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Feb 19
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I’m on pace to make over $750,000 in my first year in land flipping: Here is my process of how I went from someone who knew nothing about land to having the potential to NET over $750,000 in my first year:

A few months ago, I knew that I needed to create a cash generating business. I wanted to invest in my private equity deals and support myself financially outside of getting developer fees.
I wanted to ensure that I would never force a deal to just make a fee to keep my financial house in order. So I went to work. My new business would need to be remote enabled and allow me to use my skillset to get early wins. I didn't want to start in an entirely new industry.
I researched starting and scaling a wholesaling and flipping company again, but didn't want the headache of doing that remotely. I briefly looked into virtual wholesaling but I did not like the business model.
The model does not align with my moral code. Many of the gurus in the space talk about keeping sellers on the hook without a promise of closing and talk about how many deals they are backing out of. It felt like a spray and pray type of business and I didn't like that.
I looked into an internet business and insurance but neither of these lit my fire. I continued to look for something that was valuable and interesting to me. I found land flipping on the RETIPSTER podcast and dove headfirst into it, learning everything that I could.
After exhausting the podcast and the blog, I decided to pull the trigger on buying a coaching course. I followed the course to a T and started sending out mailers religiously each week.
I enrolled in a the CRM and Website - Pebble and hired a live answering service, PAT LIVE to answer all the calls from the mailers.
I targeted counties in Florida and South Carolina with lower than a 200 person per square mile population like Georgetown County, SC using […].
I chose these markets because of they displayed little seasonality; snow wasn’t everything and business did not slow in the winter. I target larger than 2 acre tracts and used Pryced, an online research and data tool, to pull my data to mail.
I sharpen my list by scrubbing out duplicate owners, government owners, owners with no addresses, blank owners and owners with contested ownership. After getting this list in my inbox, I assign a 30% of market price per acre offer price for my mailers.
I get the market price per acre by building a zip code specific comparable list from Zillow and Redfin comparables. I use the chrome extension “Zillow Data to excel.” to easily pull sold comparables from the last 12 months from Zillow.
You can easily download past land comps from Redfin at the bottom of the screen on the right side of the page too.
Depending on the size of the county, I will individually price zip codes on a per acre market average for that specific zip code to target even better. After finishing the assigning of zip codes, I will send out my mail using Pebble’s mailing system.
I am sending out on average between 2500-4000 mailers per week. My deal size is between 15-20K and I average getting a deal every 2000-2500 mailers. This is the magic of land investing!
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I’m on pace to make over $750,000 in my first year in land flipping: Here is my process of how I went from someone who knew nothing about land to having the potential to NET over $750,000 in my first year:
Clay Hepler

Clay Hepler

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