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Feb 21
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-MESSAGE 2- A BW #TWEETFIC W was almost pouting as he swiped to refresh his phone. "Seriously?" He mutters to himself, getting a little annoyed. Then his phone alarm goes off again, around 11:56 pm. CHECK IG, it said.

His pout was soon gone and was replaced with a giddy smile after seeing the post. W makes a call. "I love you my Metawin, Happy Birthday!" B said as soon as he answered the call. "You."
"What, I wanted to be the first and last to greet you today. Stop pouting na ja?" B asked sweetly. "I'm smiling." "Lemme see?" Shaking his head, W turned on the video and smiled endearingly at his Bai. "Perfect." B practically gushed. "I hope you had a great day, Bun."
W couldn't help but blush. "It began and ended with you. What more can I ask for?" It was B's turn to blush. "I love you, my Metawin." "I love you too, my Bai." -end- #ALTERNATEUNIVERSE 📸 #bbrightvc IG
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