€ฆ

For parents out there, you may want to take note of the signs and symptoms of heart conditions resulting from a Covid infection...
Description of signs and symptoms of cardiac involvement in children post Covid. Among these are tightness or pain in the chest, palpitations and hypotension.
Noted in the study is the level of damage in the hearts of children after Covid, some being hard to detect through tests like EKGs. Damage goes to the cellular level as necrosis and apoptosis (cardiac cells that have "died") have been seen. Fibrotic tissue is also seen...
To replace normal heart tissue, which may result in "stiffening" of heart muscles. (Fibrotic tissue is similar to what replaces your skin when you develop a scar) Inflammation of the heart's lining was also noted in some cases. Covid isn't mild in kids. It never was.
Notes showing cardiac damage in children. Inflammation of the heart's lining, necrosis in cardiac cells, as well as replacement of normal heart tissue by fibrous tissue were noted .
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