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fem yoonmin au— yoonji and jimin have a complicated relationship. they’re part of the same group of friends; they flirt and text but never confess or cross the friendship line. on the contrary, yoonji seems to grow cold each time they get closer, and jimin has had enough.

• lesbian drama. yoonji is a dry texter and not the best at communication but she tries her best and jimin needs attention and validation so things get complicated between them • miscommunication, pining, denial and jealousy but also fluff • this is @naho⁷ 🌊 idea ❤️
jimin and yoonji
and friends
a situation
and an important date
she knows
happy birthday
saturday night
Yoonji hasn’t arrived yet. Not that Jimin cares. Not that Jimin is waiting. She’s only fixing her make-up in the bar's tiny green-lit bathroom to look nice in everyone’s selfies. She doesn’t care what Yoonji thinks of her, the glitter around her eyes, or the gloss on her lips.
She styles her silver hair for the third time before walking outside the bathroom, clashing with people's sweaty bodies. The bar is loaded, and the music is blasting; Jimin was dumb enough to come to the bathroom by herself. So now, she has to squirm her way back to her friends.
The thing with having a few male friends is that she had to pick a bar where she could bring them, so lesbian bars were out of the question. And now she can feel a random man’s gaze on her. On her legs precisely. She went for a tight, short skirt tonight with no one in mind.
She barely paid attention to the white skirt in the bathroom’s mirror reflection, so she doesn’t know if it riled up her hips. But, before crossing the mass of people, Jimin tugs at it, hoping to cover more of her body than it currently does and get rid of the man’s eyes.
Amid subtle wiggling, Jimin feels someone standing behind her, and before her whole body tenses in dread, a hoarse voice reaches her ears, “that’s a tiny skirt.” Jimin looks over her shoulder to meet dark cat-like eyes and a stupid mullet she’d love to tug at. “Unnie.”
“I’m covering you,” she says over loud music, standing right behind Jimin. “Fix it.” With Yoonji blocking the way, Jimin feels more comfortable tugging the skirt down, even if she’d prefer it if Yoonji pushed it upwards instead. “Thank you,” Jimin says once she turns around.
Their faces are close, and Yoonji opens her mouth, but something catches Jimin’s attention; Namsoo approaches from behind Yoongi. “There you are! Happy Birthday lovely!” Even though Namsoo came over to her house two days ago, Jimin still pulls her taller friend into a tight hug.
She has to walk past Yoonji to do that and puts on her sweetest voice. “Thank you, unnie.” Yoonji doesn’t stay behind. “Yah, you said you’d look for Jimin but went to the bar instead.” Namsoo beams, dimples on display, and takes a long gulp of her cocktail, Adam’s apple bobbing.
“Unnie should get one, too,” her voice is teasing while Yoonji’s answer is barely audible in the bar. “Later.” “Did you wish Jimin a happy birthday?” The teasing tone doesn’t stop. Yoongi is not as affectionate, so it’s not surprising when she lifts a hand to Jimin’s waist.
Her fingers brush Jimin’s skin where her skirt and top don’t cover, and Jimin tries not to jump when she squeezes, gaze set on Jimin’s face. “Happy Birthday, Jimin.” “Thank you, unnie.” Namsoo laughs behind her drink before saying something about meeting up with the rest.
Yoonji and Jimin don’t move an inch until Yoonji leans in to whisper into her ear. “You look very good,” Yoonji says, raising her voice and moving her hand to Jimin’s back. “Thank you.” Yoonji pulls away and locks eyes with her. “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it earlier this week.”
“It’s okay,” Jimin lies. Yoonji licks her lips, tastes her chapstick, opens her mouth, and looks ready to say something but shifts into a tight smile in the end. She faces the way Namsoo went. “I’ll get you a drink. How does that sound?” “I’d like that,” is all Jimin offers.
The hand on her back remains there as Yoonji guides her toward a place Jimin perfectly knows how to reach. “I also need one,” she jokes once they find the tables where everyone is. Jimin doesn’t ask why and before they ask for their drinks, someone pulls Jimin into a selfie.
Yoonji quietly retreats where Namsoo and Koo are chatting, and they only glance at each other when a server shows up with Jimin’s favorite drink. Yoonji asked for it, and the own tilt of her beer across the bar proves it. They clink glasses at a distance and don’t come closer.
Jimin does her best not to pay attention to Yoonji. If she wants to come over, she will. Jimin will not beg for attention. But after a few shots with her high school friends, her gaze keeps wandering towards Yoonji, where her two groups of friends from college have mingled.
Yoonji is sitting on a stool with her back against the wall, a beer on her hand and flushed cheeks, laughing at something someone is saying, not sparing Jimin a glance, and Jimin turns her back at her, deciding to do another round of shots with the people from her office job now.
But after a shot that burns her throat and makes her vision blurry, Jimin searches for Yoonji again, only to find an empty seat. She’s not at the table anymore but standing at the other side of the bar talking to one of Jimin’s friends from dance class. Jimin's throat hurts now.
The girl is taller than both Yoonji and Jimin, so she leans down to talk to Yoonji, her shiny hair brushing Yoonji’s side. She’s leaner than Jimin, more mature with her smoky eyeshadow, and her revealing low-cut top makes Jimin feel silly in her innocent-like white matching set.
Suddenly, Jimin hates the glitter on her face and the rhinestones on her top. She's never enough for Yoonji to laugh like that with her, with a hand scratching her neck and her head tilted left. Jimin forces a beam when she turns around, asking for another round of shots.
a pause
“Are you sure it’s okay to let them walk back alone?” Yoonji turns her head down the street. “You’re the one that said okay once they said they wanted to return. We should go with them.” Jimin crosses her arms over her chest, and to get her point across, she goes after Koo.
But a hand around her wrist stops her. “What?” The same look she had when she got here returns to Yoonji’s face, but outside the dark club, it’s easier to see her turmoil. “I want to talk to you.” And Jimin would have loved to before, but she’s tired now. “What happened?”
“How sober are you?” Yoonji answers with another question. “Getting there.” It’s quiet between them as a drunk group of friends leaves the bar closest to them. When Jimin focuses on Yoonji again, she notices the elder refuses to meet Jimin’s eyes. “I got you a gift,” she says.
“A birthday gift.” Jimin didn’t expect that; her face must show it, judging by the curl in the corner of Yoonji’s lips. “What is it?” “I wanted to give it to you that night, but you know, I couldn’t get there, and it would have been weird to show up after midnight.”
Jimin doesn’t say it wouldn’t have been. Between the busy bars, people walking and laughing, and the scent of alcohol and smoke, Yoonji gently pulls a soft-looking pink pouch from her crossbody bag, the baby pink is a great contrast to her black shirt and washed-out baggy jeans.
“You’re always wearing jewelry from this brand. You even convinced me to get a bracelet from them once—” Jimin recognizes the brand once she has the pouch on her palm. She opens it with a slight shiver and finds a delicate chain with a heart-shaped pendant and a matching ring.
“I remembered you wear silver and not gold. And uh, I didn’t know which to pick, so I got both, and I asked them about your ring size- I had to send them your Instagram account and tell them that this was a secret. I hope that’s fine.” “Unnie.” “I said I’d make it up to you.”
Jimin stares at the silver hearts in her hand. “Thank you.” “I hope it’s not weird. I know we don’t talk as much as before.” Jimin doesn’t look up until she adds, “but I miss talking to you.” Yoonji is pretty under the night sky, with streetlights decoring her pale face.
But not even that, or the thoughtful gift, can sway Jimin away from the bitterness she feels in the pit of her stomach. How does Yoonji keep getting away with it? Missing her birthday, talking to other girls, and then stringing Jimin back so quickly. “Really?” Jimin chuckles.
“When we used to text, it didn’t seem like you wanted to do it. You were so dry all the time. Hahas and thumbs up aren’t very encouraging.” Yoonji grimaces, pulling at the sleeve of her shirt. “I usually don’t know what to say. I’m a bad texter; I prefer talking face to face.”
“I like texting,” is all Jimin says. Yoonji blinks her lovely eyes at Jimin, but Jimin has been telling everyone that she needs more dignity, so she thinks of Yoonji’s smile with that girl inside the bar and says, “you were talking to someone back there, face to face.”
“You probably don’t want to miss that. Let’s head back.” One more time, fingers wrap around her wrist. “Jimin.” But Jimin shakes the touch away before it warms her heart all over again. “What?” Her tone makes Yoonji flinch, but she turns stoic quickly. “Nothing. Let’s go.”
she made up her mind
but shes here
and she needs a moment
Jimin has to hide in the restaurant’s bathroom for a brief moment. She needs to check her makeup, but the warm yellow light isn’t helping with the color palette she wore tonight: strawberry red eyeshadow matching her red cardigan. As she fixes her ponytail, she feels strange.
She’s on a date with Yoonji. Her friend, her crush. Yoonji picked her up from work and said she looked lovely after kissing her cheek as a greeting. They talked about their days while walking to a restaurant. And now Yoonj is outside, waiting at a table for Jimin.
Jimin throws her fluffy cardigan off her shoulder a little bit, revealing the neckline of her low black top, before walking outside and finding Yoonji biting her nails. It brings a smile to Jimin’s face. Maybe Jimin hadn’t noticed how nervous Yoonji used to get around her before.
She has folded the sleeves of her black shirt and tucked it inside her slacks. While loose, it has an expensive look to it. It’s clear she put lots of effort into looking good. Not that she needs to; Jimin always thinks she’s handsome. “Did you order?” Jimin slides into her seat.
Yoonji’s eyes fall to the necklace around her neck or maybe her cleavage, but they’re up instantly, only to fall somewhere else when she meets Jimin’s gaze. “I was waiting for you.” Feeling confident, Jimin leans closer. “I thought you were going to choose everything tonight.”
“Huh, you really want to lay back and enjoy?” The corner of Yoonji’s lips curls in a handsome smirk. Meanwhile, Jimin hopes she doesn’t blush too much; it would look bad against her pink makeup. “Or is this a test to see if I remember what you like to order?” “Maybe it’s that.”
She does great when ordering: Yoonji knows exactly what Jimin likes to eat and drink. And getting it right leaves her smug for the rest of the meal. Conversation between them is easy once they fall back into their friendly banter like they’ve done since they met.
But they don’t want to be just friends anymore; that knowledge looms over them with every interaction. It’s difficult to know when to cross the line, but as background to their usual back and forth, Yoonji plays with the ring on Jimin’s finger, stroking the back of her hand.
Jimin tries to play it cool, but once they leave the restaurant and start walking toward an outdoor concert that Yoonji bought tickets for, Yoonji reaches for her hand again, but this time it’s to hold it. And while Jimin loves the weight and feel of it, she tenses.
Yoonji doesn’t say a word when Jimin’s hand slips away, but Jimin does. “Unnie, how do I know you won’t pull back this time? Like before?” The question stops them in another busy street at night, streetlights falling on their faces. “I won’t. And you have to trust me on that.”
Jimin keeps quiet, and Yoonji pulls her close with a hand on her waist. But once she notices Jimin’s mood, she stops. “You don’t have to trust me now, you know? It can take a while.” “I trust you,” Jimin murmurs, but once the words are out there, she corrects them. “I want to.”
“That’s enough,” Yoonji murmurs before softly cupping Jimin’s face. Jimin leans into the touch while Yoonji leans towards her. But she stops and pulls back as if unsure. Jimin won’t let her this time, so she goes after her, pressing their lips together before Yoonji can react.
It’s barely a peck, light and short, that ends just as Yoonji closes her eyes, which draws a huge beam in Jimin’s face. “See? I don’t always want you to make the first move.” Yoonji doesn’t answer with words but presses her lips to Jimin’s in another soft peck. “You’re cute.”
And while Jimin’s heart beats fast as if it’s going to leap out of her chest after getting what she has wanted for so long, she still pouts. Yoonji thumbs at it, a worried frown settling on her delicate face. “What’s with that pout?” “I don’t want to be just cute for unnie.”
“You’re not just cute.” But Yoonji doesn’t develop the statement. It’s alright; there will be time for Jimin to press on that matter. For now, Jimin reaches for Yoongi’s hand, and she doesn’t let go even when they arrive at the concert, squeezing when they move between people.
It’s a folk concert with many small bands, and the music is a perfect volume to talk while leaning close to the other. The garden, fairy lights, colorful fabrics hanging from the trees, and overall vibe are great, but Jimin’s attention is entirely on Yoonji and her smile.
Until one band that shows up has them slowly drifting closer to the stage. “Do you know them?” Jimin wonders over her shoulder. Yoonji stands behind her, with both hands on Jimin’s hips, keeping her close to her chest between the crowd. “Nope. I only know the closing singer.”
The band is performing in a foreign language, but Jimin enjoys herself. While soft and mellow, it’s impossible not to sway side to side with the songs. A dreamy song has her clutching Yoonji’s arm. “I like this one a lot!” “I’ll shazam it,” Yoonji replies quickly.
Jimin gets close to peek at the name on her phone screen, and while the title is in a foreign language, there are lyrics translations. It’s a wonky translation, but the chorus repeats the same words over and over. “If you die tomorrow, don’t keep on yearning for anything.”
While Jimin thinks it’s funny that it’s seemingly a song about yearning, when she glances up, she catches Yoonji frowning. The concert’s bass resonates on her chest, and it only turns faster when Yoonji knocks on her side and presses their lips together, sliding them this time.
Jimin giggles when she pulls away to breathe. “Taking the lyrics literally, unnie?” The red in Yoonji’s cheeks matches Jimin’s cardigan, and it only worsens when she puts a strand of silver hair behind Jimin’s ear. “It’s a good song and now, if you want, you can ruin it for me.”
Before a smile stretches on Jimin’s lips, she throws her arms around Yoonji’s neck and kisses her. And after a small bridge, when it seems like the song will end, but the singer repeats the exact words, Yoonji brings her hands to Jimin’s waist and kisses her back.
music recs
her turn
This time, Yoonji is true to her words, and she doesn't pull away. With each passing day, Jimin starts associating different songs with her. Now, when she takes the bus to work or walks home after doing groceries, she listens to mellow music that makes her feel warm.
Yoonji and Jimin have been going on dates once or twice a week. They’re taking it slow, hand-holding and hugging most days, but never kissing too intensely. Still, Jimin’s mind comes up with steamy scenarios between them every night, but she lets Yoonji set the pace.
On Jimin’s free day, Jimin would have loved to spend every hour with Yoonji, but holidays are harder on Yoonji since she works at a concert venue. So instead of growing pouty about not seeing Yoonji, Jimin changes into a cute outfit and will now drop lunch at Yoonji’s work.
When she texted Yoonji, the reply said she’d wait for Jimin by the backdoor. Indeed, she’s outside, but she’s not alone. Yoonji has her hands in the pockets of her sweatpants, drowning in an oversized black hoodie with bobby pins messily pushing her hair off her forehead.
She’s Jimin’s wet dreams personified but also a nightmare as she laughs with her workmate. An older woman smokes beside Yoonji, clicking her combat boots against the floor. She’s not feminine like Jimin, and she can see Yoonji isn’t into her, but Jimin still feels jealous.
But it's different. Even next to two women clad in black, Jimin doesn’t feel silly with the bow holding half her hair up, her floral maxi dress, and her knitted white cardigan. She feels confident when she catches up to Yoonji, whose smile grows when she notices Jimin’s presence.
“Hey, pretty,” she manages to say before her expression changes into surprise as Jimin kisses her on the mouth and presses her body against Yoonji’s. Even if Yoonji is frozen, Jimin brings a hand to her neck and scratches the sensitive skin with her long acrylic nails.
After a beat, Yoonji kisses back and brings a hand to the small of Jimin’s back to pull her even close. It’s just a second for them to break apart with their foreheads close, but it feels longer than that. “Hey,” Jimin beams, feeling successful with Yoonji’s bright red cheeks.
In her flustered haze, Yoonji gazes away from Jimin, but her hand remains to squeeze the fabric of her dress. “Unnie, this is my girlfriend, Jimin.” Yoonji’s co-worker laughs behind her smoke before bowing and saying her name. “Nice to meet you.” Speechless, Jimin bows back.
Only when Yoonji’s coworker excuses herself to return to the venue, Jimin hugs Yoonji’s middle tightly. “Girlfriend?” “You would have preferred ‘my friend Jimin’ after licking my mouth like that?” Jimin makes herself smaller against Yoonji’s chest. “And now you act coy!”
“Do you think you can get away with that?” Yoonji squeezes her waist playfully, but it only melts Jimin. “With what, unnie?” her tone is soft, making Yoonji chuckle. “Kissing me like that.” Jimin smiles; she can get away with anything. “Right, I made lunch for you.”
Jimin tries to search for the dosirak in her tote bag, but Yoonji doesn’t let her move much, cupping her face and forcing their eyes to meet. “You’re after my heart.” “Maybe I am.” A deep, endeared sigh. “I can’t do what I want right now, but later, I’m coming to get you.”
new songs
❤️‍🩹the end❤️‍🩹
thank you all so much for your interactions with this au!!! i didnt expect there to be so many readers and it warmed my heart knowing many of you are interested in wlw stories (hopefully that also counts my original ones in a future hehe) i hope you enjoyed their dramatics haha


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