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Dec 25, 2022
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#taekookau where Taehyung is counting on the passage of time, to help him fix things with his ex boyfriend "It's been seven years. There's a chance he's willing to... You know, try again. " Jimin merely stares at him. "Tae, you cheated on him. " He whispers. " He hates you."

Or 8 years ago, Chaebol heirs, Jungkook and Taehyung had the biggest, messiest break up that Seoul's High Society had ever seen. Infidelity, drugs, assault, you name it, their story had it. But now, both Kim Corp and Jeon Inc. Have announced their impending nuptials.
The question is, how on earth did Jeon Jungkook agree?
Tags : 🦋Heavy Angst/ Arranged Marriage. 🦋Fashion Designer Tae/ Professional Gamer Jungkook. 🦋Enemies to lovers? 🦋Flawed Characters 🦋Infidelity? 🦋Morally Ambiguous Characters 🦋Finally a jk you guys may not love😉🦋Happy Ending.
"A professional gamer. " Jeon Jaehwan gave his brother an unimpressed look. " You want to play video games while I sit here, watching the walls of our father's empire crash and burn around us. " Jungkook lit the cigarette tucked between his lips with a small grin.
"Don't look at me like that, " He shrugged, " I made more money last month than dad's business made the entire fiscal year. " Jaehwan rolled his eyes. "It's not about the money Jungkook. It's about the Jeon family name. You have an equal responsibility in upholding it. "
Jungkook scoffed at that. He had never been a fan of his father's exclusive upscale bars. And he wasn't at all surprised that the whole thing had failed quite spectacularly over the years. In a world that was all about inclusion, exclusivity didn't sell much , in his opinion.
But he wasn't an asshole. At least not entirely. He knew that his brother wasn't responsible for the way things turned out. No that honor went to his father. Exclusively. He liked his hyung. He didn't want to make his life difficult. "I want to help, hyung. " He said honestly.
"But, I built my name in the gaming community with a lot of hard work and it's just starting to pay off. I intend to make a lot of money, fuck a lot of women and then retire before my balls start sagging. " He smiled. " So I'm not going behind a desk. "
He took a long drag off his cig. "Anything else you need me to do, I'll do. " He shrugged. Jaehwan gave him a calculative look. "Anything? " Jungkook nodded. "As long as it's reasonable. " He said carefully, " And doesn't interfere with my personal life in any way. "
Jaehwan hummed. "Marriage." He said simply. Jungkook's brows rose. "Excuse me? " "The Kims are willing to invest in our company and they're also willing to include our bars in their high end luxury hotels and resorts. On the condition that you marry their son. "
"The whore? " Jungkook said casually. " Hard pass. " He blew out the cigarette smoke watching it dissolve in the air conditioned air of hia brother's corner office, on the 101st floor of Jeon Enterprises. " I don't want to catch whatever he's carrying around."
Jaehwan laughed at that. "Is this the same Jungkook who used to worship the ground Kim Taehyung used to walk on. " "I think you mean slither on. " Jungkook said casually. " And no, sorry, the old Jungkook can't come to the phone right now. Cos he's dead. " He smiled.
Jaehwan sighed, shaking his head. "They're good people. " He said quietly. " They value traditions a lot and you know they really want this thing to work out between you and Taehyung. His father's been hounding me and I'm desperate. Help me out here, Jungkook. "
Jungkook gave his brother a thoughtful smile. He had had an inkling that this was what his brother was going to suggest. And well, he already knew he was going to say yes. But still, better safe than sorry. "How desperate? " He asked casually. "What do you mean? "
"How desperate are you to make this work hyung? Desperate enough to say... Convince Taehyung that I... Want to give our relationship another chance? " He grinned. Jaehwan frowned deeply. "What does that mean.. " He shook his head. " Jungkook... What are you planning? "
Jungkook shook his head. "I'm not telling you all that hyung. Plausible deniability and all that. "He waved his hand a little, "But yeah, I'll do this, on the condition that you meet him first and tell him that I never stopped loving him. That I want this to be a real marriage."
Jaehwan stared at him. "Jungkook." he said quietly. " You're not seventeen anymore. I know things went wrong back then but I don't think you should-" "not desperate enough , I see." Jungkook smiled dropping the cigarette on the carpet and stubbing it out with his shoe. " Bye."
"For the love of... Wait. Jungkook...fuck ..." he groaned. " How on earth am I going to make him believe that?" Jungkook shrugged. "I'm not doing all the work for you hyung. You need to earn that investment you're gagging for. " he grinned. " So go on, get creative."
Jaehwan watched as his brother turned on his heel, stalking out of his office without another word. As the younger son, Jungkook had always caught the short end of the stick with their dad. The only person he had ever loved and trusted was Taehyung. He sighed shaking his head.
He had a feeling Jungkook was going to regret this.
🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Taehyung leaned over the table carefully marking the length of the sleeve and the curve of it, before reaching for his trusty scissors. He cut the rich fabric along the mark, smiling as he saw the dress in his head come along perfectly, just like he envisioned.
This was his favorite thing in the whole world. To conjure up something breathtaking in his head and then bring it to life under his fingertips. It was so rewarding. "Taehyung oppa, someone's here to see you. " His assistant said brightly and he startled. "See me? " Who? "
He glanced over his shoulder, and his eyes widened when he realized who it was. "Jae hyung?" He exclaimed, smiling wide despite himself. He almost rushed to wrap him in a hug when his mind finally caught up to who he actually was. Jungkook's brother. His smile froze.
He scratched the back of his head nervously. "Hey ..." he said hesitantly. " What brings you here hyung... its a long drive from Gangnam." he chuckled awkwardly. Jeon Jaehwan merely stared at him. "How have you been Tae?" he whispered.
Taehyung blinked a little, taken aback by the question. When was the last time someone had asked him that? When was the last time someone had cared enough to? He shook his head. "Still here." he chuckled, although most days I don't want to be, his mind said helpfully.
Jaehwan hummed. "Did your parents talk about the... proposal with us?" Taehyung flinched. "I'm sorry about that, hyung. They're unbelievable. I know Jungkook has every right to be furious about them even suggesting it. I apologize on their behalf." he whispered.
Jaehwan cleared his throat. "About that..." he swallowed, looking nervous. " Taehyung, uh...I don't know how to say this but Jungkook asked me to do this so I'm just going to ..." he took a deep breath, " My brother still has feelings for you. He.. wants to marry you."
Taehyung felt a sharp instinctive flash of disbelief. A vivid flash of his intuition going, ' he's lying' . But he was too shocked by the words to pay much attention to it. "I..what?" his mouth was dry. Jaehwan nodded. "Jungkook said if you want to give the relationship
another chance, he would be willing to work with you..On this marriage. Which would be a real one." Jaehwan looked away, not meeting his eyes. "Oh." Taehyung stared down at the fabric in his hands, not quite able to process what he was hearing. His mind was numb.
He wasn't ready to meet Jungkook yet. No. He needed a little more time. He didn't want to meet Jungkook without proving his innocence. He had promised himself that years ago. He wouldn't ever approach the other until the day he had concrete proof that he had never cheated on him.
And while he was still far from having the proof he needed , he knew he would find it soon. Taehyung wasn't a cheater. He would never betray Jungkook like that. But someone had set him up , had faked a video of him having sex with some stranger and sent it to Jungkook.
Eighteen year old Taehyung had no way of defending himself back then. Jungkook had watched the video, deleted it right after and promptly broken up with him. Taehyung had no way of proving his innocence. But things were different now. If only he could get his hands on that video.
"Taehyung?" Jaehwan cleared his throat. "Oh.." Taehyung bit his lips. " That's..." he shook his head. "Its alright. You can take your time. If you do want to give him another chance, here's his card. It has his personal number on it. You should call him." Tae took the card.
He couldn't believe it. Had Jungkook really forgiven him. Was it true, Jungkook had also missed him deeply over the years? Taehyung knew Jungkook had no other relationship after him. Was this why? Did he really love him? He felt his heart leap at that. "Okay."
"It's been seven years. Apparently he's willing to... You know, try again." Jimin merely stared at him "Tae, you cheated on him. " He whispered. " He hates you." Tae played with his food. He hadn't told Jimin the truth. Mostly because he was terrified he wouldn't believe him.
Jimin merely assumed he'd gotten drunk and had sex with someone. Taehyung had let the misunderstanding stay. "We loved each other a lot, Jimin. " He said quietly. " And Jungkook always was the most sweet and tender person. I'm just grateful hes giving me a chance."
Jimin shook his head. "Taehyung, this still seems a bit too... " He sighed. " Are you sure he isn't planning to get back at you or something? " Taehyung frowned. "Shut up, Jungkookie would never do something like that. " He snapped. " You don't know him like I do. "
Jimin exhaled, shaking his head. "So what, you're going to marry him? " He asked quietly. " Just like that? " Taehyung took a deep breath and then nodded. "Yeah." He said with a smile, nodding some more. " Yeah, I am. " 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Jungkook stood in front of the mirror, carefully fixing his tie into a perfect little dress knot, his hair slightly disheveled and the rest of him immaculately put together. Today was the day. Everything had to be perfect. "When are you meeting him, again? "
The woman on the bed was dressed in his t shirt and nothing less. She had a tattoo on her neck, and bright red lips from clubbing the previous night. While Jungkook liked hooking up with different people, Jihyo was sort of a friend. Someone he had known for years. "Lunch."
He grunted, reaching for the blow dryer and the styling gel. "And you're gonna just marry him after? " She rolled her eyes, " Seems quite unlike you, to be settling down like that. " Jungkook smirked. "Who said anything about settling down. This is just for a few months. "
He grabbed his cologne dabbing it into his skin. "So what, after a few months you're just going to dump him? " She looked curious. "No." Jungkook shook his head. " No, he's going to dump me. " He smiled. "You're cruel. " He grinned. "I know. " 🦋🦋🦋
Taehyung sat at the corner table of the posh restaurant, playing with his fingers as ge stared at the polished glass table, catching the look of apprehension in his own face. He wasn't sure what to say, what to do. Jungkook would be here in a few minutes. And he was nervous.
Seven years was a long time. And he wasn't sure how those years had shaped Jungkook. Seventeen year old Jungkook had been so very sweet and adorable. He knew that Jungkook looked very fierce these days, with his lean muscled body and tattooed arms. But that was just physical.
Taehyung was more concerned about the kind of man Jungkook was now. Was he lindor ruthless? Stoic or open? Witty and outgoing or brooding and quiet? Did he still like the same things? Did he really forgive Taehyung? He closed his eyes. While it was true he hadn't cheated,
There were still a number of things Taehyung was sorry about. He had been a terrible boyfriend back then, a fact that he could accept and acknowledge now. It hadn't been a healthy relationship, and Jungkook had definitely suffered the most from it. He sighed.
This was going to be his chance to make amends, he promised himself. This was so much more than he deserved and he would accept it with the gratefulness that was due. He had to make it up to Jungkook for the years. He had to. "Hyung? " Jungkook's low voice made him jump.
Taehyung blinked up at the younger, his head spinning a little because Jungkook was taller. A lot taller. And broader. And handsome. So handsome his voice deserted him and all he could do was stare at him in shock. Jungkook was smiling slightly. "Been a while, huh? "
Taehyung watched as the younger settled into the seat opposite his, relaxed and at ease as he flagged down a waiter. "Can i have a.. " Taehyung could only stare as Jungkook rattled off the year and name of a wine before turning to him. "Is that ok? " He could only nod.
He felt like he was watching a stranger. Something about Jungkook felt off. Too casual, too confident. Or was he being paranoid because of his own guilt? Once the waiter left, Jungkook turned to him and smiled. "How have you been, hyung? " Taehyung licked his lips.
There was a levity and sweetness in jungkook's voice that didn't really reach his eyes. And Jungkook's eyes had always been the most expressive part of him. Open and honest no matter what he was feeling. Taehyung stared at them, feeling oddly wary. This felt like a stranger.
He cleared his throat. "I've been well. " He said quietly. He felt uneasy under Jungkook's gaze. "I'm glad to hear that hyung. " Jungkook said quietly and there was a ring of truth to the words that made him look up. "I missed you a lot, Tae. " He whispered.
Taehyung stared at him, not quite trusting himself to respond. Jungkook however, didn't seem burdened by reluctance or worry. He looked so certain that Taehyung couldn't find any dishonesty there. "I know what you're thinking.. " Jungkook whispered.
"You're thinking about the last time we met and how things ended. " He sighed deeply. " But hyung, I'm just here to tell you that I want to put all that behind me. Because the truth is, you were my first love and I...want to give us another chance. " He said sincerely.
"Jungkook, " Taehyung said quietly, " I'm so-" "Please don't apologize hyung. " Jungkook said quietly. " We were really young back then, you and I. Hell I wasn't even eighteen. " He chuckled, "and well, I'm not that young, impulsive kid anymore. " He smiled. " I want you back."
Tae held his gaze even as Jungkook reached across the table holding his hand out. Taehyung stared at the tattooed fingers and looked back up at the younger. "Let's start over, hyung. " Jungkook said softly. " For the sake of our younger selves. We owe them that much, right?"
Yes. Taehyung owed seventeen years old Jungkook a lot. And if this is what he wanted, who was he to deny it, really? He smiled softly, biting his lower lip before carefully placing his hand in Jungkook's own. "Okay." He whispered. " I... I would like that a lot, Jungkookie."
Jungkook hung back near the waiting area, watching as Taehyung stood in front of the large full length mirrors, the shopgirl fussing over his waistcoat as she fitted him for his wedding suit. Jungkook was already done with his. He really needed a smoke. "Hey."
Jimin's soft voice made him glance up. He gave the other a small nod. After the break up, their friend group had sort of split apart. And while everyone had taken Jungkook's side, Jimin had stood by Taehyung. Loyal to a fault, Jungkook thought with a grimace.
"Hi, Jimin hyung. " Jungkook said brightly, his smile on point and his tone as cheerful as a newly engaged man would be. Jimin was watching him carefully. "You look good. " Jimin said casually. " Not that scrawny kid I used to know. " Jungkook chuckled. "Well, time flies."
Jimin hummed, tilting his head thoughtfully. "How much can time change a person though? " He said casually. " Five years, ten years.. Can it really change the essence of who someone is? Do you really believe that Jungkook? " Jungkook frowned. "What doesn't that mean? "
Jimin hummed. "The Jungkook I remember was very kind and gentle, but also smart. Has any of that changed over the years? I wonder.. " He said quietly. Jungkook stiffened at that. "Of course not. " He snapped. " I'm still me. Of course I am. " Jimin smiled.
"And yet you think Taehyung has changed? " He asked casually. " That he's no longer the unfaithful, selfish person you once dated? " He shook his head. "Tell me Jungkook, are you really that naive, or are you just so much smarter than everyone in this room? "
Jungkook kept his expression even. "I'm neither naive nor smart. " He said casually. " People forgive the people they love. That's neither impossible nor wrong. " Jimin nodded. "Yes. Forgiving someone who cheated on you is, commendable. But marrying them? " He shook his head.
"What exactly are you upto, Jeon Jungkook? "
Jungkook stared at the older man for a few seconds, eyes flashing with disdain. Jimin didn't miss the fury there, and filed it away in his mind, even as Jungkook fixed his features into a smile, a soft chuckle leaving him. " Hyung do you really have to be this paranoid? "
Jungkook shook his head thoughtfully. "Why not just be happy for him? " He said softly, turning his gaze on Taehyung who was smiling and exchanging small talk with the assistant. Jimin glanced back at his best friend and then turned back to Jungkook. "Don't hurt him".
His voice was low and even, not a warning or threat but not really a pleasure either. It was a matter of fact statement. A suggestion. An advice. Almost. Jungkook held his gaze for a few seconds. "We're all responsible for our own hurt, Jimin hyung. That's the truth. "
Jimin looked ready to respond but a loud, " Jimin ah! " Came from behind them making the older turn away. Taehyung was calling for him and Jimin smiled before turning back to Jungkook and meeting his eyes. "And we're all responsible for our own actions too, jungkook ah. " 🦋🦋
There was a press conference. A public announcement as well. A Betrothal party on the rooftop restaurant overlooking the Han river and another formal engagement party a few weeks later with their friends and family. Taehyung found himself whisked back and forth.
Between appointments and decorations and what not, he didn't get much of a chance to talk or spend time with Jungkook the way he wanted to. Which is why, when the younger asked to pick him up for dinner , Taehyung rushed to agree. "It's a beautiful night. "
Taehyung said softly, leaning against the railing of the balcony, looking out into the gardens surrounding the private hotel. Jungkook stood right behind him, and a second later his arms came to hold the railing on either side of his body, caging Taehyung in. His pulse raced.
"Yes, it is hyung. " Jungkook said softly, his voice low and breath hot against the bare skin for Taehyung's neck. " Tell me hyung, did you miss me too, all these years? " Taehyung felt his gut churn at the memories. "So much that I wanted to die from it. " He whispered.
Jungkook chuckled softly. " That's a very satisfying answer. " He said quietly and the cryptic response made Taehyung blink a little in confusion. When he turned around, ready to ask him what he meant by that, Jungkook pushed in catching his lips in a kiss.
Taehyung's back hit the railing, hands coming up to grip the other's shoulders in surprise. He blinked rapidly, eyes falling on a number of people behind them, some of them taking pictures of the kiss. He felt his face flame as he gently pushed at Jungkook's chest.
Jungkook drew back, just enough to put a little space between them. "What's wrong? " He asked briskly, a small smidgen of annoyance in his tone as he frowned at him. Taehyung felt uneasy, pointing at the people behind them, who were turning away now. "Oh." Jungkook smirked.
He turned around smiling wide. "I know what you're thinking. " He said loudly. " Why is this idiot marrying the guy who cheated on him, right? " Taehyung flinched as Jungkook drew him closer. "The answer to that is, because I want to. Because we both want to. Right hyung? "
Taehyung felt something coil in the pit of his stomach. Something thick and slimy and heavy and unsettling. Jungkook was looking at him in a way that made him feel naked and vulnerable. Like a sitting duck just waiting for the Hunter's bullet to pierce right through its heart.
But then the younger was laughing and drawing him close, missing him on the forehead and hugging him tight. "Let's not dwell on the past hyung. " He said quietly. " What matters is that you're here now. With me. Right? " Tae clung to him, a little disoriented by his words.
Let's not dwell on the past, Jungkook had said. And yet, he was the one who had brought it up in front of everyone. Taehyung felt cold and confused. 🦋🦋🦋
On their drive home that night, Taehyung stayed very quiet. The truth was, he wanted to clear things up. He wanted Jungkook to know that he hadn't cheated on him. But the problem was, he had no proof. "Jungkook.. " He said softly, as the younger pulled in front of his home.
Jungkook looked right ahead, seemingly lost in thought. "Jungkook... " He said firmly, a bit louder. The younger turned to him then, a blank look on his face. He then smiled, slow and careful. "Yes, hyung? " He reached out, cupping his face. " What's wrong? "
Taehyung closed his eyes as Jungkook ran a thumb over his lower lip, soft and gentle. "Do you.. " He gasped as Jungkook leaned in, kissing him again. This time it was a lot harder, with more intent. Taehyung felt heat lick up his spine as Jungkook pressed into him.
"Can I come up, hyung? " The younger whispered. " Please? I missed you so fucking much hyung. Miss having you under me.. Miss touching you.. Seeing you come undone in my arms.. " He whispered between kisses and Taehyung felt like he was free falling off a cliff.
( Cw : implied underage sex in the past jk is 17 t is 18.) A part of him wanted to ask Jungkook to wait, but there was a part of him that had missed this so badly. Jungkook was the only one he'd ever been with. His first and his only. He missed intimacy. He missed Jungkook.
And before he could get his thoughts in order, Jungkook was reaching across his lap, and undoing his seat belt, before grabbing his waist and tugging him closer. He loves you, a voice whispered, that's why he wants you so badly. Don't say no now. Don't fuck things up again.
In the end, Taehyung's desperate wish to make things better won over. As Jungkook pressed kisses to the side of his jaw, asking for the key to his apartment, he slipped a hand into his pocket and handed it over to the younger. 🦋🦋🦋
"Jungkook.. " Taehyung said quietly, staring at the younger as he sat up against the headboard, scrolling through his phone, texting someone. The clock on the wall read 2.00AM. If Taehyung wasn't so nervous, he may have wondered who Jungkook was talking to that late.
The younger didn't respond, smiling into his phone and occasionally chuckling. Taehyung cleared his throat. "Jungkookie.. " He tried again and Jungkook stiffened. "Don't call me that. " He snapped. Taehyung recoiled, surprised by the vehemence in his tone.
Jungkook grimaced, running a hand over his face and swearing. "Sorry hyung. " He said stiffly. " Just.. It makes me feel like a kid. " He chuckled forcibly. " Sorry. Didn't mean to snap at you. " Taehyung nodded. "I'm sorry. " He said quietly. " It's just.. Can we talk?"
Jungkook frowned. "Talk? About what? " He asked casually. Taehyung hesitated. "About what happened between us? " Jungkook smiled a little. "Right now? The sex? " He laughed. "Sure.. Let's talk... "
Taehyung smiled hesitantly although he wasn't entirely sure what he was smiling at. "Jungkook... That's not.. " He cleared his throat. " I meant before. You know when we were younger. " The smile on Jungkook's face faded very rapidly. "Hyung, I told you I don't want to-"
"Do you still have that video? " He asked urgently. " I just... I wanted to ask you that. " Jungkook stared at him. "The video of you getting fucked by another guy? " He asked softly. " Do you think I would still have that? Why would I have that? " He demanded.
Taehyung stared down at his hands. "Fuck.. " Jungkook swore, moving to gently hold his hand. " Hyung, don't bring that up. I told you I wanted to let things go. I told you I want to move on. I don't want to relive it all. You were drunk. Shit happened. Fine. Let's move on. "
I didn't sleep with anyone, Tae wanted to say. But he held his tongue. Because Jungkook looked furious and somehow Tae had the feeling it would only make him madder, if he told him he never cheated on him. He couldn't tell him. Not yet. He had to find that video. By himself.
"I don't want to start this thing, dwelling on whatever unpleasantness is there in our past." Jungkook said softly, linking their fingers together. " I want to start a new hyung. Don't you want that? " Taehyung nodded, squeezing back and smiling weakly. 🦋🦋🦋
The next day Tae called Park Seojoon. Seojoon was a friend he had made during an exchange program in college.The older man specialized in cyber security and was an ethical hacker, one of the best in his field. "If someone sent him the video, there's a chance I can find it."
Tae sighed. "What do I have to do? " He asked softly. "Nothing for now, Taehyungah... If he's really wanting to move forward, why don't you focus on that? On building your relationship again? If he's willing to try again despite being hurt, he must really love you a lot. "
"I'll be back in Seoul in a couple of months. " He said briskly. " Once I get there, I can get better access to all the resources I'll be needing to find out if the video was edited in some way. Digital footprints are hard to erase. We'll get the guy who did this. "
After their little tiff, Taehyung didn't bring up the video or their past again. The wedding was sneaking up on them and there was a ton of stuff to be done every single day. His parents and Jungkook's parents were of course overjoyed. Jungkook himself was the perfect fiance.
They had dinner dates almost every other day and Taehyung had pretty much moved into the younger's apartment. Jungkook was different from how he remembered him but every now and then, when it was just the two of them, he caught glimpses of the old Jungkook and it warmed him.
He stopped obsessing over proving his innocence, because Jungkook truly seemed to have forgiven him. Every night as he lay curled up against the younger's cheat, Taehyung felt his own hurt slowly start to fade away. Maybe this was okay. Maybe he could be happy after all.
Taehyung met all of Jungkook's friends, and Jimin soon hit it off with one of Jungkook's best man , a producer named Min Yoongi. Taehyung felt himself blooming under Jungkook's attention and affection and soon the past felt like nothing more than a bad dream, almost forgotten.
🦋🦋🦋 Although the wedding itself was a private affair, there were enough news outlets at the venue to make him nervous. Jungkook held his hand in the car as they reached the place early that morning. They would be getting ready in the large suites on the top floor.
"I can't wait to see you at the altar. " Taehyung whispered, cupping Jungkook's face and kissing him sweetly. " Thank you for this Jungkook. You've been so wonderful to me. Your love is so precious..I just.. I promise I'll spend the rest of my life being worthy of it. "
Jungkook smiled at him, holding him tight. "Let's do this then. " The younger said softly. " Let's get married hyung. " 🦋🦋🦋
As Taehyung stepped into the suite, he jumped, eyes going wide as he saw who was sitting on the couch there. "Seojoon hyung! " He said excitedly, wrapping both his arms around him and hugging him tight. "Tae! " The other laughed lifting him up and spinning him around.
"How are you doing? " Seojoon asked gently, " You're glowing Taehyung. " Tae laughed aloud at that. "Of course I am. " He grinned. " It's the happiest day of my life. But hyung, I thought you were going to only be back by the end of the month. What are you doing here? "
Seojoon smiled wide. "I pulled a few strings. I wanted to give you your wedding present in person. " He held up a small pendrive. " Guess what I have here?" Taehyung felt his eyes go wide. "The video?" "Not just the video. But evidence that it was digitally manipulated."
Taehyung smiled softly at that. To his own surprise he didn't feel the kind of relief heay have felt a year or two years ago. He was already at his happiest. "Hyung.. " He said softly. " Why don't you hold onto that. " He whispered. " I don't.. Want it right now. "
Seojoon looked surprised. "Tae.. What are you saying? Don't you want to show this to Jungkook?! " Tae bit his lips before shaking his head. "Not today hyung. If he sees this, he'll feel guilty for doubting me all these years. I don't want him to feel bad on our special day."
Seojoon stared at him, a worried look on his face. "Taehyung are you sure? The reason I bought this today was I wanted you guys to start your marriage without any misunderstanding between each other. " Tae shook his head. "I'll show it to him. " He said softly. " But later."
🦋🦋🦋 ( to be continued) are you guys liking it so far 🥳
Jaehwan leaned back against his chair, watching the wedding proceedings. His eyes stayed on his brother, dressed like a prince and with the good looks to match. Jungkook really did look like every fairytale come true, and Tae clearly thought he had finally got his happy ending.
The older man sighed deeply, a sick feeling of apprehension and worry inside him. He wasn't entirely sure what Jungkook was up to, and for the past couple months, watching Jungkook with Taehyung, he had actually wondered if maybe Jungkook had changed his mind about getting even.
But this morning, Jungkook had come into his study in the early hours of the day, to confirm if Taehyung's father had signed the deal on the investment. "This whole charade would be a waste if we don't get the money hyung. " He had said casually and Jaehwan had felt cold.
Could someone really fake a relationship to this point? He didn't think. So. He was pretty certain Jungkook still had feelings for Taehyung. It was just that, they weren't strong enough to mask the hurt Jungkook had gone through, with Taehyung. He stared down at his feet.
At times, Jaehwan couldn't help but feel guilty about what had happened back then. Taehyung had been young and reckless, rebellious and struggling with his mental health. He had been popular and smart, the quintessential golden boy, with a hundred admirers. Jungkook?
Jungkook had been a naive 16yr old, sweet and wide eyed. Jungkook had taken one look at Taehyung and had been instantly smitten. And while Taehyung had adored Jungkook a lot, it was clear that the two were poles apart in terms of what they wanted. He should have intervened.
But it was hard to blame anyone. Kids were kids. And it didn't help that the tabloids had been on Taehyung's case with a vengeance. The moment Taehyung had turned eighteen they had pretty much hounded him wherever he went. With a rich father and a super famous mother,
The poor boy had always been under scrutiny, never allowed to be the child that he actually was. And maybe that was why things had gone the way they had. As the priest called for the two to step forward, the congregation stood. Jaehwan did as well.
He watched as Jungkook and Taehyung exchanged vows. He watched as they said their I dos. Watched as they kissed to cheers and applause. But he didn't applaud. Jeon Jaehwan stood with his hands in his pockets and when he brother turned around to look at him, he shook his head.
Jungkook merely smiled and it was nothing like the kid Jaehwan had grown up with. It was the smile of someone cruel. Someone hurt. That one act of betrayal had destroyed Jungkook's faith and trust, not just on Taehyung but on love itself. And there was nothing he could do.
"So.." Jihyo said casually, taking a small sip of her coffee. " The video we recorded. When do you want me to post it? " Jungkook, who was staring at the light show on the waterfront, eyes reflecting the Han River's rolling waves, gave her a non-committal hum. "Not yet."
Jihyo nodded, not saying anything else. Jungkook was different. There had always been an arrogance to his demeanor, a certain devil may care attitude, an insolence if you will. It was attractive in bed, insufferable out of it. But she put up with it. Because she loved him.
Not romantically. But well, loved him nonetheless. "You haven't been meeting the rest of the gang? And you turned down another tournament. Your rank's going down. The others are worried. " Jungkook shrugged. "I'm still streaming. And playing. And making money. "
He turned to her. "Have you ever cheated on anyone? " He asked casually. Jihyo blinked a few times. "What? " "That guy you were dating two years ago. Daniel? Was that his name? You cheated on him didn't you? " Jihyo rolled her eyes. "Why are you bringing that up? "
Jungkook leaned in. "Why did you do it? " He asked softly. Jihyo stared at him, frowning. "It just happened. " She shrugged. " I didn't think about it too much. " Jungkook stared at her. "You didn't care that you were hurting him? That it? " She sighed.
"What is this really about? " She demanded. " Yeah it was a terrible thing to do and yeah I wish I hadn't done it but it's not something I think about. It happened and I moved on. " Jungkook snorted. "Of course you did. You fucked his life up and you moved on. "
Jungkook.. " She said softly, eyes wide. "You know what? " He shook his head. " It doesn't matter. You didn't care about him. So you moved on. Makes sense. But what about him? Do you even care about what you did to him? Or is that too much of an inconvenience for you? "
"Guys probably still out there wondering why he isn't enough. Wondering what the fuck he did wrong for you to do that to him? But who cares right? He should just move on. Never mind that it makes him question his very worth... " He whispered, eyes glinting a little.
Jihyo held his gaze for a second. There was a moment of understanding as she took in the hurt shining there. "You still love him. " She said softly, the realization sinking like a pebble in a clear pond. So obvious now that she knew what she was looking at.
Jungkook didn't deny it. Instead he shook his head, leaning back and closing his eyes. But Jihyo couldn't let it go. "Is that why you've been putting it off? It's been a month since you got married. The deal is done. But you don't want to release that fucking video-"
"Call him. " Jungkook said quietly, standing up and reaching for his wallet. Jihyo watched as he took out enough cash to cover their bill placing it on the table. " Call Daniel and fucking apologize, Ji. " His voice shook a little. " It's the least you can do. " 🦋🦋
"How did you get the video, though? " Taehyung asked curiously, leaning closer and peering into Seojoons screen. " He told me he didn't have it anymore. " "It was just a gamble. Even when people get rid of certain videos, copies still remain in the cloud. Look. "
Taehyung stared at the rows upon rows of media files. Most of them,pictures. His heart clenched because most of them were pictures of him from seven years ago. "He kept them all. " Seojoon said softly. " And I think he looked at them often. " Tae swallowed. "And the video? "
Seojoon hummed scrolling through the files again. "I want to talk to him tonight. " Taehyung said softly. " I want to tell him the truth about everything. " Seojoon paused. "I think it's this one. " He clicked on the large icon. "Hey guys. " Jungkook's voice
Filled the speakers. " I know I haven't been very active after my wedding but there's some stuff that I want to talk about. " Seojoon froze. And so did Taehyung. "Wait.. What is that? " Taehyung whispered staring as Seojoon maximized the screen. It was Jungkook.
He was sitting in his gaming chair, hair a little disheveled. Taehyung recognized the room. It was the apartment he currently shared with his husband. "What is this.. " He whispered again. "There's a lot of speculation about my wedding so I want to clear things up. "
Taehyung felt his skin grow cold as Jungkook sighed leaning forward and looking down at his hands. "I think most of you know that our parents were close and intended to have us married to each other. I was fifteen when my mom first told me that, and as a naive teenager,
I thought it was really sweet and romantic because Kim Taehyung back then and even now, was easily the most beautiful guy I'd ever met. " He paused. " But then, beauty doesn't always mean a good heart. " He chuckled. " Sometimes beauty is just a distraction. It keeps
You from seeing whatever rotten thing is hiding inside. " Jungkook muttered. " The most venomous snakes have the prettiest skin." Seojoon inhaled sharply. "Taehyung , let's not watch this..." Taehyung grabbed his hand quickly. "No." He said shakily. " I.. I want to watch."
" I met Taehyung when I was barely 16 and fell in love with him like the naive little fool that I was. Or maybe it wasn't really love you know.. Maybe it was just Fascination. He was hot, rich, and attractive. Come to think of it, he wasn't that interesting. Still isn't. "
Jungkook chuckled lightly shaking his head. " I wanted him to like me. I wanted him to love me. And I think that's where I went wrong guys. You can't make someone love you. Especially when that person is so selfish and just incapable of loving anyone except themselves. "
Jungkook leaned closer. "You ever feel like, in your relationship, you're the one who has more at stake? Like you're the one who will lose more if things go wrong? " He sighed. "He cheated on me. " He said quietly. " With some guy at a club. And I lost everything. "
"I couldn't eat or sleep and to be honest all I wanted was an explanation. A reason. One fucking reason for breaking my heart. Know what I got though? " He smiled. " Radio silence. And I realized he was everything to me and I wasn't even worth one measly apology to him. "
Jungkook shook his head. " I spent the last seven years, reliving those eleven months I spent with him as his boyfriend. I keep thinking what did I do wrong? Why was I not enough? What was so terrible about me that he didn't give a single fuck about my feelings? "
He gave a small bitter smile. " The saddest part about this whole thing? If he had apologized, I probably would have forgiven him. Fuck I forgave him anyway. But you know what I can't forgive? " He paused, " He made me believe I wasn't enough. That I wasn't worth even an apology"
"So why did I marry him? " He smiled softly. " Honestly? For his money. " He shrugged. " His parents agreed to invest in our company if I married him and my brother needed the cash. He owes me a lot and I'm just collecting the debt owed."
"Anyway, if this video is out. It means marriage is ending. It means I finally plucked up the courage to say what Ive wanted to say for years. And if you're watching, Taehyung. " He leaned forward. " Now, we're even. " 🦋🦋🦋
( last update tomorrow? To be honest its not even half as angsty as I originally planned it to be... I kind of felt bad for them both. 🥲🥲)
The sound of the door bell ringing woke Jimin up. He groaned, shifting on the soft sheets before grabbing his phone and peering into the screen. It was two in the morning. Who on earth was here at this hour? Jimin ran a hand through his hair before slowly getting up off
the bed and moving to the door. He peered through the peephole, eyes going wide when he recognized the figure. Opening the door quickly, he found himself staring at an ashen faced Taehyung with a pair of suitcases by his feet. "Tae, what are you-?" "Can I stay here, for tonight?"
Jimin nodded, quickly stepping aside and also reaching for one of the suitcases. "What happened? Where's Jungkook?" Taehyung didn't respond right away. Jimin watched as he moved to sit on the couch, staring at the opposite wall with a haunted look on his face. "Tae?" he tried.
Taehyung turned to him , and there was a hunted look on his face. "Did you know that Jungkook hated me?" he whispered. Jimin felt his eyes widen a bit at that. "Taehyung what... Did he say that?" He demanded, confused and just a little furious. Taehyung didn't reply.
Instead he held his phone out to him. Curious , Jimin took the device staring at the video that was paused. Ten minutes later, Jimin sat next to his friend, who hadn't said a word. "Was I a fool for thinking he really forgave me?" Taehyung whispered. Jimin sighed.
"That depends." he said softly, " On whether you can say, in good conscience that you earned his forgiveness." Taehyung licked his lips at that. "I was going to tell him the truth..." he said hesitantly. "When?" Jimin said quietly. " I knew you never cheated on him Tae.
"And I waited for you to tell me yourself. I waited for you to make an effort to salvage that relationship. You didn't do a thing. Don't get me wrong .." He held the phone up, " This is pretty fucked up. But , I don't understand how you can be surprised? Running away has always
been your go to solution to every problem. Isn't that why you're here right now? Sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night , without confronting him?" Taehyung blinked at him. "He hates me. I don't want to confront him and have him say it to my face." he said shakily.
"Why not?" Jimin said sharply. And then he sighed. "Why did you marry him Tae?" Tae clenched his fists. "Because I love him." he muttered. "Do you?" Jimin asked quietly. " Or do you just love the idea of fixing the biggest mistake of your life without having to do a thing."
Taehyung rounded on him, furious. "That is not true... Don't you fucking dare insinuate that. I've been trying to apologize to him. To talk to him about what happened between us, and he keeps telling me he doesn't want to talk about it.." "And you didn't think why?"
Taehyung looked away. "Tae." Jimin said softly. "I've been your friend for more than a decade. I know you like the back of my hand. And this isn't me blaming you for what happened. I know exactly why you did what you did. I know your parents did a number on you
and i know that you never meant to hurt him." he sighed, before tapping the phone again. " But this here... this is a very hurt guy. Sometimes we don't think our actions could harm someone, but they do. Its just how life is. And I know you care for him. He deserved the truth."
Taehyung swallowed. "I did love him." he said shakily. " I... I loved him Jimin , he was the most important thing in my life." Jimin nodded. "i know you did. I was there remember? Tae..." He leaned forward. " It would be a good idea for you guys to talk to someone."
"What?" Taehyung blinked up at him. " What do you mean?" "Back then... I used to wonder why you never spoke up . Why didn't you just fight for your relationship. And then i realized... You didn't really want to did you?" Tae clenched his fists. "I don't know what you mean."
"You did it with other people too." Jimin said quietly. " Seojoon. Bogum. Hyunsik. You just distanced yourself and let the relationship fizzle out without ever actually ending things. Seojoon hyung was the one who told me about it. I didn't think it was a big deal, but now.
I think its something you need to work on." he said quietly. " You can't just run when things get a little difficult Tae. That's.. not fair to the other person you know. And Jungkook..he loved you a lot." Jimin sighed, " He's never dated anyone else, Tae. He sleeps around but.."
Taehyung stared down at his hands. "Don't run." Jimin said quietly. " Tell him the truth and talk to him." "What if he tells me he hates me?" Taehyung whispered. " That he never wants to see me again?" "Then you leave him alone." Jimin shrugged." You accept that its over."
"Also, Tae.." he holds the phone up." He owes you an explanation too. Some of the shit in here, is downright vindictive. So, while I don't want to be presumptuous about his feelings and call it hate, I do think that he's probably not in love with you." he paused. "anymore."
Taehyung licks his lips. "He made me believe that he was." he said shakily. " Its why I didn't push too much to talk about our past. I was afraid he would change his mind." Jimin sighed deeply at that. "I don't think it was ever truly the past , Tae. What happened 7 yrs ago,
its the driving force behind all of his actions today. So calling it the past is foolish? He never forgot about it. He never moved on. So it may have been the past for you but it clearly wasn't for Jungkook. He didn't want to talk about it because the wound is still very raw."
"Nobody likes picking at a wound that's still bleeding. " 🦋🦋🦋
Tags : 🦋Heavy Angst/ Arranged Marriage. 🦋Fashion Designer Tae/ Professional Gamer Jungkook. 🦋Enemies to lovers? 🦋Flawed Characters 🦋Infidelity? 🦋Morally Ambiguous Characters 🦋Finally a jk you guys may not love😉🦋Happy Ending. Tae is 25, Jungkook is 24.
🦋🦋🦋 Taehyung sat at his work desk, his phone propped up on a small tripod stand, right in front of him, the entire contraption attached to the surface of the desk. He was watching the video on loop. Something he had been doing for a couple days now. He hadn't gone home.
Jungkook had called him, a couple of times, and he had told him a vague little lie about being busy with a sudden deadline and having to stay at his design studio for a few days. The younger didn't question him, merely telling him they had a family dinner together that weekend.
Listening to Jungkook's voice on the phone had been difficult. The voice, the tone, everything felt like a mockery, because he kept replaying all the terrible things Jungkook had said in that video. And it was hard but also essential, in his opinion. He had to numb himself to it.
But as he listened to the video, over and over and over again, his own response to it, slowly changed. When he started out, he had felt hurt, immensely so, and angry and upset and wronged. Only one phrase ran through him over and over. "How could he make me seem so awul?"
But as time passed, he kept replaying it. Listening actually,and not just dwelling on the parts that were hurtful, he found himself changing the way he looked at it. Because now, the question in his mind was this: "Did I truly make Jeon Jungkook feel, this awful about himself?"
And the honest truth was, he wasn't quite ready to face the answer to that question. He smoothed his hand over the delicate tulle fabric, lightly tracing the places where the pearl beading would go. He was always careful with fabrics, but careless with people's hearts.
He licked his lips a little, and then closed his eyes. A lot of what Jimin had said, had hit home and left him feeling bitter. Jimin's candor had hurt him. A lot. But that was only because it came so dangerously close to the truth of how he felt about things.
Because Jimin was right. Taehyung did feel relief at the thought of avoiding a confrontation. Parts of him, did believe that the only way to keep himself safe in a relationship, was by ending it before the other person did. Because they will. Of course they will.
Taehyung ran a palm over his face, before closing his eyes and sighing deeply. He couldn’t run forever. He had to make a choice. It was either go back to Jungkook, and make an attempt to piece together the broken shards of their relationship .
Or give the whole thing up as a hopelessly lost cause, and cut his losses and move on. Because that video… that video told him that Jungkook had no intention of trying any kind of reconciliation.
Taehyung bit his lips, pleating together the edges of the lace fabric and carefully slotting in pins to keep them in place. He glanced at his phone again, paused at the beginning of the video. He pressed play again, before folding his arms on the table and burying his face there.
Everytime he played the video, he noticed something different , something new. There was so much raw honesty there , in Jungkook’s words but it wasn’t there through out the video. There were moments when Jungkook’s tone changed, moments when he held back.
There was a ringing conviction in his voice when he talked about his hurt and his insecurities and his fears. But a distinct hesitance, an uncertainty when he spoke about Taehyung. Like he wasn’t really sure of the things he was saying.
Like he didn’t truly believe any of those things themselves. And it was that uncertainty that Taehyung found himself hanging onto. Jimin’s words still rang in his head, the very honest “ I don’t think he’s in love with you anymore”. And Taehyung could accept that.
He could live with the fact that Jungkook had fallen out of love with him but it was the idea of being hated by him, of being a bitter memory, a stain on his past, a regret he wanted to forget : that was what he couldn’t live with.
And as tempting as it was to just disappear and let Jungkook deal with the aftermath, he couldn’t quite bring himself to do it. The video… the more he listened to it, the less it felt like an accusation, like an unfair betrayal. And the more it sounded like a cry for help.
Taehyung stared down at his wedding ring, playing with the metal band and feeling empty. Jungkook was playing a part, he thought miserably. He was quite good at it Too. But as someone who had once known Jungkook, intimately and well,
Taehyung had seen the act for what it was : a curtained veil, translucent to give the appearance of openness, but hiding a lot underneath the surface. And yes, this was going to be difficult.
Everything about this was going to be painful , and hard and excruciatingly hurtful but, maybe….maybe at the end of all this, he could fix some of the damage that had been done. Taehyung carefully took the fabric, moving over to his machine and sliding the fabric underneath
the needle and setting about stitching the ends together. The familiar sound of the machine grounded him for a second as he continued to stare at the video. After he was done, he reached for his phone and shot Jungkook a quick text, “ I’ll be home for dinner. We need to talk.”
Jungkook stared down at his phone, a small frown marring his features as he read the text Taehyung had sent him. Across the table, his brother placed his drink down and cleared his throat. “Everything alright?” He asked carefully and Jungkook shrugged.
“I think so. Taehyung.” He shook his head before placing the phone down and reaching for his drink. “You’re not going to talk to him?” Jungkook smiled a little at that. “It was a text. And even if I didn’t , what do you care?” He raised a brow,” You have his money.”
Jaehwan stared at him, a displeased look on his face. “You don’t have to put on that front with me Jungkook. You’re having second thoughts about all of this. I can tell.” Jungkook scoffed a little at that.
“Second thoughts about what hyung?” He rolled his eyes. “ I’m just doing my filial duty. Dad squandered all our money and left you sitting in a cesspool of debt and devastation and I took one for the team and now you have enough money to save the company and your career.
I did something nice for the brother I love. That’s all there is to it.” “And the video?” Jungkook went comepletely still. “What video?” He demanded. “You know exactly what video. The video you made about Taehyung…” “How the fuck…”
“Jihyo came to see me.” He said curtly. “ She gave me a copy of the video.” Jungkook glared at him. “What about it?” “Are you going to put that out?” Jungkook laughed, shaking his head. “Since when do I answer to you hyung?” He turned back to his food and Jaehwan hummed.
“So the answer is no. No, you’re not going to put it out there. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be so sensitive about it.” Jungkook gripped his fork tighter. “There’s no shame in admitting you still care about him.” Jaehwan said softly and
Jungkook placed the fork down, closing his eyes and letting out a shaky, furious breath. “See this is it… “ He said quietly. “ You’ve known me for twenty four years but you still don’t know anything at all about me.” Jaehwan flinched. “Jungkook…”
The younger stood up, face clouded and hands shaking a little as he reached for his wallet. “Do you have any idea what it feels like? To spend every second of every day, wondering what it was about you that made you so hard to love?” He muttered shakily,
“ Have you wondered why the people around you get into relationships, find love and support just by being themselves, while you have to fight and beg and try and earn every little scrap of affection that you can?
Have you ever spent night after night trying to relive the same things over and over again trying to understand what you had done to deserve all the hurt ? Do you have any idea what that does to you? I haven’t been on a date in years. I can’t bring myself to trust anyone.
Because look at what happened the last time I did. ” Jaehwan could only stare. “I made that video , for me.” Jungkook said quietly. “ I made it because I had to get all of that bitterness out of me before it destroyed me and the people around me.
I made that video and it made me feel better.” He placed his card on the table. “ Your problem hyung is that you think I’m doing all of this because of Kim Taehyung. That its some kind of twisted vendetta against him.
But the honest truth is, I’m doing it for myself. I’m doing it because I have to prove to myself, that Taehyung doesn’t have any hold on me anymore. And you know what?” he smiled, “ He never will. Ever again.” Jungkook turned on his heel and left.
Taehyung sat on the leather couch in the living room, hands folded on top of his lap, fingers twisting together nervously as he kept his gaze on the clock that hung over the hallway, the seconds ticking steadily , the small hand edging closer and closer to the number twelve.
His nerves were frayed, the dinner on the table had long gone cold and there was this loud, jarring voice in his head that kept screaming at him to let it go. He had told Jungkook that he wanted to have dinner with him. That he wanted to talk.
And Jungkook had responded by not turning up at all. What did that mean? Did it not mean that he didn’t want to talk ? Shouldn’t Taehyung be respecting his wishes? Leaving him alone? He groaned, exhausted. He had spent over ten hours in his tailoring studio,
perfecting outfits for his showcase that was coming up next month. His eyes burned from going over the tiny, minute detailing on the fabric and his fingers were chafed and sore from pin pricks and friction. He wanted to eat, shower and sleep for a week. But he couldn’t.
He had promised himself he wouldn’t run. He would do this. The sound of the door opening made him freeze and he sat up quickly. He saw the doorknob turn as Jungkook used his key to let himself in and quickly leapt to his feet, eyes wide as he rushed over,
only to stop short when he realized it wasn’t Jungkook. “Hey…” Jaehwan looked apologetic, “ Sorry… i… I should have rung the bell. Jungkook told me you were going to be staying at your studio for a couple of days. I didn’t know you would be here. ” He stopped short.
“ Uh.. Jungkook gave me a key for emergencies and I …uh…there’s a document that I need to get from his office.” “Oh.” Taehyung looked around. “ He locks his office.” “Oh, that’s fine. I have the passcode.” Jaehwan hesitated. “ Are you alright?”
“Oh, yeah. Of course. Um.. Any idea where Jungkook is?” He asked hesitantly. Jaehwan frowned. “Jungkook? I think he has a tournament of some kind tomorrow? In Busan? He's probably there already.” “He's in Busan?” Taehyung swallowed.
“You didn’t know?” Taehyung closed his eyes, groaning a little. “No .. No.. I.. I think he mentioned it. I must’ve forgotten. Let it slip my mind.” He laughed shakily. “ Sorry”. Jaehwan nodded. "You sure you're alright? If you need anything..." "No, thank you. I'm fine."
Jaehwan stared at him for a few seconds. "Its alright if you're not." He said hesitantly. " I know..." he paused, " that Jungkook's been a bit ... well, he's different to how you must remember him. It must be hard to come to terms with that." Taehyung didn't respond.
"Well, I'll just get my stuff and be out of your hair in no time." Taehyung watched him go into the office and grabbed his phone. He dialed Jungkook's number and it rang . Jungkook didn't pick up the call. He glanced at the time, sighing. It was late. "When's the last train?"
He said quietly, once Jaehwan came out with an envelope in his hand. Jungkook's brother looked surprised. "Oh... Where to?" "Busan." Taehyung said quietly. "Its probably already left." Jaehwan said carefully. "10.30 if I'm not mistaken." "Oh." "Do you need me to arrange a car?"
Taehyung stared at him for a few seconds. What was he doing really? Jungkook wasn't gone for pleasure. He knew the younger took his gaming career really seriously. And this was an important tournament. But a part of him wanted to be a part of it. To take peek into his world.
"If it's not too much trouble." He said finally. Jaehwan looked a little hesitant. "I'm very grateful to you, Taehyung. I know... that it probably wasn't an easy decision, to uh...." "Do the same thing a second time and then expect a different result?" Tae smiled.
"Something like that." Jaehwan sighed. " I think he would be glad to have you there. He gets too serious with his gamer friends sometimes. They're a bit of a ...messy crowd though. So keep yourself safe." "Messy?" "Well, they're not like us. Most of them aren't you know..."
"Classy." he sighed. " They can be a bit too much, is what I'm saying but Jungkook will make sure you're okay." Would he? Tae managed a weak smile. "Alright. I'll get ready then. Can we leave in an hour?" "Sure. I'll send you the details of the driver. He'll pick you up."
They entered Busan's city limits sometime around four thirty in the morning, with the sky just starting to lighten. Taehyung was exhausted, because he hadn't slept a wink, talking to the driver so he wouldn't accidentally fall asleep on the wheel.
"Its one of the biggest tournaments," the man was saying now, " has a prize pool of nearly 20 million dollars. Your husband leads the south Korean team and they've won for the past two consecutive years. It's a really big deal." "Is this the final match?" "No, semi final I think"
Taehyung nodded. "i don't really know much about these things, " he said hesitantly. " Where are they held? it online or...?" "It's usually held in a large stadium arena. Players have to be there on location and then connect to the servers. Bigger teams stay there."
"So Jungkook's possibly staying in the arena?" Taehyung swallowed nervously. He didn't really do well with crowds. "Yes, Mr. <Kim. I'll be dropping you off at the arena and driving back to Seoul." "Oh." Taehyung blinked. " um... " "You've asked Mr. Jeon to pick you up, right?"
He stared down at his phone. Jungkook hadn't picked his calls or called him back. Taehyung played with his wedding ring. "I'm sure I can find my way around." he said with a small laugh. "Good. You don't want to get lost in one of those things. It can be crazy."
Taehyung felt cold panic pool in the pit of his belly at the words. He closed his eyes. And there it was, the nagging feeling telling him to ask the man to drive them back to Seoul. He couldnt- No. He was not going to run. He had promised Jimin he wouldn't. He had to do this.
Jaehwan's driver dropped him off at the entrance to the arena and Taehyung felt his heart take a steep dive as he took in the sheer size of the stadium, the countless posters all around, the garish neon lighting and most of all, the loud and noisy crowd.
He gripped his small travel bag and stared down at his clothes, feeling out of place and alone as he tried to look for an information desk or something that coul help him out. He stumbled, getting pushed along with the crowd of loud, happy people.
His eyes finally caught sight of a number of counters and kiosks on the the far end of the wall to the side, and he pushed his way to the side, heart racing in his chest as he reached the place. "Sorry, registrations for gamers is closed." The woman said softly. "No."
He winced as someone pushed him from the behind, his knees hitting the counter painfully hard. "No, I .. I actually am looking for someone." The girl frowned before staring pointedly at the massive crowd.
"have you tried calling them, sir?" "He's not picking up...please.. His name is Jeon Jungkook." She blinked. "Jeon Jungkook. The Jeon Jungkook?" "Um...yeah..he's one of the top players." "You're looking for JK?" She grinned. " Are you serious?"
"Yes... i need to meet him at once." "Of course you do." "Well.. Mr..?" "Taehyung... Kim Taehyung." "Mr. Kim, um, JK is a very busy man and well, to be honest he is also very private and doesn't really meet fans... So.." "I'm not a fan... I... I'm his husband."
She grinned. "Of course you are, honey. You know what, after the first two sessions in the morning, there's usually a meet and greet with some of the popular gamers and I could give you a ticket for one of those..." "Meet and..." Taehyung groaned. " I've met him."
" I live with him." He gritted out. " Could you please just contact him and..." "Mr. Kim i have strict instructions about these things. All the volunteers and members of the team have them. Mr Jeon is a very sought after man and you're like the tenth person asking for him, today"
She leaned in. "Also, take it from someone who's been there, these fantasies don't play out the way you want them to, okay? He's not gonna take you back to his room or anything. He already has that gaming partner of his. Everyone knows they're a thing." Taehyung froze.
"Gaming partner?" "Yes. Mingyu. They're literally attached at the hip all the damn time. " she sighed. " I know it hurts now but.. just ...move on. These gamers, all of them are just fickle and thrill chasers. You look like a nice guy. You can do better." she smiled.
Taehyung swallowed. His head was starting to throb now and he felt a large, heavy weight settle over his chest pressing down on his lung and making it hard to breathe. "I... " He closed his eyes, exhausted. " Sorry, I drove down from Seoul, all night.." he rubbed his forehead.
Her eyes went wide at that. "Oh wow..." she shook her head, " You must like him a lot." she hesitated. " There's a refreshment counter inside. Hey, listen, these are usually prepaid only but I'm gonna do you a solid. I'm going to give you our all access pass."
"You can't go where the gamers are but you can pretty much anywhere else." She slid the card with a lanyard across the counter. Taehyung reached for it, grateful. "You should go to our refreshment area and there's a lounge there. It's free if you have the pass. Get some rest?."
Taehyung smiled, nodding. "Thank you. " He hung the lanyard around his neck, " Thank you for the help." "Hey wait.." she reached for her bag and pulled out a photo of Jungkook. It had Jungkook's signature on it. "On the house." she grinned. " Have a good time, Mr. Kim."
Taehyung stared at the picture for a second and cleared his throat. He nodded and carefully slipped it into his pocket. Well, this was a terrible turn of events , he thought in a daze. But what else could he do? Maybe he could go to the lounge and try calling him again.
The lounge wasn't a lounge as much as it was a dingy club like area, partitioned off from the rest of the arena. There were couches and booths , dim lighting and a dance floor and a bar and refreshment counter up front. It was crowded too. Tae made a beeline for the corner.
He settled into the chair and reached for the phone only for it to ring , loud and jarring against the low mood music. He flinched as people turned around to stare at himas he fumbled with his phone to answer it. "Jungkook.." he breathed out in relief. "Hyung, I'm busy"
Taehyung blinked rapidly . "Oh...yes.. i know.. the tournament right? In Busan? Jungkook I'm..." "Hyung what is it?" Jungkook said sharply. "I'm in a meeting . Tell me why you called." "I'm here." Taehyung said quickly. "Here? Where?" "Busan. The arena... Um theres a bar like-"
"Are you fucking kidding me right now?" Jungkook's voice was a growl. " If this is some kind of a sick joke, its not fucking funny hyung."
Taehyung went still. "Uh... yeah." he said shakily. " I was just kidding. " he hesitated. " I didn't know you were in Busan. Your brother he... He came over to get something important from your home office. I.. I just wanted to tell you that." he swallowed. " Sorry."
Taehyung closed his eyes, immediately hating himself. But he couldn't . He couldn't possibly handle Jungkook getting angry with him. Not now when he was already tired and terrified and anxious. Jungkook sighed. "I'll be home soon. i got your text. I'm just really busy now."
Of course. I understand." he said quietly. " I'll be waiting. At home. We can talk later." Another pause. "Okay then." Jungkook hung up. Taehyung stared at the phone, heart pounding. "Hi there. Are you alone?"
Taehyung jumped a little staring up at the man looming over the partition of the booth, holding a beer and smiling softly. "Oh.. uh.. yes." He laughed nervously. " I came to see-" He stopped. Wait, he couldn't let people know he was Jungkook's husband. What if he found out?"
"I came to see the tournament. " He said with a small laugh. " I've never been to one of these before. " "Oh, in that case you need a guide. " The man said briskly, moving around and entering the booth, holding his hand out. "Hi, I'm Kang Jihyuk. " He smiled, "can I join you?"
Taehyung hesitated before nodding , reluctantly. It was still really early. And he was here. Maybe he could just watch Jungkook play or see him on the big screen. "Do you know Jungkook? " He asked carefully. Jihyuk scoffed. "That bastard? " He rolled his eyes. " Yeah. "
Taehyung frowned. "You don't like him? " "Of course not. I'm backing the team that goes up against him. " He said carefully. " He doesn't give anyone else a chance to win, that son of a bitxh. " He shook his head, " I should just have someone run him over one of these days. "
Taehyung gripped the edge of the table. "Also, I refuse to believe anyone is that good. " Jihyuk continued. " The bastard is probably cheating somehow. You know I have people actually looking into it. I want to find what he's up to have him banned from the games for good. "
Taehyung stood up quickly. "I'm gonna go. " He said sharply, making to move away but the man frowned, reaching out and grabbing his wrist. "Hey. What happened? " Taehyung glared tugging on his hand. "Let go of me. " He snapped. "Don't tell me you're a fan? "
The man's eyes narrowed. "Or are you one of his lackeys? " Taehyung tugged on his hand again but Jihyuk stood up smirking, tugging him closer. "What? Why are you running? I need some company watching the games...don't be impolite, boy. " He grinned.
Taehyung reached for the glass of beer on the table, tossing it right onto the man's face. Jihyuk swore, stumbling back, with his eyes shut. Taehyung moved quickly, almost running to the door. "Come here you little... " The man came after him, only to trip and fall.
He crashed right into Taehyung, who couldn't keep his balance, tipping over onto a large glass table in the center of the lounge. The table broke under his weight, and he threw his hands up to protect his face, flinching when he felt glass shards dig right into his arms.
Wincing he kicked out at the man, staring wide eyed as people started gathering around them, crowding them in and looming over him. He saw the security guard grab Jihyuk, tugging him up to his feet. "You keep making trouble Kang. You're getting yourself banned soon. "
Taehyung scrambled back as the guard reached for him. "Sir.. You're hurt. " The man said hastily staring at his arms. " You need a first aid kit... " "No." Taehyung said shakily, " I.. I'll be fine. I'm just going to go. " He felt his eyes water from the pain.
Before the man could reach for him, Taehyung stood up, moving towards the door with his heart pounding inside his chest. When he reached the hallway, he made to go towards the arena but the guard stopped him. "Your pass sir? " Taehyung stared down at his chest.
The pass must have fallen when he did. The idea of going back for it was downright abhorrent to him. He would just go get another one from the lady up front. But first he needed to find a place with running water to wash his cuts. 🌻🌻🌻
Jungkook heard the commotion on the ground floor and peered over the edge of the railing, frowning. "What's going on down there." He asked casually. Mingyu shrugged. "Probably some guy drunk and causing a ruckus. Hey, we should go over this one more time.. "
Jungkook moved to peer into the tablet when the speakers overhead buzzed and came to life. "Mr. Kim Taehyung from Seoul. Please collect your pass from the front desk." The voice rang through the arena. Jungkook went still. What the fuck.
"Wait... Is that... " Mingyu began but Jungkook was already turning on his heel, running in the direction of the elevators.
As soon as he reached the front desk, the girl at the counter stared at him with wide eyes. "Mr. Jeon, you.. " She recognized him through the mask and he made a shushing gesture. "Did Mr. Kim Taehyung collect his pass? " He demanded. "No sir. It's right here. "
"Can you make another announcement? " He asked urgently. "Certainly." The woman announced again and Jungkook stared at the milling crowd. Was it some other Taehyung? "Do you know him, sir? " She asked carefully. "He's.. " Jungkook sighed. "Some thing like that. "
"He arrived here about an hour ago. I gave him the pass myself. He told me he was married to you. " She said quietly. " He said he traveled all night from Seoul and wanted to see you. I thought it was a cute story.. " Jungkook blinked at her. He held his hand up.
"Was he wearing a ring like this? "
The woman stared at his finger and her eyes went wide as a saucer. "Oh my... Was he really your...? " "If he comes here... Tell him to stay right here okay? " He said urgently before rushing back into the crowd. The woman stared after him. Well what do you know, she thought.
Maybe fantasies did come true.
Taehyung swore under his breath, wincing as he carefully picked tiny shards of glass from his skin. Tears fell freely, because it stung so much and he was just upset. He had heard the announcement and knew he should go back in. But..
His phone rang startling him. He stared at the caller id. "Hello, " he said nervously. " Jungkook? " "Hyung, " Jungkook's voice was low and serious. "Where the fuck are you? "
( a/n tbc) 💀💜
Taehyung felt his gut clench at the words, a dull feeling of disquiet in his veins as he gripped the phone harder. "Jungkook... " He said shakily. "What.. What's wrong?" There was silence. "For once in your life will you just tell me the truth? " Jungkook whispered.
Taehyung flinched at that. The exhaustion in Jungkook's voice made guilt pool inside him, and he clenched his fist , wincing when it hurt the abrasions on his arm. "I...I'm.. " "I know you're in the arena. Just tell me where you are." Taehyung bit his lips. "I don't know."
"You don't know..? " Jungkook said harshly. " What the fuck does that mean.. How can you not.. " "There was a hallway... I... I was looking for water because of the blood and I... " "Blood? What blood?! " Jungkook shouted. "I... I fell. " Tae said shakily. "Hyung.. "
Taehyung couldn't quite stop the choked sob that escaped him. "I'm so sorry.. " He whispered, voice breaking. " I... I shouldn't have come here. I don't know what I was thinking... I just... I'll get a cab back to Seoul, Jungkook. You need to get back to your.. " "Shut up. "
Taehyung blinked. Because the voice came from right behind him. Jungkook stood in the entrance to a stairwell, staring at him with a blank look on his face. "Jungkook ah.. " He said shakily. The speakers crackled overhead, before Jungkook could respond.
"Player 12456A , JK can you please report to the front of the arena, our test rounds are starting shortly. " Taehyung swallowed as Jungkook glanced at the speaker and then at his phone. He watched as Jungkook called someone. "Go ahead without me. " He said quietly.
Taehyung heard the loud protests from the other end, but Jungkook merely closed his eyes. " It's just a test game. It's alright... Take Soobin Or Yeonsu... I'm caught up in something, Mingyu, just... Take care of this for me... "
Mingyu... Tae stared at the floor, turning away from him. He felt drained. The lack of sleep, exhaustion and the injury made him feel weary and defeated. He leaned back against the wall, lowering himself to the ground, before drawing his knees up and burying his head there.
His eyes burned and he half wished he could just sleep and never wake up ever again. Why was everything so tiring and difficult? Why did everything that he did, always end up hurting hum and the people around him? Why couldn't he do anything right?
He felt Jungkook's hand on his arm, his touch gentle and careful. "Can you walk? " The younger asked quietly. "Are your legs alright? " Taehyung blinked up at his, eyes a little blurry. "Where... Where do I have to walk? " He asked shakily. "I'm really tired.. "
Jungkook didn't respond, but reached for him, slipping one arm around his chest and the other under his knees, lifting him up into his arms with ease. "Wrap your arm around my neck, hyung " Jungkook said quietly. Tae felt like a lump in his throat, as Jungkook began walking.
"Jungkook.. I'm sor-" "We'll talk later. " Jungkook said firmly. " Just... Just close your eyes and hold onto me, okay? I have a room upstairs and I'll have a medic look at your hands. " Taehyung swallowed. "Okay" He said finally, letting his eyes flutter shut.
"They're just superficial cuts. None too deep. He doesn't need stitches or anything. But he does need rest and some food." "After he wakes up?" " Yes " The medic nodded. "please let him sleep. For a while at least. " Jungkook nodded. Next to him, his manager looked troubled.
"Are you sure your husband doesn't know Kang? The cctv camera shows them talking pretty intimately. " Jungkook hummed. "It shows Kang hitting on him and then refusing to back off when he got rejected, " He said calmly. "By the way, tell him I'm pressing charges. "
His manager cleared his throat. "Jungkook. There are games coming up... We really don't need the bad publicity at this point... " "I don't care. " Jungkook said lightly. " Assault and battery . I want it done. " He moved to the side of the bed, staring down at Taehyung.
"Missing a test game isn't good. Mingyu is a good player but you know the team needs you to-" "I'm not a novice, hyung." Jungkook said quietly, not looking away from Taehyung's face. " I know. Just... give me some time. I'll join you guys again in the evening."
The manager stayed for another second before moving towards the door. Jungkook waited till the door closed shut behind him, before slowly sitting down next to him, his weight causing the mattress to dip a little. Taehyung mumbled something in his sleep before turning away.
Taehyung shifted, almost putting his weight on his injured arm and Jungkook moved quickly, catching his wrist and gently stopping him. He grabbed a pillow and tucked it against his side, so he couldn't do that again. He reached for the small box of wet tissues by the bed.
And then carefully cleaned the corners of his eyes and the rest of his tear streaked face. He rubbed the edge of his fingers against his dry lips, the slightly cracked skin making something inside him squeeze tight. Taehyung looked exhausted.
Sighing, Jungkook reached into his pocket , grabbing the small tube of lip balm he kept there. He leaned over his husband, carefully smoothing it on his lips with small gentle strokes so as to not wake him. Once he was done, he tucked the blanket around him, before standing up.
He moved to the other side of the bed, and climbed under the covers, before turning away from him. He stared at the wall for a few moments, mind racing because what was Taehyung doing there? What did he want to talk about? And his heart racing for an entirely different reason.
When Taehyung woke up , the room he was in was dark. His heart was racing and there was a dull throb all over his body and in his arm as well. He took a few deep breaths disoriented and confused as to where he was and it took another moment or so for him to remember.
He moved carefully, lifting himself onto a sitting position, and reaching for his phone. It was plugged in and charging and he found the lightswitch. The room was huge, with a computer set up in the corner, an open closet and a number of bags scattered about.
He turned to the bedside table and found a foil wrapped sandwich, a thermos , and a packet of chips. There was a small note there as well. "Eat something. I'll be back by 4 PM.~ Jk" He glanced at the time. It was already 3.30 PM. He had slept for almost 6 hours.
Then his eyes fell on the all access pass with his name on it. Hesitantly, he took the lanyard running his fingers over it. He hadn't imagined that Jungkook was this famous or this successful. Or how serious it all was. In fact, he didn't know about Jungkook. At all.
As he stared at the lanyard, the door opened, making him jump a little. Jungkook stepped in, head lowered and his gaze on his phone, brows furrowed in concentration as he typed into it. He had his bag slung over his shoulder and Tae watched as he carefully placed it on the table.
He cleared his throat and Jungkook finally looked up, startling a little , as though he's forgotten Taehyung was there. Their eyes met and suddenly Taehyung felt raw and exposed. He remembered the video, all the things Jungkook had said about him. He didn't mean them, right?
Jungkook stared at him for a few seconds and then his gaze shifted to the table behind him. "You didn't eat?" He asked quietly, pointing at the sandwich there. Tae hesitated before shaking his head. "No, I... I just woke up." He explained. Jungkook nodded, before turning away.
It took him a few more seconds to realize Jungkook wasn't going to say anything. Wasn't going to ask him anything. He was moving to the desk, turning on his computer like nothing had happened. Taehyung felt lost and alone, staring down the chasm between them.
"Jungkook..." He said softly, quietly, voice barely over a whisper. Jungkook paused in the middle of typing, staring at the screen for a second. He was quiet. Waiting. "Are you mad at me?" Taehyung whispered. Jungkook exhaled , long and loud. "No hyung." he whispered.
"I've stopped being angry at you a long time ago. My anger..." he paused, " it serves no purpose. Its not like you care about how you actions affect me. It's not like my anger is going to affect you or anyone else. The only one who gets hurt by it , is me. So no, I'm not angry."
Tae closed his eyes , clenching his fists. "I saw that video you made...." He said softly. " Seojoon..." "I know." Jungkook said casually, easily, turning around and looking him right in the eye. " You think a professional gamer won't realize someone hacked into his cloud?"
Taehyung felt his breath hitch at that. "Was it true?" he said quietly. " What you said... About marrying me because of the money. Was that the only reason?" Jungkook stared at him for a second before shaking his head in disbelief. "Does that make you mad, hyung? What I said?"
Taehyung bit his lips. "No." he hesitated. " I.. I mean, yes it hurt but.. I understand why. Why you may have said it." He cleared his throat. " If you married me because of that, just tell me. Your brother has the investment, we don't have to live a charade..." "I did."
Taehyung felt the words hit him like a dagger to his chest, sharp and ruthless, pressing into his heart and twisting in. His breath hitched. "I mean... " Jungkook continued, " Was there ever any other worthwhile reason? Did you ever give me one reason, hyung?"
"Do you remember how often you used to stand me up, how often you used to brush me aside when your friends were around," he laughed bitterly, "I put up with it because I loved you. You made me feel unwanted, but I put up with it, because I wanted you."
the crowd, the fame, why do you think I chased it? I wanted to feel like I was worth something. I was seventeen years old." Jungkook continued, his voice breaking, " And you made me feel worthless. Its been years and I haven't stopped feeling that way ever since... "
"I didn't cheat on you..." Taehyung stuttered out. " I... I know I was a terrible boyfriend but I swear I didn't cheat on you..." Jungkook stared at him in disbelief shaking his head. He stood up sharply, glaring at him "Don't you fucking understand?" he demanded.
"It never mattered to me if you did or didn't." Jungkook shouted, " You were already half way out of the door, when that stupid video came out hyung.. You didn't fight it, you didn't defend yourself , you didn't even tell me , No, that isn't fucking me in the video ...Why??!"
Taehyung could only stare at him as Jungkook stepped closer staring right at him. "Should I tell you why? It was because you were secretly relieved." he whispered. " You were looking for a fucking excuse to leave and that video was exactly what you needed.... Am I right?"
"Jungkook..." The younger shook his head, eyes brimming with tears. "I knew you for years. I knew you and I loved you and I thought I meant something to you." He whispered. "I thought you would care enough about me to at least, tell me the fucking truth if you fell out of love."
" I didn't... I didn't fall out of love... Jungkook.." "Fucking liar." Jungkook snapped. " I was there, alright? I was there and I remember exactly what you said when I told you about the video. No, ' Its not me ' or ' I would never do that to you' .... you know what you said,"
"You said, if you wanna break up, I understand Jungkook ah...." He laughed. " You are such a heartless bastard hyung. That's the truth of it. You're heartless and you're a coward. You would rather walk out than fucking talk to me. Would anyone want that in a partner?"
Jungkook closed his eyes. "Will you..." he paused. " Will you at least admit it?" he said shakily. " Will you admit that you fell out of love. That you left me because you wanted to leave me. Just... tell me that." Taehyung shook his head. "You know I can't".
Jungkook scoffed. "Right. " He swallowed. " Why did you drive down here anyway?" Tae clenched his fists. "I've made mistakes." He said shakily. ".. you're right. I am a coward. I am so scared of being hurt by someone I care about, I run before giving them a chance to hurt me."
"I thought you deserved better." He whispered, " That's it Jungkook.. I just thought you deserved better than that..." "I did." Jungkook gritted out. " But it should have been you. You should have done better." Taehyung nodded. "I know." he said shakily. " I will. I..I want to."
Jungkook stared at him for a few seconds. "Good." He nodded, breath hitching. "Good that you want to." He stared down at his feet. " I'll talk to the lawyers tomorrow." Taehyung sat up. "Lawyers?" "I just wanted you to realize you hurt me." Jungkook said quietly.
"And now that you did, its over?" Taehyung asked shakily. " Is that it? We're even?" Jungkook didn't respond. "You... You didn't have to marry me for that." Taehyung said quietly. " You could have just ..." "Just what?" Jungkook turned to him." Sent you an email?"
"Why did you marry me?" "You know why..." "Right. The investment money." Taehyung stared down at the floor. "Makes sense." Jungkook stared at him. "We bring out the worst in each other, hyung." He said quietly. " Its not healthy."
"Did you know..." He asked quietly. " That the video was edited?" Jungkook stared at him for a few seconds. "Not until a few weeks ago." He said finally. " Seojoon came to me." Taehyung stared at him wide eyed. "What?" "He told me you knew on the day we got married."
Taehyung stared at his hands. "Why didn't you tell me?" Jungkook continued. Taehyung sighed. "We were getting married and you ... you kept saying you wanted to put it all behind you.. I just thought..." he trailed off. "You don't have to think for me" Jungkook said quietly.
"That's not your job hyung. I can think for myself. You just had to be honest with me. I can decide for myself , what I should think or feel or do... All I wanted is for you to tell me the truth. Because how else can i possibly trust you?" He shook his head.
"You're still lying to me. " Jungkook said quietly. " I asked you where you were and you said you were in Seoul. " He shook his head. "I didn't want to impose... " Taehyung said quietly and Jungkook closed his eyes shaking his head. "How did that work out for you? "
Taehyung flinched. Jungkook groaned and stood up. "I don't want to feel this way anymore hyung. " He said quietly. " I.. I want to at least be able to look at you without feeling like someone's stabbing me over and over.. And thats not going to happen anytime soon, I think."
"Because everytime you lie and hide things, I can't help but wonder what else you've hidden from me. What else you've lied about. I can't live life like that. It's not fair. And you're right. I deserve better than that. "
"And so do you, hyung" He said quietly. " If you lie to me, it's because you dont trust me. You lie to me because you don't feel safe enough to share your truth with me. And i don't want you to be with someone you can't be honest with. You deserve better than that. "
Taehyung stayed quiet for a long, few moments. He then took a deep breath, and stared right at the younger. "Is it really that easy, Jungkook ah? To be honest with the person you care about? " He asked shakily. Jungkook frowned. "What do you mean? " "You heard me. "
Jungkook swallowed. "Yes. It is. " He said quietly. "Then you'll be honest with me? Now? Because I know you care about me Jungkook ah... You always did and you always will. " Jungkook stared at him for a few seconds. "I'll be honest. " He said.
"If I walk out of this door, and you never see me again, " Taehyung said quietly, " Will you regret asking me to leave? " He hesitated, " Or will you just be glad that you were honest and truthful to the end? "
Jungkook stared at him. “You’re not putting this one on me, Taehyung.” He said quietly. “Right. Of course. How could I possibly put any kind of blame on you, when you’ve been perfectly faultless and honest with me all these days, right?”
Taehyung shook his head, laughing without mirth. “ If you’re so fond of righteous honestly, maybe you should have just released that video and cut all ties with me.” He snapped. “ Why go through all this trouble… What did you possibly gain from it?”
“ Closure.” Jungkook said without missing a beat. “ I was sick of spending sleepless nights, wondering where I went wrong and why you hurt me. I wanted to know why.” Taehyung nodded. “And I suppose you have your answer.” Jungkook shook his head.
“No, but I realized something else. It doesn’t matter what the answer is. We’ve hurt each other too much or any kind of reconciliation.” Taehyung chuckled. "Reconciliation? Don't joke Jungkook. It was never about reconciliation. It was about revenge. About getting back at me."
Jungkook didn't deny it and Tae felt his heart squeeze tight. “Right.” He nodded. “ You’re a liar, you know.” He shook his head. “ You never forgave me. I don’t think you’re capable of forgiving anyone, Jungkook.
Because you’re so wrapped up in your hurt, you think you have monopoly over it. You think your hurt is license to dismiss everyone else’s. And that’s not fair.” he bit his lips, " You're right. I cant be so open and honest like you. But at least I don't lie to deliberately hurt."
"I never lied in the bounds of our relationship.... " "But those bounds aren't there anymore... " Taehyung said quietly, " Right? So it makes it okay. " He shook his head. " I hurt you. I get that. And I'm sorry. " He swallowed. " But you're no saint.." "Never said I was."
Taehyung stood up quietly, reaching for his bag. Jungkook frowned. "What are you doing? " "I'm going home. " He slung the bag over his head. " I shouldn't have come here in the first place. " "Why did you come here anyway? " Taehyung gave him a bitter smile.
"It's best if you don't ask me anything anymore, Jungkook. After all, we've established that I'm just a liar who doesn't give a damn about you. "
"That's not what I... " "It is... " Taehyung said sharply. " It is exactly what you said and exactly what you meant. Just own it, Jungkook. You're not being careful with my feelings now. There are no feelings left for you to Hurt anyway. "
"I don't think there ever were. " Jungkook said quietly and Taehyung went still. He turned around, staring at him in disbelief. "What is that supposed to mean? " He demanded. "Nothing " He looked away. "No." Tae snapped "You don't get to say something like that to me. "
"Are you trying to imply I never had any feelings for you? " He asked shakily. " Is that what you're saying? " Jungkook sighed. "It certainly felt that way to me." "Right." Tae nodded. "Of course. And that's all that matters right? How you felt. Who gives a damn how I felt.? "
He laughed in disbelief. "You know what, maybe you're right. " He said softly. " Maybe I'm just not capable of loving anyone but myself Jungkook. Maybe I'm just one of those people meant to live and die alone. Maybe that's why it's so easy for me to lie and run. "
"Taehyung... " "No." Tae snapped. " Don't. Just don't... Okay? You've said enough. I'm sorry that you wasted your time and your love on someone so utterly undeserving but I'm going to do you a favor. " He reached for his ring and tugged it off, before tossing it right at him.
"There." He choked out, tears brimming over his lashes and spilling onto his cheeks. " Now, you can go find someone who isn't fucked up and fickle like me. But just one thing Jungkook. " He bit his lips, " I loved you. If I didn't, this wouldn't hurt so fucking much."
Before Jungkook could respond the door opened, and Taehyung turned away, heart pounding as he wiped at his tears. "Jungkook we have another meet and greet session.. " His manager began only to stop at the sight of Taehyung. " I'm sorry is this a bad time? " "No."
Taehyung said sharply, shaking his head and moving past him. " I was just leaving. " Jungkook made to move towards him but Taehyung held his hand up. "Don't." He said sharply. " Just... Don't say anything else. I don't want to hear it. I just want to go home. "
Jungkook stared at him. "I'll see you in a couple of days. " Taehyung nodded, not meeting his eyes. No you won't, he thought bitterly. You won't see me ever again. 🌷❄🌷❄🌷
"You were right. " Taehyung said very softly, his voice barely more than a whisper. " He doesn't love me anymore." Jimin paused in the middle of sipping his drink. He sighed and placed the glass down before reaching for his hand. "I'm sorry Tae. " He bit his lips.
"Don't be. " Taehyung groaned rubbing his palm over his face. " I learned my lesson, Jimin ah. I don't think I'm meant for this whole love thing. " He shook his head. " I just need to come to terms with that. And get a lawyer in the meantime. " "And your parents? "
Taehyung flinched at the mere mention of them. "They won't be happy. " He admitted. " But I can't do anything about that. They will just have to live with it. " Jimin nodded. "You're going to meet them then? " He asked carefully. " Want me to come with? "
"No." Taehyung played with his finger, tracing the mark of his wedding band, the skin pale and discolored. " No, I'll be fine. " "Jungkook isn't back yet? " "I want to move out before he gets back. " Jimin groaned. "Is that necessary? Why not just wait for him ? "
"Because I don't want to see him. " Taehyung said simply. " I don't want to see him or listen to him or even be in the same room as him. That's it" He shrugged. " And don't tell me I'm just running. It doesn't matter anyway.. Not anymore. Nothing matters. " He whispered.
There was something about the way he said it, that made Jimin look at him a little more intently. "Taehyung? " The younger's shoulders shook a little and Jimin felt his heart clench. "He told me I never loved him. He had no right to say that. It wasn't fair. "
Jimin nodded. "You're right. That's hurtful. " "I went there to talk to him. To see what his world was like. I know I was a bad boyfriend back then Jimin. He's right to be made about that. I understand it. But I can't change the past, can I? What does he want me to do? "
Jimin squeezed his hand. "It's good that you're ending things. This marriage... It was never real. " He pointes out. "Neither of you were ready for it. A break from each other would do you a lot of good. Both of you.. " Taehyung stared at the table. "I want to leave."
Jimin frowned deeply. "No you don't. " He said casually. " You just came back. You're working on a new line of clothes and I know you're in talks with a number of boutiques here in Seoul. You don't want to leave. You want to escape. Don't even think about it. " "But-"
"Shush." Jimin said sharply. " This is it Taehyung. This is your problem. You're so terrified of consequences and confrontations, you've made them out to be so much scarier inside your head than they actually are... You don't have to leave . I won't let you go anywhere."
"Divorce?" Jaehwan stared at him. In disbelief. " Are you serious right now? ' Jungkook had a blank look on his face, eyes fixed on the oak desk between them. "Don't be surprised. " He said quietly. " It was pretty inevitable, don't you think? It's what I wanted."
Jaehwan frowned, shaking his head. "You sound like you're trying to convince yourself of that, Jungkook. " He read the papers again, " Irreconcilable differences. " He shook his head again, " Unbelievable. Are you honestly doing this? " "There's a trial separation. 6 months."
Jaehwan blinked, surprised. "Whose idea was that? " Jungkook shrugged. "The lawyers advised it. Said the judge involved was old school and that would help." He hesitated. "Taehyung moved out yesterday. He's staying at his studio apparently. It's fine. We've moved on. "
Jaehwan scoffed at that. "Moved on, yeah right. " He shook his head and pushed the petition away. " Whatever Jungkook. If this is how you want to live your life, I'm not going to waste my breath on you. Just make sure you don't regret this for the rest of your life. "
The door opened and Jaehwan glanced up. "Oh..Daehwi... What's wrong? " "The reports, boss. Got them done. " A low , brisk voice said from behind him and Jungkook turned around, curious. "Hi. Yang Daehwi, I'm the head of marketing. " The man grinned. " Jungkook right? "
"Yes... " Jungkook frowned, surprised by the tone of his voice. Daehwi gave him a grin. "Had dinner with your ex husband last night. He told me a bit about you. Sorry it didn't work out between you guys. " Daehwi smiled before turning back to Jaehwan. " Anything else sir? "
"Yes, That'll be all-' " Dinner? " Jungkook frowned. " What do you mean dinner? You mean like a date? " He demanded. Daehwi laughed a bit. "I mean, I wanted it to be but... He left without giving me his number. Didn't eat the sandwich I made either so... Not a good one."
"You should leave now. " Jaehwan said sharply, glaring pointedly at the man who looked a little surprised by the look on his face. "Are you telling me you slept with my husband? " Jungkook gripped the edge of the chair, face drawn and mouth set in a thin line. "Ex husband. "
Daehwi held a hand up. "I'm sorry. Taehyung said you guys haven't been together in months and you're just waiting for a trial separation to end. " Jungkook opened his mouth ready to protest but his brother beat him to it. "You're right. They've moved on. Right Jungkook? "
"I'm sorry. Truly. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. " Daehwi said earnestly. " Mr. Kim... Taehyung... I barely know him. We just met at a bar... And he said he was just looking to have some fun. " Jaehwan closed his eyes, groaning. Jungkook stood up, towering over him
"That so? " He whispered, " So how was it Mr. Yang? Did you have fun with him? "
"Okay." Jaehwan stood up, moving to grab his arm, tugging him away from the other man. " That's enough. No need for growl at the man. " Jungkook didn't respond, merely breathing hard. "Jungkook are you alright? " He asked quietly. "A bar? " Jungkook shook his head. " Really? "
Jaehwan held his gaze. "What the fuck did you tell him, anyway? " He asked quietly. " Must've been pretty harsh if it made him go to a bar and fuck strangers. "
Jungkook clenched his fists. "He did not. " He snapped. " He wouldn't do that. I don't know what that idiot is talking about but Taehyung would never do that to m-" He stopped. " He would never do that. " He said quietly. "He doesn't enjoy casual sex. I know him. "
Jaehwan rolled his eyes. He watched as daehwi left before rounding on him. " Right. You know him about as well as you know . Which is to say, you don't know him at all. And if he's having fun good for him. " He patted his back. " Just leave him alone and let him be. "
Jungkook frowned at his brother. "What? You think what he said was true? You think Taehyung slept with the guy? " He demanded. " That's fucking absurd. " Jaehwan laughed. "Daehwi has no reasons to lie. " He said quietly. " I think he's telling the truth. "
Jungkook ran a hand over his face, shaking his head in frustration. "I just... its been what, a week since he moved out? I don't think it makes sense that he just.." He paused before shaking his head again. "Jungkook, you either break clean or you'll never move on."
Jaehwan said quietly. "If he's moving on, you should too." Jungkook stared at him. "Moving on.. You think..that's him moving on?" He laughed. "Hyung, just....stop okay. I don't want to talk about this. I came here to give you the papers. Have our lawyers look at it. Or whatever."
"Jungkook, he's an adult and so are you. Stop tying yourself up in knots over him, okay?" Jaehwan said sharply. " You're my brother. You're the only one i have left. It kills me to see you like this." Jungkook stopped walking and clenched his fists. "I'll see you soon, Hyung."
Taehyung ran his fingers over the seam of the dress, the tulle fabric snagging on his nail a little as he tried to make sure if the stitch was hidden properly. The dress was for a boutique in itaewon, due in just two days
and he had been planning on working on it all of last night. Except he had done something entirely different. The phone rang, making him jump a little. The loud volume made him wince, his ears ringing a little and head throbbing. He had gotten so badly drunk last night.
“Hey.” He croaked out , closing his eyes and leaning forward to rest his head on his desk. “Are you alright? You sound awful.” Jimin’s voice was worried. “I’m hungover and exhausted.” Taehyung whispered. “ I had a terrible night actually.” "Hungover? Oh wow." Jimin laughed.
"Yeah.. I went home with some guy too." He grimaced. "I don't think anything happened though. I mean... it doesn't feel like it did." "Tae...what?"Jimin gasped. " Oh my God, are you serious?" "He's not a creep or anything. I met him at the night mart. God, that sounds so lame."
"Okay, stop right there... and start from the very beginning. Who is this guy? " Taehyung groaned. "I have this huge project coming up , as you know and well, I sent Jungkook the divorce papers yesterday." Jimin sighed. "Tae..." "I know. It wasnt a real marriage. Its fine."
"I'm not saying that." Jimin said quietly. " It doesn't matter why you got married. You.. things are complicated between the both of you. Its going to be hard. I understand." "I just wanted to get something to eat. And I went to the mart. I met him there." "Him?"
i don't remember his name." Taehyung groaned. " I... He was nice. He was sweet." Taehyung bit his lips. " I don't know why he just... he reminded me of Jungkook when we were young you know.. charming... polite. Looked a little like him too. Dark hair, bright eyes."
And you went home with him?" "No... God, no. Just, we talked. A little. He's divorced." Taehyung bit his lips . " I remember that." "okay... What else did you talk about?" "I don't know.. Jimin I was...just upset and he looked good and... there was a bar nearby."
"He offered to buy you a drink?" "Yes. He said that I looked miserable so, I should have a little fun." "Okay.. I mean... that's good. As long as you were okay with it."
"I was." Taehyung said quickly. " I liked him. And well, he took me home when I got drunk. Dropped me back home this morning." Taehyung laughed a little, " And well he-" The door to his workroom opened a crack and someone stuck their head in. "He's here right now." Tae blinked.
"Hi." The man waved, smiled bright and cheerful , and Taehyung blinked as he held up a small package. "Hangover soup." "Jimin , I gotta go. I'll call you back." He hung up , staring in surprise as the man stepped in , closing the door behind him. "Hey.." he winced.
"Yang Daehwi." The man said with a grin. " in case you don't remember the name." Taehyung closed his eyes , mortified. "I'm so sorry." He said shakily. " Last night is just one big blur and... I'm really sorry for bothering you that much." "Hey, come on. We had a good time."
"And i hope i didn't make you uncomfortable. You were completely blacked out and I didn't know where else to take you. I figured, home would be safe." "Cats." Taehyung frowned, remembering. " There were cats.." Daehwi laughed. "Yes, I have three of those."
"Daehwi ssi..I'm really sorry. Trust me , I am normally not that kind of a person at all. I don't get drunk and impose myself on strangers." "Taehyung ssi..." Daehwi said gently, moving closer and placing the soup on his desk. " I can tell. You had a bad day. We all have those."
"I guess we do." Taehyung chuckled nervously. "I.. thank you for last night. And the soup." He smiled. "You work here by yourself. Its a nice place. Cozy." Daehwi looked around. " No assistants?" "Uh.. not here. This is my personal studio." he smiled. "how did you get here?"
"I asked my boss actually." Daehwi grinned. " i hope that's okay." "Your boss?" Tae frowned. "Who-?" "I work for Jeon Jaehwan." He said carefully. " Your ex husband's brother.." Taehyung felt his heart take a dive. "Oh, wow." "Is that a problem? I mean, if it is I can quit."
"What...?" Taehyung laughed in half shock and half surprise." No... I didn't mean... its just a small world, i guess." He shook his head. " Its fine." "I just wanted to check in on you and you know... bring you some soup I feel at least partially responsible for the hangover."
Taehyung stared down at the soup and then back at the man. "Well, thank you, again." Daehwi nodded. "Well, my lunch break ends in ten minutes, so I need to get back." He smiled. " Would it be too forward to ask for your number..." Taehyung bit his lips hesitant.
"You know what..." Daehwi reached for his wallet, pulling it out and taking his card. Taehyung watched as he quickly scribbled a number on the back of it, holding it out. " You can have mine instead. That way, it's your call. If you ever want to rant again... let's have dinner."
Taehyung smiled, relaxing a little and taking the card. He stared at the Jeon Inc logo and flinched inwardly. "Well, I'll keep that in mind. Have a nice day Daehwi ssi." "You too..." He hesitated. " You're really very beautiful." he stuttered. " I.. I wanted to tell you that."
Taehyung blinked rapidly. "Oh." He felt blood rush to his face. " I.. Thank you. That's very sweet of you to say." "Just being honest." He grinned. " I really hope we can see each other again. and You know in case we don't, I just wanted to let you know. You're gorgeous."
He tapped the soup gently. " Drink it while its still hot. I'll see you around , Taehyung ssi?" Taehyung nodded, watching him leave as quietly as he had come. He felt himself smiling a little as he touched the soup, warm under his fingers. He felt a little better already.
He was just reaching for the soup when the door slammed open, startling him enough to slosh the hot liquid all over his fingers, yelping in pain. "What was that guy doing here?" The loud , furious voice echoed off the walls and Taehyung stared in disbelief. "Jungkook?!"
"What are *you* doing here?" He snapped. Jungkook closed the door behind him. "Don't try to change the subject. What are you doing Taehyung? Who the fuck is he?" Taehyung clenched his fists. "Get out." He snapped. " Now." Jungkook laughed , shaking his head. " Wow."
"Guess, I pegged you all wrong." He shook his head. " Great to see you moving on so quickly and so well, Taehyung. I'm happy for you truly." Taehyung closed his eyes. "Why are you here?" he repeated. " Either tell me or leave. I don't have anything else to tell you."
Jungkook stared at him for a few more seconds. And then he held out the file in his hand. "I'm filing the papers in court this monday. My lawyer went over it and there's a few things he wants to go over. When are you free to meet ? With your lawyer that is."
"You couldn't ask this over a phone call?" He demanded. Jungkook didn't respond and Taehyung took the file. "What's your lawyer's number?" He said quietly. "Why?" "So we don't have to see each other like this again. " Taehyung snapped. " It ruins my day."
"Well, you ruined my life, so I'd say we're getting even then." Jungkook said quietly . Taehyung groaned. "God, just... leave me alone, Jungkook. Is it that hard? You got what you wanted. You made me believe you cared about me and then showed me all the ways I wasn't worth it."
"You helped me understand who I actually am you know? A liar... A coward... Someone completely and entirely undeserving of love... not just yours.... but anyone's really. And you know what, I don't care anymore. I'm not going to chase after you or anyone else either. I'm done."
Taehyung took the file, opening his draw and dropping it in. "And to answer your question.... That guy ... His name is Daehwi. I met him last night. We went to a bar. Had fun. Got drunk... He took me home. And he came here to check on me. And to ask me out to dinner."
Jungkook's jaw went taut. "Don't be reckless ,Tae. You're not hurting me like this, you're going to end up hurting yourself." Tae laughed in disbelief "Why would I want to hurt you? Do you think I care enough about you, to want to hurt you? I don't. Not everything is about you."
"And you know what... you should be happy." He smiled. " in relationships like this, there's no honesty or loyalty involved. Its just two people having fun with each other. No one gets hurt. No one gets attached. And no ones life gets destroyed either. I've learned my lesson."
"My lawyer will be in touch with yours." He said quietly, voice shaking a little. " You don't have to worry about me. I won't ever cross paths with you again. You can meet someone who's more your type. Infact, I hope you meet someone, really, really honest, Jungkook."
"Because then they'll tell you the real, unvarnished truth : You're a selfish , insensitive, cruel man who thinks his hurt give him some kind of right to do and say whatever he wants. I destroyed your life? You destroyed my heart. So, yeah. We're even. Get out."
✯✯✯Seven Years Ago ✯✯✯
“I told you before. If you get drunk you cannot come into my house. Get out, now." His mother's voice was loud and firm, full of anger but also desperate. "And who the fuck are you-” his father sounded drunk as always. " This is my fucking house.." "I don't care, just get-"
The sound of skin hitting skin made Jungkook jump, and he lunged for the door, rattling the doorknob and punching the wood with clenched fists. But the door was locked from the outside. It was something his mother did, anytime his father came home drunk out of his mind.
Right from the time they were kids. She would push him and his older brother into their room, and lock the door from the outside, with a key. Just so his father couldn’t get to either of them. Jungkook turned around to stare at the empty room.
But his brother wasn’t here anymore. Jaehwan was in college, and while a part of Jungkook felt oddly betrayed that his hyung had left him here like this, to fend for himself, he also knew that Jaehwan was doing it for them.
He was getting a masters in business management, just so he could take over the business soon. Just so they wouldn’t be victims of his father’s drunken whimsies and investment follies.
Once, one of the greatest minds in the business world, Jeon Hanbin was now nothing more than a drunk fool, intent on destroying everything that he had spent decades building. Jungkook punched the door once again and then sagged against it in defeat, closing his eyes.
He was big enough to hit his father back. He wanted to because how dare that man lay a finger on his mother. But his mother had looked him in the eye and told him that it would make him no different from his father.
Only idiots use their fists to win arguments or to make their point, Jungkook, she would tell him. You really want to beat him? Show him how successful and happy you can be without him. Show him how irrelevant he truly is in your life.
As he heard his parents yell and scream down below, Jungkook ached. He hated this. He hated his home and he hated his father. All he wanted was to be able to come home and do his homework, have dinner with his parents, feel loved.
He didn’t want to hide in his own home, fearing a tyrant who didn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. All he truly wanted, was some semblance of normalcy. Was it really too much to ask for? As he tried to block out the yelling, his phone rang.
"Hey.... " It was Yugyeom, one of his classmates. " What you upto JK?" Jungkook was popular in school. Well loved by students and teachers both. " Nothing, why?" "You wanna come over and play some video games?" Jungkook stared at the window. "Yeah. Be right there."
✿✿ Taehyung stood in front of the buffet, staring longingly at the cream filled croissant. His stomach rumbled. He hadn't eaten a damn thing all day and it was already seven pm. He glanced at his mother. She was laughing with someone, on the other side of the restaurant.
He swallowed, before grabbing the ornate tongs, picking one croissant up and placing it on his plate. He felt queasy from guilt as he stared at the powdered sugar sprinkled all over it. He could imagine how many calories those were. He clenched his fists. "You okay?"
"Oh... Jimin ah..." Taehyung laughed, nervous. " Sorry... I just... I wanted some ..." He trailed off, closing his eyes and reaching for the tongs again, ready to place the treat back but Jimin grabbed his wrist. "If you want it , then just eat it." He said quietly.
It wasn't that simple. Tae didn't mind eating it. But it was his mother's reaction that terrified him. He loved food. He enjoyed it. But off late, she had been making comments. About how , if he wanted any kind of future in the fashion industry he had to make the right choices.
Taehyung smiled at him. "You're right. It's just... It's no big deal." He took a bite, the sugary sweetness exploding on his tongue and making him close his eyes in pleasure. "This is delicious." He muttered and Jimin laughed. "I can tell from the look on your face."
"Taehyung ah?" His mother's voice made him freeze. He swallowed hastily, reaching desperately for the serviette on the side table, hastily dabbing at his mouth before pushing the plate into Jimin's hands. He turned around hastily, only to catch her frowning.
"What are you doing there, child?" She shook her head. " Come here and meet Mr. Hwang. He's one of the most sought after agents here in Seoul." She smiled wide at the man next to her. " Taehyung here has always wanted to be a supermodel. And just look at him. Isn't he gorgeous?"
The man, well in his forties, ran his eyes shamelessly over Taehyung. "Delectable. " He smiled. " Is he 18?" "Yes." His mother said hastily. " I know many models have a head start on him but, I hope you can help us with some good opportunities. My husband can be very generous."
"Taehyung, what kind of clothes do you see yourself modeling? Come take a walk with me. " The man held his arm out and his mother gave him a pointed look. Taehyung stared at his arm and then at the man. "Actually, I have clothes that I've designed myself. "
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The man looked surprised. "Oh? Clothes that you've designed? " His mother cut in before he could respond. "Oh, it's just some drawings he does. Like a silly little hobby you know. Nothing serious. What he's really looking forward to is being a model.. Right, Tae? "
Taehyung didn't respond, looking away into the crowd instead. He wasn't the only rich kid at the party. He recognized a few young girls from his school, standing around laughing. Everyone looked different here, decked out and displayed. Future heirs to conglomerates.
Even as he watched them, he became aware of being watched himself. A heavy, curious gaze somewhere to his right. He turned around, equally curious and his eyes met those of a tall young boy, about the same age as him, leaning against the lounge chairs by the pool.
He looked vaguely familiar. Definitely someone he had seen before and he narrowed his eyes, before turning to his mother. "I need to use the facilities. May I be excused?" He said politely . She frowned again. "Hurry back." Taehyung nodded, before turning towards the boy.
He smiled, softly , and then started picking his way over to him. The boy looked surprised , and Taehyung let his smile widen into something more alluring. "Hi, handsome." He said softly. " Have we met before?" The boy straightened, eyes bright. "No, I... I'm Jeon Jungkook."
Jungkook. The name rang a bell but he couldn't quite place it. "I'm Kim Taehyung." "I know." The boy blurted out. Taehyung raised his brows. "I mean... I follow your youtube channel. Where you post your designs. You're very talented." Taehyung blinked, biting his lips.
He wasn't very sure how he should feel about that. He had about hundred followers on his channel. "Jeon Jungkook." He frowned. " JeonJK? You... You comment on all my videos." Jungkook grinned. "Yeah." "You're the only one who does." Jungkook shrugged. "Makes me special."
Taehyung felt heat rise up his face and he blushed. Jungkook was handsome. Really, really handsome. Tall and strapping too. Exactly his type. He could feel the tug of attraction, strong and pretty darn hard to hide. "You blush so pretty, hyung." Jungkook whispered.
Taehyung smiled despite himself. "You really like my stuff?" He asked softly. " You're not just saying that because you want to get into my pants?" Jungkook blinked. And then he laughed. "Well, can't it be both?" He smiled. Taehyung rolled his eyes, before smacking his chest.
Jungkook smiled and then turned around , grabbing a small dessert plate from behind him. Taehyung stared at the croissant, mouth watering at once. Jungkook made to take a bite but stopped at the look on his face. "Would you like a bite?" He grinned. Taehyung nodded.
"Taehyung!!" His mother's voice came from behind him and he closed his eyes. "I have to go.." He muttered, under his breath, making to turn away but Jungkook grabbed his wrist, gently. "You wanna get out of here hyung? I know a place where we can eat this, without interruptions."
Jungkook held the croissant up , eyes dancing with mischief and Tae felt like he could deep dive into them. There was magic in the air between them and he was desperate for something magical in his banal life. "Yeah." He took his hand." Let's get out of here."
End of Flashback✯✯✯ ( a/n : bits of their past will be revealed as the story progresses )
"You... what?" Taehyung stared at his mother in disbelief. " You can't do this to me..." The woman rolled her eyes. "I can and I will and I already did." She snapped. " I'm not letting you walk out of a marriage that your father and I put so much money into."
"He doesn't want it either." Tae said quietly. " Don't you understand that?" "i don't care what he wants or doesn't. What I care is how the pair of you think its nothing, making us a laughingstock not once, but twice. " she shook her head. " You told me you loved each other."
Taehyung could only stare at her in despair. "I thought we did." He muttered. " I thought... I thought we loved each other enough to get over what happened in the past but... We can't. It hurts but its the truth." "So this is a chance to fix it." She said firmly.
"I don't want to fix it..." He snapped. "You don't know what you want Taehyung." She snapped. " You're fickle and flighty and you have never been grounded in reality. You don't know who you are or what you want. And I'm done with you fucking up your life.
You should be a model right now and instead, here you are slaving away in a tiny attic, over clothes that wont be there on any fashion event. You ruined your life enough. I won't have you shaming our name as well. " "I'm happy." Tae snapped. " Doesn't that count?"
"Are you?" She shook her head. " You aren't happy in any sense of the word and the most telling proof is how you don't want help from anyone who offers. This.." She held the envelope, " is me helping you. Giving you a chance to undo your mistakes with Jungkook."
Taehyung stared at the envelope. "I don't want to do this and there is no way, he will agree either..." "If he doesn't, prenup becomes invalid. And we pull out our investment from his brother's company. Trust me, he will agree as soon as he understands that."
“I didn’t think this was going to a family meeting.” Jungkook said quietly, glancing first at Mrs. Kim, then the three lawyers flanking her, his gaze finally landing on Tae. “ I thought only our lawyers would be in touch hereafter. What with you not wanting to ever see me again.”
Taehyung didn’t respond, merely clenching his fists. His mother however smiled, wide and bright. “I understand the discomfort, Jungkook ah… You may feel a little outnumbered here, which is why I’ve called your brother .
He’ll be here in a few moments, and we can wait till then if you like.” “Not at all. I’m just here to get it over with.” “Yeah well…It’s not a cup of coffee, Jungkook. It’s the end of a marriage. These things take time . And patience. Both of you.”
She glanced back and forth between them , “ Could do with a lot of patience.” Taehyung sighed. “Mom, just… stop talking.” She laughed. “Oh, why do you two have to be so unreasonable. Jungkook… You’ve known my Tae here since he was eighteen. You know how he is.
Running away from his problems is how he lives life. When he told me he wanted to marry you, I assumed he’s finally found someone who he could love more than he loved himself. Someone he could put aside his own selfishness , for.” She glanced at Taehyung again.
“ But I guess I was wrong. He’s still the same fickle child who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.” “Probably because he’s the only one who does.” Jungkook said quietly. “ care for him that is. Not like you ever did.” He smiled. “ Mrs. Kim.” She blinked at that.
“Well, I see he’s at least shared his sentiments about me, with you.” She smiled. “ And I’ll be honest, Jungkook. I don’t much care that he feels that way about me or my way of raising him. I did what I could, with what I had.
I tried to make him successful, he chose a path that was far from what he deserved and now he’s lying to himself that he’s happy with his life. When in fact, just the fact that we’re all sitting here , is proof that he is not to be trusted with making the right choices.”
Before Jungkook could respond, the door to the conference opened. “I hope I didn’t miss the fun.” Jaehwan smiled, moving to sit next to Jungkook, wrapping his arm around him in a half hug first.
“Jaehwan. All grown up. Your father would be very proud of you.” She said with a smile. “Sure, but I’m not sure the flames of hell are going to be conducive to him feeling anything. I like to think he’s too busy screaming in agony.”
Jaehwan smiled. “ you know paying for all the shit he did on here.” “Well, I’m sure a lot of his pain came from have children who had no empathy for his troubles.” She shrugged. “ Nevertheless, the reason we’re here is pretty simple.
A divorce is simply not convenient at this time . And I’m hoping you could be amenable to an alternative, Jaehwan.” “Your husband isn’t here?” Jaehwan looked around.
“Well, he prefers not to involve himself in silly little family disputes.” She smiled, “ We are family, Jae. Business partners yes, people in positions of power, yes. But more than all of that we’re family.
And I think as family, we can be a little more considerate of each other. Do you agree?” “Are you going to tell us what you want or.. ?” Jungkook glanced at Taehyung. Taehyung met his eyes for just a second before looking away.
Jungkook however didn’t and Taehyung felt the heat of his gaze on his face, heavy and relentless. “Nothing too terrible. There’s a very important conference coming up in exactly five months. We are having a number of foreign investors coming in and well,
I for one am looking forward to meeting them without the shadow of a scandal hanging over me or my family.” She smiled. “ Now, this particular gathering is extremely exclusive. These men, they don’t just want to meet anyone.
They only want to meet people they can trust and people they can invest in with the assurance that their money wouldn’t be lost. Now, if there’s a falling out between our families, there’s a chance that neither of us will be able to … attract their interest so to speak.
A divorce between two companies, doesn’t really scream trustworthiness or stability." However, if the two of you could co operate a little bit, we can do this with a little less damage to our respective businesses. "She glanced at Tae and then at Jungkook."Please?"
“We’re not staying married.” Jungkook said quietly. “You don’t have to stay married indefinitely” Mrs. Kim said at once. “ Just till this conference ends. In the meantime, we can perhaps in very small doses of course, hint at there being a little trouble in your marriage.
Very subtle of course . But along with it, we will have to put out the news that you’re both working on your relationship. That you are committed to making this marriage work..” “And how would we be doing that?” Taehyung spoke up , voice low but his eyes still lowered.
“Simple really. A court ordered mandatory relationship counselling. I would also like you two to move back in together .” She said firmly. Tae went still at that. "I don't want to move back.." "Its not up for negotiation. Once we start this, the media will start hounding you."
Taehyung glanced at Jungkook and stood up abruptly making everyone jump a little. "Very well." He said simply. " Its pretty obvious that I don't really have a say in whatever is going on here, which, I should really get used to by now." He chuckled. " I have to go now."
"Tae..." Jungkook began softly but Taehyung held his hand up, pointing right at him. "No." He said firmly. " There's literally nothing you can say to me right now that I would want to hear. We're done. I don't mind playing a charade for a few months, but that's all it will be."
Tae grabbed his bag and slipped his arm through the strap, gripping it tight. "Just let me know when I can move back in." He muttered, before pushing his chair back and walking out of the conference room. Jungkook stared for a second, before standing up as well. "Excuse me."
Taehyung stood in front of the elevators, watching it climb up to the floor he was in . He sense Jungkook before he came into view, mostly be cause of his cologne. "Hey." he said quietly and Taehyung gripped the bag tighter. "I know this isn't ideal but..." "Stop talking."
Jungkook didn't respond. Instead he nodded , slipping his hands into his pockets and turning back around. He didn't move away though and Taehyung felt restless. The elevator arrived and when he stepped in , Jungkook followed. "What are you doing?" he demanded. Jungkook shrugged.
Glaring at him, Taehyung turned away, a fierce sort of ache inside him, lungs clogged and breathing difficult. Jungkook didn't say anything , merely standing there and when the elevator doors opened, he followed Taehyung out. "Stop it. Leave me alone." Jungkook hesitated.
"Its only a few months. It'll be over soon." he said quietly. Taehyung turned around to stare at him. "You know what I realized, Jungkook? People tolerate me enough to let me hang around them for a while . But no one really loves me enough to want me back after I leave."
"For the first time in my life, you made me believe that you actually wanted me back. " he licked his lips, " Turns out you were only trying to teach me a lesson. Well, I've learnt my lesson. I'm tired now. I don't want to talk. I don't want anything but to be left alone."
Jungkook stared at him for a few more seconds before stepping back. He nodded. "Okay." He said quietly. Taehyung hesitated before bowing his head lightly. "Thank you." He whispered before clutching his bag tighter. "I'll let you know when I'm ready to move back in."
Taehyung took his time, carefully sorting through his clothes, picking out the ones he liked the most, placing them inside bags and then in his suitcases. His studio was a long way from Jungkook’s apartment and he would probably have to travel a while, everyday,
if he wanted to continue working on his designs. There were deadlines coming up, clients he had to meet. A lot of work to be done, truly. As he carefully sorted through the fabrics, his eyes fell on the card on the side table.
The ornate J in the corner made him pause. Jeon Inc., Daehwi’s place of work. He imagined how much of a scandal it would be if people were to find out that he went home with an employee of his husband’s company. But he also remembered how surreal it had felt, talking to the man.
How…. normal. Easy. He could do with some easy conversation. Jimin was busy and he had no other friends to speak of. Just as he reached for the card, his phone rang. He stared at the number and felt the weariness seep in again. “What is it Jungkook?” He said softly.
“Your room is ready. Can I come pick you up?” So soon? Taehyung bit his lips. “Not tonight.” A pause. “Why not?” Taehyung stared at the card. “I have plans.” “Plans? With who?” “With a friend.” “The friend I saw at your studio the other day?” "Jungkook, what is this?"
“Why are you questioning me?” He demanded. “You know you can’t go out with him. People are going to notice.” Jungkook said quietly. Taehyung played with the card, nails scratching the embossed surface. “Not if I meet him at his place.” He said casually. Jungkook was quiet.
“Alright then. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He paused. “ Call me when you’re done with dinner. There’s some things I want to talk to you about.” “What things?” “Come home and I’ll tell you.”
Before he could respond, Jungkook hung up. Taehyung stared at the phone and felt frustration build. He grabbed the card and quickly dialled the number at the back. Daehwi picked up after a couple of rings. " Kang Daehwi, who is this?" "I.. Hi. This is... um.. Kim Taehyung."
✯✯✯ Flash Back ✯✯✯
" Are we even allowed to be up here?" Taehyung whispered, eyes wide and just a little frightened as he wrapped his arms around himself, watching as Jungkook bent over at the waist, trying to wrench open the wrought iron door that led onto the roof. It was a cold night.
Jungkook grunted as he pulled the deadbolt aside, the door creaking something fierce as he started pushing it open. "Do you only do things that you're allowed to do, Kim Taehyung ssi?" Jungkook whispered, throwing a naughty look at him over his shoulder. Taehyung laughed.
"Well, most of the time, yes." He said softly. Jungkook smiled. "Then, this will be a novel experience for you." He pushed the door open, fully before stepping out into the terraced roof. He turned and held a hand out for him to take. Tae took it, letting Jungkook pull him in.
This high up, they were cut off from the rest of the world, or so it felt. But Jungkook didn't stop. Instead he tugged him along to the large platform in the middle of the terrace, with a tiny spiraling staircase leading up to a metal railing. "Jungkook , wait, we can't."
"Hyung." Jungkook said quietly, turning to look him in the eye." Just trust me."
And Taehyung for a fleeting moment , did. He didn't trust people. Not easily and certainly not this quickly. But something about Jungkook's innocent earnestness drew him in, making him take his offered hand, letting him link their fingers together. Jungkook was his easiest yes.
"Is it safe?" He whispered, climbing ahead, with Jungkook right behind him. "I'm here hyung, I won't let you fall." The younger whispered . And as he finally, climbed onto the railing, Taehyung felt the breath get knocked out of him. "Wow." He exhaled, staring at the view.
Jungkook climbed onto the railing next to him, wrapping one arm around him to keep him close, smiling wide as he stared at the Seoul skyline,with the Han winding through the landscape like a silver satin ribbon, reflecting the moon's glow. "Breathtaking, isn't it? just like you."
Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Now, you're just making it obvious. You want to get into my pants." he accused. "Well, not here." Jungkook grinned. " But i wouldn't say no to a kiss." he winked. "What do I get in return?" Jungkook reached into his jacket, pulling out a croissant.
Taehyung laughed again, loud an carefree in a way he hadn't felt in so long. He took the croissant, biting into it with relish, before leaning over and lightly pecking Jungkook's cheek. "Thank you." He whispered. Jungkook grinned and leaned back, eyes fluttering shut.
Taehyung watched him absently. Jungkook was so handsome, so charming and so popular. Taehyung was more or less a loner, with no friends except for Jimin. What did Jungkook even see in someone like him? "It's a lovely night." The younger commented. Taehyung nodded. "It is."
The wind picked up and Taehyung sighed. "Hyung." Jungkook said quietly. "Yeah?" "Will you let me take you out ?" "Take me out?" "Like, on a date?" Jungkook wouldn't look at him. Taehyung grinned. "if you look me in the eye when you ask, then maybe." he grinned.
Jungkook turned around and did just that, not an ounce of nervousness in his gaze. "Will you go out with me, Kim Taehyung?" He whispered. Taehyung felt his pulse pound inside his chest. "Um.. Yeah." he breathed out. " Okay. Okay I will." ✯✯✯✯
✯✯✯ Three weeks later ✯✯✯ Taehyung was nervous about meeting Jungkook's friends. Very, very nervous. Most of them were younger than him yes, but they were also intimidating : popular, rich and beautiful. They were extroverted, so much more than Taehyung could ever be.
What if they disliked him? And as he settled into the seat next to his boyfriend, he realized that his fears weren't exactly unfounded There were six of them, seated around the cafeteria table and he smiled nervously.Not one of them met his eye, all of them staring at each other.
He felt his anxiety peak, hands twisting together on his lap and gaze lowering to the table. "Hey, babe." Jungkook kissed the corner of his mouth and all of them laughed. Except it didn't seem teasing. It felt mocking more than anything else. Taehyung swallowed.
"Guys, this is Taehyung. That's sunbae to you guys." Jungkook said sternly and they chuckled. "No photoshoots today? Taehyung ssi?" one of them asked. Taehyung blinked. "Uh... photoshoots?" "you're a model right? That's what your mom keeps telling everyone." the guy laughed.
"I'm not... a model." "Taehyungie hyung isn't going to be a model. He's going to design clothes." Jungkook said firmly. They laughed again. "Really, well that's a waste. What's the use of being pretty, rich and spoiled if you don't use it to be successful."
Taehyung clenched his fists but it was the sound of Jungkook laughing that made his skin turn cold. "Well, he does make a good point." Jungkook said, turning to him with a grin. " Your face would sell anything, hyung." Taehyung stared at him in disbelief.
"Excuse me." He said quietly, standing up and pushing his chair back. He turned on his heel making a beeline for the door. He barely reached the hallway, when Jungkook grabbed his arm, tugging him back. "What are you doing?" He demanded. " Why did you walk out like that."
"Your friends just called me rich and spoiled. You expect me to sit there and listen to that?" He asked shakily. Jungkook rolled his eyes. "That was a joke hyung. Stop overreacting. And its not like they're wrong." "What?" "Objectively. you are privileged. Thats what they meant."
"Objectively?" Taehyung whispered. " Right. Is that how you feel too ? That i am a spoiled pretty face and nothing more." Jungkook blinked. "That's not what I said at all." He said quietly. " They were just joking. They didn't mean any harm." Taehyung laughed. "Right. Okay."
"You want me to make them apologize? Okay, I will. Just... Come back. Please... They're my friends. I want you to get along with them." Taehyung swallowed. "I... Fine." He sighed. " Okay.. let's go back." Jungkook looked visibly relieved. "Thanks hyung."
And all Taehyung could think of was how Jungkook seemed more upset at the thought of his friends feeling bad, than he was at the thought of Taehyung being hurt. He filed that away in his heart, reminding himself just why it was foolish to trust people. ✯✯✯
✯✯ End of Flashback ✯✯
Some notes about this flashback. : it's good to have an objective view about what is described. Jungkook is being honest when he says that it was a joke. We've all been seventeen. High school jokes are often cruel. That's just the age. He isn't a bad guy or a bad boyfriend.
Friendships are important. Very much. Especially for a guy like Jungkook who has a terrible family. His friends are his escape. Of course they're very important to him.
Taehyung : insecure because he is frequently dismissed as nothing more than a pretty face. It's a sour point for him. When Jungkook laughs about it, it stings.
"he isn't picking up. " Mrs Kim said sharply. " I told him, explicitly that he is to arrive at the venue before seven and that he has to be here with Jungkook. What is this boy playing at? " Jungkook stood to the side, dialing Taehyung's number again. Unanswered.
"He probably lost track of time, Mrs. Kim. " He said politely. " He's been busy with work and you did call us at pretty short notice. " She rolled her eyes. "It doesn't matter. He knows how important it is to be on time to these things and... " "He's here."
Jaehwan stepped closer, lightly gripping Jungkook's elbow and squeezing a bit. "He's here with Daehwi. " He said softly, only for Jungkook's ears. Jungkook went still at that. "Daehwi? The guy from your office? " "I think they were on a date." Jaehwan muttered.
Jungkook didn't respond. "Where is he? " He asked quietly, " Outside? " "Near the lobby, yes. Jungkook, I think you should just let him come join you-" Jungkook didn't wait for him to finish and Jaehwan watched as his brother walked across the foyer to the lobby.
Sure enough, Tae stood by the large marble columns, talking to one of the people in charge for the night's event. He looked anxious and rattled, face pale and hair a little in disarray. Jungkook tried not to look at the man standing next to him, making a beeline for him instead.
"Is everything alright? " He asked , voice low as he reached his side. Tae gave him a flustered look. "I... I wasn't sure what I was supposed to wear. " He stammered , " Mother didn't tell me whether it was a formal event or.." "Don't worry you look beautiful, Taehyung ssi."
Jungkook clenched his fists. Taehyung turned to Daehwi at that. "Thank you so much for driving me here. And I'm so very sorry for all the trouble today.. " "It's fine. " He said quickly. " Really, I don't mind at all. " "You can leave now, though. " Jungkook said firmly.
"Yes." Tae said quickly. " You said you had work to do.I've taken too much of your time today. I apologize. " "Can I call you later? " "He'll call you if he wants to talk. And no offence Daehwi ssi, it's not a good look, him arriving here with you. He's married. Please, leave."
Taehyung frowned, turning to Jungkook. "There's no need to be rude about it. " He said quietly. "I'm not being rude. Just being honest. I think Daehwi ssi understands that, right? " Daehwi stared at Jungkook, a calculative look on his face. He smirked a little.
"No need to be so upset, Jungkook ssu" Daehwi said with a grin. " I understand why you would feel threatened but, seriously, we are just friends. I only came because Taehyung asked me to. I was merely helping a friend out. "
Jungkook didn't respond. Instead he wrapped a hand around Taehyung's elbow tugging him around and away from the other man. Taehyung winced a little at the punishing grip, trying to pull himself free. "Jungkook let go of me. " He hissed. "There are reporters. Behave. "
Taehyung swallowed, glancing around in confusion and sure enough, a few men and women stood close to the entrance of the large ballroom where the event was being held. He saw the cameras and immediately stopped struggling. "I couldn't get a cab. He offered to drive me here. "
Jungkook stopped walking turning to look at him. "Was he there with you? " He asked. Tae swallowed. "Yes." He said finally. "Did he come by himself or did you call him?" "Jungkook.. " Tae sighed, tiredly. "That answers that." He shook his head. " Whatever. It's your life."
Tae bit his lips. "You're right. It is. It is my life. I don't have to explain myself to you. " Jungkook turned to him then. " You're right, you don't. Just be careful. He doesn't seem like a genuine guy. " "Why? Because he's interested in me?" Jungkook rolled his eyes.
"Hyung, I think if you call a guy late in the evening and ask him to come over to your place, there's not many men who would say no to that. So really, don't get your hopes up too much. "
Taehyung stopped walking abruptly, his skin going cold. Jungkook frowned at him. "What? " He snapped. Taehyung exhaled, shaking his head. He closed his eyes , lips wobbling a little. "Nothing." He said after a moment. " Let's just get this over with. "
He made to move away but Jungkook grabbed his arm. "What? Don't tell me that hurt your feelings, hyung. " He shook his head. " Or maybe deep down you know I'm telling the truth. " Taehyung turned to him, smiling blankly. "You're right, Jungkook. He probably thinks I'm easy."
"Who knows.. " He continued with a shrug. " Maybe he's right. Maybe I've always been cheap and easy and I've been fooling myself all these years that I'm not. You didn't have to put much effort either, remember. I came to your bed willingly and eagerly both then and now. "
Jungkook let go of him, as if burned. "That's not what I meant.. " "Do you even know what you meant? " Taehyung asked quietly. " I don't think you do. All you know is to find the perfect words to hurt me. It's how it's always been. But don't worry. I've gotten used to it. "
"And just so you know... I never called him home. I wanted someone to talk to so I met him for a cup of coffee. My mother called me in the middle of it and he offered to drive me here. " He whispered. " I know you hate me. Jungkook but please, just stop acting like you know me. "
"Taehyung... " His mother's voice came from behind them, " There you are... Good God, child what on earth are you wearing? And your hair...." She stared at him in disbelief. " You need to go fix that right away." Taehyung didn't respond, merely nodding and walking away.
Jungkook stared after him, fists clenched and she noticed the strained look on his face and his posture. "Is everything alright? Why do you look so tense? " "Nothing... I.. When do we have to go in? " "Soon.. I'm waiting for a few people. Why don't you go with Taehyung? "
Jungkook stared down the hallway where Taehyung had disappeared and sighed. "Okay.. I'll go get him. Just give me a call when you want us to come in. " He said firmly, before walking away in that direction. 🌷❄🌷❄🌷
Taehyung washed his face thoroughly, trying to wrangle his hair into some semblance of order. There wasn't much he could do for his outfit but he fixed it nonetheless. He stared at himself in the mirror, feeling distaste well inside him. He looked terrible. He felt sick.
Fighting nausea he washed his face again before closing his eyes. His head was starting to ache something fierce. He used a little mouthwash to wash away the taste of bile on his tongue, before wiping his hands on the paper towels, drying himself up as best as he could.
Once he was done, he walked out into the hallway, down the narrow corridor which turned out into a small alcove. He was just a few feet away from the alcove when he heard Jungkook laughing. The sound was oddly jarring because it was so familiar and also so foreign.
"Now, you're just exaggerating.." Jungkook was saying." i mean, I do appreciate the compliment. Thank you." There was a soft , feminine laugh in response. "Trust me Mr. Jeon, there is no exaggeration or flattery here. you are easily one of the best gamers in the world."
"Well..." Jungkook sounded shy and hesitant, the way he usually did when he was genuinely pleased and the nausea for some reason, returned a hundredfold. "I feel like I'm the luckiest person on the planet, running into you like this. I have been a huge fan for so long."
"A fan? Come on... you're the mind behind some pretty breathtaking games. If anyone is a fan, its me." Jungkook responded at once. " Your latest release, it sold out before I could even get my hands on it. I had to call in personal favors to get my hands on it."
More laughter from the lady. "Well, just say the word, I will personally deliver any and all future releases at your doorstep myself." She said brightly. " But seriously, I would love to pick your brain about a few ideas I have... Is there any chance we could meet somewhere?"
"I'd like that..." Jungkook responded laughing a little. " Maybe Tuesday? Is Dinner alright?" " I mean, no ones going to say no to a dinner with a handsome guy like yourself. I'd have to doll myself up, I think." Jungkook laughed again and Taehyung scoffed. what a hypocrite.
But then again, maybe Taehyung was the fool here. Jungkook was good at this. Good at making people believe he wanted them. He remembered the time they had slept together a few months ago. How he had made him believe he wanted him, in the car. Taehyung had let him in so easily.
Jungkook had never truly wanted him back had he? He had made that much clear to him. He had married him for some kind of closure. And the money. The money. As Taehyung stared at the mirror, he had a sudden dawning realization. The money. His eyes widened.
He didn't think twice, fumbling for his phone and dialing his lawyer's number frantically. "Taehyung? " The man asked quietly. " What's wrong? " "The pre nup.. " Taehyung said shakily. " What does it say about infidelity? "
As the man carefully explained the details of the pre nup, Taehyung felt his veins slowly turn to ice. It made so much sense. God, he was an idiot wasnt he? "Okay. Thank you hyung. " He said quietly, before hanging up. He stared at the mirror for a few more seconds.
And then he called Daehwi. "Hello? " "Who paid you? " He asked shakily. Silence. "Taehyung? " "Don't say anything. Just answer my question. Who paid you to get closer to me? Was it Jungkook or his brother? " Silence. "How did you find out? " Tae closed his eyes.
"Answer my question. " He said shakily. "I think you know the answer , Tae. I won't tell you. You probably won't believe me anyway. " The man paused. " For what it's worth, I couldn't afford to say no. I work for them you know. Gotta look out for myself. " Taehyung hung up.
His fingers started shaking as he rushed back out to the hallway, avoiding the corridor where he had heard Jungkook. It took him a while to find his way to the front lobby, ducking out of sight of familiar faces. He found the reporters by the door and went right for them.
"Mr. Kim... It's so good to see you.. " The camera flashes went off, blinding him momentarily. But all Taehyung felt was the searing, burning ache of betrayal spreading all over his body. No matter what he did, he didn't deserve this. He didn't.
"Mr. Kim... Are you alright? " The woman asked, looking worried. " You look really pale." "I... " He couldn't think straight. All he wanted, all he really truly wanted was for this to be over. For this horrible sickening pain to end.
And he had the feeling that as long as he stayed tied to Jungkook, he would never be free of it.
"Jungkook and I... " He stuttered, voice breaking. " We.. We're getting a divorce. " Hushed murmurs as the reporters turned to him. "What? Mr. Kim could you repeat that ... " "My husband... He's divorcing me.. " He swallowed. " We're getting divorced. " More flashes.
"He's divorcing you?... Am I getting that right? Jungkook ssi is divorcing you? " Taehyung felt miserable. He wanted to tell them the truth but for a long time now, telling the truth had never made a difference in his life. People believed what they wanted to believe.
Jungkook. His mother. Even Jimin. No one truly cared what his truth was. No one cared enough to try and find out either. So maybe, maybe this was better. Besides, who knew what kind of evidence Daehwi had. Photos? He had been really drunk that night after all.
This was better. He had gone through this once before so.. How hard could it be to go through it again? He had survived the first time hadn't he? He could survive this too. "I cheated on him. " He said softly. " I... I broke my marriage vows. That's why. "
Before they could fully process what he had just said, Taehyung turned on his heel, rushing out to the lobby. He didn't stop to see if he was being followed, his every instinct merely screaming to get as far , far away from Jeon Jungkook as possible. And then, he could cry.
( a/n : what shud jk do)
The knock on the door was loud and jarring, with so much force behind it that the paneled door shook on its hinges, rattling the door frame around it. "I know you're in there Taehyung, open the damn door. " Taehyung burrowed deeper under the sheets, eyes squinting shut.
"Go away, " He croaked out, voice barely more than a whisper but that was all he had energy for really. He wanted to sleep for a week. Or a month. And yes that wasn't practical but maybe atleast a hour?? Why wouldn't they leave him alone?
"Taehyung either you open the damned door or, so help me God, I will break it down! " His groggy brain finally put a name to the face and it only made him feel worse. "Leave me alone Jungkook!! " He yelled, anger bubbling inside him.
There was silence. "That doesn't work well for us. " Jungkook shouted. " I'm not leaving till you open the fucking door, hyung. "
Taehyung closed his eyes, fists gripping the fabric of his blanket and wrapping it tighter around him. The door shook again and he swore. "Wait." He snapped, throwing the covers off and realizing belatedly that he was wearing his worn out, frayed t shirt that hung off him .
He swore, stumbling to the suitcase, half packed in the corner of the room, digging for something less terrible but before he could pick anything out, the door crashed open, hitting the opposite wall with a deafening sound. Taehyung stared in disbelief. "You...are you insane?!"
Jungkook stared at him. "That's rich coming from you. " He snapped. " What the fuck do you think you're doing?? Why on earth would you say that?!"
Taehyung scoffed. "Why? Did it happen before you meant for it to happen? Tell me... How long were you going to wait to humiliate me Jungkook? What else were you going to do? Maybe release that video of yours too right? Tell the world what lying, despicable person I am? "
Jungkook blinked at him, face blank and confused. "What? "
Taehyung saw the honest look of utter bewilderment on Jungkook's face and felt his head spin a little. Some of his righteous anger faded, replaced by hopeless misery instead. He felt unsteady on his feet as he moved away. "Go away. " He whispered. " I... I can't trust you. "
Jungkook recoiled a bit at the words, his gaze dropping to the floor as he took a small step back. Taehyung watched as the younger brought his hands up, wrapping them around himself in a protective gesture. "I... " he paused. " I understand why you may feel that way."
Taehyung felt something come undone inside him again, anger fading some more, replaced with concern that really wasn't earned. Jungkook didn't deserve any sort of empathy. Really, he deserved nothing from him anymore. He had already taken enough. "Daehwi said you paid him."
"Paid him? For what?" Jungkook frowned. " What are you talking about." "You really don't know?" Taehyung felt lost. Vulnerable. He was so sick of being fooled by people. So sick of it really. "I have no fucking clue, Taehyung. Please just tell me what happened."
"He said you paid him to get close to me .So you could use the infidelity clause in our prenup to make sure you can keep the entire money from the investment. if not my parents could take back their investment." Taehyung watched him closely. " Do you swear you didn't know?"
Jungkook shook his head, eyes downcast as he stared at his feet. "Taehyung... " "Your brother then. He did it. " "Hyung wouldn't do that. " Jungkook said at once. " He wouldn't... Do something like that Taehyung. " Tae shook his head. He was tired. Too tired to fight.
"Okay." He shrugged. " It doesn't matter anyway. Your brother gets his money. You get your divorce and I get what I really want the most. " He bit his lips. " You out of my life for good. "
Jungkook hesitated before nodding. "Everybody wins then? " He muttered and Taehyung scoffed. "Wins? " He laughed , derisive. " Who the fuck is winning here Jungkook? Sure as hell isn't me. " He shook his head. " Tell me honestly. When you saw me after all these years,
"Why didn't you just tell me you hated my guts and wished the worst on me? It would have hurt me enough but at least I would have stayed away from you. What did I do to you that deserved all of this?" Jungkook didn't respond. "Since you're so fond of honesty, let me be honest."
Taehyung looked him right in the eye. "When you told me you wanted me back, I jumped at the chance. You know why? It wasn't just because I felt guilty or because I wanted to re do it all. I agreed because I fucking loved you, Jungkook. And you took that love and destroyed it."
He shook his head. "I hope it was worth it. " 🌷❄🌷❄🌷
🌷🌷🌷 Two Weeks Later 🌷🌷🌷
Taehyung frowned at the small envelop in his hand, reaching for the small box cutter he kept in his work desk, carefully sliding it between the crease of the flap. He pulled the sheaf of paper inside, opening it and reading through the contents with increasing anxiety.
( a/n : since someone asked, you can listen to Somewhere only we know, cover by rhianne; This lyric in particular : And if you have a minute, why don't we go Talk about it somewhere only we know? This could be the end of everything So, why don't we go Somewhere only we know?
Taehyung ran his fingers over the words, and briefly considered, how bad it would be if he just tossed the paper in the bin and pretended it didn't exist. But he couldn't quite do that. This was one mess he would have to go through to get out of. There was no way around it.
He grabbed his pen, underlining the name of the clinic where he was supposed to go meet the court assigned therapist for their couple counselling. His lawyer had agreed to speed thing up, by not contesting anything that Jungkook’s side put out,
and his parents had pretty much disowned him. Couple’s counselling wasn’t going to happen. Not in any sense of the word. He reached for his phone, dialing the number carefully. “ Hello, This is Dr. Kim’s office, can I help you?” Taehyung sat up straighter.
“Um.. yes. I’m calling to talk about the court mandated counselling session that I was supposed to take with my husband. Well, I need to cancel-“ “I’m sorry, may I know your name, sir?” “Kim Taehyung .” “Kim Taehyung…. Hmm… You’re married to Mr. Jeon Jungkook?”
Hearing his name really shouldn’t make him feel so cold and anxious. Taehyung closed his eyes. “Yes, that’s right.” “I see. Well, I cannot do that sir. Your husband and you would have to come down here and fill out a form, along with a letter from the judge.”
Taehyung clenched his fists. “Listen, I can’t … I don’t know how to explain this okay…I ..we’re not looking to work on the marriage anymore. We’re going to get a divorce.” “I understand sir, but you would have to-“
“I can’t.” Taehyung snapped. “ I’m not going to come there with him. I have no intention of coming there with him for any reason.” Silence. “Very well, would you be comfortable coming over alone?” Taehyung frowned. “What for?”
“Well, just a small formality. It would only take a few minutes at the most but I would require your signature for it. So, please, anytime you choose.” Taehyung stood up quickly. “Okay, I’m on my way.” He really just wanted to get this over with.
It took him a while to get a cab, feeling just a little nervous as he kept his shoulders hunched, the lower half of his face hidden behind his scarf,over the dark mask that he had on. The past few weeks, his picture had been splashed all over tabloids. He didn't want any trouble.
When he finally stood in front of the clinic he couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed by how unassuming the building was. Painted a muted beige and caramel, with cream awning and a few bright floral decals on the walls. The entrance had a board which read, Dr. Kim Seokjin.
Taehyung wrapped his jacket closer around himself, before picking his way to the large white gates. The security guard offered him a bright smile, opening the doors for him and Taehyung stepped in, making his way to the reception area. "Mr. Kim Taehyung?" The girl smiled.
"I hope you're doing well?" She asked brightly. Taehyung hadn't been out of his studio in over two weeks. He really didn't want to stay out any longer than absolutely necessary and he certainly didn't want to exchange niceties with a stranger. "You said i had to sign something?"
"Ah, yes... " "Mina, did you call the AC guy , i swear to God, it feels like I'm sitting in the Tundra." A loud voice said from the other side of the room and Taehyung glanced up. A tall, very good looking man stood by a dark door, dressed in a dove grey suit. "Hello there."
Taehyung flinched at once, recoiling a little and bowing awkwardly. He turned back to the receptionist. "The form? " He prompted again, biting his lips. His feet tapped nervously against the floor as he felt the man in the suit move closer. "What form is that? "
"Oh, This is Mr. Kim. He was scheduled to meet you with his husband... " "Oh, yes. " The doctor laughed a little. " I don't generally take up patients on someone else's behest but your mother is... Hard to say no to." He grimaced. " I think that's something you agree with."
Taehyung didn't respond to the remark. "I'm very sorry for the inconvenience doctor. But well, my husband and I've we've decided to separate at once. " Dr. Kim gave him a small smile. "Is that so? " He shrugged. " Well your mother already paid for the sessions so.. "
"It's no big loss to me. " He chuckled, before glancing outside. "Is your husband here as well? " Taehyung shook his head. "He's... Well.. We're not on speaking terms. " He cleared his throat. " I was told I need to sign a few forms.. " "Mina will get that ready. "
"Say, Taehyung ssi... Would you like to wait in my office while she does that for you? It's a little cold but I just made a hot mug of cocoa. I like coffee occasionally but hot cocoa is the ultimate comfort drink don't you agree? " He grinned. Tae smiled hesitant.
He wasn't very good at refusing people, especially strangers. Feeling oddly cornered, he played with the ends of his belted coat, "I'm not really sure if... " "Oh, come now. The drink is already done. You'll love it I promise. I even have a few toasted marshmallows somewhere."
Taehyung followed him reluctantly, stepping into the office and looking around at the space with some surprise. It looked quite unlike what he thought a shrink's place would look like. It was cozy and eclectic, warm colors and soft fabrics everywhere. "My husband designed it. "
“You’re married?” Taehyung turned to him, surprised and Seokjin gave him a grin. “Should I be offended that you see so shocked at the prospect?” He laughed. “ Taehyung ssi, I’m quite a good man, you know.” He moved to a mahogany side bar,
and Taehyung watched as he grabbed a couple of ceramic mugs and spoons. Taehyung flushed. “No, I… That’s not what I meant. Um..” He glanced back around the room, staring at the walls and the paintings.” What does your husband do?”
“Namjoon? He’s a homicide detective.” Seokjin said casually and Taehyung glanced at him again, completely thrown. “A homicide-“ “We met when one of my patients was killed seven years ago. I testified in court for him and he repaid by taking me out to dinner.”
Seokjin mixed the drink with firm but careful movements, before walking over to him and holding it out for him to take.” Here you go.” Taehyung took a sip. It was delicious. “What about your husband?” Seokjin asked casually. Taehyung stiffened at once.
His entire body went taut as he glanced away, defensive in every way and Seokjin whistled. “That bad, huh?” he chuckled. “ I see.” Taehyung frowned, turning to him. “What do you see?” Seokjin took a sip of his drink and shrugged. “I see why you don’t want to try counselling.”
He licked his lips. “ This could definitely use a little more sugar, I think.” Taehyung watched him move to the bar and felt his hackles rise. “What do you mean by that.?” He followed him to the corner.” Its not that I don’t want to…” He closed his eyes.
“ It’s a lot more complicated then that.” Taehyung finished. Seokjin nodded. “I’m sure it is, Taehyung ssi. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He said gently. “I’m not upset” He whispered, “I.. We hurt each other a lot. And we decided to stop doing that. That’s it.”
“That’s brave of you. It can’t have been easy, making a choice like that. Especially when you have a lot of history.” Taehyung took another sip of his drink. They stayed silent for a few moments. “I wasn’t a good partner.” He said softly, without thinking too much of it.
Maybe it was because Seokjin was a complete stranger and he didn’t really fear being judged by him. It wasn’t like he would see him again after today. “I was difficult in many ways I think.” Seokjin listened to him, a look of rapt attention on his face. Taehyung swallowed a bit.
“ My friends tell me I tend to run away. A lot.” He laughed a little. “ I guess they’re right. It feels good to run away from things. Safer. Like when people evacuate when there's a hurricane warning you know. Its not because they want to run. They just don’t want to get hurt.”
Seokjin nodded. "Does it work?" He asked casually. "What?" "Running away. Does it make you feel safer? Does it make you happier." Taehyung bit his lips. "No." he choked out. " It doesn't. It hurts me a lot. It makes it hard to breathe sometimes. Hard to live." he fought tears.
His vision started blurring a little and he blinked back the moisture. Gentle fingers closed around his elbow, steering him to a comfortable looking couch in the side of the room. He swallowed, settling down on the plush fabric and feeling his pulse quicken. "I'm sorry."
he laughed a little, dabbing at the tears spilling down his cheeks. " I'm being silly aren't I?" he bit his lips. " I didn't mean to get all weepy on you, Doctor. I... Please just give me the form , I'll get out of your hair right away." He whispered.
Seokjin nodded, moving to the door, and opening it. He peered at the receptionist's desk and frowned. "Where did she go?" he shook his head. " Oh, wait, its the time she usually takes a little break. We might have to wait a few more minutes. Is that alright?" Tae stared.
"i suppose." He said finally. Seokjin smiled and moved to sit on the armchair next to the couch. "We can talk some more if you want to." He said softly. Taehyung swallowed. "I don't really want to." He said. " Not about Jungkook." "About something else then?"
"Like what?" Taehyung gave him a confused look. "Anything . How was your day today?" "My day?" Taehyung hesitated. " The same as yesterday. And the day before. I... i haven't been out of my studio for a while." "Why is that?" Seokjin asked casually, reaching for the small
remote on the table . He clicked a button and outside, the LED display on the wall changed to OCCUPIED. 🌷❄️🌷❄️🌷
The last thing Jimin expected, when he opened the door that evening, was Jeon Jungkook on his doorstep with a cardboard box in his hand. "What's this?" He asked by way of greeting and the younger shifted from one foot to the other. "It's Taehyung's stuff . From our apartment."
Jimin hesitated before reaching for the box, carefully taking it from him. Jungkook peered over his shoulder and Jimin sighed. "He's not here. " He said quietly. " Do you want to come in? " Jungkook looked hesitant. "I won't say I told you so. " Jimin smiled. " Come in."
Jungkook followed him to the living room and Jimin pointed out the couch but Jungkook made a beeline for the wall by the side which had a number of framed photographs of him and Taehyung. "Would you like something to drink? " "Just water's fine. " Jungkook sounded subdued.
When Jimin returned, he found Jungkook running his fingers over a familiar polaroid, from when they were twenty. "Where was this? " He asked softly. "Milan." Jimin smiled. " Taehyung was walking the ramp and he got tickets to fly me out. "
Jungkook nodded. "He looks happy here. " He said softly. " I forgot how happiness looked on him. Or maybe he just never was happy with me, I don't know. " He chuckled. * he was only ever happy with you Jungkook. " Jimin said quietly. " Smiling isn't happiness. "
"This picture in particular. " He sighed. " He was trying to save money for fashion school. His parents said they would cut off all support if he quit modeling. He was working twenty hours a day, barely eating or sleeping. " He shook his head. "Happy? It's a miracle he survived."
Jungkook turned to him. "Why did he leave? " He asked quietly. " He never told me why. " Jimin sighed. "Does it matter anymore, Jungkook? It's over. Don't stir things up again. Let it rest and move on, Jungkook. " The younger considered it. "I suppose that's right. "
Jungkook finished his drink and placed the glass back on his table. "You know why it hurt so much hyung?" He whispered softly. " He left without saying goodbye. I only found out he was gone when I went looking for him. " He swallowed. " Do you know why I was looking for him? "
Jimin stared at him shaking his head. "I was looking for him, so I could tell him my mother was dead. " He whispered. Jimin felt his eyes widen in shock. "Jungkook-" "She killed herself. Because of my dad. There was no one there and I just.. I was terrified and alone. "
Jimin felt the blood drain out of his face. "I didn't know." He choked out Jungkook shrugged, hands slipping into his pocket. "I just couldn't cope with losing two of the most important people in my life on the same fucking day, that's all. But you're right. I should move on."
Before Jimin could respond Jungkook moved to the box, tapping it gently. "If there's anything else missing you can let me know. The movers wont be here for a while. And hyung will be watching over the apartment for me"
Jimin frowned. "Movers... What are you talking about... " "There's a gaming company based in Tokyo. " Jungkook said quietly. " I met the CEO a few weeks ago and she's offered me a job there. Part of the design team. You know I have a degree in visual arts. "
"You're leaving Korea? Does Taehyung know? " He demanded. "Don't tell him. " Jungkook said firmly. " Knowing him, he'll probably blame himself for it. I don't want that hyung. I just.. I think he needs to find his own happiness without worrying about me. So don't tell him."
Jimin stared at him for a few seconds and then nodded. "Okay. I won't. When.. " He sighed. " When are you leaving? " "In three days. " Jungkook smiled. " Come here hyung. " He moved closer wrapping him in a hug. He then leaned down and whispered,
" You were right about the marriage, hyung. I regret all of it. " 🌷❄🌷❄🌷
❄❄❄ Five Weeks Later ❄❄❄ Taehyung finished cutting the fabric for his chiffon dress shirt, and moved to mark the sleeves when his phone buzzed. Taehyung glanced at the caller id and frowned. "Hello? "
"Mr. Kim I'm calling from the Daily Herald, how do you feel about Mr. Jeon moving onto another relationship so soon after the divorce?" Tae went completely still. "Sorry?" "Also, the young woman in question is one of the richest CEOs in the world. What do you think of that? "
(A/n : see you guys soon🥲)
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