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#Goyuu teen beach movie au where Yuuji is the younger brother of biker gang leader, Sukuna, they go to the small bar near the beach. There's some tension as they notice the surfers there with their 'captain', Gojo, curse him and his darn sparkling smile.

They choose to ignore them and go on with their night, causing a noticeable divide in the bar. Nobara encourages Yuuji to sing, do some karaoke to break the tension, he sings "falling for you" meanwhile the rest of the biker group cheer him on.
"The day started ordinary~🎶" claps and whistles erupted from the gang of bikers. Yuuji looked over and winked. "Boys walking byyy🎶" "Ooooh, ooooh," Nobara and Inumaki began to sing the background vocals. Yuuji turned back, smiling at his friends joining him.
Facing the room again Yuuji continued on beat. "It was the same old story: to fresh or too shyyy. I'm not the kind to fall for a guy. Who flashes a smile–" "–it goes on for miles🎶" Inumaki and Nobara finished for him.
"I don't usually swoon but I'm over the moon..." Yuuji felt the beat thrumming in his veins, his heart began rushing as the song reached its chorus. Nobara and Inumaki gave him the send off, "cause he was just too cool for school!" Yuuji grinned as he sang his favorite part.
Sukuna, who is too busy flirting with his boyfriend, Megumi, to notice Gojo walking close to the stage. Gojo simply planned on passing by the really cute boy singing and get a drink, but he heard some scuffling beside him just barely noticing the falling body land in his arms.
Yuuji—lost in the song—didn't notice the wire connected to the mic and tripped,shutting his eyes before colliding with the floor. But he didn't? He looked up and noticed pure white hair and crystal blue eyes. He heard the music still playing yet the lyrics played in his mind.
'I know I shouldn't but I can't stop myself from falling for you~' They stood there,eyes locked,ignorant of the world around them. And especially ignorant of the growing tension between both ends of the bar. The angry snarling from his brother snapped Yuuji out of his thoughts.
Sukuna angrily approached, as Yuuta and Geto came to the defense of Satoru. "Oi, what do you think you're doing? Get your slimy hands off my brother!" Sukuna yanked Gojo's shoulder back. Yuuji jumped down from the man's arms, "Suku-nii stop! It's alright, he saved me!"
"Saved me, my ass! No one deserves to touch my little brother especially not some surfer, go back to the ocean you freak before I dump your body there!" Sukuna spat. "Suk-" Before Yuuji could scold him Gojo spoke up.
"You should listen to your brother, Sukuna. If it wasn't for me he would've ate shit, embarrassing you and your little group." Sukuna clenched his fists, ready to throw a punch before Megumi yanked him back.
Yuuji sighed in relief at his friends help, but from the looks of it Megumi wasn't too happy either. "Let's go, Sukuna, he isn't worth it." Despite the leaders struggles and insistence to stay Megumi succeeded in de-escalating the situation.
The remainder of the group was already on their way out as Megumi exited. Yuuji assisted in escorting Sukuna out, but as he reached the door he turned back one last time, smiling at his savior. "Thank you Gojo-san, you really saved me back there!" He turned and dashed away.
The white haired surfer was stunned, eyes wide and face flushed. Heart thumping in a way it's never done before. Geto smirked knowingly, as Nanami looked unimpressed at his friends earlier antics and nearly getting them into a fight, maybe even possibly getting kicked out.
'Fuck.' Gojo thought. "Satoru?" Geto asked with a smile. Pulled from his thoughts Gojo shrugged his shoulders. "It's nothing, just glad those bastards are finally gone." As he turned around he glanced at the karaoke screen one last time noticing the lyrics:
"And now I'm falling for you.♡" Satoru internally cursed his situation. He truly was screwed. But as he thought about those amber eyes and pink hair, he couldn't help but think to himself if it really was so bad... The end I guess? I really don't know how to expand on this.
Lol idk why but I've been thinking about the song "Falling for you" from the dis/ney movie Teen Beach Movie, even if the movie is a bit cringy the song is a certified bop! Based off how the original scene for the movie within the movie was supposed to play out w Lela and Tanner
Not to mention I love the idea of Yuuji in the movies biker clothes and retro outfits, the black and red with the leather jackets. And Yuuji in Lelas wardrobe omg😍 the pink leather jackets would look so cute on him


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