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Kaisoo au; Kai smiles, momentarily forgetting about his work when he receives a pic of Kyungsoo.. He then immediately texted back.. 'Cute' 'πŸ₯°' 'Not you but your glasses' '😭' 'I'll be home in an hour' '😘'

As promised he went home and hugged Kyungsoo who welcomed him with a bright smile.. "Party's over?" He looks around and the home was a little messy but all the guests have left already.. "Yeah..I cleaned up a bit and slept for an hour"
"I have a gift you" At that Kyungsoo's face brightens up in excitement and his eyes followed Kai who walked to his room and came back after a few seconds.. "Here" he hands over a glass jar full of chocolates..
"Chocolates?!" Kai enjoyed the little bit of disappointment in Kyungsoo's face which the latter tried to hide it.. "Yeah..I know You love" "I do love them but why so much?" Kyungsoo pouts.. He just shrugged and went back to his room to freshen up..
The next morning he wakes up to the smell of Kyungsoo's pancakes and went straight to the kitchen.. He sips his banana milk and silently watches the other who's busy cooking.. "Did you try that chocolate?" "Yeah yum"
He hums as he backhugs Kyungsoo.. "Don't eat too much okay? There are exactly 60 chocolates and you should eat only one per day" "One?! Come on you know me" Kyungsoo giggles.. "I can't control myself when it comes to chocolates" "But it's not good if you eat too much.."
"That's why I gave half of it to Baekhyun" Kai stuns and turns around Kyungsoo aggressively with a horror struck face.. "WHAT?" "What? Baekhyun is going to Japan today so I gave him a few when he came to meet me this morning" "OH MY GOD.. Kyungsoo.." he whines helplessly..
"What happened?" Instead of answering he runs to check the glass jar in the living room..He sighs seeing the half empty bottle.. He sits down on the floor and starts to unwrap the chocolates inside the jar.. "Hey..What are you doing?" Kyungsoo sat beside him..
After unwrapping the last one, he sadly turns to look at Kyungsoo.. "Baekhyun's still in the airport?" Kyungsoo checked his watch before answering.."Yeah he should be.. there's still some more time-" And before he could even finish, Kai grabbed his keys and sprints out..
πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ Baekhyun was about to check-in when he gets the call from Kai and right now he's wondering why the man is running to him after literally begging him to wait for few minutes.. "C-ch" Kai tries to catches his breath while trying to say something.. "Kyungsoo.. chocolates"
"Huh?" He then remembered the chocolates given by his friend.. "Oh this?" He took out a little pouch from his bag and Kai grabs it immediately.. "THIS IS IT?" Kai realises he's in a public place when everyone stared at him.. "He gave you a lot.. Didn't he?"
"Yeah" Baekhyun says.. "I gave some to the kids" Kai's eyes widens in horror.. "Who?" He shrugs.. "I met them in the train while on my way here-" and before he could finish, the other starts to unwrap the chocolates.. "What the hell are you doing?" He tried to stop but Kai-
swatted away his hands.. Everyone watched the crazy man who frustratedly unwrapped the last piece of chocolate and let out a desperate sigh.. "School or college kids?" "School" "Which station?" "There are fourteen stations from my neighborhood to airport.. Do you think-
I'd remember some random kids station?" "Do you know which school they are from?" "I would have known if I'm creepy as you" Kai almost breaks down when he heard Kyungsoo's voice from behind..
He turns around with a sulky face and Kyungsoo eyes Baekhyun and the latter quickly leaves to catch his flight.. "Kai, what are you doing here?" He pouts.. "Ring" "Ring?" "Kyungsoo, I saved it for years for that ring..What do I do now?"
He asks but something inside him fires up again.. "Let me go and find those kids.. It won't be hard right? Only few schools must be around that area-" Kyungsoo shushed him and kneels in front of him to his surprise and puts a ring on his finger..
Kai looked at his boyfriend confusedly amongst the cheering of the people around them.. Kyungsoo then stands up.. "Now it's your time.." The taller whines.. "I told you-" "Check your pants.."
He immediately puts his hands in both pockets and his eyes bulges when he finds the ring from his left one.. "How.." "Aren't you supposed to propose now?" "Oh Yeah" He smiles widely before putting the precious ring on the beautiful finger.. "I love you, Kyungsoo" "Idiot"
πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ "It was in the first chocolate you took?" Jongin asks in disbelief, eyes on road as he drives.. "Why didn't you stop me then?" "Did you give me a chance?" Kyungsoo rolls his eyes.. "You really thought that I'm that dumb to not understand your plan?"
Jongin takes a quick look at his boyfriend... "You knew? How-" "I knew you were up to something when you gave me a jar full of chocolates.." "Was it that obvious?" "Too obvious for a man who always scolds me to stop eating chocolates"
Jongin smiled sheepishly and Kyungsoo just shook his head reciprocating the smile.. They entered home holding hands and suddenly Jongin twirls the other around and went in for a deep kiss.. He loved that pinkish shade of his boyfriend's cheeks once he pulls away..
πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ Kyungsoo cuddled closer to Jongin and closed his eyes ready for his afternoon nap.. "When is Baekhyun coming back?" "In two weeks" he replies.. "Should we wait for him or just give him a call?" He opens his eyes to meet his boyfriend's.. "For what?"
"To let him know that we're official..What else?" "He knows" "Huh?" "I told him this morning" "WHAT?!" Jongin sits up in a swift motion.. "Then why didn't he tell me while I was embarrassing myself at the airport?"
"Because it was his idea..He took the chocolates for himself once I told about the ring..He just wanted you to panic at home but you did more than he expected..I'm pretty sure he's the happiest one amongst us today" "Two weeks, huh?"
Kyungsoo suppressed his laugh at his boyfriend's angry face..He pulls the taller back to their cuddling position.. The End πŸ’•
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