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#taekookau | Oυƚɾσ: Tҽαɾ "Papa!" The boy, merely 4 to 5, runs to a man who was crouched down with the widest boxy smile on his face, and his arms spread wide to accumulate the running child. #taekook #vkookau #kookvau

"Haneul, be careful, kid," the soft yell falls mute on the boys ear as he crashes with the beautiful man with a huge smile on his face. "Papa, I missed you so much," he said, nuzzeling his head on the man's chest and his neck multiple times -
whereas the man's eyes glisten from the adoration as he kisses the child on the side of his head.
"Hanie" taehyung pulls away from the hug to only kiss all over the child who giggles adorably. "It tickles Papa," he giggles, and taehyung smiles his wide boxy smile.
"Oh, it does, dosent it? then let me do this he tickles his stomach "here" his chin "here" and the toddler's giggles intensify. #taekookau
"Stop papa stop" the child breathlessly requests and taehyung takes mercy on him looks at him fondly, crassesing his face, his arms, his head like he is trying to memorize it all over his mind, like he wants to tattoo everything in his memory.
"Papa" haneul says when his papa doesn't say anything. He just looks at him with heart eyes for a long time. "Hmm" taehyung hums but doesn't take his eyes off the child. Not even to blink.
"Papa, why are you kneeling?" the child pats his thighs "you will get hurt here" he shows his knees "please stand up" "No, I'm okay, baby," taehyung says, taking haneul's hands in his own "I'm fine here" #taekook #taekookau
"But papa daddy said it hurts from stones" Haneul says picking a stone from the ground where taehyung was kneeling on and taehyung takes a moment to rip his eyes from the adorable figure to look behind only to find -
Jungkook standing a little away from there with his arms crossed over his chest his eyes set only on haneul like hawk and taehyung feels a familiar pang in his chest that he tries to hide but fails miserably as his smiles fade just a little. #taekook #taekookau
"Ouch" taehyung's eyes widen, and he takes his eyes from jungkook to look at haneul, who hissed from the pain. "Baby" he looks all over him worriedly "what happened?"
He cups his face when hanuel lips wobbles a little, showing his hand where the stone has left a bright red scratch on his palm.
"Oh baby" taehyung takes his hand to look at the scratch when the hand is removed from his, with a little force and haneul is turning and taehyung's wide eyes stare at haneul's back.
"Sunshine, what did daddy say about not getting hurt?" jungkook says as he cleans the 4 yr olds hand with a handkerchief with utter concentration, his brow furrowed and his lips and jaw set. #taekook #taekookau
"To not get hurt," the boy pouts as his father cleans the dirt from his palm before taking out a bandage from his pocket and places it nicely on his palm where the scratch was.
He always keeps the bandages in his pocket since his sunshine has a tendency to get hurt from every little thing. Taehyung watches the whole interaction with a longing smile and the same old dull ache in the heart that makes him numb all over his body. #taekook #taekookau
"Look, it's all done" jungkook smiles a tight liped smile before looking once over taehyung, glancing him with a blank look, his eyes empty, his face passive, jaw set hard.
"and I also told you to stay away from those who can hurt you" he looks at the baby with solemn look and smile on his face "right bub?" #taekook #taekookau
Taehyung doesn't know what expression he must be holding right now since he feels numb all over. But he feels horrified. #taekookau
How easily jungkook can say something so heartbreaking, so painful to anyone, to someone whom he used to love with his whole heart, with his whole being. How can someone be so heartless to the extent he can't see other's pain or other's feelings.
He feels like all the air from his lungs has been taken out and filled with something poisonous that kills him little by little, but it has been better if just gets k!lled by it. #taekookau
It's far better than to live with it. To live with the feeling of getting hated by someone he used to love with his whole heart, someone he used to d!e for, someone who still owns his heart without any doubt and taehyung can't help but feel defeated by his own feelings.
//tw sensitive topic His breath gets heavier as the dark clouds of the negative thoughts looms over his head, his vision blurs with unushered tears and his limbs feel heavy with utter exhaustion without having done any work his neck, hands clammy with sweat. #taekookau
But still, he tries to catch his breath and tries to get out of the sea of his own misery to not get drown in it. He fills his lungs with much needed air because the last thing he would want is to get a p@nic attack in front of his ex-husband and their child.
Tags: - mpreg - ex husbands taekook - angst - hurt no comfort ?? - happy ending ?? - more tags can be added further Like, qt with your thoughts. Let me know if I should continue this. #taekook #taekookau #vkookau #kookvau
Before we start: 》english isn't my first language, so please ignore my mistakes. 》like, qrts and interactions are much appreciated ❣️ OK, let's get it.
#taekookau #taekook "Let's go" jungkook says a little loudly for another person behind haneul to hear him too, taking his baby's hand in his.
He stands up meanwhile, looking at the other who's still kneeling, looking devasted, and jungkook almost feels his heart ripping out of his own chest from the look on others' faces. Almost.
#taekookau But he steels himself and looks away from the only person who used to be his life, his love. "Papa" taehyung snaps out of his dark thoughts by the voice of his angel, who looks at him with concern.
"Let's go, we will get late" taehyung tries to smile the same genuine smile he has whenever his son is around, but he is not sure anymore. A single sentence from his ex-beloved had ripped open the wounds that were still fresh as day, nothing making them heal or to close, since-
"Papa" taehyung is shaking, and then he concludes his baby is shaking him to come out of his stupor when he doesn't answer him again, staring at the distance. "Let's go" haneul whines again, and taehyung finally stands up, dusting his knees off.
#taekookau He smiles at haneul and almost takes his hand to hold when jungkook starts walking without looking behind, leaving his hands empty, like his heart.
He could hear jungkook asking haneul which rides he would want to take and haneul's enthusiastic answers and he become blur again, like a background noise that doesn't matter anymore, like his existence is just like a passing breeze that exists but doesn't have any presence.
#taekookau He sighs, not the time. Actually, he doesn't have time. Time is running out of his hand. So he should just grasp what he has right now, rather than drowning himself in his own misery.
"Papa see" haneul says enthusiastically while he points at the teacups ride, his eyes sparkling with innocence that makes taehyung want to kiss him all over again. He looks so adorable.
"Do you want to take the ride in it, bub?" taehyung asks softly, leaning close to cup haneul face with his hands. He can't help it. He wants to hold him every time, whenever he is around, so he at least not forget how he feels under his fingertips.
"Yes, papa" haneul jumps happily and taehyung coos. He looks over jungkook, who's looking away from them and sighs. What was he thinking? The younger will enjoy the moment between his child and ex-husband. #taekookau
"OK, let's go" taehyung was about to hold haneul's hand in his own when a voice makes him still in his way. "Haneul, you have scratch in that hand" jungkook spoke loudly over the noise surrounding them.
Haneul and taehyung both look up at him with wide eyes. The resemblance is uncanny, and jungkook clears his throat "tell papa to hold this one"
Taehyung's expression changes from fear to shock, and then a smile blossoms on his lips as he looks at jungkook with so much happiness, like jungkook just gave him the whole world.
"OK" he murmurs softly and takes haneuls other hand in his own, and haneul excitedly jumps up to the teacups ride.
The queue for the ride was not long and in minutes the little family was sitting around the cup, their hands gripping on the handle whereas taehyung made haneul sit between his legs, securing him with an arm around him.
"Hold it tightly, papa," haneul says, cutesy and taehyung smiles and salutes "aye aye captain haneul" and they both giggles. Jungkook tries to ignore the pang in his heart at the giggles, the smile that once used to be directed at him, too. #taekookau #taekook
"Kookie, where are you taking me?" taehyung giggles as jungkook runs, their hands held together as he pull him with him to his fav ride.
"Teacups! really?" taehyung giggles once he reached their destination, his giggles trying to spill, the happiness and joy spreading across his whole body.
"Hyung" jungkook whines. "Are you ride shaming me right now?" he teases, quirking his eyebrow at other male who shakes his head, biting his lips to stop the laugh from spilling and takes jungkook hand to pull him in the ride.
Jungkook is mesmirezed. How can someone be so beautiful, so ethereal even without doing anything. #taekookau
His hair tousled, his lips spread wide in an enchanting boxy smile. The way he giggles when the cup rotates, his eyes shining with innocence and sparkle in a way that takes jungkook's breath away.
And maybe jungkook saved all these months' pocket money to buy tickets for both of them to go to amusement park, his taehyungie wanted to go to for long time, on older's birthday.
And maybe he wanted them to have a special hangout, just two of them.
And maybe he knew he always felt more than a friend should for another friend, for his hyung.
But at that moment in the teacups ride, he finally realized he was deeply and utterly in love with his taehyung. #taekookau #taekook
And they finally kissed at the top of the ferris wheel and confessed to each other that day, promising worlds and forever to each other. #taekook #taekookau
Only jungkook knows how much happy he was at that moment. He felt like he won the whole damn world at that one moment. He was feeling at the top of the world.
Only if he knew. Only if they knew what destiny has in store for them. *𝑬𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒇 𝑭𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒉𝒃𝒂𝒄𝒌*
"Daddy" haneul whines, interrupting his thinking session he looks at the father son duo to find them standing in front of a teacup ride. Did he just lose in his own thoughts so much he didn't even realize he stepped out of the ride?
He shakes his head as he looks at his baby to reply. "yea baby" he licks his dry lips, trying to steal a glance at taehyung only to find himself staring at his profile for longer than usual as the older gazes at a particular stall. He always had the best profile. #taekookau
His heart starts to beat a little loudly, and he looks away, cursing himself internally. Now is not the time. Time will never be the same for them, ever.
He shakes his head again when venom of the past memories start resurfacing again, filling his mind and his heart with nothing other than anguish and rage. At him. At himself. At the situation they are in.
"Daddy!" jungkook looks back at haneul again when he whines louder this time. "Yes! yes, hanie, what is it?" "I want cotton candy, please" haneul pouts, blinking his eyes innocently at his father, who coos fondly at him.
He laughs, a laugh only his son could make him. "You and your sweet tooth" jungkook says with a fond grin before scooping the boy in his arms, haneul giggling at being lifted "Let's go have that sweet treat" #taekookau
Jungkook turns around but not before stealing another glance at the man who is now looking back at him, and jungkook immediately looks away. He just had to look away. #taekookau
Can't have older look at him when he is vulnerable, when his emotions are all over the place, again. Taehyung doesn't deserve that. Not after whatever happened.


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