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PERSONAL "BEST OF" TKK FIC REC LIST for @Aru⁷ | Agust D Tour and FACE is coming!! filled with fandom classics. Will make into a thread and add accordingly, because I grew up with the Dewey Decimal system.

1. Maybe I Love You, by kaihua. Now an orphaned fic, but at 150K, this is one of the GOAT. I call it the canon-adjacent fic, featuring producer-KTH and idol-JJK. Childhood friends to strangers to enemies to lovers to exes to endgame.
Still one of the main fics that got me into TKK. If this were the 2017 Oscars, this won Best Picture. Standing ovation and a box office hit for good reason. - > orphaned but still available online: Until It's Gone. College AU
2. Truth So Loud, by thestarsabove - Groundbreaking canon fic at 88K written in 2018. A painfully honest, beautiful fic that's very well-written and well-developed and well-paced. Is aware of the pitfalls and logisitical, technical issues of having the two maknaes in a secret
relationship. So realistic, in fact, that it predicted the 2020 Grammy nomination and the 2022 hiatus. Accdng to her calculations, Bangtan will reunite in 2026. And so will TKK. πŸ˜‚
> Other fics of @thestarsabove 🌌: three weddings and a love story is a personal favorite, but all her other works, especially the body-temp magical realism college AU is also a joy to read:
3. Stars, Or Moons, or Something by redpangur at @dream glow owoah πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™ - this is the fic that made me pay attention to TKK in the first place. Also set in canon, and also self-aware, and has an excellent JK voice.
This is both idealistic and painful, but is a bit more internal than TSL from #2. TSL was very self-aware, and the consequences felt immediate; however, this one is told from the softest corner of JK's heart, and the pining and heartache was precious to encounter.
A joy to reread the 6 times I've done it.
> Other fics of theirs: You're My Blue is my favorite college AU. > August Slipped Away is strangers to lovers, Gilmore Girls-esque but also Big Fish; coming-of-age trope turned on its head. i love it dearly.
4. sonΓ‘mbulo, by batman or @tee πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ at 57K - once in awhile you encounter a writer who has such a distinct voice that you'd spot their writing from a mile away; batman is one such writer. this one is an Inception AU, and I hadn't seen the movie, but knew the plot
and gist of that universe. this blew me away, prior knowledge or no. her style of writing mirrors the level of the dream, if that makes sense. it felt like jorge borges' the garden of forking paths. even now, i can't belive this fic exists.
> other fics of hers that I broke my brain: summer; blue is a modern fairytale and a soulmate AU that carries her beautiful, distinct way of writing: at 66K words.
5. how to disappear completely, by @zero 71K words - if you've been reading TKK fic, you've read this. honestly, anything and everything they write is a masterpiece, or a masterpiece in process? very vivid way of story-telling.
if batman has a particular voice and has layered story-telling, zero has that cadence and diction and vocabulary that just changes with the character voice the story is being told from.
the narrator has never been more unreliable. this one features agoraphobic JK and his beautiful neighbor from 9D. > other fics of theirs that broke my heart: featuring an older, gender-fluid taehyung
and JK as the bartending ex-straight who falls for him. also features a rundown ramen bar, a rooftop confrontation, and a time skip. you know it's gonna be good.
6. The Doorman, by @ev at 259K words - the word count is intimdating but so, so necessary. ev is a masterful storyteller. world-building, and detailing, and exposition but also introspection and mood-lighting and ambient soundscapes all with the English language.
i can't emphasize enough how this fic was a revelation, and I can't believe it's just floating out there in the interwebs for free.
if they turn this into a movie, it's going to at least be a trilogy and has to have a Hans Zimmer soundtrack. wouldn't expect less. > other fics of hers love: "prosody of misconception" is a college AU that outstrips its genre.
unfortunately, she took it down, but I think you can still ask for a copy (if you do it nicely).
7. Bloom / Break series by @FW is three fics and 313K words in total. My quintessential Found Family fic. Deals with the nitty-gritty of growing up and falling in love. They share a house and build a life in Canada; OT7 at its best.
Other fics of hers that broke me, in general: Fade Into You deals with the attrition of romance. To this day, the best exes to lovers fic of theirs that I've encounatered.
Found family that deserves more recognition: Soft Sounds from Another Planet at 90K words. Green card marriage AU, featuring a treehouse, a laundromat and the different ways we speak love.… by @s.
The Best Post-Apocalyptic AU: All The Years of Us, by TrappingLightningBugs. She goes by the same username on tumblr. 142K words of sandy, gritty worldbuilding, and its incredible how quickly you feel part of the landscape. Coming of age, with zombies.
An underrated sports AU: "grievances to air" by conclusions (introductions), 43K words. JJK is a swimmer. KTH is a zany wunderkind. There's something about pre-2019 TKK that was very guileless and unassuming, and their bickering here was so lovely.
odd jobs AU: In Terms of Phonetics, by @πŸ‘½ is 7K words and a riot. KTH is Q/espionage guy behind the earpiece who keeps on getting misdirected calls about The Most Inane Things from one JJK. Is it as fun as it sounds? Even more fun than it sounds.
one of the best coming-out fics I've ever read: The Beauty and Elegance of A Bad Idea, by @βœͺ or hyperlight on AO3. 31K words of love and the arduous task of being comfortable with yourself; feat. best friends, lingerie and best-kept secrets.
The "Even If You Didn't Give a Fuck About Bangtan, You'd Enjoy" Fic is DNA by AlainaMill - has themes of poverty, being in and out of the system, and violence. there's no magic switch nor a deus ex machina that suddenly redeems their life situation.
-- there's no redemption, but there are these two boys who grow together and fall in love. 67K words that fly by.
Lover's Spit Left on Repeat (8K) by cosmogeny; feat OT7 and a love confession that encapsulates what *we* love about taekook. so happy to witness the yearning.
Peak Comedy is 'That Thing You Do, Do It Again' 41K words -- the chaotic sibling of hyperlight's 'beauty and elegance...' feat vmk roomates, KTH with a crush, and a confused jk who endearingly veers off into himbo territory. Adorable and a joy.
Other fics of RNA that are an unadulterated riot: 'id flex, but i like this shirt' features a gymbro jk and one of the most relateable takes on tae ever. 25K words. if you're looking for a sign to work out, don't. read this fic instead.
My (Personal) Favorite ABO: dovekook's "White Wolf," mixes that trope of urbane KTH meeting small-town JJK. 61K words. ABO is One Big Genre with a lot of range, but this fic has all i love about ABO: found family, furballs, and a full-moon date.
other works of @vi that I've loved (written with a brand of dark imagery and vivid storytelling): is "If You Were Mine," 8K words of paid-for-sex KTH and his client, JJK. So much story for the word count.
A Pretty Woman AU but More Romance than Comedy: Walls Gold-Plated, 114K by @☾ Featuring a sweet but scrappy KTH and JJK as the morally gray schmuck who loves him. Still the most memorable use of a Gucci store, a valet, and a parking lot.
THE Childhood Friends AU: You're So Special (2017) by miniinim is 87K words long and more than a decade of pining. Rarely do you get the whole children-to-teens-to-lovers without the time skip, and it was a treat to witness each of TKK's milestones.
Atmospheric Fic that Reminds you Of A Novel: wave, by tata_mic ia 29K words of dystopian, alternate reality set in a world where everyone lives in The Pit, a 350 sq m block of concrete that houses entire cities.
The last place to fall in love, the first hole to eat you whole. Wave remindes me of that Afrofuturistic novel by Nancy Farmer, "The Ear, The Eye and The Arm." If you've read it, you'll know what i mean. @El Diabla is an underrated writer.
Fic that Made Me Laugh a Lot, then Cry A Lot: Psychic 10-12 Club by Ghoulie_Cruz started out with a crack-y premise then went on to cover falling in love, family dynamics, failing at but following your dreams anyway. 92K words of insightful writing.
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