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personal β€” #jikookau omega jmi is alpha jgk’s personal assistant and mate but the said alpha does not acknowledge the omega as his mate until jmi has to entertain another alpha for his work and jgk sees red for the first time and he gets possessive over his omega.

01 breaking news (: #jikookau
02 not going #jikookau
03 leave 🐰 alone #jikookau
04 icy #jikookau
05 still dw #jikookau
06 mate-to-be #jikookau
07 searching #jikookau
08 high chance #jikookau
09 marshmallow #jikookau
10 feel rejected #jikookau
11 only son #jikookau
12 request #jikookau
13 next door #jikookau
14 hope not #jikookau
15 cant trust #jikookau
16 act tough #jikookau
small updates bc im having a block πŸ₯Ή see yall again when i think of a continuation ><
jia 🍑 read pinned πŸ“Œ FACE IS COMING πŸͺž
km writer πŸ”žπŸ’œ '98 πŸ’œ she/her πŸ’œ fan account for bangtan πŸ’œ NO TRANSLATIONS
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