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If you understand this 3-step thinking process… You understand not only how to sell ANYTHING… But also how to charge more than ALL of your competitors and STILL sell more. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

Let me start with telling you what I’m allergic to. Five words. “Leaving money on the table.” I’m allergic to those 5 words. And there’s a good reason. Context. Most of the time when I hear that sentence? It’s in a conversation about who to sell to. And it goes like this…
“But George. If I pick a specific target audience then everyone else won’t buy. I WILL BE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE.” They say that as a drop of sweat is dripping from their forehead… As if their life is in danger. And I’m allergic to it. Here’s why:
And if you understand this… You’ll win. Here’s the thinking process: 1. Where’s money flowing to right now? Or in other words: What is my ideal client ALREADY spending on? And it’s easy to figure out by REVERSING the equation. Here’s how:
Ask this: what are my COMPETITORS spending money on? Right? Because if you see an ad on TV (assuming it’s not a branding ad)… That means they’re spending a ton of money and IT WORKS for them. Remember: Marketers spending = customers buying. Yes? Then…
You found out what your ideal clients are ALREADY buying. Good. Now you look at the next parameter. 2. Which segment of THEIR (your competitor’s) buyers have those: 2a. Urgent problem 2b. Have money 2c. Are a big enough audience. Let me explain with an example:
My wife and I immigrated to Spain. We needed to figure out our taxes. So let’s look at the OTHER side. Imagine: you’re an accountant. You’ve done the first step - Business owners buy tax consults/pay retainers. Good. What about the next step?
What’s a segment of the competitor’s clients that have… 1. An urgent problem 2. Have money 3. Are a big enough audience. Let’s look at it. Expats coming to Spain: 1. Have an URGENT problem 2. Have money 3. Are a big audience since Spain introduced a Digital Nomad Visa. Yes?
So what do you do next? 3. You NARROW your audience. So instead of… • Tax consultant You become… • International tax consultant for immigrants. Wanna go even deeper? International tax consultant for immigrants doing Digital Nomad Visa. BOOM! Imagine with me:
You as an immigrant are scrolling through a website with accountants… • Tax specialist - $50 • Corporate tax specialist- $100 • Accounting firm 20 years experience - $150 And then you see it. The holy grail. The thing you’ve been waiting for all your life…
• International tax consultant for expats doing Digital Nomad Visa - $750. Which one do you pick? Rhetorical question. But that’s not all. If the international tax consult would cost $50… You’d probably keep scrolling. You feel me? Here’s why:
Narrowing your audience makes the potential buyers feel like you’re exclusive. And the higher price just plays deeper into that bias. Scarce = expensive. We all know that. But there’s even more. Let me share another example with you…
Let’s imagine you have a client who’s an anxiety coach. You scroll through her competitor’s Instagram page… And what do you find? 99% of the comments are from women. Check. But wait… You decide to go deeper and click on their profiles. You’re mind-blown…
More than 50% of the women commenting on your competitor’s page are… PREGNANT WOMEN. Okay. Checklist: • Have an URGENT problem • Have money (you don’t get pregnant if you don’t usually) • Are a big enough audience. What do you do next? You got it. But there’s EVEN more:
Narrowing your audience has more benefits other than becoming an industry of one and charging more. That’s not all. You can also CONVERT many more of those. Yes. Yes. I’ll show you an example. Stop worrying. Here’s an example of ONE thing:
What would a hook for an anxiety coach look like? Let’s imagine this: “How to reduce stress with 3 simple exercises that take 15 minutes a day.” Not a bad hook. But what would one for a pregnant women anxiety coach look like? Wink wink…
Here’s how: “Wanna reduce your anxiety so that you don’t hurt your newborn?” An AWFUL hook by any copywriting measure. But let me ask you. Which one would sell more if you were selling to pregnant women? I hope this makes sense. And let me leave you with one final thought:
Relatability = MONEY. When you narrow down your audience… you can speak DIRECTLY to them. And they can FEEL it deep in their bones. Everything’s easier. The skepticism is lower. The mood is better. That’s the ultimate way to win. Now I wanna give you a quick recap. Okay?
Recap: 1. Find where money is flowing to RIGHT NOW 2. Figure out what a good segment of the buying audience is 3. Narrow down your audience and brand yourself as the solution. Do this and… • Charge more • Become an industry of one • Convert more. Makes sense? If it does…
Help us spread the word. Took me wayyyy too long to take this out of my head and put it in a clear way for you to understand. Takes you one click to help me reach more people Retweet the first tweet 👇 Thank you 😊
George Ten

George Ten

If you understand this 3-step thinking process… You understand not only how to sell ANYTHING… But also how to charge more than ALL of your competitors and STILL sell more. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<
George Ten

George Ten

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