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Feb 21
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Just so y'all know, this account is gonna be a lot more melodramatic than usual while I find my writer's footing again, and learn me the actual theory. This passion and rage has been boiling inside me for too long. How can anyone live under this capitalist patriarchy? Simple, 1/

The men on top are sadistic, psychopathic, and above all, proud of their role in society. They know what they live in, they know how good they have it, and they relish every opportunity to exercise their dominance over women, PoC, and queer people. How did it get like this? 2/
It wasn't overnight. Early human civilizations were generally communal, with hierarchies being practically unheard of until the rise of the Roman Empire, and much later, the advent of the Middle Ages and their religious dogmas. The largest of which being a little cult called 3/
Christianity. Its followers had (still have...) the sociopathic delusion that *all* must obey its doctrine, and so, the Crusades saw the spread of Christianity like a righteous and holy flame - and they saw the purging of the pagans and their "heretical" beliefs... 4/
after centuries of crusades, inquisitions, and genocides - the Christians smiled - their task complete. Sure, not every heretical religion was wiped out, but the most offensive beliefs to their God had then been slaughtered, and those beliefs are gone forever now. Or are they?
You can kill the person, but you cannot kill their ideals. Why else do we still have literal swastika-clad Nazis around after how badly the Third Reich lost? Because ideals survive - and whether it is survived through remnants of the old guard spreading their hatred, or... 6/
good old fashioned propaganda and social engineering, it all comes down to the same thing. We live in a soft-feudalist patriarchy created by long dead Kings - propped up by their progeny, other psychopaths, and the abused peasants they called slaves. (that's us btw!!!) 7/
So how does one not lose hope when they fully come to understand that we've been playing out this same song and dance for over a millennia? You take baby steps. There is no way to be a perfect, totally righteous, karmically pure human being - but you can do what you can. 8/
what you can to make the Earth better. You could read the theory and learn from those who saw this cycle laid out before any of us were born. You believe women when they come to you about rape, you believe people of colour when they tell you someone (yall know) is being racist 9/
and you can respect that gay, transgender, asexual/aromantic, and every other one of my siblings under the rainbow deserve to live their lives safe from harassment and ridicule just for who they are. Again, just baby steps, but you keep doing it enough and it becomes habit, 10/
you keep doing it after that, and it becomes routine. Finally, after continuing for some time, it will become an ideal. Remember what I said earlier about ideals? That ideal will become your own, and will lift up all those around you, eventually becoming their own too. 11/
And it will NEVER die. There's a niche - but rather popular philosophical concept you may have heard of - called the "meme" (coined by Richard Dawkins). Memes are not just doodles of a sad frog boy, short comedy videos on your phone, or even Kilroy (if you know, you know) 12/
They are ideals and beliefs - passed down *not only* from parent to child, but also from any one person to any other person inside their society. So, while the Third Reich died, their "memes" survived, and were passed down: either from surviving Nazis, or... 13/
an ignorant teenager, 13-16, falling prey to propaganda that is just as upsettingly effective to him as it was to the adolescent German populace in the 1930s-40s. There is a reason Neo-Nazis are back with such a huge vengeance, ideals never die. 14/
But why does it only seem to be the boys and men falling for it? Sadly, the answer is cut-and-dry. It's men. Man created wedlock, man created the Divine Right of Kings, man created colonialism, fascism, and slavery...and man created the 1%, and it's wage slave work force. 15/
The only way to combat it, is to spread our own memes and ideals. Spread them to your family, friends, and most of all - your sisters. Let the women of the world know that we do not have to accept this way of life, and we can change it - one baby step at a time. 16/16
Anyway, that's it for this thread. If you found it interesting, I urge you to check out the video game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - which is what revitalized the concept of the societal meme, and has an eerily prescient vision of what current day American politics is like. ?/
Unfortunately, Kojima is a very typical misogynist dudebro, so he fails to see that masculine power struggles are what causes this nonsense in the first place - but Pobody's Nerfectℒ️ Anywho, peep the alt text for the full cutscene if you havent heard Monsoon's monologue before.
Thanks for reading - I hope it actually made sense and didn't jump tracks too often, let me know if anyone has constructive critiques, I'd appreciate them greatly! But for now, it is long past time I try to sleep - good night!! πŸ₯± πŸ’€ πŸ›Œ
why do i always decide to make these kinds of threads when im dleep deprived πŸ˜ͺ
Julianne Diamandis πŸ’Ž

Julianne Diamandis πŸ’Ž

Aspiring radical feminist activist, currently just throwing my thoughts at the wall and hoping they stick. I've still got a lot of theory to digest.
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